Wednesday, January 6, 2016

German and Euro Media Deception: New Year's Eve

Knowing a friend's loved one was in Europe for New Year's eve, I repeatedly checked the news reports from various European outlets and was happy to say at 6PM local time that it looks like Europe was peaceful for New Year's as midnight passed. 

I could not have been more wrong.

Criminal negligence and depraved indifference to human life by both Angela Merkel's administration and the media conspired to conceal what migrants did across the country and throughout Europe.  

Here is what we know, and what we suspect.  We cannot analyze silence.

Facebook, Google, and Twitter all deleted or blocked "anti migrant" information, which is why it took so long for us to learn the truth.  

More than 1,000 migrant men hit Cologne, Germany, in a wave of rape, molestation, assault and robbery.

How many rape victims in this one city alone on this one night?

Officials will not say how many, though  they did admit that "over 1,000" migrants were part of the criminal activity and that security cameras are throughout the city but only 5 of them have been arrested. 

The real number of assailants is likely much higher, and at first, we only heard Cologne, but this too soon changed. 

It has only been through individuals with cell phones willing to risk the wrath of their government that we have learned that this riotous attack was not exclusive to Cologne, but had gone on in other German cities on New Year's Eve with the same MO:

Migrants groping women, beating any who showed resistance, targeting some for rape, while beating, looting and robbing German citizens.  Cologne, Stuttgart, Berlin, Hamburg...

France declared New Year's Eve also peaceful ignoring more than 300 "carbecues" outside of Paris, alone.  This is Islamic protest where a car is lit up on fire and is so common that it received the nickname, "Car-b-q" or "carbecue."

In other areas, Christians were beaten, Christmas trees torched and one French mayor told off  a Muslim organization who "offered to provide security" to Christian churches for Christmas Eve service, a "dhimmitude status" of protection that is common in the Middle East Christian churches were the Christians are given "protective status"; yet usually end up dead, deported, or in forced conversion, all while paying the "tax" to allow them to exist.  The French mayor said that he did not hire arsonists to put out fires.  He knows the history of Islamic supremacy and dhimmitude and was soundly condemned as a "racist", "xenophobe" and "right wing."

In an even stranger twist, the General of the Swiss Army went public to the citizens of Europe telling them that their governments, military and police cannot protect them: they need to protect themselves.

The female mayor of Cologne released several statements in which she blamed the female victims for not protecting themselves. She blamed rape victims for being raped.  

Creeping Sharia 

Creeping Sharia is a historical term used to describe how Muslim minority turns into majority, who, while at minority status, make bold demands for tolerance, but once they become the majority, they hold no tolerance for their minority, but exploit it brutally, as Sharia becomes accepted, little by little, through 'tolerance' and abundance of complaints.  

For example, when special provisions are made to accommodate "Muslim sensitivities", it is said to be 'creeping Sharia' just as when "hate speech" is enacted that is a cover for Sharia blasphemy.  

Muslim holidays are demanded, and yielded to, yet in lands where they are now majority, the Sharia does not allow for tolerance of other religions.  It is a slow, insidious process of slavery and acceptance of Islam by turning societies against themselves.  

Last night, an impromptu protest was held in Cologne attended by about 300 citizens.

Police presence was huge in contrast to the 5 of more than 1,000 arrested in spite of video.  

Creeping Sharia.

The Christian churches invite Muslims in, remove symbols not to offend them, and society blames itself for Islamic violence, like the school that told their girls to dress differently, in their own country, lest they are raped by the migrants. 

Creeping Sharia, or the insidious slow, subtle acceptance of a sexually violent criminal ideology.  

The mosques never offer to take down symbols, remove the coverings, or anything to 'not offend' Christians and Jews.  

The ideology of supremacy, psychologically, must lead to violence, but it is the Islamic ideology specifically that is laden with sexual criminology, from the rape of the "infidel" woman, to pedophilia by Mohammad, to the keeping of sex slaves, right on to eternity where '70 virgins' are given to them as 'reward' for helping 'cleanse the earth of infidels' to usher in the 'pure age of Islam.'

The Example of Mohammed

Mohammed had told his men that the majority of those condemned to hell are women (Bukhari 2:24:541), that they could rape non-Muslim women (Koran 4:24) and that women who weren’t wearing Hijabs or Burkas were fair game (Koran 33:59). This isn’t an aberration. This is Islam.

It is an ideology that has declared war on us.  We are at war with Islam.  

The mosques exploit the depressed, the anxious, the mentally ill, and the outcast, for jihad, while tacquia deception causes them to smile for the camera and say words like "coexist" and "toleration."

It is an ideology in which criticism of it is punishable by death, and Islamic apologetisists do everything they can to punish anyone who criticizes Islam.

Barak Obama has all but wiped all reference to Islam from Islamic terrorism and deaths of Christians in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, the Philippines and other lands has skyrocketed since he was first elected.  In spite of all cries to the contrary, he continues to import Islam into the United States, and his federal government has installed Imans to teach in federal prisons and has appointed or have hired Islamic supremacists in all branches of government.  At each Islamic act of terror, he has lectured Americans about tolerance and continues to uphold an ideology that opposes the US Constitution, civil rights, free speech, and safety for mankind.  Each time there is an Islamic beheading, according to the Koran, Obama brings up war from a thousand years ago to justify Islamic terror.

Each week, on average, 300 people die in obedience to the Koran, and as the United States  government has chosen one Islamic group over the next, violence in Syria has spread, Iran's threats increased as her wealth exponentially increased with her new atomic weaponry deal, and even Iraq has asked that the United States not help them with ISIS, since thus far, Iraq says, Obama has assisted ISIS, of whom he calls, "ISIL" as insult to Israel.  Saudi Arabia, the beheading capital of the world, sits at the humanitarian rights table at the UN, while Sweden, the rape capital of the Western world, slowly evolves into a third world country with looming bankruptcy, self loathing, and street violence while praising itself for "multiculturalism" as its daughters are raped with impunity while feigning it is all just a "misunderstanding."  

Several European nations are near official ceding territory over to Islamic supremacists, with some having done this de facto, though still pumping welfare tax dollars into them.  These "no go" zones are not simply dangerous places where citizens do not dare enter, they are areas in which law enforcement has admitted that it has no control over.  They are no longer places where law enforcement comes under attack when attempting to enter:  these have multiplied;

The no go zones are places in which no European laws can be enforced.  Sharia, instead, rule.

We do that which we believe and the words we speak reveal this very thing.  

European citizens are incapable of protecting themselves, and by withholding critical information from them, as well as restricting their rights for arms while admitting their inability to enter certain neighborhoods to confiscate illegal guns, their leadership has utterly betrayed them by deception, and journalism has now reached the level of propaganda that the Nazis once employed.

Even some of the rape and sexual assault victims chose their words carefully to say, "Middle Eastern looking men" and "Northern African appearing men" were the assailants.  They feared being called "racist."  

Islam, a 7th century ideology that encompasses all society, military, politics and religion, is, itself, immune to reformation as it allows any criticism of itself, demanding all others to submit to it, and yield lest there be no peace.  

They believe it and have centuries of bloodshed to prove it.  

It is the only religion that uses prescriptive violence and coercion.   It is not ISIS or Muslim Brotherhood, or CAIR, its American front, that we fight; but an ideology of Caliphate; that is, the establishment of one central government where an order is given and carried out all across the world.

When no warning is given, danger exists, but where criminal activity can and should be countered, the media's silence is criminal.

To blame the women as victims of rape, sexual assault and robbery, is beyond rehabilitation:  they need a new mayor desperately.  Blaming the victim empowers the rapist who does so under religious belief.  

Europe is on the verge of civil war and thus far, the outcry against media propaganda has been muted, but this time, it was all too much.  

The deception by the media in Germany is the worst since 1939, and has criminally put its own citizens in danger.  

As it tears down its walls and removes its guns, the elite and their families remain safely behind gates with armed security.  

Citizens are angry at the giving away of their land, their freedom and their safety by the governing elite and their propagandist state media.  

Islam is a contagion that destroys, insidiously and slowly, every land it conquers.  

It is an ideology that a society without an identity is powerless to resist.  


Trigger said...

No wonder citizens are outraged. They have been betrayed by their officials who keep a safe code of silence between themselves and those who they govern.

sidewalk super said...

Explains why bho is releasing all those "minor" criminals,
now that they have been carefully converted to islam.

Anonymous said...

So here we are, we are insanely in debt as a nation,
a huge part of that debt is paying for these radical
islamics that bho has ensconced in our government, his
very own caliphate, yes?
And all I hear on tv? "He's building a legacy".
Sure is, one that most citizens would impeach him for
if they could see what his truth is.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Muhammad Ali, the boxer who converted to Islam,cited his religion & was granted conscientious objector status during Viet Nam.

Has Islam changed that much??

Lemon said...

This is madness.

Unknown said...


lynda said...

Beyond madness. What is the solution here? Shut down all borders? Refuse refugees access to anywhere else aside from your country of origin? Refuse access to ANYONE coming into another country?
The US still seems to focus on the "illegal Mexican" agenda than the refugees. Is that because one is "Illegal" and the other can claim "refugee" status? There is automatically an empathy generated within the average person when the word refugee is used as opposed to illegal alien.

What is most alarming to me is the media blackouts, false representations of acts happening all over the world, and the ignorance of people not seeing what is happening. Until this blog, I was one of the ignorant.

Anonymous said...

When I found a key outback, and a train in a glove box, my first question to the guy helping: Where's your nearest mosque?

The comic con/hot wheels group vs the who killed New York team.

Anonymous said...

Well, since there are many more non muslim Germans it wont be long b4 the Citizenry w/the local police start resisting and then offensive action taken against the bullies who only understand overwhelming force. doubtful the German citizenry will tolerate this assault much longer. Looks like stage is set for Europe in turmoil again. and liberal govts swept away.

Lemon said...

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom (Partij voor de Vrijheid, PVV), took up the issue of the New Year’s violence in Cologne on the floor of the Dutch parliament today. Here is one of the questions he posed to the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State for Security and Justice about groups of mostly Arab men who assaulted, robbed and raped dozens of young women in Germany:

"7. Do you realize that, if you continue to leave our borders wide open, it is only a matter of time before mass robberies and assaults such as those in Germany, will also happen on the same large scale in the Netherlands? Do you want to have this on your conscience or are you finally ready to close the Dutch borders to Islamic testosterone bombs? "

I would add: bonus points to Mr. Wilders for his use of 'Islamic testosterone bombs'. It does have a certain descriptive ring to it. I'm sure a fatwa will be forthcoming.


Hey Jude said...

Scary - sounds like a more onimous version of the North African key ring vendors I encountered in Paris - they will encircle you, insisting you buy their wares - aggressive, persistent, and one quickly becomes ten, all shouting, standing too close, waving their stuff in your face. It's threatening - they know you will buy something to make them go away. If you go there, don't let yourself get separated - they will separate you very easily, first just one or two standing between you and whoever you are with and in a few seconds you are encircled - women are easily intimidated. (Anyone want a key ring or ten?) Fortunately, the police are usually at hand, but they cannot watch them all at the same time, and there are many. Still, the key rings are nice for the price, cheaper than in the shops. It's such alien behaviour, though - we don't want or need it, and they know what they are doing. I read that the authorities took action to stop them from harassing people at the Louvre, but they just go somewhere else.

Has it been established that the Cologne attacks were arranged via social media, or was that a rumour? I would think New Year's Eve would bring out a lot of unpleasant opportunists, but the nature of the harassment and assault is way beyond that of the street hawkers - even then you buy because you feel that unless the police come to move them along (and you can't see who else is around once you are encircled) that it could escalate to assault if you don't buy something. So now these types, in whichever country, won't necessarily give anyone the opportunity to just buy a trinket? Not looking good.

John Mc Gowan said...

Groped between the legs and a firework thrown into a hoodie: Brave female victims reveal the horrifying details after attacks by sex mob of 2,000 'North African and Arab' men in Cologne

Two more Cologne victims describe being sexually assaulted and attacked
One, Jenny, suffered severe burns when a firework was shoved in her hood
Similar attacks also occurred on New Year's Eve in Hamburg and Stuttgart
Police have admitted they fear it was part of a known criminal enterprise
Fear it was a professional gang who sexually assault women as distraction
Cologne town centre has been called a 'no-go area' by its own city council
There are now fears the upcoming carnival will be scene of similar assaults

Read more:

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Missing woman's boyfriend investigated for domestic assault

DALLAS — Dallas police have investigated domestic violence allegations between a missing woman and her boyfriend.

Marisol Espinosa hasn't been seen since last Tuesday morning. Records confirm that her boyfriend, Faustino Valdez, was investigated for assault twice in the last two years.

Espinosa's relationship with Valdez was apparently a tumultuous one.

WFAA has learned that Dallas police were called to Valdez' home at least twice in the last two years because Valdez allegedly assaulted her.

In both cases, police were told Valdez had a weapon and was beating his girlfriend. Her family confirmed the abuse reports, and said he is not helping in their search.

"We haven't seen him since ... Sunday," Espinosa's cousin Wendy Lopez said.

Dallas Fire-Rescue arson investigators are now taking a closer look at a fire at Espinosa's house in mid-December. She had to move from her house into her boyfriend's home after the fire. That's where she had been staying before she disappeared.

Her family said someone turned the location service off on her cell phone.

"Her history location was turned off on the 14th, which was after the fire," Lopez said. "The fire happened on the 12th."

Espinosa's family continues to search for answers, and Dallas police continues its investigation. On Tuesday morning, mounted patrols and officers were out searching parts of Pleasant Grove.

"Our hopes are real high that she comes back alive," said the missing woman's mother, Rosemary Espinosa. "But someone please help us."

The family says it has raised up to $10,000, and they are willing to give that reward money to anyone with information that helps lead them to Marisol Espinosa.

Previous article. Boyfriends statement.


"She … took a shower, got ready and put her clothes on -- her work uniform -- her makeup just like a normal day," he said. "(She) gave me a kiss goodbye and she just got up and just left to work."

Valdez added, "It's not like her to just do this -- leave the kids like that."
He walked away too distraught to continue the interview.

Hey Jude said...

Savages, but they are the minority. It only takes a minority to make a town centre a no-go area for women at night. Scary to be a peace-loving law-abiding Muslim in these difficult times.

Hey Jude said...

It's not looking too good for him, John. I like that I can see that from what he said there - I wouldn't have had a clue how telling that statement was before I started reading here.

John Mc Gowan said...


Police investigate Craigslist post made by self-proclaimed killer

"i was wanting to thank Tulsa for letting me have my first kill, it all started here so was thinking it should be my first, i was nervous as hell, but i will get over it, it was a stranger on stranger so the police will have a difficult time, it will not be my last though, thinking about going to okc (the "c" maybe an "E) for next to the people who started it all Julie Free (D.O.C), Judge Glassco,

. Do not contact me with unsolicited services or offers.

He / she doesn't actually say they killed someone.

Dropped pronouns.

Lack of commitment.

rob said...

Suprisingly, today in our local paper there was a story about more than 90 women were attacked NYE and many more are now coming forward since it has finally been addressed in the media. I first learned about it on the "Bing" homepage. Not a word on the nightly news. This needs to be spoken about here in the US. It actually needs to be screamed about.

Hey Jude said...

It was on the BBC website on 5th January. They've posted more in the last few hours.

Anonymous said...

John, typically when you see that type of promotion of hysteria it is about competition between OKC and Tulsa. If crime is escalating in OKC, they like to deflect elsewhere-Tulsa. If the education system is failing, they deflect to SE part of the state. It's typically somewhere else.

Even when a woman was murdered in her own closet, they (and I use the term loosely) hid notes to add to the intrigue.

The media is the police in Oklahoma as they opted for none other than the militant.

When crime is being committed, they will blame the victims. It is a hellhole. Don't expect them to show for anything other than a "look big" party for themselves.

They allow them to operate extortion rings, control the phone lines and Internet access, there are a lot recruited from the college campuses for their crimes and the mental health issues are unreal as most subscribe to the conspiracy theories and refuse to quit whining about a bombing that only killed 168 that happened decades ago. "We Will Remember." (That's all they'll do).

They want to start what "West Memphis Three" did to the residual residents of homicide and what "Making A Murderer" is doing to the people of Wisconsin.

If this guy was really out killing people, he'd have a piece of equipment that would allow him to shut down an electronic ignition.

They want speculation. They want 'this and that' teams.

Unknown said...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

How was it that it took days to get the New Year's sexual assaults out to the world?

Google, Facebook and Twitter all deleted "anti migrant" information.

Still think government hands on the internet is good for mankind?


Vicki said...

Donald Trump commented on this last night: He's been following the situation.

"Germany is going through massive attacks to its people by the migrants allowed to enter the country. New Years Eve was a disaster. THINK"!

@realdonaldtrump on twitter

Very scary what our grandchildren's lives will be like if something isn't done NOW.

Amy Smith said...

Off topic but the Bill Gothard sexual abuse lawsuit is making national news today. He has close ties to the Duggars and Mike Huckabee. Will you consider analyzing Gothard's statements?

Reached by phone on Wednesday, Gothard said he has not seen the lawsuit and denied allegations that he had raped one woman. “Oh no. Never never. Oh! That’s horrible,” he said. “Never in my life have I touched a girl sexually. I’m shocked to even hear that.”

Gothard denied sexually harassing women. “That really is not true,” he said. “I’d rather hold off to comment until I see what’s in the lawsuit.”

Hey Jude said...

On the other hand, see what Google suggests if you type 'Muslims tackling' into the search box. I was searching a while back for information on how Muslims were tackling extremism - it didn't let me get as far as 'extremism' before it asked if I meant 'Muslims attacking' - a mixed bag, Google.

Government hands on the internet are not good - social media is a threat to any government which allows unrestricted access. Social media becomes a genuine threat to public safety when it's used to organise terrorist attacks or gangs of New Year Maurauders (if it is and was). Some governments also don't like too much free speech or the ability to organise and co-ordinate events. There are many ways in which some people could cause us all to be begging for public access to the Internet to be banned. I do get a bit paranoid at times, though.

Anonymous said...


Anyone want to analyze my email to my child's school superintendent? :)

"Mr. [name];
Please contact me regarding an incident that happened at [school] yesterday regarding my daughter [first and last name]. She was dropped off to school at 8:27 AM. I received a voice message from the office at 9:25 AM asking how [first name] was doing since she was not in school that day. For at least an hour, [first name] was in class yet unaccounted for on the attendance sheet in the office. I did not call and let them know she would be absent. They actually blamed her for taking too long to walk to her class. I was told she was in class by 8:32 AM.

I am not always able to have my cell phone out at work, which is why I got the message late. However, there are other ways to contact me, and there are emergency contacts in her file. I want to know where the disconnect was, and why she was "missing" for an hour. I also want to know why, if they truly believed she was absent without parental notification, why I was not contacted at work, or my husband, or my mother, all of whom are in her emergency contact list."


Anonymous said...

OT - attempted school shooting suspect has been killed by police.

kimisan03 said...

"I was told she was in class by 8:32 am."

By whom were you told? By school staff? By your daughter?

Anonymous said...

"Germany is going through massive attacks to its people by the migrants allowed to enter the country."

What people? Women were attacked! Are they considered people come election time?
Maybe he should form a womens' rights group and teach them to fight back...on his terms.

Anonymous said...


The woman in the school's office told me. When I called back to talk to the school about this incident, the office woman told me that her teacher made a note about the time my daughter got to class.

rob said...

Anon said: What people? Women were attacked! Are they considered people come election time?

Many of the elected officials in Germany are women. German chancellor Angela Merkel is a woman. Women are allowed to vote in Germany. I don't understand your comment.

lynda said...

The statement that really hits home is the Mayor saying women should cover their heads...why doesn't she just come out and say, go buy a burka?

Anonymous said...

"The officers were unable to prevent all events, assaults, crimes -- there were just too many at the same time," according to the police report."

"German law requires a conviction of at least three years in prison before an asylum seeker can be forcibly returned while his or her application for refuge is being examined.
The individual must also not face threats in his or her country of origin.
But de Maiziere said: "We will have to discuss if we should change these rules"

Bottle Cap said...

Anyone want to help with this statement by Nate Johnson, is he going to The University of Michigan or not, haha?

“I’m committed to Michigan right now, so everyone knows I’m going to Michigan. If nothing changes, like decommitting, which I’m probably not gonna do, but we’ll see. Everyone will know that. If I decommit from Michigan, which I won’t, I’ll definitely hold off all the way until signing day.”

Anonymous said...

Still wondering about Muhammad Ali. His religion was officially recognized as nonviolent & he was exempted from the war. Are there two Islams?

Hey Jude said...

I made a transcript of the '60 Minutes: Where is William Tyrrell?' programme and posted it on the same thread it was being discussed earlier. I didn't find it so interesting while I was doing it, probably because I had already watched it and decided the mother is not speaking from experiential memory, and the father was maybe present when William disappeared, but actually when I checked it, I did find some other quite interesting things, or possibly. The DI, for one, is interesting - I'd like to know if anyone thinks he's holding back on something - I know sometimes they have to - and if anyone agrees that she's not speaking from memory, and if the father was there when William disappeared, and how the mother could possibly have taken that photo if William was meant to be looking at her at the time - and anything else. Is it okay that she laughed when the presenter broke down? I didn't think so, but maybe it's a nervous thing. I posted it here, anyway, for anyone's interest. It would be good if you would look at it sometime, Peter, but no pressure.

Unknown said...

Peter, where did you hear that Google, FB, and Twitter deleted anti-migrant information?

mom2many said...

@Bottle Cap,
I don't know who Nate Johnson is, but it sounds like he is still hoping his first choice college will come through with an offer. What a statement!

andrew said...

Europe is dead. Or rather, European civilization as we have traditionally understood it is dead. What we see in Europe today is a re-animated corpse wearing the tattered clothes of its past life.

European civilization was, after all, an outgrowth of Christianity. European notions about the rights of the governed, the rights of women and minorities, religious freedom, civil society, scientific inquiry are all part of their Christian inheritance. A two thousand year old patrimony that has been squandered in less than three generations.

Unfortunately, the "enlightened" European elites of the early and mid 20th century decided to marginalize Christianity in favor of secular materialism. Throughout its history, Europe was always a land of strong personal devotions. Devotional and sacramental life there today is dead, replaced by obsessive consumption of media and entertainment and the pursuit of sensual pleasures.

Only a fool or someone with no historical context could be surprised by what is happening now. Nature abhors a vacuum. Three generations ago, the cathedrals, chapels, and churches of Europe have been emptied out. Now, they will be replaced with mosques. Three generations ago, European women rebelled against notions of Christian modesty and restraint. Now, their own politicians are commending the hijab and the burqa to them as defenses against rape. Three generations ago, European elites decided that the simple devotions of the people to their saints and angels were an embarrassing superstition. Now, they face a people who insist not only on private devotion but total public compliance as well.

Poor, poor Europe.

What are the options? It seems to me that there are only 3:

1) War.
Not just any war, mind you, but an existential war on a global scale. This is unthinkable.

2) Submission.
Plainly, some European politicians, such as this German mayor, have already opted for this.

3) Re-consecration.
A return to the faith of their ancestors and an assertion of the true identity of Europe.

The empty secularism of Europe (which is coming also to the United States) cannot withstand the Islamic threat.

Anonymous said...

KC, You dropped off your daughter late. She was probably marked tardy. If the teacher made a notation that the girl came in late it seems to have been after she took roll call. Some schools have a policy that so many unexcused absences become an unexcused absence. Either that or the teacher forgot/neglected to mark her present or tardy when she came in late.

My guess is you or she has a habit of coming in late, and your statement "dropped off to school" as opposed to "dropped off at school" seems to confirm this. Do you drop her off at a friend's house or a street corner? My kids always wanted me to drop them off just outside of school property so they could sneak a smoke before class. Once they were on the grounds they couldn't leave.

Anonymous said...

So many unexcused tardies become one unexcused absence. Sorry for the typo.

maudes harold said...

Reading/studying this blog (since Casey Anthony) has helped me learn to flag statements for deception in all areas of my life.

I have been personally touched by the violence of the ideology (9-11, San Bernadino and Paris) some closely, one more tangentially-6 Degrees of Separation if you will. I have seen the "tolerance" propaganda creeping in my 20 year old niece's language, a very intelligent, loving and committed Christian.

Reading recently, here and elsewhere on Islam, has helped me study statements by people representing Islam, which has helped me frame my conversations with my nieces regarding this. I don't believe every Muslim has hate in their heart but I want to better be able to recognize those that do while practicing taqiyya.

I do see it creeping here in our country in the language and polices of several sources. It frightens me and I feel powerless at times, but knowledge is power and I've told my nieces for a long time that their biggest battle with the paradigm-shifting reality of the Information Age will be to discern Truth from all that information. This blog has given me the tools to do that, especially in regards to this subject. It's a tool for pro-action, even if it's just in studying the language and not out pounding the pavement. Thanks again Peter.


Now for a moment of brevity....

Humor has been the 2nd best tool for worries that I have employed throughout my life (thanks Dad and Mom). In that vein I came across this in a comment section elsewhere. It has been attributed to many sources, I don't know the real one, but thanks for the laughs!!

"I am truly perplexed that so many of my friends are against another mosque being built in their area. I think it should be the goal of every person to be tolerant regardless of their religious beliefs. Thus the mosque should be allowed, in an effort to promote tolerance."

"That is why I also propose that two nightclubs be opened next door to the mosque; thereby promoting tolerance from within the mosque. We could call one of the clubs, which would be gay, "The Turban Cowboy," and the other, a topless bar, would be called "You Mecca Me Hot." "Next door should be a butcher shop that specializes in pork, and adjacent to that an open-pit barbecue pork restaurant, called “Iraq of Ribs." “Across the street there could be a lingerie store called "Victoria Keeps Nothing Secret," with sexy mannequins in the window modeling the goods, and on the other side a liquor store called "Morehammered." "All of this would encourage Muslims to demonstrate the tolerance they demand of us.”

Trigger said...

Love you, maids harold

A little tolerance should be imposed on Muslims as well as other citizens.

maudes harold said...

I don't think businesses like that are the solution, obviously, but the names of them had me laughing very hard, thus creating warmth as I freeze waiting for my heater to be replaced. :)

Tania Cadogan said...

I Loved the ides Maudes Harold.

Its the kind of things i would suggest and then wait for the fireworks teehee

Wreyeter72 said...

Well I typically frown on whining about being offended in the Internet, since I think most whiners are being overly politically correct. Nonetheless, you've managed to offend me about the bombing that "only" killed 168 people - right in front of me holding my 4 week old daughter that day. I had driven by just minutes before the explosion on the way to her first doctors appointment. When it exploded, I stood outside my car and saw huge chunks of debris, cars, and body parts rain down around me. I will NEVER FORGET. And you should be ashamed of yourself for demeaning the tragic death of 168 innocent souls. I will pray for you, even though I am so hurt by your words I don't want to.

Anonymous said...

Here's another idea. Gather Europe's recent male immigrants. Send them back to their homelands. Explain that the fight to save one's homeland is honorable.

Wreyeter72 said...

Well I typically frown on whining about being offended in the Internet, since I think most whiners are being overly politically correct. Nonetheless, you've managed to offend me about the bombing that "only" killed 168 people - right in front of me holding my 4 week old daughter that day. I had driven by just minutes before the explosion on the way to her first doctors appointment. When it exploded, I stood outside my car and saw huge chunks of debris, cars, and body parts rain down around me. I will NEVER FORGET. And you should be ashamed of yourself for demeaning the tragic death of 168 innocent souls. I will pray for you, even though I am so hurt by your words I don't want to.

lynda said...

Wrey...I am so sorry you had to witness and go thru OKC, what a horrific experience.

Anonymous said...

I live in Stuttgart. Stationed here with the armed forces. All reported is true. Less than a quarter of a mile outside one of the many military bases is housing for migrants. I've seen people of middle eastern decent taking photos of the front of base near the gates. We've had concerning reports from the American community that are not allowed on public social sites. If they are shared, they are immediately taken down.

trustmeigetit said...

This makes me so angry!

And it has made me plan to vote for Trump in hope this keeps them out of America.

In the mean time enoug is enough.

Most Arab areas are violent and see women as property, this is not new. This whole mind set that most are peaceful just makes no sense to me. These countries have allowed abuse and rape of women for years.

I don't even know how you fix it.

But starting by taking out ISIS is a start.

No more tolerance of evil just because it's hidden behind religion!

F--- them!

And my last comment...the rapists in Germany and Sweden...don't deport them... They can just go someplace else as a "refegee". Time to bring back corporal punishment.

Enough is enough!

trustmeigetit said...

His statements are alarming!

That poor family. I think at this point they can only hope her body is found and proof is there to get justice.

trustmeigetit said...

Time to buy a gun not a burka!

I was never pro gun in my life but I have become lately.

Rapists deserve one thing, a bullet in the head.

There is no other option.

Don't care what your religion is.

The only solution for a rapist is death.

trustmeigetit said...

So they can rape...but we don't want them to "fave threats"


Who cares. It's a rapist. Death penalty. Period.

trustmeigetit said...



John Mc Gowan said...
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Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there was a dr.s office that close to the Murrah bldg. I know there was a church (Methodist?), a news office, and an apt bldg.

Maybe you could exchange stories with a member of the orange cow society. After I noticed I was being tailed by one of them, I combed through the website and noticed a pic of a person that might be the one having an affair with someone with a bird's eye view that morn. I can't say for certain it is her, but it could have been with 1oo less lbs. and 25 years prior to when I knew her.

A lot more people have died since then. All they focus on is that one.

I watched a woman slowly slip to her death outside my home once. Hit by a drunk driver. No one moaned. No memorials. No attempt to stop the drunkenness as three cars were totaled in front of my home after I moved from that location with no explanation of the crashes other than drunkenness. They like the deaths.

I didn't go build a memorial and moan for years over four neighbors who died from natural catastrophes. No one else did either as they rushed in to kill off the survivors. And, they do it each time they pull up to the mailbox and steal ins. claims and try to force drug hauling immigrants upon your roof.

The people they are killing inside their own homes is unreal! The terrorism that minimizes anything the bombings did would trump that day forever etched in the psyche. Do they attempt to reduce or stop that? No way? Just not big enough for them.

rob said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Here's another idea. Gather Europe's recent male immigrants. Send them back to their homelands. Explain that the fight to save one's homeland is honorable.

January 7, 2016 at 9:59 PM

That's the best idea I've ever heard. If you don't like what's going on in your homeland, fight for it.
I believe that is what will eventually happen here.
We've never lived thru a war in our homeland. It's all these people know. Yet all the men want to move on to greener pastures, then turn them into what they left. WTH, just stay where you are.

lynda said...

I suppose the first thing they need to do is shut their borders so if it comes down to "fighting" for their homeland, they won't be outnumbered!

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

STARKE, Fla. – Oscar Ray Bolin, a former carnival worker who was convicted of killing 3 Tampa Bay-area women then married a member of his defense team while on death row, was executed Thursday in Florida.

Gov. Rick Scott's office said Bolin was pronounced dead by lethal injection at 10:16 p.m. at Florida State Prison in Starke. The scheduled 6 p.m. execution time was delayed until the U.S. Supreme Court rejected without comment Bolin's final appeal.

The death warrant Scott signed in October is for the 1986 slaying of Teri Lynn Matthews. The 26-year-old Matthews was abducted from a post office in Pasco County, just north of Tampa.

Bolin was also sentenced to death for the killing of 17-year-old Stephanie Collins. A jury also gave him the death penalty for killing 25-year-old Natalie Holley, but that verdict was thrown out because of legal errors. All three women were stabbed.

Another jury eventually found him guilty of second-degree murder in the Holley case.

Matthews' mother, Kathleen Reeves, and Collins' family were present for the execution. Reeves told The Associated Press it doesn't matter that Bolin was not executed for all three cases "because he only dies once."

"He dies for all of our girls."

Bolin said "no sir" when asked if he wanted to make a final statement Thursday night. The execution procedure took about 12 minutes, during which Bolin's chest heaved for several minutes as he took a number of deep breaths.

Afterward, tears rolled down the cheeks of Bolin's lawyer, Bjorn Brunvand, as he talked to members of the media.

"I cannot imagine the pain they have suffered," he said of the victims' families. "But this is not the solution. Executing people is barbaric, and I don't think it's healthy for us to find joy in a healthy human being, being executed."

Several dozen friends and family members of the victims gathered outside the prison after the execution and talked to the media.

"It was not a celebratory event," Reeves said. "I feel relief that it finally occurred."

"I will go to my grave knowing I experienced closure in my daughter's murder," she said.

Tania Cadogan said...


On Wednesday, Bolin told the Fox 13 television station that he's innocent. "I didn't know `em, never seen `em, never met `em," he said of the three victims.

Bolin told the TV station that evidence used to convict him was both tampered with and planted.

"My conscience is clear," he told the TV station. "I'm at peace with myself. It's my release. My punishment's over. After 28 years of this, being in this box for 28 years, it's a release. My punishment's over. They can't hurt me no more."

While on trial, Bolin and a woman on his defense team fell in love. Rosalie Martinez had been a paralegal at the Hillsborough Public Defender's office who was married to a prominent Tampa attorney. Martinez divorced him and married Bolin, on live TV, in 1996 -- 10 years after the slayings.

Rosalie Bolin maintained that her husband was innocent in Matthews' killing, and she has become one of the state's most outspoken death penalty opponents since her marriage.

The three Tampa-area killings went unsolved until someone called an anonymous tip line in 1990, when Bolin was already serving a 22- to 75-year prison sentence in Ohio for kidnapping and raping a 20-year-old waitress outside Toledo in 1987.

Authorities later discovered it was the new husband of Bolin's ex-wife who called in the tip; the ex-wife said Bolin had told her about the killings in 1986. During the trial, Bolin's younger half brother said he watched Bolin beat Matthews and try to drown her with a garden hose. The half brother later recanted his story, then reversed his position again.

Bolin was also officially linked to just one other murder: the strangulation of Deborah Diane Stowe, 30, in 1987 in Greenville, Texas. His cousin told authorities that he and Bolin abducted Stowe outside a convenience store and raped her in a truck before Bolin killed her.

Texas prosecutors declined to seek an indictment.

All of Bolin's convictions were reversed at least twice due to legal errors, but new juries found him guilty again in all three cases. He once again received the death penalty in the Matthews and Collins killings, but a new jury in the Holley slaying found Bolin guilty of second-degree murder, converting his previous death sentence to a sentence of life in prison.

Even at the end he could not bring himself to make a strong reliable denial.

"I didn't know `em, never seen `em, never met `em,"
Spot the dropped pronouns.
He owned that he didn't know them
He didn't own that he didn't see them or met them.

Never does not mean didn't.

His life was on the line, he still claimed evidence was tampered with and planted, the commonest claims of the guilty.
He was about to die and he still couldn't make a strong first person singular,past tense, event specific denial

John Mc Gowan said...

MY home Town!

Liverpool city centre streets on lockdown as negotiators sent in to talk to man with suspect package

Karl said...

Does anyone here have an explanation for the difference between a religion and an ideology/belief system? In other words, what is the difference between Islam and other religions? Why shouldn't Islam be considered JUST a religion and what do Muslims get away with by following that line of thought?

I have a "feeling" of what the differences are but can't put them into coherent thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Karl, answering your question(s) would be like spitting into a vortex.

Karl said...

Is spitting into a vortex a bad thing?

Anonymous said...

Karl, if you can't choose THE words to ask what is the difference between Islam and other don't need to know!

C5H11ONO said...

"I didn't know `em, never seen `em, never met `em,"

Hobs, he didn't say, "I didn't kill them" either.
Good riddance.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Secret German police report leaked.

It was not "one thousand" but "thousands" and it was not just Cologne, nor just a few cities in Germany, but it was in other countries, as well, and the Euro media conspired to keep it silent.

It is criminal negligence and propaganda as bad as the Nazis.

They continue to label anyone who disagrees as a "nazi", using the very word that best fits their own behavior.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Karl said...
Does anyone here have an explanation for the difference between a religion and an ideology/belief system? In other words, what is the difference between Islam and other religions? Why shouldn't Islam be considered JUST a religion and what do Muslims get away with by following that line of thought?

I have a "feeling" of what the differences are but can't put them into coherent thoughts.


this is a good question.

Winston Churchill identified elements within Islam (think of his own personal history) that went beyond practices of morals in light of eternity or life after death.

He identified that the religion was offered upon a man who was a very violent and sexually perverse man who's instructions were militarisitic.

Islam is a religion of coercion, not persuasion.

It dictates precisely how its followers are to deal with, socially, non followers, in a criminal manner, subjugating and extorting from them.

Its origin of sexual abuse rings from its beginning to eternal life. and other sites where "101" info is available is a site that will upset many, as the anger pours out with each new murder.

I did not believe Obama was a Muslim when he first ran for office, but has Islamic sympathies. He has since come 'out of the closet' with his beliefs and we see them in action, as Islamic supremacists no longer fear the United States, and the Clarion project estimates one murder every 5 minute in obedience to the Koran.

Our biggest enemy, Iran, has now been given the green light, and our biggest ally in the Middle East, has been threatened that should they move against Iran, they will face war by us.

Creeping Sharia continues, as Europe and many in the United States, do not have the self identity to oppose its powerful "black and white" ideology.

Each concession to not "offend" Muslims is a show of historical signals.

At this point, if Germany were to stop all immigration of Islam, the demographics still say that Germany will be an Islamic state in a few decades.

Once, it sent missionaries to 3rd world Islamic countries to help stop the bloodshed and begin to build culture by teaching, "treat your brother as you would want to be treated."

Now, they import the barbaric ideology of Islam to its own destruction. In the third world counties, women, in particular, suffer the most. Now women are suffering in Germany and Sweden and France due the exact same ideology that they once sought to change.

Civil war is the only response that the Germans have, now, other than submission.

Integration has failed, beginning in the 1960's, and the warnings heard in the 90's, seem like a joke compared to what is today.

For those interested in Statement Analysis, far deeper than news propaganda, is the understanding of human nature and what Islam appeals to.

More reports of left wing "welcomers" being raped has not slowed the self destructive rhetoric.


maudes harold said...

Here is an article that discusses the differences between Muslims and Islam. I just came across it yesterday.

Here is the first paragraph:

"Islam is a religion and Muslims are the people who follow Islam. Islamism is the ideology that promotes the idea of imposing a particular interpretation of Islam over a community. The word “Islamist” was coined by a few members of the Muslim Brotherhood who were put in jails under the regime of Gamal Abdul Nasser. They started saying that only they are Muslims and Gamal Abdul Nasser is a disbeliever. However, this was a tiny section of Muslim Brotherhood, the mainstream Muslim Brotherhood opposed their idea and said no we are the Islamiyun (Islamists) and people like Nasser are Muslimoon (Muslims). A Muslim is someone who believes in Islam and the main principles of Islam. Similarly an Islamist also believes in Islam and its main principles but he also believes that the religion of Islam must be implemented all over the world and that Islam has given us the responsibility to impose it over the different communities whenever we have the chance to do so. Unlike normal Muslims, an Islamist is different because he believes he has some political and social responsibilities assigned to him by Islam. Not all Muslims are Islamists but every Islamist believes in Islam (and hence is a Muslim)."

Thoughts Peter?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Islam is a supremacist ideology.

Life is unequal.

There are always those who have more or have less than others.

Islam fights among itself as it is always in conflict. The father tells the son, "you are superior to woman" and physically beats the boy's mother before him. The lesson is driven home powerfully. He is desensitized to violence against women. He is then to grow up, and eventually face off with his own father and younger sister.

This is why when Muslims are a minority they fight with great volume for any and every concession they can get: they believe themselves superior.

When they are a full majority, the violence continues because Muslim man A feels superior to Muslim man B, next door, but B has more stuff. Therefore, B must be exploiting or cheating, and fighting begins.

As they fight one another, they are always condemning those as not "true" Muslims. Some consider "Islam" a political goal of conquest, and a "Muslim" who views the hereafter while ignoring life.

They are splintered in many ways, including those who are more "liberal."

The jihadist is often seen as one who became more devout and serous about the Koran. Few people realize how full of violence the Koran really is.

There is a story of a woman who worked for Moderate Muslims. Let me see if I can find it and you can analyze it.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Part One:

“I am a young woman that worked for a Muslim-owned company for nearly two years. I was raised to be a loving person and I have always been very accepting of differences. I had a very positive opinion of Muslims until I worked with them and was befriended by them outside of work.
Two years ago, I got a job working for a Muslim family-owned company. This family owns many stores in my state and needed a new office assistant to handle the constant flow of paperwork into their main office. One of my family members has worked for the Muslims for over a decade and said they were decent people, so I felt comfortable accepting the job.
For the first several months things seemed pretty great. My boss and manager were really nice to me. My coworkers were super friendly and began inviting me out for lunch. My boss and other men in the office would pray loudly several times a day in the office, but I just shrugged it off and said to myself, “it is just their religion, it should not bother me”.
My female coworkers eventually began praying around me too, like right next to me. These women would literally put their pray rugs behind me and in the corner next to my desk to pray. I thought this was strange, but I stupidly ignored this strange behavior.
Eventually, towards the middle of my first year, one of my coworkers began telling me about Islam. I did not ask her about her religion, but she just started telling me about it during a lunch break. She began inviting me to special picnics with all Muslim women. These women were either wearing hijabs or niqabs so it was kind of strange to me, but I just told myself that I was being prejudice and I should not judge them.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

part two

It is really embarrassing to me now, but at the time, I really wanted to make new friends and most of the women were super nice to me, so I tolerated their strange dress code. I should also add that I was completely ignorant about Islam, so I initially believed everything the Muslims told me about their “great religion”. They told me that Islam is a “religion of peace” and Muhammed gave women rights and freedom. I now know that these are all lies and that these women were probably practicing taqiyya.
These women shared food with me, they gave me gifts like fancy scarves and a beautifully embroidered blue silk abaya. They began inviting me to more and more events, I was even invited to their children’s Islamic school events. I thought it was great because I had “friends” and free stuff, but I was completely ignorant about any ill intentions that they had at the time.
The women, especially my main coworker who invited me to these events, sat me down one day and asked me to convert to Islam. I told her I would think about it, but I needed to learn more about the religion before making such a major decision. She happily supplied me with a Qur’an and other Islamic texts so I could study. She also bombarded my email with Islamic clerics giving lectures and sermons.
I love learning, so I began reading the Qur’an and watching the videos, and I was completely horrified! I read about killing of non-believers or “infidels”. I read verses that gave instructions on how a man should beat his wife and could rape female war captives. I read so many horrible things that I was just shocked and totally confused.
I thought perhaps Muslims don’t take these evil verses literally, but when I went on Muslim forums and asked them to explain these things to me, they just attempted to justify horrible things like rape, pedophilia, wife beating, and murdering non-believers.
After a few months of researching Islam, I confronted my coworker who had been the main one attempting to convert me. She tried to deflect and derail the conversation many times, but eventually she admitted that all of those horrible negative stereotypes about Islam being a violent religion are indeed true.
She and her sisters (her sisters jumped into this private conversation), told me that they believed it is okay for a man to beat his wife, that terrorists activities were justifiable, and killing gay people and adulterers is permissible under Sharia Law. They even said that, “9/11 was a good thing, because now everyone knows about Islam.”
They tried to justify the evil by telling me that it is okay because it is “Allah’s law” and Muhammed was a prophet so everything about Islam is true! I responded by telling her and her sisters that Islam is evil and “Allah is a bastard, he is not God”. They literally looked like they wanted to kill me after I said that.
This whole conversation happened outside of work on the weekend, but when I came to work Monday morning, nearly everyone in the office looked at me with absolute hatred. They preceded to make me miserable every time they saw me, they were so rude. My boss would find excuses to yell at me and once when I asked my coworker for a report she was supposed to give me, she literally threw it at me, I was shocked by their aggressive behavior.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

part three

The whole situation was a nightmare, so I quit soon after that event. I did not report these events because my family member still works for the company and I am afraid the owners could take out their anger on my relative.
I just wanted to share my story because I have had firsthand experience with Muslims. These people are dangerous, they all wanted Sharia Law and for Islam to become a dominant religion worldwide, they talked about this in their groups because they thought I was becoming one of them.

Many of the Muslims I knew practice polygamy and have very large families, they are becoming a dominant group in my hometown even though they have only been here for a few years. I live in a relatively small American town, and we now have an Islamic center and there is talk of a mosque being built soon.
I used to believe that Islam was just like other religions and that Muslims were just regular people, but the truth is many of the evil Muslims shown on television, are reflections of the Muslims I have known in my personal life. People need to understand that Islam is dangerous and mass immigration of Muslims needs to end. People need to spread the truth about Islam.”

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Unprecedented sex harassment in Helsinki at New Year, Finnish police report,” by Richard Orange, Telegraph, January 8, 2016:

Asylum seekers who met in central Helsinki to celebrate New Years’s Eve “had similar plans” to commit sexual assault and other crimes as those who targeted women in the Germany city of Cologne, Finnish Police have reported.

Three Iraqi asylum seekers have been arrested for committing sexual assaults during the celebrations in the city’s Senate Square, where some 20,000 had gathered.

Security personnel reported “widespead sexual harrassment” during the celebrations, police added, with women complaining that asylum seekers had groped their breasts and kissed them without permission.

“This phenomenon is new in Finnish sexual crime history,” Ilkka Koskimaki, the deputy chief of police in Helsinki, told the Telegraph. ”We have never before had this kind of sexual harrassment happening at New Year’s Eve.”

He said that the police had received tip-offs from staff at the asylum reception centres.

“Our information from these reception centres were that disturbances or other crimes would happen in the city centre. We were prepared for fights and sexual harrassment and thefts.”

He said that police had established a “very massive presence” to control the estimated 1,000 Iraqi asylum seekers who had gathered in the tunnels surrounding the central railway station by 11pm, many of whom appeared to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

lynda said...

But then what? Arrest them all? Then they load our prisons and drain resources and Still cannot be sent back? There is no reversing what has already happened, it just needs to be stopped. Borders need to be closed. Like Peter said, Germany has already taken in so many that in a few decades there will be more Muslims than native Germans in the country. ITA Civil war is what this is all leading up to.

lynda said...

OT...Jason Corbett murder...

Jason's wife and her father (Thomas Marten) have been indicted for his murder. The father is ex FBI. The father states that Jason was choking his daughter so he bashed his skull in with a baseball bat.
911 call has been released but not all of it. I'm trying to piece it together, it was over 13 minutes long.

The opening statement is interesting tho...notice the order

Operator: Davidson County 911, what is the address of the emergency?

Thomas Martens: My name is Tom Martens I’m at XXX Panther Creek Court and we need help.

O: Okay, what’s going on there?

TM: My daughter’s husband, my son-in-law, got in a fight with my daughter. I intervened and I think… he’s in bad shape. We need help

(this was copied from a news article...I'm trying to find the actual audio)

Lizyanbudy said...

Hey Jude said...

Clash of civilisations, or cultures, more like - that's not the European way of being a flash mob. I am sick at the degradation, and at women being told not to go alone into one of the city's centres, suggestions that women should modify the way in which they dress. Horrible minds, and people, to orchestrate and to be involve in those attacks.


The young woman's account is full of adjectives - she is conscious of feeling a certain prejudice, but she also does not wish to feel that way. She begins to lose her reservations as her co-workers befriend her, but they return and increase when she begins to read the Koran and to visit Muslim forums. Clearly her insult to Allah was not conducive to her continued employment there, but the pressure of not wishing to convert would have made her position untenable, anyway.

I would say that turning the anecdotal into a universal truth is a common temptation, but it doesn't change the fact that one person's account is not sufficient to make a universal truth - as in 'Islam is dangerous'. Islamist extremism is dangerous, and she describes her former employers as though she believes they are Islamist extremists. The majority of Muslims are not Islamists. She should report her concerns. If she feels strongly that these people are dangerous, should the danger she thinks they represent to the community not take priority over the employment of her relative? He or she is employable, and can therefore find another job. So, I think she cannot be THAT concerned, and she does use a lot of adjectives.

Anonymous said...

Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ on sale in Germany for first time since WWII
price tag - 6k+ Euro

Published on Jan 8, 2016

An annotated edition of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ (‘My Struggle’), the book, illuminating the origins of Nazi ideology, is on sale for the first time in Germany since World War II. RT’s Peter Oliver has more.

Andrew said...

Does anyone else find the tactics the European media are using somewhat pitiful?

"Hey European women, if you want to be able to continue to wear low cut dresses and stumble around the city after dark drunk out of your mind, maybe we should curtail Muslim immigration!"


Sorry, but that isn't going to get the job done. Preserving New Europe's libertine, materialistic culture isn't going to inspire people enough to wake up to the threat of Islamic demographic conquest.

Europe is dead already. Cause of death: suicide. It happened many years ago and had NOTHING to do with Islam. Islam is merely a bacteria feeding on the now decaying flesh.

Wake me up when Europeans start attending Mass and praying to their saints again. That's the only thing that will save them, and most of them would rather die take that medicine.

Hey Jude said...

Lol, think positive, Andrew. :)

casual observer said...

The parallels between
political correctness and
creeping sharia
are overwhelming.

I believe they are one and the same.

mom2many said...

Andrew, your analysis is spot on, I'm afraid.

Casual observer, I've observed the same thing. The first has definitely made a well-trod path for the second.

Hey Jude said...

Europe is not dead - what a strange concept.

andrew said...

Hey Jude,

I have to admit, I have never really gotten into the "zombie" craze in modern popular culture. I couldn't identify a single character in The Walking Dead.

But I wonder, do zombies know that they are zombies? Do they have any sense of what they used to be? Of what they have lost? Or are they truly just mindless automatons that wreck and infect everything in their path?

I suspect it is the latter. When the body dies, the soul departs, even in the Zombie Apocalypse. Memories and personality are for the living. The dead merely claw and bite and infect and kill.

But wouldn't it be interesting if the former were true? If zombies *remembered* who they used to be but still acted like zombies? What if they still had names and personalities, but were driven by the urge infect and kill the living? That would be truly terrifying.

Thank God for oblivion, I suppose.

Hey Jude said...

Nor me, Andrew - I liked 'I Am Legend' when I finally saw it, about two years ago - and I enjoyed the first series of 'In the Flesh' with its 'Partially Deceased Syndrome' returnees, though not enough to watch the second series. Besides those, I can't think of any zombie/undead themed movies or series I have watched - life's too short for lots of things, plus there are no zombies, just lots of people living, most of them not as well as anyone reading here.

I think I get what you are implying, but you sound all of a spiritual accidie, why such gloom?

lynda said...

Liz...yes I have that link for the Marten 911 call but I was looking for the actual tape of the full call. THat is what needs to be transcribed as this transcription leaves out the stammering, stuttering, ums, ah, ers, etc. which are important in SA.

Andrew said...

It is interesting that you mention acedia! There is a recent book out about it by a French Abbot, Dom Nault. He makes the case that acedia, aka The Noonday Demon, is the great spiritual disease of our generation. I think I will buy a copy.

As for myself, I do have to be on guard against it. Despair, acedia, and even lack of charity are the demons set against us traditionalists. It is unbecoming.

Still, when I look at Europe, it is difficult for me to imagine a positive outcome. Europe is caught between the Scylla of Islamization and the Charybdis of militant secularism. Both of them represent grave betrayals of Europe's great heritage. Therefore ultimately, both of them are a kind of death. The antidote, as I have said, is a re-consecration. But given the culture today, that seems about as likely as aliens landing on the Champs Elysee. Real outer space aliens, mind you!

I am trying very hard these days to limit my energies to winnable battles, specifically battles on the personal and familial level. Praying the rosary and the angelic crown of St. Michael. Attending Mass more often. Confessing and doing penance. Honoring my saints. Consecrating our family to the Immaculate Heart. I am finding great joy and consolation in these things. But there is a cost to them as well. The deeper I get into them, the more palpable is my sense of all we have lost as a culture.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure praying is not going to help anyone.

I mean when does it ever.

Millions die everyday.

It's not prayers that is needed.

It's time people stand up to the evil.

everyime is too busy trying to make sure they are not offended but guess what, rape while it may be acceptable in their culture should never be acceptable and it's time they learn this.

trustmeigetit said...

Interesting thing..

So I post a pic of my dog and get tons of likes.

I post about sharis going on in Europe and why Anerica needs to stop this from happening here and not a single like. Just one comment from someone suggesting that these rapes are not Arabs at all but just the media trying to make refegee spook bad.

First off, he was deleted. But I was shocked that despite the number of issues happening he would choose to say the media is trying to make them look bad.

Especially since their very religion says they will be rewarded for violence.

And look at the treatment of women which is legal.

trustmeigetit said...

Excuse typos. On my phone....

Hey Jude said...

Andrew - so that's how it's spelled - one of those difficult ones, along with 'hesychast' which I did just look up but may have forgotten again by now. Thanks for mentioning the book, I will order a copy, too, for Lenten reading - Lent will be here soon enough.

A long time ago I heard a challenging talk on acedia, and how it is our responsibility to deal with it honestly, and not to fashion it into a 'A Dark Night of the Soul' or something more spiritual sounding or interesting than it actually is. Sad to say, I'm all for trying to pass my acedia off as a Dark Night, but I'd say that as you're making the effort and even making your confession, then you are not truly in a state of acedia - it's when one abandons one's spiritual disciplines, and doesn't care, and then doesn't care about not caring, that it's more likely to be acedia.

Just considering how alien and arcane such a worry sounds does give me a sense of what you regret as being lost to secular materialism. It is as from another age, yet here we are talking about acedia, and some others would be aware of such things, too. Also, one can't rule out a resurgence of interest in the old ways, when interest in all the shiny things wears off. I don't know though, some kids don't seem to know where the phone or tablet ends and where they themselves begin apart from it, which is worrying. Of course, the old ways are not all healthy either - a fair bit can be filtered out by rose coloured spectacles - I know I own several pairs. Still, a lot of what is beautiful is lost, diluted, denigrated.

It's not necessary to win every battle, and some battles are ended simply by letting go - it's so easy to forget that sometimes we need to be kind to ourselves, and to renew or reserve our energy - I like 'In stillness and in staying quiet, there lies your strength.' As a concept - lol, my mind is rarely still. Too much coffee - maybe I will give it up for Lent.

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 12.5O

Let us then with confidence draw near to the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:16

Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16

But I say to you who hear, Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you. - Like 6. 27-28

Pray then like this: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name. Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. ...
Matthew 6:9-14

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you.
Isaiah 26.3


At the very least, praying helps those who pray to become better people than they would be if they did not pray. Praying helps those who pray to be better able to recognise and stand up to the evil within their own hearts. 'The heart is deceitful above all things.' We can all lie to ourselves very easily - praying is good for the heart and soul. Prayer changes people, and as people change, situations often also change for the better. God doesn't need our prayers, but we need God's grace.

casual observer said...

Have you noticed the news last night featuring a
muslim assassination attempt of Philadelphia police
officer, followed by disgusting news broadcast of
Philadelphia mayor practically wetting his pants
in an attempt to lie/deny about any possible muslim
That mayor is a jerk who should be recalled NOW.
And, amazingly, he sounded just like bho.
The creep is sharia.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Dhimmi press and mayor.

mom2many said...

I don't want to be "that" kind of conspiracy theorist, but the Obama birth certificate thing has always bothered me. Now understanding taqiyya, I am wondering if that could be an explanation. Sealing the Hawaiian form has always bothered me. Thoughts?

Also, Peter, is there any way you could allow the Name/URL sign in for commenting on The Reference blog like you have here? I have tried to sign in with my Wordpress account to comment and it didn't work right. If my comment hadn't been deleted from the form every time the log in failed, I probably would have persisted, but after three attempts I abandoned it. I don't know if others might also be having difficulty. I appreciate your exposure of these issues, so I hope you don't take the lack of interaction as disinterest.

Trigger said...

I have a family member who went to the home of a Syrian family with her husband for dinner. There were four couples including them. They had not been in the home very long, when she noticed that the men were focused on her.

When "Suzi" went to use the restroom, the men followed her and surrounded her in the hallway of their house. She didn't understand why they were standing around her like that.

She called out to her husband to come and find out what was wrong.

He came. The men then told her husband that they wanted to sex with Suzi. How much money did he want?

He told them that his wife was not for sale as politely as possible. One man insisted that Suzi's husband put a price on her and produced some cash.

Suzi was insulted and shocked by what was happening. Who does this to dinner guests?

She said that they acted like this was acceptable because her husband had brought her with him for dinner knowing how beautiful she looked.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go out on a semi limb- or should that be a pseudo limb since I am posting as Anon, lol- and offer this for consideration: Connection does not equal causality.

Parts of Europe have a tradition of large raucous celebratory gatherings. Many are fueled with lots of alcohol. Germany in particular.

Complaints of drunken & over the line behavior have been lodged since these festivals began. They're proportional to population density.

Ever been to a party where the nerdy socially inept person goes too far in an effort to be "one of the guys"? Or someone not used to heavy intoxication acts just awful and makes everyone else uncomfortable?

I am NOT comparing an embarrassing drunk or socially inept person to the criminal activity and harm reported to have occurred on New Years. Let that be clear.

But suddenly there's a huge population of Muslim-appearing men. There's already deep fear and mistrust of them. There's also their own potential confusion of the acceptable Western mores. I'm not saying that's right but I AM saying it's understandable: The culture they've been brought up in is very different, and God help us if they've ever watched the Kardashians because that's enough to confuse any trueblue American child!

Anyway, Muslim men are easily identifiable. Raucous German men are not. German's cherish their festivals and even though sexually abusive behavior has always occurred during these venues, advertisement of this fact has not.

For these reasons, I'm not sure attributing this behavior as a Muslim or refugee phenomena is correct. I'm not gonna engage in argument over this; I just thought I'd put this out as food for thought.

Thanks for reading.

Hey Jude said...

Incomers tend to congregate and move about in groups - perhaps they do it for protection, but it looks intimidating - you'll see it in areas round immigration/asylum centres, six, eight, ten guys walking along together. Unfortunately, some arrive with the belief that white women are up for anything, and the way many dress appears, to them, to confirm that. They've been told, and/or gathered through watching imported tv shows, that white women dress immodestly, engage in pre-marital sex, are happy to live with a bunch of unrelated guys, wander around unchaperoned, drink alcohol, and puke on the streets like dogs. One has to grant that there could be some confusion when they compare all that with how their own women are expected to conduct themselves.

New Year's Eve, they would know, would see a lot of drunk, unchaperoned, scantily dressed women on the streets - they might consider they are willingly putting themselves out there. Still, if there is such potential for using 'misunderstanding' as an excuse, it needs to be anticipated, and everyone entering a country as a refugee or asylum seeker should be made to read and sign a statement to the effect that they understand that sexual assault, or any form of threatening anti-social behaviour, is a crime. Anyone committing such crimes should be deported and barred re-entry, no second chances, once they have signed such a statement; why that's not already the law is difficult to comprehend. Citizenship classes should be compulsory and the basics established before housing or other benefits are granted - why no forethought as to the possible consequences of allowing in such large numbers without an adequate understanding of cultural attitudes and expectations? Also, why allow in so many single young males,when it is sure to create problems? It's sad that the behaviour of a minority will be made to reflect negatively upon the majority. At the same time, NYE is bringing the problem of harassment and assault to light, so at least some steps should begin to be taken to address it more adequately. I can understand the police not wanting to create panic or give reason for vigilantism, but the priority should be that people are informed so they can make informed decisions for their own safety.

I do agree, they are problems which are not likely to be experienced by the elites in their gated villas, who make the decisions - at the same time, their positions won't be guaranteed for long if incidents such as NYE become a staple for their fickle friend, the mainstream media.

That was a bit of a rant...

andrew said...

@Hey Jude

Thanks for your kindhearted response. It did me a world of good.

I attended a Tridentine (Latin) Mass today, something I've been doing more and more of. I have to remind myself not to get too judgmental and pharisaical about it, but it is hard not to compare it with the post-conciliar liturgy. I find myself at times almost wanting to cry over the beauty that our Church cast aside in the name of "modernizing." The Mass of the ages is so perfectly ordered that it is nearly impossible NOT to feel the Real Presence in the Eucharist. I contrast this with the occasional banality of the Novus Ordo and the lukewarm Catholicism it seems to generate...The priest in my normal parish--a perfectly good man, a canonical lawyer, and a gifted homilist--preaches probably 2 sermons a month on the importance of singing along during the Mass. Ugh. It is kindergarten Catholicism, but I suppose that it is "where we are" today. I wish he would spend 50% of that effort encouraging people to say the Rosary, to pray the hours, to re-kindle their devotional lives. But if he did that, would people just run to the nearest mega-church? Who knows?

Anyway, thanks be to God and to Pope Benedict XVI for making the traditional Latin Mass widely available again in American parishes.

Trigger said...

Hey Jude said,

"they understand that sexual harassment, or any form of threatening anti-social behavior, is a crime."

Are you saying that they are ignorant of common social mores in Western Society?

They know it is not allowed. They are entitled to harass any woman who is not a Muslim, in public places, because the Koran says it's OK to do so.

The British reporter in Egypt was not drunk or acting slutty when she was assaulted by Muslim men as the cameras rolled. She was on the job, earning a paycheck, when they pulled her into the crowd.

You can make them sign a statement, but they will still assault "infidels" as the Koran tells them to do so.

They serve Allah, who tells them to convert by the sword as needed.

Hey Jude said...

Andrew - Well, with regard to the Tridentine Mass, it's there again, and all respectably so, and that is something for which all those who love it can be most thankful. I was surprised it was reinstated, as so rarely is 'progress' reversed, though I get that it's not so much a reversal as an accommodation.

We Anglicans have parishes in which the Tridentine Mass is given, though its use is not officially approved - Anglo-Catholics are notorious for loving God and doing what they will. They are an embattled non-PC minority, so different from the progressive Affirming Catholics (who are often only affirming to those who share their views) - so it was touching when Prince Charles came out in support of them.

I don't much fit, being Anglo-Catholic at heart, but also quite liberal - it's hard to feel at home anywhere (more psychological than actual, I'm sure). I accept that we have priests who are women, because that is what our Church has decided, and I accept that authority. As such, I am supportive of their ministry, I am happy to receive the sacrament from them, yet on the personal level I continue to prefer male priests as celebrants and would not choose a mother confessor over my (long suffering) father confessor. My sympathies lie with the traditionalists, who find themselves increasingly marginalised and labelled as sexist bigots. Some of them are, it has to be said, but I still think their corner is worth defending if the Anglican Church is not to become disingenuous in its claim to be an inclusive, broad Church. I don't like that some wish to impose sameness across the board, be rid of traditionalist priests, make everything vanilla.

Thomas Merton once said (in reality he probably said it many times) that he wanted to be the best Buddhist he could be. Probably that was shocking at the time - it might still be, to some, but that is what I find myself relating to these days. I like that there are Catholics and Anglicans who find Zen to be compatible with and complementary to their faith; some people are horrified, and think that's spiritually suspect and somehow a 'New Age' threat, but I prefer that it's actually very ancient, and that the old becomes new. I value the insights of Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh and can listen to his dharma talks for hours. A beautiful soul, sadly stricken by a stroke last year, with only some recovery. My spiritual life just now is no more demanding than setting my 'Insight Timer' app and meditating.

Still, next year in Jerusalem... (Sooner perhaps, if I get along with that book.)

Hey Jude said...

Trigger - I saiid tv shows might give some the impression that some white women are more available than actually is the case. Certainly they might find the immodest dress and behaviour to Bev some excuse and justification - I don't know what is in their heads, just would seem expedient that ground rules should be established before they are able to go roaming in groups, so that they cannot later claim or use as a defence that they didn't understand.

It may say that in the Koran, but on the plus side, it's not typical or normal behaviour - if it were a lot of us would never go out. I pass Muslim men on the street all the time - it's just the same as passing any other man, except these days I am more likely to think 'Muslim', which I consider regrettable. I'd be a lot less likely to 'accuse' random guys of being Christian, then - lol.


My favourite eateries are all owned and run by Muslims (I like Indian food - that seems not so popular in the US, but here it is a favourite with many). They are all male-run establisments, and they work hard. They make fabulous food, sometimes in open kitchens where you can watch. Some won't sell alcohol, but they invite customers to bring their own, and are even willing to serve it. Some hardly engage, while others like to chat and will talk about their hopes and dreams, which are pretty standard, a nice girl to marry, children, a restaurant of their own so their own children will be well enough provided for to be able to have a good education and career. Sometimes a restaurant will harbour illegal immigrants, who work in the kitchens.

A while back, I was concerned for a boy who began chatting, and who said he was sad because he had been pulled out of school and sent to his uncle to help run the family business - he had been given no choice, but he wanted more education and a career. He said the media only cared about girls being pulled out of school at fourteen or fifteen for marriage, but no-one seemed to know or care about the boys who are pulled out to work in the family business. He said they are kept out of sight in the kitchens - he was only serving table that night as they were short-staffed. I wondered if he was hoping someone might do something about it, to help him, but we did not. I felt bad, and it was as though he wanted to say more.

Hey Jude said...

Mr Hey Jude, in the last place we lived, reported a young man from one of the restaurants who was stalking and harassing our then teenaged daughter. He was a recent arrival from Bangladesh, and he had it in his head that she should convert to Islam, wear a hijab, and 'long dresses' and marry him. He didn't get that she wasn't interested, much less of marriageable age. For the most part she was amused, and she liked him and enjoyed listening to what he said about his life in Bangladesh, but she found his persistence strange - I am not sure she realised that his attentions amounted to stalking, Almost every time she went out, she would upon return say that he had been where she had been. As normally she just went to the High Street, and them restaurant was there, I thought for a time it was coincidence, but after a while I became worried. My sons finally saw him off on the day he stood outside staring at the house for hours - he soon legged it, but then I worried that they might do him some harm if he should appear again - so that day the police also sorted it out, and the next we heard from them was that he had been sent up the country to another family member's restaurant. The next we heard was that the restaurant had been raided and several illegal immigrants detained. So - well. There were no obvious hard feelings, the owner apologised for the boy's behaviour, and said he was ignorant because he was new to the country, and we continued to eat there after that. In his favour, the boy/young man did not impose himself physically, except by his presence, and at least he was thinking in terms of marriage rather than abusing a random white girl.

I've lost the thread now - basically, I thought to report concerns about the restaurant boy being pulled out of school might cause a whole load of trouble for him, and for his wider family, especially if any were in the country illegally. It seemed better to forget about it - though obviously I have not.

andrew said...

@Hey Jude-

A genuine Anglican! What a joy to meet you! I have a great love for your church.

I can sympathize with much of what you wrote. I live just 20 minutes from Gethsemani Abbey, where Merton lived and wrote. And while I have never developed an appetite for Zen, I really do love the Tao te Ching. So much of it comports with the Gospel, at least as I read it. It is a beautiful work. In fact, for many years, I liked to call myself a Catholic Taoist. I still love the Tao, but I found that it lost some of its appeal for me as I got deeper into my devotion to Mary and my observance of my Roman Catholic faith. The Tao is heady stuff, in the truest sense of the word. It is great medicine for the mind. But I found over time that it was my heart and spirit that needed consolation, and the abstractness of the Tao left me somewhat cold in that regard.

As far as liberal vs. conservative distinctions...I find myself no longer seeing them as clearly as I did before. Here in the US, "conservatives" and "liberals" nip at each other like wild dogs, each side utterly convinced of its correctness. One of the things I love about traditional Roman Catholicism is that the secular political divides dissolve in the truth of the Gospel. It is more important for me now to be faithful to my God, to honor Our Lady, to treat others with kindness, and to try as best as possible to stay in a state of grace. Things that used to matter to me, political things, have become a lot less important. I have no interior "editor" asking me now, "wait, is that thought liberal enough?" or "is that thought sufficiently conservative?"

Thank you for blessing me with this conversation. It is so good to be able to talk about these things. (And thank you Peter for allowing it!)

Anonymous said...

The dhimmis are inferior beings who endure humiliation and aggression in silence. This arrangement allows Muslims to enjoy an impunity that increases both their hatred and their feeling of superiority, under the protection of the law

Hey Jude said...

Andrew - thank you, it is good to meet you, too. I wish I had your will. So often these days I feel like an outsider looking in, but I know it's a self-imposed state and quite the failing to allow the politics to become an obstruction or to take priority over being a proper part of the worshipping community. It seems much easier to avoid the internal conflict by maintaining the retreat into spiritual and social solitude, but I know, being so good at it, that a solitude born of pique (which is how it is, at times) can only be sustained for so long. (See: arrogance, self-righteousness and lack of humility - lol.) So, after a while, it becomes necessary to submit, and not to think the eye can say to the hand 'I have no need of you' etc. Then I go racing back to my self-exiled state, with renewed spirit for it. Lol, it's so no good, but I like it.

I found a particularly difficult time when I first let the (always intermittent) devotions drop off, convinced they had become a distraction. I still like the rosary (I use the Orthodox rosary with The Jesus Prayer - because it's so simple, steady and direct, though often I say 'us' rather than 'me' because it's good to share the benefit with anyone who might be having their own difficulty praying) but I only use it at intervals. I pray, in remembering people before God, but I seldom use words, I like to light candles. For the most part I am into silence. How much of an excuse that sounds for not making more effort to pray - but I love silence, my prayer is the silence, God is in the silence. Still, when I find myself saying that praying distracts me from prayer, it seems pretty much the height of self-deceiving excuse making, at least bordering on acedia. Still, self-awareness helps.

Well, you have given me mind, and a book to read for Lent, so I will make an effort to make more effort this Lent, and thank you. :)

My thanks also, Peter, for allowing the off-topic conversations.

andrew said...

@Hey Jude

When I read your posts, two thoughts come to mind. First, what a beautiful, rich tradition you Anglicans have. I love the history of the English Church. It gives me tremendous comfort knowing that there are still Anglicans out there like you!

Second, how profoundly sad that we cannot be in full communion with one another. Of course, I could say the same thing about all the various parts of the body of Christ, but I feel a special love and longing for my English brothers and sisters in Christ. Such is the brokenness of the world, I suppose. Imagine how CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien must have felt!

As for your forms of prayer and devotion, it seems to me that you have nothing to be ashamed of. Isn't silence just as becoming to God as vocal prayer? I often think that I need to focus MORE on silence and less on opening my mouth! If nothing else, silence must please God because in it there is no whiff of pharisaism. I've been thinking a lot about that, lately. There is such a fine line between liturgical fidelity and legalism. Why is it that I find such perfection and such sanctifying grace in the old mass? Is it an inherent characteristic of the liturgy, or have I made a kind of golden calf of it? I honestly don't know, which means that I probably need to pray about it more.

Regardless, you have reminded me of one of the most important and reassuring promises of our Lord:

"Ego vobiscum sum omnibus diebus, usque ad consummationem saeculi."

I will be with you always, even unto the end of the age. How can I let myself feel despair in light of that promise?

lynda said...

trustmeigetit said...
Interesting thing..

So I post a pic of my dog and get tons of likes.

I post about sharis going on in Europe and why Anerica needs to stop this from happening here and not a single like. Just one comment from someone suggesting that these rapes are not Arabs at all but just the media trying to make refegee spook bad.

First off, he was deleted. But I was shocked that despite the number of issues happening he would choose to say the media is trying to make them look bad.

Especially since their very religion says they will be rewarded for violence.

And look at the treatment of women which is legal


I posted a link that Peter had put up on my FB timeline also. 3 people liked it. No comments, no shares...until yesterday when an Arab friend of mine shared it to her timeline. It is really bizarre.

Hey Jude said...

Andrew - I have felt that keenly, particularly when Pope John Paul II made his pastoral visit to the UK in 1982 (I still have the programme from the Papal Mass I attended, lol), and again when Pope Benedict visited. Pope John Paul welcomed everyone, including those who were representing other Churches; I think we may also have communicated, but if so it would have been from our own priests - perhaps they were celebrating out of sight, or brought quantities of the reserved sacrament. It was a long time ago and I don't recall, except for knowing that we were welcome and that it was a joyous occasion - we all loved his entering and leaving on the PopeMobile which was new to his Papacy, As I recall, and singing 'Our God Reigns'. I still smile thinking about it, and how quite a few of the Catholics reached for their fags (cigarettes) the minute the sermon began - lol, it was an open-air Mass, and if he minded, he didn't say. It put a new twist on 'holy smoke', and demonstrated that everyone was welcome.

I was privileged to be at the Westminster Abbey service of Evening Prayer which Pope Benedict attended in 2010 - it was the only ecumenical event of his visit, and it was lovely in its way, but such a shame that it could not be a Mass - it was so formal, probably because it was a state rather than a pastoral visit; my warmer memories are of Pope John Paul II's visit, because everyone who wanted had the opportunity to attend an event, but with Pope Benedict it was different, plus no-one smoked, lol - though there was incense, with which the Dean blessed the Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the rest of us. I hope Pope Francis will visit, too, and make it a pastoral visit - I think he's wonderful, even if he is considered a tad populist - he's a breath of fresh air. :)


Well, Solemn Mass beautifully made is meant to be sublime, I find the same in Benediction. I prefer Benediction because it's even more non-participatory in the sense of not having to DO or partake of anything (oh dear), but Benediction is a difficult find, which is probably just as well, for me. I think that whenever you suspect yourself of moving towards the golden calf, it's a good idea to listen to yourself - the mind is good at knowing a fine line when it sees one approaching. :)

That's all from me for now; I need to pack a suitcase, and tidy up the house, as I'm off on my travels in a couple of days. Thanks for the conversation - I'll let you know how I get on with the book. :)

Hey Jude said...

'Homily' - lol, Popes don't do sermons, I'm sure. Heh.

Anonymous said...