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Amanda Blackburn Murder: Opinions

On Tuesday, November 24, 2015, I was privileged to take part in a gathering of experts in investigations and analysis regarding the murder of Amanda Blackburn. 

 Their notes were posted recently and these are many of their thoughts from within the discussion as well as in emails and text communications after the session. 

Police have suspects under arrest and have identified the actual killer of Amanda Blackburn.  

It has been, however, the husband's own statements that have brought much interest from the public to this murder, above many others that have taken place this past year.   

This group has steadfastly produced results that have led to successes, including confessions.  They are thorough and represent a wide variety of expertise, with all trained in Statement Analysis, as well as their own specific area, including investigatory, psychological, civil, business and academia.  Years of experience ranged up to 35 years of investigating crime, as well as advanced degrees and decades of experience and  success.

The format was simple:  The murder of Amanda Blackburn from all perspectives. 

The material to be examined included written statements, videos, as well as statistics of home invasions, murders, intimate partner violence, and then the addition of the video of the victim's father, a close-relative only 2 weeks removed from his daughter's murder. 

Amanda Blackburn's father spoke from two perspectives:

1.  The background of a deeply committed Christian faith
2.  The close, relative association of Amanda, the victim. 

This mirrors very closely the proximity of the reference point of the victim's husband, Davey Blackburn, yet from the perspective of linguistics, not as close.  Although children mimic parental language, fathers do not 'enter into' the language of their children.  Husbands and wives not only mimic each others' language, (and face expressions which is why people often remark about long term married couples 'looking' alike as they age) over time they 'enter into' each other's personal dictionaries.  This observation is not found in any other relationships to date. Therefore, the closeness of language from Amanda's father serves as a strong reference point for the "expected" language of the victim's husband. 

What did the experts find?  What opinions did they offer?  What was agreed upon and what was left in disagreement?

I.  The Video of Amanda's Father 

First, the video of Amanda's father shows "the expected" in close relation murder.  That he comes from the point of Christianity makes the focus even clearer for the expected from the husband. 

Amanda's father:

a.  Expressed grief in specific emotional terms 
b.  Connected himself through the pronoun "I" repeatedly to his daughter
c.  Expressed genuine conflicting struggle between faith and reality of the present distress
d.  Although speaking for family, he repeatedly used the appropriate pronoun "I" 
e.  Guilt:  most every parent will show guilt over a child, even a grown child, including the language of protection, including referring to "baby", which is incapable of self protection.  This is the 'cry' of a father. 

In short, Amanda Blackburn's father made a truthful, genuine statement connecting himself to the victim, while maintaining both  his faith and his human emotions.  

This short video shows "the expected", even though people all grieve differently; the point is that they "grieve" and will, through intuitive pronouns, connect themselves to the victim.  

An example of a bizarre distancing is this:  a police chief shoots his own wife, by accident, on New Year's Eve, in bed. 

He called 911 and made it through the entire 911 call without once using these words:  "my", "wife", and her name, "Maggie."  It is so extreme in distancing that the operator had to actually ask him "is the victim your wife??"   You may find it here.  

In the statements of the guilty, we often confront "the unexpected" in statements; that is, they say things that are "unexpected", sometimes even shocking, and they do not say the things most expected. 

For example, the husband did not at any time express fear that a violent killer was on the loose.  
The husband did not say "I love (d) Amanda" in any form, nor "Amanda love (d) me" or even her son.  

Amanda's father showed distinct "close language" to the victim, while the husband used distinctly distancing language from the victim.  

The video of Amanda's father highlights why many people suspected or still suspect the husband's involvement.  Should he or supporters formally complain, his own initial statement, itself, is the best argument against him.  When the Cindy Anthony "there's no book on grieving" argument is used, the father's video, again, silences it. 

II.  Experts' opinions, thoughts, agreements and disagreements

The experts with lengthy law enforcement backgrounds were impressed by the coincidental nature of the crime. 

Coincidental Nature

A young husband publicly declares his marriage to be a strong negative in his life and career, with a specific trigger of pregnancy cited.  Shortly thereafter, the wife is murdered while pregnant. 

Statistics of murdered pregnant women points first to the husband/boyfriend as the primary perpetrator.  

This is something very difficult for law enforcement expert, especially with years of experience, to get beyond.  If, for example, a husband's guilt is because he had a mistress, detectives said, 

"...and what are the odds of a wife murdered to make room for the new girlfriend rather than a messy and career upending divorce?"

All were in unison in saying that should it be learned that there was a connection between shooter and the church, no one would be surprised.  

Cold case investigators are the most resistant to quick closing of a case.  In the world of cold case investigations, what the public thinks and what the detective thinks are often very different. 

The public sees a cold case as "they just don't know", while close family and cold case investigators think otherwise.  

When a case is closed with suicide quickly and a mother knew the boyfriend was not only violent, but on the night of her death had threatened her to the point where she called 911, there is a strong disagreement.  

Cold case detectives are in the unenviable position of taking a case where detectives cleared a suspect, and investigating his coworkers' investigation and sometimes this leads to an arrest of the very suspect cleared.  This makes for tension.  When one has been doing this for years, he is well acquainted with mistakes and how things are overlooked as it is human to do so.  

No one expressed comfort with the designation of  "100%" at that point (days) of the investigation but  expressed certainty as to why it was used.   


Suspect Profiling is, at best, an inexact guess work that is seen often 'after the fact' , that is, a profile of the killer is often vague until after the arrest and then once in custody, his 'type' is then identified.

Its original purpose was to reduce the suspect pool to various personality types, such as "this is a close shooting and it means the killer knew his victim and this was personal", had been a main stay in Suspect Profiling for many years.   This eventually was opposed by politicians due to racial sensitivities and appearance.  

He is then identified as a "psychopath" without more detail other than "this is what psychopaths do" identifying that "if he killed once he will kill again." 

  This is the evolution of profiling from the 1980's and 90's in which a crime scene was visited, and a similar conclusion was reached:  "white male, middle aged, under employed, living in his widowed mother's basement" was indicated as "serial killer 101."  He is lonely, embittered and feels insignificant. 

Hollywood glamorized profiling to 'art status' just as lie detection became glamorized a few short years ago.  Neither presentation is of much value in actual investigations. 

Another popular notion is the "criminal in training" profile where "no one just graduates to garroting" was used in the Jonbenet investigation.  The Grand Jury indicted John and Patsy Ramsey in "death by child abuse" (though unsigned indictment by Alex Hunter in deference to the Ramsey's attorneys) and profiled (also by the Ramsey attorneys' purchasing power) with the conclusion that garroting was a sadistic, long term angry white male, middle aged, living in his mother's basement and couldn't be John Ramsey. 

 The Grand Jury saw it differently and indicted, and Statement Analysis of the Ramsey's initial statements showed not only deception, but specific links to sexual abuse.  The staging of the crime scene came from inspiration from profiling paperbacks, which the defense attorneys later minimized.  

In Suspect or Crime Scene Profiling, we often hear "psychopath" and "they don't have a conscience so lying doesn't bother them. "

This is untrue. 

"A psychopath can pass a polygraph because he does not have the same emotions others have."

This is untrue. 

It is not a "conscience" that causes one to fail a polygraph:  The internal stress can be compounded by a guilty conscience, but the measure of stress is due primarily to the disruption of the speed of transmission in processing information.  The sociopathic, or anti-social narcissist or even Dissociative Identity Disorder will still have the exact same source of stress in lying that those with the most tender of consciences possess.  

When the person goes into experiential memory, and is guilty, the need to suppress or withhold information by picking and choosing is very stressful. 

If the polygrapher uses only the subject's language, he will avoid "inconclusive."

Contrary to the "Suspect or Crime Scene Profiling":  

Sadly, statistics tells us that young people, for example with no criminal history do commit murders.  

The profiling of Statement Analysis is quite different and it is with specifics.  Some specifics are so exact that Statement Analysis can identify the author of an anonymous threatening letter.  No other school of discipline can obtain this high level of usefulness.  

The words we speak reveal our background, education, experience, gender, priorities and our personality.  This goes for all of us.   As one speaks, so is he, or 'out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks' and so on.  For its use in Genesis, see "Linguistic Archeology" by Avinoam Sapir.  It is a stunning work of rare genius as it applies the principles of Statement Analysis to the relations and social introductions found in Genesis.  

Statement Analysis Profiling and Gender

"Group Analysis" must have both genders.  Men and Women speak differently, which comes from the processing of the brain, even if this is no longer accepted culturally; human nature does not change.  Directing profiling to a specific gender is to limit a vast portion of knowledge.  Investigators sometimes bristle sitting through Suspect Profiling classes due to the powerful projection of the presenter. They quickly learn that street experience often conflicts with the presentation. 
The more years experience in investigating the more the investigator has developed his own internal system of profiling.  Hence, the older the detective, the less interest in attending  seminars.  

 The Group Analysis should not be limited in its "exposure", as the wider view will allow for a wider "expectation."  By using experts from various fields, a necessary balance is sought.  Psychological experts and Investigator experts enter from distinct vantage points as do other fields.  By widening the net, the "expected" is widened.  This includes race, as well as regionalism in language.  

Statement Analysis Profiling is  used for strategy for the interview and it comes before the arrest. 

"I walked into the building and no one bothered to greet me.  I proceeded to..."

Here, the subject began a criminal statement telling us what did not happen.  This, in the negative, is flagged for what it is, and then explored.  We also note that where one begins is always important.  

The intense need to feel relevant directed the language of the interview  to show extreme deference and respect, and produced the confession.  

The team was unified in its profile of the subject.  This came from not only the statements but also the video: 

The language of anti-social narcissism with single-minded purpose.  

This means that the emotions felt may not be genuine, but an attempt to sound like human empathy; the most natural and expected of emotions from a close family member, yet they sounded like a long distance therapist:

"The family is devastated" while avoiding "I am devastated"  indicating "clinical language" which is impersonal and distancing.  

The profile of the language also revealed Priority.

The priority of the subject was, and is, his career.  The marriage impeded the career, and a divorce would have de-railed the career, and now it is unnecessary.  With the career as the Priority established in the Statement Analysis profile:

1.  Emphasis on the career 
2.  "Moving forward" even only days from the murder, was indicated
3.  The lack of fear of a killer may be due to known association (this must be precluded by weeks of investigating) but may be due to "blind ambition", that is, one so single minded that nothing else is of consequence.  

This particular theme is strong in the language:  Single-View Ambition and Drive:  

"16 people were saved, but I am disappointed that the goal of 400 people was not met...'
"My wife has just been brutally murdered.  The nation's attention is now upon me...'
"Here is what you say to media..."
"Come to 'celebrate'
"Invite as many people as possible"

This theme is so powerful that he ascribed it to his wife's life and even to his wife's death:

Amanda loved "people", including "unlovable people", "people without hope" and Amanda "gave futures to people without futures", which gives Amanda divine like qualities (expected) but not personal qualities but qualities about numerical success. 

As to being a wife and mother, hyperbolic language is used (the 'whole world should have learned from her) and this, too, is associated with "business" as he revealed that he and Amanda were "counseling" others...including marriage.  

This hyperbolic language is distinctly impersonal.  He does not state a single personal example of what made her a great wife to him or a great mother to his son. 

Again, specifically missing is the language of love. 

"What would you tell your child if he lost his mother as a toddler?" is an 'easy' question to answer:

"Your mother loved you very much." Not only did he avoid this, but he spoke of "we", in the plural "telling Amanda's story"; that is, to make an unsolved brutal murder into a "story" less than 2 weeks from her death.  

This is what shocks the public and is provocative to read.   They expected "Mommy loved you with all her heart" but it is not what they were told.  He used clinical language even before Christian language of "shepherding" his child when he said "we" (without identifying with whom he, himself, sees in the plural) would  "dialog" with him.  This, too, is distant, clinical language, void of any close human emotion.  It was unexpected, but it accompanied an unexpected pronoun.  

This common emotional connection is missing; instead, the language suggests intent. 

The intention of book sales, promotion, etc, was in full agreement.  The single-minded focus of the language was consistent:  promotion.  

At one point, he even ascribes Amanda's death as having the purpose of promoting his career.  

This, all agreed, is alarming to law enforcement investigators but remains the focus:

At the time of the statements, his language revealed strong intention to promote his career and capitalize on the murder.  Most predicted an immediate book with subsequent Hollywood movie.  

We saw within the second statement the subject's cognizance of his now widened audience, as he used the word "nation' in context with his wife's murder mere days after her murder, while the killer or killers remained at large.  

Sexual Abuse

Agreement here, as well:  There is nothing in the language of the husband's statements to indicate knowledge of a sexual assault. 

A sexual assault, if known, would be next to impossible to "squelch" or "filter out" from language.  The topic itself it 'too powerful' to not impact language.  It is bothersome as it deals with violence at the most intimate of occurrence.  

The conclusion:  The husband did not show knowledge that his wife was sexually assaulted, although initially reported in media.  

The Failure to Deny

Some people do not deny a crime because they feel 'above' it, while others may not get the sense that they are accused.  In the interview process, when someone issues an "unreliable denial" it does not mean that he did not do it; it means he has failed to personally deny the action, for himself.  

In the interview process we give the subject repeated attempts.  For example, in interviewing someone about stolen narcotics, he did not realize that a co worker had placed suspicion upon him and in order to know, definitively, that he did not steal the medication, he would have to tell us so.  

"I just can't believe that someone did this."

"Well, we are interviewing everyone and will find out who did, which is why you are now being interviewed."

"That's great.  You really need to find out who did this. "

"Yes, that is why you are here with us now."

"I'll help in any way I can."

"We need to clear you, too."

"Oh yes, of course you do.  You have to interview every one of us here who had access to the patient's medicine."

There appeared little cognizance that he was being interviewed as a potential thief.  

"If a co worker thought you did it, what would you say to this?

You may think of 101 better questions to ask but the point behind the vagueness is to not contaminate the interview by giving the subject words.  He must use his own words. 

"That's stupid.  I would never take someone else's medication."

No reliable denial yet issued. 

"What would you say to one who did think you would take it?

"I would say he is crazy."

Still nothing 

"If you were in court accused of this, what would you say?"

"I am going to court?"

Hence why we avoid introducing new words.

"No, let's just say you had to answer to this."

"Why would I have to answer to this?  I didn't take the medication."

Got it. 

Yes, it is this difficult but as he said it in the Free Editing Process, it is very likely to be true.  When asked, "Why should I believe you?", he answered, "That's up to you, I don't care; I told the truth."

This put him above 99.9% and the interview ended.  The thief was, in deed, the co worker who used the typical red herring of casting suspicion upon another. 

I have had 5 hour interviews and I have had 5 minute interviews where the subject issued a Reliable Denial (a specific case) and the interview ended and the case closed with a signed confession.  The words we speak reveal us.  

The victim's husband was brought to the place of denial and he did not.  This was likely influenced by the lengthy statement of 'apology' from the Fox News interviewer who first referenced a statistic (without number) and then how 'hard this would be for a man of God' apologetic (and lengthy) question.  

The subject did not deny it but offered: 

"For us, we have nothing to hide"

There are two things wrong with this:

1.  The use of plural.  There is only one target of the accusation.  

2.  Hiding.

This is something that is in not only "Lie Detection 101" but in every parents' unwritten home manual.  

When a child says he or she has nothing to hide, the parent begins to look to see what is inside his pocket. 

Why might someone say he has nothing to hide?

This expression is used as one is specifically thinking of something they wish not to be known, even though it be unrelated.  It is something that bothers the subject and is in his mind, while making this assertion. 

Investigators know that this is literally an invitation of suspicion, or an invitation to search. 

It, too, could be unrelated to her death, but it is something that entered the language because it was on the brain.  

The use of the plural is closely associated with guilty statements.  It is not definitively guilt of the murder, but it is guilt.  This is known also from childhood on up to adulthood:

When we feel guilty, we feel less intensity of the guilt while in a crowd.  Teenagers are notorious for this, and in statement after statement of crimes in which arrests were affected, this has been indicated. 

In one lengthy Statement Analysis test, students are told that there is a confession in the statement and it exists of one single word. 

The very long statement is from a man who was the victim of an attempted car jacking where the perpetrator shot and killed the passenger, the subject's girlfriend of whom he expected to marry shortly.  He cooperated with police fully and was being cleared when he walked out to the waiting press and spoke. 

In one small area, he used the word "we" to connect himself to the shooter. 

That is all it took.

In a major cash business theft (more than one-half million dollars), the gang who pulled off the heist was unable to be pinned down until review was made of the employee's statement where he described being beaten up and forced to yield the safe's combination.  His injuries were real.  

He used the word "we", right after the beating, to complete the sentence about going into the warehouse to give up the combination, to connect himself to the gang.  Case solved. 

In rape cases, the language is key for both asserting the veracity of the victim, and discerning the false accusations.  

"For us, we have nothing to hide" not only tells us that the subject has something on his mind that he is not revealing, nor does he wish to reveal, but it is in association with someone else. 

No consensus developed on who this "we" is, but guilt must be strong to produce a change in language.  


All agreed that the guilt is indicated, yet no agreement was even close as to the source of the guilt. 

Here is some of the speculations with the difficultly lying in one spot:

The power of guilt must be of such intensity to change the pronouns. 

Pronouns are the single most powerful element within language.  We have looked at the 6 years of suffering and humiliation that Hillary Clinton went through before the pronoun "I" was ejected from her language regarding her husband's infidelities. 

Universal guilt would not be powerful enough, that is, personal enough to produce the change of pronouns.  This means that "not being there" in a common sense, will produce guilt, but not the level of guilt that would cause the "running to a crowd" guilt.  Parents even express guilt when their children die of sickness.  This is more "universal" or common guilt.  


We looked at typical possibilities of guilt and language:  

1.  Would financial wrongdoings be enough to produce the change of language?
2.  Would an affair produce enough guilt to produce the change of language?
3.  Is it possible that the guilt of remaining outside the home for the length of time the husband did produce the guilt powerful enough to change the language?

"Money and Sex" or "Sex and Money" are always examined in crimes for motives.  A single pronoun showed motive for an unsolved crime which led to an arrest.  The subject simply said, "my house" to which he claimed ownership.  I did not know the case file.  

What I was told next was this:  He did not own the house.  

Thus, the single addition of this pronoun "my", instead of "the" house, revealed the motive for murder:  the owner of the house had refused to put his name on the title deed and she paid for it with her life.  

Although so many video tapes contain "sex", this was found to be not primary, but ambition was, with "sex", just like in advertising, the 'interest' holding element for the 'customer.'  

"Money" was viewed, including the subject's own claim of poverty which was false.  Money could be an attendant element; that is, success, itself, being primary, will bring both financial increase and personal popularity (both important to the subject), yet success, itself, is the 

principle primary driving passion in the language.  

Everything is an advertisement.  Everything that happens "proves" the slogan to be correct.  

Some (most) :  Money or Sex is not enough 'emotion' to change a pronoun, however:  

money or affair that derails the career is, for this subject, powerful enough to change the language.  Therefore, it may be unrelated to the murder, but powerful enough to displace his principle passion in life:  success.

The Source of Guilt Disagreed Upon.

No consensus was found.  

It is not known "what is hiding" and for some, especially with lengthy investigatory experience, the coincidental nature of the crime along with the language of guilt is 'too much' to overcome. 

For others, the language of "anti-social narcissism' with the single purpose driven goal of promotion is the cause of the guilt.  The subject knows, but it unable to "stop himself" from the impulsive thoughts of success and everything that has happened is for the purpose of his success.  In this sense, Amanda is a "sacrifice" so that "many will come" and that even a child's loss of mother is seen in clinical terminology.  

Each topic was somehow forced to turn back to ambition of the subject.  All family was distanced from, including his son, unborn child, and wife, while all events orchestrate perfectly together, like "planning" where the end result:  "invite as many people as you can" and "whatever it takes."

All agreed:  The subject is planning. 

The subject is, at the time of the statements, driven to find ways to use what we called "an unsolved murder" (at the time of the statement), but he called "Amanda's Story."  She was already deified, processed, and moved on to "getting them to come in" from the nation, to fulfill, what he said on video, "hundreds of thousands."

The glory of the numbers of success are all encompassing in the language.  

Consensus:  Police have much more work to do before formally clearing the husband from any association with the killer and his associates.  It must be deep, thorough and compelling before certainty is arrived at. No one is comfortable saying he is unrelated yet.  

The source of the guilt remains debated.  

Then, over much time, the case will be adjudicated and closed. 

Then, eventually, a cold case detective will take it off the shelf and with dispassionate eyes, review it carefully, from the start to finish.    


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Squeaky-clean said...

Fantastic article. I keep coming back for more updates. Thank you for staying on top of this case and sharing with the rest of us. I learn so much here, I think I need to take your class :)

Anonymous said...

People in these types of churches place big importance on the numbers and getting their message out because they literally believe that each person "saved" means that person will not endure eternal torment in hell. And they think that nothing on earth is more important than saving souls from hell. So maybe that's why in this case, he keeps talking about getting people to church, even though it definitely seems abnormal that he would even care about that at such a time.

"The best is yet to be" - meaning for the believers in Christ only - that they will be in heaven or see the return of Christ. And "whatever it takes" meaning "anything to keep someone from burning in hell forever."

If that kind of minister is not in it for the money, then they really do see everything as revolving around a mission to save as many souls as possible. So for people like that, it's not really a "business" but a mission.

But even with that, most people, ministers or not, would have the normal reactions of complete devastation, rage, anger, and a desire for revenge if their wife and child were brutally murdered.


Anonymous said...

Now that the suspects are in custody, not sure why they don't just go ahead and say the husband was their client, if that is the case.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how struggling with faith (or having a 'crisis' of faith) after the loss of a loved one would affect language.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:03

They don't say it because if DB did hire somebody to do the hit he only talked to a middleman or the suspects gang leader... they would only have received their mission and not known who the client was. That way if anyone is caught they can not rat out the other party.

Anonymous said...

Is there proof/confirmation that Davey was a substitute teacher or is that just rumor?

Deejay said...

I read the official charges, and it really does sound like three horrible humans on drugs did a random crime. So I am thinking Davey comes across so coldly because he is a super narcissist- He doesn't have real feelings about other people, it is all about him, and his life is just a long 'playact' where he is the star. The sex obsessions are his brains attempt to substitute physical pleasure for human connection.

Anonymous said...

And, "L", that's way you hide in the balcony waiting to pounce on them so you can operate your own personnel recruiting business. Breaking into a home via window is easy in the middle of the night to place a card in someone's wallet. Or, hiding behind some trees so the "ladies" can go first so you can enter in the middle of the night. Or, having your homies take down security so your other homies can pounce.

Threatening the lives of family members and placing your "objects" of affections to let them know "God" is watching them is far off the barcode terrorist box.

Anonymous said...

Yes, he was employed as a baseball coach, it seems. Strangely, he is still on the website and can be seen on youtube filming students while they bat, checking form one would assume.

Anonymous said...

Too many people make relationships all about what “I can get out of it.” Can I get this girl to “put-out” for ME; can I get this guy to buy ME all this stuff or do everything for ME? This is a simple fact of life. We are self-centered. It hit me the other day how many times I use first person personal pronouns in my conversations (“I” or “Me”).

-Davey Blackburn

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15

Here is the link where DB says he started in Indianapolis by substitute teaching in the Washington School District in Indianapolis.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:34,

Funny that we noticed how often he does that too!

Anonymous said...

This is the way good mothers destroy neighborhoods...calling everyone a pedophile without proof and not taking care of their children.

I've been the target of the same type invasion. Prior to leaving, I had a beady-eyed beotch tell me in no uncertain terms I had no right to run them away from my own house. Yes, apparently see witnessed the entire episode and chose not to call the police on my behalf. Then had the gall to inquire if I knew why everyone was selling out!This between telling me I'd like the new neighbors they were their friends! (All I saw were illegals in backpacks coming from the home...professional house flippers that paid way too much and were convinced what came out of a can of Rustoleum was really granite).

But, I sold my generator I bought after the Texas fund raising years prior and even offered to load it into a trailer of a friend of one that inquired though he'd been recorded placing objects of affection in my front yard.

It's not what you know, but who you know.

It didn't take long for the one who caught another pulling the same crap to flee, too.

Trustme...we get it.

Anonymous said...

Look at the difference in his body language, and tone.... when he talks about the subbing at the school video!

Anonymous said...

Resonate Indy meets at the Northview Middle School which shares the same campus as the North Central High School (Both Washington Township School District) where at least one of the suspects attended and where DB substituted...

Anonymous said...

I would be very upset if my family member was murdered and the news station posted a picture of me and the killers in the same panel. They even connect them with "and".

Anonymous said...

"Though it does not undo the pain we are feeling, I was extremely relieved to get the news of the arrest made last night of Amanda's killer. The investigators have assured me they have a solidly-built case to ensure justice is levied and the process is expedited. The family and I couldn't be more thankful for the level of compassion and professionalism the IMPD and investigators have shown us through the last couple of weeks," said Blackburn in a statement posted on the Resonate Church's Facebook page.


He is thankful for the compassion and professionalism but not the fact that they have caught Amanda's killer.

Skeptic said...

I would expect the religious faith of someone close to a murder victim to be seriously challenged. I would expect them to be asking why God would allow such suffering, and not be easily placated with the usual response that God works in mysterious ways. I would even expect them to be angry with God. It is way to soon for any of the family members to find any piece. She didn't die in a car accident nor an earthquake. Her death was completely senseless. I would be forever haunted by thoughts of the fear she must have experienced. And I would mourn the fact that she will not be around to experience her son's childhood and all the joy she would have felt. All of this was taken from her for no reason. I would expect anger.

buddy said...

How a normal, well-adjusted member of society acts when first confronted with the news of apparent sex. assault on top of murder:

A flash of rage, darting eyes, clenched fists as a reflex, and a string of frank profanities --- from one who almost never employs cussing.

Amanda was a friend to her neighbors---- the above was the reaction of a neighbor.

trustmeigetit said...

"Though it does not undo the pain we are feeling, I was extremely relieved to get the news of the arrest made last night of Amanda's killer.

He uses "we" with regards to the pain

Uses "I" with regards to relief there was an arrest

Justice seeker said...

This is now the second time when asked about Amanda's legacy DB says, "man I feel like I could write a book about that." and he does so with a nervous laugh. Also interesting that in this clip from yesterday he was asked if he had any final thoughts. And he is moved to tears when talking about the "body of Christ" and not being alone. He never sheds a year when talking about Amanda but cries when talking about the church. That is telling from a Christian point of view because the "body of Christ" is the "bride of Christ" and that imagery would be very known to Davey. Yet he doesn't make the connection . He never talks about losing "his bride" or sheds a tear at how Amanda is NOT there to comfort him. So very odd and telling. Instead he solicits stories of how this tragedy has affected them and encourages people to send them to him. He would "love to sift through those." This appears like someone who is looking for material to use for a book. His emotion for the church and not his wife He has her journal and certainly between that and the "event" he has enough material for a book.

Was this a man headed for divorce and does her journal reflect that? He refers to the journal and in another interview talks about how she talked about him and it didn't sound favorable. What were her final journal entries that led her to say "I don't know what the future holds but I know who holds the future?" Have police read the journal for clues? Davey refers to it and had it in an interview. I don't know about evidence gathering but it would seem that the journal would be a good place to start in investigating a suspect and to determine "if she had no enemies."

The interview yesterday Nov. 24 at this link led to these thoughts,

Anonymous said...

Justice seeker I totally thought that too. It would squash any hopes of being another Joel olsteen...ugh

Anonymous said...

According to the information provided in the Affidavit in regard to DBs 911 call, it doesn't appear there was anything in his language that indicated a possible assault or crime scene. EMS was dispatched on an "injured& unconsious" subject. They arrived and immediately requested police. As a retired paramedic, I can tell you that if dispatch has any concerns of a possible crime scene, EMS are informed enroute and told that police have been dispatched. Because FD had to request police, this indicates that they were blindsided by what they found on arrival.

I think IMPD is being very strategic in not releasing that call. I believe had they released it, there would have been no ambiguity and the degree of public outcry would have had him majorly lawyered up and silenced by his attorneys.

I remember thinking it was odd that his close preacher friend received a text that gave him the impression that Amanda had bumped her head on a piece of furniture. Now it appears 911 Dispatch may have been under the same type of impression.

Amanda was found face down lying in a pool of blood, nude, with her panties removed and shirt pulled up exposing an obvious gunshot.

DB has a degree in "Communications" how in H#!% could he or anyone for that matter fail to communicate ANYTHING from seeing a scene like that would alert people of the reality of the situation?

BallBounces said...

"In the interview process, when someone issues an "unreliable denial" it does not mean that he did not do it".

Shouldn't this be "In the interview process, when someone issues an "unreliable denial" it does not mean that he did it"?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous 1:50

choose a name!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
According to the information provided in the Affidavit in regard to DBs 911 call, it doesn't appear there was anything in his language that indicated a possible assault or crime scene. EMS was dispatched on an "injured& unconsious" subject. They arrived and immediately requested police. As a retired paramedic, I can tell you that if dispatch has any concerns of a possible crime scene, EMS are informed enroute and told that police have been dispatched. Because FD had to request police, this indicates that they were blindsided by what they found on arrival.

I think IMPD is being very strategic in not releasing that call. I believe had they released it, there would have been no ambiguity and the degree of public outcry would have had him majorly lawyered up and silenced by his attorneys.

I remember thinking it was odd that his close preacher friend received a text that gave him the impression that Amanda had bumped her head on a piece of furniture. Now it appears 911 Dispatch may have been under the same type of impression.

Amanda was found face down lying in a pool of blood, nude, with her panties removed and shirt pulled up exposing an obvious gunshot.

DB has a degree in "Communications" how in H#!% could he or anyone for that matter fail to communicate ANYTHING from seeing a scene like that would alert people of the reality of the situation?

November 25, 2015 at 1:50 PM Delete

Here the anonymous commentator makes some assertions.

He tells why he thinks what he does.

If he is wrong, there can be a trace back to it.

Whether you agree or not, this is the type of educated opinion that increases dialog and gets answers. It was not just "I am suspicious that police did not accompany EMT..."

and....the communication degree

and the obvious scene.

Great points.

Next, : Could it speak to DB's innocence if the blood did not suggest gun shot?

His wording is so critical here. Could he have not known the source of the injury??

I may be stretching a bit, but stretching is good for discussion.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Another comment with assertion and backing:

buddy said...
How a normal, well-adjusted member of society acts when first confronted with the news of apparent sex. assault on top of murder:

A flash of rage, darting eyes, clenched fists as a reflex, and a string of frank profanities --- from one who almost never employs cussing.

Amanda was a friend to her neighbors---- the above was the reaction of a neighbor.

November 25, 2015 at 1:35 PM Delete

The bodily reaction is due to the surge of hormones and the language will reflect this.

Very intelligent post.


CJ said...

Peter, I appreciate your tolerance of those of us who lapse into WebSleuth mode. I find myself going back and forth between SA and the evidence to see what fits. In the absence of complete information, there may not be confirmation but there shouldn't be contradiction.

Regarding DB's lack of knowledge of sexual violence, I suggested in the previous thread that in a guilty scenario he might have been informed ("prepped" "prepared") of what awaited him back at the house via communication from someone involved in the crime, and most likely before he arrived back at the house.

I looked to the PC to find any contradiction, and find this timeline:

Taylor's last call to his cohorts was at 7:10 am while he was walking out of the Blackburn's neighborhood (evidence: cell phone tower location, photos and witness accounts).

At approximately 7:10-7:11 Taylor was seen walking east on Sunmeadow Way by a neighbor who was worried enough to turn around, go back to his house, and watch. According to him, a Sebring driving east stopped, picked up Taylor, backed in a driveway and drove off west.

The CI relays to LE this account: after the 2nd ATM withdrawal at 6:54 am, "Watson drove back to the addition and Gordon exited the car at the addition entrance. Watson drove in the addition and picked up Taylor. Watson and Taylor picked Gordon back up and dropped off Taylor at NE 56th and Guion Rd."

DB's timeline:

He left gym at approximately 7:10am.
He started a phone call at 7:10am.
He says he arrived home at 7:20am.

His gym is 4.6 miles from home. Mapquest algorithms show a 13 minute commute under heavy traffic conditions. In the PC he does not mention any stops along the way (gas? coffee?).

The end of his route is a turn off of a busy boulevard, at which point DB would be retracing the route of the gang out of his neighborhood, with the exception of the short detour east and turnaround on Sunmeadow way.

The evidence presented here confirms that DB and the suspects missed each other going into/out of the neighborhood by at most 10 minutes, and this evidence does not contradict the possibility of them being in the same place at the same time somewhere along DB's route home from the gym.

CJ said...

My favorite security question so far,

"Select all square with turkeys."

I aced that one!

CJ said...

CORRECTION to my timeline at 2:15,

DB says he arrived home from the gym at 7:30

(20 minutes to make a commute that MapQuest says takes approx. 13 minutes in heavy traffic).

Anonymous said...

Peter, hope I haven't done anything wrong? Do you mean I need to sign in or can I just sign at the end of my Anon posts? If so, I will be signing off as KK.

Anonymous said...

Palm trees much harder.
Come back and challenge yourself.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the guy arrested did not shoot her. However, they see it on the news and he brags to a friend...even though it never happened? Could the husband have walked in and saw Amanda, and gone back to his car and wait? Maybe it was an answer to a prayer for him? I saw in a picture that the stairs is right at the front door. If the robbers entered and she was that far in front of the house I would think her reaction would be to go upstairs to protect her son. However, if she were not in the front of the house I would think her instinct would be to run for the gun. Was there blood all over the house? Could DB have entered the home with the robbers? My husband and I have discussed what I would do (prior to this murder) if someone broke in. I would run to lock our bedroom door and get the gun and come out shooting. She had been to a gun range. Were there no attempts to reach the gun?

Anonymous said...

is it known if the 911 call was made from inside the house?

Anonymous said...


One day, maybe years from now, some gangbanger could be arrested and face doing hard time. He'll say, "Remember that preacher whose wife was shot. I know who he got to do the hit and I'll trade you the info for a break on this crime." It's possible, isn't it? (Watching too much Law & Order?!)

Or one day, the current "girlfriend" (maybe even a long distance one like Amanda was) could get officially dumped and, in her grief tell how she felt called to arrange the hit. A book touting Amanda as a perfect angel could be the push too.

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant to say "I" hope I haven't done anything wrong.

I was being truthful with my statement, that was just a very unfortunate typo. Haha

Shew..I am so relieved to see that I haven't violated some rule of this sight.
I just read your commentary on my post, right before I was about to hit send. I have a lot of respect for what you do and appreciate the dialog. I will reply below to the question you ask concerning if DB were to have mispinterpreted the blood he saw on her back.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading all of the posts on this site and am desperately praying for justice for Amanda and hope that everyone involved is taken off the streets and punished. I have found this site fascinating and appreciate all the work that Peter and the commenters have put into this case and I hope that investigators are watching it closely.

I have two observations and I apologize if they've been addressed and I missed it somehow. 1) DB claims that Amanda wrote something in her journal that "they" are drawing strength from. His language appears to me (a complete novice in SA) that what she wrote was something new to him. "We don't know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future." This in and of itself implies to me that there is a situation that is unpleasant and would be used in time of need. The fact that Amanda wrote this in her journal makes me wonder if she was considering leaving DB. Then I found that DB tweeted this exact quote on 9/18/15, approximately a month before her murder. I was surprised to see it because I was under the impression that it was something Amanda had written in her journal and was new and comforting to him, yet he'd posted it himself just a month prior. Maybe this has no meaning, but I found it odd.

2) DB has been quoted as saying things are more difficult for him now that the killers have been captured and I wonder why. Could it be that he is afraid they will have nothing to lose now and will implicate him? Why would it be more difficult for him with crazed killers locked up than it would be with them on the loose, possibility to return to his house and kill again?

Anonymous said...

My apologies. The tweet from DB regarding "We don't know what the future holds..." was posted 9/18/14, a year ago.

Anonymous said...

trustmeigetit said...
"Though it does not undo the pain we are feeling, I was extremely relieved to get the news of the arrest made last night of Amanda's killer.

He uses "we" with regards to the pain

Uses "I" with regards to relief there was an arrest

He also uses "extremely relieved". I would expect the use of the words, glad, happy, etc. Relieved is a word I would expect someone to use when thinking the worst is about to happen to them.


Ode said...

Tweets Tweets & replies Photos & videos

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 1h 1 hour ago

My life is not my own, I have been bought with a price

0 retweets 11 likes

First or 2nd person? the above tweeted by Davey Blackburn

I do not understand how twitter works, he tweeted the
above (one hour ago) to himself ? he who is his greatest

Anonymous said...

"Just like Jesus" and "Pitch perfect model of grace"--the author doesn't believe he's all that innocent, does he? I sense a little sarcasm here.


Anonymous said...

Bought with a price: 1 Cor 6:20

MzOpinion8d said...

I am about to leave the house so I don't have time to cut and paste it, but Amanda's sister's first FB post about this indicated all she knew was a head injury/unconsciousness also.

CJ said...

RRH at 3:31

When the Blackburn's neighbors talk about their relief it sounds genuine and comprehensible, because they give us context. Relief from what?

... from fear:

"It's a huge sense of relief for us" ... and "We certainly have a sense of relief because, you know, we don’t want to think that something like this could happen (again) at the hands of that same person," said Ryan McConnell, neighborhood crime watch captain for Woods of North Kessler.

... from stress:

"Kurt Baker was the man who provided the police with the surveillance footage and said the arrest relieved a lot of stress among neighbors".

By contrast to the above, DB gives us no context for his relief. He has never mentioned feeling afraid (for himself, his family, or his community), stressed, or worried. So when he talks about being relieved at the news of the arrest, I wonder "why?".

Anonymous said...

Christianpost has also covered the creepy message he preached 2 days earlier (with a gun)


Anonymous said...

That's exactly what's gonna happen-trade the preacher for the shooter so we can write letters to him in prison and conduct studies.

I doubt the police suspect him at all. He's odd, but not the killer.

OPN said...

Bullets can penetrate the skull (enter and then stay there) or perforate the skull (enter and then exit). Entrance wounds are SMALL and the skin retracts over them because skin has elasticity. When the skin retracts, it makes the entrance hole appear even smaller. These wounds can be difficult to see. Medical personnel have to pull the patient's hair back and separate it to find entrance wounds.

Exit wounds are always significantly larger. They aren't hard to find/see. The large exit wound is likely the only wound that Davey Blackburn saw.

Bullets frequently deflect off objects inside the human body once they are inside the body. This changes the bullet's trajectory. For this reason, exit wounds are frequently not found in a straight line from the entrance wound. The non-aligning entrance and exit wounds or seeing only one visible wound (the exit wound) make it difficult for non-medically trained people to determine a gunshot was the source of the injury.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I probably shouldn't have used the words obvious or gunshot to describe the bleeding wound he would have seen on her back. The exact type of wound or wounds may not have been obvious to him in those shocking first moments before or while he called 911. That said, even if he didn't interpret her wounds as gunshots, he had enough signs that Amanda had been critically wounded by being either beaten,stabbed,shot or all of the above, by someone who stripped her clothes and possibly sexually assaulted her.
911 callers are prompted to stay on the line and to give details of the scene and victim's condition so that dispatch can send the appropriate resources. They are trained to ask crucial questions and to listen carefully. Affidavit says he called 911 and reported that his wife was "injured and unconscious" This is also how it was dispatched, so nothing indicates they were able to ascertain the true nature of the emergency until FD arrived.


P.S. Oh, by the way, in case you want to respond to or reference my posts in the future, I am a she. Haha

OPN said...

It's possible that the bullet only penetrated Amanda's skull (didn't make a large exit wound). When her skin's elasticity retracted it over the bullet hole, the entry wound would appear very small. Since Davey Blackburn has never worked in an ER or as an EMT, he wouldn't recognize such a tiny injury to be a bullet hole.

Anonymous said...


Thats all fine and well, but that dosen't explain the two other gunshot wounds that Amanda suffered.

Anonymous said...

If your wife was lying in the living area with her panties beside her and her top pushed up, would you think she'd had an accident?
And you just walked into an unlocked front door?
Hard for me to wrap my mind around that. And he was still telling that version when he called PN, assuming he dialed 911 first. Just scratching my head once again.

Amy Smith said...

Christian Post story: statements in probable cause documents by @kennethwagner, friend on 11/10 morning call with Davey.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 5:02,
Good point! An arm wound would be bleeding like crazy. Shoulder too since it was an in and out wound. So that's 3 other places bleeding.

OPN said...

He didn't take her into the bathtub and wash the blood from her to search for other wounds. He walked into the house and saw a pool of blood and his wife's hair covered in blood. He told the EMT dispatch that she had a head injury. That was a truthful statement. He isn't an ER doc or a paramedic/EMT and would know what to look for to determine if it was a gunshot wound. If you aren't an ER nurse or an EMT, you wouldn't know what to look for to determine if it was a gunshot wound either.

Anonymous said...

If DB found his very modest wife so exposed and bleeding, but still alive, I would think he'd try to cover her to warm her and to protect her modesty, yet EMS described her with panties off and top pushed up.
More head scratching.

Anonymous said...

You walk in, she's alive on the floor. Aren't you picking her up, wrapping her in something, maybe even putting your jacket around her? Holding her until someone gets there? You don't have to open the door for EMS 'cause, hey, it's unlocked already! So you would be sitting there holding her, right?
Just my thoughts.

OPN said...

Blood is not like oil. It clots. If the exit wounds were against the floor, the blood pooled and some of it would have clotted on her skin, near the exit wounds, and clothing. Davey Blackburn didn't take Amanda into the shower to remove all the clotted blood to check for all her injuries before calling the ambulance. He saw a head wound, found she was unconscious, and he called the ambulance. There is nothing hinky about this. He didn't possess the medical knowledge to immediately diagnosis a bullet wound which had clotted blood all around it and possibly covering it.

OPN said...

If I found my spouse on the floor with a head wound, I wouldn't start picking off all the gooey clots to see if it was a bullet wound. I'd call the ambulance, tell them what I saw (my spouse lying in a pool of blood), and I'd beg them to hurry.

Would you pick off all the gooey, large, black clots to impress the ambulance dispatcher with your pseudo medical knowledge?

Justice Seeker said...

Three interesting tweets from 2014 written by Pastor Davey Blackburn Note: These were from 2014 but as far a statement analysis goes (which I am a novice) I find them full of genuine emotion. NOTHING like what we have seen AFTER the recent tragedy. But it is interesting that he mentions how helpful it is to workout to bring rest to his mind.

Davey Blackburn
September 27, 2014 · Twitter ·

Ok I must really miss @AmandaGrace! I just emotional watching a special about SEC Coaches' wives on College Gameday!

Davey Blackburn
October 27, 2014 · Twitter ·

There are few things that bring tears to my eyes faster than hearing @AmandaGrace sing "It Is Well" to Weston during bathtime

Davey Blackburn
October 25, 2014 · Twitter ·

This may seem counter-intuitive but one of the best ways for me to rest my mind is to get in an intense workout! ‪#‎SabbathWorkouts‬ 💯💯

Justice Seeker said...

Following up on my earlier comment about the church being the bride of Christ, this tweet from Pastor Davey Blackburn is interesting,

Davey Blackburn
October 8, 2014 · Twitter ·

It's impossible to follow Jesus closely but keep His Bride (The Church) at a distance . . .

Anonymous said...

has it been reported or just repeated that DB actually went inside and saw Amanda after the attack? maybe he did not see her and thats why expresses no shock. was 911 called while he was still in the car? it seems like a pre planned attack. perhaps with updates.. was the Governor at her funeral? if so, again, perhaps pressure was placed on police to quickly resolve. what about initial statement of a blank check reference for the investigation? all unusual.

Anonymous said...

As per the scene that Davey saw when he first walked into his home-
Early on news reports said there were signs of a struggle. I had pictured overturned furniture, etc, at the crime scene. More recent reports mention Amanda charging at Taylor, which could be the struggle referred to earlier.

I am curious if there was overturned furniture, or any clues that would have been obvious to Davey that intruders had been in his home and his wife had been assaulted, as opposed to having fallen and injured herself?


Anonymous said...

DB said...
"Though it does not UNDO the pain we are feeling, I was extremely relieved to get the news of the arrest made last night of Amanda's killer".

There has been so much written about all DBs hincky statements, so parden me if this one has already been discussed.

Undo means to make it like it was before. In this case pain that is completely gone and never happened. Interestingly, when I just looked up the definition of undo, it gave the sentence, "You can not undo murder" as a example.

Wouldn't only a person who is not feeling the pain of losing someone that was brutally beaten, sexually humilated and murdered be able to make such an absurd statement?

I think this statement is so insensitively devaluing that it's insultive to those that ARE feeling the deep despairing pain of this having happened to their loved one.


Anonymous said...

I think this was well thought out and planned. He planned the assault and attack to be around the time that he was at the gym to secure his alibi and while he had his weekly convo with his friend to secure a witness. The friend even tweeted it that day. He probably kept him on the phone to but time in her dying. I think he also told them to go on a robbery spree to throw off the police. Its strange that last two homes were intruded in the back but his through the front door that was unlocked. It's strange they left at 3am just to go rob random people in random areas during the busiest part of the morning.

He likely met the boys at the school that he subbed at/coached/met in the west side(I live west indy) a few miles from the crime and its not a very large area. He was trying to grow his church so he was always out and about or he may have bought drugs from them. He was always trying to speak the language of the youth in sermons. Maybe he promised them recommendation letters to the court/bartered favors. Maybe he smokes weed or take steroids. He seems pretty hyper on stage and bug eyed, like when my kids get caught with the icing for the cupcakes.

Maybe he promised insurance money. Maybe he paid them money from tithes in the church. There is very little accountability with church leadership in treasury.

If the 911 call downplays her injuries. That will tell all. He was buying time so she wouldnt not get medical care and likely cleaning up the scene.

Anonymous said...

Apparantly a lot of people latched on to Peter's question about the possibility that DB didn't know the wound was a gunshot.

These posts move so fast I'm sure most people didn't see the reply I wrote to him.

Peter, I probably shouldn't have used the words obvious or gunshot to describe the bleeding wound he would have seen on her back. The exact type of wound or wounds may not have been obvious to him in those shocking first moments before or while he called 911. That said, even if he didn't interpret her wounds as gunshots, he had enough signs that Amanda had been critically wounded by being either beaten,stabbed,shot or all of the above, by someone who stripped her clothes and possibly sexually assaulted her.
911 callers are prompted to stay on the line and to give details of the scene and victim's condition so that dispatch can send the appropriate resources. They are trained to ask crucial questions and to listen carefully. Affidavit says he called 911 and reported that his wife was "injured and unconscious" This is also how it was dispatched, so nothing indicates they were able to ascertain the true nature of the emergency until FD arrived.


Skeptic said...

After reading the affidavit

0 why did they not attempt to get money from the credit/debit cards stolen in the first robbery?

1 I'm surprised that DB noticed the cigar package on the counter and thought to mention it to police in his first interview with them. One would think his entire focus would be on Amanda with no time to inspect the counter and notice anything amiss.

2 Did DB take the 15month old with him to the hospital? In the report it says, after an officer cleared the scene that no one else was found in the home except for the 15month old baby. - is this just misleading ?

3 How did they get 4 TVs plus misc other items in a sedan and why steal bed sheets?

4 the affidavit makes it clear that at a point in the invasion of the Blackburn home all three suspects were out of the home. Taylor takes the debit card to the car. She hasn't charged him yet and he hasn't shot her yet, only hit in the face with the gun. Why didn't she simply run behind him and lock the door? Or attempt a 911 call? The stolen getaway car was not parked in the Blackburn driveway. It was parked at 1230 and I don't know if that is the site of the previous burglary or yet another neighbor's home.

Anonymous said...

"Skeptic said...
After reading the affidavit

0 why did they not attempt to get money from the credit/debit cards stolen in the first robbery?"

Skeptic--that's a good question. Weren't they inside a house while people were sleeping? WHy didn't they demand cards and pin from them?????


Anonymous said...

I also believe our local prosecutor knows they were groomed by DB as well. He came to their defense. Almost like someone from SC came into OUR city to address OUR issues but ended of taking advantage of our kids and kill once of OUR natives.

Skeptic said...

And one more thought

It is never stated that the reason the three moved on to the Blackburn residence is because they saw DB leaving the house. The way the cooperating individual understands it is simply that they wanted more money. Did they go to multiple houses checking for unlocked doors and the blackburn's was the first they found? They broke in to the neighbors house through a side door, but then then switch tactics to checking for unlocked front doors?

Anonymous said...

Lots of good questions and comments this evening.
I haven't heard whether or not Amanda had a car. If so, wouldn't it be natural for the thugs to steal hers as they did at the first house across town?
Was the purpose of that burglary mostly to get a car that could go unrecognized as they executed the planned ones on DB's cul de sac?
It appears more and more that the Blackburn house stands out as contrary to their standard operating procedure.

Anonymous said...

Selecting squares with turkeys makes me feel so festive and not like a robot! Happy Thanksgiving, all you smart commentators and you Davey Defenders, as well!

Louise K said...

Burglars burgle

Little thugs who want to join a gang get to do the Contract Hit

Prove themselves etc

We have two things going on here

1 a contract on Amanda's life
2 a bunch of staged burglaries to hide the hit

Anonymous said...

Why wouldnt they have been worried about Amanda's spouse being sent a text about the ATM activity and being met by the police when they got back to the Blackburn neighborhood? This ATM jaunt was a super long round trip. Why weren't they worried about getting by a returning huband?

Louise K said...

Here's the narrative

They burgled another neighbours house at 5.30am

Coinkydinky this house was vacant - who TOLD them that? The folks were out of town right? So they get to hang out in this house as long as they want, waiting for...what, exactly?

Then they shot Amanda at 6.45

That's an entire hour and a quarter these "burglars" were wandering about being seen, caught on cctv all the rest.

The usual Burglar gang would be in and out of that cul de sac within 10 minutes...but these guys hung around, for over an hour. WHY?

They were waiting for old chum Davey to Allegedly Leave for the Gym @ 6.11 (wtf? who knows that?) AND GET THERE AND BE SEEN, before they got the signal to hit.

Why not park the suv out front? They backed it up to the other place.


It wasn't luck, a opportunistic crime - Cops may want a certain DB to believe that's what theyre thinking - but it wasn't.

This was a contract hit masked by a bunch of hood rat burglaries in my opinion.

Louise K said...

I've also pondered the significance of moving your wife and baby into a dodgy neighbourhood and taking off leaving doors unlocked...

How far back was this planned!!???

At this point I'm just waiting for the Beautiful Younger Model to suddenly start showing up at DB many pressers.

Louise K said...

ok this fucker was yapping on the phone to his college roommate while his wife lay dying on the floor....WTF....

Louise K said...

At approximately 7:10 a.m. Blackburn said he left the gym and was talking with Wagner at the time.

"Blackburn stated that he remained on the phone on the way home and was still on the phone when he arrived home at approximately 7:30 a.m. He stayed on the phone in his driveway until he entered (house) around 8:20 a.m.," the statement continued.


Wait....what???? He was yakking on his phone in the driveway for an HOUR? When did the 911 call come in?

Louise K said...

Okay, he "religiously" talks to this buddy from 7-8am every single Tuesday morning.

No word on why it took an extra 20 minutes

Maybe DB knew the shot wasn't a clean kill and was waiting in his car for her to die

Or at the very least, delaying the 911 call

God, he mustve HATED her...

Skeptic said...

If he was involved one possible reason for sitting in the drive way would have been to wait into the neighbor came home, had a few minutes to realize there'd been a robbery, and call police. This would ensure that his 911 call was the second one from the same location.
Also, I'm amazed that anyone could sleep through a home invasion in an apartment. They took her cell phone from her bed side table. Did this woman know them and conspire in a staged burglery of her one home?

Skeptic said...

Oh and then the first robbery vitem conveniently had an xfinity system taking photos all night long but no alarm, or even secure enough locks that someone couldn't break in quietly? The security photos conveniently prove they were there, just a boys night out robbing homes.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, here we go again laying the ground work. "Davey and I talk every single Tuesday between 7am and 8am." Of Courrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrse you do. This really is like it came straight out of the twilight zone, just too damn perfect. Question is, did Davey make it a regular habit to talk in his car for an hour? Who sits in their car early morning for almost an hour to talk? WHO? Cold, damp morning....busiest time of the day, newly pregnant wife, baby in the house.... can it get anymore perfect for Davey? I will not be surprised to find out Davey was never under any type of investigation. I think he has them snowed.

Skeptic said...

The neighbors 911 call came in at 8:17 and BDs at 8:22 if I remember correctly from the affidavit but you might want to check that

Skeptic said...

It's common for Sponsors and sponsees in12 step programs to have regular scheduled telephone conversations. Just a thought

Anonymous said...

Skeptic, you may have hit it exactly!
Didn't the Probable Cause affidavit say the Blackburns' neighbor came home that morning to find the house had been robbed? So she wasn't out of town? The burglars knew just how much time they would have to hang out and drink?
I'd want to know if DB knew what time she would be coming home.
I have to believe the investigators are also finding all of this extremely hinky.

Louise K said...

Don't worry.

Remember the LE Presser when the guy said

"you think you did it perfectly, but you didn't. You left evidence, and we found it" (pp)

The thing these sociopathic wife murderers JUST DONT GET is, Police deal with grieving relatives all the time.

Its the WORST part of their job.

If you have a husband who's just lost his wife and unborn baby and goes "okies. Im ready for my closeup" then that is a GINORMOUS red flag.

They are only allowing DB to think he got away with it.

It reminds me of police patting Mick and Mairead Philpott on the back in their presser, all the while knowing they set the fire intentionally to kill their own children.

Police are the Finest Liars Ive ever met. DB has no chance of escaping, NONE. They've already told us so in that first presser.

You're not as smart as you think you are<<<<NOT speaking to a bunch of gangsta hoods, but to someone who Thinks They Pulled Off The Perfect Crime.

Oh and...Davey was sat in his car on his cell in his driveway for about an hour while his wife died indoors.

The thing about cells is - you can walk about with them - there was ZERO need to sit in a car!

Except of course if you're waiting for your bride to cark it...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 7:00pm

Wow, your comment gave me great pause. I've wondered why they dawdled around on Sunnyfield with no sense of urgency. And tossing in that lengthy jaunt to use those ATMs makes this even more perplexing. Add to that: how did they end up on Sunnyfield, in the first place? The first robbery they committed that day was almost 11 miles away. It's like finding a needle in a haystack - rob a house on the northeast side and then travel 11 miles to the northwest side to a house that just happened to be unoccupied?

Perhaps this is part of the "coincidental nature" of the crime that sticks with the analysts with investigatory experience.

CJ said...

Amy Smith @ 5:09

"And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7-8AM. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," Wagner said.

Starting the sentence with "and" suggests there is more information than what he is telling us.

Wagner doesn't mention that on this particular Tuesday the phone call didn't go from 7-8am, but from 7:10 to 8:20 (according to DB).

He also doesn't mention tweeting about their "convo" on this particular morning, while he apparently was still on the phone with DB at 8:18am.

Was it Davey's usual habit to start the call when he left the gym and finish it sitting in his car in the driveway?

CJ said...

"And what you need to know about this STORY is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7-8AM.

(You mean alibi?)

CJ said...

One more post on Kenneth Wagner:

"Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," Wagner said."

Why does "finish our conversation" FOLLOW "gotten off the phone with me?"

(Geez, how does Peter ever get through long statements? I'm exhausted after just one paragraph).

Justice Seeker said...

Question for those more experienced statement analysis -- It was my personal experience with two previous pastors in a adultery (different churches) that both preached forgiveness intentionally and forcefully BEFORE the knowledge of their actions were known. Could Pastor Blackburn's forceful preaching on forgiveness be a pre-emptive attempt to teach the public how to respond when/if there are revelations of possible guilt in this case? I am NOT saying the guilt would be from the murder (although it could) but from some sin which he fears may come to light in coming weeks/months.

Andrew said...

I just want to say that this summary by Peter is excellent. It is much more economical in that it focuses on DB's statements after the murder without getting into the murkier waters of his pre-murder sermons.

I still don't know what to make of it all. Something is definitely not right. And yet Amanda's family is apparently embracing DB. That is telling to me. If they suspected any involvement by him, surely her father wouldn't sit next to him for a joint interview. One thing is certain, IMO, and that is that these lowlife thugs will not sacrifice themselves to protect DB. If he is connected and they have any knowledge of it, they will sing.

Also, it will be interesting to see what happens when this goes to trial. Their attorney will no doubt try to deflect blame by implicating another possible suspect....Davey. In fact, that could even start to happen in the lead up to the trial.

Anonymous said...

OK wow, so now this gigantic conspiracy involves Davey Blackburn, one or more gang leaders, the three henchmen AND one or both of the other people who were robbed? Oops I forgot about Davey's friend he spoke to on the phone and possibly that Perry Noble guy. Did I forget anyone? The butcher, the baker and the candlestick-maker?

Gee they really went through a lot of trouble to kill a defenseless woman. I bet the planning required a PowerPoint presentation and numerous conference calls. Maybe even spreadsheets.

Anonymous said...

many churches have a Prison Ministry and encounter criminals in these Prisons. also, people in re hab programs meet drug dealers while in rehab!!!!

Skeptic said...

The neighbor might have worked nights and her neighbor's knew that.

Perhaps he was following his normal Tuesday morning schedule. If he arranged it then he could presumably choose the date and time. It's a good reason for him to be away from the home. I don't think he had an office, i think he must have worked from home. So he was in the house a lot and not many regular events to take him out of the house.

I talk on the cell a lot in the car even in my driveway. My cell doesn't get good reception in my house. If the phone call is personal - like he was counseling the other guy or the other guy was counseling him - you might want to stay in the car. This might have been something he did every Tuesday morning and she would probably understand him staying in the car. She might even have wanted him to stay in the car so she and the baby wouldn't have to worry about making notice, vacuuming etc...

If he worked from home, well then I can imagine they were both driving each other crazy. Together 24/7. My husband worked from home for a short while and I didn't like it.

Anonymous said...

Louise K 7:49

Your comment about not needing to sit in the car while on the cell phone gave me a horrifying image. Maybe he wasn't in the car at all. Maybe he was watching her bleed, tending to Weston, calming the dog... That's another part of the STORY that doesn't add up. The dog happily licking the police when they arrived.

Skeptic said...

Anon @8:19pm

You can't deny that these three robberies appear staged. DB could have ordered a "hit" and the three gang members would never have known that, because they have never met DB. They were ordered to do it by someone higher up in the gang. If the web of contacts is complicated enough it might be difficult to prove a connection.

Amanda's family may still very well suspect DB. It would be in their best interests not to let him know that though lest he cutoff their access to their grandson.

All of this is pure speculation.

Louise K said...

Precisely...Weston was calm too wasn't he?

And Db did not call 911 either someone else did.

Imagine that. Sitting in the loungeroom watching her die, chatting on the phone all the while.

The friend he was talking to - another Pastor - screwed the story up too.

Weak link.

Heres how:


"Blackburn stated that he remained on the phone on the way home and was still on the phone when he arrived home at approximately 7:30 a.m. He stayed on the phone in his driveway until he entered (house) around 8:20 a.m.," the statement continued.


Yet old slow buddy says


"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner.


Loving the "what you need to know" sentence.

What we, the audience Need To Know is Not

How wonderful Amanda was
How tragic her death


Davey finished the convo BEFORE he walked in the house

Which is the exact opposite of the statement which says he was still on the phone WHILE he entered the house.

Also - it is apparently The Most Important Part of THE STORY.

(God I wish I could bold here...!)

The Story being the Story these two cooked up between them and have now essentially changed...they've moved the Call End Time.

Stupid mistake boys, stupid stupid mistake.

Anonymous said...

You're wrong, Louise. DB DID call 911. You have facts screwed up in almost every post you make. Please, take a breath and actually read some articles as well as the timeline.

Anonymous said...

Louise might be on to something. Here, read it for yourself:

Anonymous said...

College roommate. Alone behind closed doors. What does DB have on him that he might lie to keep up his part of the STORY???

Anonymous said...

"rocked my world forever" What man talks like that?

Skeptic said...

If the suspects talk, if they say they were ordered to do it... Then they are confessing to the crime. They might hope to beat the charge due to lack of physical evidence. The DNA on the pink sweater connects Watson to having Amanda's debit card but it says nothing about him pulling the trigger. Is there evidence to show which one of them pulled the trigger? They can point the finger and each other and as long as neither talks how does the prosecution prove which one shot her?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the dog was in the gym parking lot that morning. How else would the dog not be going NUTS while his female master was being shot? Even if the dog was shut up in Weston's bedroom, it would have to be debilitated and nose-blind to not bark???

Anonymous said...

Most people here have agreed that Blackburn's passion in life is his business/church, but I don't know if there's agreement about WHY it is so important to him. IS he a religious man who genuinely wants people to be saved, or is the preaching and stuff all about gaining admiration, followers, status? If it's the former, he can't really expect that God would be ok with him killing another human being to "save" another, can he? Does Blackburn REALLY believe what he preaches? If so, I don't see how he could be involved in Amanda's death. When I watched his videos I saw a man trying way too hard to win applause and recognition. It was uncomfortable to watch. And, of course, he comes across as arrogant (like most of the preachers who have the kind of following HE would undoubtedly want). However, as much as his method and style repels me, I think HE believes what he is saying; I think he believes in a God.
I'm so confused at this point.
Another thing, I've started to feel kind of sorry for him. Not because I think he's suffering over Amanda's death, because I don't think he is. Rather, I imagine he loathes himself on some level. His obsession with his business/church may be all about saving HIMSELF from the emptiness he feels inside. I'd like to know his childhood background.
In any event, I'm finished armchair sleuthing. I'm going to step back AND go back to being an observer because my posts haven't really furthered SA in any beneficial way. I'm way too emotional and inexperienced to be even attempting to figure out Blackburn let alone a murder.

BallBounces said...

Louise K said...

"Which is the exact opposite of the statement which says he was still on the phone WHILE he entered the house."

The statement does not say this. It says:

"He stayed on the phone in his driveway until he entered (house) around 8:20 a.m.,"

The English word "until" is ambiguous. It can be either inclusive or exclusive. It can mean he was on the phone until immediately prior to entering the house or it can mean up until and including entering the house.

Note that the place he was on the phone is indicated -- his driveway.

Also, note that this was not a verbatim statement or quote; it was an LE summary. So, it was not even Davey Blackburn's words.

Anonymous said...

I feel like in the interview with her dad alone. His answers were very deliberate. First of all she is the love of my life. Like he needed someone to get on TV and say they loved her because if we notice ole DB hasn't once proclaimed his love for her you know they notice. She WAS loved. Then how he said I don't seek justice but trust the Lord to point out and serve justice on all involved. Like I know there is more to this story but I trust the Lord and the government to bring that all out.

Anonymous said...

Thank you again for yet another great analysis, comments were very enlightening. Will continue to follow this case, because I think we haven't heard the last of this pastor.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I would love to see statement analysis on Kenneth Wagner's funeral sermon - especially the first four sentences.

My amateur eyes see unnecessary details, hyperbole, and major distancing.

I read that Kenneth always refers to Davey as DAVEY, EXCEPT when describing "DAVID had walked in and found HIS WIFE in the condition that she was in"

Not Amanda, but "his wife", even though he goes on to say how long he's known Amanda...

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous at 8:54 p.m., Louise is not onto something.

First, she said DB did not call 911 and that someone else did. That's not true.

Second, the statements she's using to compare what Wagner said and what DB said mean the SAME thing. When you sleep until 8 a.m., does that mean you kept sleeping past 8 a.m., or does that mean your sleep ended at 8 a.m.? If you said, "We kept driving until we found a decent hotel," does that mean you kept driving after you found a decent hotel or that you STOPPED DRIVING when you found one?

And like BallBounces said, that's not a direct quote from DB.

Don't you think the police know what time the call ended? Do you really believe they didn't check Davey's phone/phone records as part of the investigation?

I'm sorry, but this is getting absurd.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

Skeptic said...


That's what is so intriguing about this case. Young pastors wife murdered while pastor at gym. The husband is always suspected at first. So, could a man of God kill anyone let alone his own wife? I mean, the clergy are the people least expected to do something like that. But LE have to consider that he could have. I'm sure that they either did and have ruled him out, or they are still looking at him.

I think many of us what to speculate on how he COULD have done it, because we are suspicious of him due to his language and demeanor. So then we have to say well, how COULD he have done I it? Was there any possible way for him to have done it? If we conclude that no, there is no way he could have done it, then we drop it. We were already suspicious, so if we can figure out a way he could have done it, then we are still suspicious and the mystery is not solved.

Anonymous said... Can you guys watch this and tell me what you think? First minute is fluff, but if I'm understanding it correctly, they say the appro time Davey leaves, the "robbers" are trying to get into the house right next door.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why it just did that to my post, but I'll try again.

Anonymous said...

Saw a post from a Blackburn family "friend" that they typically kept the dog in the garage. Possibly the dog was barking but the neighbors were used to hearing barking dogs?

Oh no not her again said...


"So, could a man of God kill anyone let alone his own wife?"

LOL. Just Google "pastors who kill their wives"

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the value of your opinions.
We are all searching here and this case has affected us all more than many others because we can't believe a "man of God" could appear so guilty.
DB didn't show much Godliness in his first statements and upon viewing the church videos, I was even less convinced.
His obsession with numbers at a Sunday service (the magic 400) and expressing disappointment in spite of 16 souls who found Jesus that day sealed the deal for me. Bragging about the numbers at AB's service and those tuned in to the video was mind-blowing. I wonder if it would even matter to him if he knew how many watched because they were following the case here...a good portion of those thousands, I imagine.

The picture I see is a preacher's boy whose narcissism pointed him toward this type "ministry" (I use that word lightly.). Much outright acting, props, extra-personal sharing...probably competition among his circle of young "lead pastors" for numbers in the seats. More careful costuming and grooming than I've ever seen in a preacher, except maybe the TV ones that he perhaps aspires to be. Someone who brags about looking like a teen-ager...What 28 year old wants to appear to be a teen?! Obsession with creating content for Twitter...What preacher photographs his Random Acts of Kindness and blasts them out to an audience. I think of Mother Theresa and how quietly she went about doing good. No one saw it until reporters sought her out and asked about it.
I'm not seeing any outside evidence that DB is loathing himself. He seems to be totally pumped up that he'll have a "story" to tell which will fill the seats and bring in the money. He will be a star among his peers.
I only feel sorry that he didn't have some sort of crisis that might have truly pointed him toward God.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

OPN @5:26 Nov.25

I understand what you're saying about entrance and exit wounds and blood clotting.

That doesn't account for the front door being open when Davey had closed it.

That doesn't account for her shirt being on, but her underwear off (and lying next to her).

That doesn't explain or account for the furniture. A living room lamp and a decorative ladder in the living room were knocked over.

That doesn't account for the roll of duct tape on the living room floor.

That doesn't explain her wallet and credit cards on the floor...yet she's only wearing a shirt and no panties.

It's not that she was bleeding heavily. It's that she's face down, in a pool of blood. She was covered in blood on the back ,as well (head, upper back entrance and exit wound, left arm from forearm entrance wound to bicep exit).

It's the totality of the scene-the condition in which he found her, everything else in close proximity to her scattered and disheveled, things that shouldn't be there, knowing he left the front door closed and unlocked and it was open(* the Probable Cause document states Taylor opened the unlocked front door, but does not specify it being closed again).

A stranger pounded on my door one morning. I never open the door to strangers. He continued to pound loudly and frantically, so I re-checked my peep hole (memorizing him, intending to describe him to 911). About that time, he impatiently shifted to the side enough for me to see that behind him my elderly neighbor across the hall was lying on her her living room floor. He held her phone, asking her address for the 911 dispatcher. Instantly seeing the wide open door (I knew it was always knocked), her on the floor, and her displaced furniture, my very first thought was "Did he assault her?"...and unlike Amanda, she was clothed, conscious, and bleeding far less.

It turns out she fell, whacked her head on the coffee table, crawled to the front door, managed to open it, and yelled for help. He was walking by, heard her, and she told him to go to my door. It was the wide open door and displaced furniture that triggered my assault fear. I'd known her for years and been in her apartment frequently. I knew she always kept her doors locked and she was very particular about her apartment and housekeeping (she'd been through several cleaning ladies). I knew where her furniture should be.

That's why I was surprised that Davey reported this as injured and unconscious, especially given her state of undress with her wallet and loose credit cards on the floor near her. Did he think the lamp fell on her or the ladder hit her in the head?
Was anything even close enough to her for her to have fallen and hit her head on? did he describe the scene to the 911 operator?

Anonymous said...

Mr Hyatt. Is Avinoam Sapir's book: Unearthing Secrets in Genesis available for purchase? if so, where?

Unknown said...

I find Davey's whole circle of influence kind of crazy. @kalebcarlwhite - who filled the pulpit for Davey this past wkd, posted the following on his instagram: "Today was the greatest honor of my preaching life so far. Getting to bring the word for my friend @daveyblackburn and see first hand the church he pastors is INCREDIBLE. I love@resonateinday and i love your pastor!!! Thanks for having me this morning!!!"
Aye yae yae! As if he was just filling-in for a pastor who was on vacation. …and as if he wasn't ministering to a flock who just lost their beloved pastor's wife.


Louise K said...

I never said it was DB's words.

its the words of his friend Pastor Kenneth.

Pastor Kenneth said he and DB have a REGULAR TUESDAY MORNING TALK 7-8AM

For some unknown reason, DB arrived home at 7.30 am and SAT IN HIS CAR talking to Pastor Ken for nearly another hour.

DB then entered the house at 8.20 and the was he/wasn't he still on the phone to Pastor Kenneth is UNANSWERED.

Well it is answered - one minute Davey is actually on the phone as he enters the house, the other answer is he wasn't.

Both cannot be true!

Louise K said...

Here's why the Church is so important to DB >> EGO.

ckk said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 12:15

Here is the link where DB says he started in Indianapolis by substitute teaching in the Washington School District in Indianapolis.

DB says he started out substitute teaching by jumping around to the different schools in the Washington Township District before being asked by Eastwood Middle School to teach there for a semester.

During his jumping around period, he certainly could have taught at the high school, and who knows who he could have met there?

OPN said...

Stop distorting the facts.
-Door unlocked, not left wide open. No info from police documents that it was left wide open by the killer thug.
-Credit cards thrown on thugs car seat NOT Amanda's floor. No info that her wallet was all over the floor.
-No info from the police if the duct tape was Amanda's or the thugs. (i have a roll of packing tape sitting on my kitchen counter and a roll of duct tape in the drawer because I use them frequently.)
-In that safe neighborhood (neighbors said it had been safe) Amanda was more likely to be unconscious, bleeding from a head wound, and partially dressed after trying to get help post slippery bathroom floor fall.
-No info from police that furniture was knocked over.

Anonymous said...

Can we learn if any of the three arrested were in DB's school district while he was there?

Anonymous said...

I keep trying to apply Occam's Razor to this case. Before the arrests, it led me to conclude that DB was involved. Now, it is leading me to believe that he's just a narcissist who believes that his life is destined to be an epic story, and this is just a major turning point in that story, which would explain his demeanor (life is all about me, so I'm not debilitated with grief over even my own wife's death) and his actions (this is a big part of my epic life, so I'd better get as much positive publicity as possible and use this to launch my celebrity).

Sadly, at his age, I think I had some of the same tendencies (though not so extreme as to cause me to behave in the same manner), so I recognize a lot of this in him and find this explanation to be completely plausible. Fortunately, some life occurrences broke me out of that kind of mindset.

Also worth noting is that extreme narcissism also prevents people from forming deep bonds, which would help to explain the lack of evident grief.

Anonymous said...

Peter said it will take time and no stone will be left unturned. Happy Thanksgiving everyone - I'll be praying for Weston.

Oh no not her again said...


The affidavit states Davey found Amanda on the living room floor. Why would you think she fell on a slippery bathroom floor?

It also says he noticed her credit cards and wallet on the floor.

Then later it says a police officer recovered her wallet from a kitchen counter. So IDK.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the thugs...Perhaps the 18 year old shooter was specifically recruited for this hit because he had been talking about how he itched to kill someone, maybe had a gun for the first time in his life.
Maybe the others told him he would get to do it that morning. He was ready to shoot the sleeping woman at the first house but they couldn't let him do that and risk not getting to the Blackburns to carry out the hit for which they would be paid?

Just more pondering here.
Don't jump on me, OPN, since your theory that Amanda fell in the bathroom and went into the living room to bleed out, carrying her panties with her and laying them down beside her might be a little more far-reaching than mine! Peace, brother.

Anonymous said...

If the perp taped her but used a condom, could that account for the raped/not raped issue? Does anyone have any relevant info on this issue? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

if its true that DB saw Amanda, his wife, in the described condition how is it possible those images are not conveyed by his language and demeanor? it must take awhile for a rookie first responder to eventually overcome the shock of viewing severely injured people when they arrive so they can focus on treating and transporting. how could DB viewing her in that damaged, dying condition not visibly shake him?

lynda said...

This is what bothers me.

1. We have NO confessions yet. The affidavit is from a confidential informant, providing heresay that Taylor said these things to him so alot is thrown down that could be bullshit.

2. So, they rob 3 places. The first 2, their MO is to break in the BACK of the house. They change their MO at Daveys and just stroll in the front door at 6:30 in the am. Why the change in MO? This is significant.

3. There was change lying on the landing. This implies that perhaps one was downstairs and one went upstairs, maybe in bedroom, picks up change, money, whatever (they still don't know house isn't vacant and neighbors are up and moving around). The one upstairs confronts Amanda, she is upstairs (where weston is, maybe in bathroom) she screams, he hits her in mouth and say she charges him (this is the forearm shot, enters her forearm and moves up to bicep.

4. She flees down the stairs with him after her, he shoots her again. This is upper back wound that went through and through, they recover the bullet at the bottom of stairwell and also state that the back wound was a downward trajectory. She was running down the stairs and he was above her on stairs when he shot her.

5. She crawls, runs, into living room, collapses. He then shoots her in the back of head

6. Stands around and smokes?

7. Puts her underwear and DUCT TAPE next to her?? Why did they bring duct tape? They have them on video in the other burglary and they are not carrying duct tape. This was staged to "appear" to be a sexual assault.

8. The CI says that Taylor came out of the house to give the others cards and such. So 2 guys are sitting in a strange car, in the driveway several doors down...Taylor leaves the house, walks down there, gives them cards, then walks back INto the house and the 2 others take off.

9. WTH?? Where is Amanda?? Is she unconscious? She is not shot in the head yet per the CI. Why would he just stroll out and then stroll back in? For what?? And then wait, what? at least 20 minutes to be picked back up? Picked back up? Seriously? He has NO idea if anyone has called the police , there have been 2 gunshots so far, and he goes back in to hang out. Deciding to kill Amanda and lay duct tape next to her. There is something very wrong here in the story.

10. My opinion is this, it was a hit. The 3 knew that today was the day so they get an early start by having some fun and flexing their burglar muscles by breaking in (by the back) of a house 13 miles away. They steal electronics, a PINK SWEATER, BAG OF ORANGES, and sit around and drink beer and wine..liquid courage.

11. Almost time now, drive to the neighborhood, burglarize a house down the street (from the back) take electronics and load into a car. Then stroll on down to the cul-de-sac and walk right in the front door.

12. A pink sweater and a bag of oranges? Seriously?? And then they leave the Atm receipt in the car they stole and dumped.

13. SUV that is STILL being talked about is a red herring. They didn't drive an SUV, an SUV wasn't involved, nor could they possibly have loaded all their spoils in an SUV that they didn't have because they stole a BUICK..

14. They have not released the 911 call for a reason.

15. The "friend" that Davey said he talked to until 8:20 tweeted at 5:18AM EST that he loves his weekly talks with DAvey (to read it, it implies he just got off the phone with him)

Nope..not buying it..he's involved and I believe his SA shows it. I know that peter cannot make a firm decision, which I agree with, but he had something to do with this. Might not be for years, but it will eventually come out. SOMEBODY is going to roll on him.
They just upgraded Taylor's charge to include the unborn child..

Anonymous said...

Lynda I think the time stamp is according to what time it is in your time zone because in Indisns it was tweeted at 8:18 am

lynda said...

911 call of Davey Blackburn: (This is my guess)

Yes? Hello? Hi. My name is Davey Blackburn, I'm the Pastor at Resonate Church here in Indy, have you heard of us? Well, anyway, er, I went to the gym this morning, as I always do, and was talking on the phone with another Pastor friend of mine, like I always do, you know, a normal day, and I get home and then sit in the driveway for 40 minutes finishing up my call, and it was a great, inspiring, call all about how much we love Jesus, and, er, anyway, I walked in the front door and I, I, I, I, my biggest fan is lying on the floor here and she is bleeding and not responding, maybe she fell or something, or maybe she tripped, I dont know, but I guess, could you, I, I, I, maybe you need to send someone to find out what's wrong with her, cuz y'know, we don't know what happened and we'd be ever so grateful if somebody would come by.

Anonymous said...

Taylor's apparent eagerness to kill a woman that morning is important, I think - there was no reason for him to want to kill that sleeping woman, other than either just for a thrill or because he knew he was supposed to kill a woman that morning. Methinks thatbTaylor was put up to it, and the rest of the crew thought they were just robbing houses.

Anonymous said...

RISK...didnt the perps take a big risk of being caught while entering other houses b4 the Blackburns home?and then not being able to carry out a planned hit there? seems like a lot of openings for these young criminals. stealing and then driving around in the vehicle while commiting other crimes .Walking around on the street. Arriving, entering, leaviing and returning to Blackburn home. and, theres a neighborhood watch? WOW.

lynda said...

Anon @ 11:19....the timestamp for me says 5:18 and this Pastor lives in Delaware. That's EST, which is the same timezone as me in Ohio. The timestamp would show what timezone the tweeter was in, correct? He is in EST.

Pak31 said...

No disrespect for Amanda here. A bit off topic but if you put this much effort into breaking into homes to steal things to then turn them around and sell, why not get a job? Working would be easier. Get a paycheck and actually go to a store and buy an item. I know they only steak to make money but get a job!! Then you don't have to rob or kill people.

lynda said...

Again, LE puts and "fits" anything they can to obtain probable cause for a judge to sign. Then they take to a judge they know will sign. Was married to LE for a long time and his PC affidavits were works of art. We have to remember, no one has confessed. Everything in the PC is from a "confidential informant" so, heresay.

I'm not fussing about time zones and such, I was just making the statement that he said he loves his weekly convos, that's it

Anonymous said...

There is another LA Fitness 20 minutes from his home up Michigan Drive. Oddly enough he would drive past one of the Chase ATMs that was initally used and the second Chase ATM wherr thr $400 was withdrawn was even closer to the LA Fitness he was (possibly) at.
He also would have only worked out for 50 minutes (if he had a 20 min drive) if he parked, walked in, got straight to working out and left quickly. He seems like a guy who will be at the gym a while checking out the ladies and wanting to be seen by them.
There were 5 calls to a phone from the start of the burglary at his house from the shooter (according to the affidavit) until the money was withdrawn.
Also why was only the Chase card taken and the other credit cards left? Did they take time to Google Chase ATM locations also?

Anonymous said...

Also, if they lived in a cul de sac that was so friendly and tight nit, would DB have noticed the Sebring in the (out of town) neighbors driveway/street when he left for the gym? The robbers saw him leave so the Sebring had to be there. I thought cul de sacs were typically less likely to get robbed as there is only one exit.
The robbers left an apt at 3:30 am to rob someone and get their car to drive 30 minutes across town to rob a random person? Do people not have TVs, oranges, TV remotes and pink sweaters in homes closer than across town?
The shooter claims he shot Amanda to avoid being scratched as she was charging him, yet DB found her pantyless with her shirt over her head. How is that possible? Did the shooter try to undress her?
The neighbor heard shots and screams but no barking dog. Where was Amanda's dog at the time of the shooting?

Anonymous said...

There is an LA Fitness 20 minutesup Michigan Drive from the Blackburn residence.

Anonymous said...

911 call has a big error...
LEAD Pastor!

And add:
"Do you know any agents or publishers? Have I got a story for them!"

elf said...

Maybe there was too much blood? Head wounds bleed a lot. Three separate wounds in three different body parts, that's a lot of blood.

Anonymous said...

I think the dog went to the gym (parking lot) with Davey that morning.

Anonymous said...

I love your list!
I wish you or someone else would make a list of all the Davey video "leaks" of everything that has taken place since.
I was especially intrigued when I heard Davey make the comment, "Can God give me new grills in Heaven?!" Then someone posted the Facebook pages of 2 of the thugs. Guess what? Grills!
There are so many more!
Make my day and list them. I think I'm too lazy!

southerngal said...

@Anonymous 11:47

What about the 911 call? Lead pastor?

Anonymous said...

Re: 911 call
Or he could just say we've had an EVENT here.

Anonymous said...


lynda @ 11:19
Her take on the 911 call. Just my additions!
Being silly.

southerngal said...

What is the error? @Anonymous 11:47

Oh no not her again said...

Anon @ 11:51

Why do you think the dog went to the gym with him?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone else has thought similar thoughts about the neighbor's. The neighbor's received a ton of attention not only immediately after Amanda's murder, but almost every day following it. Especially focusing on Ryan McConnell because he's the big captain of the neighborhood watch. He seems to be gay as well and I don't mean that as a dig, only to indicate he and Davey may have had a thing goin' on. I have to wonder if he's involved in the same church. He states in one interview that law enforcement didn't come directly out and tell him the good news, but that they said the case was progressing quickly. It would be great if Peter could take a look at this neighbor who has been interviewed countless times and seems to have quite a bit to say. Could they indirectly be trying to drop a hint?

Anonymous said...

There is a 30 something babysitter that moved from his old church to Indy in July. She has an Etsy shop named "Nothing is Wasted". It's old refurbished signs. Kind of what Amanda did with furniture. She touta herself as a " close family friend" on the (now taken down) gofundme page that was started. She directs people to make donations through the church.

Oh no not her again said...

@Anon 11:06

I think a rape even with a condom would leave telltale injuries to the vaginal vault that it was rape and not consensual sex.

IDK for sure, just going by stuff I've read and seen on true crime TV shows.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Again, reading the Probable Cause doc I think it's pg.14 last paragraph, the neighbor's alarm system was disabled at 5:36 a.m.. These three literally pulled up in her driveway and parked. They looted the house and the frig, loaded the car out in the driveway and just sat there until Davey left at 6:11 a.m.. Davey, two doors down, would have had to drive past them to get out of the cul-de-sac (albeit on the opposite side of the road, but its only a two-lane road- not even marked). Don't you think if you're as close to the neighbors as he claims with barbeques and so on, you'd have a good idea what your neighbor two doors down drives? Don't you think you'd notice a strange car with people sitting in it, in your neighbor's driveway at 6:11 a.m. (the neighbor that's away a lot)? Especially with reported break-ins in the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods in recent weeks?

I'm not saying Davey is involved. I am simply wondering how someone so intelligent could be either so careless or so clueless. Amanda paid for the price for his carelessness; Weston and Amanda's family will too for a lifetime. At the least I would expect to see guilty language indicators for failing as a man to protect his family. I would expect to see him step up to the plate and take public responsibility for that unlocked door, even if it's just to save his ego and look like a husband/father who cared. Even if he did not necessarily love his wife or his child, his ego would have to take a dent considering all the time he spent preaching and tweeting/retweeting how to be a real man to his followers. He talks about men laying down their lives for their wives, but he couldn't even lock the front door at 6:11 in the morning. He apparently failed to notice some people hanging out in a car at the neighbors at 6:11 in the morning. Given that he worked out daily around the same time and with the recent burglaries (high alert), one would think he would have noticed that the Silver Chrysler Sebring parked in the driveway two doors down was odd or out of place (unless Silver Chrysler Sebrings are usually parked at the out-of-town neighbor's house).

Sharon said...

Lynda - Your 911 call commentary made my night!

Anonymous said...

I was just being silly.
DB would certainly had said Lead Pastor.

Anonymous said...

Which if there was no sexual assault and someone stopped at taking her clothes off, how much sense does that make? You're leave dna on her face by punching her mouth, you're leaving a cigar box on the counter (conveniently), you are about to kill her, but you stop short of raping her? They went all out in every other aspect, but he draws the line at rape? What was the purpose of undressing her at all if no rape was going to take place? There was plenty of time, he wasn't interrupted, no point in going through the effort of removing clothes, for what? My opinion is Davey wanted Amanda humiliated one, last, final time. This was about as staged as a crime can get.

Anonymous said...


Sharon said...

Ya'll, look at Google Maps at Sunnyfield Ct - the houses on the street are REALLY close together. Really close. And ... you've got to want to get to Sunnyfield Ct. It isn't exactly like a convenient on the way kind of street. So strange.

southerngal said...
This guy did my daughter's baby dedication. Just sayin!

lynda said...

Excellent points Folly

I also think it strange that all these Pastors are all googly-eyed about the killers..forgiveness, love, we're above this, blah, blah, blah, but they are vicious and sarcastic about attacking the online "doubters".

Amended 911

My name is Pastor Davey Blackburn, that would be HEAD pastor at Resonate Church. Have you heard of us? If not, you really need to come down and get right with Jesus and you'll be just in time to see that 'the best is yet to be". I will personally dialogue with you so you can come to Jesus. I just hope you don't disappoint me. Why did I call? Oh yeah, right, well...

Anonymous said...

Anon at 12:12,
I agree. If he hadn't wanted that, he would have covered her up when he found her alive. Any loving husband would have covered her. Shoot, ANYbody would have covered her!

Re: cigars
I believe part of the instructions were to leave the Swisher Sweets evidence to make the police suspect thugs. Remember that the guy who started the whole Ferguson thing had stolen Swisher Sweets. They are commonly unrolled and re-rolled to make large marijuana joints.

lynda said...

Anon @ 1212 This was about as staged as a crime can get

Don't forget the duct tape lying next to her, lined up next to her underwear. He could pull her pants off fairly easily but to remove a shirt from dead weight is more difficult. He tried, was to difficult, so it was only done halfway. Davey wanted it to look like a sexual assault because the cops could definitely look at him for being involved if she was just shot, it would look better for him if there was an appearance of sexual assault cuz what husband would have someone kill AND rape his wife. He's not as stupid as he sounds.

southerngal said...

"You're not as clever as you think you are"

Anonymous said...

Let us pray the police read what everyone is thinking.
Saying that made me realize I haven't spent enough time praying for the truth to come out. I'm going to pray for those policemen who have to be frustrated beyond belief. I could see their frustration during the press conference as they could only tell what was in Probable Cause.
One of you explained today that a PC affidavit just has to lay out enough evidence to convince a judge that charges should be filed. It doesn't have to turn out to be completely accurate and certainly doesn't tell the whole story.
Don't you bet the detectives can't wait to arrest the person who planned this?

Anonymous said...

I want that 911 call released. After viewing Amanda's Dad with Davey, it's my hope the family didn't lead a Duggar type lifestyle with regards to keeping everything pollyanna and no one talk about your problems kind of family. Her sister seemed to be close to her and clearly Davey had no problems ridiculing, demeaning and treating Amanda like a piece of dirt in public, surely her family had to have witnessed his verbal abuse and crude remarks? I just can't imagine sitting side by side with Davey, knowing in my soul he may have something to do with Amanda's murder. I know it's for the sake of Weston, but my God that must be rough.

Anonymous said...

Oh No Not Her Again @11:59

I'm only speculating about Davey taking the dog along with him that morning.

Amy Smith said...

Did SA ever cover the Matt Baker case in Waco? (Southern Baptist pastor who killed his wife)

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

OPN at 10:36 p.m. said

Stop distorting the facts.
-Door unlocked, not left wide open. No info from police documents that it was left wide open by the killer thug.
-Credit cards thrown on thugs car seat NOT Amanda's floor. No info that her wallet was all over the floor.
-No info from the police if the duct tape was Amanda's or the thugs. (i have a roll of packing tape sitting on my kitchen counter and a roll of duct tape in the drawer because I use them frequently.)
-In that safe neighborhood (neighbors said it had been safe) Amanda was more likely to be unconscious, bleeding from a head wound, and partially dressed after trying to get help post slippery bathroom floor fall.
-No info from police that furniture was knocked over. "

If I am distorting the facts, then there are several LE officers,a Crime Scene Specialist, and a Coroner who are going to be in serious legal trouble for falsifying a Probable Cause Document. LOL It's all there between pages 1-25, just as I stated. With all the press coverage this case has attracted (and there's been a lot), perhaps you just missed this information.

1. Page 23 Last paragraph: "Larry Taylor walked to 2812 Sunnyfield Court and opened the unlocked front door. Taylor and Watson entered the front door." Notice it does not say they closed the door, therefore we cannot assume they did hence my note in parenthesis on my original post. Nowhere in the remaining document does the cooperating individual state that any of them closed the front door.
*Page 15 Paragraph already in progress: "David Blackburn entered his home through the front door and found Amanda Blackburn face down in blood on the living room floor."- It does not say that he opened the front door, unlike Page 23's entry.

2. Page 15 states: "Blackburn noticed her wallet and credit cards on the floor.

Page 19 1st complete paragraph beginning with "At 10:45 a.m...."- Items recovered from the silver Chrysler Sebring were: A Chase Bank ATM receipt with a card number matching Amanda's bankcard on the passenger's side floor; a pink women's sweater on the driver's side floor; an AT&T Universal remote, a green men's XXL sweatshirt, a bag of oranges in the trunk. NO "credit cards thrown on the thugs car seat" as you stated and NO WALLET of any kind in the vehicle.

3. Page 15 Last paragraph, Crime Scene Specialist Colleen Clark : "She recovered change from the landing floor, gray panties, a roll of duct tape, and earphones form the livingroom floor."

*I seriously doubt either of your rolls of duct tape are lying on the living room floor near a dying pregnant mother, bleeding profusely from multiple wounds. I never said the tape was or was not Amanda's, only that it was likely out of place, like the wallet and her credit cards.

4. As to the safety of the neighborhood, neighbors had actually reported that Amanda had been querying several of them regarding the safety of the neighborhood (seeking reassurance perhaps?). Neighbors also went on camera, discussing break-ins in nearby neighborhoods as well.

5. Page 15 Paragraph in progress at the top of the page, Last Sentence: "A decorative ladder and a lamp were knocked over in the living room next to Amanda Blackburn."

I'm not perfect by any means, but I do try very hard to verify anything I post because people's reputations are at stake. If I make a mistake, I will own it. I also have no interest in being party to a lynching, so I refrain from wild accusations. In trying to understand how this could happen in a nice neighborhood to a nice person, I do have a lot of questions.

Bobcat said...

How can I send a message directly to Peter or Indy LE? I found some interesting background links but I don't want to share them publicly.

Anonymous said...

Truth is a refreshing thing.

I feel for OPN who is struggling to defend himself/his friend?
The facts remain that, whoever caused this murder, DB's behavior is odd. Everything about this case is odd and the arrests made so far don't explain away the coincidences.
Hopefully, future statements and their analyses will clear things up.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


Thinking about your comment about her being more likely injured by falling on a slippery bathroom floor, I can understand your comment since falling in bathrooms is a pretty common household injury. The only thing is I would expect there to be a blood trail from the bathroom to the living room in that case because head injuries are famous for bleeding. Since the Crime Scene Specialist does not detail any blood evidence in any other room or the hallway, it appears that the attack was confined solely to the living room.

I wonder if Amanda didn't hear the door open and assume that Davey came back for some reason and went to see why. I have done that with my spouse leaving and returning immediately, so I could see her doing that.

When I found my elderly neighbor bleeding with a head wound on her living room floor, I tried to figure out what happened as I waited for the squad. I told the EMS responders that I *thought* she had fallen and hit her head on her coffee table (it was next to her and sitting somewhat crooked-she was a very fastidious person, liking everything just so). Perhaps, Davey (never dreaming this could possibly happen in his neighborhood, much less in his home, to his wife) was just too shocked to put it together. IDK

Anonymous said...


Indy Metro Police Department

You could look on the Probable Cause Affidavit online and get the lead detective's name and perhaps ask to get a message to him. I hope your info is helpful in solving this very confusing case.

If Peter opens the Live Chat tomorrow, that would be the place to reach him.

Anonymous said...

You can also try 317-327-6500.

Anonymous said...

The Detective is Thomas Lehn.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

DB appears to have been aware of a porn addiction as far back as 2007, maybe 2006.

Anonymous said...

Please analyze this:

Allow me to chase rabbits for a second ... with blow torches...

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

If the motive for the robberies was wanting money, why did they break into an apartment first? Then, just randomly decide to drive to a neighborhood 11 miles away? Where there no houses in between to "try"? Why the neighbor's house? If they reportedly casing the neighborhood the day before, how would they know she wasn't returning right before work? Some women do sleep over at a boyfriend's and come home to get ready for work. Some women just get home from trips early in the mornings.

Why did they skip the house in between? In looking at the neighborhood, I can see where the Blackburn house looked a little ritzier than some of the others, so perhaps that's why they targeted it? The cul de sac is set back quite a bit, but if Davey was up and out, what guarantee did they have that no other neighbors nearby would be?

I'm curious why no one felt the need to mask themselves in the first burglary or the second (both of which had cameras). It makes little sense that they specifically grabbed a woman's sweater at the second. Why grab something that has no monetary value if you're after money or electronics to sell? Last minute steal for a girlfriend/sister? Then why leave it in the abandoned car?

Again, if money was the motive, why skip the house before the Blackburns, unless Davey leaving caught their attention? Why leave Amanda's credit cards? Many a thief has gone on an Internet spending spree or a Walmart spending spree. It seems that more things would have been taken from the Blackburns house if money was the motive.

It just seems so high risk for not much payoff and then tacking a murder onto it? It doesn't seem to make good sense. Being identified didn't seem to bother them as they left DNA all over the place at the second home, loaded the stolen goods into the car in the driveway, hung out in car in the driveway, and walked the neighborhood.

I can't figure out why the drive to the second ATM- one would think they'd just try a lesser amount. Now, you're on camera at 2 different locations and making yourself trackable with cell phone calls along the way. Driving to 2 ATMS, in a stolen car, full of stolen goods, and not knowing that your partner back at the house isn't going to get caught is really risky behavior. It seems these perps were very lucky.;)

Anonymous said...

DB blog quote April 2006:
"I look back at a few years in high school that I put my parents through utter Hades. But my dad has always loved me unconditionally; despite the grief I may have caused him at one time or the other. Did that mean I was never disciplined? SHOOT! Of course not! My dad laid into me a few times more than I would like to remember. But it was never out of rage, contempt, or anger."

Anonymous said...

DB talks about Death - and jokes about grills - on his blog March 2006
Part 1

"Death . . . The Final Exam
I asked you guys to pray for Amanda yesterday. I wish I could tell you how she and her family are doing after their loss. To be honest with you guys, I have no idea how to handle this situation. I feel so hopeless! I want so badly to call her, comfort her, let her cry and scream to me on the phone. I want most of all to walk through her door, embrace her, let her cry on my shoulder, and then wipe away her tears. BUT I CAN'T!!

It was a new side of Amanda that I was exposed to last night, her grieving side. I'd never "seen" her cry before (I guess I still haven't since she was crying on the phone). Do you guys know how helpless of a feeling it is to hear the girl you care the world about hurting and not be able to do a thing about it? AAAAAHHHHHH! Even though it doesn't seem like enough, I will continue to lay my requests before God. I think God is teaching me that I can't humanly handle everything that I go through. I have to rely on His sovereignty and providence, especially when there is absolutely nothing I can do. So I know that somehow, through my prayers for her, God will comfort her heart and convey to her that I am carring for her and that I'm here for her.

My cousin died last semester and I began pondering some things about life and death. This incident with Amanda's cousin has re-awoken some of these thoughts and questions in my own mind. The biggest question that I've struggled with is how do we as Christians handle death? Death is such a final thing. That's the reason death is such a scary thing to think or talk about in our society - a taboo. There have only been a few cases of people crossing over into death and then coming back to this life; all of these had been brought back by the supernatural (Jesus). Check out the story of Lazarus in John 11. Even Jesus wept when he saw how Mary and Martha were pained over the death of their brother. Death is a scary and sad thing to think about, and Jesus is the only one who can conquer death.

I had a scary thought the other day. My dad was supposed to meet us over in Waleska, GA for the double-header on Sat. He called me well before the game while he was on his way, but by the end of the first game he still had not shown up. I was freaked out! A billion thoughts raced in my mind. Did he get in a wreck? Is he in the hospital? Is he dead? What do I do? Thankfully my dad showed up in time for the second game (he had just been caught in serious traffic in Atlanta), but for those few moments I was at a loss. I didn't know what to do. I just couldn't imagine my life without my dad! Even the thought of death is a scary thing!"

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous at 2:12 above

Interesting quote Anonymous! He begins by referencing parents (plural-assuming at least 2,maybe more if a divorce/step-parent or death + remarriage situation). "But my dad has always loved me unconditionally...".-But negates whatever preceded it.

What about his mom? Did she not love him unconditionally?

Laid in to me" is indicative of anger.

Anonymous said...

Part II
"As Christians we have the assurance that neither this life nor the grave is our final resting place (THANK GOD!). In fact Jesus is preparing a mansion for us in heaven and is looking forward to the day that we finally get to be with Him forever. My buddies and I often sit around and talk about what heaven is going to be like. Imagine the best house you have ever seen on MTV Cribs and it doesn't even compare to what Jesus has waiting for each of us! We have this one guy on our team that asked me if Jesus would make him a grill (mouth bling) when he gets to heaven. I thought that was hilarious, but it's awesome that he was looking forward to heaven! The point is that as Christians, we cannot even fathom how good heaven is going to be! No tears, no pain, no stress, no death, no fatigue - nothing but basking in God's perfect presence forever! How awesome!

However, the last thing somebody wants to hear when they've lost a loved one is the ill-coined cliché: "He's in a better place." "That's awesome, but how does that help this pain that I'm feeling? The point is that he's not here right now and I'll never see him in this lifetime again! I just miss him!" These are NATURAL reactions to the cliché funeral comment. So what can we do to console someone who is in pain over a death of a loved one? Be there for them. Love on them. Hold them if they want to be held, and back off if they don't feel like being around anyone. Be there to just listen to them. I'm glad that I was at a loss of words when Amanda was telling me about her cousin. She was extremely upset and she didn't NEED my words because frankly NOTHING I could say would help. After anything I could have said the pain would still be there. The only one who can heal that pain is Jesus, and all I can do is point her to Him! What did I do? I was a sound-board for her to bounce her pain and confusion off of and then I PRAYED WITH HER. That did more, I'm sure, than anything else I could have done! And I'm continuing to pray for her.

So what about death for non-Christians? Not a pretty sight! The Bible talks about a place of ETERNAL DAMNATION called Hell. We'll talk about Hell some more another time, but the point of it is ETERNAL SEPARATION FROM GOD! You think this world is bad. Imagine the world with all of God's grace, restraints, and presence taken from it; imagine a place where Satan has free reign to do whatever he wants. UTTER CHAOS! This is why it is so important for us as Christians to tell people about the hope offered in Jesus Christ. What if on judgment day the friends you hung out with on earth passed by you one-by-one on their way to Hell? What if they looked into your eyes and asked you why you never shared with them the secret to eternal life? The Bible says Ezekiel that we are the Watchmen for all mankind and if we don't tell other people about the forgiveness offered through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, then their blood is on our hands; we are responsible for their eternal destination! That's heavy! That among other things is what has motivated me to tell all my friends about how much Jesus wants a relationship with all of us.

If you guys have any suggestions of what I should do in helping Amanda cope with this death, feel free to comment. I've sent her a couple cards and letters, letting her know how much I care and that I'm here for her. I guess nothing I do will feel like enough. Stay in prayer for the baseball team, too. Let's go to war on our knees together!"

Skeptic said...

After reading the affidavit again

(1) first robbery victim - how did she sleep through plants being knocked over? Why was her sliding door unlocked when she felt the need to have a security camera running all night in the living room? Seems staged with victims assistance. They want to establish an appearance of a crime spree but can't risk an actual burglary. They want LE to know they were here, and conveniently were photographed by the security camera.

(2) they parked the stolen Sebring in the driveway of the neighbors house. That seems like a very bold move for your average robbers. How long had they been casing that house to have confidence the home owner wouldn't be returning for awhile? I guess they even felt confident enough have a couple of drinks. Hell for all they knew the owner could be outside sitting in their car calling 911 instead of coming inside - because there's a strange car in their driveway.

(3) I think the cooperating individual must have been Gordon. He's got a good reason to talk, he never went into the Blackburn home and didn't know anything. Taylor was the director of this whole deal, it seems the other two just going along. According to the CIs account (I think that's Gordon) there is nothing about seeing DB leave his house that causes them to go there. Taylor just walks over there and goes in. Watson follows him in. Gordon stays in the car. Watson comes back to the car. Watson and Gordon then seem scared and want to leave because Taylor has hit AB in the face with the gun. Taylor comes out and gives them a job, take this debit card to ATM. Taylor needs to get rid of them for awhile because he's going to kill her and they don't know anything about it.

Anonymous said...

There are too many people involved in this. Someone knows and someone will talk. Sloppy staged robberies. If I can figure that out then LE must have seen through it right away.

Anonymous said...


What is your analysis of this? Pastor and Davey's college roommate:

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner.

JMTO said...

From his blog entry Death The Final Exam Part 2-
Davey Blackburn

"I had a scary thought the other day. My dad was supposed to meet us over in Waleska, GA for the double-header on Sat. He called me well before the game while he was on his way, but by the end of the first game he still had not shown up. I was freaked out! A billion thoughts raced in my mind. Did he get in a wreck? Is he in the hospital? Is he dead? What do I do? Thankfully my dad showed up in time for the second game (he had just been caught in serious traffic in Atlanta), but for those few moments I was at a loss. I didn't know what to do. I just couldn't imagine my life without my dad! Even the thought of death is a scary thing!"

Well this right here shows me he is capable of having some "what if" moments- his narcissistic, anti-social and BPD traits aside (note he has never been clinically diagnosed with any of these mental disorders even though he shows signs of them) he can FEEL worry and he has the capability to FEEL the way a normal human being would.
He even put himself in that position and couldn't imagine how devastated he would be to lose his dad.

But he didn't show one sign of guilt for leaving the door unlocked for Amanda and Weston.
He's not eating himself up wth what ifs for her.
He's advertising.

I doubt her would advertise if his father died.
His own words say probably not.

JMTO said...

Sorry it was part 1 not two

Juliet said...

"I'm praying and asking and begging that the prosecutor, the court system, the judicial system, that they have really Godly discernment to make sure that these guys can't inflict anymore pain on anybody else the way they've inflicted pain on me and my family," Davey said.

What about Amanda? - she does not get a mention for the pain inflicted upon her, which was different to 'the way' it has been inflicted upon Davey and his surviving family.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to tell by reading many comments of those making the bizarre statements come from conspiracy crime solving blogs that offer mental health suggestions to boot.
Most likely candidates to assume what the two other people that know the victim best would think of the victim.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Sebring in the driveway was Davey's signal to leave his house.
Davey is very, very tech-savvy. He would be cognizant of his digital footprint and careful not to have his cell phone linked to this in any way. He makes sure he's on camera at the gym, he's on the phone every minute of his drive home, and then while his wife bleeds out only feet away Davey sits in his driveway for another 40 minutes, conveniently where a neighbor's camera could attest to his whereabouts.

Anonymous said...

There is a new reality show in the works about families with generations of preachers. I can see DB on that show.

What guy talks on the phone for an hour.....every week?!

Peter - Pleeeeease analyze the friend's statement about 'what you need to know'.

Anonymous said...

Lynda maybe he tweeted before they talked then as in looking forward to talking to him since they did it on a weekly basis between 7-8 am.

Also with time stamps on social media, this seems to come up in other situations where it looks like the post was made before it actually was. I know on Facebook I've had issues with events. I'll plan an event and my friends will all get different times even though we all live in the same area. I've been told their FB may be set to another time zone in account settings.

Anonymous said...

You should include your research in your book on how to behave during times of tragedy. Perhaps something like:
Know in advance of an impending tragedy, have a prepared statement, stay off the phone as not to attract suspicion, do not talk, gesture,or relate to another human being or in front of a camera as such could and will be misconstrued.
Share the good news with friends and neighbors.

Anonymous said...

It was still dark outside so probably wouldn't have noticed them as easily. I think this is also how it gave opportunity for the robbers to move to his house because they could easily see him leave.

Anonymous said...

I read DB's comments and noticed he speaks to guys and girls specifically. Then he admits he is one by personal pronoun usage.

Assumption: He is thinking single crowd via "put out" in reference to guys and sex and "buy me" in reference to girls.

His friend, when talking calls him David upon entering the door, and Davey later after he has related the condition of his wife. He uses "story" as Davey does-entering into each others language.

Yes, yes, yes, do like their stories.

Anonymous said...

That would have read much better had proper grammar been used!

Anonymous said...

Their call started late that day. I doubt they set a timer to say okay calls over. It was routined to talk for about an hour every Tuesday. I read somewhere that he normally went to the gym at 5:30 am so he most likely was usually home by 7 am

Anonymous said...

One of the news articles said she waited almost an hour to report because she was awake and scared. Maybe she was just playing asleep so they wouldn't harm her

Anonymous said...

That's the news pundit's way of training neighbors to report to police so they cn write their "stories" faster. Effective and efficient.

Anonymous said...

I would also analyze the first robbery victims statements. It's all TOO convenient, too many coincidences - especially for a man who is used to planning things in great detail. Davey has been making videos on STAGE for many years.

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