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"Tried" in Statement Analysis

It is important to understand not only that 90% or more of deception comes from withholding information rather than direct lying, it is also important to understand why this is. 

With the average person having a vocabulary of approximately 25,000 words when asked about something the person must go into this vast dictionary, choose what information she wishes to convey, which words to use, where to place each word next to one another, and what conjugation to use. 

This is done in less than a millisecond in time in the brain's processing. 

When one is going to be deceptive, there is a pause or delay in processing this information.  

This is the principle source of internal stress for the subject. 

Those trained in childhood, specifically, that deception:

a.  Has negative external consequences
b.  Has negative internal consequences ("conscience")
c.  Has negative consequences upon the intended victim (human empathy) 

have additional stress beyond the disruption in the speed of transmission. 

Those truly with the psychopathy of "no conscience" still experience internal stress in the disruption of the speed of transmission and possess no experiential memory of the deception.  When the subject's own personal subjective dictionary is used, the polygraph should have no 'inconclusive' results.  

Criminals pass polygraphs (or have inconclusive results) when guilty due to examiner error.  The child molester who "tickles" (his own description) his victims in their private areas, when asked if he "molested" the victim, may pass.  

Thieves who steal from companies in which they internally believe the company owed them, may pass or even issue a reliable denial such as "I did not steal the missing money" but will not pass, nor be able to say, along with the affirmation of truth telling, "I did not take the missing money." 

A polygraph examiner trained and efficient in Statement Analysis is of great value to society and his department.  The training increases his worth and resume.  

"Tried" in Statement Analysis 

The word "tried", as used in the past tense, is flagged in Statement Analysis as "failure" to accomplish. 

"Tonight, Daddy is going to score a goal for his little girl!"

The next morning,

"Daddy, did you score a goal for me?"

"Well, honey, Daddy tried his best..."

Yes, this was me, many times, failing to score a goal in the MHL when my daughter was little and thought I was Wayne Gretzky.  

What's the MHL?

"The patient was brought in to the ER under cardiac arrest, and physicians tried to save his life..."
lets us know the patient is dead.  

The word "tried" in Statement Analysis means "attempted but not successfully, or completed..." and is important to flag because deceptive people love to use it to persuade that they are truthful, when they know otherwise. The only exception is found in two distinct topics, with the same theme:  seeking affirmation. 

"I've tried to be a good mother" (parenthood) and "I've tried to be a good husband" (marriage) where the subject awaits, "oh, you have been!" (these two distinctions come from the heading of "person" where one seeks a compliment from saying, "I've tried to be a good person" with the specific expectation of a reply.  It is, still, however, an admission of failure, yet the purpose of the communication is to elicit a specific response.  

Under Oath

Recall Cindy Anthony, grandmother of murdered Caylee Anthony, each time she was put under oath, she gave one of two repossess:

"so help me" or "so help me, God" and loaded up on deception when calling upon the assistance of Divinity.  

"I've tried to tell the truth when necessary" said Bill Clinton during his impeachment hearing over the rule of law.  When the rule of law is negated, the concern is over escalation and spreading of the same.  

Recent polls show that Americans do not trust Hillary Clinton; specifically citing that she is a "liar."

To this years of analysis agree.  It is such that Hillary Clinton is described as "ruthless" in her lying; that is, she holds no human empathy for victims of her deception and has lied, repeatedly, and sometimes about the same topic.  Her ambition and entitlement are revealed in her language, consistently.  The 'end' of deception is death, where habitual liars will always put their own needs before others, perjure in capital cases, and act upon extreme self interest, even that above the lives of others, and the material needs of a nation.  Analysis has shown that both Clintons were not only liars, but liars from childhood, with little regard for the impact upon others.  Superior intellects (both are well above average), pragmatism and unfettered ambition are traits propagated with deception, from fund raising to personal betrayals to national betrayals.  When Hillary Clinton spoke of the dead from Benghazi, she showed, as she had in times past, a lack of basic human empathy.  This, too, points to childhood.  

In her recent CBS interview  with CBS’s Scott Pelley, Clinton said, “I don’t believe I ever have” lied to voters.

Pelley began by asking Clinton, “You know in ’76, Jimmy Carter famously said, ‘I will not lie to you.'”
Well, I will tell you, I have tried in every way I know how, literally from my years as a young lawyer, all the way through my time as secretary of state to level with the American people,” Clinton stated.
This is not only an admission of lying, but recognition of lying while as a young lawyer.  Recall the rape case in which she lied about the young victim and was recorded.  This may have been on her mind at the time of this processing.  
Note the additional and unnecessary words, "in every way I know how" close to the admission of failure with "tried." This is an indication of a very consistent, habitual liar, who has many such techniques employed in a variety of circumstances.  
Liars grow in confidence just as equally as they grow in contempt for others.  
The child learns to lie (children are born liars and neglect only cements this within them) successfully, but cannot help feeling a loss of respect for the victim.  The kindergarten teacher was fooled and the 5 year old liar begins to cultivate within himself (or herself) a sense of superiority. 
Supremacy, in fact, is a great opportunity for investigators to exploit in liars and affirms why liars are incapable of lying about their own lies.  
As the liar grows, failures teach them to alter their words.  Lying becomes instinctive and impulsive.  
"Just because someone tells a few mistruths doesn't make them a murderer."  Cindy Anthony.  Stop and contemplate a single negative external consequence of Cindy's own lying:  money. Consider how much money was spent based upon Cindy's lying about her granddaughter in terms of manpower, hours, overtime, machinery, and so on.  Hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer money wasted because she told a single lie to police?
Liars, that is, the habitual 'walking' liars are destructive.  Liars are said to be 'murderers in training.'  They learn in an early age that they, themselves, come first, in all things, at all times, for all reasons. 
In the Advanced Statement Analysis course, the internal thought process of liars is examined more thoroughly, with specific steps employers can take to avoid a myriad of trouble and loss.  
Liars are established in the formidable years as all that is needed is parental abdication.  In the language of Hillary Clinton, she struggles to conceal the contempt that she has for the world at large.  The contempt comes from the years of successful deception, from using the law to further her own gains, insider trading and fraudulent futures, on to establishing residency in a state she did not live in for personal gain, to selling out America for contributions, and on to...
It is unknown how many lives have been destroyed or lost, nor how much money has been pilfered yet this phrase is similar to Herman Goering, who was one of the world's most proficient criminals; capable of being charged with more crimes than most any other.  

Pelley replied, “You talk about leveling with the American people. Have you always told the truth?
“I’ve have always tried to, always, always,” Clinton said.
Besides the use of "tried", we see the repetition of "always" three times.  This makes the failure to tell the truth very sensitive to her, allowing us to, again, (affirmation) understand that she has lied consistently for years and knows it has impacted many aspects of society.  
“Some people are going to call that wiggle room that you just gave yourself ‘always, always tried to,'” Pelley said. “I mean, Jimmy Carter said, I will never lie to you.”
Disagreeing with Pelley’s claim, Clinton replied, “You know, you’re asking me to say, ‘Have I ever?’ I don’t believe I ever have… I don’t believe I ever will. I’m going to do the best I can to level with the American people.”
a.  "you know" is a habit of speech which shows that the subject, at this point, has an acute awareness of the presence of the interviewer.  We note what causes this habit to show itself, as well as what does not.  Here, the topic is "ever" lying; vast time period noted. 

b.  "believe" is a weak assertion.  The simplest description I use is this:
"I locked my keys in the car" is a strong assertion.
"I believe I locked my keys in the car" is a weak assertion.  For a truthful person, the weak assertion here is appropriate.  It allows for me, or others, to "believe" differently about the keys, due to my expressed uncertainty. 

When asked about my keys, I did not stop and say to myself, "Hmm, perhaps I should use the word "believe" due to my lack of certainty.  They could be on the kitchen counter or have fallen outside the front door.  Yes, that is it; I will use 'believe' because I am not certain."

The speed of transmission is such that in what appears to be no time at all, I chose the word "believe" from my personal dictionary of thousands of words to best communicate. 

Should I need to be deceptive, I would have to pause, ever so slightly, to do this because truth flows from experiential memory quickly, and can be recalled just as readily.  It takes no additional effort (no additional hormonal secretion to the brain) which is why our "Reliable Denial" is so...


c.  Next note the use of "tried" again.  This is to consider how to best avoid a direct lie (internal stress) while attempting to persuade (well rehearsed and successful liar since childhood) listeners (including the interviewer, as "you know" shows awareness of him and the intended audience) that she is not lying.  

It is an important distinction:

She is not trying to persuade her audience that she is telling the truth; but she is attempting to persuade, in the negative, what she is not; a liar. 

The American public is easily deceived as a whole.  Yet, polls show that the public, in the majority, know she is a liar. 

Her words show "entitlement"; that is, decades of supremacy and deception have caused her to expect that she will "win" in life.  The "win" may be a court case, millions in donations from foreign countries, a private server, the presidential election, and so on.  This is a personality trait that in spite of surgery on her face, and high paid consultants and advertising firms, her persona is most described as "unlikable" and "not trustworthy."

Americans do seem to sense what readers of Statement Analysis know: 

She is a liar, and she is ruthless, in that she will stop at nothing to please herself.  

Her black accent is put on before blacks;
Her position may change with the wind, but this is called "evolution" and "growth", and she has an expectation that American women, in particular, who are held in the highest contempt, will vote, not with intellect, but emotion, by gender.  Note how often this theme is presented in the negative.  


Unknown said...

I can't help but notice her avoidance of the words truth, and lie. She does not mimick the words of the interviewer, despite his repetitive use of the words/quote...instead, she changes her actions to "leveling" with people, which is a word associated with deception, and a reluctant correction of deception.

As in, "Honey, I know I promised you a trip to the beach, but I'm going to level with you, I can't afford it".

maudes harold said...


I came across this last night. It has me boggled...

"SHARIAsource is a new initiative of Harvard Law School’s Islamic Legal Studies Program. Built with support from Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society, SHARIAsource will provide an online portal of resources and analysis on Islamic law, in cooperation with scholars of Islamic law and policy in the United States and around the world.

SHARIAsource aims to be the go-to site for researchers, journalists, and policymakers, as well as generally interested readers seeking to grasp the basics and the complexities of Islamic law—a frequently recurring topic in news and policy circles. The portal will accomplish this goal by collecting primary sources (court cases, legislation, and fatwas) about Islamic law, and offering scholarly analysis and policy papers about them. The analysis will come from recognized experts in Islamic law and related fields in the United States and abroad. All sources will be made available in their original language, with summaries in English. SHARIAsource will also draw on the century-old collection of resources at Harvard Law School Library, and offer the added value of curation, organization, and dissemination of material through a platform that links the collation of Islamic law sources to a vehicle designed to share them and provide room for debate about them with a wider audience. One might think of SHARIAsource as a combination of Westlaw and SCOTUSblog for Islamic law.

Expected beta launch: 2016

Rella said...

The phrase "I'm going to try my best" is itself an indication that one is pretty sure that whatever they are going to try their best at will probably not be successful.

Karl said...

Regarding the extra hormone release while trying to be deceptive, are there any documented physical effects of being a habitual liar? Does it affect the ability to think clearly?

Anonymous said...

Would the phrase (used twice) 'to level with', as in:

"I’m going to do the best I can to level with the American people”

be used as a subtle play-on-words way,
as in "I'm going to lower myself to your level", i.e. lie like all of you people?

This would be demeaning but also infer "shared guilt".
I'm just doing what everyone in this country is doing?

klv said...

ALL politicians are liars. Knowing how to be polished, evasive, and convincing to the largely undiscerning public ear is a HUGE part of an elected official's job description.

That's why I like Hilary's opponent so much & have reengaged in caring about politics again- The guy is a really lousy liar. He can't even do Evasive without a million tells. He's clearly uncomfortable. It's so refreshing and fosters hope.

Anonymous said...

I personally know a woman who lies constantly, and it's not "telling stories", rather it's constant deceit, in every tiny thing, on every tiny conversation, every tiny interaction. To her, being candid is a foreign concept and not even an option - it's like she's afraid of what about herself might be revealed. She poses as highly intellectual and "classy" and she is such a pathetic liar it almost makes a person feel sorry for her. And she's always interjecting and "asserting" herself in ways to make her seem "important", "relevant", "smart", even "someone to be feared". I, myself, cannot stand her, and I know a few people who feel the same way.

Rella said...

Anon @721-

I think we may know the same woman!!

Anonymous said...

The end of deception is death. Weapons of Mass Destruction: still ending in death. The Flint river water is safe: death, poisoning, disease. I didn't have sex with that woman: no death. Can professional SA be used to mislead LE based on the analysts personal bias? Like any professional witness? Due to being subject to interpretation?

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Report reveals fight, blood evidence and a witness account in case of missing grandmother

A truck was removed from the home where a local grandmother was last seen on Friday night.

We were the only station to show you that evidence being towed away live on air at 6:30. It's a new development in the search for 46-year-old Kerry Jones.

Since then, only Action News Jax has uncovered a report describing a fight, blood evidence and even a witness account of what happened between Jones and her boyfriend Nick Kelly.

Police have not released this report publicly. A source has shown us brand new details on the investigation, including a report about what Jones’ boyfriend told a neighbor and new details on what they’ve found inside the home.

Jones' family is desperate to find out what happened to her. Her son and ex-husband told us tonight they're preparing themselves for the worst.

"I know there's something not right,” said her ex-husband Larry Jones. “I just want her found."

"I've been told from Jacksonville, Florida sheriff department that I need to prepare myself for the worse. That hurt real bad. I hope nothing bad," said her son Aaron Jones.

In exclusive video from the St. Johns River on the other side of the home where she was staying with her Kelly, a large tarp can be seen covering a back window.

Kelly's truck was taken away by investigators Friday night and for the first time, we're piecing together new details in this investigation.

According to all the police reports we have seen, Jones left work at Bealls at 2:37 in the afternoon on February 7.

At some point that day, reports say the couple argued over a Facebook post and Jones was reported leaving the home.

It wasn't until February 9 that Kelly filed a missing person’s report, which says no foul play was suspected.

The officer who wrote the report also said Jones’ car was located in the parking lot of Bealls where she worked.

But according to a February 11 report obtained exclusively by Action News Jax, a responding officer listed more details about Kelly's account of that night, with details not mentioned in the original report.

Kelly told police that Jones knocked him unconscious with a glass cup. It also says Kelly had a head injury, which was also not mentioned in the original report.

It also says blood evidence and the broken glass was collected - and there was a bloody paper towel in a planter.

Five days later on Februay 16, a domestic battery report is written, listing Kelly as the victim.
A neighbor also told police she heard fighting the night Jones disappeared.

But it wasn't until February 18 that the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office first alerted the public to keep an eye out for jones.

We took this timeline and new evidence to Action News Jax Crime and Safety Expert ken Jefferson.

“If the blood on towel, belongs to the boyfriend, then that would be consistent with his story,” Jefferson said. “However, if the blood does not match him, it matches victim, now we’ve got another whole different thought on this story.”

Jones' son also said JSO detectives are coming to Alabama next week to process his mother's car. Jones' son said they were allowed to drive it home last weekend when they were in Jacksonville to collect her other items. He said JSO never stopped them.

In a public release on Friday, JSO said the argument between Jones and Kelly happened on February 6, a day before the incident is listed on all the police reports. We asked about the discrepancy. JSO Public Information Officer Christian Hancock issued the following response:


John Mc Gowan said...


“The information put out is from the unit investigating the reported missing individual, Kerry Jones. Information is always subject to change during the course of an investigation. That information is disseminated in as timely a manner as possible given the circumstances surrounding the individual case. Just as further information was disseminated today reference this case, we will continue to put information out as it becomes available to the investigators and any and all information that could assist in the finding of and providing for the safe return of the missing individual.”

Anonymous said...

Is hillary a muslim?

John Mc Gowan said...

Is kate mccann "Leaking Marbles"

Kate McCann: 'I physically can't rest without knowing where Maddie is'

KATE McCann said she can never feel 'at peace' without knowing what happened to her daughter.

The mum of missing Madeleine, who disappeared nine years ago from the family's apartment in the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz, told how she feels in an eternal state of 'limbo'.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun she said: "All parents of missing children will say the same thing.

"You just can’t rest without knowing, it’s just that permanent state, often it’s like a physical thing, limbo, a feeling, just not at peace."

She added: "When I go to church, although that was a comfort, it’s actually tough as well because it is time to reflect.

"But I’m not saying that’s wrong.

"You do have to make yourself go there sometimes because otherwise it’s all bottled up."

Kate, from Rothley, Leicester, said she feels Maddie is still in the Algarve as that's the place she feels "closest" to her daughter.

The mum-of-three explained she has learnt to cope better with the agony of not having Maddie with her family.

She admitted: "Gerry was always better than me from the beginning at jumping into a box and getting on with other things, focusing on other stuff.

"It just took me longer really, although I can do it now and sometimes I hate myself doing that, it doesn’t feel right, but I know it’s a positive thing.

"The first couple of years, if something came into my head I couldn’t stop it, I just couldn't.

"But now, ‘Bang!’ I close the lid.

"It’s better to close it and move on.

"a box"
"Bang!’ I close the lid".
"close it

What is on her mind?

"I think it’s a survival thing but it takes different times to kick in for different people."

Kate said the outpouring of support they have received from the public since Maddie, whose 13th birthday is in May, disappeared in 2007 has really helped them.

She is acutely aware her daughter remaining in the public eye for so long has given her family comfort and hope other families with missing loved ones haven't had.

This is the reason she is now throwing her weight behind a new two-week campaign launched in The Sun this week.

The Child Rescue Alert campaign aims to get a million people to sign up to receive free text alerts when a child goes missing or is believed to be in imminent danger.

People can register by texting the word HERO and their postcode to 85080.

It is run by charity Missing People in partnership with the National Crime Agency and education technology company Groupcall.

So far more than 330,000 have pledged their support for the campaign.

Kate said: "I’m literally begging people to stop, take a minute and send a text. We WANT a million sign ups.

"If it turns out you are wrong it doesn’t matter, but if you are right it could save that child’s life."

Anonymous said...

I used to work with a guy who was full of hot air and little actual work. He always used to send out all-staff emails "updating" us on his projects, etc., and he'd use the word "concerted" to emphasize how hard he was trying: "I have been making a concerted effort to keep our client database up-to-date" or "I make a concerted effort to assure that you all get immediate notification of policy changes." Of course the client database was never up to date, and we never got quickly notified about policy changes.

Anonymous said...

I used to drive by that guy about 7:30 every morning, in the early-morning darkness of our downtown streets, while he was on foot, walking on the sidewalk towards our office building. I wanted to tell him: "I'm going to make a concerted effort not to hit you with my car!"

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi John, kate is leaking marbles.
Lots of distancing with the pronoun you as opposed to the first person singular I

She has so far had nine years of stress caused by deception.
I suspect she never thought it would be still going after all this time.
perhaps she thought LE would give up and they would be living off their spoils with the odd annual comment.
However, whether it is the adulation and sympathy of their few supporters, gerry relishing the limelight and keeping the sham going, eyes on possible high paying, high status political or charitable positions, plain greed or something else, instead of the peaceful life she thought she was going to get (casey anthony and la bella vita)she, gerry and to a lesser extent the tapas 7 are still in the spotlight.
Nine years of living a lie and it shows on her (gerry is such a sociopathic narcissist he either isn't stressed and loving the fame or infamy and doesn't care)
Perhaps she thought no Maddie would resolve all the issues they had in a marriage that was in deep trouble.
No Maddie meant no stress.
We saw this when she was positively glowing and radiant within days of Maddie 'disappearing' as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders.
Unfortunately for them there are still ongoing investigations by two police forces.
Obliged to ask for SY to reexamine the case and then open an investigation because to say no would be awkward and damning.
These days kate is leaking marbles like crazy.
She is trapped in a loveless marriage, i suspect the tapas 7 have distanced themselves from the toxic duo in the hope than when the crap hits the fan they are out of range.
Kate realises that this case will never go away perhaps as they had planned and banked on.
Nine years of stress is a long time, she knows she could not face another 40 or maybe 50 years of the same stress or more, knowing that technology is advancing in leaps and bounds and that today a microscopic dot of blood or other fluid can be enough to solve a case and it will only get better and more advanced in the future.
She knows the tapas 7 is unlikely to keep a secret until they die, they too are under suspicion, if not for the actual killing, thenr the disposal and subsequent cover up.
They were never close friends, acquaintances at best.

Kate wants an end to this, she needs to be able to publicly grieve.
She needs to begin the process of acceptance and healing.
She knows the twins probably remember and know more that she suspects.
When the twins become adults, any control she had over them is gone.
She has contacted the PJ before telling them about a 'dream' she had involving a hill which gerry then publicly denied.
She wanted blood tests done which gerry cancelled.
I think she is tired of running, she knows they will be caught one day, she doesn't know when.
She may be trying to leak the necessary info without alerting gerry( though why she doesn't just call the PJ or SY or even her local LE whilst gerry is out and confessing)
She may be conflicted.
She is eaten up with guilt.
She is eaten up by stress, especially when you compare her to gerry's smug face.
My worry is that she is close to breaking and she might just press the button as she told us several years back.
When the judgement comes in in relation to the appeal by Dr. Goncalo Amaral regarding their damages claim against him and it goes against them, that will be a day when i suspect things will happen.
They already have a bucket load of legal costs etc to pay from their previous attempts to ban his book.
When (as seems likely) they loose this case, they will have more legal costs to pay and then they will probably have fines etc to pay and then compensation.
Since they do not have the money for such costs they will be deeper financial trouble than they were before, they were banking on the damages case to get a million plus back.

Jessica Blans said...

OT about Baby DeOrr Kunz

I'm pasting in words from a Facebook post that baby DeOrr Kunz's father (Vernal DeOrr Kunz) posted in January. This comes from a screen shot that is circulating the Facebook groups about the case. It looks like it is a real screenshot from the fathers account. I copied the message as-is. It contains the lack of punctuation, grammatical problems, and repeated word (my my son) that the original does. I cannot vouch for its authenticity, but it appears to be real and not a troll making it up. It was posted by someone who is a supporter of baby DeOrr's parents in order to prove how much they loved their son.

DeOrr Kunz
6 months ago today since the last time I seen my my son my little boy 6 months since he stood next to a picnic table and I heard his little voice and that was the last moment my life went from great to upside down and fucked that little boy taught me how to be a man to love and care and happiness I miss my son every minute of every day. I just want my amazing son back and my great life to continue daddy misses and loves you goobs
January 10 at 12:48pm • Friends

Would anyone be willing to analyze it?

Jessica Blans

BTW I apologize if this has already been discussed in a previous post. I haven't read or participated much since the strange Amanda Blackburn trolls took over in the fall. I was annoyed reading 200-300 posts from people who weren't using statement analysis to discuss the situation, were arguing illogically, seemed to say the same thing day after day, and were being mean to each other.

Lemon said...

Mrs. Clinton - the gift that keeps on giving.

Yes. said...

"My worry"?

Yes. said...

It used"The S°n" says a lot.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


it is interesting to learn that the Koran's teaching on woman, in general, has led some Islamic scholarship to question if women even have a soul.

I have listened to this historian for about 25 years and he explains the Trinity or Trinitarian view within Christianity (and Judaism) to show the difference between religion of persuasion and the religion of coercion.

Once "Allah" is understood, he shows, you can understand why Muslim boys throw cats in the air to hit them with bats, or people can actually go through with be heading someone, or how they believe "hahal" food methods of inflicting pain upon animals means the "meat tastes better" or how...

Islam has survived 1400 years with no reformation, and no single charismatic leader, while still prospering and gaining members, while stuck in the 7th century.

Here is the link: go to The Life of Mohammad, Theology of Islam, and the Myths of the Crusades. It is fascinating for non Christians as well:

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Karl said...
Regarding the extra hormone release while trying to be deceptive, are there any documented physical effects of being a habitual liar? Does it affect the ability to think clearly?

February 19, 2016 at 11:47 AM Delete

lots of studies (you have to pay to read them) and the "hormone rush" or "increase" is an overly simplistic viewpoint used by me. It is true, but it doesn't tell the entire story. It is like attributing cortisone as "alone" being fight or flight; it is not. It is just the dominant one currently identified. Research here is amazing!

As to your next question:

"Does it affect the ability to think clearly?"

I cannot answer this with certainty but here is my thought:

Going into an area in the brain that has no experiential memory causes stress.
Going into an area of the brain that one knows is deceptive and could have consequences, raises the stress. This is called the "impact factor" where the lie has consequences. Jokingly, it is that when one says "I am wearing women's underwear. Is this a lie?" is commonly used to show that there is no setting of stress.

Take the first two, as solid:

*No experiential memory"
Setting has got high stakes to it.

The disruption of smoothness in telling the truth is picked up in the blood pressure, heart rate, and even the slightest increase in perspiration of the skin. In smaller measurements, pilo-erection (hair standing up), blood flow to the ears (tingling) and so on, takes place.

There is a rush of many hormones taking place!

I think that most experts will say that the increase of hormonal reaction will result in increase in clarity. This is usually the case when we are "under pressure" or in "excited utterance."

To this, I agree.

This is why the "high alert parent" of a missing child has stark recall and not confusion. The first night? They lay awake in bed thinking of anything and everything that might have happened and focus upon the last time they were with the child. They struggle to sleep because of it.

This is what I think is happening to the liar.

But, you asked about habitual!

Does this mean that the habitual one goes off the high alert status due to hormone fatigue?

This warrants much deeper discussion.

Great question, Karl.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


regarding missing grandmother: any good links for statements?

It might be interesting to cover.


Anonymous said...

Is Hillary the only sociopath in the running to be next POTUS?
I'd like to see Cruz and his statements analysed, especially those involving denial about lying. Also, I like Rubio, but should I be concerned about anything he has said?

They're all very good at reception, I reckon.


Nic said...

I'm a Canadian so have no "in" regards the US's election; however, my two cents: when she talks about not reading/having stamped "classified" information on her server/inbox, etc.

Technically, nothing is stamped "classified". It's classified, "secret" or "top secret", etc. And even still, it's been reported that some of the information that she directed be copied/pasted from a secure server to insecure server/personal domain, without headers and "stamps" of their classification, was so highly classified, it was too classified for the subordinates to share with their bosses.

God that she lies the way she does (publicly!) about her activity the way she does. Her activity at her level makes subordinates question (to themselves,) every direct report and their "motive". She's so old school that she doesn't realize that "common" everyday folk get their news outside of the controlled print media and know/hear/see that she is a liar! She's her own sycophant. I could say more, but I think you get my point.

Nic said...

*insecure = nonsecure. I make me laugh.