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German Propaganda Techniques: The Outright Opposite


We have covered various methods used in propaganda including diversion, passivity and varying  or fluid reference points, but there is another that is often overlooked because of its crudeness.  This, itself, is an error that has its consequences when the deception is not discerned, but dismissed.  

Using "the outright opposite" is a propaganda technique in which the principle design is not so much to persuade, but to shock, repeat, and desensitize.  

Shock is an ancient method of attention and it works.  When an athlete, for example, wishes to promote himself, he may take the role of antagonist deliberately because 'hate sells tickets.'  Cassius Clay, who changed his name to Mohammad Ali was his own best public relations manager who knew that outrageous boasting infuriated people to the point of watching his fights.  He could engage in all sorts of negative behavior but he knew people would come to see him fight. 

This was highlighted in the "Rocky" series where the protagonist, "Apollo Creed" was shown to be a family man who, once the cameras came on, became an obnoxious showman portrayed against the humble underdog, "Rocky Balboa."  In the 2nd in the series, "Creed" is shown to be both characters; choosing to "go negative in advertising" to get the rematch he wanted. 

Outrageous statements get publicity.  This is common in entertainment industry, just as "pushing the envelop" in outrageous costumes or "costume malfunction" is used.  

Today, this technique is being used, even as Europe spirals towards civil war.  

In Propaganda, it is to look outside at the sun shining, and declare a torrid downfall of rain.  It shocks with its ridiculousness, but gets people talking.  This, itself, is a success, but it goes further than that.  

At first, there is a response to the ridiculous claim, but the bottom line is:

Everyone is talking about it. 
Repetition has its impact. 
Lower functioning or lazy minded embrace repetition quickly and the general population is now a bit desensitized and ready to hear that when it is sunny out, it is really actually cloudy.  It is easier to accept clouds than outright rain. 

It also appears to the lazy minded or those of lesser intellect.  It reminds me of those who say, "just tell me, is he lying or not!" without the effort of gaining a deeper understanding, while remaining in "101" study. 

  Some examples:

"If it don't fit, you must acquit!" is to disengage from a wide source of evidence and look at a tight leather glove. 

Barak Obama told the American people that nations did not "dare" attack us; even while 10 military sailors were under arrest, boats confiscated and were humiliated before the cameras.  It is an outrageous statement to make because it is the opposite of truth. When the White House spokesman was asked about this criminal behavior on the part of the Iranians in regard to the Nuclear Deal (along with their chants of "Death to America" and the shooting of missiles so close to our ships), the spokesman said the Outright Opposite about the Nuclear Deal

"this is why we made the deal!"

It is to look at the sun shining, and rush in for a rain coat.  (activity is often the second stage). 

Josef Goebbels used more sophisticated methods of propaganda (including music/video similar to "Making a Murderer") where he showed black Americans dancing with the suggestion of primitive culture.  

But he was not against using the Outright Opposite method, which in one point, was so successful that it is repeated daily in our day:   the various claims of Jewish blood being different, and the suggestion that Jews evolved from primates.  

The blood. 

The claim that Jewish blood and Aryan blood was an Outright Opposite of truth, met with initial outrage; the outrage from the scientific community fueled its success.  It was being repeated, even if being condemned, until that is, it became too dangerous to speak against it.  Thus is the case today, with many topics, including those with both sociological and scientific data disregarded.  In short, it is a grandfather, standing naked before a mirror, being declared "woman of the year."  It is so outrageous, that it makes lots of noise and opens the door for the average person to have the outrage of illogic settle in, making them more vulnerable to lesser outrage, yet just as deceptive, in the near future.  

Germany has continued, under Angela Merkel, with the Ministry of Propaganda and has solicited the conspiratorial silence of the media, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter, the criminal (particularly sexually criminal) activity of the Islamic supremacists in her county.  It has reached the point where she and her government (including corporate media) have had to face leaked documents of the tyranny over the people, and when they do 'admit', the discerning would be wise to consider that even that which they own, is very likely to be minimized rather than truthful. Obama's "widows and orphans" are 80% (and often 90%) males, 16-35.  
Merkel's "doctors and engineers" are often low IQ illiterate males, of whom police will not arrest when they sexually assault European women.  

Islamic teaching on women and sex is criminal.  The supremacy teaching itself, must always lead to violence, but its intolerance of women, in general, along with the example of the pedophile Mohammad means that women who are not Islamic, or who are not adhering outwardly to covering themselves up, are "the reward" to the supremacist Islamic male.  He is taught, from childhood, this very thing, and has domestic violence against his mother as his example. He then is told that rape is a "reward" from Allah, unbelieving women are "dogs, whores, infidels", and that even in eternity, his reward will be sexual violence against 70 women.  On top of this, Mohammad is the "perfect" man who not only was a murderer and rapist, but a pedophile, and stands as every boy's example to follow. 

It is almost impossible to overcome.  

There are soldiers today who suffer night terrors and PTSD like symptoms from the stand down orders in Afghanistan where they had to hear young boys screams in the night as the Muslim men raped them.  I have one such in my family  and have known about this for years before it went public.  

As the West was progressing into industry, scientific exploration and advancement, Islamic teaching to return to the "golden era" of 1400 years ago is embraced.  German police were refused enforcement and had 143 officers responding to, what the press admits to being "over 1,000 males" who were first said to be armed with fireworks, but videos quickly showed handguns and fireworks.   They used a 3 circle system of their "Islamic game" where the first circle molested the victim, the second circle took iPhone videos and the 3rd circle protected them from the crowd and police.  If "successful", the inner circle moved the victim to an area to rape her.  Of the thousands, only 5 were arrested and police were fearful of using force, so they ran instead.  If they used force to save German women, they would have not only lost their jobs, but likely faced criminal charges.  This affirmed to the Islamic migrants, that their religious teaching of supremacy is true:  even the police cannot touch us.  Many police reported the supremacists taunting them, emboldened, and yelling at them using Merkel's name.  This, too, was affirmed by the police retreat.  They did nothing, but in most cases, ran or retreated to safety, leaving the women to be raped. 

Yet, when a peaceful protest was organized, 1500 police responded and water cannoned their own citizens.  

It is now learned that German authorities knew of this Islamic "game", and knew it was scheduled for New Year's Eve and knew it would be continent wide.  They claimed to not want the "publicity" of a large police presence, and the women were sacrificed.  

In Rape, Islamic supremacy of men must blame women for being raped.  

From Robert Spencer:

"Grand Mufti of Australia Taj Din al-Hilali sparked a controversy when he said:
If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it … whose fault is it, the cats or the uncovered meat? The uncovered meat is the problem.
He was referring to women who get raped:  If she was in her room, in her home, in her hijab, no problem would have occurred.
Al-Hilali further complained that judges in the West were too tough on young Muslims charged with sexual assault and rape, since unveiled Western women “sway suggestively”:
[T]hen you get a judge without mercy (rahma) and gives you 65 years. But the problem, but the problem all began with who?
Sounds horrific? The Mufti was expressing a view that is both common in the Islamic world and comes directly from scripture.
A hadith depicts Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, saying to a Muslim woman:
“‘O Asma, when a woman reaches the age of menstruation, it does not suit her that she displays her parts of body except this and this,’ and he pointed to her face and hands.” (Sunan Abu Dawud 4092)
The idea behind a woman covering everything except her face and hands is rooted in the assumption that if a man is tempted by her, it’s her fault. She must therefore try to quell that temptation by removing its impetus and covering up. If she fails to do so — or if she covers up and is attacked anyway — the fault lies entirely with her.
And her family can cleanse itself of the dishonor she has brought upon them by putting her to death, the common “honor killing.”
Germany, Sweden, France, Belgium and Denmark all hid the sexual assaults that took place across Europe on New Year's Eve just as they refuse to answer, "What do all these criminals have in common?" and now Germany has given a response. 
Germany, like the other European countries are teaching Islamic supremacist males to not rape, as if rape is a "cultural misunderstanding" and not criminal behavior that needs no teaching.  
Europe is affirming the supremacy of Islam, while feigning to display its own supremacy.  It is, literally, paying the jizrah (the extortion that Islam demands to let infidels live) and in some locales, the governments have admitted that 80% of Islamic males do not work after 4 years in country, with 100% women unemployed, with many admitting "it is wrong" for an Islamicist to work for "kuffar" or infidel.  This is especially heightened if the business owner or supervisor is a woman.  
European men do not defend their wives and children from rape and sexual assault because they fear name calling.  It may be that school girls who have been sexually assaulted have also not reported this to German officials, out of fear of not only retribution from the migrants, but from being labeled "racist" in society.  
*************Propaganda:  "Mohammad was a Feminist"

Having seen the Mohammadan teaching that a woman is "one half" the legal value of a man, and that men should beat their wives and consider rape a gift from Allah, what would be the appropriate Outright Opposite to use?
"Mohammad was a Feminist" on German television.  What would be the hoped for outcome from the actual opposite?  What comes of calling a misogynist a feminist?
1.  Outrage that brings publicity
2.  Repetition 
3.  Weakened Resistance 

From Breibart:  

The German government appears to be in full damage-control mode post-Cologne sex attacks, with the official journal of the state propaganda bureau publishing an editorial claiming Mohammed was a feminist, and that as of yet there has been no evidence the increase in sex attacks in Germany has been caused by refugees.

The article in Fluter (Floodlight) magazine, the trendy journal for young Germans published by the Federal Agency for Civic Education is the work of Indian heritage German journalist Khola Maryam Hübsch, a vocal advocate for Islam in German public life. Ms. Hübsch has been at the forefront of campaigns to preserve the burqa in Europe as a “liberating” garment for women, and in the article writes scathingly about attitudes that cast recent Muslim migrants as potential sex attackers.
With a clear dose of sarcasm, Ms. Hübsch opens her article: “Suddenly, we live in a country in which you are constantly worried about the safety and dignity of women”, and lays the blame for sexual assault in Germany firmly on the shoulders of “sexist and misogynistic” Western pop culture. Far from being a source of trouble for Europe, Islam is a civilising influence, reasons Ms. Hübsch, with Mohammed cast as an early campaigner for women’s rights, reports Junge Freiheit.
Even his child bride Aisha is roped in to provide evidence of his positive attitude towards women. Any “misogynistic traditions” within Islam are the fault of the “male orthodoxy” working to discriminate against women by corrupting “appropriation” of the faith.
Signing off her article, Ms. Hübsch warns young Germans off the pleading for women’s rights made by non-Muslims, what she calls “right-wing activists who otherwise want to see women in the kitchen”. Accusing Islam of importing sexual violence into Germany is no more than “old resentments against Muslim men as an expression of cultural chauvinism, a use of feminism to distract from their own sexism and racism”, she reasoned.
The Federal Agency for Civic Education, which publishes Fluter magazine is the German government body tasked with disseminating information to the population to propagate interest in German style democracy and promote civic virtues.
Fluter magazine itself officially exists to educate 16-22 year olds about democracy, but the output primarily focusses on gender politics and ‘intersectionality’, with articles in the latest edition on ‘Fragile Men and Strong Women’, transgenderism, and Middle eastern sex opera.
The agency, tasked with counter-Communist duties in West Germany during the cold war is the inheritor of the Nazi era Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, as headed by Dr Joseph Goebbels, itself a reincarnation of the Great War era propaganda service. While the official English language name of the agency uses the term ‘civic education’ to explain its purpose, the literal translation of the German title for the office perhaps goes some way to express the true intention, rendering into English as the agency for “political education”.


Trigger said...

Great post, Peter.

It is true that Muslims blame the women when they report rape, so the rapists know that this unrestrained violence is acceptable, morally, and spiritually according to their Islamic beliefs.

I have heard many Islamic men and women state this to me while I was in college. They were told to believe that there is something lacking in men who don't adhere to these principles of punishment.

What they lack is "pride, honor and integrity."

Anonymous said...

BBC NEWS. 1 HOUR AGO. Bornheim Germany. Immigrant males banned from public swimming pool due to groups of immigrant males harassing female swimmers. Another city decided to cancel its Feb parade due to security concerns.

lynda said...

Banning from public swimming pool = good

Cancelling parade because of security concerns = bad

A show of force (like what was shown during the peaceful demonstration with their own citizens) needs to be at this parade. If they cancel activities or traditional events in lieu of being "scared" of the Muslim response, they win. They are slowly changing the country into an Islamic state by the cancellation of their traditional events. They will become just faint memories as gatherings celebrating Islamic events will become more and more frequent, thus becoming the "norm"

Unknown said...

What is Merkel getting out of this? Is there a money trail?

Anonymous said...

There may be enough European statesmen & women to insist on immigration halt & deportations.

Anonymous said...

OT - They charged Diano Gordon with murder...

trustmeigetit said...

Makes me sick!

I can not imagine being a woman in their countries!

trustmeigetit said...

Quick OT

I'm gonna try to start watching the making of a murderer this weekend. But since I have heard a lot of fats were left out, I was ready more so I had a solid base.

Found this article on an interview with his ex that was in the documentary and has changed her story. Hoping it could be a post for some SA. Quoted statements below and link below that for others that want to see the whole article,

Though Stachowski maintained Avery’s innocence in the docuseries, her tune has now changed. In an interview that aired last night on HLN, whose supposedly raw footage is above, Stachowski called Avery “sick” and “a monster,” deemed their relationship “abusive,” and claimed, “He threatened to kill me, and my family, and a friend of mine.”

“He’d beat me all the time, punch me, throw me against the wall. I tried to leave, he smashed the windshield out of my car so I couldn’t leave him,” she said.

Anonymous said...

For the interview with Steven Avery's ex...

Anonymous said...

Float like a butterfly sting like a bee
His hands can't hit what his eyes can't see.
Now you see me
Now you don't.
George thinks he will
but I know he won't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Well the Deorr press release has been delayed again. Someone is playing games.

Unknown said...

Hi Peter, you write:

'It is now learned that German authorities knew of this Islamic "game", and knew it was scheduled for New Year's Eve and knew it would be continent wide. They claimed to not want the "publicity" of a large police presence, and the women were sacrificed.'

I have followed all the news on this, and I havent seen this stated anywhere.
Do you have a link where this has been reported? Thank you.

Im in the Netherlands (bordering Germany). A representative poll yesterday under Dutch women found 33% feel unsafe after the Cologne/German, Swedish etc sexual group assaults on women on New Years Eve. 40% of Dutch women said they adjusted their behavior on the streets, avoiding places etc. Pretty shocking.


Anonymous said...

She also stated she ate two boxes of rat poisoning to get away from him......hmm.....wasn't he already in jail?
I don't believe her story now.
Seems she is a little bitter now that he is becoming hot topic and she didn't stand by him, and he now has a new girlfriend that will.

Remember- first statements are the best. What would she have to gain now?

Publicity.....and media paying for her story.

And I'm pretty sure he would have only needed half a box of rat poisoning to kill herself, how she ate two and is still alive is beyond me.

But that's her story. Lol!

Anonymous said...

If you find time please watch it.
It is dumbfounding.
I don't believe he killed her, and Brandon Dassey just told police what they wanted to hear.
They lead him in the direction of telling them what happened (we know something happened to her head, yada yada)
And I think he buckled under pressure.
He just wanted to go home.

Steven Avery was home- his sister (Brandon's mother) was home WITH Brandon until 5:30 or so?
(Nobody heard Theresa's pleading or screams from right next door??)

He got two calls that night from Jodi that were 15 min a piece.
I find it odd that he would have been able to pull all of that off and the clean up in that amount of time.

I also find it odd that Ken Kratz announced during deliberations that the defense is saying the police killed her - when I didn't hear the defense accuse the police of killing Theresa Halbach once.
They always stood on someone else killed her, but we're not allowed to suggest who that would be.
The only thing they accused the police of was planting evidence after the fact.

After seeing the slight grin on Officer Andy Coleburn's face leading Brandon into hearing his guilty verdict, that same grin the whole time sitting next to him during the reading, and leading him back jail, I have to wonder if Ken Kratz was onto something with his "defense police murdered her" theory.
After all, the police had ALL of the evidence which took months to actually find.
And 36 million dollars coming out of pocket, and a ruined LE reputation IS a pretty big motive.

And look at Ken Kratz now.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes Mohammed was such a feminist that the quran states men get 70 dark eyed translucent hoori in jannah plus two perfect wives. Women ? Most women are thought to be in hell.
Terrible religion.

John Mc Gowan said...


Our favourite number raises it's head once again :)

Police Arrest East Palo Alto Man For False Hate Crime Report

Jesus Francisco Cabrera told police he'd been accosted in a city parking garage by 3 white men who stabbed him. Police say it's not true.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Re DeOrr Kunz

Attached is the media release by Sr. Investigator, Philip R. Klein.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Brietbart London broke the story. This is a good source. does translations quoted sources. See Carol Brown

I'll get a few more.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


Creeping sharia

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Investigators learned islamic supremacists communicated via social media including Facebook

Facebook deleted or blocked video evidence or anti Islam posts from Europe January 1st.


Anonymous said...

Hey Peter would you open chat so we can discuss the latest developments in the Deorr case? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you Peter for all the links you gave! Much appreciated.


trustmeigetit said...

How has it become that they are more concerned with not offending a violent religion than they are protecting citizens from violence.

It makes no sense to me.

Even if I post anything on Facebook that is negative towards Muslims, either no one comments or I am insulted.

When I shared info on the rapes in Germany, one now former friend told me the media was actually trying to make Muslims look bad.

Another post I had about the negative side of Islam someone respond was I was only spreading hate. Islam is not hate? This man has daughters. It's like people are failing to see the basic principal of Islam.

Rape is a reward when they die!

That alone should make them see the truth.

Yet instead, their feeling matter more than lives.

What is happening that this cruel beleif system is gaining ground.

Lynne said...

Sorry in this thread-but really had to ask if you would look over this tape of Teresa Halbach's brother. Too weird!! (Steven Avery case)