Monday, November 23, 2015

Arrest in Amanda Blackburn Murder

Police have now announced the arrest of an 18 year old gang member, Larry Taylor, who appears associated with the prior arrest, which showed the strategy as collateral interviews likely yielded information leading to the 18 year old main suspect.  

Where does the case stand thus far?

Does the killer know Amanda Blackburn's husband, Davey?

Statement Analysis showed that Amanda Blackburn's husband revealed guilt in his statements, and did not deny association.  The unanswered question remains:

What is the source of this guilt?

Based primarily upon his language, though the former has circumstance to it:  

It is either association to the killer, or it is guilt from being freed from a marriage that did not propel his career as expected.  Here is why:

I.  Guilt from Within 

It sometimes helps to consider an account in general terms, where religious or political language is removed:

A man opens his own company and readily complains about his wife.  He openly and publicly states that it is a bad marriage, having a child was a trigger, and sex was frequently something to complain about.  In his company, he spoke using violent metaphors and even once, most inappropriately, used a gun as a prop.   He warned others, who were not likely to open their own companies that wives can really help the company or really hinder it.  

His wife agreed that the marriage was bad, but stated that it was bad due to the man being consumed by his company.  Indeed, everything the man talked about came back to the company and bringing in new customers.  

Then, as little as one month later, his pregnant wife is killed, and sexually assaulted. 

How would the man react?

He reacted by using the death as an advertisement for his company, and avoided speaking of love for, or from his wife.  He used his company's advertising slogans and even verbally connected his wife's death with free national advertising and boasted of how many customers her death brought in.  

He did not condemn the killer, nor express any fears of the killer, instead opting to continue his advertising campaign, repeating slogans and commercial jingles.  

His language showed guilt, by quickly moving from "I" to "we" regarding sensitivity towards her death, the killer, 

In Statement Analysis, we believe what one tells us, unless they give us reason not to. 

I believe Blackburn about his bad marriage, and I believe him about his quoting of the number who attended his memorial service and, in this sense, I believe him when he avoids saying "I love Amanda" and I would have believed him had he issued a reliable denial instead of giving a cagey avoidance that only increased the attention upon himself and his company.  

II.  Guilt from Without 

The interview process, along with a myriad of records will seek to learn:

Had the 18 year old, or his co-gang members, met or connected with the husband, Davey Blackburn, in any way, at any time.  

Is there a connection?

Did he meet them at school?  Did any of them visit his church?  Did any member hear him in his many complaints about her?

Specifically:  did they hear him complain about her sexually?

Did they ever visit his company?

The gym?

Is there anyone who knows him, and knows them, who may stand as a connection?

Police have not released the 911 call, but perhaps, with the arrest, will shortly.  

The next few weeks, we should expect the same intense thorough investigation that thus appears before us today.  


Guilt is seen within the words, and what words are missing. 

 What is the source of the guilt?

This question remains unanswered. 

That his words and actions reveal crass opportunistic commercialism and obsession with business may be the source of the guilt. 

If there is a connection to the killer, it should surface.  


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Anonymous said...

The Affidavit for Probable Cause is available online now.
Blackburn did NOT drive Amanda to the hospital.
The killer entered through the FRONT door.
It certainly sounds like the man who killed Amanda was looking for any "excuse" to kill. Before he killed Amanda, he'd been persuaded NOT to kill another woman; He made sure no one would stop him killing Amanda when he threw her credit cards to his accomplices and they left to steal money from her account. What a sick bastard. This was a premeditated murder; Amanda never stood a chance.


Anonymous said...

DB was talking on the phone with his friend, name omitted from transcript, when he left the gym at 7.10 AM and remained on the phone while driving home. He was still on the phone when he arrived home at 7.30AM and stayed on the phone in the driveway until he entered the house at 8.20 AM. This phone call may give him an alibi for the time between arriving home and entering the house, but it also opens the question, was this one single phone call and if so who was this friend?

Abe said...

Now, now. No need for racist comments about a whole group of people. It weakens you outrage

Amy Smith said...

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me what the timeline is from Davey leaving their home for the gym, the intruders entering their house and shooting Amanda, Davey leaving the gym for home, Davey getting home from the gym and sitting in the driveway on the phone?

Anonymous said...

Well said.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I would not specifically remember whether I had locked a door or not. In the affidavit it says that "Blackburn stated that he left the front door unlocked when he left". I wonder if that was in response to a specific question from the detective or revealed in the free editing process?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone contemplated that he was not in the driveway talking that whole time but perhaps inside the house. Maybe he had to say he was talking in his car, because his cell phone shows he was in the vicinity of the house. It is a horrible thought, I know, but maybe he got home at 7:30 (like it said) but didn't call 911 until 8:20....ugg...hate thinking like this but there are so many questions still about his possible involvement...I hope I am wrong for the sake of all involved.

JMTO said...

Ok here's what bothers me.

At 7:54 Amandas bank sends her a text stating a report of suspicious activity - at this time Davey is sitting in the driveway.
Jabbering away to his friend.

Do they not have a joint checking?

If they do have one- wouldn't he receive a text as well, interrupting his important phone call?
And if he did, he didn't think, it would be important to end that call and go talk to Amanda and make sure their bank accounts were secure?

And the timeline from San Clemente to Sunnyfield Drive- they had time to get all of that out of there, sit around and drink wine and beer, and then hurry up and get to AB's, get her things, drive off, use the ATM, Taylor kills her and gets out of there conveniently minutes before DB gets home.

This is the most bizarre case I have ever seen. Such speed and everyone missing everyone at just the right times.

Abe said...

The accused are innocent until proven guilty.
Police Often can get a false confession out of anyone but especially young people were ther are multiple suspects.

TodayIsGood said...

Like the "internet bullies" are a WAY worse thing to suffet throug than the brutal murder of your wife!

JMTO said...

I'm sorry it was a voicemail alert.
Not a text alert.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

My spouse leave for work early in the morning, while it is yet dark. If he left the door unlocked and we were murdered, there's no doubt in my mind that he would commit suicide from the guilt. I am serious. But then again, I have a conscientious and attentive spouse, who really does love his family and takes his responsibilities seriously as a man, husband, and father.

On Another Note: I found Davey's statement about the arrests interesting

We pointed out:
1. His lack of emotion, upon finding his dying wife and her eventual death (as well as that of his unborn child)
2. His lack of calling for her killer to be found, calling for justice for Amanda and his unborn child
3. His lack of publicly expressed concern for his neighbors (specifically) and the community
4. His lack of concern, as a pastor, for the soul of the murderer (unloveable and unforgiveable)
5. His lack of normal human emotions (anger, hatred, revenge, etc.)

It took him 13 days to manage it, but all of the bases were finally covered in this statement...a statement which linguistically mirrors Perry Noble's, whose statement specifically referenced internet and media analysis of Davey's statements and demeanor. Good coaching, Perry Noble and company! What a shame it took your boy 13 days to get there! 13 DAYS. The normal would have been for Davey to be so emotionally devastated, that he would have immediately taken a leave of absence from the stage.

FYI Perry Noble, emotionally devastated is not faith-less, it is human being at the end of one's ability to problem solve/fix/change a situation and relying on God because there is no other way. Your brand of "faith" is deceitful and dangerous, it does not allow human beings to express their emotions. In order to be perceived as "faithful", they're forced to deny their emotions. You're forcing people to "faith it".

Heads up, Perry Noble- You clearly don't know God as well as you claim to as evidenced by your attack on both media members and anyone who dared question Davey in any way. If you were the man of God you claim to be, you would know that your struggle is not against flesh and blood, if someone slaps your cheek you're to offer them the other, bless those who curse you,love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you that you may be sons of your father in Heaven, love your enemies, love your enemies and do good to them, and the Lord your God will fight for you. If you're going to talk it, you better walk it! Or you may find yourself with your straw works being burned in the fire and you escaping as one through the flames with only your life (1 Corinthians 3:10-15). Or worse yet, "I never knew you.Away from me you evildoers (Matthew 7:15-23). This isn't some kind of a game, a business, or your own empire.

Anonymous said...

I don't have anyone I can call that early in the morning. I'm sure he was on the phone, though, the records would show with whom. Interesting that he *has* anyone to call at that hour, though. I'd be tempted to question that person, find out who initiated that call, was it a regular thing, planned, or whatever.

What would be the motivation to leave one of the gang behind, especially after a prior robbery in the same neighborhood, that would attract police as soon as that victim awoke? Unless he had a silencer on the gun, that was quite risky. I don't see the rationale for that.

Interesting case. Very sad situation.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

One thing I find puzzling- If Larry Taylor was in the home, alone with Amanda for so long (while 2 thug friends drove to 2 different banks to hit the ATMs), why didn't he take more things? He'd already shot Amanda, so what prevented him from taking TV's and looking upstairs for other things (guns, valuable jewelry, money stashed at home, etc.).

Second thing, no offense intended to the neighbors, but seriously? Reading the case docs, multiple people saw a man with a hoodie and something over his face walking around in front of their trash cans, walking down the street, etc., one neighbor saw him as the neighbor was leaving his home and returned to his home, a neighbor heard gunshots and "what sounded like a woman's scream" and yet NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM CALLED 911???

Third thing, why would Amanda be found with her panties next to her, her shirt pulled up as if someone was attempting to pull it off, face down, shot in the lower left arm, shoulder and the back of the head...but no sexual assault or rape, even though Larry Taylor had plenty of time and apparently did nothing else (like loot for things to steal).

Fourth thing, her purse and credit cards were left there. Her ATM card and 1 or more other cards were taken. Why leave the credit cards? There's a better chance of being caught at an ATM than a store or an online purchase. Even after Amanda was killed, why leave the credit cards? That doesn't seem to fit the bill for thugs wanting money, but raiding refrigerators. Credit cards can be sold for cash on the street or used to buy some nice goodies.

O.k., so I found way more than one thing puzzling.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Affidavit of Probable Cause document, sadly it appears one stayed with her while the others went to try the code she gave them for her ATM card. Unfortunately, I think she had hell to pay for the first code failing. Literally every single aspect of what this poor precious woman endured in that city is heartwrenching.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

O.k. I think I'm answering my own question here (well, one of them). Why no sexual assault or rape? He shot her when she charged him because he was afraid she'd scratch him and have his DNA under her nails. So, he likely wasn't about to sexually assault/rape her and leave that potential evidence. That he speaks to that specific fear tells me that he's perpetrated prior rapes/sexual assaults. So, why leave the cigars on the kitchen counter? I could see a stupid perp throwing a cigar butt in the trash or throwing it away outside on the way out.

Given the description of her injuries and the scene, Davey should definitely been expressing some revulsion, if not for Amanda (if he's NPD), for himself. What a horrific scene to walk into!

John Mc Gowan said...

Criminal Profiler Pat Brown

4 hrs · Davidsonville, MD, United States · Edited ·

There is more news on the Amanda Blackburn murder. Now it is said there was no sexual assault, only that her clothes were partially removed. If this is true, then the perpetrator may have been interrupted in the middle of a rape attempt by a crying baby or Amanda fighting back. He may also have started to sexually assault her after death and didn't complete the act. The other reason for clothing being tampered with but no actual assault is that it was staged. It is possible the crime scene evidence can determine exactly when Amanda's clothes were manipulated. If this were true, it would only be the husband who would do this.

However, at this point, we have no information from the police that he hired these men to commit this crime. It has come to light that Davey Blackburn did indeed leave the door unlocked and during police interviews, they would or should have questioned him as to why and was this routine with him. Likewise, with the forty minutes he spend outside the house chatting with a friend on the phone. Was this something he tended to do? He is a big talker so it is possible the minutes could slip by without him realizing it. Also, was his wife really waiting for him or was he not a bit worried if he didn't rush into the house. The police would have interviewed (I would hope) the person he was on the phone with to find out who it was, what the conversation was about and what was Davey's demeanor. But unless, as I said before, there is specific evidence or information connecting him to hiring these men to do in his wife, the crime would remain a stranger homicide.

Anonymous said...

Very good posts, FoolsFeedOnFolly, excellent questions. I've considered every one of those as well, and a few more.

For instance, why did Davey leave for the gym that morning at 6:11 when he normally left at 5:30, then walks out leaving the door unlocked? Was there an argument between him and Amada that made him late from his usual schedule, then when he finally heads for the door in his haste, and possible anger, he rushes out and leaves it unlocked, not caring whether it's locked or not?

Did he disturb and awaken Amanda that morning; remember she was only 3 months pregnant and would not have been feeling so good, possibly up during the night with nausea and throwing up. She would be exhausted that early in the morning, having slept very little, did she need him to stay there with her that morning, was she begging him not to go; no telling what kind of havoc he might have created; perhaps even throwing it in her face that he wanted her to terminate the 'fetus' anyhow and since she wouldn't screw her then. She wouldn't have to tell anybody, so why not? Was he bound and determined he was going anyway no matter how Amanda felt or how much she might have needed him there that morning? And WHY? W.H.Y....!!!!

Here is a guy who rules the roost, he's the king rooster, like it or lump it, he's going to do as he damned well pleases; he HATED the thoughts of another pregnancy and squalling baby, and she knew it; to hell with Amanda's whining, it's all her fault anyhow. She knew he hated babies now she's bringing in another one? If she'd get her f'kn head out of that stupid furniture refinishing shyt that's not making us a damn dime, maybe she wouldn't be so damned tired and sick every minute. It's her own fault. She knows I can't be bothered with all this shyt; I've got a business to run. F'ck her. Did he not SEE the criminal activity/suspects already in his neighborhood and didn't give a good damn one way or the other; f'ck the front door.

WTH was going through this stupid b'stards mind? (Davey, I hope you really ARE reading here, then you'll know how some of us see you as the disgusting pig you are; and I hope your conscience bothers you 'til the day you die, IFFF you can muster up one). Oh, I've got lots a questions alright; like who was he REALLY talking to on the phone for so long, and WHY? Why hadn't he gone inside to see about his puking pregnant wife? What was so all-fired important about his long phone conversation; was it the other woman you were pursuing, you sick freak?

Memphis Pat; no need for you to leave due to being called a name-caller. Don't. IMO, your thoughts and posts are valuable to this site. So you labeled him a psychopath; so what? Maybe he is. I called him a sociopath and a pathological liar because HE IS, and that's not name calling. THAT'S what he is. He had zero empathy for Amanda or their babies and cares for no one but himself and HIS sensual body beautiful, and IS a pathological liar; making up lies and telling them, even Amanda tried several times to stop his lies and couldn't. Being a pathological liar and a sociopath is not far from becoming a psychopath!

Also, how in hell could LE determine the first day he was 100% not involved???! They had no trace evidence; they had not given him a poly, they did NOT have any suspects at hand, they had not confiscated his computers OR his cell phones? How quickly they jumped to conclusions! WHY? W.H.Y.....??? Don't tell ME he couldn't possibly be involved when he damned well COULD be involved; when every hint of his involvement screams that he IS involved. So LE, prove it then! ABB

Juliet said...

Wondering: it's strange that in a neighbourhood watch area, and with, if I recall correctly, a police officer as one of the neighbours, the strange activity, suspicious people in the cul de sac early in the day, gun shots - that none of the neighbours saw or reported anything - someone reported hearing gunshots? Nobody keep an eye out after that to see if there were any signs of where they came from, any incident?

Davey, in one of his interviews, said he had been speaking to someone who had bought some of Amanda's furniture - he was saying something to the effect that so many people had bought her furniture that most of Indy had a little part of Amanda. Is it possible the neighbours did not respond as expected because, perhaps at a cookout, they had been told not to worry if they saw suspicious guys round early in the next couple of weeks - they'd just be delivering or collecting furniture by arrangement because that was the only convenient time, and it was all fine? Amanda liked to help and listen to, and reach out to those types, she'd listen to them for hours.

Too far-fetched - yet what is his reason for leaving the door unlocked - was someone maybe meant to bring/pick up some furniture, but it was so early, it seemed okay to leave the door unlocked for them as Amanda might still be sleeping. And it's a safe neighbourhood, he said; didn't he say all the neighbours agreed it was safe, or something along those lines. - though it seems locals online have disputed that, and there have been burglaries.

Can't get my head round why no-one would have called the police if they saw that activity Someone saw one of them standing on the doorstep? someone saw one of them walking down the street speaking loudly on their phone? loudly - why would he draw attention to himself, did he want to be heard?

Juliet said...

In his statement on the church Facebook or website Davey said he 'immediately' called 911. I think I have read Peter saying before, not specifically in relation to Davey, that 'immediately' might indicate there was a delay - or it might just be sensitive if people had questioned him as to if he had called imediately, so he felt the need to stress that he had called straight away.

Anonymous said...

We're all speculating Juliet, but that's just the thing; Davey has CAUSED us all this speculation with his own words and lack of words and coldness and not caring for or loving his dear pregnant wife; and ONLY caring for himself, his gorgeous body, his business and his sex life that no way in hell could Amanda ever 'satisfy.' The puke. Yeah, that's right; he makes me wanna puke. ABB

Juliet said...

It doesn't make much sense that they would raid a fridge, drink wine and beer, probably be aware they were being liberal with the DNA in the neighbour's house, yet Taylor shot Amanda so she couldn't scratch him and get his DNA under her fingernails. He'd be aware the crimes would be immediately connected. If he intended to raps her there would be DNA evidence - so he did not intend to rape her? Why shoot her then - to avoid being identified by her - did she know him? That's one hell of a response to being caught for burglary, especially if he already has a criminal record - it would not be such a big deal, unlike murder. Not sure if he did have much of a record - the others, yes.

Could it be a false confession, or only a partial admission - in the gang mindset, he'd find kudos for murder - doubt there would be kudos around murdering a pregnant young mother, though. They must know he did it - still wondering if it was set up, though, and if he happened upon a murder scene. Did only he enter the house? If so, the others might not know what really happened, might not have seen Amanda alive.

Anonymous said...

As for head hauncho "Pastor" what-ever-his-name-is; with white-hot pursed lips, he will defend and protect his little protégé Davey 'til the cows come home and the last bell rings. Are these people crazy or what? He's got an annual $34 MILLION$ dollar money making machine running through his hot little hands!

Ain't NOTHING gonna bring that boy down and mess with MY business. Hell no, ain't gonna happen not as long as there's a breath left in my body.

Now you KNOW he's got his legal team advising in the background. Big business like HIS and he's got no legal team standing by? Go figure! You all DO know that, doncha ya? Even Nancy disGrace shut her fat mouth up real quick. Doesn't that tell ya something? Don't be surprised if he doesn't have some buddies in local LE too!

Yep, I DO wonder.... Remember, Davey was never investigated by LE, not for one minute.... He'll get away with whatever suspicions any of them might have too. Count on it. See it clearly now? ABB

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of this that doesn't make sense, Juliet. And it never will. There are many questions that will remain unanswered. UNLESS, just one loud-mouth media hound decides to take'em on and exposes the whole rotten shebang. Poor Amanda.

Her pitiful 'in-a-trap' life and horror nightmare death reminds me of the wife of a very prominent attorney who had her murdered and got away with it because no one would go up against him. She always knew what lay in store for her and couldn't even divorce him. This DOES happen. To this extent? I do not know.

Is my mind running away with me? I do not know, I don't think so, I just know it happens; and I KNOW that Davey Blackburn does not appear innocent in Amanda's death, which does not take a rocket scientist to see this, or even one with more than a fourth grade education; yet the days tick by and he is not being investigated as a co-conspirator in her murder. SOOo, why NOT?! ABB

Anonymous said...

BTW, I do NOT believe that she wasn't raped. I distinctly recall one of the LE officers stating that she WAS raped, then was quickly subdued by another officer who denied that she was raped. Now they hold on to this lie... 'not raped.' I call BUUUULLshyt. Why was this hushed up? One officer says she was, another one says she wasn't. This does not make sense either. ABB

Anonymous said...

Guilty of what? Guilty not as in heavy remorse or sorrow for hiw own actions, rather guilty as in hiding something. Hiding what? Hiding his "knowledge" of who really was behind the murder of his wife. Who? God!

Juliet said...

Maybe because her clothing was removed, they at first assumed she had been raped, but tests showed otherwise - thus the contradictory statements. If there was evidence of Davey - he's her husband, they could have had sex before he went to the gym, so they wouldn't necessarily be thinking rape

Juliet said...

I didn't convey my thoughts clearly - there would be no point in shooting Amanda to prevent her identifying him, or to stop her getting his DNA under her fingernails as his DNA was likely already all over the neighbour's house, and there was cctv. Why would he rather be done for murder than just burglary? It doesn't make sense unless he just wanted to kill someone. The other two said they had to dissuade him from killing someone in a previous burglary - but was that part of script, too, was he trying to cover up the fact that that he was intending to kill Amanda? It seems very strange that they drove out to that neighbourhood, and he seemed to anticipate an unlocked front door. So, thinking it more likely he was the shooter rather than set up to happen upon a murder scene. Maybe he was free with the DNA because he!d been told that as well as getting his grills fixed, justice could be levied, expensive defence attorneys would be available. Imagination in overdrive, time to go away for a bit.

JMTO said...

Juliet I think you may have solved the puzzle.

Could he have been saying he wanted to kill.someone to cover for the fact that he was going to kill Amanda and knew about it prior.

Think about it, it makes sense.

If she.charged him and he shot her, that would be without prior motivation or a want to kill, she charged him he fired.

And if he was so into killing someone that day, why not kill the baby too?
I am sure he was up and crying by then.
Esp after the gunshots.

If motivated by a WANT to murder, why not just murder Weston as well.

ABB your posts make me smile.
Love when you get on a roll, you make a lot of sense in your arguments - esp the one about Amanda and Davey and what was going through his head @ 4:22- spot on for his way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

The killer wanted to kill another person because they had been captured on video. It's like blaming the victim for his own capture and demise without realizing his inability to pull off the un-dected crime.

He may have been in the PROCESS of raping the victim, AB, when either the toddler cried or she screamed she was pregnant.Shooting her in the stomach would satisfy his blame for not being able to commit the crime. He was mad! The finishing head-shot.

These THREE view everyone as their source to the world and all should hand over readily what is theirs to them.

Neighbors living in the area had problems before-hence, the cameras. The fact a police officer lived nearby means nothing. They are less likely to contribute anything to the safety and well-being of a neighborhood than anyone else. In fact, they often instigate problems. The more police living near, the worse the neighborhood becomes as others ASSUME they'll do something; they don't. They are hired for their narcissism like little Davey was selected for his. It makes them appear credible.

I read once where a realtor claimed a neighborhood was one of the hottest selling in the area. It was. People were FLEEING!Others knew why but chose to do nothing. In fact, they'd blame those worried about their safety hoping to inoculate them into the illusion of all is well for property value.This is how crime takes over. Victims are neglected.

Like Peter said about the pastor-shepard of the flock-crass opportunistic capitalism.

Others know, but choose to adorn their door with pictures of Jesus thinking no one will kick it in if they think they love Jesus. It's scary!

Anonymous said...

Lots of people I know leave their doors unlocked and even garage doors open. I don't think people believe anything like this could happen to them.

Anonymous said...

If she was indeed raped, they neglected to warn other women publicly.

He/they broke into a sleeping woman's home and stole a car? Perhaps they thought themselves the tacticians.

If the woman's house that was broke into prior to AB's murder was single, I'd assume single women were their target. In Jesus-land, these people are mentally ill and crime wouldn't happen if they had a happily, married fulfilled life such as that of the Blackburns who are clearly stable in every way.

Anonymous said...

now that the facts came out pat brown is quickly changing back to suspecting davey again she changes like the wind everyone is a psychopath in her world and she never gives specicc anything

Juliet said...

Anon at 7.30am - it turns out that Amanda was not shot in the stomach - one shot to arm, one In the upper back, and one in the head - that she was charging away from him would seem more likely.

ABB - I am reading, just don't have time to respond much today, or next few days. . JMTO - if that's how it was, LE will have already worked it out and still be building their solid case with overwhelming evidence as to everyone involved, hopefully.

Donna said...

The houses in the Blackburn neighborhood are very close together from what I could see on Google maps - street view to peer around the cul de sac.

Another thing - AB upcycled furniture... I know people who do that, and power tools are highly stealable/sellable - just as on a construction site, they get locked up, or taken away with the carpenters at the end of the day. Did AB have that set up in her garage, basement? Were those things stolen? Orbital sander, circular saw, etc.

The "100%" cleared - I don't remember, was that DB quoting LE, or did LE say that themselves in a statement?

Juliet, I think you've made some excellent points about DNA at the neighbors' place.

Anonymous said...

they went for high dollar electronics they could fence-$500 computers, TVs,$10,000 car,debit cards, etc. $10 and $20 pawnable items weren't aren't their wish list. And, most criminals do not like to work. People who steal these items do so as they work with them...not for long, but they do.

Anonymous said...

From my experience, it's totally normal for a pastor's wife, or someone in ministry, to be surprised (or hurt) by the long hours their husband is gone, even if they know that going into a marriage. I didn't get from watching the videos that he viewed the church as his ministry, but their ministry. They started the church together, and that probably created a bond between them. They did the video series together, which is also not uncommon for a couple sharing a ministry. His personality doesn't strike me as unusual for a pastor, especially a young one. Many pastors' wives have more reserved personalities, and find themselves in positions where they have to talk, even though they aren't as comfortable with it. That could be the case. I haven't heard him talk about his church nearly as much as he has talked about Jesus, which makes me think his coping method is to focus intently on what she would want and continue telling people about Jesus, especially their city. From what I read, she was the one who started the forindy thing. He seemed to be excited about the numbers viewing the service online, not because they were at his church, but because they heard the news of Jesus. Also, it's been a trend in the last few years for churches (not all) to focus on bring "transparent" , or "doing life together" . In that context, sharing personal things from their marriage might be surprising to some, but not out of the ordinary for many. I may have missed where they said their marriage was bad, but sharing struggles (that are common marriage issues) doesn't mean it was a bad marriage. Going to counseling doesn't automatically mean you have a bad marriage, either.

Anonymous said...

Can someone remind me? Who was Davey speaking to on the phone for an hour in the driveway, while Amanda was dying?

JMTO said...

Anon @ 7:30 am.
That doesn't make sense to me.

You haven't killed anyone- burglarized a few homes- but haven't killed anyone.

So you see you are on camera- and instead of making a quick getaway and trying to hide out a few weeks, see if anyone comes for you (if they do you will be in the poke a few years) you decide to go next door, walk in, get your arm card and have your cronies go and get some cash while you murder this white pregnant woman- but leave her screaming toddler upstairs alive.

No I can't see how anyone would want to turn a 20 or 25 year sentence into a death sentence for being caught on camera doing nothing more than drinking some wine, stealing a few tvs, and a bag of oranges.

That does not make sense.

Anonymous said...

....pastors' wives have more reserved personalities, and find themselves in positions where they have to talk, even though they aren't as comfortable with it.""

My opinion is:Peter's point made about the pastor and his church was the sexual innuendos, disparaging words directed towards his wife (and other women in general), the Bon Jovi style of pastoral leadership,and the opportunistic form of utilizing the death of his own wife to draw in numbers. The pastor has already told us that 16 coming to Jesus was nothing to celebrate. His wife's funeral, however, is cause to celebrate.

Do you get it?

Anonymous said...

forvie my bad grammer, puhleeze.

Anonymous said...

Was CD expected home for breakfast? If so, what time? Did they have a routine? An hour seems a long time to sit in the car after going to the gym. Most people are pumped ( to use a Daveyism) after the gym in the early morning, and want to get on with their day! Aren't they?

Did he normally spend an hour in the driveway (did he get out of the car?) after going to gym? It seems unlikely.

Anonymous said...

The smashing teeth reference in the "Worship is a Weapon" sermon took on more significance when I found out Amanda's tooth was knocked out.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of teeth, the "Grills in Heaven" reference is in the Worship is a Weapon sermon.

I think there are a lot of things in that sermon that point to premeditation.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8:43 am, you are preciously naive. Hold on to that innocence as long as you can because the real world is a bad place.

Pak31 said...

It's so interesting reading everyone's comments. People really bring up good points and good questions. Some speculate too much at times but that's normal. All I can say right now, aside from this being the strangest case ever, is that DB appears so guilty yet there is nothing concrete to prove it. Could all of this be one huge coincidence? When you look at everything, every action, every word spoken it's just incredible that Amanda is the one who ends up dead. From DB preaching about getting rid of your worries by pretend shooting a hooded guy just days prior, to all his demeaning videos, to his lack of remorse or emotion for the wife he claims is his soul mate, then the day she dies he isn't home, leaves the door unlocked, their dog never barks or reacts, then these thugs go to his house and ironically the two leave and Taylor kills her, then they come get him. DB returns home yet doesn't enter for quite awhile, his wife lay dying on the floor. Was he bracing himself for what he'd see when he came in? Shot three times, her tooth knocked out, partially undressed and beaten, she must have looked awful. That image is stuck in his head and days later he's all fine and dandy? The dog might be the clue here. Was he usually caged? Is that why he didn't come to her aid or was the dog locked up on purpose? She was the target in this invasion. If DB has nothing to do with this it will be the craziest coincidence but if he did then I wouldn't be shocked if Taylor was the hired hit an and his buddies came along for the ride. Then again I could be totally wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sat in the driveway for almost an hour after returning from the gym and immediately called 911.

Anonymous said...

If this is truly just random acts of violence, I wonder if DB thinks he somehow cursed his wife with his recent sermons that depict very specific acts of violence that just magically have materialized.
▪ shooting someone from behind numerous times for nonsensical reasons.
▪ hitting woman in the mouth and breaking teeth
▪ having clothes ripped off
▪ being seen nude, sexually humiliated
▪ rape(if not raped, left to die with the "appearance" of being raped)

My heart aches for the unfathomable sadness and deep despair that this beautiful spirit was dealt, patiently endured, and died in. This brings a whole new level of meaning to the quote "when bad things happen to good people" that DB likes to site when trying to figure out how "they" are going to walk through this "process"
It is horrifying me to think of what Amanda went through in her last hour of conciousness on this earth. Although I hope it's not the case, it's very difficult to imagine that she wasn't seeing the correlation and didn't die wondering if she was being sent a very strong message.

Anonymous said...

Prophet Davey. ....and so it came to pass.

Anonymous said...

The timeline is remarkably tight. Davey calls 911 5 minutes after the robbed neighbour. Is that right?

The gym/driveway alibi is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Even Queen Bessie over at Websleuths is questioning the fittitng four TV's into a Sebring theory. Unbelievable...

Anonymous said...

They had been caught during a burglary before. Didn't shoot.

Anonymous said...

Our debit cards are tied to our own phone numbers on my joint account. We also have to have our own password and login for online banking. BC

Anonymous said...

At the first police press conference I immediately thought the warning ("you're not as clever as you think you are..") was meant for CD - LE was onto him from the very beginning. I'd like to think they realized the cigarettes left on the counter and the "rearrangement" of Amanda's clothes were just part of a scheme to make it look like a botched home invasion.

Still wondering about the vehicles involved. As I mentioned last night, I don't see how the burglars could be driving around in a Sebring with at least 4 TVs and 3 adults. Hmmm... doesn't DB drive a dark SUV? SO many aspects of the timeline/storyline don't quite fit (like all of a sudden deciding to murder the homeowner).

I feel like bits & pieces (not all quite true) are being leaked out to put indirect pressure on CD.

Anonymous said...

How in hades could Bessie know how many TV's would fit into a sebring when she doesn't know the size of the tv sets? Look, Bessie over at the Websleuth cow pasture doesn't know sheepshyt from shynola. She really doesn't.

Because she thought she was so fricken smart, even smarter than Dr. Keith Ablow who has multiple degrees in a field where she has none; she destroyed her own valuable site where once she had something of value she could have sold. She got so blindly smart and bossy that now the hayseed's only got dandelions planted over there. ABB

Anonymous said...

Just thinking while cooking; I am so damned mad and angry and p'od I'm going to have to get off here for the rest of the day and go to bed just to calm myself!

When I think of the sick situation this world is in, and people we know who are broke, many hungry, right in this country little ones going to bed having been slapped around because their parents nerves are in a raw jangle, can't make ends meet; people sick and getting divorced, and unemployed single parents can't find a job and getting no child support, ISIS threatening to blow us up, people we love dying in our families and homes and breaking our heart;

they go to church and hear lying anti-Christ sermons! These heartsick souls go to church not to be entertained, but to find some peace, some comfort, a few moments of solitude, to hear there is one who can help them, love them and care for them, and that He will come back to rescue them, they are down to their last hope; and what do they hear????

The get to hear about somebody's sorry sex life, a ridiculous pantomime skit by their pastor, their marriage and personal sex problems and disappointments and the numbers they need to fill up the pews, and every other damned thing that has nothing to do with leading anyone to Christ or comforting their sad hearts; robbing them of their very soul. No wonder they come to hate the word Christian. If this isn't anti-Christ, I'd like to know what is. Anything that isn't FOR Christ is against Christ = anti.

Here we are in the last days teetering on the volcano of the great tribulation; and there stands Jesus at the very door knocking, silently waiting. If He were here, I DO believe he would walk through their churches and turn over their book & video money tables, smash them to the floor and throw their pews out the door, with their tithe and offering plates behind them. These kinds of churches and pastors are sickening, destroying lives all around them. It is very disturbing, maddening even, for those of us who actually care for them and their souls and the cause of Christ. I really do need to lie down. ABB

Kim said...

I don't get what made them drive from the apartment they burglarized to the Blackburn's street miles away. This is so odd to me.

Anonymous said...

Peter has a new post up on this, fyi, if anyone is refreshing furiously on this page. :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for yet another great analysis! How does a man leave his door unlocked and wife vulnerable, young pastor is anything but stupid, if he is involved, my hope is that he is unmasked soon, if not he is still responsible for her death. Can't fathom a man leaving his home/family unsecured, guy seems like a fluke.

Anonymous said...

You have it. Its too sad. Maybe he's too afraid of showing weakness as the head of a business to cry, but I dread there is something much more. I've been very open about my fears and feelings bekievingvhe must have something to do with this. I pray I am wrong and if I am I ask forgiveness.

Anonymous said...

Davey left the front door unlocked = suspicious. Other nearby houses were burglarized before moving on to the Blackburn house - did Davey know which other houses were best candidates for early morning burglary? Other such crimes happening in the neighborhood would certainly deflect effectively from a husband who himself murdered, or hired others, to murder his wife. Did Davey use a contact several times removed from him to set up the burglary of his house and other houses to very creatively shift blame onto others? After all, considering these perps, who would believe one of them didn't murder his wife? Or, was one of their assigned tasks to burglarize and to murder with promises of a big payout to someone?

Pastor Davey shows the world, in his online videos, he is a strange man. He is either a very immature, and arrogant person who doesn't understand how he comes across to normal perceptive folks, or he is a sociopath behind Amanda's murder. Don't see a reasonable third option here. Does anyone know how much life insurance Davey had on Amanda?

Unknown said...

Excellent analysis. Your parsing and unpacking of his statements are spot on imho. Listening to him speak brings to mind the narcissistic bloviations of Scott Peterson. Let us hope justice prevails, and that if he is indeed determined to be guilty, that the long arm of the law administers the ultimate punishment.

Laura in NYC said...

The dog didn't bark? No way. There is no dog that would not bark at an intruder or stranger coming in the house. In fact, the dog would sense them coming and immediately react in such a way that you would know something's off. I don't get this.

Laura in NYC said...

Oh! I am horrified. I've never heard anything so shocking and abhorrent having grown up Episcopal.....especially in light of so many cases of families where the father rapes his own daughter its difficult to write about but it happens and I can see how it'd be defended with this pseudo religious crap. Oh. This is beyond words

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