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Reasons Why Davey Blackburn Was Not Involved in The Murder of Amanda

Statistics of murdered pregnant women show that the husband/boyfriend is the most likely suspect.  Familiar homicide investigations begin with family and move outward in suspects as each family member is cleared.

Fox News reported this normal suspicion but also added that the victim's husband's initial written statement was narcissistic which surprised them, given the circumstances.  Jeanine Shapiro said that it was all about the husband and his career.  To this, Statement Analysis agreed.

Police announced that the lone gunman who caused Amanda Blackburn's arrest as well as two others associated with it, who were in the area, robbing other homes, though there has been no reported violence in any other home than Blackburn's.

I have asked experienced investigators, analysts and professionals what they could say to help support the premise that Davey Blackburn has no association with those who killed his wife.

I  asked the same of the public, with readers to submit reasons why they could or should believe that the husband has no connection to the killers.  

I.  That Which Suggests Guilty Association with gang

II.  That Which Suggests No Association with gang

By putting one in proximity to the other, it allows for easy to comparison.  In either case, police investigation will be lengthy to learn the truth.

I.  Guilty Association

1.  Coincidence
2.  Language
3.  Lack of Denial

II.  No Guilty Association

1.  Police:  no arrests, nor announcements
2.  Religion examined. 

I.  Guilt Association

1.  The coincidental nature of the case:

The pastor described having a bad marriage made worse by pregnancy.  His pregnant wife was killed. This, alone, has led some detectives to say, "What are the odds?"

The victim said that bad marriage was due to his career focus.  His initial statement showed that his career took precedence and even warned potential future pastors that wives can "slingshot" a pastor to success or hinder the career.  His wife competed for his attention with his career.

Two days before she was killed, he used a gun on stage where he was video taped using it as a prop. She was killed by a gun.

Personality:  his mentor said that something was "wrong" with him.  The husband said that in junior year of high school he "told a lie" which caused an entire school to be disappointed in him; teachers, administrators, and coaches.  This one "lie" caused his friends to pull from him, even, leaving him utterly alone.  His next school year was in a new school in a new state suggesting that this one "lie" caused his family to move to another state and his father to leave his own career work.

That something is "wrong" is further evidenced in his video performances, obsession with sex, projection of his own sex drive, and the insult and humiliation of his wife, who failed to satisfy him sexually.  That these are all public statements, alone, suggests that his mentor was correct, but his language shows a distinct "anti-social" and "narcissistic" tone.

The murder took place while he was at the gym, a place where he said he experienced sexual temptation.  In spite of knowing that there were break ins, the door was unlocked and in his call to his best friend, he stayed outside the house for 40 minutes, on the phone, while his wife lay bleeding out.

2.  Language

Statement Analysis:  Guilty language evidenced.

This was seen in the extreme distancing language, including the pronoun "we" where only "I" is indicated.  Parents of young children even recognize this factor where a person 'hides' his guilt in a crowd of others.


He showed no fear of the killer for himself, his son, or his neighbors.
He did not mention his unborn son but used the death to advertise for his career, repeatedly.
He did not say he loved Amanda, nor that Amanda loved him.
His language about capturing the killer was weak;
His language minimized the murder into "event" and "circumstances" and not murder.
The distancing was extreme:  "the family was devastated", and "we will dialog with Weston"
The language of advertising was incessant, from slogans used, to "Amanda's Story", all while the killer remained at large.

3.  Denial

Blackburn was asked to deny involvement, but did not issue a denial. 

When publicly confronted with the accusation, he did not deny involvement, but only said, "For us, we have nothing to hide."

In Statement Analysis, when one says, "I have nothing to hide" instead of "I didn't do it", it is an invitation to "look for that which has been hidden."

By using "we", and affirming it with "us", he indicated that he is hiding something and it is with the assistance of at least one other person.

a.  He accepted that police had to suspect him;
b.  He did not deny the allegation
c.  He used the language of guilt with "for us, we have nothing to hide."

Question:  Then how is it that he could not have done it?

II.   No Guilty Association 

1.  Police

Police have only arrested the shooter and two associates and have not publicly connected him to the gang members.

This is the sole answer I have received in support of the theory of no association:  that it has yet to be found.  

Each theory as to why the language indicated guilt or distance, presented did not explain the lack of human grief, or the lack of fear of the unknown killer, or how, in the face of such tragedy, he could focus so precisely upon advertising, to the point of quoting numbers. 

For many, it came back to, "but what about the odds?" 

In seeking to explore the case, I sought, within myself, as well as detectives, analysts, and other experts to find something to buttress the theory that the husband could not possibly be involved. This includes ever meeting the gang members, or those who, in organized crime (gang) were above the actual arrested members.

With all those I have consulted, none were able to come up with a reason to clear him other than "thus far" police have not linked him.  Cold case detectives regularly deal in cases where guilty suspects have been cleared in the initial investigation.  It is an element of cold case work that is difficult, but a norm.

Readers,  too failed to come up with anything either.

Therefore, we ask:  

Does the subject's own religion make him less likely to have involvement?


The husband could not be the killer because, as Fox News said, he is "a man of God."  

This would mean that his religious beliefs would restrain any temptation greatly.  This resistance to crime would be seen in:

1.  Devout:  A close adherence to the tenants of religion, with no known compromising, twisting,  or negating for the purpose of personal gain. Since Christianity teaches "thou shalt not", is he devout in his beliefs, making it a powerful influence away from crime, or does he display a cavalier attitude in which any tenant or aspect of the faith be changed to suit his priorities, thus weakening the overall influencing effect?

2.  Background:  A strong history void of troubling behavior or any indications that one has any form of psychological indicator of trouble. 

A peaceful non-trauma background with no history of psychological disturbance, combined with devout adherence to truth would serve as 'buffers' or influences away from criminal behavior. 

Therefore, he could not be associated because of his strong belief, refusing to alter the beliefs, and a stable upbringing  with no hint of psychological disturbance. 

Even in the presence of both of these elements, one can still commit serious crime, but these two would be considered things one would have to 'overcome' to commit such a crime. 

Therefore, if he is known to 'twist' or negate Scripture, and if he has some signals of serious disturbance in childhood, "Religion" would not be considered a good 'reason' to support the "no association" theory. 

There are two things that weaken this defense:
1.  His pragmatic view of religion 
2.  His background story of "the lie" 

This means that he is free to be "unconventional" in his approach to Scripture.  (This is not the genuine disagreements that people have; but an actual twisting in order to fulfill  priority).

What does his language tell us about:

a.  His priorities
b.  His marriage
c.  Murder

His language shows what he defines "success" as being numbers in attendance and is similar to the language of his mentor.  This is a pragmatic or "unconventional" view and his statement of "doing whatever it takes" is evident in the videos.  The videos, themselves, suggest one who is not 'restrained' by traditional, historical Christianity, and likely need no further explanation.  

*Pragmatic view of Scripture found within his drive for numerical success.  This is also evidenced in the language of his mentor:

They say "whatever it takes" and they both have a willingness to depart from historic creeds and norms of Christianity for the purpose of popularity and numerical increase.  

For those unfamiliar with the evangelical world, it means a willingness to "reinterpret" or simply ignore entirely any teaching or practice of the church which will not lead to numerical success.

In this sense, Blackburn's own message about wives of ministers impact on the career, as well as his own wife's  statement about considering leaving him because he was only about his career now will focus on a belief that is not likely to lead to success:


The evangelical church seeks marriage counseling from those in successful marriages and a divorce (Amanda's desire to leave him) would have derailed his career terribly.  His career, according to his language, is his supreme passion.  

In his high school "lie" story, we are told that his whole world came crashing down from  just one lie; leaving the reader to guess what telling of a single lie could cause such impact, from his own teachers to school faculty to his family to his own peers, to possibly having a forced relocation of his entire family to another city and another school.

Actions cause trouble, but a single lie?  Even a false accusation of another would be something school officials would not likely be devastated over unless the lie was an action that...

devastated lives within the school.

If others were devastated, he affords them no sympathy in his post, but was concerned about one thing and one thing only:

His reputation.  This was his concern.  

What one lie could be so horrific to wreck his reputation?
What one lie could be of such a nature as to not only have adults turn from him, but peers?

I do not know, but can only guess.  

It is rare to consider something that would unite both groups while it is easy to think of something that would upset adults, but teens would rally around, or, that would upset the teens, yet the adults would be more like, "you did the right thing, son", even if his friends felt betrayed. 

What is so strange about this is that the lie cost him his friends.  Most male 17 year olds have gotten in some trouble and are very unlikely to abandon a friend unless he betrayed a friend, or lied about something even worse.  Betraying a friend might cost friends, but not teachers, faculty, coaches and parents.  

It would have to be something that is an affront to everyone, including teenaged boys.  Teens are quite forgiving of each other, often consoling each other with, "yeah, I almost did the same thing..." empathy or, "the adults don't understand." 

About the worst possible scenario I have come up with would be a false allegation of sexual abuse against a male teacher with himself as the victim.

This, if shown to be a lie, would be something that would disgust the community at large, and even disgust teenaged boys and cause them to pull away from their friend.  It is not just a "lie" but an attempted indictment of an utter disgusting nature that even after rescinded, will leave observers wary of he of whom the accusation was aimed.

This is something that would unite adults and teens in disgust.  

Beyond that, all the bad things teens do are well known to schools and churches who generally work to help the offender, rather than pull away from him.  In his post looking back, he wrote that he never felt so "utterly alone", which means others did not reach out to fix whatever he had done.

If the career is an obsession so powerful that even a murder is seen only in how it will bring in more customers, what would a divorce have done to one so deeply obsessed with success?

Could a twisted mind obsessed on numbers success who is already shown a willingness to 'change' or twist Scripture to fit his career, so conceive of a way of being free from Amanda without a divorce?

Was this something his mentor saw in him that alarmed him enough to say that he was not 'right'?

The high school story is alarming, but so is taking out a gun as a prop, two days before your wife is murdered; a wife of whom you openly stated was in a bad marriage along with the unborn child, who also had the open statement of how bad pregnancy made marriage.  So is the public statements about his sex drive, and the victim's inadequacies, and so much else that he has done "in the name of religion" that has caused Christians to recoil in discomfort, embarrassment and disgust.  

The high school lie story showed a distinct lack of empathy for its victims.  

Then, marriage could make or break his career, something so important to him that it trumped even his wife's murder, within his language.  

Now, divorce, the career ender, is no longer a possibility.

How lucky is that?

When one's own wife is brutally murdered and the killer on the loose and the husband shows no fear but can quote the exact number of new customers you can masquerade it any way you wish but the truth remains:

priority was and is just as Fox News said.

  This masquerading of guilt in religious language is not something that goes over well with both police, who have, in many cases, "heard it all", as well as those who see the priority and drive for success for what it is.

Don't think for a minute that they are not saying to themselves, 

"nobody is this lucky."

That his son is left bereft of his own mother is highlighted that "we" will "dialog" with him?  

Did the father of the child say this, or a child psychologist hired by the family?

When it was said that "the family is devastated", was this the husband of the victim speaking , 

or did a counselor hired by the family say it?

There is but one point that suggests that Blackburn is not connected to this murder and this is the fact that police have not found a connection...yet.  

Everything else says contrary:

His language, his behavior and even his pragmatic religious language fails to convince otherwise.

Police have a lengthy investigation ahead of them and they are dealing with a man who is very talented, in possession of a  strong intellect and who has a tremendous drive to succeed in life, at all costs. Did it cost Amanda her life, or is this all one big coincidence?

That he lacks human empathy was initially evidenced in his statement issued publicly, and then in his videos, his quest for numbers, and even in the high school "lie" account, where any possible grasp of the pain he inflicted upon others is absent replaced instead by his concern over his reputation.

When Amanda was murdered, he was incapable of saying "I love Amanda" and "Amanda loved me", and even in the subsequent corrected statements with "complete social introduction" and the mentioning of the unborn child, he still could not refrain ambition.

To have your wife murdered, in her own home, and her clothes torn off her would terrify anyone unless you knew the killer would not return for you, your son, or your neighbors

This can be masqueraded with religious language but it will be a masquerade that is noted. 

As his mentor properly sensed, there is something very wrong with him and if there is no association, he has done is best to make it appear that there is.

This is to conclude that neither religion nor upbringing would support the theory of no connection. 

Thus far, we have only that police have yet to announce an association on one side and a detailed list of coincidental circumstances on the other.  

Which is it?

*The robbery in the area does not explain the bizarre reaction and language. 

Question:  Would mental illness be so acute that one would have:

a.  distancing language 
b.  indicators of guilt
c.  no fear of the killer

yet still retain such powerful ambition as to make everything associated with this murder into a selling point?

There continues to be unanswered questions.  


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BallBounces said...

On the Not Involved side of the ledger, I would add that the evidence so far points to a string of burglaries, one of which resulted in a murder, rather than to a premeditated hit.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


That's the general "Police" category but point taken.

The problem?

It does not explain his reaction and lack of fear of killer.

Every professional I spoke to said they'd be terrified even as a cop w a gun

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I'm looking for something to stand up to the bizarre reaction and language but not the coincidental nature.

Is there some reason why he distanced himself, and had no concerns of such a fearful case?

Mental illness. ??

Confused said...

I am looking forward to reading carefully through this post, but just wanted to share a thought first as I have been thinking about this case all day:

How does anyone know if DB was really sitting in his driveway all that time?
How do they know he didn't go into the house?

Why would attacker shoot her in the back, and also in the hand? Was she running to try to call police? Odd because you would think the shot to the back would stop her from running to the phone. Would be no need to shoot her hand.

Again, these are things that make me think that the crime scene was staged.

I can't conceive of why an individual who had been shot in the back would need to be shot in the hand?
Or, why an individual who had been shot in the hand would need to be shot in the back?

I think it was made to look like some kind of a "tussle".

I think DB did it.

Another thing I think is odd is why the thieves would keep the receipt to the ATM?
Why would they even wait to get the receipt? It takes a couple extra seconds for the machine to spit the receipt out. Also, it is proof that they were the ones who burglarized the home. Why would they save it?

Is there any chance that DB was, at some point, in the car with them?
Sounds farfetched, but it seems ridiculous for thieves to wait extra time to get an ATM receipt and then rather than chuck it out the window, keep it in their car.

Food for thought.

Also, why had the thieves stolen bedsheets from one of the houses they burglarized before the Blackburn's house? It is possible they were going to use these sheets to wrap up Amanda after they, or DB murdered her?

Could one of their initial assignments have been to get rid of the body? But they panicked.

Could that, in fact, have been what they were assigned to do when they got to the house was to dispose of the body or bury the body perhaps in the backyard? Perhaps the one was left behind to do the digging and disposing in the backyard and then was supposed to flee on foot? Perhaps that was why DB sat in his driveway chitchatting, figuring when the guy was done he would flee from the back of the house.

Why else did they steal the bedsheets? What about the pink sweater? Why did they steal a pink sweater from the same house as the bedsheets, previous to robbing the Blackburn house? Could this have possibly been an item of clothing that the one was going to change into after he disposed of the body?

Deejay said...

With his history of minimization, The Lie could also be a rape of a fellow student. (Lie: 'He or she agreed') It could be filming of students in locker rooms. ('It wasn't me.') Indecencies with a child. ('It didn't happen / not provable.')
ps- notice all of our guesses are of a sexual misconduct...

Statement Analysis Blog said...


interesting point.

Dependent upon circumstances, this might disgust all, including friends, family, teachers, etc.


Anonymous said...

IMO. a very lucky break for those involved is that the police didnt arrive first. incredible luck?

Anonymous said...

He speaks to a lot of people and uses a lot of words in which anyone could use for entrapment.
He was raised in the south and would use more passive language-the language of guilt to a damn Yankee or someone from Flo-duh.
25 burglaries near the first home robbed with victims inside (the first one the killer wanted to kill as he was captured on film)
Vacant home robbed prior to death of AB. (Typical prior to robbery)
Neighbor's claim suspicions abounded prior to robbery (casing perhaps)
Typically, DB went to gym, spoke on phone each time and day of same week AB murdered.(Nothing odd there)
He never had to issue a reliable denial as he was never accused by the police. (Moot point)
It's his right to tell "Amanda's Story" more than anyone else; he was, after all, her husband and her journal rightly belongs to him. 'nuff said.
He is negligent and lives in a fairy tale world parading in church as a tough, street savvy dude but doesn't lock his own house door when leaving. (immaturity that's sweeping the nation)
He is easily led astray (not as intelligent as the author of this blog thinks, but I digress)
He is one of media's own-no stranger to the camera and little feeling for others. He loves 3 people-me,myself, and I.
The intruders had records and most likely whomever lived there at that time that day would be dead today-regardless of church affiliation. A coincident.
With 25 burglaries concentrated in one small area, I doubt LE will expend all their resources trying to pin something on someone because a crowd calls for it. Issuing alerts to the living citizens would be money well spent, there again- but I digress.
Aren't we all lucky that many are blogging instead of running the streets. Boy! How quickly crime would peak.

Anonymous said...

Explain lack of fear: adrenaline.

Anonymous said...

My what an imagination you have...

Confused said...

Sorry for the interjection, and maybe I have watched too much "Breaking Bad", but what if these thugs were hired only to do a "clean up", which would have been that they were supposed to merely dispose of the body after DB had killed her. It might explain the stealing of the car, stolen bed sheets, stolen sweater from the previous house they burglarized. Obviously if they were to dispose of a body, they are not going to use their own bedsheets, or their own car.
Maybe these guys chickened out. They got there, perhaps were undecided and figured they would leave the one guy behind to start doing the "clean up" while they robbed from the house by going to ATM (not smart). However, the guy left behind chickens out. DB gets home and doesn't know what to do so then stages the crime scene ie. tries to make it look like rape.
I apologize for interjecting and now going to read article.

Anonymous said...

Don't ya think the bed sheets may have prevented the TV's from getting scratched while transporting them to their warehouse(s)?

lynda said...

Confused at 9:36 said

"How does anyone know if DB was really sitting in his driveway all that time?
How do they know he didn't go into the house?

Why would attacker shoot her in the back, and also in the hand? Was she running to try to call police? Odd because you would think the shot to the back would stop her from running to the phone. Would be no need to shoot her hand.

Again, these are things that make me think that the crime scene was staged.

I can't conceive of why an individual who had been shot in the back would need to be shot in the hand?
Or, why an individual who had been shot in the hand would need to be shot in the back?"

I posted this somewhere else but what I think happened from the PC affadavit and autopsy findings was..

Perp went upstairs where Amanda was and she started to scream, he popped her in the mouth, knocking out a tooth, there was struggle, she raises her hand either in the struggle or to protect herself or to attack him. He shoots...bullet entered her lower forearm(because her hand was raised) and traveled to her bicep where it lodged. This would not be a shot that would take someone out and her adrenaline is basically leaking out her ears with fight or flight. She takes off down the stairs and he shoots her in the back (autopsy showed bullet went thru and thru and was a downward trajectory) shooter was chasing her so above her on stairs (we know something happened on the stairs because of money lying on the landing) and the bullet was recovered from the bottom of the stair. She makes it to where she either fell or passed out and he finishes her off execution style.
I don't think it was MEANt to be this bloody. I think, the animal that was given the task is hardly anyone I would think would have any type of self-control. He's not an experienced sniper or hitman..he's a gangbanger. They are NOT intelligent. They're stupid, high, drunk, whatever. We know they sat around drinking in the house down the street at the very least. The stealing of a pink sweater, a bag or oranges, is STUPID and on the fly. Oh, xmas is coming, I'll take this sweater for my mom, etc..Atm receipt, STUPID,DRUNK,MORONIC,THUGS. They are sub-par intelligent at best.

Peter, I immediately thought the same as you once you had broken down Davey's lie. It was so insightful how you concluded that, that it was crystal clear. It HAD to be a sexual lie against a faculty member/administrator. You broke it down and that is the ONLY thing that would devastate everyone. Students alike. Even high school boys might not turn against him for lying about a faculty member like that as they might have the we vs. them mentality but they would turn against him because there was a homosexual component to the lie. Now..they don't trust him that he is not gay. Not that he lied but they see him as a possible gay man and homophobia runs rampant in schools that are religious based (in my experience). The big question to me is , WHY? Why did he do it? Why did he lie? I will say again that I think narcissists, who hold society in contempt but yet want the attention and adoration or very much like Munchausen's in their need to be looked up to, be the focus of attention, adored, revered for their intelligence and perseverance in times of suffering, etc.

Sus said...

Narcissists cannot feel. They just can't. They create drama trying to. When something drops in his lap like this it's his chance to feel, or what he has mistaken for feeling.

DB is not frightened. He is not sad. He is actually excited at the prospect of feeling as he sees others do and he is not capable of.

Anonymous said...

Peter - What do you think of Kenneth Wagner's "eulogy"? I find the usage of DAVID very curious because it's the ONLY time he doesn't call Davey DAVEY. I wonder if Kenneth was on the phone while Davey was in the house as Amanda laid bleeding?

Kenneth Wagner:

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner.


Concerned said...

This is so well done!
Though I sure thought you had discovered the details of the "serious lie"!
I know that in the interest of accuracy you'll want to correct the part about Davey's dad leaving the state. He was still in Alabama, having moved to be Family Pastor at another Wesleyan church. (By the way, he is now in Brevard, NC at something called NEXT Church which also owns no building. I wonder if he is fronting a "plant" for the mentor.)
Thank you for all the time you've spent on this case.

lynda said...

Anon @ 9:46 said..

" (the first one the killer wanted to kill as he was captured on film"

This statement was made by the confidential informant that was used to get the PC affidavit. He stated that the "shooter told him that" and we ALL know that CI's are upstanding, non-lying people particularly when they are of the gangbanger variety.

I will come back to the ONE thing that makes me feel that Davey is involved and is neither coincidence or luck..

When he called 911 he did not convey to the 911 operator that there was any reason for police to be notified. He minimized what he could clearly see supposedly (knocked over furniture, his wife a bloody mess and half naked) to "unconscious and unresponsive" The police were not sent because DAvey didn't convey he needed them. Why? I'm not buying "he was in shock" That's just bullshit. You walk in on a scene like that and you want POLICE because they (for most people) represent PROTECTION. He had a son in that house and what he prizes most..HIMSELF..he would have no idea if they were still in the house hiding, or coming back, etc. He did not want the police to come and he conveyed information that prevented them from coming.

Confused said...


You broke things down very well!

I think you are spot on about what DB's lie in high school probably was. Who knows? He may have even incriminated the teacher by lying and saying he "saw" the teacher doing something to a student. Perhaps it was a teacher who had reprimanded him in some way.

To answer the question you asked at the end: I do not think mental illness could cause DB's behavior. I think DB, as you pointed out, seems narcissistic with anti-social personality but otherwise his brain works rationally and he has no problems understanding reality.

I have a feeling that DB is hiding a LOT.

Concerned said...

Someone on the last Blackburn thread researched Kenneth Wagner's Twitter account and found that during the 6 months she/he researched, Kenneth had made no reference to a conversation with Davey. Then, amazingly he added his tidbit to the whirlwind of coincidences, telling the Twitter "nation" that not only were they doing life that morning but everyTuesday.
Really, Kenneth?!

The commentator also said Davey had not mentioned Kenneth Wagner during that period except for once congratulating him on something happening at his "church".

More of the unexpected.

Confused said...

Anon @ 9:53,

I considered whether the sheets could have been used to transport stolen goods, however, I do not think these TVs were being brought to warehouses. They would be either given to someone who sells stolen merchandise or resold to Best Buy or a pawn shop. I don't think it's typical for thieves to steal bedsheets. Oftentimes in robberies, a thief may steal something that can be used to "carry" the stolen goods, something bag-like.

I think it is foolish to ignore the fact that corpses are frequently wrapped in bedsheets. The fact of the matter is, the stealing of the bedsheets at the previous house COULD BE AN INDICATOR that the murder was premeditated which would point directly at DB at having hired these guys to do a hit on his wife.

lynda said...

DeeJay said..

Deejay said...
With his history of minimization, The Lie could also be a rape of a fellow student. (Lie: 'He or she agreed') It could be filming of students in locker rooms. ('It wasn't me.') Indecencies with a child. ('It didn't happen / not provable.')
ps- notice all of our guesses are of a sexual misconduct...

I agree with the filming, or a child. The rape of a fellow studen? Unfortunately, even if it came out he DID rape..SOME of the other boys would still fall on his side if it was a girl. If it was another BOY, no. I really think there has to be some sort of homosexual element or implication to the lie as that would also turn his male peers against him and he would have to leave school. JMO

Anonymous said...

@confused, Your are wrong. Many thieves steal sheets, towels, food, sundries, etc when no big screen exists. This is why a master's degree isn't needed-it's an easy entry job, really. But, these thugs were big game hunters are had finally made it to the big time in home burglary in that they snared a car, jewelry, TVs, some food, and a ATM card while others were napping or getting ready to go to their day job.

Nope, they would have moved up had the one not pulled the trigger.

Maggie said...

Anon at 8:00

I don't think the guy with the gun in that pic is Alonso, but the other guy is Diano Gordan (dloc). Also notice she posted a comment by Breezy Montana - go to his page where you will find a comment from DB Facebook friend Treezy.....

I really hope LE has talked to Mr. Treezy.

Anonymous said...

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner

This statement is full of things we look at for SA. Body position- sitting at lunch. Sentence starting with "and". He uses "this story". He moves to "would speak" instead of past tense " have spoken". He then list events out of order, got off the phone, finished our conversation. Twice he says "walked in" which is not necessary to the sentence. He also switches between David and Davey.

Anonymous said...

from Canada....

Off topic but anyone see this from DB's blog "whatever it takes?"

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I would die if I couldn’t do ______________________

I would die if I didn’t have _____________________


I would die if I didn’t have my new cell phone


I would die if I couldn’t run and workout daily

****There’s mine let’s hear yours!

Confused said...


Thank you for you describing what happened regarding the assailant and Amanda. Sounds more and more like a hit from as you put it, an inexperienced moron. These guys were dumb. The ATM receipt in the car, that is beyond stupid.

Anonymous said...

Confused asked: "Another thing I think is odd is why the thieves would keep the receipt to the ATM?"

Because they're stupid? Same reason they drank beer/wine and left the bottles at one of the other homes they robbed.

The sheer stupidity of the suspects is an indication, imo, that this was not a hired hit. It's almost like they were trying to get caught.

Confused also asked: "Why would they even wait to get the receipt? It takes a couple extra seconds for the machine to spit the receipt out."

Uh ... to see the account balance?

Anonymous said...

What are you on??

Anonymous said...

As far as the atm receipt goes...some will print out with bank balance. Since the transaction was denied for $500, maybe they only waited for it to see how much was in the account.

Anonymous said...

ATM receipt usually shows an account balance. They may have wanted to know if it was worth trying the card again at another location or another day.

Anonymous said...

-Ya'll are spending most your time analyzing how he runs his church other than finding ways he might not be guilty.

There have been a few dumb criminals from time to time. It's rare, though. Most are super intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Is DB commenting now?! That Anonymous comment at 10:30 sounds just like him. Contemptuous of women and not as smart as he thinks he is. SMH


Confused said...

Anon @ 10:21

I understand what you are saying about thieves stealing this, that, and the other thing, and I agree, they stole a bag of oranges which were useless.

But, if you're a detective and you think DB might have hired these guys, I don't think you're going to ignore the fact that these guys stole bedsheets from the house before the murder.

Locally, I have read in the paper of people who have committed premeditated murder and then wrapped the victim in bedsheets. I am thinking of one incident that was brutal, premeditated, yet they wrapped her in bedsheets. I thought it was odd.

I just don't think you can ignore then having that in their minds, the bedsheets and stealing them right before the murder.

Mdkd6262 said...

In one of his interviews DB is asked about Weston - his response is that he's a great kid and what makes him so great is that he sleeps 12 hrs at nite and takes two 1-1/2 hr naps... then laughs. That's all he had to say about his son. If for no other reason, please god, for Weston's sake, let LE thoroughly investigate this narcissist... If he is innocent let the evidence show that, but if he is guilty, this child deserves for the truth to be exposed and to be rescued from the cold hands of a murderer. Just my opinion.

Confused said...

Anon said,

ATM receipt usually shows an account balance. They may have wanted to know if it was worth trying the card again at another location or another day.

Sure...they might want to look at it to see the balance but wouldn't you let it fly in the wind? That would be my instinct, to get it out of my hands right away, not save it for my records .

Anonymous said...

and, to all a goodnight.

Justice Seeker said...

Peter, said, "I asked the same of the public, with readers to submit reasons why they could or should believe that the husband has no connection to the killers. "

This is speculation but an attempt to answer your appeal,

Davey has an affair with a woman.
Woman "worships" Davey seeks to be his wife.
Davey insists he would never leave Amanda knowing how it would destroy his career. Woman does not want to destroy his career.
Woman hears sermon about the "weapons of worship over worry" and gets an idea.
Woman hires to people to kill Amanda without Davey's knowledge to take out her "worry"
Davey is now free from his wife and free in time to pursue another relationship with no harm to his career.
Davey would have guilt over adultery but no sadness at death.
Davey can appear on television without worry that he is in any way linked to murder.
Davey can appear guilty on television but not realize that guilt over adultery has been confused with guilt over the murder of his wife.
Woman lays low waiting until the crisis passes to rekindle romance free from worry over being found out.
Davey is free to pursue woman out in the open free from worry over injury to career.

In this scenario Davey has an association with the murders but NO knowledge of the desire to murder. Murder has been staged to give Davey plausible deniability.

Sus said...

My post above is in answer to Peter's explanation for DB's behavior.

I also want it clear narcissism is a personality disorder, not a mental illness. It is about thought processes and how the personality was formed.

I am actually leaning more and more toward a fourth arrest coming. I find it hard to believe Bull sat at his home taking calls about the burglaries and a murder, and wasn't involved. But his wife said she can't stand not to be called when he's out.

I find it hard to believe that Bull, who loves his clothes and shoes, lent his identifiable coat to Taylor to wear through three burglaries and a murder. And now the wife has a pic of Watson on her facebook commenting he's wearing her shirt. Okay, that's not obvious that she's trying to show its normal for them to lend out their clothes.

Then there's the fact the gun was under the wife's bed. Bull smokes swishers. Why was Amanda left alone while Taylor went out to the car, or was she? Why does it seem the two older more experienced members of Kilt were following the lead of an 18 year old loose cannon.

I wonder about those words the CI said. They didn't want to go back for Taylor at the Blackburn home. But Alonzo Bull told them he's family. What if it was actually his wife on his phone, Bull at Blackburn's? He's her family.

Anonymous said...

O Canada, you made me LOL. I am Anon at 10:30. I am not Davey Blackburn.

And how was my comment "contemptuous of women"? Is "Confused" a woman? I am a woman.

Anonymous said...

the "would speak" sounds like something they used to do habitually but since have stopped. "Have spoken" or just plain "speak" sounds appropriate. Strange.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I made you laugh. I am glad also you are not DB; or at least I think you are not.

Have a good evening.


Fractal Flower said...

I've been following this case and Peter's analysis and I find it fascinating. Although I don't have an opinion as to whether or not Davey Blackburn was somehow involved in the murder of his wife, considering reasons why he may not have been, I thought I could offer some insight.

I'm on the ASPD (anti-social personality disorder) spectrum. I am a psychopath. Specifically, I rate high on Factor 1 (core personality traits) of psychopathy and lower on Factor 2 (antisocial behaviors).

I don't know if Davey is a psychopath or sociopath, although it's certainly possible. I have seen the term "narcissist" often used to describe him. I agree that his behavior strongly suggests narcissism, but I don't think many people fully understand what it means to be a malignant narcissist. The word "narcissist" is commonly used to describe someone who is extremely self-involved and egotistical. While this is part of it, an often overlooked trait of malignant narcissists (those with a narcissistic personality disorder) is lack of empathy.

Fractal Flower said...


Assuming for the sake of argument that Davey *is* a malignant narcissist who was *not* involved in the murder of his wife, his strange behavior makes sense. He shows a lack of emotion and connection to Amanda because he is incapable of feeling such. The people in his life exist merely as props with no purpose other than to feed his incessant need for narcissistic validation. When they inevitably fail to continuously live up to this standard, he becomes angry and disparaging towards them. He does not understand that his inability to connect emotionally is a problem with him---instead he blames others (especially those close to him) for not being "good" enough to keep him engaged. In his mind he is grandiose, unique, God-like. He is superior to "normal" people, bogged down by their mediocrity, weaknesses and flaws--they simply can't understand him.

Combine these traits with the fact that Amanda's murder is receiving national coverage. Not only is Davey lacking empathy and the need to grieve, he's getting a massive amount of attention. A narcissist craves attention like a junkie craves his next fix, he feeds off it. Davey appears strange, wide-eyed and crazy in interviews because he is positively giddy. Similar to a man on a weeks-long cocaine binge. Only after it was brought to his attention that his reaction seemed unusual did he try to modify this behavior. Still, it appears awkward, unnatural and forced because it is.

Many people with anti-social personality disorders notice at a fairly young age that we don't react to or experience emotion like most people. We intently observe the emotions of those around us and what seems to cause them, eventually we begin to mimic them. This is necessary to blend in with our surroundings---sometimes it's necessary (as a child) to assuring your basic needs are met. We become very skilled at reading people and expressing ourselves outwardly much like anyone else. For whatever reason, Davey does not seem to have done this. Perhaps his extreme narcissism doesn't allow for doubt that his outward expression of emotion could appear unauthentic to people who he sees as inherently dim. His lack of even minimal effort to appear grieved early on suggests to me that he was gobsmacked by the knowledge that the public questioned his sincerity.

For a neurotypical person it would be analogous to the public suddenly demanding you act the color "orange".

Davey's stuttering of the pronoun "we" may be a subconscious attempt to share emotion rather than share guilt. He cannot honestly claim the emotions that go along with the murder of a loved one as his own, by saying "we" he is including those who presumably are genuinely experiencing them, lessening the internal stress of his lie.

None of this is intended as proof that Davey did not kill Amanda or have her killed. My intent is to show that if he is indeed a narcissist, his behavior would be highly unusual whether he is involved or not.

rosy said...

changing my nic from anon to rosy

Lynda said at
9:59 PM
re Confused's post

"Perp went upstairs where Amanda was and she started to scream,"

Where did Amanda sleep? Did she sleep in Davey's room or another room or in baby Weston's room? She refers to "My bed," and talks of training herself to follow Davey's example of by doing her devotions early in the morning instead of late in the evening.

Neighbors heard shots and a woman's scream around 6:45 (why did they not call the police?!!).

Suppose the killer was told Amanda would still be in bed till say, 6 AM. we don't know when Davey actually left the house, only when he said he did (is this true?) and when he arrived at the gym.

Killer(s) arrive, go upstairs expecting to shoot Amanda in the head while she was still sleeping.

Amanda wakes up and, as you suggest, reaches out her arm, struggles, runs down the stairs, receives a shot in the back, then the final shot.

Why, though, if Amanda reached up would the killer not shoot her in the face before she got out of bed? Is that he what he was aiming for, and she moved fast and the bullet struck her arm?

Did he go upstairs expecting to hind her asleep and she was awakened by their entry through the front door, on her feet and about to get dressed, and called out?

Amanda was a runner. She was athletic. She ran 5 mile circuits before her wedding. She ran a marathon.

I try to keep in mind that this crime is not on TV. It reminds me of features of the series "American Crime" by John Ridley.

One stray issue, When did the lamp and ladder in living room (by fireplace, far wall) get tipped over?


Sus said...

The other guy is Watson who is also charged with murder. He entered the home. Then went out to the car.
Obviously Gordan is the CI.

Maggie said...

Links for Breezy, Treezy and donae (Alonso's gf)

Sus said...

Thank you! This is what I've been trying to say since DB's wife died. I'm convinced he is NPD. Thus his language and behavior post murder does not phase me. It's his pre-murder behavior that seems too coincidental. Thanks again.

aud said...

This case has always reminded me of a kinda famous st. louis mo/st. charles murder for hire case husband Richard DeCaro with the thug Daniel Basile as trigger man. It's worth a google. This case had botched attempt(s) and also robbery the shooter benefited from.

There's another local case that I can't find tho' even more similar. I remember the husband hiring two teen age african american "thugs" who either worked for him at his (galleria? union station?) mall pretzel shop to kill his wife. I've given up googling those key words for the night, lol. If this rings a bell with anyone else please post...driving me crazy.

But not as crazy as the "FOX news" quotes. Their coverage of this, as in anything else they cover, is worthless.

I hope police connect this "husband" to the trigger men soon!

lynda said...

Rosy @ 10:57

I don't think Amanda was in bed. She said in the "chicago bound" video at the train station that she gets up with Davey at 5:00 or something to do her devotionals because that's when he does his.

Concerned said...

Anon at 10:27
That's so good!
Thank you for analyzing the dickens out of Kenneth Wagner!

aud said...

PS: I think "the lie" will have something to do with homosexual sex/relations/relationship being consensual vs non consensual. This dude overcompensates like crazy!

trustmeigetit said...

I think the truth about this lie will come out. I mean enough people knew that the whole family had to leavethe town.

People don't keep things secret. And since he's become very well known these days, someone will talk. I'm shocked it's not already out.

Are we talking again about this guy being super lucky?

It just shocks me it has not come out.

I think this lie could either give us more insight to his possible involvement or could change the cops direction.

I'm convinced they think this crime is solved.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Lynda @ 10:09

Thinking about your post and my own 911 experiences. My neighbor had a head wound (on blood thinners too, with a history of stroke) and I said, "She fell, she has a head wound, she's bleeding, and she's on blood thinners.". I was applying pressure as I spoke to 911. In this case, given the amount of blood, I believe I would have actually said outright "I need an ambulance.". Knowing she was pregnant would have increased my urgency in demanding.

I don't think there was a confrontation upstairs though because there's no blood evidence supporting that in the Probable Cause docs. The CSI details the change on the landing, but no blood evidence and no details pertaining to a struggle or even evidence of an intruder upstairs. It may be that the intruder went in and immediately up the stairs, heard Amanda downstairs and came back down and confronted her in the living room.

Confused said...

Lynda, Interesting observations.

One thing for sure: I would think that if confronted by an armed intruder upstairs in her room she would likely "freeze" in place rather than attempt a getaway by running down stairs and end up shot in the back.

However, if it was her husband waving a gun around, she might attempt to run. Perhaps he had threatened her with a gun before (is this really so unlikely considering the sermon and his seeming enjoyment for waving around a gun 2 days before?). She may have felt more confident that he wouldn't carry through and shoot her, perhaps she felt she had a chance and hence her attempting to flee. The fact that she turned her back to the gunman suggests some level of feeling maybe he won't really shoot, maybe I just need to get away from him.

We need to consider that he may have threatened her with a gun before. This is not unheard of in abusive relationships, and in his sermon he clearly enjoys simulated that he is shooting and waving a gun around. Perhaps she felt she could get away.

Confused said...

I'm sorry i meant to address my post at 11;46 to Rosy

SC said...

Maggie - interesting catch on Facebook! It's pretty obvious they all know one another/run in the same crowd. Now the question is how Davey knows Treezy and why is he friends with him on Facebook? ...

Anonymous said...

Is DB the lead pastor at his church or the ONLY pastor at his church? I ask because he has had two substitute pastors since he has been out. This suggests there are no other pastors.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 11:50
He speaks of himself as "Lead Pastor".
The only other person I've heard suggested as an employee of Resonate is Meg Griffith, the babysitter (and Davey's former intern) who lived with DB and Amanda when she moved to Indy this summer. Someone posted yesterday that Amanda stopped posting on Facebook August 1 while Meg announced on August 2 that she had to move and so everything on her Etsy shop was on sale for $5. Perhaps suspicious that Amanda caught DB and MG at something? One wonders.

Lis said...

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner

-Posture indicates increased tension. Increased tension is appropriate in the case of a call as horrifying as the one he received. It has rocked his world forever, it is not something he will ever forget or fully recover from.

-The change of name indicates a change in reality: he is David when he walks in to the scene of his wife's murder: this is as serious and grave a subject as there can be and an informal nickname is not appropriate. He is Davey when they are having their usual talks as two friends. This is an appropriate change of name for change of reality.

-Wagner, himself, feels guilt that he was talking with DB as Amanda lay dying, as anyone would. This is why he has sought to make it clear that DB called him every week, it was a routine. There is no reason he should have to tweet this every week or let the world know they did this. It is appropriate to explain the routine in light of what happened.

The lie from high school may have been something that caused difficulty for a sports team he was on. He may have cheated or done something dishonest that caused his team to have to forfeit a game or that reflected badly on all of them in some way. Or possibly some kind of dishonesty that caused everyone taking a certain test or in a certain class to suffer consequences along with him. He did not necessarily really affect the whole faculty or student body, but since he sees himself as the center of the universe, it would be like him to exaggerate it in this way. It does not necessarily have anything to do with his family's move. His statement that he had worked at building a reputation for himself before this could also point towards a personality disorder, trying to create an identity that is positive, impresses others, and serves him well to achieve his goals. He may not realize this isn't normal and that everyone does not do it.

I do believe that narcissism/personality disorder can explain DB's strange response to Amanda's death. Even under normal circumstances it's clear to most people who watch his sermon videos that he was not a normal or appropriate person. Even his mentor has mentioned it. Now, the murder of DB's wife has revealed clearly that something important is missing inside of him. We cringe watching him trying to mimic sorrow and failing.

The one part that gives me pause is his statement, "as for us, we have nothing to hide" and his use of plural pronouns in his statement at the same points that a guilty person would. This is unexpected and there must be some explanation for it. I do think time will tell what and who he is referring to in that statement.

I agree that at this point the main evidence that he is not involved is that police have not released any evidence pointing to his involvement, but I also think the aimless, drunken spree the killers were on, leaving evidence everywhere, is a very unlikely hired hit.

I won't be surprised if at some time information is uncovered that points to him. Beyond that, I don't feel it's my place to try and imagine what might have happened behind the scenes.

Anonymous said...

Maybe MG knows the perps? Maybe this is her connection?

Anonymous said...

Why would he harbor fear, now that the crime is over? If it were a random burglary, they would be on the run, not returning after what happened. Of all the human emotions I'd expect him to show (that he is not), fear of future and of killers is not one of them (esp. from a man).

Anonymous said...

I believe his real name is Davey not David. Which is even more alarming if the friend he's doing life with for hours at a time doesn't know that. But in all fairness, it's possible autocorrect changed it from Davey to David.

Anonymous said...

"I remember my Junior year of High School, I got caught in a serious lie that affected my reputation with my teachers, the faculty at my school, and my baseball coach. I had spent several years building up a reputation and in one fail swoop, everything I had worked for crumbled in my hands. I had never felt so alone and empty. Even my friends didn't look at me the same after that. They all knew the life that I professed, but all that mattered to them was that my actions had not lined up with my talk. It took me a long time to build my credibility back up with my teachers, friends, and my parents."

DB did NOT say that all his friends pulled away and left him alone. He said he FELT alone. His friends didn't look at him the same way anymore. Remember that this is a malignant narcissist. A malignant narcissist must believe the world revolves around him and in high school, that he is the most popular guy in school. If not, he would feel abnormal emotions especially shame.

It's NOT true that DB had to move after telling this lie. DB graduated high school from the SAME high school (Tuscaloosa) where he attended 11th grade and told some lie.

Pastor whose wife was slain in Indiana has ties to Alabama ...
Nov 13, 2015 - Pastor whose wife was slain in Indiana has ties to Alabama. Davey Blackburn is 2004 graduate of Tuscaloosa County High School. UPDATED ...

Boston Lady said...

This picture was just posted on DB's Twitter. Weston is being used for this photo op. Trying to play to sympathies? This baby has no understanding of what is being given to him to hang on the tree. Not cool.

Weston helping Uncle James and Aunt Lala decorate the tree

Lis said...

Fractal Flower said...
"Davey's stuttering of the pronoun "we" may be a subconscious attempt to share emotion rather than share guilt. He cannot honestly claim the emotions that go along with the murder of a loved one as his own, by saying "we" he is including those who presumably are genuinely experiencing them, lessening the internal stress of his lie."

Good point.

Boston Lady said...

Anonymous at 12:14 a.m.

DB did NOT say that all his friends pulled away and left him alone. He said he FELT alone. His friends didn't look at him the same way anymore. Remember that this is a malignant narcissist. A malignant narcissist must believe the world revolves around him and in high school, that he is the most popular guy in school. If not, he would feel abnormal emotions especially shame.



Lis said...

Boston Lady said...
"This picture was just posted on DB's Twitter. Weston is being used for this photo op. Trying to play to sympathies? This baby has no understanding of what is being given to him to hang on the tree. Not cool.

Weston helping Uncle James and Aunt Lala decorate the tree"

Poor sweet little innocent boy! How he must miss his mother! May God help, comfort and provide for him. I hope he has people who are able to nurture him, as an NPD is not going to be able. This brings tears.

Anonymous said...

Boston Lady,
This is a photo created for "Amanda's Story" to bring on the tears and perhaps, donations.
Why would you put your child's photo on social media now? Wouldn't you be afraid one of the thugs' fellow gang members would be worried that he could point them out. We all know he's too young but wouldn't that be a concern for you?
Would you not want to keep your little boy completely out of this?
(Were they dialoguing with him here?)

Is all of life about looking sympathetic on Twitter?

Anonymous said...

I think there is more to Kenneth Wagner's story. A lot more.

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner

Sitting at lunch - extra detail
Rocked my world - hyperbole
DAVID (formal) - distancing
"in the condition" - minimizing
And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7-8. - Please send out the batsymbol for Peter on this sentence!!!! I have a feeling this is too perfectly stated for DB's alibi.

This is supposed to be a eulogy for Amanda!

I think Kenneth's statement needs further analysis, and I haven't seen Peter break it down yet.


BallBounces said...

Blogger trustmeigetit said… I think the truth about this lie will come out. I mean enough people knew that the whole family had to leavethe town.

* * *

There is no evidence that the family "had to leave town". This is pure unsubstantiated speculation.

Anonymous said...

This is why DB didn't kill Amanda:
Amanda was an invaluable asset to his number one priority, his business' growth/church membership growth.
Amanda was the reason DB's financier decided that even though "something was wrong with that boy", he would lend DB's business $100,000 and establish him as pastor in a new church.
Amanda was a huge source of his narcissistic supply.
Amanda was his codependent caretaker and enabler.
Successful mega church pastors must have a wife and children.

Boston Lady said...

Poor sweet little innocent boy! How he must miss his mother! May God help, comfort and provide for him. I hope he has people who are able to nurture him, as an NPD is not going to be able. This brings tears.

November 30, 2015 at 12:28 AM

Agree. My heart breaks for this little guy. He must be so confused as to why his mother is al of a sudden not there. I think Amanda's sister and mother will be nuturing. Amanda's dad comes across very loving and Amanda shared how much she loved her dad. I'm betting her whole family is very loving and caring based on what I've seen (albeit limited) with Amanda. Prayers for this little baby.

Boston Lady said...

Whoops.. That was Lis I was quoting above at 12:43.

Anonymous said...

It's incredibly EVIL to bully Kenneth Wagner on Twitter and FB. He lives 1000 miles away from Indianapolis and didn't shoot Amanda, fgs.

Anonymous said...

To the person who questioned where Davey was in high school and when:

He was at Shades Valley High School through the Spring of 2003.
The Birmingham News has a photo of him in a game against Thompson High School and lists him as an All Star in June of 2003. He moved to Tuscaloosa and tells that he spent his Senior year there.
He graduated in 2004.

The "serious lie" he spoke of on his blog was in his Junior year at SVHS.

His father left Brookview Wesleyan Church in Birmingham and then worked as Family Pastor at a Wesleyan church in Tuscaloosa.
He is now at NEXT Church in Brevard, NC. I have not seen an interview with anyone in Davey's family.
Have any of you?

Anonymous said...

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch and I received a call that rocked my world forever. David had walked in and found his wife in the condition that she was in. And what you need to know about this story is that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7–8. Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation and walked in and found Amanda," said Wagner

What strikes me odd about this statement is the fact he felt he had to strengthen Davey's alibi rather than say something like "OH MY GOODNESS, why why why were we talking sooo long while Amanda lay there, dying and in pain and scare..." etc. Instead, he focuses on "what YOU need to know". Wagner is also giving Davey and alibi that Davey did not walk into the house until AFTER the conversation was over. The whole team is going to bat for Davey boy.

Carnival Barker said...

@ Anon 12:12 - I thought his legal name was Davey too, but it's David James Blackburn. I believe he might be a Jr. too.

@ Anon 12:14, I predicted three days ago that he'd be trotting his son out as a prop soon enough.

All we need now are the paparazzi pics "leaked" to the press of him at Amanda's grave in ...3....2.....1

Concerned said...

Well, the selling of Amanda has begun!
They are selling $22.00 T-shirts they claim Amanda designed but they've added her initials on the front.
Look on her brother's Facebook page...James Byars....and you'll see the link for buying these and donating to Davey.
Why does Davey need donations? He still has the same job and Amanda was a stay-at-home mom.

rosy said...

Peter Hyatt said re: the lie

"About the worst possible scenario I have come up with would be a false allegation of sexual abuse against a male teacher with himself as the victim."

Peter,I doubt this for the following reason. Such accusations enter the legal domain. Accusations of adult on student sexual abuse call for legal investigation. I don't see a student exposed as making false accusation unless the case went to trial and the accused were found not guilty. Even so, some in the community might still believe the student's accusation.

Suppose a boy makes an accusation out of spite or panic and in-school authorities don't believe him. (Some Penn State authorities refused to believe some genuine accusations). In this hypothetical, they grill him, he piles on more lies then, before anyone reaches for the phone to call the cops, admits he's been lying. It could happen, but it takes a whole story. How would his team mates come to hear about it? Through gossip?

Is it necessary to look for the worst possible lie? I'm struck by DB's lead-in to this topic. As a sophomore in college he's reminded of a lie he told as a junior in high school. What brought it to mind? "Right after the game on Saturday night, we had some serious internal team problems dealing with dishonesty and cheating. Having to sit by and watch some of my teammates suffer in their decisions was a scary thing, especially since a couple of these guys are brand new Christians and are just now realizing that their actions have consequences. It was NOT a good situation and it just reminded me about the consequences that accompany each and every one of our actions. My parents always told me it takes a lifetime to build up a reputation but one stupid decision to make it all come crashing down. AND THAT'S SO TRUE!"

He writes: "Have you ever tried to lie your way out of a lie and it just keeps piling up until you are so far in you don't know how to move, let alone get out of it. That's what happened this weekend with the team. Emotions flared, tempers scourged (he means surged, but scourged is apt too) and some of the guys were forced to grow up and take responsibility for their actions."

At this point he says he has been in similar case. He too tried talk his way out of a lie. These flawed teammates remind him of the position he was in. "I remember my Junior year of High School, I got caught in a serious lie that affected my reputation with my teachers, the faculty at my school, and my baseball coach. I had spent several years building up a reputation and in one fail [meaning fell]swoop, everything I had worked for crumbled in my hands."

Like these "brand new Christians" in college now, he too stood out in high school as a Christian. Like them now, he back then felt all the more alone, exposed, because he had professed himself a Christian (plus he was a pastor's son). "They all knew the life that I professed, but all that mattered to them was that my actions had not lined up with my talk."

He may have engaged in academic cheating or plagiarism, hoping to keep his marks high enough to remain on the team and win a baseball scholarship. Or some other offense (alcohol, partying, drugs) punishable by suspension from the team. Teachers, coach, other faculty investigated, he lied. His lie was exposed, he had to face consequences. His family moved him away from "bad influences" for a "fresh start."

Anonymous said...

My hubby's ordering a t-shirt now for xmas!!! smh

Anonymous said...

My ex is a malignant narcissist. If he was ever suspected as a murderer he would act like DB. Or worse.

Concerned said...

Anon at 12:35
But what if Amanda was about to bail on being his biggest asset and was ditching her role as his enabler?
Everything you read about men who kill their wives is that the wife is in the most danger when she decides to leave.
Wouldn't that situation be especially stressful for Davey since her leaving and the divorce would be the death of his career as a "pastor"?
We have seen that nothing meant more to him than that...not wife, not son, not unborn fetus.
The job was everything and it seems he might do most anything to keep it.

Anonymous said...

Here's another reason why DB wasn't involved. Watson's and Taylor's 200 PAGES OF JUVENILE RECORDS prove they are MONSTERS. They were armed, on drugs, and seen burglarizing other homes. Subhumans like this function solely on the irrational pleasure principal. If it feels good, they do it and they murder innocent people every day in the USA.

Anonymous said...

I watched a dateline last night called "Thou shalt not kill" it was about a husband who hired a hitman through his gym, the hitman then became the middleman, and hired an 18 year old boy who he paid just 1,000 to be the trigger man. The husband got away with it for some time, since he wasn't directly connected to the trigger man. So many similarities, down to the smile when asked who may have done it...

Anonymous said...

Yes, and precisely the type you'd hire to do some robbing and killing you didn't want to do yourself.

Anonymous said...

@Carnival Barker; I bet People magazine is the first to grab the pictures and the story. I would expect it to hit stand by the end of next week.

Anonymous said...

What if Amanda was Sasquatch? What if an alien inhabited Amanda's brain? What if, what if, what if, what if, what if, what if.......

There's NO evidence that Amanda was going to leave DB. None. Yes, she said she wanted to leave him when they first returned from theIR honeymoon, but that was 7-9 YEARS ago.

Concerned said...

I keep coming back to Davey saying "I was caught in a serious lie".
The being caught seems to be the part he's hung up on.
As a Christian, wouldn't the heartbreaking and soul crushing conviction that you had told the lie be the worst part?

When you're sixteen and you tell a lie as seriously wounding as this one seems to have been, you've probably had some history with lying and getting away with it. Remember in the video when Amanda calls Davey out for not telling the truth and he calls it "a little lie"? And he's angry with her. Chronic liars get really mad when someone calls them out.

It would be so interesting to hear from Davey's childhood friends concerning his truthfulness and his behavior when called out on it.

Anonymous said...

There's no evidence that DB hired knew these subhumans or hired them kill his most valuable business asset. None.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ok he lists the baseball coach and school faculty in the first group (lie affected his credibility) but then says it took time to regain it from parents, who were absent first group, but doesn't mention faculty or coach.

Moving schools is the only explanation. He lied about the coach and got caught.

Anonymous said...

He graduated from the SAME school where he was busted for the lie in 11th grade. He didn't have to move after telling that lie.

Anon "I" said...

Fractal's explanation makes a lot of sense to me. Is there any way that his
"we" references a split personality?

I, too, noticed that whatever he lied about in high-school was repugnant to
both adults and teens. Other than perverse action that he lied about which
might have been outside of human morals, I can only imagine that something else
no one would easily forgive him for is torture and/or killing of an animal.
It certainly would have revealed a damaged personality, but also illicit disgust.
This is waaay off topic as for statement analysis, but I would love to know
what animals have to "say" about him. I find it unbelievably odd that the
dog was not in hysterics. That dog did not sleep through the shooting unless
it was drugged. Neighbors were close enough that they would have heard barking.
Dogs all around the neighborhood would have sounded an alarm. A neighbor even
heard a scream, IIRC. I would like to hear how other animals have acted in his

Sus said...

I have really been trying to stay out of the wild theories, but I have trouble with Kennrth Wagner's statement.

"Tuesday I was sitting at lunch..."
Stating position shows tension, which is normal with the news.

"...and I received a call that rocked my world forever."
His world isn't over yet, it should be future tense. "will rock my world forever." He's either picturing the "rocking" as done already, or he exaggerated to make up he was "rocked."

"David had walked in..."
First, he uses David. Ive never heard the name used. Never seen it in print. It calls to mind seriousness. He uses a passive verb form rather than a strong action. He omits what David walked in to.

"...and found his wife in the condition that she was in."
He avoids Amanda's name, instead only speaking of her in reference to David (formal that no one calls him) . He not only avoids her name, but distances himself from her assault, calling it a condition.

"And what you need to know about this story is..."
Whoa! And denotes missing information between sentences. He tells us we, the audience need to know something. We'll see what that is later. Then he calls it a story.

"...that me and Davey would speak every Tuesday morning from 7-8."
Ok, what we, the audience NEED to know is that Davey has an alibi from 7-8. David is now Davey. David found his wife in a "condition" but Davey talks to him. He does not say they spoke that morning, but they would speak. Would sounds as if there was a stopping point at sometime earlier. Did it pick back up recently?

"Davey had gotten off the phone with me, finished our conversation..."
Shouldn't Davey finish the conversation, then get off the phone? This is in the wrong order. Had gotten is passive. Notice how far apart Davey and me are in the sentence, separated by with. I hope police checked Davey's phone records for more calls after this one. Dropped pronoun before "finished our conversation.

"and walked in and found Amanda."
Dropped pronouns on these phrases, though that might be ok on phrases. I still don't think he's real committed to it since they're divided by ands. He does use Amanda's name finally. Walked in shows tension.

Concerned said...

Anon at 1:02
It would be so easy to believe the scenario that some bumbling gang-banging thugs carried this out except for the behavior of DAVEY!
His words (lack of a reliable denial when given several opportunities) (stuttering on pronouns & switching them), his actions, his lack of fear, grief or love for Amanda...the whole myriad of unexpected things.
Throw in more coincidences than you could shake a stick at and it's not so easy to say, "Oh, good. This one's solved. The evil thugs did it."
Let's hear that 911 tape!

The Beckster said...

I have followed this case since the beginning. I suspected Davey, and still do, from day 1. But. Here is what I am starting to wonder:

If he is as creepy and narcissistic in real life as he is on all the videos and blogs...WHY is no one who knows him (or worked with him, went to school with him, went to church with him, etc) coming forward to tell stories or share experiences / memories of how horrible he is? You would think he has pissed some people off along the years, lost friends, or drove away at least a few "parishioners" due to his behavior and self involved, egotistical mannerisms.

I keep waiting for someone to comment here, where they can do it anonymously (harder to do on FB or twitter, obviously) and confirm some of our observations of how narcissistic and annoying he appears to be. But no one has! No one!

Has anyone else wondered about this? I understand his current circle of friends and family are backing him up but what about acquaintences or people from his past? I'm surprised there are no bad stories popping up about him...

Fractal Flower said...

Davey may think that God did him a personal "favor" by having Amanda murdered, therein freeing him up to continue his ministry without her there to dull his shine. That is, if he believes in God and understands that *he* isn't God.

Does Davey genuinely see himself as a believer who is doing God's work or is he consciously manipulating people for personal gain? I'm not sure what to think about this. It would be interesting to see if he does things like his daily devotions when there is no one around to witness them. Thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Fractal Flower,
It is always good to look toward the mentor.
Davey works for Perry Noble.
Go to and search that name.
You will find the answers to your questions.

Anonymous said...

If it were that easy to hire a hit from a gang, we'd be seeing it all the time and they'd be making a lot of money. Here we have three suspects that do not have a care in the world when it comes to the multiple robberies, the cul de sac, the houses on top of each other, the camera's that are blatantly on the outside of the homes. the time of day, the 911 calls, the suspicious activity, the cigar wrapper, duct tape, stolen vehicle (was it reported stolen by then?), atm receipt, tossing the gun down the street. It needs further digging, why would they deliberately leave all that evidence behind? To ensure 100% Davey could not be incriminated no matter what? You'll be hard pressed to see any of these three roll. If they did, it would mean a death sentence in the big house.

Anonymous said...

The killers are not MIT grads. They left evidence behind because they are DRUGGIES and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Sure, druggies who just happen to go through all of that and not get caught, neighbor hears two shots and a woman scream, no call to 911. Other neighbor's witness a shady character in the neighborhood, no calls. It's not because they're druggies, you can't have this many coincidences occur without red flags going up everywhere. I know you're waiting for me to call you a name back, but I won't, I just prefer an interesting discussion without attacks. I'll continue on with my open mind.

Anonymous said...

Misread your comment, you did not call me a name, it's late, I apologize and am calling it a night.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Carnival Barker said...

@ 1:38,

The fact that these burglars drove 25 minutes in a stolen car to use the ATM that just happens to be the closest one to the victim's place of employment should satisfy any doubt in your mind that this crime was random. The odds of that happening are so astronomical they defy calculation.

Unless, of course, Amanda furnished them Davey's resume to enjoy while they were feasting on their bag of oranges.

Carnival Barker said...

... while bypassing 35+ closer Chase ATMs and who knows how many countless other banks'.

Anonymous said...

A few of Amanda's neighbors saw the Black males in their neighborhood doing very suspicious things, but they didn't call the police. The may have been afflicted with White Guilt. I'll bet they are now cured.

Anonymous said...

They will likely not suffer any repercussions from the streets for ratting out the rich white dude who basically used them to do his dirty work. Trust me. The problem would be if there is a long chain of people over them that passed the job down. But either way, they are very young and I fully believe they will tell everything they know once it sinks in they are looking at a life sentence and possibly death. If they haven't already....

CJ said...

Kenneth Wagner didn't say David. He said Davey. The media got it wrong.

Have a listen at 8:14 here (Title of the sermon is "How Did We Get Here")

Anonymous said...

Fractal Flower,
It is interesting to read your perspective. How did you find out you were a psychopath, if I might ask? How does it affect your life now?

rosy said...

Concerned said...
at 1:13 AM

I keep coming back to Davey saying "I was caught in a serious lie".
The being caught seems to be the part he's hung up on.
As a Christian, wouldn't the heartbreaking and soul crushing conviction that you had told the lie be the worst part?

Concerned, yes, I agree with you and Peter and others that the concerning thing about his account of his lie is his fixation appearances and outward reputation, "My parents always told me it takes a lifetime to build up a reputation but one stupid decision to make it all come crashing down... I had spent several years building up a reputation and in one fail swoop, everything I had worked for crumbled in," and the rest.

DB;s focus on reputation might signify lack of inward conscience, lack of genuine investment in truth. Lack of empathy, and so on. But there is still the question of the initial offense.

Peter proposes, DB falsely accused an adult of sexual abuse (or other crime or misdemeanor). I don't get that. I don't see how a 16-17 y/o who accused a teacher or coach of sexual abuse **would** be exposed as a liar except through legal process. Maybe Alabama is another world.

Teenage boy goes to an authority figure (parent, teacher, coach) and says, X has assaulted me or touched me inappropriately. Are you sure? When/where? Are you all right? If it turns out the boy is lying or fantasizing, what big LIE will the boy tell to cover up his first lie?

Or, teenage boy slanders a teammate out of envy and desire for athletic stardom and a scholarship for himself. What lie will this boy tell if he's found out?

I do believe that what the blog entry reveals is that DB had a traumatic relationship with truth and lies for a long time. Christianity made it more complicated.

Anonymous said...

35 ATMs in a 25 minute drive is fabricated BS!!!!!

It's 10.3 miles from Amanda's address on Sunnyfield Court to that farthest ATM.

Everyone should google Indianapolis ATMs. Everyone can then see that there aren't 35 ATMs from Amanda's house to 1801 E 86th street. There are only a few ATMs. Stop lying.

Anonymous said...

Where is the ATM they stopped at in relation to where Davey's gym is at?

Concerned said...

I think I've given up on speculating about the circumstances of the serious lie.
We seem to agree that there are many more lies out there but this one stood out only because someone outed Davey and he faced repercussions.

I believe LE knows everything we know and more. We're ready to slap on the cuffs but they have to have forensic evidence and/or witnesses to prove Davey's guilt. We may all have to wait a long time for what we feel is justice. As Peter suggested, this may become a cold case which we'll all find extremely frustrating, I'm sure.

At least all the speculating and pointing out coincidences and character flaws will not go for nought. We can be sure Davey's "friends" and fellow "pastors" have long been peeved at his competitive nature, his slams at lovely Amanda and his fake humanity. They are regularly Googling his name which will bring them right here to Statement Analysis.

SA outs him as someone not worthy to be counseling or teaching about Jesus to young people...or old people, for that matter. His "church" in Indy never got off the ground and it will now slip even further. I don't think he can sell enough Amanda T-Shirts to keep it going!

And the mentor, unless something happens fast to reflect favorably upon him, will dump Davey and write his own book with "Amanda's Story". Then his "church" will buy tons of copies and make it a NY Times Bestseller like they did with his first one. (Read that story on pajama!)

Concerned said...

I found my way to Davey's Facebook page tonight and was quite surprised that this man who lived through social media has so few people commenting on his posts. With all the "pastors" in the family and his own flock, I would have expected hundreds, if not thousands of people wishing him well. Could it be that the masses are on to him (or maybe always were)? Most would certainly feel that placing Weston's picture decorating a Christmas tree with Amanda's ornament was totally inappropriate.

SSSSS said...

If you look at DB's Twitter it shows someone who preached in his place - a guy named Kaleb White from ... wait for it ... NewSpring Church in SC.

Fractal Flower said...

Anon @ 2:13

I found out in my late teens, my mom thought I had Asperger's and urged me to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. After the original psychiatrist concluded that I was not on the autism spectrum and and a second opinion agreed with the first, I was sent to a psychiatrist that specializes in personality disorders and given numerous assessments. I was given the diagnosis of psychopathy based on the PCL-R, which consists of a checklist of personality traits and an "interview" by a qualified psychiatrist.

As far as how it has effected my life, it hasn't changed it much. I've always known I was a little bit different and I've always liked myself, so putting a label on it--whether it be "psychopathy" or "Asperger's" or anything else--didn't change the way I perceive myself. That said, I have many of the "core traits" of a psychopath which are likely genetic. I don't have a high number of antisocial behaviors, which are what people likely think of when they think of a psychopath. Antisocial behaviors are thought to be triggered by severe childhood abuse and neglect in genetically predisposed individuals. I was raised by my mom and cared for extremely well, she did not abuse or neglect me.

Historically most research on psychopaths was done on convicted, violent criminals. The image of psychopaths being sadistic murders with "no conscience" is largely because of that. 1 out of every 100 people are believed to be a psychopaths (3-4 out of 100 are sociopaths), most of us are not violent or criminals. I'm not violent, a killer or a sexual deviant. I'm also female--the "classic" subject of study has been criminal males. There was a scientist in the news recently who was studying psychopathy, comparing the brain scans of psychopaths with those of regular people. His was in the "control" group yet he discovered, by way of his own scan, that he is actually a psychopath. I wouldn't be surprised if psychopaths are generally overrepresented in scientific disciplines. For me at least, my "linear" brain doesn't allow me to much appreciate art or music, but I've always excelled at science and maths.

I hope I was able to provide insight in a way to make sense. I appreciate you asking and being open-minded.

Anonymous said...

"Police announced that the lone gunman who caused Amanda Blackburn's arrest as well as two others associated with it, who were in the area, robbing other homes, though there has been no reported violence in any other home than Blackburn's."

Since when did you all vote to have Amanda ARRESTED instead of murdered? (Not that your opinion matters after the fact anyway)

Anonymous said...

Carnival is right. If you plug in the Blackburn address at the Chase website the ATM at 36th and Washington is in the thirties of the 158 closest ones.

Anonymous said...

BECKSTER @ 1:32 - YES! I have thought that same thing, but I have an idea of why we haven't seen that.

There is a young woman in my church who made a comment on her own fb page and was immediately rebuked by another church member for it. This woman is a victim of domestic abuse. Her ex-husband is serving prison time for it, so it must have been serious. I think that she would recognize something in DB that the average person wouldn't recognize since she lived it.

I've never seen a subject that was such taboo as this one is among my church friends. It's like they feel like they have to defend him or it reflects poorly on all of us. I don't feel like that - I want fake Christians exposed.

Anonymous said...

She may have given him the address and may have used that ATM more frequently because it is located near the church which she was at frequently. The thief/murderer may not have known of closer locations. Do they have a history of debit card theft?
Why would they when they can lug around big TVs?

Nicl said...

Pirro, Pirro, Pirro! Jeanine PIRRO.

Anonymous said...

He may have graduated in a different year than planned as the new school may have had different requirements for graduation and perhaps he lacked a credit or two.

Or, the person that wrote the facts in the news source where the info was gathered lacked several credits or never graduated at all. Easy entry job...gathering news.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, whateva Nicl...whateva.

I saw her more than 2 decades ago and she's like Susan Lucshi (sp)...she was a middle-aged woman then and is now. Small claim court is it?

Anyone could have seen it was all about Mr. Blackburn- it was so obvious!

Anonymous said...

Flower, I for one deeply appreciate you sharing your story. You have opened my eyes to the normalcy of one having been diagnosed as a psychopath, yet lives a normal life, recognizing your limitations. I'm really touched at how you and your mother sought and found your correct diagnosis and started treatment for you at an early age; hats off to your mother for being the wonderful mother she was/is.

It is commendable how well you have adjusted to your diagnosis, realize your shortcomings (if one can call them that) and are making the best of your life. Tell us, are you enjoying the things you love in life, fine tuning your talents and look towards the future? Do you work and enjoy your job? I would love to hear more about your lifestyle. God bless you, and keep you under his watchful eye. ABB

Anonymous said...

It appears to me, Anon @7:21, that you are in far worse mental condition than Flower is or ever was. You're dangerous, she isn't. Get help.

Anonymous said...

I thought Flower's explanation was extremely enlightening and thought-provoking, not to mention beautifully written. One of the few long posts that I actually was interested in all the way through. ABB's posts are a waste of time from a small-minded bigot.

Anonymous said...

Canada here:

I have been looking for online links that connect dyslexia to malapropisms and the only thing I can find is a Vanity Fair article about President Bush. I do not want to get political here.

I work with students with special learning needs, including dyslexia, and also have a son with dyslexia so I have some expertise in this field.

DB's persistent misuse of higher level vocabulary words to me does indicate a mild dyslexia. That said, his possible learning disabilities have nothing to do with his intelligence or with his participation, if any, in his wife's death.

I am going to look at his rough draft of a sermon to see if there is anything I can discern from that. Just because I am curious.

JMTO said...

Thank you, Maggie.
If you haven't already- you should call LE or a tip hotline and let them know.

Treezy is mutual friends with Davey Blackburn. He has a "gold grill."

Breezy is a woman, but I am thinking she is a lesbian. Not a man.

Treezy commented on Breezys post where she was apologizing (not really) about acting "black and white" that "let's make me miserable we got nuttin else to do" - prob a reference that all of their friends are now in jail so they are bored and angry.

Breezy has commented on Donae Mitchell's posts- Donae has reposted her status- she is Alonzo Bulls "wife" or girlfriend.

Good catch, Maggie.
Idk if anything is there or not- but it sure would be something I would look into if I was LE.
I would want to smother those lingering suspicions about Davey on the spot.

As LE I would want to make sure every avenue is checked - to make sure that none of these people involved were hired or set up.

I hope that is what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, my thoughts: First, I do not believe that Davey's lie in high school was of such a nature that it involved adolescent sexual abuse charges; if it had been the parents of the accused or falsely accused, or if it has been alleged that it was Davey who molested another child, the parents or school officials would have called in LE, in addition to school authorities investigating the allegations and filing their own charges, with prosecution of the accused.

Upon realizing that Davey had lied, the charges of the accused would have been dropped and Davey would have ultimately been remanded to family court and to DCF with a recommendation of treatment and follow up. Is there such a record of this? If so, is it out there, or was it sealed? Still, there would be a record somewhere.

More likely, Davey being the latent homosexual he was, falsely accused a coach of molesting him. In his litany of those he lied too, he mentions "coach" not coaches. High schools the size of the one he attended has more than one coach. Among all the school officials and others he mentions, this narrows it down to one coach that he lied against; Lord only knows how far he carried this lie and multiple lies.

My summation is that upon administrative investigation it was determined that Davey grossly lied and told more lies to cover up his initial lie, which was set about in the first place to cover up his homosexual tendencies. IMO, the hurt and nearly destroyed coach, in agreement with administrative officials, not wanting to bring prying eyes of LE and media down on them, realizing all the unfavorable damage it could do to their school; agreed that if Davey would quietly leave their school there would be no charges filed.

He was however, in whispered tones, made a public spectacle out of before the entire school; IFF that part of his story is even true. I question this part of the story unless Davey had spread his lie so far and wide among everyone in school that administration felt they had no other choice than to expose his lies and false accusations against the coach. Keep in mind, Davey lies. Big painful lies.

He is a very good liar (pathological liar), so one wonders just how many of his many lies are even true. My guess is that he greatly embellished his story in the retelling of it. There is really nothing truthful about Davey Blackburn unless it benefits him. He would have twisted the story to benefit himself. To this day, he has probably never admitted to his family the scope of his lies or the real reason for it. If he had, they might have sought much needed counseling for him.

The merit to the story that I find that could be true is that his father suddenly gave up his successful pastor ship in his beloved prosperous church, their lovely home, the families' deeply engrained Birmingham community where they had established community ties, where his siblings had friends and were happy in their schools, having to relocate them; find another church to pastor, ultimately having to move them to a little bity Podunk place like Tuscaloosa, Ala and reestablish themselves all over. This would be a very painful move for this family.

This holds some merit. This 'God called him' to uproot his family, and hurt them so deeply, causing them to struggle so badly, does not happen in a successful minister's family unless something far beyond their control caused it to happen. THAT would have been little David.

The mystery however, is why the new school in Tuscaloosa would not have received the records of Davey's behavior from the Birmingham school he was transferring from, as school records are always transferred from one school to another when a student transfers. Or did they? Or perhaps it was part of the agreement that the Birmingham school would not release that part of Davey's transcript if he would quietly leave? I'm second-guessing so your guess is as good as mine. ABB

Anonymous said...

A peson named Steve Wilson on the Justice for Amanda Blackburn facebook page with a Clemson football profile picture (Newspring associate??) Stated that Amanda's dog was kept in the kennel during the home invasion.

SSSSS said...

Yes, I agree with others. The accurate (based on my personal experience) descriptions of true narcissism (NPD) have been very good here. For me, it is nice to know there are other people "out there" that really understand NPD. The effects cannot be underestimated, including the effect it had on Amanda's life. Been there. Done that.

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Wagner. The news of Amanda's death rocked your world. Really? KW might be involved in more ways than one.

In the Commitment, Care, Connection video, DB explains (on behalf of Kenneth) the importance of "layering".

Anonymous said...

Perhaps LE wonders why one would self-diagnosis with Asperger (known to above avg. intelligence according to most moms who want others to think their kid smarter than the rest) only to find they may have a psychopath child who'd kill them in their sleep if they didn't quit harping about their smoking. With Aspergers, one could hack and establish weblinks to connect all the DOTs and still have a "condition" that would give them an out if ever caught.

If this condition caused the falsely accused to be imprisoned, then that's more moola for the one diagnosing the homosexual tendencies. A simple sex change and they can obtain copyrights on their "story."

He is a narcissist. Bet he's not the only one out there either.

How many are trying to make this story their story? How many trying to profit from the death?

How many defending other commenters like they need defending?

BB said...

DB just posted this to FB. Capitalizing. All the "gave her entire life FOR INDY " talk is unsettling. Leakage. Suggests she voluntarily laid down her life "FOR INDY". That implication is where I've resisted going, but have to consider. Can't help but think this may go farther back than we want to acknowledge. She didn't give her life willingly #FOR INDY. She was murdered #FORDAVEY

Anonymous said...

Hey Whatever @ 6.57.

Peter Hyatt has mistakenly referred to Jeanine Pirro as Shapiro in several of his posts. Mistakes like that can cause credibility issues. But whatever, right? Or whateva.

Anonymous said...

I'm not small minded Anon @7:51. Contrary to your false accusation, I'm actually very broad minded. It takes a broad minded individual to believe in things they have not seen nor heard, yet will be led by the holy spirit, also unseen.

I know sin when I see it and hear it and I recognize the cunning trap of satan in trying to get us all to accept his lies and deceit, (as so many have), therein bowing the knee to satan and doming their own soul; it's real simple, I and don't intend to fall prey to it. That's all. Anything that goes against the instructions of God Almighty and the teachings of Jesus Christ comes from satan, is sin against God and always will be.

The rest of the world can live without provocation from me as they see fit. I've made my choice, they have their choice. I am by no means perfect, but I have come out from the acceptance of the devils works and separated myself from it, just as Jesus directed us to do. You don't like it, then I guess you'll just have to hang in there with your satan; good luck with that.

Now can we please DROP THIS and get back to the issue at hand? Thank you so much!! ABB

JMTO said...

Anon @ 1:13

Wow- you just said a mouthful there didn't you?
Well really you didn't - you typed it.

"There is no evidence that DB hired knew these subhumans or hired them kill his most valuable business asset. None."

If you are trying to convince everyone here that Davey would and could never have anything to do with the murder of his wife and mother to his son, you might want to show more of a connection between her and him other than "she was his most valuable business asset."

She wouldn't be his most valuable business asset if she was thinking about leaving him, then she would become the source of the destruction of his church, marriage, reputation.
(that was something he wasn't going to go through again after all those years before and the humiliation his "lie" had given to him.)

And maybe she had journaled those thoughts only a few short days before her death - not knowing what she would do or where to turn if she decided to leave- ending the entry with being unsure....
"We don't know what the future holds, but we know who holds the future."

And Davey already tells us in the GMA interview that he read her diary "a few days before" she was killed.

Not after, or coming back from the hospital, BEFORE.

I think that Davey had NO IDEA that his mentor thought he was "Crazy Davey"- I think he probably assumed that he was hired because of his apparent awesomeness (sarcasm) and nothing to do with quiet, little Amanda.

It was prob a shock when he said those words at her funeral, thinking that himself was all Perry Noble would need- and now he is bringing more attention (ad money) to their churches with Amanda's Story!!

Justice Seeker said...

Davey Blackburn tweet yesterday,

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn 18h18 hours ago

I'm thrilled to hear about how Jesus moved @resonateindy this morning. I love you guys and can't wait to be back with you! #NothingIsWasted


Davey Blakcburn expresses "I love you" in relation to Resonate church but fails to express that toward his murdered wife. Davey Blackburn also expressed excitement and anticipation about going back. But NO sadness that it would be going without his life ministry partner who completed him.

I don't know if Davey Blackburn was involved but if I were previously a member of his church, I wouldn't be any longer.

Anon "I" said...

I thought the kennel was a personal cage in the garage unless it was
being boarded elsewhere. The dogs in our rural neighborhood have
excellent hearing and are skilled at long-distance communication. ;)

buddy said...

Second hand info: Sex. assault actually DID happen. This will come out soon.

Anonymous said...

Also interesting that he says "I" love you and not "We" love you.
Where did everyone he speaks for go??

Anonymous said...

Amanda was NOT Davey Blackburn's most valuable asset. Good God, he didn't even appreciate her!! He wanted RID of her and made it clear he couldn't stand her. For God's sakes, what is wrong with some of you people??!

He devalued her every time he opened his conniving lying mouth. Poor Amanda with her sweet angelic and Godly spirit, was totally at his mercy 24/7/365, while he chipped away at her very soul with his every evil, sickening and sinister remark against her. Anyone who would defend this fool ought to have to live with a man like him.

Just try it, let's see how YOU like it! THEN get back to us. ABB

Anonymous said...

Any word on the reason they've been waffling on this since they announced it?

Mdkd6262 said...

Below is copied and pasted from a link posted on DB's fb page re purchasing the Amanda T-shirts. Notice the reference that you can read about "Amanda's Story" at "" the URL registered by PN two days after AB was removed from life support... disgusting. Amanda's family seems like genuine people. I believe that over the next few weeks they will witness 1st hand the true nature of DB and will have a pit in their stomach as the reality sets in. DB's narcissistic supply has been fed and his arrogance will be on full display. The thing that caught my eye in the 1st place with this story was when I read his statement he released immediately after her murder... my 1st impression screamed that he was ready for this moment long before it happened. I believe he signaled this in his post 4 weeks prior when he made the post about preparing for the "worship as a weapon" sermon where he waved the gun around 2 days prior. His comment was hat his heart was PUMPING (his emphasis) in anticipation....

On the morning of November 10, 2015, Resonate Church's lead pastor Davey Blackburn returned home from the gym to discover that his wife Amanda had been shot in a home invasion. She passed away from her injuries the next day, along with her unborn child. Davey and Amanda moved to Indianapolis in 2012 to start Resonate Church with the vision to see thousands of people experience the Life Change that is only possible through Christ. Amanda's greatest passion was to reach people far from God, and she gave her entire life to seeing this city and ultimately the world transformed for Him.

In 2014, Resonate launched the #FORINDY campaign. Simply put, we want our city to know that Jesus is FOR them and wants the best for them. In 2015, as a part of that campaign, Amanda helped come up with the design for a #FORINDY T-shirt. We are proud to be able to offer a special variant of that shirt with Amanda's initials on the front design. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go directly to Amanda's husband Davey and their 15-month-old son Weston as they try to move forward through this time.

You can see more of Amanda's story and how she has impacted more lives than she could ever have known at, and if you'd like to donate directly to the Blackburn family you can do so here. For more on Resonate Church, visit our website or Facebook page. From all of the Resonate team, thank you from the bottom of your hearts for your support. The best is yet to come.

***Orders will not ship until end of campaign!
Shirt Specs:
Bella + Canvas - Dark Grey

Justice Seeker said...

From the T-shirt announcement,

"On the morning of November 10, 2015, Resonate Church's lead pastor Davey Blackburn returned home from the gym to discover that his wife Amanda had been shot in a home invasion. She passed away from her injuries the next day, along with her unborn child. "


"along with HER unborn child."

Interesting that whoever wrote this chose the pronoun "her" and not "their" unborn child.

Anonymous said...

FYI, Davey had those t-shirts made before her funeral. They had to have the owner of the shop open just for this reason and press however many hundreds overnight. From the start all Davey saw in Amanda's death were dollar signs.

Amy Smith said...

The t-shirt sale campaign pitch ends with "the best is yet to come." It also links to, the domain registered by someone at Newspring 2 days after Amanda's death. The link redirects to Resonate Church. Davey is outright capitalizing on her murder. These people are truly sick. This is a cult led by a very disturbed man. Dear God.

Justice Seeker said...

The t-shirt sales is the "Cause of the month" for the internet site hosting the sale of the shirts. His wife's murder is now a "cause" to generate money.

Anonymous said...

This is in the same league of Tyshawn Lee's father trying to sell t-shirts to profit from his death as well as his mother tricking people into donating to a gofundme page that was alleged to pay for his funeral (that was paid for by a church) and buying a brand new vehicle and vacationing in Vegas with the gofundme funds. Just flat disgusting.

Anonymous said...

@The Beckster 1:32am

There were at least 2 negative reviews of Resonate Church on their facebook page from months ago. One was complaining about inappropriate advertising. Those reviews are gone. In fact now his reviews are all perfect scores all negativity erased.

Wonder if commenters deleted their reviews themselves?

Regarding neighbors, I am really not understanding any plausible reason they didn't call 911 themselves? Also where was the neighbor at those early morning hours while their house was being robbed?

Rella said...

O. M. G. All proceeds go to Davey. I might have a different opinion of this, had the proceeds been for some sort of charity in Indy. Wow.

Justice Seeker said...

From the t-shirt campaign,

"In 2015, as a part of that campaign, Amanda helped come up with the design for a #FORINDY T-shirt. We are proud to be able to offer a special variant of that shirt with Amanda's initials on the front design. All proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go directly to Amanda's husband Davey and their 15-month-old son Weston as they try to move forward through this time."

This "variant" design includes her initials, AB. Minimizing her to initials with the #ForIndy on the back. He doesn't even put her initials in the heart which would put her front and reflect her heart for Indy. And who is "proud" in their right mind is "proud" to offer this?

Rella said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

First, allow me to say that great compassion for those who struggle with depression, narcissism, are sociopathic, the psychopath as Flower related to us, also pathological liars under certain conditions; specifically those who were sexually and/or emotionally abused as children.

This is a lifelong serious condition caused by the one(s) who hurt and abused them, that destroys their lives in many areas for the rest of their lives. I am also very sympathetic to those who are born with physical, emotional or inherited mental conditions, particularly those whose mothers drugged them during gestation. This is such a horrible thing to do to an unborn baby. These conditions are all terribly sad, many which can never be successfully treated or cured.

But as for Davey Blackburn, I am getting a little weary of his blatant sexuality, the many excuses for his analytical excesses being caused by his narcissism or being sociopathic and his pathological lies. Unless someone can present an inbred, inborn, or evidence of childhood abuses he endured; I am labeling him as just plain mean and evil. Deliberately. IMO, if God hasn't already turned him over to a reprobate mind he will; at that point he won't even be able to call on God as God will turn a deaf ear to him.

He was no idiot and always knew everything he was doing to those he hurt without the slightest bit of care for anyone but himself, actually scheming more hurt to others without one consideration for them. He commends himself for his actions, actually believing he is awesome.

He has been taught right from wrong all of his life, and he knows better. He even uses Jesus, twisting his teachings to his own benefit. He has no remorse and no shame. Not an ounce. I'm sick of his 'mental' condition and I find no excuse for it. He disgusts me. ABB

Anonymous said...

I viewed the lie as just some incident that he used as a vehicle to pontificate further on his fake Christianity.

Since the dawn of the internet people have used the web to profit from loss. There are a few mommy bloggers whom I won't name, who I think do suffer and loved their kids, but are profiting from the loss of a child or spouse in gross ways.

Anonymous said...

Ach! The story selling t shirts is about Davey with Amanda as a "mention" or secondary subject. It's always all about Davey. Who wrote that, the babysitter? This "donate to Davey" money grab is sickening.

Anonymous said...

Buddy, thanks for the heads up. A sexual assault would allow me to think in the direction of "not involved" but I would still keep an eye toward "somehow related to DB"...

I have a hard time believing this was random because not only did they live on a cul de sac, but also the street leading to the cul de sac is essentially a dead end turning into the blackburn's street. I just don't see how experienced robbers would set themselves up like this to not have multiple escape routes.

I think we hear no childhood stories because of his dad. His dad seems to be very well-regarded and well-respected and seems to have protected Davey, and apparently still is protecting Davey via his reputation alone.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Sus @ 1:19 a.m. Nov. 30

Very good breakdown! I found Kenneth's "would speak" a little awkward- I expected to hear "We spoke on Tuesdays... " or "We always( or regularly)speak on Tuesdays..." or "We spoke on Tuesdays from 7-8, just like we always do...". Generally, the word would used in this way describes a recollection of something done regularly, for a specific time period, in the distant past.

"My family would open one small present Christmas Eve."
"My father would hunt Thanksgiving week."

"And what you need to know...". is controlling (like Davey's letter to Resonate telling the congregation what to say if someone asks questions). It speaks to a need to control the information and redirect the conversation to it's main purpose- an alibi for Davey. Rather than reassure readers and the public, it highlights the sensitivity surrounding the call itself, the timing, and extent, the nature of the call, and the intent behind the call- and further highlights the context in which the call was made (injured wife bleeding in the house, seeming lack of accompanying noise (Weston, dog) coming from the house that would alert husband steps away in his car.

"And what you need to know..." signals that there is more to know that Kenneth does not want us to know or consider. It's similar to "Move along folks, there's nothing to see here." when there's an accident or incident and there's clearly something to see.

I've posted this on previous threads and bringing it forward again in case someone missed it and for new readers. Davey references weekly conversations w/ Kenneth Wagner on May 12, 2015 (although he doesn't specify date and time). This shouldn't be too hard for LE to pull cell phone records for both men to establish and verify.

daveyblackburn ‏@daveyblackburn May 12

I LOVE my weekly convos with @kennethwagner! It alwaays puts a spiritual shot of adreneline in my veins! #BrothaFromAnothaMotha

Justice Seeker said...

It is interesting the body language in the family group photo of Davey Blackburn and his family. His back is to his mother and the rest of his family. Parents usually the focal point and form the foundation for a family group photo. In this photo the mom is dwarfed by Davey's presence and Davey is the immediate focal point. It could be that they grouped it so that the Blackburns form the core. But then it would be that Davey would have his body turned toward his mother which would allow Amanda to make a connection to him by putting an arm on a shoulder or at the waist like the other man on the left side. Body language in a photo leaves an impression. Before the murder I would have thought it to be just a bad photo grouping. After the murder, it could be an indication that there is tension between Davey and his family.

boston lady said...

Hi Peter. I am repulsed seeing this t shirt fundraiser. That coupled with the obvious use of 15 month old Weston on holding the special ornament "in memory of amanda" is distasteful and blatant. This is now gone from subtle to overt in capitalizing on amanda's horrific death. I believe Davey Blackburn is following the direction of his mentor in capitalizing on her death. After seeing pn's display on twitter, arguing attacking 15 yr olds over a football game, I question his leadership ability. On top of this, there is already a fund started for father and son. I would bet the book will be next.


Anonymous said...

The churches' scheme has political agendas all over them. #forIndy is one measure of their success.Lotteries in the church for prizes given for attendance (male focused prizes) What makes them think their tiny congregation represents all the area?!

I agree with Amy Smith. This guy is an obnoxious jerk who has cult leader tendencies and his an opportunist in every sense of the word.

Still, that doesn't make him guilty of murder. If it did, alot of people would be guilty, too.

Donna said...

DB reminds me of Brody in Homeland. Is a run for political office next for the good "Pastor"?

Anonymous said...

So Larry Taylor was advertising on backpages? Was he a male prostitute?

buddy said...

anaon 10:26:

People keep expressing bafflement at the apparent randomness of the criminals choosing this location. The affadvit should clue everyone in as to why it's anything but random. Pay attention.
They were on their way to see their friend "Cheese" at 56th and Guion. The Kessler Exit off 38th is where you get off to get to Cheese's crib. Woods of N Kessler is the first Neighborhood off the highway on the way to Cheeses. Convenient as all get-out actually.

Anonymous said...

It is my belief that Davey left his front door open deliberately that morning, that Amanda was not upstairs in her bedroom, she was downstairs where Davey had already spent a good forty minutes berating and possibly abusing her; in fact could have already shot her himself, leaving her disabled, unable to help herself and bleeding to death on the floor.

He spent the next hour or so at the gym (we think), then headed home to sit in his driveway, knowing the attackers had been there and done their dirty works on Amanda; they went to the ATM that Davey (or his contact) directed them to go too, way out of their way, but this was the ATM where Davey had opened the account and where he knew they would have no trouble making their withdrawal up to $400 which was the amount set for withdrawal at one time by their bank; either he or Amanda could have given them the pin and the debit card.

He returns from the gym (?) and sits in his car for nearly an hour chit-chatting with his friend on his phone, establishing his alibi, then casually walks into the house, knowing he will find Amanda lying there, hopefully dead. Or was he already sitting in there, watching Amanda die while he continues to chit-chat? He deliberately avoids telling 911 this is an emergency, his wife has been shot, send the police, deliberately stalling for more time for Amanda to die damn it, die.

This all adds up to a total of THREE hours of unnecessarily missing time in the life of Davey Blackburn, that IMO, coupled with his obvious guilty knowledge, leads him directly to his involvement in Amanda's murder, regardless as to the suspects who have been arrested due to their own guilt and the evidence.

For all of the many and numerous reasons and guilty aspects that have been presented and weighed; first and foremost, being Peter's statement analysis that points directly to his statements and misstatements indicating his involvement, this is my opinion and I am not backing down. So there you have it. ABB

Anonymous said...

I don't think the street is convenient at all. Yes, the neighborhood is off major roads but the blackburn's house is as far away and as obscure and as closed off as possible. It is very bizarre to me that they wouldn't have chosen houses in the middle or closer to the front. They chose the basically farthest one back with 2 streets of only one way in one way out access.

Anonymous said...

List of crimes from within 1 mile of The Blackburns since 10/20. Another lady on facebook also spoke of burglaries in the neighborhood next to the Blackburns on 10/13. She also said Blackburn's neighborhood were also passing out neighborhood watch flyers right after the 10/13 burglaries in the next neighborhood close to them. Again, why would you leave your door unlocked if all this crime was occurring close to home?

The Marion County Coroner says pregnant mother Amanda Blackburn died from a gunshot wound to the head. The manner of death has b

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Anonymous @ 1:02 a.m. Nov 30

Anonymous said...

Here's another reason why DB wasn't involved. Watson's and Taylor's 200 PAGES OF JUVENILE RECORDS prove they are MONSTERS. They were armed, on drugs, and seen burglarizing other homes. Subhumans like this function solely on the irrational pleasure principal. If it feels good, they do it and they murder innocent people every day in the USA.

November 30, 2015 at 1:02 AM

Your position is that these must be the murderers because they have 200 pages of juvenile records- that proves they are murderers and somehow proves Davey was not involved. There's just one small problem with that. Of those 200 pages of juvenile records, there is not a single charge for murder for Watson or Taylor. Moreover, there have been several murders this year in my community in the last 12 months committed by people with no record whatsoever (traffic offense of otherwise). There have been several pastors nationwide, who have killed their wives or arranged her killing, who all have no records. I'm not saying Davey Blackburn killed his wife. I am saying we should wait until LE conclude their investigation with a final press conference and this case goes to trial. An arrest (or arrests) is not a final conclusion- often they are other elements in play.

While it's true that LE consider a record of offenses, as well as the type of offenses, as a gauge to predict future offenses/level of violence, it is merely one of many tools in their training toolbox. What may appear, cut, dried, wrapped, and presented with a bow to us, may seem or feel "off" or too pat/perfect/clean/disordered to LE. They have extensive training (in human nature,psychology, sociology, criminology, statistics, forensics, science) and years of experience with a variety of people in a variety of situations. They have a pretty good sense of what falls within the "normal" range.

Sus said...

Thanks, Fools. I never know about "would". It makes me think of the past, yet he's telling us they talked that day.

What I found interesting was his sequence of events. They were hung up, then ended their conversation. Possibly a sign it's not from experiential memory.

GeekRad said...

I have been unplugged for the most part for 4 days so I have a lot to catch up with. Has the 911 call been released?

sjeo said...

Im so addicted to this blog, so glad to know I wasnt completely insane in my thoughts. I'd really hoped it wasnt hi, but from that first interview, his reaction and responses made the hairs on my neck stand up. I have been in evangelical churches all my life, still go to a megachurch now...but this isnt normal, even for a raging evangelical. So, I appreciate your insights, Peter.

One question I had is, even if he was 100% clean of any wrongdoing or knowledge (which is 99.9999% doubtful), could the poice really have established tha 100% number so quickly? Does that ever REALLY happen, even in cases where the husband is innocent? Ive just never heard such a bold statement of innocence. I remember Jennifer Huston case, in Seattle...mother disappeared and was found to have committed suicide a few days later. Obviously, her husband had zero guilt, but I didnt even hear them clear her husband (a true victim), like the IMPD has cleared DB.

Anonymous said...

For 5 years of my early marriage we lived with small children in a nice older established neighborhood that was nearby the more run down urban crime neighborhood. We mostly had petty crime of opportunity and not often. My friend once had a camera stolen but she had left it outside in the front of the house on a chair for several hours. Things like that.

My husband wasn't home much because of work and he was a fanatic about locking doors. One night he came home from work after we had all gone to bed and he discovered that the front door and storm door were unlocked but closed. He was very upset about it thinking of how vulnerable we were inside by ourselves: a woman and some tiny children. He was on me after that, calling etc: are the doors locked? Etc.

That DB left the door unlocked and he apparently knew it and was able to tell LE that he did: tells me a lot. There was no reason he should have left it unlocked and for sure no reason to deliberately leave it unlocked. He should have even turned around to go back and lock it if he didnt realize it until after he left.

Anonymous said...

Here's the entire Dateline episode on YouTube. "Thou Shalt Not Kill".

Anonymous said...

911 hasn't been released and likely won't be since the investigation is still ongoing.

Amy Smith said...

I keep going back to Kenneth Wagner's statements about getting the call from someone at lunch that day telling him about Amanda. He said he was told that "it happened last night" to which he replied, "that's impossible. I just talked to Davey this morning." This could easily be dismissed as the fog of communication in the immediate period but maybe it shouldn't be. Who was that phone call from?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Concerned @ 1:13 a.m.

Re: The Lie

Speaking for myself only here, as a Christian, I would be very upset that I had damaged someone and their willingness/ability to trust others. I would be devastated that I had defamed God by my behavior/words/choices.

That he termed it "serious" lie means there were multiple "lessor" lies. Lessor, maybe in that he did not get caught or lessor in that the consequences were not as far-reaching. For an aspiring college/major league baseball star to lose the respect,admiration, and support of his baseball coach, it had to be pretty bad. Ironically, it would be nearly as bad as losing the respect, admiration and support of his preaching mentor Perry Noble.

IMO, "The Lie" is very important, as it evidences who Davey is, how he thinks, and how he operates. (Peter's thread- Blackburn Murder What Detectives Think Foolsfeedonfolly posts Nov. 26 7:32 p.m., 7:46 p.m., 7:49 p.m.)

Anonymous said...

Are you going to post a link to your professional psycho help line or what? Or, do I need to yank the hard drive-drive to the police station and prove your cyber/interstate/ and general terrorism?

It's one thing to sit around decapitating toys; another to plan an attack on someone that can't defend themselves.

buddy said...

Not public knowledge, but eyewitness evidence of casing activity the morning before the crime. Again, convenient.

Anonymous said...

I know several friends who always leave their doors unlocked when they're home. I get onto another friend who lives on a busy road and is always leaving her garage door open during the day. I don't think he was trying to get his family harmed by leaving the door unlocked. I believe most of us living in middle class suburbs never can imagine that something like this could ever happen to us. Last year in my community a house was broken into with a 57 yr old man inside after his wife left early for work.. It was a home located on a dead end frontage road close to the interstate. It surprised the burglar that someone was home when he found him in the bedroom on the phone calling 911. You could hear him asking who he was talking to and he told him it was his wife. The guy shot and killed him while 911 listened. He fled without taking anything and has never been found. I worked with his wife and thank goodness for the 911 call or they would have never known what happened.

GeekRad said...

Peter, you are absolutely correct. I can't imagine saying "and what you need to know about this story". If I wanted to convey that the phone calls occurred every Tuesday morning my thought would be "and what is so horrible is that we talked every Tuesday morning and he was on the phone with me before he found Amanda.: To even say from 7-8. Really? He knows or thinks Davey needs an alibi with a time stamp! Far too many oddities and coincidences. They could just be coincidences but they certainly call into question what is going on in this case.

GeekRad said...

Thanks Buddy. Keep us posted. I hope LE are not closing the case on a Davey association.

rosy said...

This video made by and for NewSpring's FUSE youth group shows DB overseeing Amanda's role.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the drafting fundraiser for Davey held Friday at the middle school?

Anonymous said...

Worship as a Weapon youtube video at an astounding 6 likes and 20 dislikes

Anonymous said...

Here's the link to the football fundraiser. Isn't this the middle school he worked at?

Sus said...

I remember seeing that, also. Can you find the exact quote?

Anonymous said...

The t-shirt ordering site looks like something Meg Griffith wrote.

Mdkd6262 said...

U HAVE GOT TO VIEW THIS VIDEO that is a TV commercial produced by Resonate Indy that features "weston" crying and flashes a reference in front of him that refers to a failed 2014 new year's resolution of "distraction-free sex" and then has a scene of someone shooting someone else in he head referecing a failed 2013 NY's resolution of "zero trips to the emergency room". The failed 2012 NY's resolution is "prevent snapchats from boys". All of this is around the dinner table. this is truly shocking. I can't believe a church would air such a disgusting commercial. The commercial begins with the mother of the toddler (which appears to be played by the real-life weston), saying "her NY's resolution was to have more time around the dinner table. But that's turned out to be just like last year's resolution..." To top it all off the whole theme of the campaign is "you don't need another resolution, you need a solution" and features a "target" sign as he slogan. They even had T-shirts made with the target symbol as part of the campaign. He's been planning these disgusting t-shirt sales For a long time... fantasizing about all the benefits of having his annoying wife off'd until he finally convinced himself it's the only "solution" and actually went through with it... this gives a whole new meaning to "leaking" Looks like we will all be witnesses to his NY's resolution is for 2016...
ticket sale profits to "Amanda's Story"

Commercial can be viewed from DB's fb page from jan 27 2015

Anonymous said...

Did Davey's alibi buddy Kenneth Wagner say they were talking on the phone from 7:00 to 8:00 am? How does this help Davey when he sat in his car talking on the phone till 8:30 am? What happened to the missing thirty minutes? Who else was he chatting it up with while stalling for time, praying for Amada to die? ABB

Sus said...

An interesting article where Larry Taylor broke into an apartment. When confronted, he said he wouldn't take anything and left.

MDB said...

I think that Fractal Flower's comments early in this thread are probably spot on. If we use Occam's razor, I would say that this explanation is the best.

There is a lot of talk about expected/unexpected behavior and words in this site, and rightly so. However, I am very familiar with the evangelical mega-church / church-growth movement, and I would say that one would expect very different words and behaviors from young men who intentionally seek to build massive churches and emulate other pastors who have built mega-churches. The younger set is filled with narcissists who have found that founding and building a mega-church is a great way to get the adoration and attention that you crave. For these men, I would actually say that DB's behavior and words are expected - not at all unexpected.

That would be my argument for his lack of involvement: his behavior fits almost exactly what I would have expected from a young man in his position who displays the character traits of a young man intentionally seeking to build a massive church with a massive following / personality cult.

For the record, I previously believed he was involved. Ongoing consideration has led me to believe what I explained above.

Justice Seeker said...

Below is Amanda Blackburn's obituary.

In the second paragraph identifying who has survived Amanda Davey, her husband, is listed first as is expected. Not expected is that his name is used again immediately in the next sentence-- "Davey is the pastor of Resonate Church." His occupation is listed before identifying her parents or other relatives. His occupation is also given before Amanda's education and other important details about her life.

The entire obit is in the third person as expected. The last paragraph is an advertisement for the church.

""Amanda has spent the past 3 years of her life living #ForIndy and seeking to impact the city of Indianapolis for Jesus Christ. Davey and Amanda planted Resonate Church in Indianapolis with the intention of creating life change through Christ for the residents of Indianapolis..."

The final sentence switches to "we" and is not expected. The last sentence is an invitation for the entire city of Indy to come to the service and uses the word "love."

"We would love for the city of Indianapolis to help us honor the life of Amanda by attending her celebration service on Sunday."

The use of the word "love" is an unexpected emotion in the ending. It is not used for Amanda. It is not used for the unborn child. There is no expression of sadness at the sudden nature of her passing. There is no indication of how to send flowers. the only request is to "attend" her service which the writer would "love."

The accompanying photo is of the entire family and not just her. Even in her death she must share the limelight with Davey and his work.

To use her obituary as a means to advertise is pathetic and disgusting.

Here is the complete obituary....

"Amanda Grace (Byars) Blackburn, 28, of Indianapolis, IN, along with unborn daughter, Everett “Evie” Grace Blackburn, were welcomed into the loving arms of her Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on November 11, 2015. A celebration service will be held on Sunday, November 15th, at Trader’s Point Christian Church, Whitestown, IN at 5:00 pm. Visitation immediately following.

Amanda is survived by her husband, Davey Blackburn, and son, Weston. Davey is the pastor of Resonate Church of Indianapolis. She is also survived by her parents, Phil & Robin Byars; siblings Gavin & Amber (Byars) Wilkinson, James & Angela Byars; and grandparents, Jim & Bobbi Cook; Lavoy & Mildred Byars. Amanda was born July 31, 1987 in Muskegon, MI. She started school in Indianapolis, IN, before moving to Elkhart, IN in 1995. Amanda graduated from Elkhart Christian Academy in 2006. She graduated from Pensacola Christian College in Pensacola, FL with an associate’s degree in 2008. Amanda married Davey Blackburn on August 1, 2008 and they welcomed their firstborn son, Weston James Blackburn in 2014.

Amanda has spent the past 3 years of her life living #ForIndy and seeking to impact the city of Indianapolis for Jesus Christ. Davey and Amanda planted Resonate Church in Indianapolis with the intention of creating life change through Christ for the residents of Indianapolis. We would love for the city of Indianapolis to help us honor the life of Amanda by attending her celebration service on Sunday.

Amy Smith said...

Here is the quote:
"I got a phone call (from someone), he explained what had happened to Amanda and then he said it happened last night. I said 'that's impossible because I talked to Davey this morning,'" said Wagner.

Mdkd6262 said...

Link to video:

sherry said...

RE: Theory regarding shooting - As someone who has 3 children, I suspect she was "negotiating" with Taylor to keep him from killing her. She probably had her hands up in front of her saying, "Please don't do this, I'm pregnant," in hopes he would recoil at killing a pregnant woman. When he shot her the first time, the bullet could have traveled from her outstretched arm to her bicep. At that point, he could have quickly fired a second shot which hit her upper body and threw her to the ground, which is when he went in for the kill and shot her in the back of the head.

I doubt Taylor had much experience using a firearm. In other words, I doubt he is the type of person to regularly go to a gun range and practice. It is hard to hit a target with a handgun if you're not used to firing one. At least it is for me. This could explain why it took 3 shot to finish what he started.

Amy Smith said...


I believe that someone posted earlier the info from the probable cause documents that the shot that hit her upper body was from the back.

Anonymous said...

Hate to bring this up again, but the whole DB being "gay" theory might have some more credence to it if in fact Larry Taylor was a male prostitute. Just a thought.

Amy Smith said...

11/16 blog post story about the t-shirts by DB's cousin:

This past week, tragedy struck my family. My cousin's beautiful wife was killed through an act of senseless violence. As I made the long drive to Indianapolis, I could not help but to be angry about the situation. How could such an amazing young mother be taking from us so early. I felt sorrow for my cousin. However, when I arrived at my grandparents house I was met by an unbelievable force. Hope. My cousin, Davey Blackburn, was a rock of hope and inspiration of joy. Everyone would have understood if he was angry or depressed during this dark time, but he wasn't. When I arrived he immediately gave me a huge hug and asked how I was. His focus was not driven by anger but by complete, life-giving hope. He asked if there was any way that I could make some shirts that his wife, Amanda, had designed for their church in time for her celebration service.

Nothing was going to stop me from finding a way to make these shirts for my cousin in time for the service. I called and emailed every screen printer that I knew in Indianapolis to find someone willing to come in on a Saturday to print shirts. After several hours of searching, I heard back from a local screen printer in Indianapolis, Art Press.

Not only were they willing to help print, they also had 450 shirts in the exact color we were looking for in their warehouse. What a miracle. (As an aside, any one in Indianapolis looking for custom apparel should look up - they are unbelievable). The owner, Jared, came all the way downtown to do the printing himself. What a guy. It showed how a simple act of kindness can radically impact others.

Jared and his team finished up the shirts late Saturday night (less than 24 hours after I reached out) and they came off the press looking great.
Thanks to Jared and Art Press, I was able to deliver the shirts on time to my cousin. I will always remember the look on his face when I showed him the shirts. I have learned so much from my cousin and Jared this past week about how to conduct my business and how to live my life. I will never be the same.

​Life is fragile and short. Do what you love, for tomorrow is not promised. Try to love a little more. Give a little extra. And live your life your life abundantly.

#Nothingiswasted #ForIndy #MoreThanApparel

M said...

Amy - Yes, I was one of those who posted that from the PC Affidavit. It was a through and through shot - entered and exited the back - downward trajectory.

Mdkd6262 said...

He has been fantasizing about this day for a long time... thus all the "leaking" pre-murder. And this is further evidence of where his true focus is.... this family has been so close to this hyped con game for so long they have bought into it hook, line, & sinker. Amanda is what gave him credibility. With her now gone his true colors are shining through...

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