Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Discourse Analysis in Human Resources

Deception costs.

It costs society, it costs personally, and it cost money...lots and lots of money.

Deception is cruel and is no different than trading in counterfeit cash.

On any given day, I have 2 or 3 video interviews awaiting analysis.  

Due to restricted budgets, the need for more investigators,  the prohibitive cost of transcription services, and the failure of computer transcription, there is no way around it:  here is the video, tell me if he is deceptive.

I listen to the video and make notes, often not needing to hit pause.  I know that those deceptive in the interview process are those who will harm the company.  The deception is not a 'white lie' or a social lie. Deception is linked to theft and theft has lots of new means today...
many legal.

How long does it take for someone to get to this point in their training?

The best formula is this:

1.  Formal Training
2.  1,000 hours of practice
3.  Guided Training; minimum 2 years.

At this point, upon completion of the 2nd year of guided training, the analyst not only is efficient, but if he or she possesses the gift of teaching, the knowledge to teach others is strong enough to withstand seasoned veteran scrutiny.  Moving past two years focuses upon detail that is heavily into criminal psychology:  what the criminal thinks, what he says, and what he is likely to do next.  It is a type of profiling that is rich in detail, guided not only by statistics, but instinct.  The instinct is developed through volume and there is no substitute for volume. Somewhere in all of this, they must be trained in Analytical Interviewing, which is not only legally sound, but is far less work.  It saves time and it will save money.  This, too, needs volume.

Why is this?

Besides the general principle within learning, the analyst should not only understand the psychology behind the principle, but should be able to explain it to  12 year old.

This is a bit trickier than it may seem, but it is important that as he or she tries, the struggle, itself, will help 'prove' the work, that is, test, pressure, increase, practice, re-group, test, pressure, and so on.

Language shifts.


Would you be surprised to learn that potential hires are using :) on their applications?

We now communicate in abbreviations, text messages, emails and less and less in the written statement.  Even on job applications I analyze, I see "u need to just ask me as i always to my best' and 'lol y u ask me this?'

Education shifts

Would you be surprised how many Master Level college graduates are "doing good" today?  Would you be shocked to see someone with a master's degree in something write, "your wellcome" on official documents?

When I analyze someone with a high school diploma only, who may be 60 years of age, I often find better grammar, usage and spelling than those with advanced degrees.

Would you be surprised to see how many submit applications electronically who do not bother to use spell check? What might this suggest about thoroughness, desire and drive?

Deception shifts

We have many new ways of deception today, with "Identity theft" becoming old, as so many new methods are advancing.  It is not just the 'professional trip, stumble and fall' gaming of disability, but disability itself is now so popular that people have been awarded disability for things that are not simply fraudulent, but shocking.  Disability, in some form, is wildly popular today, with shyness about to be the next wave of drugged social payments.  Companies on the hook for more and more, there is a way to protect oneself from such legalized government sanctioned theft and envy.

Personality shift acceptance 

Just a few short years ago, there was a scientific method of determining gender.  Today, masculinity and femininity are undergoing cultural shifting which will come out in the language.  We must be ready.  Even personality traits, once so important in job placement that America frequently used testing to fit the right person with the right job, has today left companies fearful of releasing the results.

We all recognize that an extreme introvert is not likely the best candidate or sales, but who would dare put that in writing?

There are far more acceptable ways of separating you from your money today than ever before, and part of this is due to cultural acceptance.

a.  Victim Status

b.  Delicate Snowflakes

c.  Social Justice Warriors 

These too ften blur, but first:

a.  The victim status is something in which courts are more than ever before likely to reward  someone money his or her hands have not earned.  Companies are increasing insurance costs (something passed on to the consumer) and as we shift towards socialism, companies have struggled with healthcare costs, as more politics enter healthcare.  This is not lost on society.

For example, there are those in the substance abuse industry (it is an industry) who want their clients in the best rehab possible but know that government subsidized or government paid rehab will be less successful as well as less comfortable for the client.

They also know that if they can get their clients into some companies, they will eventually claim the company's "undo stress" has now "caused" their substance abuse issue and the company is now on the hook for $15,000 to $25,000.

There are those who know that if they work for x amount of weeks, they can get unemployment on the company's dime.

The victim status feels owed.  He or she feels that an injustice from yesteryear has given him a distinct disadvantage.  This will directly come out (if hired) in his first mistake:  it will be someone else's fault.  This is a best case scenario.  Today, people use religion, like never before, to make demands on employers after signing a document asking for no accommodations.  In spite of this, companies fear what courts will say (which is wise to doubt our courts today) and worse, they do not want negative publicity.

The 'victim status' mentality is something that does show up in the language and should be identified by the trained Human Resources professional before hiring. 

b.  Delicate Snowflakes

The last few years' college graduates enter the workforce believing themselves to be unique, special and well above and beyond other generations.  They have been taught in college to claim to feel "not safe" and "offended" at just about anything and everything.

The problems they bring to a company are endless.  Thankfully, these 'delicate snowflakes' who tremble when people applaud for the violence of clapping hands, is easily discerned in the interview process if you know how to direct the flow of information.  These delicate snowflakes, who worship at the altar of their own emotions, will drive their co-workers nuts.  They damage morale, believe themselves morally superior to others (see c) and are the ones most likely to claim "hostile work environment" for the most shocking of reasons.

Because their emotions are their 'god' or principle passion in life, and arbitrator of right from wrong, they are unstable and often struggle under challenges as the challenges they face cause them to 'question' themselves; something anathema to their delicate and fragile ego.  What makes one push harder (necessity the mother of invention) causes this one not to crumble, but to implode.  Like others, they share this in common:

They do not take personal responsibility.

Question them when they call out sick and watch how they break and need to find a safe room to cry in.  If male, a co worker is going to eventually say, "dude, you have to man up here. We have work to do" and, ka-boom, you have apologies, sensitivity trainings, and written plans of correction and headache you won't believe.

It will always be someone else's fault.

Co workers, managers, the company, society, or injustice from 70 years ago, is to blame.

c.  Social Justice Warriors will not only reveal themselves, but if hired, they will find or create the event in order to "bring justice"; which, once translated, means money, even if the money comes through the means of publicity.

These too, must be screened for in the employment process and it must be done thoroughly, legally, with an excellent written record of why you did not hire them.

This is because they will file suit against you for not hiring them.  When you present a legally sound scoring system, in which they scored "43" and you hired someone who scored "44", their suit is lost.

These are those who will always find fault in others.  They see themselves as the center of all morality and the cause de jour will happen.  Years ago, I saw one such social justice warrior possess little ability to filter out her thoughts on South African diamond mines.  It found its way into far too many conversations, including with customers.  A young man cured her, however.

He slapped a .75 carrot ring on her left hand and she never spoke of her cause again.

The problem with the Social Justice Warrior is not singular:

*it is his cause in life and he or she finds personal value and worth in it.
*he or she must feel this fulfillment
*those who do not share in the cause are the enemy, which includes not only co workers, but managers.
*If they are promoted, they will bully their subordinates.
*They view the enemy as morally inferior and cannot bear disagreement. Even customers get speeches.

These are typical but there is something else that will trouble your company:

The social justice warrior always wants someone else to pay for the crimes and misdemeanors of the past and this someone is not him.  This 'insulation' comes from believing oneself superior to those who 'do not see' and even superior to those who 'see' what they see, but either do not act upon it, or act upon it as much as they do.

Even in corporate meetings, they will offend others and this is usually be supposing everyone agrees with them.  It is a severe lack of self awareness and depending upon the meeting, damage can be done.

Due to their high self view of moral superiority, if suit is filed, they do not mind being martyred for the cause; that is, they can lose in court, but still use the internet to blacken the reputation of your company.  They do not possess the capability to separate themselves from their cause.  Without their cause, they lose their purpose in life.

"Why do you want to work here?" is a great question if the applicant moves into the free editing process.  All the typical expected responses are good, including "money" and "money" and "resume building" and "paying bills" and "room for advancement" and "awarding merit", and all the normal competitive necessities in life.  These are all good answers.  Get the applicant to talk about himself or herself in this question and the social justice warrior will be almost incapable of concealing alternative or additional motives.

The 'victim' status is one who will not take personal responsibility and poses a risk to the company.  They often file suits of discrimination.

The 'delicate snowflake' is troublesome to morale and if pushed, will file suit, especially hostile work environment.

The 'social justice warrior' is often above average intelligence and is troublesome from bottom to top, often lacking self awareness and will find or create the 'event' or 'circumstance' needed to make them feel important.  They used to carry signs and walk in circles, but now have evolved into e-signs, e-circles but still trouble.

Companies need to produce.  This need is what drives companies to hire the best and brightest.

Those who have competing or alternate agendas will cost you.

Statement Analysis training begins with crawling until it learns to walk, jog and eventually, it will 'run' in the interview process and will tag the deceptive and keep your company safe.  As the professional grows, he or she will spot the linguistic signals of deception readily, but will move on to looking for and spotting, live, the very warning signals of the issues presented here.

Your company needs to hire the best and brightest and needs to avoid importing trouble, including insurance costs, unemployment costs, shrinkage, and the myriad of suits, headaches, and damage to morale done by hiring the deceptive.

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Anonymous said...

OT - DeOrr Kunz UPDATE:

**Can someone please click the link and get the full transcript? My computer is not opening the link correctly. I found this transcript clip on facebook..**

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

NG: Good evening. I’m Nancy Grace. I want to thank you for being with us. Bombshell tonight – to Idaho. A beautiful 2-year-old boy goes missing from a family camping trip. Please, let’s bring him home for Christmas. Take a look at this little boy. The family there – they insist the child has been kidnapped. To Nate Eaton, reporter with East Idaho, take me to the moment we learn Baby Deorr Kunz is gone.

NE: Well, Deorr’s parents had gone a couple yards away from the camping site “to look inside the reservoir”… They assumed that little Deorr would be safe “with his grandfather and a friend of grandpa.”

They get back. They say to grandpa, “Where’s Deorr?” He says, “I thought he was with you.” They say, “we left (??) him with you” Panic ensues. They search for the little boy. They can’t find him. They call 911. Search crews arrive, and for weeks and weeks and months and months, no sign of this little boy.

NG: Nate Eaton, I don’t quite understand the logistics of what you’re saying. NE is joining us from the East Idaho News. Um…you’re saying the parents walked a couple of yards. Those were your words. A couple of yards from the campsite. Now, a couple of yards … a yard is three feet. So that’s…a couple would be six feet. Six feet from the camping site and he goes missing?

NE: A little bit more than six feet, Nancy. So this is a really remote campsite, I mean rocky terrain to get into this campsite. There’s trees all around. The campsite is secluded, and the parents, they were just gonna’ “go up this trail around to see the reservoir” will be gone – they sat they were gone for about 20 minutes & when they came back the child was missing.


Anonymous said...

Here is the link for the full transcript above...


Anonymous said...

Isaac supposedly reset his phone to factory defaults right after the baby went missing, before LE arrived or before they had a chance to review it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Tania Cadogan said...

The family there – they insist the child has been kidnapped

Interesting choice of words there :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I'm pretty sure you described a majority of our overspending politicians - the liberal ones especially fit the "social justice warriors" profile.

GeekRad said...

I have seen these delicate snowflake types in the new college grads I interview. This article really hit home and helps! Thanks Peter!

Anonymous said...

Deorr case. Whose Nate Eaton? Is he the weirdo reporter that tried to convince others that a child couldn't make it down the creek bed on his own but left out any part that he could have stumbled...leaving the viewer totally insulted he thought himself much wiser.

And why are they recapping it now? Do they think a toddler would still be alive-alone, in the freezing weather with no food or water-because a pack of wolves decided to raise him as their own?

Or, is someone targeted for gossip,false accusations, terror, and invasion of privacy because someone wants to promote a product or service?

Juliet said...

OT - DeOrr

Anon at 7.12

As you know, Nate Eaton is the reporter (East Idaho News) who has done the most to keep little DeOrr's disappearance in the news. He's had a verbal lashing or two here, from Peter, for not asking the right questions, but he's not a weirdo. When did Nate Eaton ever say that about the creek bed ? - I must have missed it. Will you post a link if you have one?

DeOrr Kunz Documentary Makers interview Backward Speech Guy - (and it doesn't go well)

I notice that Kellen Marsden no longer claims Jessica and DeOrr murdered their son - he's apparently changed his mind, despite his insistence that the reversals are never wrong (only the 'interpretation') and now believes they sold DeOrr, or had him abducted. No 'cold blooded murder' by the parents, then - just a harmless 'misinterpretation'. Most of the reversals have not been uploaded to the new website and those which survived have been modified, along with the commentary/interpretation. He still aggressively demands that the family should 'work with him', as if he had never once accused them of the cold blooded murder of their son for a VUL insurance policy, let alone repeatedly. He's not so sure about the life insurance either now, it seems (from looking at the website and revised reversals).


Tanisha, little DeOrr's poor tormented aunt (DeOrr's twin), continues to pour out her heart on Facebook, where she receives a lot of love and support from family and friends. They come across as a loving family stuck in an endless nightmare - she's also stressing over her father's pulmonary disease. It's so sad - she has her own little child, yet is so consumed with grief over DeOrr it seems doubtful she can enjoy time with her daughter in the way she would if DeOrr were not missing. Baby DeOrr's grandmother Laurie.still posts and grieves continually - I would be crazy by now if I were them. On the 5th December, grandmother Trina wanted to 'scream and break everything!!' at the sight of Baby DeOrr's Christmas stocking, though by the 13th, and after posting many recipes, she was posting an 'I Can't Stop Laughing' video and requesting donations from local businesses to fund the new Klein PI. (I don't get Trina.) Jessica, DeOrr, barely a public whisper from either, except for Jessica sometimes trying to chivvy Tanisha along. Isaac his usual weird.

Also there was this - DeOrr Gun Raffle. (As you do...)

It's a strange world... Is it common to raffle guns there? Here we get excited over tins of fancy biscuits, especially when a diabetic wins them and puts them back into the raffle.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was Nate Eaton who did the steep bank statement. What would someone expect to be picked up by Nancy Grace? These are the same type people who think interviewing someone whose expertise is in backward speech and expect to gain something useful! I can only imagine he wailed like a small child when Festered Flanigan died.

It's like actually getting into the posts of Twitter and Facebook of the family and friends surrounding these cases-a person would have to be crazy or severely bored.

Juliet said...

Are you maybe mixing up your Nate Eatons and Chris Hurst's there? I doubt anyone wailed when Vester died, except possibly his mother, and that more out of duty than conviction. If you said Chris Hurst and his photo album was weird, that would work better. So, I need to get the Nancy Grace link up to see the steep bank statement - later, when I am on my computer, I will do that - I can't copy links from within these pages when I'm on my iPad.

I check out the Facebooks and the Twitters, though haven't done DeOrr's family for quite a while before yesterday - I am a bit bored sometimes, yes, but I'm not crazy. Well, not according to my own lights, like most of us. :). I think everyone's a bit crazy sometimes - you have to be to survive in this crazy world.

Anonymous said...

For years, we had a woman working in my office who caused a terrible amount of trouble and time for the organization, and for coworkers, especially managers. Over the course of her many years in the office, she had many on-the-job accidents/injuries, visits to E.R. and med station, many diseases and afflictions (especially fibromyalgia, migraines, both caused by the "stress" of her job, and being "overworked"). She obtained FMLA status for the migraines & fibromyalgia. She filed complaints of discrimination-due-to-disability and hostile work environment, she involved the union in her multiple grievances against the managers & the company. On the job, she was obstinate and uncooperative, often sullen and non-communicative. She had a "death walk" - on those days she would arrive to work moving like a person who is about 120-years-old. Eyes half-mast, walking verrrrryyyy sslllowwwlllly, with grrrreat effort. On those days, if you spoke to her, she would reply slowly with a very low scratchy voice. When asked why she came to work, she would reply that she can't stay home because has too much to do. Other days, she would thunder around the office like a wild bull. Loudly pounding her feet while flying around almost in a run, loudly banging office equipment, always loudly crunching up any paper before throwing it away, loudly "grunting" and "groaning" when lifting things, and literally running to the restroom. This person had the morality of a 3-year-old, and would take any opportunity to create disturbance and inconvenience for coworkers. Wanna know how we ended up with this employee? When she applied for the open position in our department, we discovered she was already working for our organization, in a different department, so we checked with that department and they said "Oh she's wonderful! We hate to lose her!" so we felt confident and hired her. Later we realized they had shaken her off on us!