Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Statement Analysis Transcript: Davey Blackburn

I: Pastor Blackburn, thank you for joining us this morning, we’re so sorry for your loss.

DB: Thank you George, thank you very much.

I: I know the community came together in a memorial service for Amanda over the weekend, what do you want the world to know now about your wife?

DB: Oh my gosh, I wish I could tell the world everything about her, I wish I had the time to but, um, I think what I would really want the world to know is that she loved Jesus with her whole heart. And she loved people, and she spent her life pouring her life out to people. She served people, she uh, loved the people that were unloveable, gave hope to people who um, didn’t have hope, didn’t think they had a future, and um, she just absolutely gave everything she had to her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

"Oh my gosh" is to begin with exclamation.  Please see analysis on Scott Peterson, husband of murdered Lacy and Conor Peterson as he was not only indicated for deception, but later convicted and his statement is useful in domestic homicide language patterns.  

What is his time limitation from talking about Amanda?

This is his priority, that is, what came first.  He wants the world to know, in order:

a.  I don't have the time tell tell the world everything about her
b.  She loved Jesus with her whole heart. 
c  She loved people
d.  She spent her life for people
e.  She served people 
f.  She loved people
g.  She gave hope to people
h.  She gave everything to her Lord. 

Absent from the husband's statement is love to him, or love to her children.  This statement is from a husband of a woman with whom he lived and was "one" with, yet there is in this declaration of telling the world, nothing about their marriage.  

When someone's life is disrupted in this violent, life changing way, the world often "stops" and "nothing else matters."  This theme shows up in language.  There is nothing else that matters, and time stands still, and there is no 'moving forward' so close to the murder.  This statement appears to be hyperbole. 

He wishes he has the time. This statement should be taken in correlation to his original statement to the church:  he was not having the murder derail his career but only taking a few days off.  This comes at a time when he should have been 'reeling' from the 'blow' and without bearing.  Any normal grieving words were expected, but unheard; instead, his focus was upon himself, in particular, his career and how her death could benefit his career through publicity for his company/church.  The word "company" is intended to cause the reader to see what he did as something he was driven to success with.  I take this language from Blackburn, himself, who mentioned starting the work with "$100,000 of start up cash" and his wife's complaint that he was always at "work" beginning right after the honeymoon, which, from her perspective, led to the bad marriage.  From his perspective, it was not "work" that made the marriage bad, but pregnancy and his wife's inability or unwillingness to meet his sexual needs.  This, too, was her fault because he "articulated" his need, as he condemned other men for blaming their wives when they had not, in fact, "articulated" the need, leaving the wife to "guess" what was wrong.  

In this lengthy list, the subject is telling us of his wife's dedication which was to everyone but the subject, himself.  The list is long and it is void not only of the subject, but the child as well.  

DB: We know the police in,  have released surveillance photos, some surveillance videos overnight, what else have been telling you about who might have done this and why?

The question is about motive and identifying the killer.  
Although worded incorrectly, it is a good question. We avoid compound questions as they allow the subject to pick and choose what to answer and what not to.  

The questions, therefore are:

Who did this?
Why did he do this?

Keep this in mind as the subject responds:  

CD: Um, ya know, the ah investigators um, haven’t given me ah, a, ton of details that um, they’ve given me the details that they’ve released to, to the public as well, an, an so we, we’ve been really tryin’ to do over the past week is um, is, is, kinda figure out , we, ya know, how to grieve the loss an, an how to, how to move forward from here an how to work thru all of this , it’s devastating to the family an , and um, ya know the fu, funeral this past Sunday was just an amazing celebration of, of her life an, we just um, we were so grateful for, for friends and family comin’ to show support, and the nation um, there were over 6500 people tuned in across the world um, and, and, what was so great about Amanda is she was so selfless, that she didn’t want here life to be put on display ever, but she wanted Jesus to be put on display. We feel like that’s what happened at the celebration service, that Jesus was lifted up and people’s lives have been changed because of that.

a.  "Me" here is strong and appropriate.  He reveals, first, that police are not giving him anything the public does not have. 
This is to reveal that police have withheld information from him. He uses "a ton of details" which is consistent with his methodology of communication through 'word pictures'.  Consider a "ton" is a lot of information.  People are not comfortable lying outright.  More than 90% of deception comes from withheld or suppressed information rather than outright lying.  To use "a ton" is to give a word picture of a great deal of information though it is offered in the negative.  Next, he tells us exactly what they did give him:  the details "to me" that they have given to the press.  This is to emphasize "me", which is not his norm here.  


He leaves the listener with a clever word picture and impression:  police are giving "him", "himself" information, therefore, 'don't suspect me.'

This was a common theme of Billie Jean Dunn who sought to persuade television audiences that police were in close contact with her, which reduces suspicion.  It was her need to persuade that told us the opposite:  they were not communicating with her anything other than what the press received.  

b.  Note the change to "we" in "trying to figure out" the motive.  This is to avoid the motive of robbery and to include others with the plural pronoun "we", which is repeated often. 

The use of "we" is often found in guilty statements, just as it is in the language of children:  when we are guilty, we attempt to 'hide' among a crowd.   "Mom, everyone was doing it!" as if a multitude will justify action.  This is not a conclusion of guilt, but it is a red flag.  It was heard in the language of other homicide investigations regarding families, including missing children cases, Baby Lisa and Isabel Celis.  The deceptive parents had the need, even when alone, to use the pronouns "we" and "us" in personal matters where "I" and "my" were expected.  

He, himself, is not trying to figure out the motive.  "We" may be, but he, himself, is not.  Next, he takes this to something that is distinctly personal:  

c.  Grieving. 

"We" have to figure out how to grieve; not "I" which is not expected under any circumstances.  

"We" did not lose a wife.  "We" did not lose a child.  The marriage is between him and Amanda; no one else; and they were "one flesh", as one 'person.'  There is no more of an "personal" intrusion into this than murder.  

Investigators must learn why he, himself, does not have to "figure out" how to grieve.  

This is an artificial statement.  There is no "figuring out" to grieving; one grieves.  It may appear different in people, but it is a human reaction.  

"Jesus wept."

Lazaraus was a personal friend of Christ's, and this short statement speaks to perfect humanity for the subject, as is his claim.  

In his second public statement "to the nation" he invited people to his company, to "laugh" and instructed them to "wear jeans" and even told them what to tell media should they ask questions. 

 This is the language of a CEO , protecting and promoting his product, rather than a grieving, lost bewildered and frightened husband and father.  

Note:  "grieve the loss" is "the" loss and not "my wife" or anything personal.  

d.  "we" have to "move on" though she has been dead for just over a week.  This is not expected.  

e.  "Devastation."  There is nothing more devastating to a husband and father than to have his wife and child (pre born) murdered.  As "one flesh", it is, as described by many, as if "part of me was murdered" and other such close proximity language. It is an utter devastation to the surviving spouse first, and then to the children.  

To whom does he assign "devastation" to?

Here, it is "devastating" to "the family", not him, personally, nor even to "my family. " 

 This is unexpected distancing language.  

It is the language of a counselor or minister, removed from any personal connection to the victim.  

If a counselor, for example, is working with a family in grief, he or she would say "the family" as professional distance and boundary.  

This is to distance himself, personally, from the devastation.  

The expected is that he, himself, is devastated.  

In Statement Analysis we have a rule:

If the subject is unwilling or unable to say it, we are not permitted to say it for him.  

f.  Career. 

His original statement was narcissistic like and focused upon his career. His next statement was to the "nation" and it was a plea for his career success:  bringing people out.  

He used the death of Amanda as an advertisement of his business or company to the nation.  

What has our research and development department concluded?

Here, while speaking of the motive and identity of the murderer, he changes language to give the number of his successful advertising campaign technique of of "celebration" and "laughing" to a conclusion:


He goes further, however, to include not only the number of people who attended, but those who accessed the web site. 

This is in response to Who killed your wife?  and Why did he kill her?

His answer is to measure the success of the slick, up beat and positive spin on the murder of Amanda.  

This is his priority found in his language.  

g.  He was asked:  What was so great about Amanda? 

 His answer is to reflect his priority and the success he has had, as well as to highlight the struggle it took to reach this national level. 

His answer is that she did not want to compete with him.  This is especially noteworthy in the video performance of "Q & A" where he he over-talks her, quiets her, finishes her sentences, interrupts her, and corrects her. 

He humiliates her and reveals his sex drive and her subsequent 'inadequacy' and lack of 'adventurous' spirt in sex, including an off color joke at her expense in which he said it "went right over her head', making her the comedic 'dunce' in a well worn pattern of duo performances where one is the smart one and the other the target.  Hope and Crosby, Laurel and Hardy, and on through the decades.  Even 'good natured' jokes at the other's expense often employ harsh language.  They both described this marriage as near divorce with, according to Amanda, the distance from relatives as the only source of keeping her in the home.   

 In these videos, he speaks frequently and inappropriately about his own sex drive, Amanda's failure to satisfy it, and his causing her to have sex with him before going to dinner, lest he will not concentrate on her conversation.  This is to depersonalize and humiliate her.  It is done in 'word pictures' with theatrical choreographed movements added for affect.  This is why I called it "grooming."

In Statement Analysis, we also note grandiose praise as a signal of a bad relationship.  What made her great was letting him be "front and center."  She did not want to steal his spotlight.  

"and the nation, there were 6500..."  he knows the number of people who tuned in from around the world.  This is not something expected at this time.  He has now gone 'world wide', in response to the question of motive, as he turns back to 'success.'  

Please recall the question about motive has been moved from.  

h.   "We feel" is to avoid what he, himself feels, as husband.  This is an unexpected distancing language from a most personal and up close criminal act.  

i.  "Jesus" is used again and the success of his career propagated by her death. 

We note divinity in Statement Analysis as closely associated with deception.  "I swear to God" is the language of deception, even if the person's vow is truthful; it is the need to swear that is of concern.  Here, we do not find him using divinity as a means of verifying his words, but we do find it as a means of deflection and avoidance.  

The repetition indicating sensitivity is both advertising and deflection from the question.  

There is nothing within this statement that addresses the motive for her murder, nor the identity.  This is not missed by the Interviewer.  

There is nothing within this statement, or his earlier statements about catching the brutal murderer.  

There is nothing here, nor elsewhere, to show concern for his neighbors, himself, or his son, that a murderer may return.  

These are important expected elements that would come from someone of great faith, or someone without faith:  even a narcissist will be afraid for himself.  

The subject shows no concern, whatsoever, that a dangerous killer is out there.  

I: And it was such 

Here is cross talk 

DB: and, so , um , we’ve been

I: It was such an outpouring of…

DB: Go ahead George..sorry

Note the inclusion of "sorry" within the language.  
Note the 2nd inclusion of the Interviewer's first name 
Note he gives George permission to continue. 

I: I’m sorry, sorry, I apologize

DB: Yes.  

I:  "Do you have any idea why anyone would want to hurt Amanda?"

Recall that the police said he was "100%" not involved and that she was a robbery victim.  The Interviewer, by this question, shows a suspicion or doubt of this.  

Why might someone hurt her?

This should be easy to answer if the subject believes the police.  

My wife was killed during a robbery.  My wife was killed maybe protecting our baby.  My wife was killed because she surprised a robber...or anything along these lines.  

The police have already told him that there was a robbery earlier in the morning and that a video of a black male, short, with hoodie, exists who, they said, is the shooter.  Is this not the motive of why she was shot?

Question for analysis:  Does the subject believe the motive was robbery?

DB:   "There's not, Amanda did not have an enemy in the world.  Um, I, I can't, I cant imagine any reason why, that's why this has baffled us as much as anybody and so we are trusting the investigators who have been so good to us through this process um, trying to keep us up to speed on what they have and we trust, you know, that they are they are doing the best they can and have all the resources at their disposal right now  to catch who did this."

a.  The stuttering "I" of a non-stutterer (public speaker).  "I" is the most commonly used word by English speakers, with literally millions of usage.  Therefore, when one stutters on it, there is an increase in anxiety.  What caused this increase in anxiety?  It is about who would "do this to her" specifically. 

b.  "why":  motive is robbery.  If the motive was home invasion robbery, no answer is needed beyond this.  This shows that the subject does not believe this motive otherwise he might say, "I guess someone just wanted to steal from us" but does not.  He avoids giving any answer one week after the murder of his wife. 

This is not expected. 

We all would have long considered what would cause the murder of our wives, which is something very personal, affronting, and the language should reflect this.  That he is without imagination is not truthful.   Even one of his intellect, with a week to think of it, all day and all night, losing sleep, cannot even "imagine" why.  

This is to say that he does not want to say that she was killed as part of a robbery.  

People feel internal stress, not exclusively from conscience, when they lie outright.  Why does he avoid this simple sentence?

"It has baffled us" is to avoid that this "baffled me", the husband of the murdered wife and mother.  This is distancing language and is often found in the language of the guilty who wish to 'blend in' and 'hide' within a plurality of suspects. 

Pronouns are intuitive and powerful and do not lie.  Pronouns are exempt from subjectivity in language and are instinctive.  Pronouns are 100% reliable in guiding us.  

"baffle" is to say that it is a mystery, beyond his strong intellect's ability to even "imagine" what the motive may be.  

This is to say:  He does not want to tell the motive of his wife's murder.  

Next note:  Soft language towards the killer:  

"to catch who did this" is not to "catch my wife's killer" or anything similar. 

Note also that he does not use any harsh language on the killer.  

This avoidance is sometimes found in the language of the guilty, as well as extreme 'persuasive' condemnation of the killer.  (the former is more likely than the latter in guilty statements).  The extreme 'persuasive' signal of "attempt to persuade" is more often found in relationship language, as a signal. 

 Recall Scott Peterson's description of marriage as "glorious", while his dead wife and pre born child were  still not located at that time.  This is frequently seen on Facebook where public extremes are used, often signaling trouble at home. In murder cases, we sometimes find very soft, passive language, some including empathy, for the killer.  

The expected is to see and hear someone 'bite their tongue' but still use strong language:

"the killer"
"my wife's murderer"
"the animal who did this"
and so on.  

Objection:  This is his religious belief; to "love your enemy,"and it is in his language.  

Answer:  It is appropriate  that we view his statement in context of his background and work.  It helps establish his reference point and his norm.  His claim of context is Christianity.  

 Christ used harsh language, as did others, including "brute beasts", "vipers", and so on. He called upon forgiveness for ignorance, too, but he was not void, nor were the men He commissioned, of natural, human language.  

We note that the subject not only expresses no fear of the killer, he does not even identity him as the "killer", but only "who" instead.  This is to take a very soft approach to the one who killed his wife, of whom he said he had a very bad marriage with, and who said that pregnancy was a contributor to the negative relationship. 

Most men would fear the killer's return as he and his son are vulnerable and his home has experienced "invasion."

Home invasions are devastatingly personal, even when little is taken.  The occupants express feeling "violated" and unsafe.  When violence is added, it is much more intense, but with murder, there is no distancing in language expected; not even in denial.   

I:  "Investigators have also said that there is a code of silence that may have prevented people from coming forward even if they have information that might solve this crime.  What do you want to tell those people who might know something about this?

TV interviewers do not have the information needed, but do much of the talking for self promotion.  The question is what he wishes to say to anyone who has information that would lead to arrests:  

DB:  well, I mean, I, we would beg them to give any information that they  have.  Uh, we'd be extremely grateful for for that, you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this, absolutely we'd, you know, it, we we are confused, you know, we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do but I read Amanda's journal entry just a few days before as she journaled every day of her life just a few days before she was killed and she put something in there that just spoke volumes to us that we are deriving strength from she said we don't know what the future holds but we know Who holds the future and that's Jesus, and so we are drawing our strength from that and Jesus holds the future and we can't see it clearly now but she can see it clearly now as she is in heaven with Jesus and we will see her soon."

There is much here that is concerning: 

a.  Note the pronoun change of "I" to "we"
b.  Note the weakness in the verb, "would" rather than directly speaking to the people who could help solve the case.  
c. "we'd be extremely grateful for that", itself, warrants analysis:

"we" is not expected; making the assertion weak (1) 
Being "grateful" is made sensitive by "extremely",  (2)
"we'd" is contraction for we "would" which is conditional (3)
The word "that", rather than "this" is distancing language.  


I.  What do you say to those people who might know something about this?

Subject:  "Call the police.  Tell them.  They will keep it anonymous.  Tell them. Please!"

No equivocation nor distancing language.  "Would", by itself, is a weak assertion that is conditional.  This is not a conditional opportunity.  It may be conditional that one knows something, but the opportunity to speak, now, is not conditional.  It is expected that he would directly and firmly tell them to call.  Begging would also be a possibility. 

Note the continued 'sharing' of emotions:  
you know, uh, it is really hard to sort through the emotions of what we are feeling about all this,

Who is "we"?
What is "all this"?  The murder of his wife and child?  

This is a form of passive language that avoids telling us what he feels.  He is concealing information about his own emotions in the murder of his wife.  

Note the inability or refusal to speak for himself:

we don't understand why, we, you know, um, we are angry we we;re not really sure what to do

Note the stutter, again, on the pronoun "we" as increase in anxiety at this point of the topic.  Take this with the habit of speech, "you know" which shows an increase in the presence of the Interviewer at this question, and it brings us to sensitivity. 

I:  Thank you (cross talk) can you mention how you are holding up through all of us, hey hey there've been you know, when you look at these photos and see all this has there been any other problems in the neighborhood did you did you or any of your neighbors recognize uh, that person , its kind of hard to determine who that person might be, that person in the photo?

Police have said that this is the shooter.  

When someone refuses to speak for himself, there are two points in which the refusal becomes heightened; 

1. Thought
2.  Emotion

One should tell us what one thought.  In a personal domestic homicide, the subject should tell us what he thinks.  Even when a husband and wife are seated together, speaking for one another, for example, in a missing child case, biological innocent parents will say "I" and "my son" in their statements.  

Truthful people tell us what they thought and felt.  Yet it is in emotion that the subject should only tell us what he, himself felt, as emotion is the reaction to the known facts of what happened, and are personal. 

He is alone. 
His wife is not with him. 
He lost his own wife; this is the highest loss in a murder, with the child closely related.  

Even if he wished to speak to the thoughts of others (which is not expected), the emotions should be solely his own.  

They are not.  This is a red flag.  

DB   Yeah, Yeah, I  mean it was such an obscure photo its I mean its extremely difficult to say anyone recognized it I mean our fam, our neighborhood was so close and it was such a seemingly safe neighborhood that this devastated all the neighbors, you know we knew all the neighbors we had just lots of cook outs with them recently and uh, and so, you know, we're we're we're we're just as confused as everybody else...at this point. 

"Everybody else" did not have their wives and pre born children brutally murdered; he did.

The pronoun "we" is then stuttered upon four or five times (it is difficult to discern) regarding the topic of "confusion."  He does not say "I am just as confused" but "we", with the plural "we" being very sensitive to him. 

Pronouns are not generally stuttered upon unless there is a hesitation in the speed of transmission:

Remember:  the average person has 25,000 words.  Blackburn is above average in intelligence and likely has many more.  Pronouns are used since childhood, millions of times.  While speaking, his brain tells him what words, out of the 25,000 +, where to place each word, what tense to use, and so on, in order to communicate.  

This processing time is less than a microsecond in the brain. 

When there is a halt, or disruption in speed, the topic is very sensitive and is used in polygraphs to discern internal stress that this disruption causes.  

That he is a non-stutterer and a public speaker only highlights the stress or anxiety felt in this context.  

Sensitivity indicators have to do with the speed of transmission and not the 'sensitivity' of the overall topic.  The murder of one's own spouse is sensitive, yet the language flows freely and quickly and when a subject wishes to conceal information, or is upon a particularly anxiety producing word, he may stutter.  

"Sorry" is something that we listen for as it does enter the brain (and the subsequent language) of the guilty.  It is not an indicator of guilt by itself, but something we note and add to overall analysis. Casey Anthony said, "I'm sorry?" to the 911 operator, as if to say 'pardon me' or "What did you say?"

Being "sorry" has a way of creeping into the language of both the polite, and the guilty.  Therefore, without conclusion, we simply note its inclusion in the overall analysis.  

I:  "Your little boy Weston is just 15 months old he won't grow up with his mom.  What are you going to tell him about her?

This is an opportunity to talk about Amanda's character specifically as it related to motherhood.  He can tell us she was a "great mother" but it will be hollow without telling us what made her a "great mother":  

DB:  "Yeah, yep.  I think that thats probably one of the hardest things in this whole process  is knowing that he is not going to grow up with Amanda, because she was the perfect mama, every mom in the world could have learned from her,  I wish every wife in the world could have learned from her and I know that there is going to be some stories that we're going to tell Weston as he grows up but I do know one thing that through all of this Amanda's hope and um her prayer is that Weston grows up and sees Jesus in all this and falls in love with Jesus.  And that would be her hope through all of this and so as we're dialoging with him and trying to shepherd his heart as he grows up we're just going to continue to point to the fact that his mom loved Jesus and loved people and that's contagious and we just believe that that the Lord is going to do a great work in his life as well.  

a.  First note that the murder of his wife, a week old, is a "process." This is consistent with other distancing, formal language, as if he is a counselor well removed from the family.  

b.  She was "the perfect mama" 
c.  "Every mom in the world could have learned from her."
d.  "I wish every wife in the world could have learned from her."

Hyperbole noted, without content.  

Hyperbole is often consistent with bad relationships.  It shows a "need to persuade" rather than an honest report.  It is expected, however, when one dies, that all criticism cease and some elevation take place.  Here, he does not, however, tell us what made her great as a mother and while addressing this topic for his son, moves into hyperbole as a wife but again it is without a single word of content. 

This is to suggest that the subject was critical of Amanda as a mother and as a wife.  

This is something first noted in his originally released statement, and confirmed in his video appearances. 

The hyperbolic statements echo what we saw in Scott Peterson's statements, and were, like these, without content.  Even a short sentence about what made her great would suffice, including "a loving mother" an "attentive mother" or one who "gave her time to Weston", and so on. 


It is void of content and 'empty hyperbolic praise' instead.  

Also we see subtle distancing language, including the word "with" when between people, as distancing (which may be due to death), yet in the same answer as the lack of content.  This distancing is affirmed with:

"I know that there is going to be some stories that we're going to tell Weston as he grows up" which is then met by "but":

a.  "I known" is turned to "we" that will be telling the stories.  This is to distance himself from saying "I will tell Weston", which, as father, is expected.  This distancing language is consistent throughout his statement. 

b.  "but"

The word "but" refutes or minimizes that which preceded it by comparison.  What follows is 'greater' when compared to the "stories" about "Amanda" (not his mother, nor his "mama") "they" (plural) will tell Weston:


This brings back the focus of the purpose of the "celebration" and the advertising of the church, as to say 'this is so powerful that you must come and be a part of it' and has been his theme from the first release. 

The constant repetition of the Name of "Jesus" is used excessively and it comes up when he speaks of Amanda. It is to show that this appearance on Good Morning America is another opportunity for his business, the business he told his audience shortly after the murder, that he would be staying with.  

I:  "Thank you very much, Pastor"

DB:  "Thank you very much, George."  

Analysis Conclusion:

Davey Blackburn was not asked by George Stephonapholis if he was involved in his wife's murder, therefore, we have no opportunity to analyze his denial.  

Amanda Blackburn was shot in the head during a robbery while her husband, Davey Blackburn, was at the gym.   

In his statements and in this interview, he shows no concern about a murderer running lose, nor any personal desire for the murderer to be caught.  

He distances himself from the victim, consistently throughout.  

His initial statement showed a narcissistic like tendency to, at the time of his wife's murder, to be concerned with his "company", or "business" (church), including that he would still be the head of it.  This is not expected to be heard in a statement just after the murder of one's wife and unborn child. 

Next, he used it as an advertising opportunity and it worked:  2,000 were in attendance, and 4,000 more tuned in online.  This, too, is in his language.  

His videos are alarming.  In them, including one with the victim, he talked about how bad their marriage was, how he went to the gym, how he had life insurance, and how her first pregnancy was related to the bad marriage. 

Amanda Blackburn was murdered while being 3 months pregnant, while her husband was at the gym.  

He also speaks in the videos about his sex drive.  This is combined with theatrics while dressed in young, hip and tight fitting clothing as a "minister" who has tailored his message to "resonate" with "young people."

He does not limit his sexual speaking to Scripture but moves to himself, often, as the example, using words that create 'pictures' in the minds of teenaged listeners in the audience.  As he inputs himself into the sexual discussion he tells his audience about his sex drive and his wife's failure to meet it.  He goes into inappropriate personal detail which is humiliating and depersonalizing to Amanda, including the bizarre "we must have sex before our dinner date" lest he be incapable of "concentrating" on Amanda's conversation.  The videos tell us something is very wrong here.

In cases I have worked, or assisted others, each time a professional was using his own self as sexual example, it ended up  being "grooming" with loss of job, license or an arrest.  It is inappropriate.    

In the videos, he is "front and center", consistent with narcissism, puts on a 'show' and when he does appear with Amanda, he over-talks her, interrupts her, and 'corrects' her.  He even ridicules her fidelity at one point.  He is, in short, competing with her for the attention of the audience and camera.  This is the one area that in this interview, he praises her with content:  she did not want the spotlight.  This is good for him and the only tangible praise he offers her.  

He mentions not only life insurance, but the gym, which he connects with "sex" and pays a company $10 a month to monitor his online viewing history.  

His statements are all about himself, and when not about sex, he is about his 'ministry', or, for the sake of this analysis, his 'company' that he, alone, must cause to grow to be as successful as the large one that sent him out, with 2 years salary and $100,000 in cash, to grow. 

While his wife had just died a violent death, he included in his first statement, the priority within him:  he is not leaving his company.  

When he answers the questions for the television audience in this interview, he conceals his own thoughts and his own emotions by only ascribing what "we" think and what "we" say.  

He shows that he does not agree with the police about the motive.  Police said "robbery" but he says that "we" are not able to even "imagine" what the motive was. 

Davey Blackburn does not want to talk about the motive for the murder.  

The police made it clear stating he was "100% not involved, and that "this is the killer" on the video, and that it was a robbery.  What is it about robbery that Blackburn does not wish to talk about?  What is it about the police conclusion that leads Blackburn to be "baffled" and incapable of "imagining" why this happened?

He speaks of the killer in terms void of any anger, resentment or emotion.  Even in the most restrained religious language, there is an expectation of not only fear, for himself and his son, but anger. 

There is none.  

The hyperbolic language suggests a relationship as bad as both he and Amanda stated that it was.  In statement analysis, the exaggeration of praise is a signal of a poor relationship as it has a need to persuade which reveals weakness.  

Davey Blackburn is concealing his thoughts about the murder. 

Davey Blackburn is concealing his emotions about the murder. 

             Davey Blackburn is not afraid of the killer. 

He does not address this fear, for himself, his son, and for the community at large.  His concern is not for himself, his son, or the community, but for the growth of his 'company.'  

This leads us to ask:  

What would cause him to not fear the killer?

If a thief had broken into my home and shot my wife in the head, killing her and my unborn child, it would be terrorizing for me, my children, and my neighbors.  It would be a priority before I could even begin to process what has happened, what I have lost, and what my children have lost.  

I would not have a need to tell the public that my career is going forward.  The world would 'stop' and her death would not be used for publicity.  

I would be in fear for my life and the lives of those around me unless I had knowledge that the killer would not target me and my family.  Even then, could I trust this knowledge?  

Davey Blackburn wants to "move on" from the murder of his wife. This is his theme a week after her murder.   This is not expected but it is consistent with one headed for divorce and it is consistent from his wording on how bad his marriage was.  

Davey Blackburn does not hold Amanda in high regard as a mother.  This was first signaled in his initial statement, and is confirmed here by hyperbolic empty praise. 

Davey Blackburn does not show a high opinion of Amanda as his wife, confirming the things both he and Amanda spoke about regarding their relationship.  

Davey Blackburn uses language that distances himself from the closest personal murder possible:  his own wife by "running away from commitment" with the pronoun "we" instead of the pronoun "I" in his statement.  

The pronoun "I" is the most powerful in the English language and is used millions of times by us.  It is not difficult to use.  

In this "up close" and "personal" murder, he runs away from commitment by using the plural pronoun instinctively.  This is more consistent with guilt, as even parents of young children are familiar with, than with innocence.  

Some of this may be explained by the fact that while being in a very bad marriage, his wife has died, sparing him the pain of divorce, which would have cost him his company.  He can now, unfettered by both her and the pregnancy, continue to grow his company, as he is under heavy pressure to be successful in numerical and financial growth.  

The distancing language and hyperbolic praise is consistent with a bad relationship, but this does not explain why Davey Blackburn has no fear of the killer.  

Perhaps police have given him reassurance that he is unable to share with the public, of which this question is now answered and the conclusion of distancing language from a bad marriage is the conclusion of the analysis.  This is difficult to accept, right now, because he has given indication that police are not communicating much with him other than what the public knows.  

There is not a single word of concern that his young child may have been exposed to the violence, which, at his age, still may have impact, nor does he express fear for his son's life.  

If Blackburn is not guilty in association with his wife's murder, he is doing a good job of impersonating someone who is and is someone who is no longer under the burden of a bad marriage so he can pursue his career.  His words reveal that in the midst of a murdered wife, his work is far more important.  In another interview, he likens Amanda's death to his 'company' where her death has brought people out to his church.  He receives the praise for his 'remarkable' lack of affect and his 'celebration' of her death.  

In the final question about Amanda, he again praised her for not taking the spotlight.  He said "she loves people" but continued to avoid saying, "she loved me."  In this interview, he stayed remarkably close to 'script', repeating the same things to the local news that he did to national.  

Davey Blackburn did not shoot Amanda Blackburn, but does he know who did?  Is he connected, in any way, to the shooter, due to a bad marriage, the pregnancy, and a life insurance policy?

Or, did a man passionate and driven about his job,  who had  a bad marriage, who would have lost his job in a divorce, be granted his 'divorce' by a robber who decided to shoot his victim in the head?


It is possible.  


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Anonymous said...

Buddy - curious - is it your opinion that this is gang related?
I think we can all agree DB is nutso, at the very least!

Shannon In CA said...

Really? Because davey said he doesn't know anything more than the public knows. Why do the neighbors know more than him? Or was he lying about that? Because I gotta tell you, he says some really unexpected (that's a bad thing) things. He doesn't seem at all upset about Amanda or the unborn baby and has expressed no fear for his son at all. I'm willing to believe he's not a murderer, but I don't buy that he's broken up about this. Every interview is a plug for his church. He comes off sounding like a pathological liar. And if he lied about having no more info than the public, my impression won't be getting better. And if the neighbors do know more...WHY? Why keep davey in the dark? Questions questions.

Why are you dangling a carrot? We've all mostly said we hope he didn't do it so why are you baiting us?

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, the neighborhood was not safe. According to a resident on a facebook post on WRTV's page she stated the following in two seperate posts

"They're neighborhood isn't "safe"they just had robberies last month because I live a couple streets away and they arrested them in my backyard. To leave your door unlocked (no forced entry), would blow my mind.Everyone was on high alert into this area"

"But yes, this occurred on Oct. 13th around 6:20pm. A suspect returned to the area looking for things dropped during the arrest on Oct. 22nd around 2pm. We were also notified by the Woods of North Kessler, the Blackburn's neighborhood that they had homes that were robbed and to aware of 3 suspects."

Shannon In CA said...


Sonid the neighbors know more than the public, as buddy said, either davey is lying about not knowing more...

Or he's been kept in the dark.

Neither one makes him look better.

Shannon In CA said...

I JUST asked buddy this myself!

John Mc Gowan said...

Has he praised LE at all in their endeavours to catch the shooter?

Shannon In CA said...

I was staring to think you WERE davey but I feel confident you are not after this post and you've put my mind more at ease now.

As I said, I do hope he isn't involved. He can be weird all he wants if he's innocent. And honestly I feel bad at how people are talking about him...but he's acting weird and there are lots of unanswered questions so I don't feel THAT bad. If he is truly innocent, I'll apologize for saying anything mean but not for my suspicion. Weirder crimes have occurred and I'm horrified, as an attorney (albeit a civil one), when innocents are convicted. I'm a big supporter of the innocence project. So I certainly don't want him convicted of he's truly innocent. If they can prove this really and truly was random, good for davey.

I still say the marriage was not a happy one.

rob said...


OK, I just read this, and it says they are affiliated with the southern Baptists. So I questioned my co-workers again, and they say no. I say read this, they say, I didn't know, I'll have to ask at church.

buddy said...

I have no idea what DB knows. Just my source. I'm not revealing much because evidently the residents (or at least some of them) have been asked not reveal certain stuff. Some of it could be rumor. I don't know. Just don't be shocked to see a connection from this thing to other crimes that day come to light --- real soon.

Unknown said...

I thought that the sister's facebook posts were two separate ones that someone else put together. When I realized she posted it as one continuous story, it made me sick. Her sister was sitting there at Amanda's bedside, with someone who just found his wife shot, and they were laughing and sobbing and remembering all these crazy things about Amanda. WTH???

Pure speculation, and honestly, probably a bit of projection: Amanda also came from a family full of mental illness, and was trying to get everything "right." She submitted to her husband, loved Jesus first, was a wife & mom, tried to be "perfect," and ended up w/ a sociopath. It happens. :(

rob said...

OMG, Buddy, I'm dying to know!

DB talks like he has a defense attorney telling him, "just stick to the script, don't give extra info, keep it all about God and the church. You're a pastor, don't let them forget it."

Anonymous said...

So if this gun is related, it tells me the shooter lives nearby, is watching the case, can freely move about throwing guns out of cars without being seen and wants the gun found.

Anonymous said...

but yet they revealed this 'certain stuff' to you...
after LE asked them not to...


Anonymous said...

Websleuths moderators and admins are having a field day today with deleting posts and pushing "Davey/The Church/Amanda's body language" is off limits from discussing" agenda.

Anonymous said...

@ Buddy - I have a feeling that I know some of the same things you know. What happened to her does give me pause about his involvement, but his statements and behavior are more convincing to me than knowing what happened to her.

He looked well rested in those interviews. One who has found their wife in the condition in which he found his would not look well rested.

Seriously - the blood red coffin. It was such a poor choice.

If the police were worried about a killer - who might kill again - being on the loose, they would release those pictures.

Sus said...

I worried I was projecting also. I was even accused of it by another poster. But, I thought it out, and no. The sister and Davey banded together belittle her...about her need to vacuum and her intolerance to pain and who knows what else. I really doubt the sister knew she was feeding into Davey's narcissism. Since they talked about them as Amanda lay dying, I imagine she heard them in a "teasing" manner from her sister and in fights from Davey. And I imagine they hurt Amanda. But, remember Davey went on and on about negating those feelings and no drama for girls in his interview.

snap said...


Amanda was shot, "in her torso, head, and hands" as stated above,

Then I think about





in the END.

Your typical 4H member would not go around shooting a young mother.

KD said...

Going back to the neighborhood - what is crazy to me is that the homes on that cul de sac are DEEP into that housing development. There is only one way (by car) back to the main road and it's not a short trip. It really does seem like an odd place for a perp to risk robbery, especially during a time when folks are getting up and going to work.


In my greater neighborhood there have been break-ins, but they are almost exclusively on the streets that are closer to a nearby highway/main road...I'm assuming because of easier getaway access.

Just seems like another strange thing to throw into the pot....

Anonymous said...

they did release them.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The commenting is getting quite long:

would readers like a chat room opened?


Anonymous said...

I think I missed this info, but were the person of interest images captured before the shooting or after? I'd think if it were afterwards he'd be in a bit more of a hurry, right? odd.

buddy said...

whatever man... I DON'T know that residents have been told not to reveal certain things. That's just my impression. I just know I'm not gonna blab what I learned about in particular, the potential crime-linking info I'm referring to as I was told it in confidence.

Anonymous said...

Anon @1:26 Not the ones showing the identity of the person.

buddy said...

KD --- you are assuming the burglars give a damn -- THEY DONT. In my time in that hood they proved again and again that they just do whatever they like and you're just left scratching your head how they could be so blatant. THAT is why I'm biased in the random crime direction.

Sus said...

I know police called the person in the photo the shooter, but I'm wondering.

Does anyone think Pastor Davey actually shot her? The burglary is somehow a fluke or a cover up?

That they had been fighting since Monday when he read her journal? He said she wrote everyday, but then she's missing the Tuesday entry.

buddy said...

Those images were captured after the shooting and from what I know witnesses say they some HIM, yes him, walking at a fast pace. I feel safe in revealing that.

Joni said...

Is there information on the 911 call? Why have police not released it? Can it be obtained through open records request?

Sus said...

Thank you for helping us see things, to get a better picture.

Do you know anything about video of the shooter at her door?

Anonymous said...

Everything I've read says that LE was able to confirm his presence at the gym, so it doesn't sound like he was the actual trigger man.

also, there are no photos showing the identity of the person. only A person.

trustmeigetit said...

Just my opinion but chat room is hard to follow. This way we can read comments at our own pace and even respond "reply" directly to comments of interest.

Yesterday's chat group was like trying to read the credits at the end of the movie.

Anonymous said...

so it wasn't just video footage? neighbors actually saw him fleeing?

lynda said...

Buddy - I thought you posted before that you presently lived across the street for CD? If not, sworn to secrecy and such, that's ridiculous. Either say what you know or don't. Swooping in and dropping little tidbits makes me think you have an agenda all your own and it seems you just dropped that..you support davey. Which if fine..but don't add to the misinformation out there with your 'secrets". I'm to old to have patience for this kind of stuff tho Peter has an amazing amount of patience as do alot of the posters here.

As far as the time that davey left that morning. I could go back and find it but that was only stated ONCE. And it was from a "neighbor" of his that said he left everyday at 5:30 except for this day. It was stated here. It has taken on a life of its own and become more fact. LE did not say that, nor is anywhere in the media that stated. We really can't usee that info as a basis of fact for anything quite yet because we don't know it's part of the case.

The police have stated on the news and in print that the gun found has no bearing on Amanda's case. It was denied several times. Yes, the police can lie, blah blah..but what would be the point? The whole story sounds ridiculous anyway, some guy found it in his front yard? What? Yeah..I'll just drop this gun I used to murder this mom with in some guys front yard so he will be sure to see it. Stranger things have happened I suppose.

I have searched and searched and have not been able to find who or what is responsible for these "resonate" churches. What denomination or what canon of rules they go by. They list their beliefs but do not say they follow "insert religious dogma" The most I have found is that they seem to be all about "planting" the churches, and I did find Resonate churches in the UK/Australia and that is traced back to 3-4 guys that just kind of made it up (very L.Ron to me) but they are "planting" all over the place.

It is a big deal that babysitter says donate thru the "church". I'm sure they have tax-exempt status and as a "Pastor" so does davey as far as his earnings. Going thru the church with money allows all that to be tax exempt, unlike a gofundme campaign. Somebody there is thinking how to get the most bang outta people's buck.

Amandas sister would be of no help if you ask me. She has done drunk the kool-aid and has written some questionable crap about her sister, don't forget, she married Davey's best friend, so she knew Davey before her sister did.

It is telling to me that the parents of Amanda have not made a statement, together as a family, coming out in support of Davey. They know exactly what is being said on the internet. The only person was Pastor Noble who said he couldn't believe that woman on the news was questioning whether DAvey was involved or not. Her parents have said nothing about Davey at all since the funeral that I'm aware of.

I just hope that LE is on the ball, that they are not falling for this act, and are looking HARD at Davey. I believe they are because it has not been release WHERE she was shot on the head or if it was at close range, or where she was in the house. If we knew that, we would know alot more about who is the prime suspect (aside from Peter's analysis)

Anonymous said...

ditto, trustmeigetit.

Anonymous said...

I guess my question is this. If there is no suspected wrongdoing by the husband or associates then why was that instagram post mysteriously deleted yesterday? Everything else that some believe to be odd/bizarre have remained up to the best of my knowledge.

Skittles said...

I can (if I really stretch...) somewhat explain away DB's current theatrical persona which tries to deny his pain right now by remembering it's his job to be this way. Can a little bit see how his default might be to fall back on what he knows as perhaps a defensive mechanism.

But what I can't explain away is his apparent lack of SHOCK that this happened to his wife. He seems completely unsurprised. Is this just me? He acts as if it's a bit perplexing, but nothing all that bizarre and unacceptable..... Wow. If this had happened in my family I'd be in complete disbelief of the randomness of this horrific brutal crime. He says he's "baffled" but he does not sound anything more than mildly confused.

buddy said...

sus, haven't heard about that video you're referring to. I did hear that the 1st house burglarized had a security camera that was smashed and I don't think they got any pics from that one.

lynda said...

Sus said..

Does anyone think Pastor Davey actually shot her? The burglary is somehow a fluke or a cover up?

that has been a theory of mine that I've tossed into the mix but I'm deferring to Peter's expertise that CD did not shoot her but has guilty knowledge.

P.S. I ALwAYS do not pick all the pictures with FISH.

SC said...

Sus- The attorney (no relation to the case) who was on Fox News about 2 hours ago actually put it out there that one really can't pinpoint the time she was shot since she was still alive when DB found her and that she could have been shot before he left. He said that even though there was a 'ear witness' to the gunshots, often times people aren't exactly correct with the times they report.

This is what the attorney said so it's all open to interpretation.

Sus said...

Thank you. I couldn't remember if the police or rumor said they had vid of him at the door.

The police definitely ssid they had vid inside the first home. I heard that personally in the press conference. I figured it was a ploy. Darn it.

They'll need someone to come forward.

Next question. Was it a stolen gun? Thanks!!

buddy said...

anon, Yes, apparently neighbors (plural) saw him walking away briskly.
Lynda, never said I lived in that hood currently. Until recently, I lived very close to there. Grew up there back when it was pretty nice. The loss of the hood grieves. Many stories to tell about breaking and entering at all times of day, using a variety of methods.

Anonymous said...

There in fact was a picture inside the neighbours house (it was quickly removed from a news website) showing a person in a white hoodie, and a black man in a two tone jacket with hoodie.

Why it was removed from the website so quickly is unknown. Perhaps it was misleading information? Perhaps LE demanded it be taken down.

Again it leaves me scratching my head in the lack of reporting of facts from LE.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if Davey is reading this blog. I noticed in the most recent interview he made a point to mention the unborn baby and state her name. I bet he's seeing the things we're calling him out on and trying to chance his statements to reflect that.

Sus said...

Hey, and Buddy,
I agree. He's moving at a fast clip. You can tell in the one photo where he drags that back leg.

I think he's pretty young. Could be wrong. His legs are rather long, yet he's shorter. That's like a 12 -14 year old.

His coat/hoodie doesn't fit. It's too big for him. Maybe that makes him look smaller.

KD said...

1) What Skittles said...I agree 100%

2) IMO prefer thread v chatroom right now because I (like many) am on and off and trying NOT to hit refresh every 2min. Chatroom right now would kill all my work productivity (what remains) :-)

3) Ding! ding! A bell just went off in my head -- We also know that the perp did not steal Amanda's phone....as DB says in local interview (p 2, I think)...that he's still texting her. So we know perp did not steal ring(s) (he wears it/them around his neck) or her phone.

Anonymous said...

What do you guys think of the babysitter? I was looking at her fb and it is locked, but I am pretty sure I heard others talk about the pics she had up. I'm just wondering if she changed her cover, and profile pic or has it been the same.

Skeptic said...

I'm sure the following will ideas will float like a lead balloon. I can't help myself. Perhaps I'm just particularly down on religion this week in light of the terror attacks.

This case is a great illustration of the danger of religious ideology. Ancient religious texts are open to interpretation - and they are full of violent examples of behavior and irrational thinking. In his mind, is he somehow playing out the central theme of the New Testament? The torture-murder of an innocent human in exchange for redemption of many? This is the narrative that has been drummed into his head his entire life - a very violent narrative. In this sense I can see him as a victim too - much like Islamists that are now causing so much trouble. Some people are not going to cherry pick only the good parts of the good book. Oh and then if he did orchestrate her murder as some sort of sacrifice, well it's all ok because, wait for it... She's not really dead! The death was just an illusion, of course she is in the best place anyone could be!(irrational thinking).

Anonymous said...

I live in that area, neighborhood across the street from their's. Yes, there is crime in the area. It is NOT violent crime though. Break ins, yes. They happen often. Never happened to us but we know plenty of people who have. So the break-in part is not surprising to me. However, no one is ever shot and killed! Especially a pregnant woman. Knowing the area like I do, I 100% do not think this was random. Someone in my immediate neighborhood (again, across the street, different neighborhood) was shot and killed a year or so ago I believe just a few streets away but it was a husband who killed his wife and it was about meth. The neighborhood watch patrolman has stated numerous times that most break-ins in the area are done by people who know the people who live there and know what they're looking for too.

Anonymous said...

anon 01:59
Highly likely considering that instagram picture was deleted pretty fast after it was posted in one of the previous comments pages on here.

trustmeigetit said...

I commented about this yesterday but so many comments I am again cause I think this mans "job" could save him regardless how he acts.

There was a case I saw once. Irene Garza. It is believed she was murdered by a priest (John Feit) from her church. He had even been accused days before of attacking another woman and a belonging of his was found with her body.
Her parents refused to consider him since he was a "man of god".
He was transferred to another church then later a monastery.

Never charged.
Years later a monk (who was no longer a monk) came out and stated he could no longer stay quiet that the man had confessed years ago of the murder and he knew for a fact he had been protected by the church. Even when this information was brought to light, the prosecutor refused to press charges.

He now lives near me in Arizona and is a grandfather.
Local news reporters tried several times to talk to him about it but he would not speak.
He did finally speak and this was what he said.

Reporter asked Feit if he murdered Garza.
FEIT "Interesting question, Answer is no"

Then later in 2005 he is asked if he should be considered a danger to the community, he responds:
FEIT "Look at my record for the last 45 years"
Irene was killed in 1960. 45 years prior to this 2005 interview attempt.

My point... There was clear evidence he committed this crime yet even when the monk came forward with evidence and firsthand knowledge the stupid prosecutor refused to charge him. I think it is because of the religious background.

KD said...

Skeptic - I have been thinking the exact same thing in regards to this case about the danger of religious zealousness no matter the religion.... Not to compare DB to Jihadists in any way, but the same sort of thinking is required (glorifying death, everything is black/white & us/them) in order to explain some of the testamony coming out of his church. It devalues life to say that the best day of your life is the day you die....(a la Amanda's sister) and to brush off the murderer (oh, Amanda would have forgiven him)....that's not a I world I (agnostic) want to live in. Scary.

Juliet said...

Well, I have difficulty in believing Davey's claim that he's been texting 'babe' messages to Amanda's phone - someone's phone, maybe, but Amanda's? Or, who has Amanda's phone these days? Or, really he is - just one of this irrational things one does when a loved one dies and temporary insanity ir near-insanity sets in? Doesn't seem like the sort of thing Davey would be making time for, somehow - but - well, maybe.

I wonder if/when Amanda's parents will speak, and if Davey's had a lot of contact with them since Amanda's murder.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


thanks for the vote of confidence but it was police who said he was not the shooter. I only quote them.

I don't know!

Fox News explored the fact that he could have shot her, and then gone to the gym.


Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to go back and listen to that press conference again this evening. For one thing the beginning of it was so interesting ...NOT For another, I want to here how they worded the 100% not a suspect part. Suspect in the break-in or suspect in the murder?
I do remember something like "how dare you take something off a dead person and sell it and if you are not careful they may link you to the crime." Then something about not 'buying into' that.
So - is Davey the one with the unfortunate coincidence or is the burglar the one with the unfortunate coincidence?

GeekRad said...

I agree with your response Peter. This reminds of the Leanne Bearden case. Most posters were immediately jumping to the conclusion that her husband had something to with her disappearance. He statements were not expected. A number of us, including you, pointed out that it showed their marriage was strained. We speculated they may have had a fight before she disappeared as she was having trouble adjusting to her real life after a work-wide adventure. Turns out she hung herself. So yeah, Davey may be acting like he is because he is relieved, but not involved, as you have pointed out.

Anonymous said...

The white hoodie robbery suspect was NOT this case-- not related at all and when the poster realized it, took it down asap.

Anonymous said...

So several eyewitnesses saw a black hoodied person fast walking at a goofd clip out of the neighborhood in the dark and no one called 911?

Statement Analysis Blog said...


buddy said...

anon 2:09,
Yeah well a burglary can turn real violent in a flash if he happens upon the owner and the perps got a gun. Scumbags and guns, ya know? Offhand, I can cite seven examples living there where the burglars weren't known to the victim. My neighbor was hit at least 4 times over maybe 6-7 years, all times of day.

Unknown said...

Geek Rad, I totally agree. He may not be involved at all, but the pathology surrounding grief and death in this type of Christian culture is disgusting. It's revolting. It's incredibly unhelpful to those who are suffering. Gosh, can you imagine having a broken arm in this church? Or a car wreck? Or a cheating husband? "Don't worry, God can use it all for good. Wipe those tears away, babe, cause the best is yet to come!"

Even if there's absolutely no connection to the shooter, the spiritual abuse blogging community needs to be all over this.

Sus said...

Anon 2:17,
No one at the press conference cleared the husband. Or even mentioned him. It was a later news story that stated he was 100% cleared. And I noticed that was NOT A QUOTE. The quote is something about having the husband at the gym at the time she was shot. I believe they are basing her being shot on a neighbor saying SHE THINKS she heard shots somewhere from 6:45 to 6:55.

Lisa21222 said...


You said:

Excellent observation. It is applicable to Statement Analysis and is used in our "Analytical Interviewing" for the very reason you point to.

"I was the last person to see her alive" is sometimes a connection between the killer and the victim. The case of the business partner who killed his friend and family....the name evades me but it is covered on the blog....Tania will identify it... makes you ask, "How do you know you were the last person to see her alive?"

I think you mean the McStay family and Charles "Chase" Merritt.

KD said...

My other thought on the religious side of this -once again from an agnostic - the church is a big part of the community, or should be, I imagine. A lot of their efforts centered around the hashtag #ForIndy....where is the Pastoral outrage about what is happening in the community? Why isn't DB on the pulpit with LE demanding that the community seek answers to the violence and crime? What on earth does #ForIndy mean, if not that?

Tania Cadogan said...

Peter, I think you are referring to the murder of the McStay family , Joseph McStay, 40, his wife, Summer, 43, and their two children, Gianni, 4, and Joseph Jr., 3, by his business partner and friend charles "chase" merritt.

The trial has been delayed several times and looks to now start in the new year

Anonymous said...

LE was so quick to publicly clear Mr. Wonderful as a suspect. I wonder if that was only a ruse and really meant to be a message to the suspect in the video? in other words:
The hired gun gets all the blame as the lone monster, while the world praises and rallies around the poor grieving husband. Maybe the hope is that he'll be rattled by the threat of frying alone.

Amy Smith said...

She says her face looked beautiful lying there. DYING. From an execution. Dear God.

Betty said...

"Yesterday, our pastor Davey Blackburn came home from the gym to discover someone had broken into his home and his wife Amanda had suffered a gunshot wound."

When I read that I automatically seperated the two events. It's written in such a way as to seem like the writer of this (Davey?) subconciously seperated the events. As if one person killed Amanda and another person broke in the home. I don't believe Davey's schtick so I have to wonder if he killed Amanda and set up the burglar to take the fall. I wonder if the seperation in the above sentence is him leaking marbles.

CJ said...


I hope you can continue analysis of the Parts 1 & 2 interviews that Juliet kindly did a transcription of following the GMA piece.

I have wondered what kind of individual would not only sign on for murder-for-hire of his wife, but do it knowing his child was going to be there through the whole event. 15-month old Weston was in the home, albeit apparently in another room and in a crib during his mother's murder. He was unattended for the whole period of time (hour and 1/2, or more) between when the shooting happened and when his father walked back in the door.

In a guilty scenario, this is either a person who doesn't give a damn about his child's physical or psychological welfare, or a man who has convinced himself that his child would be completely oblivious to, thus unaffected by this event.

In Part 1, when the interviewer asks about Weston Davey answers "I know everybody says their baby’s perfect, but – uh, he really is – um, mostly because he sleeps [laughs] all the t – all the time, um, twelve hours at night ...– um, two hour and half to two hour naps a day, and so that makes for a happy baby, and um. Amanda was such a great mom and um, spent so much time with him, and um – uh, he’s, he's just, he’s got her eyes, he’s got her smile, and so he has the two best features about her. "

Personally I find this reply so off.

Davey wants us to know that Weston sleeps all the time. Weston sleeps twelve hours at night.

Typically children this age have a bed time of around 7:30 to 8:00 at night.

DId Davy find Weston asleep in his crib when he arrived home from the gym?

An innocent father will absolutely cling to the hope that his child was asleep, that his child was not a witness to, or traumatized by this event, which could explain Davey's emphases.

But the way he words this haunts me.

"Weston sleeps"(strong assertion)
LAUGHTER (Nervousness? Relief? Delight?)
"all the t-"(hesitation)
"all the time"(hyperbole)
"um" (pause to reconsider)
"twelve hours at night" (moving from hyperbole to specificity)
– um, two hour and half to two hour naps a day, (sudden deluge of details)
"and so that makes for a happy baby" (if asleep = happy baby, what does awake =?)
"and um, Amanda was such a great mom" (how hard is really it to be a great mom to a sleeping child?)
"and um, spent so much time with him" (Weston spent time alone in a silent home with his mother dying on the floor)
"and um – uh, he’s, he's just, he’s got her eyes" (what did Weston see through his mother's eyes?)
he’s got her smile, (Was Amanda smiling that morning? Is Weston smiling now?)
and so he has the two best features about her. (Denigration).

Anonymous said...

Betty said...

"Yesterday, our pastor Davey Blackburn came home from the gym to discover someone had broken into his home and his wife Amanda had suffered a gunshot wound."

I think that is so oddly worded as well.
Also, look at the order of the details. Establish that alibi 1st.

Anonymous said...

Sus - Thanks for the clarification. I'm still going to go back and listen to how it was worded. I watched and I do remember them referring to him.

I listened to the tail end of Part 2 on this local Fox station. That's where I got the quote at anon 2:17.


KD said...

CJ - excellent points.

Anonymous said...

omg, looks like he's been quiet on twitter for almost 24 hours!!
(he must be ready to explode)

Obviously someone has given him some council.

Unknown said...

I was on another discussion thread where one of the fellow posters here was also posting comments. This person said he has info and knows that a lady from the burglary up the road was also shot. This person is trolling everywhere, but when asked to give more info, he goes quiet. He now claims that DB is not involved at all.

Back to DB... I was watching one of his videos and it started off with him saying that "great sex is spiritual sex". To me, this borderlines blasphemy! A few minutes into watching, I turned it off, my husband gave me a frowned look and asked "do you believe this is from God"? I felt somewhat embarrassed and told him about the case.

I agree there is to date no evidence that DB is involved in the murder. His words and actions are the only things that make me think he is involved. How can you feel "at peace" after your wife was shot execution style?

My heart goes out to her parents and siblings, they will have their faith tested should it be revealed that DB had a hand in her murder.

The parents and siblings are quiet and no comments in the media. I wonder if LE is in contact with them MORE than what they are with DB?

Juliet said...

Xian - yes, I know about spiritual abuse, and how a church career is too often a magnet for control-freaks, narcissists and abusers. So many gullible, trusting victims, all 'honoured' to serve the special chosen ones. Urgh, The websites are good, people have somewhere to turn to these days. So many don't even recognise their treatment as abuse or understand they were being manipulated. So sad.

Joni said...

Peter, in Part 2 video Davey makes sure everyone knows Amanda would forgive her killer. He speaks about it for quite a long time. Looking forward to you hopefully analyzing this.

Sus said...

Thanks, I'll watch it again, also. And the sheriff def said "How can you, how dare you, take something from a dead person and (try to?) sell it."
I've been racking my brain on what he stole that he would sell. Small enough to walk away with. Wasn't her cell phone, wedding rings. Can't sell debit or credit cards. A gun is all I can come up with.

rob said...

Sloane Berrie, thanks for your thoughts. I feel the same.

Anonymous said...

what an odd thing to chastise for? This guy just brutally murdered someone, why on earth would the sheriff point out stealing from them as the how-dare-you?
There was definitely more to that press conference than meets the eye.

Anonymous said...

Sus - wait! Maybe you hit on it! Yes you can sell credit cards. Didn't I see someone mention that someone tried to use one of her cards?

I need to come up with a better name than anon.

Juliet said...

Oh, Davey write the statement all right - begins with himself - sets alibi (at gym) - 'suffered a gunshot wound' - soft language rather than 'was shot in the head by an intruder' - also he wrote 'came home' - as in 'I came home' - rather than 'returned to his home' or 'went home', which someone who was not him would be more likely to write. I expect Davey runs all the websites - it's part of the control-freak mentality.

Betty said...

Her sister comes off as a religious fanatic as well as being too attached to Davey.

Anonymous said...


read the text...no one is cleared 100% yet, and cops can not triangulate on the time of shooting, or whether she was shot before CD ever left late to the gym.

Davey has not yet shared his last time with her, or said if she was awake or still in bed when he left, or if he locked the door...and there was no forced entry. He can not be cleared until they clear everyone he has had contact with, including the sitter, since a connection may be removed several degrees, so to speak, when others are involved.

All it takes is a bit of hinting and address-dropping by a second party to a unsavory 3rd party, even in the form of overheard conversation, and you have a staged murder without even the "shooter" knowing he was a unwitting tool...

CJ said...


There was one bit in the sex segment of the Love Song Series where Davey is fist pumping and bragging/gloating with his "bros" about how once they are married "anything goes" in the bedroom ("oral," yeahhh), as long as they both want it. I presume his audience for this "worship" service included singles, married couples, and teenagers.

How mortified his quiet, calm, private wife must have been to hear him screeching these things from the pulpit.

ranger said...

I read another post speculating that the hoodie wearing guy was not a hired shooter, but only supposed to enter an unlocked house and rob it. A hired burglar if you will.
Thus the sheriff's comments.

Anonymous said...

The part of the press conference that got me was the "you're not as good as you think you are" comment. Not as good as you think you are...at what? Someone who had attempted robbery certainly wouldn't think he was "good" if not only he wasn't able to steal anything, but had to fire his weapon 3 times and murder the female homeowner in his terrible attempt. Good at getting away? He wasn't caught, but didn't have a getaway car...I'm sure he wouldn't think that was "good" either.

Also, multiple neighbors saw a suspicious looking character running outside around their neighborhood on and off for an hour and didn't say anything to LE? If I were DB, I'd be a little mad about that.

ranger said...

Anon @3:15

I agree. A botched robbery does a good criminal make. I don't think most successful
robberies result in murdered homeowners. I really really suspect (hope) that was meant for DB.

Anonymous said...

New indystar article says emergency crews didn't arrive until 8:30 am. That struck me as odd because i was assuming it would have been around 7:30ish.

Anonymous said...

Tania, every one of your questions posed at 12:08 pm today makes perfect sense. I just hope there will be some answers to them. These are not questions thrown out there by a wandering mind, they are good ones, well thought out. So far, I haven't seen a single one of them asked or answered, have you? What IS the bunch in LE doing to solve this case! So far, I haven't seen a damned thing. ABB

KD said...

HONEYMOON VIDEO....At the end....

MemphisPat said...

It's interesting to read about the place where DB received his training and the man to whom he speaks on the phone every day. Google "Perry Noble and New Spring settle lawsuit". You don't have to believe the accusations (though there is a great deal of proof); just read the quotes from Perry Noble. Does this sound like any man of God you've ever known? The harassment from the New Spring staff of this man and his family went beyond the pale. Perhaps some meaning will come from Amanda's death when these evil people are stripped of there influence which is far from Godly.

Anonymous said...

Any chance CD killed amanda, dressed up, walked around in a hoodie to get on camera and then went to gym? Of course the million dollar question is if the other robbery is related or not.

Anonymous said...

I am a retired paramedic. Based on the length of time she survived without medical intervention and afterwards, I think the gun was most likely a .22 caliber. These cause catastrophic brain injuries due to ricocheting off the inside of the skull. Because they are small bullets they often miss major blood vessels and the bleeding is slower. Her abdominal injury was obviously slow bleeding, as was her head injury. Had her head injury been a moderate to heavy bleed the pressure would have effected the brain stem sooner. All that to say, I really don't think the weapon that was used is anywhere near the type of gun that the streetwise ganster criminals are carrying. If it was determined that it was a .22 and is suspected to be one stolen from the house two doors down, this seems even more suspicious. It is highly unlikely that this type person would even take the time to see if it's loaded. Considering that person would be laughed out of the neighborhood with that gun, it is hard to imagine a sole "burglar" thats being left on foot would be willing to risk be caught with this stolen gun. This is the type of gun a middleclass homeowner would have and is one a woman would be more comfortable using.

Our neighbor has guen us their security alarm code to take care of pets/plants when they are gone. In this case, I can see someone trusting a neighbor with their code. The alarm could have been deactivated, but I know that some people have an video app/system to moniter their home/pets while they are out of town. This could explain why the police know the time of burglary, but were not dispatched at that time by security monitoring company. If this is the case, LE may be pretty sure of the identity of one of the "burglars", but are leaving them in place with a false sense of security, in order to get enough evidence to get everyone that is involved. Also there is a low income apartment complex close behind this neighborhood, wouldn't be hard or take too long for someone who is in really good shape to run through the back yard,undetected, gifting tvs and computers by leaving them on doorsteps. Such a random act of kindness would probably not have a calling card telling them where they can go to meet jesus and picture of the act posted on instagram.

CJ said...

Anybody else notice that in the video interview Amanda's journal looks blank? I've frozen several frames and can't see any words on the page. Davey reads from a right hand page (says it is her last entry). Then says he is going to read from a few days back, and simply turns the book at the spine and reads from the opposite side. The newly exposed right hand side page (that he just read from) looks blank. In the middle of this entry it sounds like he is turning the book back to the right hand side page.

The camera man suddenly starts shifting focus and zooming in close to Davey's face and eyes. Shortly thereafter the interviewer loses her composure completely and starts stuttering.

Anonymous said...

Someone on Twitter found a pic of Amanda and CD on instagram, I believe, and CD wrote 'at the shooting range( then something else) with my best friend' - meaning Amanda. I'll try to find the link.

ranger said...

He also talks about her journal being full of "truth".

Anonymous said...

I'm still curious as to why her parents have yet to speak out publicly. Her father is also a Pastor. I would love to hear his statements. Do they mirror Davey's with "the best is yet to come"? I think parents may have a harder time with that messaging than a husband would could potentially move on with his life. A parent will never move on. I can only imagine if my daughter was killed, that my husband would be doing everything in his power to plead for someone to come forward with info. Why not use the power of having a public platform to do this? Why aren't they upping the reward money? $1000 will never get a peep.

KD said...

Could it have been Amanda's gun and there was a struggle? But in that case why wouldn't the Perp just get the hell out of there?

ranger said...

fastest growing church in the world and the reward is only $1,000.
that's seems insulting.

Anonymous said...

'Re: the 'shooting range', It was posted on his Twitter account. In March.


Probably means nothing but I am now curious if they had guns in the house.

Unknown said...

Homicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for pregnant women. I'd like to know what percentage of pregnant women die at the hands of husbands or boyfriends. http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/story?id=3316485&page=1

Juliet said...

On Davey's 'we need to figure out how to grieve' - he's aware that many people find his lack of grief apparent and inappropriate - so he's trying to put that down to confusion, not knowing what to do, having not yet figured out the 'best' way to grieve, so to speak. I'm pretty sure he is reading this blog and trying to cover himself, accordingly. There's no grief in him, though - as others said earlier, it's as if he is dancing on Amanda's grave. I suspect he actually hated her - he exploited her genuine faith with his own perverted faith, she tried to pretend she did not see through it, in faith she prayed for him, and he resented her for being the real deal, constantly reminding him of how sham his faith and ministry is.

Every day Weston is going to look at him through his mother's eyes, and every day, for a long time, little Weston will be wanting and missing his mother. Davey should be grief-stricken for his child, even if he is personally relieved by no longer having the inconvenience of Amanda in his life. How is he going to fit Weston into his life? - Tuesday evenings were family nights, weekends he spent time with him, Saturday morning seems to be the only regular slot where Weston was his personal charge, and it sounds as if he was preparing for Sunday services during that time - maybe Amanda just dashed out garage-sale-img during Weston's Sarurday morning nap. That poor baby - what about him? Like, really - not just good thing he sleeps a lot - it already sounds like his being awake a lot might be inconvenient. The main thing though, is that he should turn out to love Jesus, and people. I would have thought the main thing is that Amanda would want him to be loved and properly cared for 24-7 - I wonder if her journal contained her wishes in regard to Weston, in the event of her dying - knowing how career-oriented Davey is, she might have left some suggestions. I wouldn't be surprised if pages are missing from her journal, or if the 'real' private journal has been destroyed. Whatever he is displaying round the tv cameras is only what is left of it, or not the real private journal, IMO.

I would worry for Weston, his striking resemblance to his mother, the daily reminder he will be. At the same time - Amanda is dead, long live Amanda. Davey's already worried he's going to turn out like his mom - she instilled so much into him in just the fifteen months.

MzOpinion8d said...

Thank you, Anon at 9:46 am for the info on Amanda's furniture business!

Anonymous said...

Come on now, Buddy. If you actually do know anything about this case, what's your problem in telling it if you aren't a suspect? You know something? So spill it. No one's looking for you, are they? I didn't think so. Or, just playing games? Yeah, that's probably more like it. ABB

MzOpinion8d said...

@Carnival Barker re: haunting images...I have personally had difficulty falling asleep this past week because my mind won't stop imagining Amanda's last moments. The worst part is that I am sure as she died she was absolutely terrified that the shooter would go after Weston and she couldn't protect him. As a mother, that is my hardest struggle - not being able to protect my kids from things that hurt them. I keep envisioning her turning to run towards the stairs, and the bullet hitting her from behind and her falling forward to the ground, her last conscious thought "please God, protect my baby."

I didn't know her or have any personal connection other than being human and a mother, but I suspect I've lost more sleep over her last moments than her husband has.

momofmany said...

The following video troubles me as much as all of the others that feature CD:


He addresses men, primarily, and stresses the importance of choosing the perfect mate, because that mate can either squelch or slingshot a ministry. CD has heard of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and can rattle off buzzwords and Christian catchphrases, but clearly it was Amanda who KNEW and had a personal relationship with her Savior. Tragic that he capitalized on her genuine spiritual life and brutal death in order to slingshot his "ministry".

Anonymous said...

Anon & Ranger, it is a terrible TERRIBLE insult that the reward money for Amanda's killer is only $1,000! ONE THOUSAND MEASLEY DOLLARS. Even poor people can raise more money than that with just a few phone calls and some credit cards.

Imagine if you will: Big talker hubby pastors a lucrative church, selling their cds and everything else they can pawn off on people at their money tables; all in the 'name of Jesus' of course.

If I am correct, Amanda's father pastors another church and her father-in-law ALSO pastors his own church. And these people can't raise a decent reward fund for Amanda's KILLER? Not even their organizational headquarters can come up with any money to help find this pastors wifes' killer? Not even a bake sale? I would be hanging my head low in shame. SHAME ON THEM ALL!!

It would be interesting to know what these other lovely parents churches are posting on THEIR websites. Anyone know their locations and web links? ABB

momofmany said...

Anon 4:30,

Amanda's father is the pastor at First Baptist Church in Elkhart, IN. http://fbcelkhart.org

JC123 said...

Did anyone else see Nancy Grace (I believe Thursday night) where a neighbor said the house 2 doors down that was broken into was occupied by a single woman who was out of town at the time and traveled a lot for work? He said it was common knowledge among the neighbors that she was rarely home. That just keeps standing out to me. Coincidence? I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

Can someone throw up on twitter a screen shot of him reading the diary with a seemingly empty page? Thanks (at appt, cant)...

CJ said...

From Davey's twitter account on Jan. 18, 2014:

Few things will destroy a life, a family, a nation, more than this combination: a Passive Man with a Manipulative Woman.

KD said...

CJ - From what I've seen of her, Amanda does not appear to be manipulative at all?

AMJ said...

JC123 - Stood out to me also! He clearly stated that he had a close relationship with his neighbors and mentioned cookouts and get togethers. It wouldn't be odd then for him to be aware of that neighbors schedule or at least know for sure that they would not be home on that particular day or time. I would think that would be a perfect cover for him and/or the alleged "hitperson."

AMJ said...

AkA - "hey before you go kill my wife, stop by this house where I know no one is home and grab a few items of value to make it look like a robbery gone wrong." Good lord I watch too much Dateline lol but I swear this happens so often its not even surprising anymore.

JenB said...

Retired paramedic person, that was awesome insight and I so appreciate it.

Here's why I am still not convinced Davey was not the shooter:
1. Where would the money come from? Since his finances are not his own (money to plant the church, as well as his salary, came from NewSpring) I don't think it would be easy for him to scrape together a large sum to pay someone to kill his wife. (Disclaimer: I have not priced contract killers; perhaps they are surprisingly affordable.)

2. Davey is very image-oriented. Speaking a plan to someone, that he'd like his wife killed, seems like it would cause a breakdown for him in that it is undeniably evil. But if he never has to speak it to anyone, and no one would *ever* know, and Amanda would do anything to win souls to Christ, and would gladly lay down her life #forIndy, and he is willing to do "Whatever It Takes..." I think he could justify killing her if he never had to speak it to anyone else.

Another aside, about the babysitter: I want to share @watchkeep/Amy's Tweet and put this picture out to you all.

I have a hard time believing the babysitter could have anything to do with Amanda's death, and I will feel so bad if it turns out she had nothing to do with it and she's had to suffer through all this suspicion and scrutiny. So, I am having a hard time being direct about my suspicions about her. But why wouldn't you seem more horrified/shocked/devastated/shaken up/afraid if one of your besties/recent roomies had just been murdered in the home you shared?

I was shaken for months after merely supporting a friend through the illness and very much expected death of her daughter. It was an experience that changed me permanently, and changed my children permanently, and changed the fabric of our everyday lives. It's been 2.5 years and memories of even completely unrelated events from that time period bear the shadows of the dark path we were walking. I do not understand how Amanda's *husband* and closest friends seem to have emerged unscathed, just a week later.

A week after my friend's daughter died my afternoons and evenings were filled by coordinating or making and delivering meals. A week after Amanda's death -- and mind you, I don't know her at all -- I am on here constantly trying to wrap my head around this because it is so awful. How is her best pal posting about the happy one-year anniversary of her business?? https://www.facebook.com/nothingiswasted/photos/a.1597539913800435.1073741828.1597488743805552/1696807297207029/?type=3&theater

Anonymous said...

This is the message on the Resonate church "donation" page:
Blackburn Family Support Fund

On November 10th our pastor Davey Blackburn returned from the gym to discover someone had broken into his home and his wife Amanda had suffered a gunshot wound. She was rushed to the hospital where she later died as a result of her injuries. Please consider supporting our pastor Davey, their son Weston, and their entire family during these hard days ahead. We have extremely heavy hearts and although we are hurting tremendously, we are hoping and believing that the best is still yet to come.

This is the oddest messaging ever. I know it's a repeat of the statement they put up on their Facebook page, but it appears even more strange to put this on the donation portion of the website. Why is Davey mentioned first in this summary? Why include that he was at the gym? Who cares? The point of this ordeal is that a young woman tragically and brutally lost her life along with her unborn child, and her young son will grow up without a mother. The messaging should suggest that - let's come together as a congregration to support HER family. Not "our pastor" Davey. It makes me think that whoever was responsible for writing this (DB himself?) has Davey on their mind first and foremost.

CJ said...

RE "Blank" journal pages ... giving this more thought.

Would the network have possibly blurred/blanked them out before posting the video?

Only other possibility I can see is that she wrote VERY lightly with something like a fine pointed mechanical pencil.

Anonymous said...

Im having trouble with the timeline for davey: left house at 6 am. Golden rule of gym is if it takes an hour you are doing something wrong.

How far is gym from house?

Left home for gym at 6 am but ambulance didnt get there until 8:30. That timeline doesn't add up.

Anonymous said...

That video of DB talking about members bringing new people to the church screams desperation to me. Also seems very cult like but perhaps I'm not familiar with this method of religion. I grew up in the catholic faith and I don't recall the priests urging and pleading for us to bring others to mass with us. I think the pressure was on him. He felt it. Does anyone know the numbers of the church prior to this? Before last week it looks like only around 1400 people liked their Facebook page. I highly doubt that many were attending services. Probably a fair amount were Blackburn friends and family elsewhere supporting their endeavors. So how long could Davey continue financially providing for his family? And not to mention his ego and pride if he was to fail.

Bubble said...

So if it's true burglaries were common and happened all the time, why did DB say the neighborhood was safe? Clearly that's not true is there are burglaries happening several times a week. And why was their home able to be entered without forced entry if their neighborhood was being burglarized on the regular?

Buddy, I am not buying your "big news" secret info story. What could this possibly be connected to that would be top secret? If it's connected to a string of burglaries and totally random then what's so secret about that? They've already said they think it's connected to a burglary. I think you're a friend, family member, or church member of DB's and trying to plant rumors that direct suspicion away from DB. It won't work here, because we know how to understand what DB says and aren't fooled by his flowery passive Jesus-LoveForgiveness speeches.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he say he started the church 2 years ago and they gave him 100k of start-up money plus his first two years salary? So, by that timeline now would be the time he would (maybe) have to be able to use the church funds to pay his salary and whatever else.

Louise K said...

Coincidence my arse

The first statement this jerk put out had 17 references to Self, 1 to wife, 1 to son and 0 to lost baby.

Guilty as sin, also convinced per usual He's the Smartest in the Room.

lynda said...

The police have not released:
Where exactly in the head she was shot.
Where in the home she was shot.
How many times she was shot.
Caliber of gun.
The 911 call (VERY TELLING)
Who is the confirmed last person to see or talk to her.
Where was the dog?
How the perp got in the house?
or really, was there even a perp??
They say they saw him on front porch, but did they see him GO IN?

CJ said...


I think the question is what Davey would have VIEWED as manipulative behavior.

I've wondered about a scenario where Amanda discovered that Davey was behaving or acting in a way that violated her belief system. What would she do?

Would she have threatened divorce, when she did not believe in divorce? Or would she have asked for, even demanded, accountability, and require that he come clean with other leaders in the church, even if in doing so he risked his job, status, and reputation, and (potentially) their livelihood and future?

I think she had that kind of grit. Everything that I have seen indicates that the bargain she had struck to be submissive to her husband in marriage presupposed that HE was a godly man, the kind of man she would be willing to submit to.

Louise K said...

Oh and?

Burglars burgle...they don't shoot pregnant young moms in the Head!!!

Bubbles said...

I've seen stories of people hired to kill others for just a few hundred dollars, so it's conceivable he could have paid someone. Also could have said they could keep the stolen items from the fake burglary, too.

I also believe with his gift of gab, he could have planted seeds of "Amanda needs to die to make the church successful and we can share the love of Jesus" in a few ears, and someone took the bait.

Louise K said...

Psychopaths need little motive to murder

This guy is in love with the camera

He wants (craves) sympathy and fame

Poor Pastor etc...

Fast forward a year and he's remarried to a younger woman with a replacement baby on the way...

Unless they arrest him like, tomorrow (heres hoping)

buddy said...

Yeah man I don't care. Until I get more than idle speculation & wildness about DB's 'involvement', I'm gonna have to go with what I know about the 'hood, and what I've learned through my sources. Oh well, it'll all come out soon enough.

Tish said...

Why is he still in possession of her journal? He seems to be scouring it and mentions it several times. Shouldn't the police have that?

Louise K said...

Apparently you DO care or you wouldn't be posting...

No one with a brain buys this Pastor's act.

You read it here first.

He is obviously THRILLED with all the attention. I actually saw him surpressing a smile on GMA (dupers delight).

KD said...

CJ - Agreed. I also wonder if something wasn't happening in those last few days. Didn't his supposed reading from Amanda's journal indicate that she didn't know what was going to happen? Something about being unsure about what's ahead but trusting Jesus? Then there is the insta from their pastor friends from 3 w ago:

mrsabarrett - If I said ministry was a piece of cake, I'd be lying. It's an ongoing roller coaster of emotions - ups, downs, and crazy sharp turns. But I consider myself ridiculously fortunate to serve under and alongside our pastors @daveyblackburn and @amandagblackburn!

Could have been parish problems, money problems, women problems....who knows, but I suspect something was going on....

Louise K said...

Look at Tyler and Bethany Deaton

Got some Faithful to do the dirty work

Or maybe not...

Louise K said...

I saw them filming their honeymoon

It was all

Look At Us On Our HOneymoon

I don't know about yáll but

I was too busy on my honeymoon

to film anything...or even care about filming it...

These two were promoting an Act, hiding the Truth behind their false smiles.

Poor Amanda. She may have had no idea but probably knew "something" was off.

buddy said...

why did db say it was safe? I dunno, 'cause he's a from-out-of-town blissfully ignorant glassy-eyed mega-churched just-think-the-best ignoramous? That might explain the unlocked doors. I don't really know why he said that honestly. lol Trust me bubbles it ain't "safe" for a family 'round here. Eventually EVERY one of my school cohorts fled for the suburbs.

Louise K said...

NO ONE thinks the best about their wife and unborn baby being slaughtered like cattle....NO ONE...EXCEPT DAVY BLACKBURN !

Louise K said...

IMO there will be funding irregularities in their new church

Davey Blackburn has run out of room to move

Desperately needed a solution

If hís wife dies the $$$ comes flooding in...

CJ said...


There is nothing wrong with my marriage. No sireeeee. And if you need proof of that, let me grab my spouse's private journal and read out loud from the last few days of entries so you can see that she has NOOOO complaints about me. Nope. Not a one.

CJ said...


I also believe what he was reading from could more accurately be termed her "devotional" than personal journal, related to her morning Bible time. Check out tip #3 here.


CJ said...

The Blackburn case is only the latest slaying to garner significant attention in a year that is already on pace to be one of the bloodiest in recent memory. Through Nov. 15, officials have recorded 131 victims of criminal homicide, a number only four below the total recorded in 2014. Last year was the deadliest year since 2008.

Of those killings, about 60 are still unsolved, including the Blackburn case.

Deadly incidents aren't the only problem Indianapolis is facing. The city has seen a 22 percent jump in nonfatal shootings over the past year.

Officials have blamed the uptick in violent crime on a combination of drugs, gangs, illegal guns, poverty and mental illness.


ThoughtsDoOccur said...

I wonder if Mr. Hoodie is sitting in an interrogation room right now, telling a very interesting story.

Carnival Barker said...

I posted this yesterday under one of the other Blackburn posts about the journal (I guess great minds think alike!) ...

At one point in Part 2 the interviewer asks if there was anything DB would like to say to whoever did this, and he puts his head down forlornly to gather himself, then starts his choked-up routine when he starts to talk, which ultimately results in him having nothing to say to the killer. My question is, why would he get choked up talking to the killer? Wouldn't he be angry and spitting fire?

Also, I would like to know what his purpose is for being on this media blitz. He doesn't have a message to say to the killer, he's not appealing to the public for information, he's not even giving out the number to the police department in case someone out there has a tip. Is it just so he can read his wife's private diary to the world (The one he said that she didn't even want him reading)?!!? Seems to me it's all about adding to his "growing ministry."

Speaking of the diary heard 'round the world, I'm calling foul. After reading from it he held up the journal and said there are countless entries in there and it's filled with honesty, blah, blah, blah, but yet I noticed that her last entry the day before she died was only about three pages into the book. I wonder if Jesus Christ Superstar hand-picked some specific passages from the Bible and ascribed them to her as a way of her foreshadowing and being at peace with what happened.

November 17, 2015 at 2:36 PM

Carnival Barker said...

@Amy Smith,

I can't get enough of your Twitter page!

Anonymous said...

On the justice seekers for Amanda Facebook page, someone posted a close up from his interview where his eyes are clearly very dilated (from lying perhaps?). There's also another picture in the same thread that shows his eyes normally (not dilated).


Anonymous said...

LE said the gun had nothing to do with the blackburn murder and that on top of it, some guy supposedly picked it up from the scene and instead of calling LE to secure it, drove it all over town. They are testing it anyway since that is what they so to all firearms turned in.

CJ said...


Yes, I remember your post.

So it is a new journal, or her daily observations are very brief ... a bible verse and short sentiment each day would only fill a few lines.

I imagine as the mom to a 15-month old she didn't have tons of time to sit and write any time of day. She also liked to photograph Bible verses that touched her and post them to her Instagram account, maybe that would happen instead of journaling some mornings.

Either way, a case could have been made that if she knew that her journal wasn't safe from her husband's prying eyes it would be the LAST place she would record something that she wasn't ready to confide in him.

Carnival Barker said...


I think the journal was a prop. He held it up and said it was "filled," yet page three was the last entry.

The journal was to the local interview what "Jesus" was to GMA: It was what he defaulted to in order to steer the interview away from any questions he wouldn't answer.

CJ said...



Anonymous said...

Louise K, I agree with you in every way. If I'm wrong, and could be since I was wrong once back in about 1957, (lol) then I'll owe a ton of apologies for my misguided thoughts, and WILL apologize if that's the case; however as it stands, this man Davey either shot Amanda himself or had it done. Or both. I think the SOB had been planning it for a while too, and the new pregnancy was the final straw.

I've had so many sad thoughts about this poor wife and her trying so hard to please this savage lyin' sociopathic b'stard; 'name it and claim it' prosperity hypocrite, who could not stop himself from humiliating her, that I could spend volumes pouring out her soul for her, but many of you have already covered her anguish for me. In the end, oh yeah, I believe she was scared to death of him and suffered greatly as she was shot and lay dying.

The fact that he had no fear of living in this neighborhood speaks volumes. He used it to his advantage. I don't care how many burglaries they claim happened; I don't think anybody there had too many fears else they would have had burglar alarms and security lighting installed. It doesn't even cost much to have these systems installed and monitored. But he left his front door open so his 'bud' could come in and finish off the job he started on poor Amanda? Imagine his shock when he finally came back and found her still alive.

But where's the timeline? The 911 call? The investigation? Is this going to be another Warren Jeff's cult where LE is involved in their cult services and practices themselves? I just hope someone in the media will go after Davey like they did in sniffing out Josh Dugger and the Duggar family until they finally root out Pastor Davey. It might take a while but it CAN be done. I want to see Amanda and her two babies have justice with his sorry ass behind bars. THAT would be the best is yet to come.

BTW, is that cocaine snorting I see in his glassy fixed eyes? I keep waiting for someone else to mention that his eyes just aren't right, nor is his manner of rapid and stammering speech, but since they haven't, I will. I don't trust him for one minute not have been a hibitual snorter, or whatever. ABB

Anonymous said...

Peter, I would be happy to participate in your chat room conversations, but I've had some difficulties with my throat which has affected my voice so that it is labored and barely above a whisper right now. Due to this problem, I think this would be annoying to anyone else trying to talk too or listen to me. I just wanted you to know that I am not avoiding your chat room. Thank you for understanding. ABB.

Rachel said...

One of the things I can't wrap my head around is the dog. One thing that often deters burglars are dogs. Even if the burglar thought the house was empty, I would think they'd run out of there as soon as they spotted the dog. Especially a dog the size of the one owned by Amanda and Davey. Would a burgler take the chance of remaining in a home where a dog would bark and/or attack him? Did none of the neighbors hear the dog barking at that time? Also, wouldn't the dog, no matter how friendly he was, immediately attack a stranger who was attacking his owner? Why didn't the burglar shoot the dog? And *did* the dog attack and bite the burglar? Unless the dog was locked outside in the yard or in one of the rooms.

If I'm not mistaken, someone mentioned here that the dog was roaming the house when LE arrived. Can someone confirm this?

I agree with many posters who have said it's strange that Davey during his interviews never once does he ask the public for help identifying the assailant. You would think a grieving husband would take advantage of the size of audiences available to a show like GMA. He never even mentions the reward. Also, has he posted these surv. pics and Crimestoppers # to the church website and/or his Twitter? I think I saw he did it once on his Twitter yesterday, but I didn't see anything before that.

lynda said...

So...the "babysitter" just moved from SC to Indy 14 weeks ago and began working at the church. 14 weeks. That's still a short enough time for me to say that it is no coincidence that Amanda was murdered a scant 3 months after babysitter got her. Gee, right around the time she must've found out she was pregnant..(and a sinister plan starts to form)

Anonymous said...

Makes sense Lynda. So does your post Rachael. So do all the posts above too.

I tell ya what ladies; there are so many red flags waving all over the place that if he's not guilty, somebody's gonna have to prove it to me before I can bite into his innocence. Peter has taught us too much to go back on it now. ABB

Rachel said...

I just wanted to add this related to my comment above about the dog. From an insurance company website: 7 Tips to Keeping Burglars and Home Invaders Away:

Tip #4: A Dog Is Man's Best Friend (and Great Protector)...

"Dogs are great deterrents of robbers. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are good. Dogs are vocal about intruders and will definitely let you know that something (or someone) is amiss.

For the most part, burglars and home invaders are cowards. They're looking to sneak in and sneak out without any trouble. Therefore if they here the sound of a dog, they're very likely going to keep going to the next house. They won't want to tangle with Fido."

Just an aside, I read on another site that homes located in cul de sacs are actually attractive to burglars.

Skittles said...

Well, I'm disturbed by something new now... I doubt there is anything "sinister" in this, but it's disturbing nonetheless. And, like many things now in this case, is confounding.

I've been browsing the NewSpring twitter feed and I'm shocked. I realize this is not DB/AB's current church, but.

1) So much of it recently is about sex. Very very strange to me that there is so much focus on this from both NewSpring and Resonate.
2) There is a post entitled "Surviving Loss: How you and your spouse can tackle grief" posted on Nov 11. NOVEMBER 11!!!! And the article is about a couple finding out their unborn child had died. What??
3) "4 Tips for Moving on After Divorce" (posted Nov. 12) What??
4) "The Death of a Marriage is not the end of what God has planned for your life" (Nov. 13) WHAT?! Again, WHAT?!

The last 3 are, at it's best, completely and utterly inappropriate for this church to be posted on these dates considering the circumstances. In my opinion.

AliKat said...

wouldn't White make more sense?

Unknown said...


Sus said...

It's typing. Just put your name in.

Anonymous said...

You're right. Some of these dog breeds are so dangerous Rachel, that in some states insurance companies won't even issue HO policies on the home unless the home owner gets rid of the dog if that dog happens to be on their list. I had one like that. State Farm cancelled my HO insurance until I got rid of the dog. Had no choice at the time. Their office was right next to my office so they knew about the dog because someone saw him chained outside when I was at the office at night. No way to keep it quiet, they had my coverage on both properties. Dog had to go.

Got another big bad one later on though; that one stayed indoors at home, for the most part; but by then I no longer had State Farm and no one else knew he was there. Also, I didn't need him at the office any longer at night since I put in a burglar alarm all over the building anyhow.... I don't have a dog at all now since I live in a 24/7 gated community and have an alarm system here. I miss him though and regret ever letting him go. Sweetest loud barking bad dog that ever lived. ABB

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sus. Does this mean I would only type in the initials I use here for posting, or would I need to type in my full name? I might try it tomorrow. TKX! ABB

Rachel said...

Thanks for that video, Sloane! And thanks, ABB. :)

In this other video, in response to people saying that the surveillance photos they released don't really show much, the anchor notes that police aren't releasing anything better on purpose. According to Ofc. Christopher Wilburn: "It's important to note that we have somewhat of an image of the individual. It's our hope that we can piece this puzzle together. We're being very meticulous with what information that we have. And I know that we're being very, um, we're limiting what we're releasing. And that's on purpose. We have to protect the integrity of this investigation."

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNo8Oo3iOFE

I find this very strange. They have another image of the suspect yet don't release it to the public to see if anyone can recognize this person, but yet they are testing DNA. I would think they would do both.

AliKat said...

Hmmm... is it interesting or worth noting that he switches pronouns from "you" to "I' when he's talking about the cure for cancer cutting thing?

Rachel said...

Sorry, ABB, I just saw your recent post. I'm sorry about your dog. That's painful. :(

SC said...

Since we are talking about a dog being a burglary deterrent...what about a home security system sign? In the video clip that Sloane just left (the newest one about DNA) they showed that the earlier home burgled had an ADT sign...PLUS I'm seeing in the photo of the Blackburn's house (the one with the pumpkins on the porch) what looks to be another alarm system sign out front. Now I'm not naive and I know that houses still get broken into with alarms systems...but this so called burglar was pretty bold to break into a house that had signs out front, wait around, and then randomly go into the Blackburn's house with another alarm sign out front...and just be lucky enough to find that the house was unlocked too? What are the odds?

Anonymous said...

I wish the detectives on this case could read this post. Excellent!!!

Looking over his and the babysitter's twitters/fb/instagram/etsy store etc. is just mind blowing. He hashtags "nothing is wasted" and his babysitter's etsy store is named "nothing is wasted"... they BOTH LOVE using the term "the best is yet to come". When the babysitter announced on her fb store page in July that she was moving to Indy from SC to be close to them the last thing she said was "the best is yet to come". He said the same thing in his statement on his church website right after his wife died. It's like it's their secret phrase. I also find it odd that in July when she announced she was moving to Indy, she said for 4-5 months. Her time here was almost up. -TJC

Anonymous said...

I tell ya what ladies; there are so many red flags waving all over the place that if he's not guilty, somebody's gonna have to prove it to me before I can bite into his innocence.


This has more red flags than Tiananmen Square.

Now the grieving, shattered Davey has left town to mourn in private and collect his thoughts and pray (presumably).

Anonymous said...

IF he paid someone to kill her, it makes total sense that he would also want her raped... she didn't give it up to him enough or the right way or enough or... or... or... I'm sure in his sadistic mind this was part of his payback. SICK! - TJC

Anonymous said...

DNA from the SUV? I thought she was raped... plenty of DNA there. - TJC

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the interview with Amanda's friend? Finally - genuine sadness and grief over losing a loved one. She also pleaded for information and mentioned speaking to Amanda's mom who is "praying for answers" as well. No mention of DB.

Anonymous said...

He won't be out of town long... he has a business - I mean a CHURCH - to run.

lynda said...

I'm surprised that the cops are letting him go out of town. Really. Unless they are going to have him under surveillance. It sounds like he comes from money...he could skate. Is he taking his son with him?

Anonymous said...

GuaranDAMNtee you he's not out of town alone! ABB

lynda said...

If anyone goes to the Justice Seekers/amanda blackburn FB page..they have a close-up still of him "reading" from Amanda's journal while being interviewed. Is it just me or are the pages BLANK?!

Anonymous said...

Not that I think much of him in the bedroom. I think if he was any good in bed, he wouldn't have had to beg, badger and insult Amanda to get her threatened and coerced into having sex with him. Fool.

If he'd been any good in bed she would have been glad and happy to have sex with him anytime he wanted too. Guarantee you she HATED sex with him, or the pretense of it. If you listen loudly, these men have a way of telling on themselves.

It was HE who came up short in the bedroom ladies. His mind wouldn't have been on the kinky stuff all the time either if he'd been able to perform adequately without it, nor would he have had the need to complain about her sexually, trying to hide his own adequacies by blaming Amanda. IMO, (and experience) he couldn't do squat in bed without a hell uv a lot of cajoling and fumbling around. Ewww... ABB

A said...

Anon--the phrases "Nothing is Wasted" and "The best is yet to come" seem to be catchphrases (marketing) phrases used by all the NewSpring churches. I looked at some of the social media pages of the other pastors and these phrases are all over the place.

Anonymous said...

Poor Davey is so grief stricken he has packed his bags to be alone and mourn his murdered wife and unborn child ( and on the way stopped to have dinner with friends).


MemphisPat said...

Re: Amanda's parents lack of public comment:
I remember when Laci Peterson's mother came out early on in support of Scott. You see how that turned out!
Also, I'm sure they know he could be ruthless in denying them a relationship with their grandson. I wonder if there's an Amber Fry out there ready to give DB up?!

But then there's Meg Griffith, the babysitter:
She was once his intern and tweeted about being sent to buy a jockstrap and a bib for him. Retweeted that this year.
Tweeted this summer about her sadness at leaving her little yellow house to move to Indy where she joined DB at the church and moved in with he and his wife and child. Named her Etsy shop "Nothing Is Wasted", his go-to slogan where she sells signs that say "The best is yet to come", his other go-to slogan. She combined a tweet about slow shipping from the shop while she grieves with a happy, exclamation-pointed pitch for a big sale next week.
I'd love to see an interview with her and Peter's analysis of it!

Shannon In CA said...

That is good info. Thank you!

Shannon In CA said...

That's what I read, too. It was on websleuths and the person said he was wrong.

Rachel said...

"If anyone goes to the Justice Seekers/amanda blackburn FB page..they have a close-up still of him "reading" from Amanda's journal while being interviewed. Is it just me or are the pages BLANK?!"

Wow. That is really weird. They do look blank!

lynda said...

Rachel...They ARE blank! This guy is a lunatic. I'm sure the police have any journals he didn't destroy before police got there but really, he is faking reading from "her" journal. WTH?

Rachel said...

Lynda, this is really bizarre! Do you think it could be the lighting? If not, then it really speaks to what Peter so eloquently wrote about in his post: just another prop in DB's marketing campaign.

Also, if DB is involved, then this reminds me of Scott Peterson. I read an interview with one of the detectives which stated that Peterson lied even when he didn't have to. This need to lie about random things baffled the detective.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I have figured out the identity of 'we'!! Legion.

For those who are unfamiliar with scripture - see Mark Chapter 5.

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep saying CD? Are you referring to Davey?

lynda said...


I do not think it is the lighting. This is the only still I have seen of the interview with him "reading" the journal and it is BLANK. It is a prop. The sickness that is in him to take a blank notebook, say it is his murdered wife's, and then "preach" what he wants to preach to get more people to the "company". I don't even know what kind of person does that. He knows that if he tells people the words are Amanda's it serves him twofold..It makes him look innocent depending on the message, and people will take it more to heart, will listen more, because they are the final words of a murdered Godly woman. It gives credence to his mantra of "the best is yet to come" even in death, Amanda is bringing people to the church. It also explains what I thought was truly poor police work in them NOT taking her journals. Appears that they did and he's faking it. Wonder what LE thought of that interview??

aNon @ 8:07 Exactly. I said before, he is so FAR from God while he thinks he sits in his lap. DAvey is working for the wrong Master...absolutely

Unknown said...


lynda said...

Davey gave another interview to FOX news just now where it is addressed that people think he had something to do with it...I'm transcribing it right now ....can someone let Peter know?

Peter- I'm transcribing NOW.

Anonymous said...


Link to Fox interview. Just when I was starting to lean toward him being innocent, this video just has me thinking everything he says is so off. The title of the video says he's "grieving" and the caption says he's "heartbroken" and he doesn't come off as being either of those things.

MzOpinion8d said...

LE is giving him rope to hang himself with. They let that out of context "100% cleared" rumor go uncorrected for exactly this reason - to give him a false sense of security. Now he thinks he's untouchable.

Anonymous said...

Neighbors search for justice in Amanda Blackburn murder
Vi Nguyen
Published: November 18, 2015, 8:10 am

Neighbors are continuing their search for justice in the case of Amanda Blackburn.

It was a week ago Tuesday when police said the pastor’s wife was shot during a robbery at her home on the northwest side of Indianapolis. She later died at the hospital.

Some people living in the Woods of North Kessler neighborhood said they are not giving up until the person responsible is caught.

They have been passing out flyers hoping to generate new tips and leads.

The neighborhood watch group held a meeting Tuesday night to talk about their efforts.

A group of more than 20 people met in front of a home on Sunnyfield Court Tuesdayevening. They held hands and joined together in prayer. It’s a group bonded by a tragedy that has rocked their community.

Some neighbors are even meeting for the very first time. The neighborhood crime watch captain talked about the case and the future of their neighborhood.

“We’re going to remain vigilant and help detectives as we have and we’re going to continue to meet,” said Ryan McConnell.

McConnell has been leading the efforts in his neighborhood watch group.

He said they have been overwhelmed with support from the community.

The group spent Saturday morning passing out flyers.

McConnell told 24-Hour News 8 they have partnered up with local businesses to get the message across.

“Both Piezanos Pizza on Georgetown Road as well as Little Caesars on Georgetown Road, they agreed to put the flyers on all of their pizza boxes,” said McConnell. “The guy at Piezanos was all excited. I gave him a very big stacked of papers.”

Neighbors like Susan Logsdo know their watch group is doing everything they can to circulate the flyers.

She said this crime goes beyond her neighborhood.

“I know this is not only a problem in the Woods of North Kessler and I think that it’s shining light on the crime problem in Indianapolis,” said Logsdo. “It’s my hope that people who are paying attention to the motivation that has brought us together that they would do the same thing.”

The neighborhood watch group is hoping to start a new safety initiative involving block captains. The captains, made up of volunteers will be responsible for checking up on homes on their specific block. Board members will discuss that plan at the next meeting.


I find it interesting while the neighbors are searching for information concerning who killed Amanda Blackburn...the neighbors are the ones passing out flyers and asking businesses (Pizza parlors) to post flyers about the Amanda Blackburn murder, Davey is missing (conspicuously missing imo).

Is it just me, or is it odd that Davey "packed his bags and will be away from Indianapolis during a mourning period" instead of being out demanding justice, beating every bush to find his wife's murderer, passing out flyers until he could not stand up-right?

To me, his neighbors appear more concerned while Davey reminds me of when OJ Simpson was claiming OJ was 'looking for who murdered Nicole' while in reality OJ was playing golf on every course in Florida. :(

lynda said...

I use CD for "crazy davey" which is what his mentor Pastor Noble called him when he met him.


lynda said...

8:25 AM this morning 11/19/2015 FOX Interview was 6 ½ min. long.
I: Joining us today is her husband, Davey Blackburn who is in Anderson, South Carolina. Pastor, thanks for joining us.
DB: Thank you very much, Steve..thank you for havin’ me.
I: You bet. When we first initially ran this story about what happened ya know, we couldn’t believe it. Uh, initially though, as is the case, they always look at the husband however, the police came out very quickly and said you have been cleared of all of that. But still in the very beginning, to have the suspicion hangin’ over you, what was that like for a, a, man of God to worry about somethin’ like that?
DB: (He’s been slightly nodding with furrowed brow and his lips thinned out, pressed together)
DB: Yeah, I mean we, I certainly understand that’s always the first place that they are goin’ to ahm, investigate, and so I..I..guess that was to be, to be expected on some level. Um, ya know, but on another level, um, just going thru the ah, this, this trying time as a, as a, ya know with our family it, it, it, was, it was definitely difficult, um, to kinda even swallow that, um, and, and, so ya know for us, we’re, we’re, we don’t have anything to hide and we trust the investigation that’s goin’ on and the, the, (Interviewer is nodding yes) the detectives have been extremely gracious thru this whole process to us…
I: Nodding yes, mmm, hmmm
DB: Um, they’ve been really great in how they’ve, um, kept us up to speed on things that are goin’ on so , so we’re really appreciative of that.
I: Well, ah somebody in the neighborhood spotted a gun that was on their lawn and took it into a fire department , and they’re analyzing this , ah, Pastor tell us a little bit about how this could be linked to your wife’s murder.
DB: (Chucks teeth) Well I, I’m, not , I’m not, su, sure about, ya know, the, the , ah, um, the viability of how it could be linked or how it couldn’t , b..be linked, and so again, ya know the investigators are takin’ a look at that, um, they’ve assured us that they have the full breadth of resources at their availability, um, they’ve assured me that they’ve never, um, this kind of a blank a, a, check that they’ve been given to be able ta, ta, further the investigation, and so, we’re really confident and hopeful that very soon , um, some of these promising leads that they have will turn into , um, bein’ able to find the person, or the people, who are responsible for this.
I: Yeah, and one of the other promising leads is there is some video that shows some kinda grainy, it can make out somebody walkin’ , has that been helpful to the police, I, in this (video of perp) you can’t really see any of the guys features , presumably a guys features, ah, has that been helpful to the police?

lynda said...


DB: Well, I, ya know, I’m sure its been helpful to them, um , they’re, ya know, they’re, they’re the professionals , they do this, they’re very good at what they do, and so um, it’s not been helpful for us, we obviously don’t recognize a, who that is, and you’re right, it’s very obscure, so we’re not , we’re not sure, but again, we’re just, we’re trustin’ that they’ve got not just that but lots of different things to ah, to a, help in the process of, of findin’ this perpetrator, yeah.
I: They’re tryin to put all the puzzle pieces together to find out who murdered your wife
DB: Yeah
I: ..showin the pictures of you, you’ve gotta beautiful family, tell us about Amanda..
DB: Yeah, yeah, um, (laughs) Amanda was loved by everyone ah, wel..th..the most important thing about Amanda is that she was absolutely in love with Jesus Christ. Um, she loved Jesus (he starts gesticulating with his hands now like a preacher does, for emphasis on words) and because of that, because Jesus had changed her heart, and, and, Jesus was living inside of her , he was living thru her, she loved everybody around her, so she , she had this incredible way of seeing potential in people that, ah, most people didn’t see in themselves, an, and, I feel like she did this in everything in her life, ya know, one a, one a, the things that she’d been doin’ over the past 4 years was buildin’ this business where she restored furniture. She would take what looked to be trash and turn it into somethin’ that was, that was beautiful, that was treasure, I, I’d joke with her all the time, she’d have me pickin’ up furniture off the side of the road, and I’m like, Babe, you can’t do anything with this, and she’s like, just trust me, gimme time, I’ll, I’ll make it into somethin’ beautiful , and I think that’s what’s so, what’s so, great about, um, ya know, e..even, in what Jesus has been showin’ us in the process of all of this, is that we serve a God , Jesus Christ, who takes what the world says is a tragedy, what the world says is trash, and in time he makes it beautiful, and, and, I love the fact that now, she’s in heaven, and with Jesus, and she sees that end result because she was always the one that could see the end result in the furniture and in people before anybody else could, and so, man, we’re just, we’r, that’s what, that’s where we get hope in this whole situation. It’s a hope that doesn’t make sense , it’s a peace that doesn’t make sense, even to us, and I know ta the world , but we know that she loved Jesus, we love Jesus, and uh, we have that , that, perspective that has really helped us ta, ta, derive strength thru this whole thing.
I: Sure. Such lovely words about your wife. I’ve read that you had said that the hardest thing going forward is gonna be , ya know, just pickin’ up the pieces with your CHILDREN , and try to live a life without her

lynda said...


DB: (Davey’s been nodding his head up and down while Interviewer speak
DB: Yeah, yeah, absolutely , ya know, I mean, she, we were expecting, um, our second, um, we were gonna name ha..her..Evie Grace, um, and a, um, an, and we have little Weston, ah, h.he’s 15 months old, and I think the, THE hardest thing, um, even just in the midst of dealing with loss, in the midst of dealing with um, losing the person that you feel like, ya know, completed you and we shared so many great memories and we shared everything that we did together and , and, there’s not one aspect of my life that she wasn’t a part of ..not one aspect of hers that I wasn’t part of, and so I think thru all of that ..it’s really difficult just to start, to try to figure out what’s next, ya know, an, an, we’re, we’re hopeful in the fact that, that, re..really, throughout this tragedy, the best really is yet to come, that everything good in my life has been given to me by a gracious God, and so everything good moving forward , the Lord is going to provide , and so we’re hopeful in that, but, but, we’re tryin’ to figure out what that it looks like. What is the new normal for us? How do I, how do I father Weston , um, and grow him up to be, to be a man of God as well, and that’s exactly what she would’ve wanted in this process.
I: All right. Pastor we thank you very much for joining us today to talk about your wife and the investigation and we’re gonna keep folks posted on developments out, ah, regarding..
DB: (Interrupts) Thank you Steve
I: her murder, the senseless murder of your beautiful wife. Alright, Davey Blackburn, thank you.
DB: Thank you very much.

lynda said...

ATTN: I also posted this transcript under Peter's blog that he posted today..The conversation may be moving over there..

Anonymous said...

They've "found" 4 suspects and police have them in custody. Hmm, right after the pastor leaves town. Interesteing. -TJC

Anonymous said...

He AND the "babysitter" use that phrase "the best is yet to come" an awful lot!!! What am I missing here? And what is the correlation between him hashtagging "nothing is wasted" and that being the name of the babysitter's etsy store? Is that a church thing or what? -TJC

Anonymous said...

I don't see a new post Lynda? This is the newest post I can see. -TJC

Louise K said...

My old dad always used to say

Bible in one hand
Cock in T'other

Blackburn shows not one hint of remorse or sadness

...and a whole lot of inappropriate crowd loving GLEE

At his new found status as Grieving Husband...

Enjoy it while it lasts Davey - there's barely a person with an IQ above their shoe size who thinks you are what you Pretend To Be.

Louise K said...

Oh and...

I listened to one of his broadcasts

He took 4000 words to say what he could've said in 3:


Louise K said...

Lol @ Websleuths

their oppressive policy saves them from Legal Challenges, but Suppresses the Entire Point of the Site.

Buncha clowns

I prefer Free Speech eh

Davy Blackburn murdered or caused the murder of his pregnant wife Amanda.

The end.

Anonymous said...

Update on http://www.theindychannel.com/news/local-news/three-suspects-being-questioned-in-connection-to-death-of-amanda-blackburn

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