Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Statement Analysis Advanced Course Update

The Statement Analysis Advanced Course is closer to completion.  

The delay?

We continue to add chapters!

This is a in-depth challenging course for those who are already proficient in Statement Analysis and will cover some of the more advanced techniques in analysis, but will also focus upon:

Psychological Profiling from the language;

Anonymous Author Identification

Tuition:  $495 Statement Analysis Course
               $895 Advanced Analysis 

This includes more than 15 hours of lectures and 12 months of e-support, with the first course completion allowing for monthly guided training.  Tuition payment plans available, and discount for signing up for both.  

Two years of concerted dedicated work will bring excellence.  

The Anonymous Author Identification holds deep value for business and law enforcement.  The ability to identify the author of an anonymous threatening letter is valuable to law enforcement yet these threats are not common.

It is in the process, itself, of psychological profiling via the language that the value is found:

Interviewing Strategy: 

When a subject has revealed his background, priorities, and personality, the strategy of the interview will suggest itself.  By using, and even 'entering into' the language of the subject, there is no reason for inconclusive polygraph results.

Many in law enforcement have an intuitive sense of how to conduct an interview once they have a 'feel' for the suspect.  The psychological profiling takes the guess work out.


Learn how to screen out those who will bring problems to your business.  If your business is law enforcement, you need to screen out those with poor impulse control who cannot be trusted with lethal force.  You need to weed out those of base character who crave respect from the public and who will trouble not only your department, but all law enforcement, in a time when law enforcement is increasingly under attack from political leaders.

In business, you need to know.

You need to know those who bring unresolved personal issues to the job.
You need to know those who's belief system allows them to file fraudulent claims against you, in order to gain that which they have not earned.
You need to know those who's intentions towards you are not appropriate.
You need to be able to place the right person for the right position.
You need to not promote one who will trouble subordinates.

You will predict accurately, by allowing the applicants to guide you, those who will prove worthy of your company, and those who will solve problems, just as you will spot "problem bringers" and those who will need more supervision than others.

*A young woman was advised to seek employment from a company in order to game the system.  
This is more common than most know. 
She had failed out of government paid rehabilitation services for substance abuse and those who were guiding her felt that, like so many others, she would find success in a privately funded rehabilitation service, yet the cost is prohibitive.  
She was counseled to obtain employment and in a few months, claim "relapse" due to "unfair pressure put on me by the manager..." of which the company is pressured to pay 
for the expensive rehab.  

Statement Analysis profiling shows how those with agenda, during the interview process, reveal themselves and allow the company to know:  this applicant is seeking to exploit us, and with a company not permitted to ask certain questions, the analysis reveals the deceptive motive and the company is spared undue costs.  


What do supervisors and managers say about working with an employee, for example, for a year, about the original analysis conclusions and recommendations?  

What is it like to get affirmation of original analysis?  How does this help build a data base of information?  


You need to get to the root cause of the issue.  You will increase the accuracy of your diagnosis and should you struggle with the DSM, you will find clarity as the subject, or client, guides you by his or her own words.  Effective processing and treatment is only found in truth, and getting past peripheral issues.  The emerging revelation from the words chosen will guide you.

Sexual Abuse Victims have a language all their own.  We dedicate a full chapter to this, including discerning between an allegation of sexual abuse and perseveration and PTSD like language.  We cover the language of Adults with developmental disability, who are, statistically, the single greatest group prone to sexual abuse in the nation. 

Crime Solving 

Want to know the belief system?

Want to predict recidivism accurately?

The analysis will guide the legally sound, open ended interview process.  You will learn, for example, how to spot Domestic Violence and Child Abuse in the background from a 2 minute 911 call, and accurately know where to go with collateral interviews to confirm your work.

You will:

1.  Analyze a 911 call and conclude deception or veracity
2.  Profile the caller
3.  Test your results with known outside information and testimony about the subject.

A to Z Confirmation

You will analyze a statement to the point where it is as if you were present.  The psychological profiling will allow you to understand the subject in a deeper manner and know why he chose the words he did.

Then, you will learn from his confession.

Then, you will be given his thoughts about your analysis and learn why he confessed.

Confessions and Admissions

You will ultimately learn how to obtain confessions (admissions) in a greater rate than before.  By learning to trust the analysis and apply it, you will bring subjects, in criminal and civil investigations, to the point of admitting what was done.

*We gain admissions more than confessions.  The difference?  An admission is to admit that which was done; a confession is to admit that which was done and acknowledge the moral failure.  Because of the intensity of crime and exploitation, the admission is our goal, as it is legally sound and conclusive.  With the advent of more deadened consciences, we avoid morally charged language such as "Did you steal the missing money?" knowing that the question should be, "Did you take the missing money?"

We enter into a statement in a manner so deep, it is as if we were present during the crime.  It is far more than just "is he lying or not?" and requires dedication, commitment, and hard work. You will not only know what happened, you will understand what happened.

You will be able to explain not only principle in analysis, but explain it to the untrained, and learn how to write in a powerfully persuasive manner in which your reports will suggest their own conclusion, and put appropriate pressure upon prosecutors to move forward.  Legally sound, concise, and powerful writing comes from self-analysis of our written reports.  This is for law enforcement and for every company; as every company should do its own internal investigations and its own written final report.

Polygraph Examiners, Therapists, Attorneys, Human Resource professionals, civil investigators, child abuse investigators and advocates, journalists, Domestic Violence advocates, Ombudsman, and others in need of analysis and communication will benefit from the course. 


What happens when transcripts of interviews is compared to the diagnosis?

We look at the emergence of traits from various personality disorders, and how best to interview.  

Promote a 'passive aggressive' and watch morale suffer and turnover increase. 

Course Prerequisite

Due to the complex nature of the course, as well as the propensity for error, the Advanced Course will only be made available to those who have had Statement Analysis training from an approved source.

It is too easy to jump to conclusions, make errors, pervert justice, and discredit our science. There are a number of good introductory courses which, if effective, will inspire the student to learning Statement Analysis.  

A solid foundation is needed before moving to this new realm.  If you wish to know if your training is approved for the Advanced course, as well as tuition information, please go to Hyatt Analysis Services and contact us. 


John Mc Gowan said...


Woman Vanishes After Finding Love Online

Kerry Jones told friends she moved from Alabama to Florida because she met "the love of my life." Now she's missing.

A woman who disappeared after moving from Alabama to Florida to be with a man she met online is missing, and friends said they're concerned for her safety.

Kerry Jones, 46, was last heard from on Feb. 7. Her live-in boyfriend, Jackie "Nick" Kelly, reported her missing to police in Jacksonville, Florida, two days later.

"Not knowing is one of the worst feelings ever," Jones' close friend, Tommie Ann Jones, told The Huffington Post. "We all miss her and don’t understand why this would happen. We're really heartbroken."

Tommie Ann Jones, who was once married to Kerry Jones' ex-husband, said the two are "more like family than friends."

The disappearance "is being worked as a missing person only at this point -- no foul play," a spokesperson for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office told HuffPost.

Kelly told investigators he and his girlfriend argued on Feb. 7, the day he said he last saw her, according to the sheriff's incident report.

"Ms. Jones got upset over a post that he made on Facebook and left the residence," the report says. HuffPost was unable to reach Kelly for comment.

Deputies found Kerry Jones' vehicle parked outside Bealls Department Store, where she works as a cashier. The store manager told police she was uncertain how long the vehicle had been there.

Store surveillance video obtained by police shows Kerry Jones leaving work in the car on Feb. 7. There's no footage showing her vehicle returning to the store, police said.

Authorities searched Kerry Jones' car before turning it over to her family. It's unclear whether anything was found that sheds light on her disappearance.

Tommie Ann Jones said it's extremely unlikely that her friend, whom she described as a "devoted mother" of two older boys, would disappear and lose contact with friends and family.

"She's a very family-orientated person and stays in touch on a daily basis," Jones said. "She is one of the best people you could ever meet. She's down to earth and loved by everyone."

She said her friend, who is legally deaf, is originally from Pell City, Alabama. She moved to Jacksonville in October, after she met Kelly on the PlentyOfFish dating website.

"She told me she really cared for him and was moving down there," Tommie Ann Jones said. "She thought that was what she needed to do to be happy."

Kerry Jones wrote about her relationship with Kelly in several Facebook posts, including one she shared on New Year's Eve 2015.

"This year gone by so fast," she wrote. "So much have changed and I didn't imagine how my life is now. It was ups and downs but I have no regrets of the choices I made this year … I am very much happy of my new life and with the love of my life."


John Mc Gowan said...


A Facebook post using Kelly's name was made on Feb. 15, less than a week after his girlfriend disappeared.

"Kerry was very intoxicated that night. At some point she hit me in the head with a very heavy coffee cup and knocked me out. When I regained consciousness the next morning, I was laying in a big puddle of blood from a gash to my head. I realized that Kerry was gone. I thought at the time that she might think she had killed me, or at least seriously injured me, and she left and was hiding out because she was worried."

More on this in link provided. Unable to copy and paste.

Tommie Ann Jones said she has never known her friend to be violent.

"That would be completely out of her nature," she said. "She's 5 feet tall and deaf in both ears. He's a much larger person. I find it would be out of character."

Authorities said they have not confirmed the scenario described in the Facebook post.

For now, friends and family have more questions than answers.

"We're all just struggling," said Tommie Ann Jones. "We're hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst."

Kerry Jones is described as a white female, with brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5 feet tall and weighs 120 pounds.

Anyone with information on Kerry Jones' whereabouts is asked to call the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office at 904-630-0500 or Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS.

mom2many said...

Kerry Jones' case sounds eerily similar to Charlene Hummert's, which was covered on an episode of Forensic Files. Here it is on YouTube, She disappeared after a fight, her car was found in a nearby parking lot, but she was found inside.

Tania Cadogan said...

if he had a big gash as claimed then it would still be visible as a scab or scar, if it was as bad as he claimed did he require stitches?
I notice that he skips over a big chunk of sensitive temporal lacuna when he said At some point

it doesn't look good for Kerry.

John Mc Gowan said...

RE Kerry Jones

NG chips in.

Anonymous said...

Kerry Jones... Part I

Full transcription of the FB post the boyfriend Nick Kelly made...

"My name is Nick Kelly and I would like to address a lot of the misinformation that is being spread here on Facebook. First of all, here are the circumstances of the night she disappeared, which was Sunday, February 7th. Kerry was very intoxicated that night, At some point she hit me in the head with a very heavy coffee cup and knocked me out. When I regained consciousness the next morning, I was laying in a big puddle of blood from a gash to my head. I realized that Kerry was gone. I thought at the time that she might think she had killed me, or at least seriously injured me, and she left and was hiding out because she was worried. After not hearing from her I contacted her family to see if they had heard from her. After I found out that they had not, I contacted the police and filed a missing person report. (CASE # 16-87282). The police came and collected the bloody cup and rags, and took my statement."



Anonymous said...

uh oh... past tense usage...

"...where Kerry worked..."
"...we were talking about getting married."
"I have been fully cooperating..." but then changes to "I am in near daily contact..." and "I am as worried..."

Tania Cadogan said...

When I regained consciousness the next morning, I was laying in a big puddle of blood from a gash to my head. I realized that Kerry was gone.
he just regained consciousness and realises Kerry was gone,How?

What happened between him regaining consciousness and realising Kerry was gone?

William said...

Off Topic: Peter, Tania, Others,

Can anyone take a look at the quotes from the husband in this article? He doesnt deny killing his wife when expected.
Long story short, the DA is trying a 71 year old black guy who delivered furniture to the house the day before the woman's murder. The defense is saying the husband killed her. This killing happened in 1974. I thought, absolutely, the furniture guy did it until I read the quotes in this article. Now I am not so sure. They arrested the furniture guy based on DNA evidence which is not highly accurate (something like 90%) and it is 41 years after the murder. What do you guys think?

William said...

Sorry, link doesnt seem to work. You can get to article by just googling

Dianne Williamson Husband of Shrewsbury Slaying Victim Defends Wife's Reputation

Hey Jude said...

William, I read in one report that DNA from under the victim's fingernails could have come from a number of sources, including Lonzo Guthrie (not a definite match) but not from the husband. There was also DNA blood evidence which was a match? The accused is a convicted rapist, that crime committed the same year as Eileen Ferro's murder.

What concerns you about the husband's comments? He says more here:

Only three page views allowed for non-subscribers there. It was a horrible murder - they believe the weapon was a hatchet, multiple wounds to the head and shoulders.

C5H11ONO said...

She has been accused of being a liar. If you are NOT a liar, the first words out of your mouth are "I haven't lied to anyone". Not only does she not say this, she couldn't even come close, "I haven't lied to American people" (reducing the commitment a little). Not only is she a liar, but her advisors are even more despicable, because they know the truth and are participating in covering up her egregious lies.

William said...

Hey Jude,

Thanks for taking a look at the case.

Here is one statement from the husband where there is no denial, nevermind reliable denial given

""This (trial) is very upsetting to the family and very upsetting to me," he said. "The defense lawyer is trying to sway at least one member of the jury. He has to do what he has to do ... But I know my life. I know what I've done and haven't done. And I knew Eileen. This isn't fair to her memory. She was a warm, loving, caring, beautiful girl. She was a magnificent girl on the outside and inside."
Today, in paper, the murdered woman's best friend testified that Mr Ferro threatened to throw Mrs Ferro into a river if he found out she was cheating and that he also, right in front of her threatened to cut off the wife's face if he found out she was cheating.
He also threatened to cut off her face and replace it with a pig face.
The husband describes going to call a neighbor to ask if wife is over there and discovering the dead wife in bedroom when he goes in there to get the phone. So, he went to phone before he searched.
The defense presented one drop of blood for evidence near the door which easily could have come from Guthrie moving hutch into the house.
Also, no sign of forced entry, she was not raped, purse was missing.

William said...

Here is another statement. What I notice is how he actually states "They're making her look like a whore of the streets" when they are not doing that

Evidently, she did have an affair," Ferro said. "But they're making her look like a whore off the street and it's disgusting ... I found out after the murder when police questioned me. It hit me between the eyes and destroyed me even more. But that's still no justification to drag her through the mud."

Hey Jude said...

William, sorry - just now catching up, this had slipped my mind. I, too, would like to know what others think, but probably no-one is on this thread by now. I want to read some more - I see your disquiet. I think it's a strangely violent murder for a stranger to have committed, plus,insanity aside, what would the,motive be, if there was no rape or robbery?

It's interesting Ferro makes no reliable denial to the media, despite that the defence is accusing him - it would not seem superfluous, but maybe, to him, it does, especially as the murder was a long time in the past. He'd obviously been under a lot of suspicion, and was still being questioned at intervals - yet his relief at another person being arrested seems almost too much, as though he were not expecting it, just more troubling 'questions' from investigators.

I'd like to know if such a long passage of time might impact upon a person's ability to volunteer a reliable denial, and how appropriate or necessary it might seem to a person to make one in the case of an historical crime (particularly as he is no longer even a suspect to the police). I wonder if he might think he is not that person any more, as his life appears to have moved on so much, he has a settled family life, and children, so could he maybe think that not only did he not do it, but he's not even the (unpleasant and violent sounding) person he used to be - if that were the case, I wonder if making a denial might seem irrelevant to him, and if he just assumes that as he didn't do it, it's now more than obvious that he didn't, as someone else has been charged? Though he made a very odd come t about that, too, as I recall - about the suspect needing to understand why he'd be sitting in jail, or along those lines - most odd, as why wouldn't a guilty person know precisely why they were there?

If he is guilty, I wonder if he (or anyone in a similar situation) might be able to convince himself that really, he hadn't committed a murder, as he was no longer recognisable to himself as the person he used to be, and would also be unrecognisable as such a person to those who only know him how he is now. If psychologically, he couldn't even try to make any type of denial, let alone a reliable one, if he had disassociated himself from the person he used to be.

Ha - I am asking more questions than I am able to answer, yes.

I know it!s not SA, but how would the accused's DNA be under the victim's fingernails if their only contact was a furniture delivery? What is his defence saying to that? - Perhaps, that she must have had a close physical encounter with the delivery guy the day before she was murdered? I don't think things like that really happen, though I also know they do. Just hard to imagine. One could imagine the husband getting really angry and thinking of her as 'a whore' in those circumstances - such a horrible word. Why was it on his mind to say that she was being portrayed as 'a whore off the streets' if she is not being portrayed in that way? Was he thinking back, and had been thinking at the time how she would be viewed in that way because she had, or he just suspected she had, an encounter with the delivery man? Was he incensed, thinking some delivery guy would be going round telling people how his wife threw herself at him, or something? Or is that what the defence is saying - they had an encounter when he delivered the furniture, thus the DNA under the fingernails, so a pretty close encounter. Is he angry because maybe that's the truth? Well, if someone came at your head with a hatchet, there wouldn't be much time or opportunity to get his DNA under your fingernails, I shouldn't think.

Hey Jude said...

I'm all,of a conjecture - hopefully others will see your posts, and comment helpfully - it!s an old thread though, so maybe not - you could post again, early on a new thread. It's an interesting case, justice too long delayed.