Monday, January 18, 2016

Political Correctness in Language

People have written to ask me about the popularity of Donal Trump, with long term readers knowing I have written about his statements in the past.  

What makes him so popular today may be answered by the topic of today's article:  "Political Correctness in Language" as he is often heard saying the very things many have wished to have said, but have not.  

This leads us to: 

A common phenomena worth observing in language that surrounds the topic, and is heard through the lens of analysis.  

Attend an official meeting and hear opinions and views all consistent with "political correctness" affirmations.  

Attend the same official meeting and with statement analysis employed during the meeting and hear weak or sensitive affirmations of political correctness. 

This is not the phenomena I write of, however.  

Here goes:

Speak to the same 10 attendees of the meeting, privately, and learn that most feel "personally" against what they just affirmed in the meeting and had voted in favor of.  

How can this be?

Recently, in a meeting of government employees, the topic of how to "further respond to the needs of multiculturalism" was discussed.  

Not one person objected to the cultural influence that was against free speech, women's rights and democracy itself. 

In private afterwards, most (if not all) expressed disgust, anger, rage, and bewilderment at the "stupidity of the group", though none expressed disagreement with the deployment of even more money for the ideology that opposed freedom.  They just funded that which not only helps no one, but furthers the cause against women's basic rights.  They spent money they did not have, increasing a local runaway debt for an ideology that seeks their own demise.  

Of the 10 in attendance, 7 were women.  Several had financial backgrounds, and likely all knew basic rules of mathematics.  One admitted remaining silent for fear of losing her job.  

What happened?

Numerous attempts are made to grasp the European and American trend of "political correctness"; that is, to say things, no matter how illogical, that 'feel good', while condemning, rigorously, any dissenter. 

Q.  How far will political correctness go?  

A.  Suicide

It is like a powerful religion in which its god is tyrannical and demands utter submission.  For example, an internal memo from police in Stockholm showed a new mandate:

When a crime is committed, police are not permitted to use race as a description of the assailant.  

"Criticism is sometimes made against police regarding information about people's skin colour. It is perceived as racist. As police are not racist, nor shall be construed as so, this directive now applies," the letter reads.

Then an instruction on how the police should communicate on offenses follows. In events of everyday crime such as burglary, information such as height, skin colour, ethnicity or nationality, will not be given, according to the directive.

We are now just learning that the rape epidemic in Sweden is not unique, but Germany, too, like the UK, has covered up its own rape statistics. 

This has created a most powerful defensive weapon that emboldens criminal element that speaks to a 'religious' viewpoint that is non-negotiable:  

Q.  Why will a man not protect his own daughter from being raped?

A.  Because he fears being  called a name.  

There is no logic left from which to work, therefore, we must view what it is beneath the language that causes such self destruction for society. The rapists screamed insults at police, taunting them only to have the police affirm the supremacy of the rapist by retreat and no arrest.  

What powerful weapon is raised that causes armed police to fear doing their job?  What is the tool of societal suicide?  

What is this invisible line that millions of people will not cross for deeply embedded fear of consequences?

Here is how some explain it:

1.  The Bystander Effect

Recall the murder of Kitty Genovese in New York City where she was knifed to death without a single bystander intervening, or even yelling from a distance to alert the killer to the presence of a witness. 

Numerous studies have been conducted in the half century since the murder and we have learned that a crowd often freezes first, and then looks towards one another, each waiting for someone else to make the 'first move.'

I recently listened to a broadcast in which a large convention was held and the speaker said,

"Okay, everyone, take out your cell phone.  Good.  Now, each of you is to hand your cell phone to the person to your right."

Whatever point the presenter wished to make, there is something far more important for us to see as most all did this very thing. 

Would you take your cell phone, with all of your personal and financial information and hand it to a stranger?

Few did not, and there you find the leaders. 

Recall the 'Penn and Teller' copycat experiment in which men were told that they were in a seminar to understand female executives and how difficult it is for them and men were instructed to put on women's high heel shoes, and some clothing.  (This was before Bruce Jenner was 'woman of the year.').

Most men acquiesced while the leaders in the room refused. 

Recall in the first election of Barak Obama, any disagreement with him was met with "racism" as the attempt to extinguish debate.  No president, perhaps since Lincoln, has been more powerful than Obama, as resistance to his policies crumbled before this invisible line of defense.  

I once attended a mandatory meeting of government workers where during various 'exercises', the attendees were instructed to throw soft dolls at their supervisors.  (the government spent a small fortune for these psychological 'experts' "training exercises.") 

Then, they were all instructed to sit upon grass, outdoors in a 'lotus position' where a high paid psychologist - yoga instructor led them in various stretches.  She then told the audience that there were those present who had "cancer cells" silently destroying their bodies and led them in exercises to "breath out the cancer cells."

Those who did not participate were not only the recipients of unpleasant looks from supervisors, but reported later that in their annual performance review, they needed to work on (in various language) "team work" and "participation" for the following year.  They were the "trouble makers"; a small group that stood out from the more than 100 participants.  Their own promotions would be decided by the very leaders who tagged them for not participating in the illogical activities that the leaders used tax payer dollars to hold.  How do you think this worked out over the course of the next few years?

If you wish to observe this pattern, life presents many opportunities to do so.  The looking around to see what peers do is readily seen in teenagers who are dancing, as they look left and right for affirmation, is one such example.  Athletes before the cameras, in group settings, will also supply examples.  We are, however, focusing more upon language and it is in meetings where generally at least one person, desperate to be 'front and center' will throw out a 'politically correct' statement, feigning leadership skills, while actually revealing quite the opposite.  

The Bystander Effect, in life, is also in language, as language is the means to view the subject's perception of reality; not reality, itself.  

2.  "Pluralistic Ignorance"

This is where one feels 'alone' in his or her viewpoint; with emotional isolation, whereas the reality is quite different.  The sense of being 'alone' has a depressing impact furthering the silent acquiescence.  

From Denmark, psychologist Nicolai Sennels on how incessant complaints from supremacist ideology of Islam has shown an ever increasing encroachment of sharia against freedom of speech:  

"The bystander effect is often connected with pluralistic ignorance. Pluralistic ignorance is a social psychological phenomenon in which the majority of a group individually reject a norm, but at the same time suppose that the majority accepts the norm. As a result of the desire to be well-regarded by the majority, people accept the norm, even though they secretly oppose it. In this way a democratic process can lead to the acceptance of norms which the majority actually oppose.

Applying the theory of pluralistic ignorance to the phenomenon of political correctness would mean that the majority actually want less Islam, Sharia and Muslim immigration, but every individual believes that the majority is not against these things. Because people do not dare to stand up against the “illusory majority”, they refuse to openly criticize these things.

Fear of criticism can therefore pressure the majority not to speak their minds — even though they would actually able to get what they want, if only all dared to raise their hands say what they think.

Pluralistic ignorance is thus made possible partly by the lack of self confidence to stand by one’s position, and partly by a miscalculation of what the majority thinks.

The rare dissenter risks isolation in his or her leadership skills, which led Sennels to a third point of which I paraphrase with some change of language:

3.  "Pseudo Moral Highground"

In the West, we have been either raised, or have been the recipient of historical Christian thought, specifically the teaching from "The Sermon on the Mount" as a society, with the basic "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" and "the Good Samaritan" story where the strong sacrifice for the weak.  This ideology is not shared in all parts of the world, and the West often projects its belief upon those who have been raised to condemn, for example, the "Good Samaritan" as a "fool" who "put his own family at risk" for helping another.  It is "weakness" and not strength.  

For those who think such things are inherently understood in human nature, please note that Germany (and others) are teaching "Do Not Rape" classes to Islamic migrants.  Consider the presuppositions of it by necessity, alone.  

In all societies, people wish to be considered the "good" person and not the "bad" person.  What one culture considers "good" another society considers the opposite.  Thus "multi cultural" is no different than a chef throwing a multitude of ingredients into a pot claiming it to be superior to anything else.  To be the "good" guy, you must agree, even if the stew is poisonous.  Only the "bad" guy will disagree and risk being labeled the "bad" person.  

"Phobia" and "Immoral"

Rather than stand upon an ideal, political correctness recognizes its own war against logic, and does not defend itself, instead, it attacks. 

If you disagree, rather than engage in debate, you are condemned to two specific characterizations:

1.  You have irrational fear (phobia) of the idea in context making you mentally incapable of reason, giving us no purpose in hearing you out;

2.  You are of such a base moral character that you have murderous intention towards those who hold to the idea (hateful), thus, you give the group no purpose in hearing your position. 

The position of moral high ground is not moral, but "pseudo" moral and is logically indefensible.  How might you discern if a position is logically indefensible?  

You may discern that a position is logically indefensible that the lack of defense and the presence of offense, instead.  Self destruction, societal suicide, fiscal irresponsibility and so forth, are all logically indefensible; even when they appeal to the emotion, and instead of defense, you hear "phobia" and "hateful" as objections.  

In Cologne, politicians, police officials (not rank and file) and media conspired to conceal Islamic "Taharrush" for years.  There are now, in this city alone, more than 700 police reports filed by women who are victims of sexual assault or rape.  The "Taharrush" is a natural outworking of the teaching of the koran and the life of pedophiliac Mohammad and was predictable:  Islamic male supremacy coupled with koranic misogyny and German dhimmitude.  

This leads to the question:

"How many lives would not have been ruined on December 31, 2015, had deception not been employed?"

Now, think of how deeply embedded this has become in American language and go back to the meeting of which the 10 people voted to spend money they did not have, to promote an ideology that if instituted, would dissemble the group itself, and take away their jobs and freedom.  

Would anyone dare stand up and compare the Nazi harvesting of body parts of Jews with the butchers of Planned Parenthood selling of baby parts?  Yet, even those who wish abortion to stay legal, or have it remain private between doctor and patient, have their stomachs turn, literally, at the inhumanity of Planned Parenthood, yet fear speaking out.  There is no logical argument against PP, therefore, the opposers must "hate women" in general.  

I find that in those who study analysis, as time passes, their understanding of human nature deepens.  It is difficult to remain illogical while analyzing "the expected" in language.  It is not a science for the illogical ideologues.  

Now return to the meeting and see what the one leader in the group (assuming that in 10 people, one has leadership qualities) must overcome to speak out:

I.  He must overcome The Bystander Effect, psychologically, and stand out from the group. 

II.  He must overcome his own belief that he is alone in his thinking, which further weighs upon him to remain silent.

III.  He must be willing to accept that he is "the bad guy" in society, that others will say he is irrational and immoral.  

Depending upon his position, his job will be under threat, including formal complaints against his professional license, standing and reputation.  

It is thus the language of the leader we see that is willing to overcome what some call 'group think'  or the peer pressure of those around them.  This, by itself, is good for parents of young children to consider in seeking to raise leaders of tomorrow, and makes for fascinating analysis of language.  


Anonymous said...

so you are saying lefty loons cant analyze?

rob said...

I was just reading this article, which is the same thing your article is about. Is Europe ready to completely go down with the raising up of these immigrants, that hate the hosts?
I see so many things here in the US, that if we don't start speaking up, and calling it what it is, we're going down with it to. How is this one man (Obama) able to do so many things that we are totally against? Yet, with a house and senate, and governors, and mayors and every other layer of gov't, a system that has worked for many years to keep this country on top, unable to stop him? All because we might be called racists if we disagree with anything he says, wants, does?
I know that the Bible tells it will all come to an end, but I never thought that it would be at the hands of islam. And I refuse to capitalize it.

Tania Cadogan said...

I posted this comment on the sky news article regarding Donald Trump, it currently shows as pending.
I suspect it may be whoosh clucked :)

Strange how we have all these people claiming Donald Trump is racist and hate mongering against muslims, yet, they are more than happy to let in imams and muslims in general who out loud and proud pour hate and scorn upon us, who want us dead, who want us enslaved, who want sharia law brought in, who are happy to rape and abuse young white girls as they see them as gifts from allah.
If they are so keen to live their islamic life and live by its rules, then they should all be migrating to muslim countries where they would fit right in.
Instead they are taking over western countries by mass immigration and making demands that we are too cowardly to refuse.

When they are in the minority they make demands and keep at it till they get what they want, once they are in the majority they then ignore minority demands and stamp down hard.

Islam is not a religion, it is an ideology, it rules their religion, their laws,their society.
It is stuck in an era 1400 years ago and cannot and will not progress.
How can it?
Their prophet is portrayed as the perfect man and all muslims should be like him.
He was a warmonger, cross dressing child rapist, women were objects to be used and abused.
Even today boys are brought up to hate women and regard them as worthless, they are exposed to their mothers being abused by their husbands and told this is acceptable.
In Pakistan imams are up in arms that child marriage is being made illegal and that women can now marry at 16 at the earliest. The imams are claiming this is unislamic and girls should be allowed to marry once puberty hits regardless of their age.

Do we really want mass migration of men who see western women as sex objects to be raped and abused, who are happy to marry a child who may not even be into double figures?
How would you feel if a 40 yr old man said he wanted to marry your 9 yr old daughter?

The sex crimes that occurred over the Christmas season has been massively minimized by the governments and media so as not to scare the public.
Countries law enforcement are being told they cannot release descriptions that indicate the race, nationality or religion of any sex attacker.

We fought the nazi ideology because we saw it for what it was, why do we not do the same for the islamic ideology, for it is almost identical except that they want to kill everyone who is not muslim and then kill those muslims of other sects, till one day there will be one muslim left standing in the shattered remains of the planet.

Donald Trump is speaking the truth, we ignore what he says at our own peril.

Rob said...

Well said, Tania

ima.grandma said...

I like it Hobs. Right on! Fight the power!

Anonymous said...

Like what? Is this a test to see how many are Asian readers?

Anonymous said...

Would you take your cell phone, with all of your personal and financial information and hand it to a stranger?"

I would not. However, I did suggest a guy that carries a 9mm in his asscrack use on the woman who stole my cell phone should she drop through the ceiling of his mother's house while trying to convince others there is a)a govt conspiracy b)a ghost haunting the house.

I'm all for equal rights. she wants to be one of the guys, let her. It's not like they were insurance agents.

trustmeigetit said...

I never used to like Donald Trump.

But I will be voting for him. He's the only one that has a backbone and will stand up for America.

People have called him a Nazi but it's actually those that want to make Islam the only way of life. They like the Nazis will kill and torture to get control.

They will not stop.

A friend of mine shared this video on Facebook today and it really shows their goal.

World domination.

And a comment is made at about 10:09 where he said something along the lines of look at these countries now. They are a human rights disaster.

Yes I get not all are violent but the ones that are violent are spreading like fire and are willing to die for their cause.

It doesn't get more dangerous.

trustmeigetit said...

I forgot the link

C5H11ONO said...

understand that (Secretary of State) John Kerry has indicated, look, when he got word, he and Ash Carter called the Iranians to help take care of our Navy guys, because they had some mechanical problems,” Gohmert said.

--I guess that it was an extremely sensitive a statement.

trustmeigetit said...

I posted this above in a reply comment but sharing for those that only read the latest comments.

A friend shared a great video that I think really needs to be viewed and shared.

And a comment that really stuck out was at about 10:09 where they say to look at this Muslim comminities today. They are human rights disasters.

That's just it and why everyone needs to speak up.

The radicals want to turn the whole world to that type of life.

They don't want freedom, happiness and laughter.

Watch the video and share it.

People need to stop worrying about offending.

If not we are going to regret it because life as we know it will end.

Anonymous said...

Interesting subjects. Which other recent former US presidents' statements, lies, have been analyzed?

elf said...

I've come across a lot of Islamic/Muslim sympathisers in groups on Facebook. It baffles me because they all swear that none of their Muslim friends or coworkers are like "that". But isn't deception part of the whole islam/muslim deal? They can lie to protect themselves or protect their agendas because they are above all other forms of life? How do people not see it? Why do they defend people who want to kill them?

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:


Philip Klein of Klein Investigations and Consulting believes DeOrr was killed – either accidentally or on purpose. Klein and his investigators have ruled out the possibility that the child was taken by an animal or abducted.

Klein agreed to participate in a Skype interview with reporter Nate Eaton to answer further questions on his investigation. Below is a transcript (slightly edited for clarity) of the interview.

Transcript editing by author.

Horse chestnut said...

Odd. All of it.

Vicki said...

I just saw a tennis player issue a "no denial" about throwing tennis games..I don't know who it was but will have to check it out.

Anonymous said...

Has SA been conducted on the Official lies that opened the door to the Iraq invasion disaster that's ongoing?

mom2many said...

From the article Horse Chestnut linked:
“Don’t go crazy on all these speculative wild claims,” Mapes said. “That just fuels uncertainty. We may be slow coming out with it, but what we come out with is the truth.”

This is the Sheriff's Office spokesman on Social Media comments and rumors. I would expect distancing the investigation from the rumors by using the word 'those.' I wonder what 'it' they are slow to come out with?

Anonymous said...

I had a college professor (an old hippy) that taught me early in life how NOT to be. One day in his Sociology class he brought in a guest speaker, a poor black woman receiving government rental assistance, for her to tell us about her life. I was enamored with the speaker and personally inspired by her contagious positive zest for life. I even was excited that she was wearing a sweatshirt just like one I own. After she was gone, the prof stood in front of class and asked for comments. I remember his disdainful reaction to me, when I raised my hand and enthusiastically said that I was so struck by her sense of gratitude. Right in front of the whole class, he just glazed over and turned to someone else and called on them. It was humiliating. It was shortly after that I made a conscious personal decision to always take anything anyone says in the best possible way.

Anonymous said...

Peter, what is your take on this story?

OT: Former FBI Agent "may have killed son-in-law" Part I

Thomas Martens says in the call, released on Thursday: "I intervened and I think he's in bad shape. We need help. He's bleeding all over. I may have killed him. I hit him in the head with a baseball bat. He was choking my daughter. He said: 'I'm going to kill her.'"

During the 14-minute call, Thomas Martens tells the dispatcher that Mr Corbett "had been drinking during the course of the day". The dispatcher urges Thomas Martens, of Knoxville, Tennessee, to roll Mr Corbett on to his back. "He's a big heavy man and I can't do it," Thomas Martens replies.



Anonymous said...

Part II -- 911 Call Transcript

OPERATOR: Davidson County 911, what is the address of the emergency?

THOMAS MARTENS: My name is Tom Martens I'm at XXX Panther Creek Court and we need help.

O: Okay, what's going on there?

TM: My daughter's husband, my son-in-law, got in a fight with my daughter. I intervened and I think… he's in bad shape. We need help.

O: Okay, what do you mean he's in bad shape, he's hurt?

TM: He's bleeding all over and I may have killed him.

O: Give me your address again, make sure I got it right.

TM: XXX Panther Creek Court

O: What is your name?

TM: My name is Tom Martens.

O: Alright, Tom, give me the phone number you're calling from.

TM: I don't know. I'm sorry. I'm the father, I'm visiting. I don't know.

O: Was he drinking?

TM: Yes, he had been drinking during the course of the day.

[Voices can be heard in the background of Tom's call]

O: Are you with him now?

TM: I am.

O: How old is he?

TM: How old is he [Thomas asks someone in the background]? 39.

O: Is he conscious at all?

TM: No.

O: Is he breathing?

TM: I can't tell.

O: What I need you to do is I need someone to roll him onto his back, right on his back.

TM: Okay, hang on.

[The line goes quiet for a couple of seconds]

TM: He's a big heavy man, I can't do it.

O: Is there anyone there that can help you.

TM: My daughter, she's in terrible shape.

O: Someone needs to get him on his back. We need to verify he's breathing.

TM: I'm trying…

O: Okay, just put the phone on speaker.

[The line goes quiet for another few seconds]

TM: Okay, I've got him rolled over.




Anonymous said...

911 Call Part III


O: All right. I want you to put one hand under his back, the other hand on his forehead and tilt his head back. Put your ear next to his mouth and tell me if you can hear or feel any breathing.

TM: I can't [muffled] anything, no.

O: Okay, I'm sending the paramedics and ambulance to help you, now stay on the line.

TM: Okay.

O: Tell me what happened, did you hit him in the head or…

TM: I hit him in the head.

O: With what?

TM: With a baseball bat.

O: With a baseball bat?

TM: Yes, ma'am. He was choking my daughter, he said: 'I'm going to kill her.'

[The phone line goes quiet for several seconds]

O: Alright, we're sending the paramedics to help you now. Where is the baseball bat?

TM: It's in the bedroom here with me.

O: Okay, just don't touch it anymore, okay?

TM: Yes, Mam.

O: We've already got them headed that way, just don't hang up; stay with me.

TM: I won't.

O: All right, so we're going to start CPR. He is still on his back?

TM: He is.

O: All right, I need you to make sure his mouth and nose are clear.

TM: He's a mess.

O: I know, you need to clear it.

TM: Okay. Just get me like a wash cloth or something. Yes they're sending somebody. Okay…

O: All right, everything is clear?

TM: Ya, as clear as I can get it, he's covered in blood.

O: All right, listen carefully, I'm going to tell you how to do chest compressions. Make sure he's flat on his back, no pillows under his head, place the heel of your hand

TM: There's no pillows under his head…

O: Nothing under his head…

TM: Ya, got it.




Anonymous said...

911 Call Part IV


O: First of all, tell your daughter to go unlock the door and turn on the porch light.

TM: Go unlock the door and turn on the porch light.

O: Place the heel of your hand on the breastbone on the center of his chest right between the nipple.

TM: I'm somewhat familiar with this.

TM: Hold this… I'm handing the phone to my daughter.

O: All right, that's fine. Hey, are you with me?

Molly Martens: Yes…

O: I need you to calm down so that we can help him. Okay? All right, your dad's going to need some help pumping. I need you to get ready to pump. Okay?

MM: Okay.

O: When he gets to 200 pumps you're going to take over.

MM: Okay.

O: I need you to stay calm.

MM: I'm certified, I just can't think.

O: You have to stay calm, let your training take over. We need to try and do this to help him.

MM: Okay.

O: Are you tired? Is she pumping? You count for her if you can.

TM: I'll count… 1, 2, 3, 4.

O: She's doing a good job.

TM: She's a swim coach, she's certified.

O: Ya. Her training is taking over now. You just get prepared to take over for her again. Don't stop between. Make the change quick… Are you rested enough to take over for her?

TM: I guess I have to be. [Inaudible]

O: 'You're doing good… don't stop. Don't freak, I need you to stay with me. Keep counting.

MM: 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3,4.

O: All right, Tom… you're going to take over for your daughter again. [Molly continues to administer CPR]

TM: I'm not seeing any signs of life here.

O: We're just keeping the blood circulating, keeping the oxygen in there until we can get some air up there.

MM: 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3,4.

O: All right, she's slowing down, you feel like taking over for her?

TM: I'll try.

O: What's your name?

MM: Molly.

O: Listen to me, this is the count, 1, 2, 3, 4….

O: Take over for your dad.

MM: 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4.

TM: Looks like I got lights here.

O: All right, just keep going, don't stop…

TM: Keep going.

O: I need you to take over the compressions because she's going to have to do mouth-to-mouth. All right, you ready?

TM: They're coming in now.

O: Just keep pumping, let me know when they're right with them.

MM: 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3,4… 1,2,3,4.

TM: My daughter's trying to…

MM: 1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4…1,2,3,4.

O: Sir?

TM: Yes?

O: All right, take your daughter and back away and let them do their job.

TM: Let them do their job.

O: Try and keep her calm, okay? You all did a good job.

TM: Molly, Molly, let them do their job. Okay, they're here now.

O: Okay, can you take Molly out of the room?

TM: Molly, she suggests we get out of the room.

O: Okay, are you okay? As much as possible are you okay?

TM: Ya, I'm okay.

O: Law enforcement's on their way, if there's anything else I can do just let me know, okay?

TM: No, I need to get my daughter out of there.

O: Call us back if you need us.

TM: Molly… come on out of there. [Inaudible]

[Call ends]



maudes harold said...


Anatomy of a Smear Campaign

The “protect Huma” smears have six elements:

1) Never mention that Huma Abedin was an Assistant Editor at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs for over a decade. Simply leave that fact out of your reporting and assume your audience won’t do the research themselves.

2) Never mention Abdullah Omar Nasseef’s clear connections to terror funding, as supported by both the U.S. goverment and reporting in non-right wing sources like the New York Times.

3) Write the whole thing off as a convoluted, completely unsubstantiated conspiracy theory. Because the audience does not know Huma worked at the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs or about Naseef’s terror funding ties., with no clear connection to Huma Abedin at all.

4) Call it a conservative fantasy. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy since nobody else in the mainstream media will report the facts, so the facts are only being reported by conservative media.Point to the lack of MSM coverage as proof the the whole thing is a right-wing chimera.

5) Exaggerate the claims of the critics. Tell your audience that Huma is being accused of being “a spy” when in fact what critics are pointing out is that there are clear connections and gaps in the record that raise troubling questions about Huma Abedin that should be answered. If you make the claims seem outrageous, you can distract from the actual facts.

6) Point to Huma Abedin’s Republican defenders such as Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) or Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) as proof that “even Republicans” don’t think questions should be raised about Huma Abedin. Once again, this conveniently avoids the actual facts.

Trigger said...

Thanks for the Deorr Kunz link John.

I believe that Deorr Kunz Sr. knows what happened to little Deorr.

When Deorr Sr. stated that he knew that he was in trouble, it seemed to be out of place and odd coming from the mouth of a father who had just realized that his toddler was missing.

Anonymous said...

CNN reporting. Nearly 19,000 Iraqi civilians killed in last 21 months. Has SA been conducted on the lies that led to this disaster?

maudes harold said...

WASHINGTON — Kuwait Air is ending its New York to London service over the carrier’s refusal to carry Israeli passengers.

“The US Department of Transportation will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, and has mandated that the airline immediately cease that practice and allow Israeli passengers to travel between the US and London,” Anthony Foxx, the transportation secretary, said in a statement on Friday.

“In light of our demands, Kuwait Airways has chosen to cease passenger service from New York JFK airport to London Heathrow by January 18.”

The department had informed Kuwait Air in September that its policies were in violation of US law.

The determination came after a complaint by Eldad Gatt, an Israeli citizen who in 2013 wanted to travel on an Israeli passport from New York to London.

In October, Kuwait Air responded to the department saying that Kuwaiti law banned the transport of Israeli citizens and argued that implementing that policy in the United States did not violate US law."

Anonymous said...

OT - SIMILAR case to DeOrr...

Noah Chamberlin - missing 2 year-old from West Tennessee. Missing for 5 days without a trace.

Unknown said...

Ok, I'm still reading the article, but the "refusal to put on women's clothing" does not necessarily indicate leadership qualities in my mind. I wish *every* man had to spend at least one day in heels, tights, a knee-length skirt, makeup, and the type of restrictive under-clothing women have to wear, and then make leadership decisions. They're stupid clothing trends, and society's perception of acceptable appearances for men and women involve stupid double standards.

I do in general agree that the refusal to call a spade a spade (or at least a muddy shovel) is going to kill us. However, the exercise you referred to could have been an opportunity for male managers to understand their female employees, or female superiors, and as you continually tell us, the truth sets free.

Ok, my kids need me, I'll hopefully finish the article later.

Unknown said...

Well, Facebook just started an anti-hate-speech campaign. :(

A deliberate silencing of voices on the internet. :(

Shannon In CA said...

And I find it amazing that Bush was able to wage an entire war the majority of the country was against. Oh...and do the whole patriot act thing. It's all a matter of perspective. You dislike Obama (I am not fond of him either, for the record, as I do find him weak) and I dislike bush. I fully blame Isis on bush. Saddam was crazy but there's have been no Isis in Iraq at least if he were still around. So whose fault is that?

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time Managers started on the ground floor and Worked their way through all the levels before reaching the top. They knew every aspect of the business under their current position. Wisdom cultivated the diligent and competent. Management degrees have decimated US business. Its no more than a recipe for dysfunction, rewarding the ' Mgt Club'for failure. The Club alienate the Capable, steal ideas, duscourage innovation & blame the workers. If one hasn't a degree then one isn't considered for Anything as is the degree holder Lol. The degrees are purchased at absurd cost.

Trigger said...

Well, isn't it interesting that an airline owned by Muslims is discriminating against Israelis. They hate the Israelis so much that they are cancelling their air service from London to New York.

Isn't this interesting. I wonder how this airline is going to explain away their actions?

Maybe they think that Israelis pose a real and present danger to Muslims who fly their airlines?

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

DETROIT – A Detroit man whose son had claimed he hid in his basement for 11 days out of fear of being mistreated has pleaded guilty to child abuse.

Charles Bothuell IV pleaded guilty to a fourth-degree misdemeanor Tuesday in a Wayne County court. He was sentenced to 18 months of probation and anger management classes. He also is prohibited from having contact with his son, Charlie Bothuell V.

A judge last year dismissed torture charges against the elder Bothuell and his wife, saying she didn't believe the boy's claim to be so paralyzed by fear that he couldn't call for help during a highly publicized search after he was reported missing.

But the judge did order the two to stand trial on child abuse charges, based on photos of the 13-year-old.


DETROIT (AP) — A Detroit man whose missing son was found in the basement after a highly publicized 11-day search pleaded guilty Tuesday to misdemeanor child abuse, closing a case that began more than 18 months with torture allegations involving a plastic pipe.

Charlie Bothuell IV was immediately sentenced to 18 months of probation and is prohibited from having contact with his son, Charlie Bothuell V.

"This process broke my family and my finances. It's time for me to move forward and begin rebuilding my life," the elder Bothuell, 47, said.

The boy, 12 at the time, was reported missing from his home in June 2014. After 11 days, police searching the cluttered basement found him behind a barrel. The discovery led to an investigation of Bothuell and the boy's stepmother, Monique Dillard-Bothuell, amid allegations that the boy was a victim of abuse for years.

Bothuell was on live cable TV with host Nancy Grace when he learned that Charlie had been found. He said he didn't know his son was in the basement.

"I thought my son was dead," the stunned father told reporters at the time.

The boy testified last year that his stepmother sent him to the basement because he had interrupted his mandatory workout, which involved hundreds of situps, pushups and thousands of revolutions on an elliptical machine. He described his home as a "terrible place" and said he was too scared to come out of the basement and seek help, even when police were in the house.

But Judge Shannon Holmes said the story was not believable and dismissed charges of torture, leaving only child abuse charges.

Dillard-Bothuell earlier accepted a plea deal, but her record will be erased if she stays out of trouble for six months.

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Would anyone please analyze this statement made by missing 2 year old, Noah Chamberlin's, mother on Facebook.

(In the pictures section on this page, her name is Destiny Chamberlin):

My broken heart is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and prayer from across the world! Every person involved in finding my son- from the military to the law to the church families and to the civilian volunteers- your sacrifices to stay and find my son do not go unnocticed! I appreciate each of you so much! To those across the world praying- thank you and keep those prayers coming- that is such a big help to me and my husband and my daughter and my family. Its encouraging us to keep on going! I have my faith in Jesus and know that He knows what He is doing and He is in total control of this! I woke up from a crummy few hrs of sleep this morning to a sermon of Charles stanley and it was about when you dont understand why. And the first verse was Romans 8:28, that is why I posted it to my page this am. It was a reminder from God to me knowing that He is doing good in this and I praise Him for that! I cannot wait until the moment my baby is back in my arms again and i can heat that sweet little voice calling mommy. Each moment that passes and he is not here is harder than the next but I know and believe my Jesus is a good God! And that He is sovereign!

Anonymous said...

I also seen a post made by someone helping search, and it said that his mother had been out looking, and yelling for him, saying "It's time to go night night now". That statement sounds very concerning.

Anonymous said...

About Noah Chamberlin:

This is copied and pasted from here: its under a post (a screenshot) about special equipment being brought it. The discussion goes on to discuss if family is helping to search for him.

Gavin Box: I know mother is searching. She searched with us from night 1 calling for him to come to her so they could "go play with his cars" or "we have to go night night now"

thinking out loud said...

bho is enabled by posing as the champion of blacks.
Too late they will see that they were just pawns in
his muslim takeover of The United States of America.

Anonymous said...

OT but is anyone else noticing the momentum that the DeOrr Kunz case has picked up recently? Sounds like their P.I. is really starting to piece together the scenario. Sad story, but my guess is that their findings won't be too far off from what's been speculated on this site.

Anonymous said...

THINKING OUT LOUD should start taking their meds.

Katprint said...

"Q. Why will a man not protect his own daughter from being raped?
A. Because he fears being called a name."

Based on the reactions to the rapes from folks like Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker who blamed women for failing to keep an arm's length from strangers or Germany's Justice Minister Heiko Maas who criticized what Germany legally considers “rape,” saying the crime is “too narrowly defined”[“On the question of how much resistance a women must give for an attack to be considered rape, the law in question does not always give a clear answer.” -- as though strangers encircling, overpowering, groping and sexually penetrating a woman is somehow unclear], the warnings for schoolgirls to dress modestly when passing near the vicinity of the asylum camps, etc., there is plainly a freakish cultural expectation that "good girls" are not raped, that the victims were "asking for it" somehow. So, the reason that a man won't protect his own daughter from being raped is because he doesn't believe she is at risk for being raped as she is a "good girl."

Consequently, a man won't protect other men's daughters from being raped because 1) they may be "bad girls" who somehow deserve it and/or 2) he fears that if he speaks out, he and his family will be targeted by politically-correct activists (like the ones in California who obtained lists of donors to Prop 8 and went to their homes to confront them in an I-know-where-you-live threat/intimidation strategy, vandalized their property, tracked down where they worked and demonstrated in front of their employers' premises until they were fired, etc.)

I personally have been the recipient of rape threats after posting some fairly innocuous comments on an article. It was kind of scary even though I know that statistically, the comments are probably being made by 14 year olds who have no ability to carry out their threats (and they would not fare well if they did manage to break into my house in any event.) And those weren't even death threats, which would be even scarier especially if violent criminals were making the threats.

Katprint said...

To clarify my post, I did not receive any threats after posting on THIS site. It was when I commented on an article on Huffington Post.

MzOpinion8d said...

The sheriff in Noah Chamberlin's case is being evasive. He may be doing it to protect the investigation, but it's pinging my hinky meter. When asked today to verify how far from the residence Noah was when he disappeared, he said he wouldn't comment on that and said didn't want people on Google Earth as the reason why.

Then, there's been rumors of fresh concrete poured on the property and rather than saying "There was no fresh concrete on the property" he instead says there's a storm shelter on the property that is 2 years old.

He also has said they've looked everywhere in the woods and he's not in the woods but they're still searching in the woods.

Clearly he's keeping the focus on those woods for some reason, as he tries to deflect any interest from any location but the woods.

Is it too optimistic to hope he suspects something and is trying to investigate it under the radar?

rob said...

I agree with thinking out loud

ima.grandma said...

Xian said
A deliberate silencing of voices on the internet. :(

-'Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech.' —Benjamin Franklin 

Long Time Reader (Jamie Brooks) said...

Speaking of Donald Trump... Did Peter ever reveal the "anonymous" statement he analyzed about the Trump/Jersey/911 video was in fact Peter's own statement?

Wreyeter72 said...

Fascinating - and gives me more respect for the handful of men in our leadership group who cross their arms and quietly refuse to participate in the mushy-gushy, time-wasting "leadership development" retreats we are forced to endure twice a year. And that I've complacently participated in while actually thinking "I'd really like to punch this person in the throat, not hug him." and I thought I was a pretty outspoken person. Hmmmm.