Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Human Nature, Criminal Ideology and Education

How intelligent must they be to walk in wearing only one glove?  Belgium told us that they have the cameras set up, but don't pay anyone to monitor them.  

In spite of the statistics of how many middle class 'educated' suddenly become devout and turn into jihadists, the larger numbers tell a much bigger story.

Criminal ideology is at war with nature, itself.

Recall the early Nationalist Socialist claims about Aryan and non-Aryan blood.  These claims were made standing next to a simple high school quality microscope and samples of blood.  To convince the average person, you must either dumb them down (as children) or enforce your opinion upon them (fascism).  Obama discussed criminalizing disagreement by scientists with global warming.  Why?  'Because it is the greatest threat to mankind', he and a hollywood actor said.  

I am not a scientist but if I were to jump into the discussion I would point out "the need to persuade" has changed to "the need to criminalize", therefore, it cannot withstand healthy scientific scrutiny.  Hence, my conclusion is based upon Statement Analysis. If something cannot be defended against criticism, it is inherently weak and not worthy of defense.  

Islamic Reformation.

How utterly foolish are those who call for Islam to undergo reformation! 

Islam has insulated itself against all reformation.  It calls for the be-heading (and other violent ends) for those who even dare to criticize it.  

End of reformation.  

Historically, Islam, in spite of overwhelming population numbers, has produced the fewest Nobel peace prizes (it may even be lower when the testimony of recipients is read) and consistently the lowest IQs in the world.  Islam is against progress, itself, and began with a 'never-do'well' man who had to resort to theft and murder for material gain in life.  This base character, unleashed, moved towards rape and eventually pedophilia.  It is hard to fathom that Mohammad became the founder of the world's largest 'religion' until Islam, itself, is studied, in light of human nature.

Psychologist Nicolai Sennels has done much research into Islamic criminal activity among males, under aged 21.

He found that the combination of supremacist ideology, coupled with the desensitization of seeing his own mother beat, and the constant repetition of the koran, with its lessons on rape and degradation of women, meet the perfect storm with the rise of testosterone in young males.  Take this with the tradition of first marriages and inbreeding brings the IQ down further.

Then, the 'peaceful' mosque's leaders will choose disaffected young males, including those suffering from depression,  anxieties, or sexual identity issues, to be the jihadist, so that he can be a 'star' or hero in his community.

He is programmed, from childhood on up, for "war", and sexual violence and here, with the constant repetition of a death culture, there is no appeal of "having a wife, two kids, and a picket fence" that we often think of fondly.  This holds no attraction for him and with his low IQ, poor education and upbringing, he is ripe for jihad, while the hundreds attending the mosque remain under the tacqia of "peaceful Islamists" cover.

In recently analyzing a statement with poor English grammar, I commented that telling Americans that this is an acceptable form of language is to sell them short.  It is not.

It is the easier road and in this world, anything of value is going to take 'the sweat of the brow' to accomplish, whether it be 1,000 hours or 10,000 hours of hard work, value takes effort, drive, initiative and perseverance.

My 8th grade English teacher red penned us to death.  Today, red penning grammatical error is responded to with sending the student to a "safe place" where he can be "free from judgement" and have his tender feelings gently healed from the 'brutal assault of racist and patriarchal judgement' and 'undo harshness.'

Yet, she produced a class where our faces were of all sorts of colors, yet our writing skills were efficient and accurate.

High school meant 2 hours of homework, at minimum, every night and another 2 hours over the weekend.

Thieves take the easy road, just like liars do.

Protestant Work Ethic was something shared by Protestant and non-Protestant Americans of yesterday.

Today, Belgium is disintegrating before our eyes, as it becomes a 3rd world nation of violence and debt.  Socialism, once a frightening and insulting word, is in vogue.

I was given a short 'test' by an investigator yesterday.  He offered, via text, a short statement of two sentences and asked, "Truth or Deception"?

He had written that it was, in deed, a test.

I wrote back:

Deception Indicated and this is a person of whom lying is natural, it comes easy, and she is likely someone who is so confident in her lying that she will give away the store if you let her talk.

He did not text back, but called and asked, "Are you sitting down?"

In the murder investigation, not only had he verified her deception through alibi checking, but had received testimony from a collateral close to the subject.

'She brags about what a good liar she is!' the witness told the investigator.

Work ethic and duty are missing from the dialog today.  The list of what constitutes disability has grown exponentially, and continues to grow.  The reason why Winston Churchill so severely chided socialism is because he understood human nature.  The unexpected has been the incredible wealth governments in Europe, for example, have amassed, at tax payer expense, giving them the appearance of Divinity; no limit to wealth, and in spite of 3rd generations of Islamic supremacists not integrating and overwhelming welfare budgets, they continue to send out the invitation to 'come on in' and they have responded in the millions.

Greece, the bureaucratic high priestess of European socialism can be bailed out and bailed out again, but the debt is never paid off and, like gravity, math has the last word.  It has taken awhile, but there is a cost to not learning that if you have three apples and you owe your neighbor four, trouble awaits you.

"If a man will not work, neither shall he eat."

It's all but impossible to imagine anyone making this statement today.  How much money would the Catholic and Christian non profit organizations lose if this were to become in vogue again?  How many government jobs would be lost?

Wealth is produced through production; hard work, taking the more difficult road.  Yes, it is easier to let a teen say, "shut up you mother ******" to his teacher than it is to sit him down, day after day after day, and work through his homework so that he will say, "I am well, thank you" when asked about his day.

The liar always takes the easier road.

The thief always takes the easier road.

The lazy do not practice self control and this leads to...

Political Liars and Brussels 

Politicians still refuse to say "Islam is a criminal violent political ideology that must be contained at the least..." instead talk about vetting immigrants, even while millions of Americans are out of work.

Obama refuses to call Islamic terror what it is.  Instead, before the bodies are buried, he is scolding Americans about Islamophobia and Christian right wing guns, or something like this.

A man says, "The koran tells me to kill you.  My iman at my mosque and my father taught me this.  Therefore, I yelled Allah Akbar and killed people."

Not only has he committed murder, but the all important motive has been confessed to.

Islamic murder is the only crime I can think of where the killer confesses his motive but the president of the United States says, "that's not his motive."

Recall the Jews killed in France.  He said, "...a few folks in a deli were killed..."

How will our children deal with a nuclear Islam that Barak Hussein Obama facilitated for them?  Will it be them, or our grandchildren?  I do not know, but the reckoning is coming, just as sure as the debt of apples awaits us.

Excellence takes hard work, beginning very early.  Do you send your children to school to have their feelings coddled, or to be made to exercise their brains in ways, tried and true, that will lead to education and success?

Statement Analysis takes hard work and dedication.

I recognize that in the explanation that excellence will not come without years of perseverance that it is much easier to schedule a one day seminar and let people think, "I'm a lie detector!" and hand them a certificate.  

How long until they make their first major error?  

Start your stopwatch.  

Anything of value in this world is worth learning the truth about it, which requires a serious investment.  The truth is that this world was created to give forth abundance in ways we have discovered, as something the size of an atom can produce enough energy to fuel a city, or destroy it.  Yet, it has been created in a way that tells us that we have likely only scratched the surface of what this marvelous world holds.

If something too tiny to see can fuel a city, taking the same thought process, could a backyard in a suburb yield enough food to feed a city?

Each time we invent something marvelous, we figure a way how to kill each other with it.  No sooner did we respectfully go 10 round with gravity, and figure out how to fly, than we were flying and dropping rocks on people beneath us.

It is in our nature and it must be countered, and contained.

I posted an article asking about romantic deception, as many recognized, as I sought to learn opinions and trends.  It was helpful.

Some even seemed to understand how the heart is so precious but fickle, that other societies placed guards around it, to protect it, while others see it more as the European elite do, not grasping the basic elements of how it is so very appealing to excuse rather than accept responsibility; how it is easier to lie than tell the truth.

When I was in high school, I witnessed a 'watershed' moment for me that I have struggled to articulate over the years.

A 15 year old boy openly admitted cheating on a test and took a "zero" as a consequence.

He did this openly, by standing up.

He was not caught.

He had looked over at his neighbor's paper and lifted one or two answers; that's all. It was a temptation and in just a moment of lapse, he saw that he had made the wrong (not 'poor') choice and used his neighbor's correct answer.  

Looking back all these years later, I still see manhood, in its glorious seedling form, from this boy.   He endured the hardness of consequence.  The teacher did not reward his theft of answers, nor did he even be given leniency:  not only did he receive a zero, but he was not offered make up work.

Nor did he seek it.

He was distinctly masculine, but I did not know it at the time because he wasn't a successful athlete and I had much to learn about what masculinity was and how it is evidenced in sacrifice.

"If a man will not provide for his own family, he is worse than an infidel." 

Now, go back to:  "If a man will not work, neither shall he eat."

Today, this is not only unpopular, it is considered immoral, full of "hate" and likely full of some form of irrational fear (phobia) and some form of "racism", though no race is articulated.

As the world wrestles with "extreme Islam" and does it best to ignore an ideology that assaults freedom, women, and progress, itself, at its core, and refuses to tell the truth, consider what you have accomplished in life.

Did anything come easy?

Was there anything that you sacrificed for, worked for, and then both loved and appreciated?

Do you sit with your children after dinner to review their homework, even though homework is likely not even assigned any longer?

Which is easier?

Put on the TV, i-something or another electronic, or to read to them?

Good parenting is exhausting but anything worth value in this life requires diligence.

The dead in Belgium are such because of an ideology.  Belgium was on "Level Four", or their highest terrorist security level, for weeks and still there are almost 200 dead and injured in total, with the promises of much, much more to come.

Critical thinking would have caused the people to not elect the politicians who promised to give away everything for free.

The college kids chanting "feel the Bern" for the old socialist from Vermont do so because they are promised that all college will be free.

By the time this is instituted, they will be grappling with employment and severe taxes to pay for someone else's free college. This assumes they can hold a job without crying, needing safe places to process their emotions, and an abundance of hand-holding affirmation.  Human Resource professionals know exactly what I am addressing.

If college professors were not about as low as they can go, as they seek to remove gender pronouns and destroy free speech, what will they become when education is truly free?

Technology changes.
Time changes.
Human nature does not.

How did I know the subject involved in the murder case was lying?

Better yet, how did I know that she was a proficient and life long liar, which strategy must include giving her the freedom to run her mouth?

Hard work.

I am not a gifted investigator who walks into a room and in best hollywood fashion, knows exactly what happened and exactly what everyone said and exactly what everyone thought.

Hours and hours and hours of training, practice, more training, tests, re-tests, practice and more "iron sharpening iron" by having men and women smarter than me challenging me.

Next up, an inventory from analysts on their progress in training...


maudes harold said...

My husband came across a video last night called "Call Brussels" which was a video put out by the Belgium gov in Jan 2016 to show how safe the city was. I was going to post it this morning but it has gone private. My Husband then found this video, an amalgam of the Call Brussels video interspersed with what happened yesterday. I don't know how long this one will stay up.

Katprint said...

Attributing the fanatic beliefs of militant islamic terrorists to ALL moslems is not useful. Some moslems are terrorists, same as some Irish catholics are/were terrorists and for several hundred years British protestants were terrorists/genocidal towards catholics and/or protestant heretics. ISIS is murdering other heretical/blasphemous sects of islam just like they are murdering christians, yazidi and other non-moslems.

rjb said...

@ Katprint

The crucial distinction here is that the Islamic holy book not only permits but requires such actions from the faithful. They are told that lying to non-Muslims is a righteous act. Not all Muslims are terrorists, nor are all terrorists Muslim, and it is dangerous to pigeonhole both things into one. It is, however, important to understand that while, statistically speaking, ISIS and other such groups are the "fringe," they are following instructions from their scriptures that have not been refuted, condemned, or publicly rejected by what one may call the "non-fringe faithful" (by which I mean to say that although the actions are publicly condemned, the scriptures calling for such actions are not.) To be a truly faithful Muslim is to accept the teachings of the Qur'an in totem, with nothing owed to those who are not Muslim.

Contrast this with the teachings of Christianity. The Old Testament is full of events, teachings, and commandments that advocate violence against the non-Hebrews, as well as extreme strictures regarding every aspect of daily life from diet to clothing to hand-washing. Then the teachings of Christ in the New Testament, which make it clear that those ways are no longer what God requires of His people. Yes, there are still a number of fringe Christians (Westboro Baptist being one of the most vocal) who other an Old Testament approach, but the non-fringe faithful of Christianity not only publicly reject their methods and teachings, but can state with absolute veracity, "That is not what the Bible teaches," and back that up using the Bible itself.

rjb said...

*Prefer an Old Testament approach.

rjb said...
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Anonymous said...

How can we be safe in US from violent Islam when our own cities are under siege by violent black Americans. Minneapolis Star Tribune article St Patrick's day parade assaults. Local officials nationwide know this is epidemic and reports don't mention race of the attackers. They endanger the law-abiding who aren't made aware of
PATTERNS of black violence. It's called Domestic Terrorism & hate crimes. Like Eurape got to keep it quiet.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous Katprint said...

Attributing the fanatic beliefs of militant islamic terrorists to ALL moslems is not useful. Some moslems are terrorists, same as some Irish catholics are/were terrorists and for several hundred years British protestants were terrorists/genocidal towards catholics and/or protestant heretics. ISIS is murdering other heretical/blasphemous sects of islam just like they are murdering christians, yazidi and other non-moslems.

Unfortunately you err.
Every muslim is a terrorist, it is demanded by their ideology to either convert the infidel at the point of a sword, exterminate the infidel completely or allow some of the infidels to survive as sex slaves including very young children and demand jizyah from other infidels permitted to live, basically a tax paid to islam.
Given the choice of slaughtering an infidel child or denying the koran/mohamed, they will slaughter the child without a second thought.
They are forbidden to criticize any aspect of islam on penalty of death for being an apostate.
What is not mentioned by politicians and media apart from Donald Trump, is that muslims will not denounce a terrorist prior to an atrocity or after.
They will hide and protect the terrorist, in their eyes he is a hero doing what is demanded by the koran.
Trump is right when he says muslims protect other muslims and will not denounce them, we saw this in Paris and Brussels and every other place where they live.

Yes there were centuries of Christian atrocities against other religions even other Christians, more so where Catholic and Proestant hate each other in Ireland.
However Christianity has reformed from it's original old testament hellfire and damnation and interesting ways to treat heretics. The new testament was all love they neighbor, be tolerant, be peaceful.
The result we see today where Christians tolerate other religions rather than slaughtering the believers, they are charitable and fairly peaceful although, as in any religion you will get extremists (westboro baptist church i am looking at you) usually though they believe in the old testament and preach hellfire and damnation to everyone except them.
Islam has not and cannot reform, it is stuck 1400 years in the past and will remain so till the last muslim dies.
The koran is the word of their god and thus cannot be altered in any way shape or form,their prophet was and is the perfect man and all male muslims want to be like him ( a paedophile cross dresser with a grudge)
To change one letter, one word would be to denounce islam and hey ho, off with their heads.
Islam is their only reason for exist, it controls every aspect of their life, birth, marriage, death, law, politics, charity, everything.
Ever wondered why muslims don't help other muslims in natural disasters whilst The West does?
If it is an infidel country then they are going to hell any way so why waste money.
if it is a muslim country then it was their god punishing them for doing whatever and thus not to be helped.

This is world war three and it is the rest of the world against islam.
If we lose we die, all of us women, children, men, the elderly, the infirm, every infidel who is not made a slave or who can afford to pay jizyah.
If you thought nazis were bad and the holocaust horrific, 6 million Jews exterminated, islam will leave the nazis standing and looking like boy scouts.
Nazis wanted to wipe out Jews, gypsies, the disabled, the mentally deficient leaving a pure race of aryans.
Muslims want to do all that as well plus every other religion that exists, atheists and agnostics, polytheists, monotheists.
Once most of the gone and all that remain are muslims, then it will continue with sect against sect until finally there will be one man left looking at a wasteland Earth and wondering if he will still get into paradise and his 72 perpetual virgins even though he cannot commit jihad.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately. You err..

Its not true that all muslins are terrorists. Many claim identification with christianity becsuse of ther own nationality & know withing about it. And never attend any type of christian activity. Many, probably millions, attend regularly and are not truly christian. Above all, a Christian must be honest and spiritual discernment cannot be learned from a book or a class.

Tania Cadogan said...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately. You err..

Its not true that all muslins are terrorists. Many claim identification with christianity becsuse of ther own nationality & know withing about it. And never attend any type of christian activity. Many, probably millions, attend regularly and are not truly christian. Above all, a Christian must be honest and spiritual discernment cannot be learned from a book or a class.

March 24, 2016 at 6:00 PM

I suggest you have a good long read through the information in the following link.
Be warned though that some images may be graphic.

Nic said...

Peter said:
Obama refuses to call Islamic terror what it is.

As per Canada's Trudeau and Dion:

[snip] Trudeau, who made his comments during a CBC Radio interview, and Dion -- speaking Wednesday in the House of Commons foyer -- both said the conflict with ISIL does not fit the true definition of war.

"A war is something that can be won by one side or the other and there is no path for ISIL to actually win against the West," Trudeau said.

"They want to destabilize, they want to strike fear. They need to be stamped out."

Dion suggested the notion of labelling the fight against extremists as an actual war might simply be outdated.

"If you use the terminology 'war,' in international law it will mean two armies with respecting rules and it's not the case at all," Dion said.

"You have terrorist groups that respect nothing. So we prefer to say that it's a fight." [end snip]

There was the Toronto 18 in 2016 ( and it was a year ago in October there was a shoot our in our house of parliament... and sentry, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, was shot down at the War Memorial.

But we're not at war.

Nic said...

I'm hearing/reading people ask what makes a "Canadian" (first generation) turn to jihad. Or what makes 'anyone' turn to jihad. I liken it to the cult of yesteryear such as Hare Krishna and today's crumbling Scientology preying on those who don't feel they belong/are disenfranchised/have a deep seeded need for approval and mentoring.