Thursday, November 19, 2015

Davey Blackburn: "The Best Is Yet to Come"

Husband of murder victim Amanda Blackburn, Davey Blackburn appeared on Fox News this morning and was asked about suspicion, giving him an opportunity to deny it.  He was not asked about possible guilt in the other interviews, and this is an opportunity for us to carefully examine his response.

A Reliable Denial consists of three components.  If there are more than three, or less than three, it is unreliable --it still may be true, but for statistical purposes, it is not reliable.

1.  The pronoun "I"
2.  The past tense verb "did not" (or didn't"; only Reid makes distinction but this is not supported by statistics)
3.  The allegation answered specifically.

"I did not kill my wife" would be strong, and "I don't know who the shooter is" would also be strong.

A Reliable Denial is simple, easy and usually the first thing out of the mouth of the innocent when they realize that suspicion is upon them.

Steve Doocy asked Davey Blackburn about early suspicions that he may have been involved in his wife's death. Police have since said he is not a suspect. This is the perfect opportunity to say, "I am not involved.  I don't know the shooter, and have no connection" in any way using his own words, and speaking for himself. His use of "we" is to run away from commitment.  "I didn't kill Amanda" and "I didn't hire anyone or ask anyone..." and so on.  It is not taxing and its avoidance is a red flag.
Of the many famous cases we have covered over the years, you can research and learn:
OJ Simpson did not issue a reliable denial.
Lance Armstrong spoke at length for years and avoided saying, "I didn't use PEDS" 

The innocent will say it of their own free will, choosing their own words, without difficulty.  

Maddy McCann:  no RD. 
McStay:  no RD
Hailey Dunn:  no RD
Baby Ayla:  no RD
Baby Lisa:  no RD
A-Rod:  no RD
Roger Clemons:  no RD
Marion Jones:  no RD 
John and Patsy Ramsey:  no RD (prepared statements after hearing analysis on air) 
Just about any famous case you will find the same thing:  it may sound great, but the formula is broken and where you see the formula used:  innocence.  See Kevin Fox.  There are more than 300 samples on the blog alone.  Politicians, celebrities, athletes and criminals...all the same lack of RD. 
Guilty people often change the wording to:
"I would never"
"I never" with the "never" being used to avoid a specific time frame;
"How can you ask me that?"
In child murders:  "I didn't harm that child" which appears strong, but changed "kill" to the softer "harm" violating component three.  
Even adding to the denial moves it, statistically, away from reliable to unreliable and more infomraiotn must then be obtained.  
When confronted with this suspicion, the innocent often say so, without sensitivity indicators.  
The Reliable Denial must come in the free editing process. 
It must come from the person, and not simply parroting back the interviewer's question.  In most interviews, the innocent will not wait for the question.  
There is no legal ramification for the innocent to say so, therefore when one says, "I will wait to see justice in court and on advice of counsel I have no comment..."
Those accused wrongly say so. This is an example of an expected innocent statement:  
"I didn't cause Amanda's death so they need to move on and catch the killer before he hits again because I am afraid!"  This would not only be a Reliable Denial but would show frustration with police still not arresting the guilty shooter.  There should be no praise for police while the killer remains at large.  

Here is what he said:  
"I certainly understand that's always the first place they're going to investigate. I guess that was to be expected on some level," he said, adding that it was "difficult to swallow" at first.
"For us, we don't have anything to hide," he said.  

This is alarming. 

The switch to plural here, following so close to singular, may suggest involvement with someone else.  

a.  He understands that people suspect him.  He 'guesses' it is to be expected.  He speaks for himself.  

This is the expected or the  norm among innocents.  The acceptance of possible guilt is not expected among the innocent and is a red flag, but if it is attached to praise of police, it is often indicative of a psychological need to 'make friends' with police; that is, be seen as part of the "good guys"; the law followers and not the "bad" guys who are law breakers. 

Police are not praised initially when the investigation is unsuccessful.  Victims' loved ones are displeased because the killer is still there.  Praise comes in one of two ways:

1.  The subject is caught
2.  The case has gone on so long that the survivors are exhausted.  Even here, sometimes, they remain angry, but some will resign themselves to praising the good faith effort of law enforcement.  

3.  The guilty will sometimes seek to align themselves on the same side of police by ingratiating themselves via "flattery." 

b.  "I guess" is a weak assertion.  Innocent people have NO CONNECTION to the vile murder of the spouse and they do not allow for suspicion.  "It is wrong and disgusting.  I lost my wife.  I did not..."
The acceptance is a red flag. Innocent people are angered by this; it is a waste of time, and it is repulsive to them.  

c.  Note that he does use "I" here and not "we"; making it stronger 

d.  "difficult to swallow" is not to deny it.  It should be impossible to swallow for an innocent because it is not true.  

The innocent do not accept that which does not belong to them normally, including guilt.  

This is to avoid using the pronoun "I" and avoid denying involvement.  He praises police who have not found the killer.  This is also a concern.  

Having nothing to "hide" is something more common with guilt than innocence as it, too, avoids stating the obvious.  

That he quickly jumped from sentences where he used "I" to the plural "we" is a signal of guilt.  
This is to avoid saying, "I am not responsible."  Police should consider Davey Blackburn a suspect.  
In the teaching of a reliable denial, we have a rule:
If the subject is unwilling or incapable of saying he did not do it, we will not say it for him.  
When he is speaking about who did it, or motive, he is incapable of using the pronoun "I"
When he speaks about other topics, he is able to use the pronoun "I"
This is a red flag.  He had the opportunity to deny involvement, but did not.  
"Amanda was loved by everyone."  (not him)  Amanda loved Jesus..." 

This itself, is inconsistent with the intruder theory from police.  There is no need to say this because a stranger did it in a robbery.  He should be talking about robbery and violence.  There is no need to say that everybody loved Amanda, as if someone did not who did this.  This is to draw more suspicion to himself.  It as if to signal:  there was someone who did not love Amanda; the shooter, but a thief is impersonal, does not know Amanda. 

Does he think the shooter knew Amanda and did not love her?

I have yet to hear him say "I loved Amanda" which is a factor because it may be a slight justification: people will not lie about their own lie and we as humans do not like to lie about our own emotions.  There is something within the ego that avoids this.  

Fox news reiterated "police have cleared Amanda Blackburn's husband as a suspect."
They reported that police have interviewed several persons of interest without an arrest yet.  Police have stated that the motive was robbery, and the shooter a black male, 5'4" or a bit taller, wearing a dark hoodie.  They have cleared Blackburn "100%" as a suspect.

Let's look at what Blackburn said on Fox News in response to how he is coping with his wife's murder.  He spoke two sentences.

"We were expecting our second, um, we were going to name name her Evie Gray, um, and, uh, and we have little Weston and uh he's fifteen months old and I think the the hardest thing even in the midst of dealing with loss in the midst of dealing with losing the person that you feel like you know, completed you and we shared some many great memories and we shared everything that we did together and there's not one aspect of my life that she wasn't a part of and not one aspect of her life that I wasn't apart of so I think through all of that its really difficult just try to figure out what's next."
You know, and so what, you know, we're hopeful in the fact that really throughout this tragedy the best is really yet to come.  That everything good in my life has been given to me by a gracious God..." 

I.  Some Observations
II. Specific Analysis

I.  Some Observations.   He was cut at that point in the video.  This means that we do not have all that he said and can only analyze for content what we have.

In General:

a.  Long sentences are often emotional (emotion dominated) while short sentences often indicate logic is dominating.

The length of the sentence, in context, may also be due to the need to give out as much information before the TV Interviewer interrupts.

b.  Advertising

"The best is yet to come" is the advertising phrase for his church.
It is used frequently as a mantra in his language with the website pragmatic viewpoint:

"We'll do whatever it takes to connect people to life change"

This is the methodology they follow and explains much of what is seen, visually, in the videos as consistent to this theme.  

There is a consistency in advertising the church.  In the initial statement, he referenced his work as going on, and not ceasing.  He then issued another statement in which he used the death to invite the "nation" to come, either in person, or via internet.  He instructed people what to wear, how to react (including laughter, in order, before mourning) and what to tell media should they ask questions.  This is consistent with the many observations on social media and here about narcissistic elements to his language and is causing many to say they believe he is uninvolved in his wife's murder (agreeing with police) and that it is just the language of narcissism and drive to bring people to the church.  He quoted the number who came via internet, at 6,000 and the news reported 2,000 attendees, including the governor.  

In Part Two of a local interview, the subject referred to the victim's death as having a purpose to bring people to his church.  

In Statement Analysis, we believe what people tell us, sentence by sentence, unless something causes us to 'disrupt' this flow.  It is not a moral or ethical practice, but a technique designed to detect deception.  We begin by presupposing two things:

The subject is innocent.  This means 'de facto' innocence, and does not refer to legal innocence.  Many guilty people will say, "I am innocent" instead of saying "I didn't do it."  

The subject is truthful.  This means we listen carefully to each word spoken and believe what the subject tells us.  For example, if someone says, 

"I went to Chick Fil A last night", we believe them.  If the same person says, 
"Went to Chick Fil A last night", we say:  If the person is unable or unwilling to say "I went to...", then we cannot say it for them.  In this second sentence, there is nothing to believe:  the person did not say that he went to Chick Fil A last night.  The missing pronoun is acknowledged. This dropped pronoun has caused a disruption in our belief.  He may have, indeed, gone, but he has not told us so.

This is lie detection 101.

We also recognize that few people (less than 10% of deception) will lie outright; instead, they will speak, 100% truthful statements.  

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" is 100% truthful and he would have passed a polygraph.  This is because each one of us has a subjective dictionary within us.  President Clinton said that "sexual relations" in his dictionary means intercourse.  Appearing a week later with a black eye he said, "I like to roughhouse on the White House lawn with my daughter, Chelsea."  This, too, is truthful, but he did not say that this was how he got his black eye. 

Many of us think that Hilary did not share Bill's personal, subjective internal dictionary meaning of "sexual relations."

Polygraphers, therefore, must use the subject's own language to get an accurate reading.  By doing this one thing, alone, will cut down greatly on "inconclusive" results.  It is also an honest, fair and noble way to interview:  let the subject define things for himself.  Child Abuse investigators are drilled in this form of interviewing.  It avoids all messy 'interpretations' and misunderstandings.  It is to protect the subject's rights. 

Many people have written here and in social media that they feel police are correct:  Blackburn is not connected to his wife's murder and it is the narcissistic drive to succeed that infiltrates his language, and that, yes, he was truthful, as was his wife, that they had a bad marriage, so it is expected that he would not sound terribly sad.  

This should be considered.  

Here we have  him using the 'catch phrase' or advertising slogan for his church when asked about how he is coping with his wife's murder.  This is to affirm what many have said: he is driven for success in building this church and will do "whatever it takes" to fill those seats. 

We saw a video from a year ago where his own reference point for pronouns speaks against the theory of "narcissist language" using "we" as it showed:

a.  He consistently used "I"
b.  He used "I" to identify a negative emotion.  

This is something he did not do in his Good Morning America interview.  In fact, in it he said,

" know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this, absolutely we'd, you know, it, we we are confused, you know, we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do..."

"We" were baffled as to motive, which indicates that "we", whoever "we" are; do not believe the police statement about motive. 
"We" is used regarding the identity of the shooter. 
"We" is used regarding the grieving process.  

The claim that it is due to narcissism is not affirmed.  In the You Tube Video he uses the pronoun "I" to show his "disappointment" in something:  he was disappointed that they did a great deal of work, but that they did not bring in 400 people.  Earlier he said he intends on reaching "hundreds of thousands" of people.  

He expressed more negative emotion about the attendance than he did about his wife's death.  

Regardless, we have established that he does normally use the pronoun "I", as we all do, and it is not a narcissistic self reference. 

This is established but it does not mean he has guilty knowledge of his wife's death. 

Those with this view point also state that his language reflects someone who is not upset (experiencing negative emotions) about his wife's death.  

To this, I agree.  

It neither implicates him, nor does it clear him.  

II.  The Analysis 

"We were expecting our second, um, we were going to name name her Evie Gray, um, and, uh, and we have little Weston and uh he's fifteen months old and I think the the hardest thing even in the midst of dealing with loss in the midst of dealing with losing the person that you feel like you know, completed you and we shared some many great memories and we shared everything that we did together and there's not one aspect of my life that she wasn't a part of and not one aspect of her life that I wasn't apart of so I think through all of that its really difficult just try to figure out what's next."
You know, and so what, you know, we're hopeful in the fact that really throughout this tragedy the best is really yet to come.  That everything good in my life has been given to me by a gracious God..." 

Here is the same statement with analysis added within, along with emphasis by underlining, bold type, and coloring:

"We were expecting our second, um, we were going to name name her Evie Gray, 

The use of the pronoun "we" here, in both places, is appropriate.  He is speaking for himself and his deceased wife.

I have included the pauses of "um" and "uh", as stated, as they are pauses and they are not consistently heard in his videos.  This is to interrupt the rapid transmission process with a need to add more thought.  It is an indication of sensitivity.

um, and, uh, and we have little Weston and uh he's fifteen months old and I think the the hardest thing 

Here, the use of "we" is not appropriate.  We moved from what was going to be, to now the reality of Amanda's death in Weston's life.

Weston is given in incomplete social introduction.

For those new, please search the blog for lessons but here is a brief primer:

A social introduction tells us the nature of the relationship.

"My husband, Rob..." is an example of a "Complete Social Introduction" and indicative of a good relationship.

1. The inclusion of the possessive pronoun "my."  We are possessive creatures and even in the language of extreme feminism, we still find possessive pronouns.  We take ownership of what we believe belongs to us, and we avoid taking ownership of what we do not take ownership of.  "For those of you who believe in my guilt..." said OJ Simpson.

When elements are missing, it is a 'downgrade.'

"The husband" is to avoid the possessive pronoun and the name.  This goes for:'

"My supervisor, John is a good guy" versus "The supervisor said..."

The most extreme example is in the 911 call in which a police chief accidentally shot his wife and paralyzed her.  He made it through the entire 911 call without using the word "my", nor "wife", nor his victim's name.  This is to show extreme distance and animosity towards her.

Even, "my ex husband, Rob" shows a good, working relationship rather than, "Rob", or "the ex", or the embittered, "the father of my children..."

Here, he does not say, "I have my son, Weston" which indicates a troublesome relationship.

I once highlighted this in a mother's statement about her child, of whom she loved.  Rather than respond in anger, she said that her baby was adopted and the distancing language from her did, in fact, affirm the struggle she was having in bonding:  the child would not bond no matter what, and she feared reactive attachment disorder

The lack of complete social introduction suggests distancing language from his son.

We learned that the pregnancy of Weston was a trigger in the bad marriage, according to the subject, himself.

With this assertion, we look to see if statements affirm this, deny this, or are neutral.

Question:  Does the language here, or in other statements, affirm the less than close relationship?

Answer:    Yes.

In his statements, he speaks of church attendance, but does not mention his pre born child's death, nor that Weston was present for the murder of his mother.  This is remarkably unexpected.

Next, "Weston" is to be "shepherded" which is a distinctly Christian terminology, but not by him, but "we" is used.  This is distancing language of a biological father.  In fact if an analyst did not know the case, he might want to ask, "Is Davey Blackburn the biological father of Weston?"

He will "dialog" with his own child.

He also spoke of Weston in clinical language:  he would not be speaking to him, but like a clinical dealing with "the family" he would be processing.  He does not "talk" to his child.  There are enough linguistic indicators to support the incomplete social introduction:

He is not close with his child; Amanda was very close with Weston.  He was speaking to national news and not to those who know Weston.  This is indicative of a troubled or distant father-son relationship and it is not surprising that his initial statements included "6500 people!" without mentioning his son being in close proximity to a vicious killer.

Police are likely to learn from collateral interviews the distancing language from his son was evident in how the couple cared for Weston, with not only Amanda doing the majority of the childcare, but Amanda may have complained about the lack of involvement or help from the father.

even in the midst of dealing with loss 

Here he does not call it "my loss" but "loss" in general.

1.  This is not an expected term to describe a murder.  This is something used to describe losing a loved one to, for example, cancer.  Even survivors use more impassioned negative language about cancer than the subject did. The expected is stronger and even harsher.

2.  This is not his loss, but simply universal "loss."  It is distancing language as if he were counseling a family unrelated to him.

in the midst of dealing with losing the person that you feel like you know, completed you 

"Person" is gender neutral.  This is most unexpected given:

a.  She was his wife, which is a distinctly sexual role
b.  His obsession with sex

Yet, it is consistent with his own descriptions of complaining about his marriage:  he complains about her regarding sex.  She complained about him regarding career.  His complaints about sex are that he has a very high sex drive and she did not meet his needs; therefore "person" instead of "woman" is consistent.

Gender is very important in sexual assaults and homicides and often tells us what a person is thinking about another.  Years ago a pretty co worker said, "Peter is a good man to work with..." but months later, she told a new worker to see if I was available to do the interviewer with her, because, "Peter is a good person to go with..."

What caused the change of language?  What turned me from a "man" (gender specific) to a "person" (gender neutral)?

We know that emotion has the most power to change language.

I asked her if she had a crush on me and she said that she did, but then she met my wife, Heather.

It was Heather's presence that had the power to change her language.  Look at this power in child abuse cases or how insurance investigators, often with solid training see it:

"I drove my car down 95 when it went dead!  I left the vehicle on the side of the road."

This is an example of a truthful account coming from experiential memory.  What caused the "car" to turn into a "vehicle"?

The dead engine.

When it is picked up and running again, it will "return" to being a "car" again.

Davey saw her at this point of the statement as a "person" which is to distance himself from her as a "woman,"

Will the language affirm this, weaken this, or remain neutral?

We do not have to wait long for the answer:

in the midst of dealing with losing the person that you feel like you know, completed you 

He does not say "losing the woman that I felt completed me" but the distancing language is affirmed with the 2nd person, "you" instead.

When Bill Clinton was first running for office, Hilary was campaigning for him when the first "bimbo eruption" hit the news.  Hilary said,

"When the man I love, and the man respect is attacked, you bet I am going to speak out."

Years and countless accusations later, the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke.  Hilary again came to his defense:

"When the man you respect and the man you love is accused..."

Not only did she intuitively reverse "love" and "respect" but the  years of constant infidelity and humiliation ejected the pronoun "I" from her language.  

Next, we note "need to persuade" as a signal of weakness

"I love my wife" is strong. 
"I really love my wife" makes "love" sensitive with "really" though we do not know why it is sensitive.  Likely, the person did not think he could love her this much, or he came from a prior relationship of much less love. 
"I really really love my wife" begins to weaken the assertion and 
"I really really really love my wife" suggests that she is going to leave him.  What makes it weak is the seemingly unnecessary words used to persuade us, like,

"I am very very very happily married!" will prompt:  here is the number of a good divorce attorney.  

When someone does something "shared" it was done "together", making the repeated terms redundantly necessary:  

and we shared some many great memories and we shared everything..."

The "we" confirms the sharing of many great memories and is appropriate.  By itself, this is strong.  Yet:

"...that we did togethe

is repetition and if you are not convinced he goes further to convince you:

and there's not one aspect of my life that she wasn't a part of and not one aspect of her life that I wasn't apart of 

This is to repeat (sensitive) about the "person" (gender neutral).

It may be that outside of sex and his constant attendance to work, there were times where they shared platonic friendship.  It may have been overshadowed by the pregnancy, sex drive and work obsession, but my guess is here that friends would likely confirm that there were moments where they seemed like genuine friends.  It is, however, his need to persuade that furthers the weakness and reminds us of the specific "fighting" and bad marriage that he spoke of.

so I think through all of that its really difficult just try to figure out what's next.

This is a bit more than a week from her murder that he is continuing his theme of "moving on", which he referenced very early and repeatedly.  It is not expected in a good marriage that one would move this quickly but in a bad marriage, perhaps.

When someone in a bad marriage loses a partner, there is often guilt that conspires with memories of arguments and foolishness that heightens their pain.  Yet, the only negative emotion he has expressed for himself is the attendance disappointment.

Note "I think" is where he speaks of his thoughts for himself.  It is important to note when he is willing to do this and what topics cause him to avoid doing this.

You know, and so what, you know, we're hopeful in the fact that really throughout this tragedy the best is really yet to come. 

Note again the plural "we" is used;
Note the violent murder is called "this tragedy"

 That everything good in my life has been given to me by a gracious God..." 

Please note that he does not mention:

a.  Living in fear for himself
b.  Living in fear for Weston
c.  Living in fear for his neighborhood
d.  Justice for Amanda
e.  Justice for the family and neighbors
f.  Finding the killer before he robs and kills again

He has shown no commitment to wanting to catch the brutal killer who destroyed his life:

Um, I, I can't, I cant imagine any reason why, that's why this has baffled us as much as anybody and so we are trusting the investigators who have been so good to us through this process um, trying to keep us up to speed on what they have and we trust, you know, that they are they are doing the best they can and have all the resources at their disposal right now  to catch who did this."

and also from GMA regarding catching the brutal killer:

I:  "Investigators have also said that there is a code of silence that may have prevented people from coming forward even if they have information that might solve this crime.  What do you want to tell those people who might know something about this?

TV interviewers do not have the information needed, but do much of the talking for self promotion.  The question is what he wishes to say to anyone who has information that would lead to arrests:  

DB:  well, mean, I, we would beg them to give any information that they  have.  Uh, we'd be extremely grateful for for that, you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this, absolutely we'd, you know, it, we we are confused, you know, we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do but I read Amanda's journal entry just a few days before as she journaled every day of her life just a few days before she was killed and she put something in there that just spoke volumes to us that we are deriving strength from she said we don't know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future and that's Jesus, and so we are drawing our strength from that and Jesus holds the future and we can't see it clearly now but she can see it clearly now as she is in heaven with Jesus and we will see her soon."

There is much here that is concerning: 

a.  Note the pronoun change of "I" to "we"
b.  Note the weakness in the verb, "would" rather than directly speaking to the people who could help solve the case.  
c. "we'd be extremely grateful for that", itself, warrants analysis:

"we" is not expected; making the assertion weak (1) 
Being "grateful" is made sensitive by "extremely",  (2)
"we'd" is contraction for we "would" which is conditional (3)
The word "that", rather than "this" is distancing language.  


I.  What do you say to those people who might know something about this?

Subject:  "Call the police.  Tell them.  They will keep it anonymous.  Tell them. Please!"

No equivocation nor distancing language.  "Would", by itself, is a weak assertion that is conditional.  This is not a conditional opportunity.  It may be conditional that one knows something, but the opportunity to speak, now, is not conditional.  It is expected that he would directly and firmly tell them to call.  Begging would also be a possibility. 

Note the continued 'sharing' of emotions:  
you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this,

Who is "we"?
What is "all this"?  The murder of his wife and child?  

This is a form of passive language that avoids telling us what he feels.  He is concealing information about his own emotions in the murder of his wife.  

Note the inability or refusal to speak for himself:

we don't understand whywe, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do

Note the stutter, again, on the pronoun "we" as increase in anxiety at this point of the topic.  Take this with the habit of speech, "you know" which shows an increase in the presence of the Interviewer at this question, and it brings us to sensitivity. 

Analysis Conclusion:

The subject continues to avoid telling us what he, himself, thinks or feels.  He is withholding this information and has continued to use his wife's murder as an advertising tool for his church.  The subject  brings suspicion upon himself. 

My opinion of his language is without knowing any details within law enforcement:  

Police should not exclude him from being a suspect until a thorough interview of the shooter is conducted, and all possible connections to the shooter have been exhaustively checked, including 3rd or 4th person connections, cell phone records, surveillance video of the gym for the prior 3 months, bank records, and so on.  

I think police are doing all of this and more.  

They must learn why:

The subject is disinterested in capturing the murderer;
The subject has no fear for himself, his son, nor his neighbors, knowing that a thief has now crossed into murder is loose in the neighborhood and is likely to continue his criminal career;

That he had a bad relationship with his wife, by his own words, means a level of suspicion must appear due to the coincidental nature of:

Bad marriage triggered by pregnancy followed by murder of wife, who was pregnant.  

They may learn that the lack of affect and the lack of mourning is only due to the poor relationship, but they must explore everything and clear everyone close to the victim to obtain justice for Amanda. 

The emotions from police statements show a commitment to justice.  

Davey Blackburn was given the perfect opportunity to deny any connection to the murder. 

He did not. 

We are not to say it for him.  

Had Davey Blackburn said, "I didn't kill Amanda.  I don't know who did it, and I don't have any connection to the shooter", I would have concluded:


I am still unable to do so, even though he has now been publicly confronted with the allegation.  

Had I been interviewing, I would have brought it up again. I have done this many times and the person finally realized:  "Hmm, I am under suspicion!" and issued the Reliable Denial.  It sometimes takes a few attempts, but for most people, especially given his level of intelligence:  he should have said it.  

It is true:  some people are so self absorbed that they need a reminder, and even with a reminder, had he said it, I would have cleared him. 

He is not allowing for himself to be cleared but continues to increase suspicion.  

Has anyone heard him say "I loved Amanda"?

If he says, "We didn't kill Amanda" it would violate component number one, the pronoun "I" 

I continue to struggle with this bizarre methodology in his language as he refuses to speak for himself, which only raises more questions and avoids giving answers.  


Local journalist said "sources confirm" that she was sexually assaulted. 

This would indicate that someone may have 'taught her a lesson' and is even more concerning given her husband's complaint against her had to do with his sexual needs . 

I have not seen further confirmation of this allegation.  


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I think some fence sitters just had their suspicion level rise:

mine did.


Tony Snow said...

Great analysis, Sir.

Anonymous said...

My God - they're now saying she was sexually assaulted, which would make her murder an execution following the assault. If her husband was involved with this, he's an absolute monster.

Tony Snow said...

I'm curious as to what you make of LE's

lynda said...

That was really fast Peter! Kudos! I am waiting with bated breath to see his next interview in which he WILL give a reliable denial simply because he read it here! What would you say to that? When the baby sociopath keeps learning and filing away the information that this blog gives him, and then he uses it precisely like you say he must? Has anyone ever done that before? Does it still make it a reliable denial? Is it just parroting what he has read what is expected of him?

lynda said...

so far, from what I can find, "sources" are saying that. LE has made no statement about whether that is true or not. If it is true, LE has ALOT of explaining to do that they kept that secret and did not let it be known to the public that a rapist murderer was on the loose.

Tania Cadogan said...

I wonder if the rape, given she was pregnant, was deliberate.
Was it a punishment?
Was it anger that she was pregnant again?

Putting myself in their shoes

If i were the killer and i was having an affair with the husband, he has been telling me for months that he doesn't love his wife, he isn't sleeping with her, he wants a divorce but for now he can't due to the beliefs of his wife and his own status as a pastor and i then find out his wife is pregnant, then i would indeed want to kill her, even sexually abuse her.
I would be raging at her for getting pregnant and also for him to be lying about his relationship with her.

I may not be able to kill him (too incriminating perhaps) instead i kill his wife and then he is free to carry on with me.

There are questions regarding the babysitter, there are questions about his relationship to his son, there are questions as to why the delay going to the gym when he has for a long time be a creature of habit.

He is highly sexed and has no qualms about talking about sex in relation to his wife (and lack of it)

What if the killer is male and knows davey from the gym?
What if davey has a lover and it is male rather than the expected female.
He spends a lot of time at the gym, he mentions temptation from scantily clad women, what if it is also scantily clad men?

What if davey is a closet gay or bisexual?
He clearly takes care of himself, grooming and clothing.
He brags about being mistaken for someone younger, a real boost to his ego.
Would this also explain his distance from his own son?
Weston is evidence of heterosexual love with his wife.
He also introduced a joke about butter which went over Amanda's head.
It relates to an anal sex almost anal rape scene in last tango in paris.

Why would he introduce anal sex into church, was it something Amanda refused point blank to do (even though he told followers that in the bedroom anything goes)
Was it something he was familiar with in that he refers to using butter as a sexual lubricant?

I wonder if Amanda had ever gone to the gym with him or was she dissuaded from going, him needing 'me time'

Personally i would be looking for cctv from the gym for when he arrives/leaves/ even goes into the gym at all.
Who goes to the gym at the same time as him on a daily basis, does anyone spot for him, how long he is there for.
I have read somewhere he is there for 3 hours which is a long time for a workout.
Does he go there and then leave early or vice versa?

I'm a suspicious hobs :)

lynda said...

WRTV ....It's the only station reporting it, it's in print, not video. Wasn't Buddy on another thread here saying this morning that she was sexually assaulted and they have the SUV and DNA and it will be announced today..he said.."you'll see." Hmmmm, could be a wild grass roots rumor taking hold. If she was NOT raped, LE will have to come out and say so I think to shut this down.

Unknown said...

Any chance his other lady on the side (if he has one) could also be pregnant?

lynda said...

I can't even bring the rape possibility into it yet. I'm going to have to wait for LE to make a statement regarding that. The "gun" was all over the internet and LE finally came out and said, IT IS NOT CONNECTED. Wait and see about this also.

Shannon In CA said...

If she really was sexually assaulted, why would that have been kept quiet? This is a serious question... I've never seen LE keep something like that a secret unless it was important to the internal investigation somehow.

Tania Cadogan said...

If there was a sexual assault and police are keeping it quiet, why?

Anonymous said...

If she really was sexually assaulted... I'm wondering if they were having sex pre-gym (because I'm sure he had to have sex before going to the gym so he "didn't think about it all the time") and maybe something upset him and in a fit of rage he shoots her. Freaks out so he goes to the gym to have an alibi and comes home to "find her".

Also, I think he was very quick to pull the plug on her and that doesn't seem like a coincidence. The fact that she initially survived was probably a shock to him and he was quick to end it.

Anonymous said...

Sources confirm to @scoopjefferson Amanda #Blackburn was sexually assaulted, and police have DNA evidence. #WTHR

Anonymous said...

OR he hired someone to rape her and kill her which is even more disgusting.

I have to say though that the addition of sex to the equation makes me think he's that much more involved.

Joni said...

There was a good sized dog in the house (Boxer looking) that was unharmed. It greeted investigators at the door like nothing was wrong.

So a random man raped & murdered Amanda while the dog quietly sat by and was never harmed? Dogs are normally shot during robberies. Yes?

1crosbycat said...

I saw a babysitter referenced on another site, discussing Davey's former church's bad reaction to online criticism for saying the 10 Commandments were suggestions (New Spring?). There is a female friend he retweeted but that could easily be for marketing the church programs. He has a lot of twitter followers but few retweets or replies. Amanda's posts prebaby were more complimentary toward Davey showing closeness, I think, but became primarily marketing in recent months.

Joni said...

From the Impossible Girl 3 Video Amanda and Davey flimed 7 years ago. When discussing a man's sexual desires...

The guy's instinct is "How much territory can I conquer??" -Davey Blackburn

Amanda is on camera and did not appreciate his comment.

Anonymous said...

I figured sexual motive for burglary at that timeof the morn.

Anonymous said...

For Amanda to lose her life, and to find out that she was sexually assaulted makes me even more beyond shocked that important people in her life were promoting their own business instead of screaming out..

andiepants said...

Hi Peter, I've been following all of your posts on the Blackburn case--WOW. Great analysis, very insightful and it's all getting spookier by the minute.

I usually don't follow murder cases, but I am an Indianapolis native--I grew up in Indy and lived there til I was 30--so this case has definitely caught my attention. I even attended Northview Middle School, the venue where Resonate church apparently rents space (I'm guessing they meet in the auditorium there--which was very nice and state-of-the-art when I was a student years ago).

Although I grew upon the northside, I have some familiarity with the westside of Indy, where the Blackburns lived. It's a spotty area, you have pockets that appear very safe and middle class, but right next to it you have some pretty sketchy neighborhoods. When I saw the initial reports I assumed they lived somewhere like Carmel (a wealthy suburb) because neighbors kept emphasizing how nice and safe their neighborhood was, but hearing the exact location on the westside makes a random home invasion more plausible, in my opinion.

That said, Davey is NOT acting like a grieving husband. As many have noted, the whole thing stinks to high heaven.

lynda said...

Again..gonna wait for LE to confirm or deny, not mystery "sources". If it was the police that confirmed, news would say so but they are not, news isn't even saying "sources" within the dept. etc.etc.

Anonymous said...

Being denied now.

Joni said...

The police truly need to get ahold of their ridiculous leads.
They are denying sexual assault.

"A high-ranking Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department source said Amanda Blackburn was sexually assaulted, but a spokesperson for IMPD adamantly denies that to be true at this point in their investigation."

Anonymous said...

I think they're denying it because a confirmation of Davey having assaulted her would put him on the run. Suspect that they are interviewing the black suspects so that they can clear them (I think they were in the wrong place at the wrong time and never entered the Blackburn home) and get a warrant and cooperation from South Carolina LE to arrest Davey before they confirm that information.

Anonymous said...

"When Davey left to work out around 6 a.m., the killer believed the house was empty. Around 6:45 a.m., a neighbor said they heard gunshots."

I find the killer believed the house was empty very strange, a robber has gone into homes that people are sleeping. How would anyone know what the perp was thinking. I wonder if this was an idea from someone.

Joni said...

Anonymous, great point that the sexual assault info could tip their hand if they think Davey was involved or responsible. Regardless, the department needs to get control of the sloppy leaks.

Anonymous said...

So strange that he left the state. I bet my last dollar my husband would stay and want the person responsible behind jail before he moved on.

Shannon In CA said...

I said on the other thread that it's weird that investigators only found out about the assault because of DNA evidence... that's what the article implies, anyway.

If that's true, it wasn't a very violent assault, was it? And they must have put her clothes back on? Rapists don't do that.

Something is off about that, no question.

Anonymous said...

1) They appear to not have had a terrific marriage.
2) He was pretty obsessive about sex, and talked about it publicly to her embarrassment (he even said that they would have sex before going out on their date night, because he otherwise couldn't "concentrate" at dinner).
3) He had mentioned that her being pregnant was a challenge for him because she was less sexually available to him.

My working theory is this: He wanted sex in the morning. Maybe she agreed, maybe not, but it was rough enough to appear as assault. She said/did something that upset him. He shot her. He then left for the gym (he left about a half hour later than normal, which would fit with pre-gym sex) to give himself a plausible alibi. Then he came home and called in the emergency to 911.

There was no forcible entry in the home, and I don't see a young woman being home alone opening the door for unknown black males at 6:30 in the morning. I also don't think that Davey just left the door unlocked accidentally, as he would be so guilt-ridden for his carelessness (in a neighborhood with break-in problems and with a young wife and baby in the house!) that he would be beside himself with guilt in every public appearance and interview, which he is not. I don't think there was a break-in. I think that the break-in down the street was a lucky (for Davey) coincidence. The four black men that police are interviewing today were found in connection with the other break-in, and they're interviewing them and will find that they never entered the Blackburn's home.

I think Davey was at the gym and gave himself a lot of time to come up with his story, come up with his post-tragedy messaging (hence his consistent affect and messaging since the murder), and prepare himself to come home and make the 911 call.

Police are denying the sexual assault because if they confirm it, Davey will know the gig is up and will take off. I don't doubt that this information being leaked will make him enough of a flight risk that the police are now seeking authorization to detain him.

Shannon In CA said...

Anon @ 3:23 (the first one), so you think that the robbery was coincidental? I'd say that's a heck of a coincidence, but honestly, weirder things have happened. I mean, the whole Amanda being randomly shot during a last minute decision to rob the house is just as weird, sooo... maybe.

Anon said...

He made jokes during his sermons about weston getting hurt. In one video he talked about his plasma screen almost falling off the wall while weston was in the room and he was very relieved that the tv wasnt hurt. In another video he jokingly says that he dropped Weston after weston peed on him.

Shannon In CA said...

I think our comments crossed... but you confirmed what I thought you were saying. No less plausible than any other theory and it does answer the timeline issues.

Shannon In CA said...

Seriously? The TV wasn't hurt? Seriously?

Shannon In CA said...

Didn't Davey already leave the state, though?

Dina M said...

Could the posters on here (Hi Tania!)stop referencing "Last Tango in Paris" when there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that DB has seen that movie or anally butter-raped anyone??? The dude is weird and inappropriate enough by his own actions without this level of mean-spirited stupidity. Several of you are repeatedly stating this as if there is no doubt in your mind that DB butter-sodomized his wife.

I have heard enough young people reference the sex-butter off-screen antics of the character "Dupree" from the 2006 movie "You, me, and Dupree" to know that this is MOST LIKELY what the pastor is referring to. Unless Tania has some info on DB's anal proclivities that I've missed.

I am in my fifties, was raised in a liberal household, and was 8 years old when "Last Tango" came out. Like most people my age, I've never seen it, but heard about it. I didn't even know about the anal-butter-rape until I read about it here. I doubt that 28-year-old DB has even heard about "Tango".

I mean, really? Do we have to make this weird dude an anal rapist because he referenced "butter" during his goofy little sex talk? And BTW - watching that video, I got the impression that Amanda was well aware of what he was referencing since they probably saw "Dupree" together. Being a good Christian wife, she had to feign ignorance of the reference, and DB played along with it.

Joni said...

Anonymous 3:28
Great post. I agree.

Anonymous said...

The fact that the handgun was taken to a fire station and not the police may be an indication of how police are viewed in the area-accusatory.

I listened to a man describe how the police treated him after he found an assault rifle propped against a tree in his front yard-horrible.

Anonymous said...

@Shannon -

Yes, I think that the break-in was a coincidence. A big one? Yes, but not completely impossible, as break-ins were apparently common in that area.

I think that coincidence is more plausible than the idea that Davey "just grieves differently" than every other innocent person in the history of the world.

lynda said...

Dina..I think most posters reference that because that's what we associate with butter and sex..or could be the Dupree movie. Regardless, it was highly inappropriate and demeaning to his wife, then he further demeaned her by saying it "went over her head". I considered myself to be a "good Christian wife" also and just because I was doesn't mean that I would feign ignorance (meaning play dumb) if my husband said something crappy and inappropriate in front of a group of people. Plus, I don't think anyone actually called him an anal rapist. Just commenting on how it's all about sex with him.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

3 in custody with the thinking that one will be arrested...

announcement shortly from judge expected.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

lynda said...

Davey would have been heavily interviewed before they did autopsy on Amanda. The first question they would have asked (whether or not it appeared like a rape) would have been, "When was the last time you had sex." Standard. If sperm was present, they have to confirm whose it is.

Dina M said...

Lynda- Points taken, but I have read references to DB perhaps "forcing" sex on his wife. That's rape.

DB appeared to make a habit of being "inappropriate and demeaning" to his wife. She was probably used to it and put up with it. I get the impression that you definitely would not. I get that.

Maybe most of the people on this forum are older than I and are familiar with "Tango" - I'm not, and I would bet my bottom dollar that Holy Roller Davey hasn't even heard about it.

There are people on here who are not just "commenting on how it's all about sex with him", they are specifically and repeatedly referencing the butter-rape scene in "Tango" purely on DB's little "butter" comment during his sex talk. To me, this baseless (and it IS baseless - "Tango" is not a well known movie to young people - I mean, come on, 1972??? ; "Dupree" is well known) supposition cheapens the argument that DB was somehow involved in his wife's murder.

Anonymous said...

The tango butter scene IS well known and referenced all over the internet on lists such as: ten anal sex scenes in movies, ten most graphic.... Yadda yadda. Knowing Davey needed a internet monitoring system put on his computer, I's say the chance is HIGH that he knows all about the original scene.

Anonymous said...

This little chat on here and other posts is a clear example of why neighborhood watch does not work.

For this reason, the larger most powerful caliber of weapon is needed because these types run in threes. To eliminate two right off the bat should be goal one, then the next.

Dina M said...

4:06 - I've done a lot of sex-googling and sex-searching on my computer, and never ran into any "Tango" references or "Tango" sex scenes. I have seen a lot of dirty stuff, and I doubt that DB has out-done me on that score.

My point is that there is no proof or any inference that this dude violently butter-sodomized anyone, including his wife. The alleged sex scene in "Tango",as described by Tania, borders on rape, and sounds demeaning and disgusting.

The sexbutter scene in Dupree is offscreen, and is supposedly a goofy scene in which Dupree and his date spread butter on each other.

Shannon In CA said...

I saw Dupree and didn't remember butter being referenced at all until you brought it up. I am 37 and aware of last tango because I read an interview with the actress recently and then I looked it up and wish I hadn't. I guarantee the Dupree scene came about because someone on that movie remembered last tango and if he saw Dupree he may have thought "butter? Weird!" And then googled it to find out more (betcha a lot of people did that) and found out about last tango.

Reference to either movie is just awful. It's worse if it was last tango. That's ALL we are saying.

Shannon In CA said...

No one ever suggested he DID do that. The comment was "do you want to bring butter into this?" And she said "what?" Which prompted him to say "it went over her head." It was just a REFERENCE to using butter during sex. If it was last tango then it was a bad "joke" implying semi forcible sex with butter. If it was Dupree, it's still just WRONG in terms of AMANDA because she prob wasn't the kind to ever even think of using whipped cream. Either way, BAD JOKE.

Anonymous said...

I noticed something in a different interview clip from WTHR. This video has a camera angle that is zooming in on the journal as DB is reading it. The sentence in the journal says "It truly filled my heart to see so many people in your church." When DB reads it, he ads the word "Jesus" to the end of the sentence. (It is a short clip, journal zoom is at 1:23 )

My thoughts...why edit that?
Is it because he felt her words were insufficient?

The entry sounds eerily similar to his preoccupation with the success of his church.
If he wrote it and it is a fake journal entry, is he still editing his work as he reads aloud, noticing the "your church" may sound too glorifying of himself?

It for some reason, sounds like it was written about what has happened after her death. I feel like I am picking up on themes that have been discussed here like "how many" and in the next line "see".

Also, the journal is red.

I am totally new to statement analysis. My only qualifications are being a public school teacher who's read many a journal entry and detected deception in students' homework excuses.

I found this site looking to see if anyone else had the same intuitive feeling of "something's not right here". I am a Christian, and I am heartbroken over this, for Amanda, someone I've never met--more than it appears DB is.

I am also frustrated by a misrepresentation of the Gospel from DB. I am encouraged that some posters here are believers that also have discernment. Thankful for this blog.

Shannon In CA said...

Oh and Dina....Amanda herself implied she wasn't happy about having sex a lot of the time. I'm doubt he raped her but who knows? According to him and others in that religion, women should submit so she might have been "forced" and not realized it WAS rape.

Dina M said...

Shannon, reference to the goofy off-screen butter shenanigans in "Dupree" is probably one the least "awful" things DB subjected his wife to. Even Christians seem to think the movie was cute.

Now I'm going to go buy some bourbon, get a little tipsy, and force myself to watch the butter scene from "Tango", if I can do so without putting a virus on my computer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @4:18...

Wow, good catch - I checked and you're right! So the pastor won't allow Amanda's voice to be heard in her own words even after her death. He continues to talk over her. Poor woman.

Dina M said...

Shannon - yes, I think both DB & Amanda made it clear that he had the higher sex drive. I've been in a relationship in which my significant other had a much lower sex drive than I and it's something you just have to put up with if you want to stay in the relationship.

I don't get the impression that Davey simply "put up" with it - he probably had married FBs, or was on the verge of getting some.

Do we know yet if his son is with him in SC?

anon anon said...

talk about a tangent !
Look, obsession leads to all kinds of prowling on the internet, or Blockbuster.
The guy has a computer and we know he uses it.
Babe in the woods he is not.

Jill S. said...

Shannon Duane said...
No one ever suggested he DID do that

Seriously? That's exactly what tania cadigan hypothesized at 2:28 PM today.

Even though I think this husband was involved somehow in his wife's death, there is a rather witch-hunt feel to a lot of these comments.

Dina M said...

Has it been announced yet what was taken from the home?

Unknown said...

Anonymous said...

I noticed that he sprouted an ugly, red zit on his chin ...

Anonymous said... ring much??

Gemini said...

I wonder if it had anything to do with last video where she was talking about feeling like she had to have sex after a date as if it was a chore. He seemed to be really insulted by this. I wonder if it bruised his narcissistic ego... So much so that he couldn't handle it.

Carnival Barker said...

I'm actually speechless after watching the Inside Edition clip. Staring down at his wedding band and touching and then cuing the dramatic pause was just too much for me. I bet he is super proud of himself after this one because he was soooooo close to making those eyes water just a teensy bit.

Anonymous said...

And his appearance has changed dramatically...muscles covered by a cozy sweater, skin imperfect, hair imperfect...he has clearly had help. I was on the fence until now.

Zeeb said...

I couldn't help it. I laughed when he messed with his ring for dramatic affect.

I'm sorry, but if he didn't do this, he is certainly trying to use it as a tool to advance his career.

Why would you go on a sleezy show like Inside Edition a week after your wife was brutally murdered? I can't think of any reason why other than for money (I'm guessing they probably pay him to be on their show) and notoriety (which he thinks will advance his evangelist career).

Anonymous said...

I see where Amanda's sister posted on her FB the link to Davey's Fox & Friends interview. Her first sentence was "Davey never misses an opportunity." …and then thanks him for making sure Jesus is known. I wonder about that first sentence. Is it possible the family is having to "play a game" of sorts. I hope not…they already are going thru hell. God, I hope we're all wrong about him.

trustmeigetit said...

"For us, we don't have anything to hide," he said.

To me, I feel like his mind went to the person that he had kill Amabda. "Us" and "we" being him and his hired gun.

trustmeigetit said...

He sure looks more nervous this time around.

1crosbycat said...

I hope they got DNA from the unborn baby to see who the daddy is. My forensic sci major kid says they don't do that automatically.

Anonymous said...

I think the "we" is him and his babysitter. She moved from SC to Indy to be close to them. WHY? There was no indication of a job. She sells signs on Etsy (which by the way her store is named "Nothing is Wasted", which is a hashtag he uses often on twitter so I'm not sure if that is a church thing or what? It's odd either way and it's a new thing for the church if that's it) On the babysitter's store fb page she writes in July that she's moving to Indy to be close to them for 4-5 months (Hmm, almost time for her to go back home). WHY did they need a babysitter? Amanda wasn't working.
They are both OBSESSED with the phrase "the best is yet to come"... it's like their secret phrase or something?
I live close to this area so this is on our news 24/7... they have 4 suspects as of today. Funny, I think it was said that DB left town yesterday. He won't be gone long... he need to run his business.. I mean CHURCH.
Divorce would have ruined him and his "career"... he needed to get rid of her and there was no other way but murder.
He is self focused, sex obsessed, fame hungry and sick. WHY the IMPD ever cleared him is beyond me. I have to have faith that they "cleared" him in hopes that he would think he was home free and screw up. I hope that is the case.
His laughter throughout his GMA interview was nauseating. All business to him, down to the numbers at her "celebration" (funeral).
This is excellent analyzing!! GREAT JOB!!! -TJC

Anonymous said...

1crosbycat, Do you think Amanda was having an affair? -TJC

Zeeb said...

Article now mentions that Amanda "Put up a fight" and also says that her bank card was used at an ATM.

How can a bank card be used without a PIN? Also, someone could have taken her wallet, and tossed it out on the street, and then someone picked it up and tried to use a card. Doesn't mean that person was the killer.

Shannon In CA said...

Okay Jillian, calm down.

So I missed ONE post. We've been discussing this for days and you picked ONE post out of all those. Sorry, TANIA may have said it. As far as I know, the rest of us did not.

Anonymous said...

The more of those q&a's I watch, the more creepy their relationship seems. He may not know it yet, but his obsessioEn with recording his life is going to bite him majorly. He may not get implicated in her death, but I don't think the 'good life' ($$$) is in the future for him. He is now tainted by exposure to those outside his bubble.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I find the Q + A horrible, but there is something lovely and genuine about Amanda.

I think she may have been too "good" in behavior for him, and may have stayed with him as an honest commitment to her faith and family .

She appears to be the 'real thing' and I feel horrible for her family.

I wonder if they suspect him as a mastermind behind this.


Anonymous said...

He is so FOS, talking about his 'duty' to change his son's diaper and how unnatural that feels to him. He has no real connection to Amanda or Weston, so apparent.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

trustmeigetit said...
"For us, we don't have anything to hide," he said.

To me, I feel like his mind went to the person that he had kill Amabda. "Us" and "we" being him and his hired gun.

November 19, 2015 at 5:43 PM

Astute comment.

Skeptical said...

Davey Blackburn sounds as if he has been brainwashed. The "we" he keeps using sounds like the accepted response of a group belief system. I think he is showing the dichotomy between what he himself believes and what he thinks he is expected to believe. His language shows the disconnect.

Shannon In CA said...

Oh... and I just reread Tania's post. She did NOT say he raped Amanda. Not at all.

She, like others, have said he told a JOKE about rape scene that went over her head. How does that imply he actually raped Amanda? It doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say... You can be a "good Christian girl" and still have kinky sex with your husband. I say this as one of those girls. ;)

I think he's guilty, but dang if I don't hope I'm wrong. I'd like to think she didn't have a DREADFUL life and death, though I do believe she had a very sad and broken marriage that she wanted and tried desperately to fix.

Jill S. said...

Shannon - no need to be condescending. I don't need calming down.

Shannon In CA said...

Peter... according to "Joe" the person whose friend supposedly knows Amanda, the parents DO suspect him and have since she was on life support. If we believe Joe.

Shannon In CA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shannon In CA said...

Jillian, you said I was wrong because of a TL;DR comment, which I actually DID read last night, and which didn't say what you said it said. So forgive me for taking offense when you essentially told me I was wrong for missing ONE comment...that turned out to not say that at all.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/Peter, she seems totally genuine and a wonderful soul. He seems totally fake. I feel so badly for her being in this marriage, trying to make it work with a partner who can barely fake sincerity. We in this online community, seem to feel so much more affinity and affront about her life ending, than her own husband. It is so terrible for her and her children.

Shannon In CA said...

Plus... Tania doesn't deserve to have her comment misinterpreted...IMO

Anonymous said...

Who is Joe and where did this information come from? Curious!

Jill S. said...

You must not have read tania's post thoroughly! She definitely hypothesized anal rape.

I never stated tania "said" CD raped Amanda. tania definitely strongly implied that she thinks that is how things went down. That's unnecessary.

Juliet said...

I was almost sick when I read that Amanda had been sexually assaulted, too - it's too much. That poor girl, I hope it happened after she was shot, and was not why she was shot.

Davey making a point of playing with his wedding ring - oh, dear. Sitting in the Noble mega church, imagining how Amanda's death will lead him to being leader of his own mega-church - if it all turns out 'right'. Sickening.

I would like to know if Amanda owned a gun, as there were Davey posts/tweets about them being at a shooting range. If she had a gun, did she want one, or was it Davey's idea, I wonder. Either an interest, or she was learning how to use it - maybe they both were learning.


In the latest clip, where Davey speaks of his last moments with Amanda, he speaks of what he said to her when she was in hospital, brain dead. Technically, those may have been the last moments - I'd expect him to speak of his last moments with Amanda, or the last conversation, before the shooting, and while she could actually engage and respond to him.

So, he reads here - he attempts to say some of the things he didn't - he's now saying it's not real to him yet - it's real enough to be doing the round of tv interviews.


Brilliant analysis, Peter - prolific output, I'm exhausted trying to keep up. :).

Skeptic said...

From the inside edition interview, he says:

"HIM growing up without HIS mom"

In the article they quote him as saying:

"I don't even know if I can explain the gamut of emotions I feel on a daily basis," Blackburn said. "When I go to bed at night and when I wake up in the morning, I feel alone."

So now we finally know how he feels - alone, that's it. Lots of parents of young children just want some alone time.

Anonymous said...

In the justice seekers facebook page, there is a photo of the "burglars" face in a hoodie at the first robbery, looks a lot like a woman with a "man face" ie: contouring, fake beard etc. hmmm.

Jill S. said...

From tania:
"He also introduced a joke about butter which went over Amanda's head.
It relates to an anal sex ALMOST ANAL RAPE SCENE in last tango in paris.

Why would he introduce anal sex into church, was it something Amanda refused point blank to do (even though he told followers that in the bedroom anything goes)
Was it something he was familiar with in that he refers to using butter as a sexual lubricant?"

Everything in here implies anal rape. I'm not misinterpreting anything tania wrote.

Anonymous said...

Lets just cool it about the butter. Its distracting and i feel like things are about to blow up for him. I feel like lawyering up is next and soon.

Anonymous said...

Blogger Anon said...

He made jokes during his sermons about weston getting hurt. In one video he talked about his plasma screen almost falling off the wall while weston was in the room and he was very relieved that the tv wasnt hurt. In another video he jokingly says that he dropped Weston after weston peed on him.

November 19, 2015 at 3:31 PM

It makes you wonder WHY she would be defending her son. He was upstairs. Something seems very off in that robbers (who may or may not have been more interested in valuables, and sexual assault than a 15 mo old kid) would harm or kill a baby who obviously is too young to be a threat as a witness, especially since he never saw the attacker...

This makes me wonder if Davey, if responsible in some way, also wanted his son gone too, thus she needed to defend BOTH of them. He obviously does not have a bond with his son like mom did, and it shows painfully every time he speaks. This I also considered when posting that the primary caretaker loss often puts young children into a inconsolable state at times when mom never comes...this may contribute

In regards to the suspect on the video, I believe the cops did say the vid shows them entering and exiting DBs house. That being said, if sexual assault occurred, and they know this via DNA, then they likely got a database hit from a prior arrest or other DNA collection like military DNA profile records(yes everyone that joins gives up a sample by blood), so its not likely DB's.
Just sayin'

Oh yes, and the last moments just showed up, LOL the day after it was on this blog!!

Anonymous said...

I agree Peter, there is no way to view Amanda other than as a lovely lovely person and a beautiful spirit-filled Godly woman in every way. She was a true Godsend to this cruel idiot and he violated her as a Godly Christian woman, wife and mother, deep within her soul. He was stealing her soul from Christ and tearing her psyche to shreds psychologically while he held her in his trap; she knew it, and saw no way out. She was at his mercy as he used and humiliated her. This is pure evil.

She was a strong woman, but would she have been able to endure over the long run, no matter how determined she was to tough it through? We will never know. We are human beings and the human mind can only take so much pain, no matter how close we hold fast to our walk with Jesus. She was otherwise alone in her journey; she had no loyal close confidant that she could depend on to help her out of the grasp he had on her life. He had psychological control and the adoration of everyone in their lives, including her family.

I don't know if she ever would have realized that she could free herself of him. I am so sad for her. She had everything to give to her son and to her unborn baby. Robbed from them and from herself and her walk with Christ. Her untimely and gruesome death is a loss beyond description.

He may get away with his part in her murder, and I do believe that somewhere, somehow, within the scheme of the morning, he had a part in it; but he will never lead the fulfilling life he thinks he will. God gave him Amanda and he did not love or appreciate her, he only belittled this beautiful gift God gave to him. God is not to be mocked. He will pay dearly for the evil he did to Amanda, one way or another. ABB

Skeptic said...

I wonder if the gun was their gun kept in the home. It was used to kill her and then taken. Or rather, "stollen." Wouldn't that be convenient?

The motive will be financial in some way. It's astounding how little insurance money people will kill for.

dch said...

Yeah - who is Joe??

DSR said...


What a great blog - I can't believe it has taken me so long to find this place. As a medical professional with training in independent medical examinations and clinical forensic medicine (although now retired from that line of work), I am always drawn to these types of cases because inevitably science ends up being the best advocate for the deceased/harmed. Since my work was on the clinical/medical side, I have had limited exposure to statement analysis.

I was sent a link to this case when it first happened from a family friend who knows Amanda's family. After reading the first paragraph of the story I, like all of you, immediately knew something wasn't right. I will being following this case closely.

Thank you Mr. Hyatt for all of the time you have put into this.

Anonymous said...

Fox59 Indy 10 minutes ago
"Sources are saying they are questioning at least three men in connection with the BRUTAL SEXUAL ASSULT AND SHOOTING of Amanda Blackburn. Officers served several search warrants today in connection with the case." -TJC

Anonymous said...

Jullian, give it a rest and get off Shannon's back. Tania's too. There was nothing wrong with Tania's post, OR Shannons. Every comment and question Tania raised were right on course. It's YOU who is off the beam. Go have a drink or three missy... or whatever you are. Enough already. ABB

1crosbycat said...

I hope they got DNA from the unborn baby to see who the daddy is. My forensic sci major kid says they don't do that automatically.

Skeptical said...

Anonymous 3:28

I find your theory interesting.

"2) My working theory is this: He wanted sex in the morning. Maybe she agreed, maybe not, but it was rough enough to appear as assault. She said/did something that upset him. He shot her. He then left for the gym (he left about a half hour later than normal, which would fit with pre-gym sex) to give himself a plausible alibi. Then he came home and called in the emergency to 911."

This is what Couty Alexander did. He shot his pregnant wife in the head before he went to work for the day and then called 911 when he came home and found her. It would be interesting to check what searches he made on his computer. That is where Billy Dunn found a kidnap scenario she used.

Jill S. said...

7:10 "anonymous"-

Thanks, 'shannon' (or 'tania';)

Oh, and it's Jillian, not Jullian. Have a great night!

Anonymous said...

It will be more than suspect if AB was sexually assaulted anally. That would be very telling!

kimisan03 said...

Has anyone noticed that he is not touching Amanda in literally any of the photos floating around? She is often touching him, but never the other way around. I saw some pictures from her memorial service, as well, and there was not even a single photo of her alone. He was in all of them.

Anonymous said...

Where are the photos from the fb page of the suspects face? I searched and didn't see such posts?

Anonymous said...

Jesus. At this point, I dislike all of you so much, I hope this creep is completely innocent and it blows up in the 'Statement Analysis' face.

You are all so cliquish and mean-spirited.

Peter- keep a close eye on your asshole buddies

Anonymous said...

Alrighty Jillian. Thank you, I will have a great night, hopefully. Sorry I misspelled your name. Oh, in case you didn't know, Tania and Shannon are two different people, not the same. BTW, I am not anon, I am ABB, which happens to be my real initials. YOU have a good night as well! ABB

Anonymous said...

Alrighty Jillian; thank you, I will have a great night, hopefully. Sorry I misspelled your name. Oh, in case you didn't know, Tania and Shannon are two different people, not the same. BTW, I am not anon, I am ABB, which happens to be my real initials. I post it under anony because I have not registered my initials, see? YOU have a good night as well! ABB

GeekRad said...

Whoa, I am going to have to take the time to keep up! I am leaning towards Karl's theory that it was a church member. And think Davey has guilty knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Ewww... my computer is crewed up again. Sorry about that. ABB

Anonymous said...

I tend to think Davey has knowledge as well. In the least he's a dangerous sociopath.

Anonymous said...

He is also a pathological liar. Without cause. Amanda corrected him openly in several of his unnecessary lies. God only knows what other lies she didn't bother to correct. He would have been more than a handful for any woman in her right mind to try to live with. Sick freak. ABB

Jill S. said...

ABB - It's easy for me to believe that tania and shannon.. And you!-are the same person.

Alrighty- Thanks, Peter.

GeekRad said...

I am with anon at 6:50. Enough butter talk and I won't be surprised to see him lawyer up.

Anonymous said...

There could have been less butter talk but shannon and abb kept it going. strange

lynda said...

Well after the Inside Edition interview, it's obvious that there is really no point in ever getting free editing RD. Davey's been reading and now is being coached..change of hair, dress, wedding ring, etc. its laughable. Altho he still says completely creepy stuff..we've done this long distance thing before..wh?..WHAT?? Does he think she's just on vacation? Contrary to her sister, you can't just "talk" and have conversations with the dead. He's a sick bastard. If I was the one murdered, my brother would've gone over there and kicked the piss out of him until he confessed. Ugh..just horrible

trustmeigetit said...

Statement analysis is never wrong.

Anonymous said...

Kudos Lynda. Great post @9:24.

Anon @8:07, right this minute is the first time, here and now, that I've used the word "butter." It is not one of my words. Find someone else to falsely accuse.

And YOU Jillian are wasting your time if you think Shannon, Tania and I are the same person. This says you aren't even competent to learn statement analysis. We are THREE different posters. But I guess simple truth and logic is over your head, 'eh?


trustmeigetit said...

Thank you Peter...I'm slowly learning.

SA is hands down the greatest thing and I rarely miss a day if your writing.

A said...

People, please stop with the drama so we can focus on why we are here. Peter, you are doing a terrific job. Thanks for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

I agree Lynda... he is now being coached!!! It's sick!!! - TJC

Shannon In CA said...

Uhhhh...I haven't talked much about it in days that I remember and only at first because it disturbed me... I only mentioned it today because I felt we were falsely accused of saying davey actually raped Amanda.

Carnival Barker said...

In the Q&A when Davey was talking about the app for $10 a month that restricts your porn-watching, he also mentioned that both Amanda and his pastor (I'm now thinking Noble) would get sent a report weekly listing EVERY website he visited, so I'm sure he wouldn't have used his own devices to do any suspicious Google searches.

He looks like Mr. Roper with that sweater on.

Anonymous said...

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Just a quick thought here, if this were my spouse:

I think my response to an interviewer would be "While I understand LE has to clear the spouse and family first, I did not kill Amanda. I had nothing to do with her murder. I loved my wife-she was my wife, my best friend!". As far as the initial LE questioning though, I'd be really angry at LE for even thinking/suggesting/implying such a thing and then hopefully my rationale would kick in that this isn't personal, they're just doing their job and this is what they have to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you FFOF, but wasn't he cleared in the first 5 minutes by LE?

Why didn't he say that?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @ 3:28- Good post!

I've been wondering sort of the same thing. I think it's perfectly conceivable that Davey could have shot her prior to leaving for the gym. It's also conceivable that he wanted to have sex and she didn't (tired, morning sickness, turned off by his inconsideration for her in general). He could have demanded her submission and not getting it, forced her. I think Davey uses sex primarily as a stress release. Being a minister's son, dreaming of a mega-church, a wife was a necessity. Who videos yourself on your honeymoon, as if all your fans are just waiting to see and hear where you are? Better still, who wants to take everyone you know with you on your honeymoon via video?

The real robbery two doors down could be coincidental. If several people robbed that house, why weren't several people involved in this "robbery" as well? It seems odd that one would break & enter the other house, the SUV pulled up to load, then drove away, leaving a sole person walking to somehow discover the Blackburn door (unlocked or open). Perhaps the perps had to unload their haul? Did the suspect try the doors on the house in between? Which door did the suspect enter? Overhead garage door, connecting inside door, front door, back door? LE has him/her on video entering and leaving, therefore they should know what time he/she was there and for how long. So, it's really a question of who shot her.

I wonder how/when Davey got Amanda's rings? Being pregnant, her fingers were likely swollen and the rings would not have come off easily. In the ER? When they disconnected life support? From the funeral home?

More answers = more questions

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Frankly, I'm not totally convinced that the gym alibi is airtight. How many and where are the entrances and exits to the gym? Are all of the doors video-monitored or are they manned? Not knowing the layout of the gym and the security, is it possible for Davey to be seen checking in and leave via an un-monitored door)or even a window? I hope LE checked his gym locker and gym bag. I wonder if he carried a particular bag? Is his workout habitually that long? Did anyone see him working out? What equipment did he use? Did he habitually shower at the gym? Did he on the 11th? Before or after the workout or both?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anon @ 2:23 A.M.

LE said they cleared him. Who determined that, using what criteria, who knows? I know they have both protocol and experience, so I choose to trust they know what they're doing (and I believe they do). You're right though, why didn't he issue a reliable denial? Perhaps because as a narcissist, he just expected to be believed. You should choose a name. With all the crazy Anonymous drama lately on the Amanda Blackburn articles, I wouldn't want to be mistaken for one of the crazies. LOL

IMO, Perry Noble and Resonate church are going to have a PR problem on their hands. All the coaching and reading SA and SM and behavioral tweaking in the world isn't going to help, Davey's no that good of an actor. Irregardless, his effect is flat because it's just not there. Zeal he's got plenty of, because religion and politics are governed by the same region in the brain. Empathy and compassion are a different story entirely. Davey doesn't love people; he loves numbers because they represent success.

I loved how he lied with:

"and I think the the hardest thing even in the midst of dealing with loss in the midst of dealing with losing the person that you feel like you know, completed you and we shared some many great memories and we shared everything that we did together and there's not one aspect of my life that she wasn't a part of and not one aspect of her life that I wasn't apart of..."

Oh yeah, what about those filters you mentioned to get around reporting your internet browsing history to your wife and pastor? How would he personally know?

Sorry Jillian- you might want to roll and scroll about now because I'm going there.

What about the butter? Amanda was indeed clueless as to what he was referencing. It has nothing to do with her being a "good Christian girl". Guys that have to be monitored by both their pastor and their wife have a track record. I'm betting that monitoring wasn't his idea. Remember, Perry Noble was relying on Amanda to "balance" Davey, keep Davey in check. If I were a gambler, I'd bet money Amanda was pure and Davey was driven snow, given his casual remark that guys think "How much territory can I cover?"

Can you honestly say you are involved in every aspect of your spouse's /significant other's life and vice-versa? That's either control freak or co-dependency.

Now that I think about it (nod to Peter), that's not what Davey said. Anything said in the negative is sensitive. Hmm. ;)

M said...

oh wow. Maybe someone already pointed this out, but how contrived was that when he was looking at and touching his wedding ring?!

Anonymous said...

Why does everyone assume it was an intruder? Why do readers not speculate that it was Davy Blackburn himself that shot her before he left the house? Anger and rage from being denied his right to sex with his wife? He raped her, and shot her point blank so she could never tell and ruin his Christian Pastor reputation. He wanted revenge. Leaves the house unlocked purposely to allude police into believing there was an intruder. He throws the gun in neighbors yard so as not to bring it to gym. His wife declined one to many times and he went into fit of rage. I don't belive there was an intruder. He knew there were complaints about burglars in the neighborhood, he hoped this would explain his wife's murder.

Anonymous said...

First off, I love this site! I saw DB's first statement, the one put out in print, and immediately took to the internet to find out more about him and to make sure I was not alone in being repulsed by his bizarro statement. HIs thought process is damn near transparent. I stumbled in here and am fascinated. I find SA really exciting. I'm not "anonymous." You can call me BB. I write for a living. I do PR. I find his words beyond shocking. He has no idea what he is actually communicating. He is not a very complex person. His thought processes are easy to read. However, I find his commitment to his public persona and his self-promotion over the top even by corporate social media and marketing standards. His communication choices are shocking and scary. He is absolutely not a person I would ever want to be around. He seems more than just fake. He seems like a person who is hiding who he fundamentally is. AND... he doesn't seem to be very good at faking anything either. But...I degress. I should probably erase the digression instead of apologizing for it, but I'm going to leave it out there becuase this is fascinating to me. Anyway...I didn't come here to assassinate his character. The REAL reason I decided to post in here is to ask a legit question.

Anybody see this? A few days ago I KNOW I saw a post on DB's Facebook, maybe from 2010, 11 or 12 that I cannot find now. It was a photo of a handgun. I think it was in a grey case and DB's comment was "Best. Christmas. Present. Ever. Thanks to my father in law!" or Maybe "Best. Inlaws. Ever. Thanks for the awesome Christmas present!" Something like that. It may have been from his father instead of father-in-law, but it was a gift from a relative anyway, I believe. My recollection of his exact wording may be imprecise, but it was his usual over the top excitement... It is entirely possible I am confused becasue I was so frantically scouring the net for stuff related to him and his church and his church people. I guess it is possible it was on one of his friends' pages. I realize this is not exactly SA, so if this is not the proper forum for this question, then I am sorry as well. I do not want to make this a den of speculation. I'm not trying to spread rumors or misinformation. I just feel like somebody must have seen that social post! I can't believe nobody is talking about it anywhere. Granted, owning a gun is NO implication of guilt. Let me say that loud and clear. Not trying to be anti-gun, because I am decidedly disgusted with teh anti-gun crowd. Most people that own guns do not use them for criminal purposes. This dude is wacko, though, and his wife was shot. So I am curious if anybody else saw that photo or knows anything about anybody talking abou it. Thanks again and sorry if you have to delete this or something. If so, I'll come back with a more benign introduction!

Anonymous said...

The Etzy account says vendor is in South Carolina. Since this is where merchandise is shipped from I would think it's important to show trustworthiness that they match up.

Peregrine said...

I am new to this site, so first I want to thank Peter for hosting this site and providing the rest of us with a place to become educated about SA, share thoughts and allow us an outlet for venting our frustration over this injustice without the usual name calling and attacking that goes on at news forums.

I, too, without any former exposure to SA was struck by the statement/events and felt my intuition telling me something was terribly wrong with DB. What strikes me, as I read all the comments,watch the videos, interviews, and listen to Resonate web podcasts is the timing of the killing in respect to DB’s “company work” schedule. I find it interesting that they just finished up a big series on marriage/SEX/co-parenting and then before another series starts, she’s dead. Of course, it’s easy to dismiss it as merely coincidental but when paired with his narcissism I find it not so unlikely. A friend recently went through a divorce (with children) from a narcissistic man and when I pressed her for why the marriage fell apart she was quick to say, “Because I no longer held any value to him. I stopped doing all the things that made him look good to everyone so he emotionally and physically attacked me until I left.”
I realize this isn’t SA but would be interested in whether DB made changes to the schedule of events with his staff and guests during this series and whether he shortened the number of weeks, compressed the topics into fewer events or moved the schedule around to get this series in quickly. I think a review of the work schedule for the past 3 months could be very telling and provide support for premeditation IF in fact he is guilty of being involved in her killing.

I should add that back in the 90’s I attended a Mega church, Willow Creek in Barrington, IL which was a breath of fresh air coming from my lifelong small, traditional Protestant church. I loved attending and drove an hour each way to just to hear the music and ministry message. I was going through a divorce of my own and every week I felt the message fed me in a way my traditional church couldn’t and wasn't during that time in my life. I just want to clear up that not all Mega churches are alike.

Anonymous said...

Here you go, Anonymous (BB) at 11:11 a.m.

BB said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Thanks from BB! I'm clearly not super web savvy. :)

Unknown said...

Reminds me of this case

Unknown said...

Sorry this case^^^

Anonymous said...

Why is it still being reported that Amanda had been sexually assaulted? Yesterday Lt Riddle IMPD spokesperson denied the previous report that they had determined she was sexually assaulted. He said they have DNA evidence in this case, and have not confirmed and are unable to say if she has been sexually ABUSED. The term being changed to sexual abuse says they are looking at a whole different scenario surrounding their physical findings. This is so key, why is it not being pointed out?

Pak31 said...

Something is off with this husband which is why I had to come check out what Peter thought of this. I'm learning a lot of info I didn't know before which makes me suspect him even more but for me, thinking he might be involved, the clue was how composed and unemotional he's been in interviews just shy of a week of her death. Not a death from something that you know is coming but a shocking death, one that didn't happen right away, she lasted a day. She was pregnant, young and a mom. Yet the husband seems barely affected. After just a week of going through the worst thing you could go through he seems fine. That's not normal. I think it was a sham marriage on his part and he's a total narcissist involved in things like women, money etc.

Pak31 said...

I love people's theories here about how her husband could have managed to commit this crime but what about the use of her credit or debit card by someone? Someone bought gas with it and someone tried to use it at am ATM. I guess Davey could have given it to someone to use to throw off authorities.

CJ said...

Peter, transcript of Nov. 8 Birth announcement

We have fears and some of them are rational and some of them aren’t, rational at all, and, and fear can translate into worry, and I’m just like you. I worry about things.

Like. you’re not going to show up to this church and it’s going to be a perfect pastor who doesn’t have any problems. I—worry—about—things—just like you.

I worry about finances. Like how are we gonna pay that bill, and how are we gonna make these ends meet, I mean how are we gonna do this—I worry about that. I bet every single person here worries on some level about that.

I worry about my future.

I worry about th–the future of this church.

I worry about th– th– th– th– th– the fragility of– of a new church and wh–wh– what that looks like.

I worry, I worry about my kids.

Davey, did you just say kids? Yes I did. Guess what?

Come on! Yeah-he-he!

We just went through a Love Song series, I just want you to know, that your pastor is smokin’ what he’s selling. He is practicin’ what he’s preaching. Come on, somebody.

We are expecting our second little one, so I’m praying for you guys, because you know how preacher’s kids are.

But I mean in that route when you get like, when, when your spouse gets pregnant don’t you worry about everything, like I remember Weston, I went up in the middle of the night, and, and just like for no reason and just because I was worried I would go just check to see if he was still breathing I got—, I just worry.

kimisan03 said...

@BB (Anon at 11:11),
I don't think it was on this thread, but another poster on here confirmed your suspicions and posted a screenshot of the FB post you mentioned; you were right about both the gray gun and the wording of the post!
Welcome to the site! We have all sorts here--law enforcement, HR, stay-at-home parents, writers like you. I'm an elementary music teacher. Statement Analysis works for everything!

kimisan03 said...

Just to prove it works for everything, here's an anecdote that happened during 1st grade class yesterday when one student told me another student was swearing:

ME: What happened?
KID: What do you mean?
ME: (Kid) told me you've been saying some bad words.
KID: I ain't!
ME: silence
KID: I ain't!
ME: silence
KID: Well, I wasn't saying it to him!


Anonymous said...

The second I heard about this case I was suspicious and since then I can't help but think Davey was behind this. I'm reading the comments, but think I'm missing a source somewhere - Where does Davey refer to their marriage as bad. I see the degrading way he talks about their sex life, so I can't imagine it was a good marriage, but where does he actually say it? Also, is there proof he had a hookup app? He's so skeezy!!!

WhatTheHell1 said...

I love this site, you all are kindred spirits sleuths like myself. I love using the statement analysis it is on point with my opinion after I saw him on the Today show. I agree with others who found it odd about the intruder home invasion theory. What I also found odd is the suspects arrested two young African-American men (the other guy also African-American I am not sure if they consider him a suspect in the actual murder or not but a participant in the crime. They do not live in the neighborhood, maybe have done some work there but that hasn't been mentioned. The Blackburns aren't from what I gather wealthy enough to them to risk going into a neighborhood where they will be noticed, killing a woman with a child at home not knowing who else was in the house or would for that matter show up and interrupt the robbery and rape, and be brazen enough to use her ATM card all over town. No it looks like an amateur hour murder for hire and if true will come out soon. I mention race and age because as an African-American in the wake of all these police shootings and killing of black males doubt even the most unsophisticated, and plain stupid guy would take an immediate risk of getting caught and shot on spot without known financial gain. But I have no proof to back any of this up just intuition and experience.