Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Sheriff James T. DeWees Statement

Carrol County, Maryland Sheriff James T. DeWees said, 

"He has a microphone in his face almost every moment he's awake, and has unprecedented access to the media. He could certainly take a moment to acknowledge these events and give us the same support he provides those that attack and kill us."

Since DeWees wrote an open letter to Obama on Facebook urging attention, 14 more police have been killed, six by gunfire, and the president has still hasn't addressed the issue, prompting the sheriff to add: 

"I also speak for thousands of police officers throughout the country that feel the White House has forgotten about them; a White House that remains silent about the uptick in deaths which ultimately gives them the perception that it's condoned; and for them perception is reality!"


Anonymous said...

The same media & Govt silence in Europe regarding violent immigrant crime operates in US. Endangering residents, tourists, vacationers and ordinary people just shopping, walking, cycling being assaulted by groups of black Americans. What kind of mentality creates an absurd term
called ' micro aggression'? While violent assault, rape & murder are rampant by black Americans

Anonymous said...

Will not be voting Democrat again....

Tania Cadogan said...

In the UK they spin themselves into the ground to avoid saying it is muslims grooming and raping white young girls,that we must defer to islam so as not to offend any muslims. It is infuriating to see and hear.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Tania, consider how bizarre this all is:

A man who fails at life resorts to stealing from his neighbor. Eventually, he kills and rapes. He looks at the Old Testament with the "thou shalt not" stuff, and changes it to "you shall kill, you shall take, you shall rape" and does.

He starts his own religion.

1400 years later, due to close in breeding, they have incredibly low IQs, the least Nobel Peace Prizes, no impulse control, and fill prisons wherever they go...


We pay the jizrah.

We tell them they are superior and we should yield ourselves so as to not offend them.

The hell of this ideology that is spreading there, is spreading here too. You are a few years ahead of us.

With in breeding they fill the social services world and over run it.

Supremacy, poor impulse control, and our dhimmitude is one lethal combination.

It is our children and grandchildren that will face off against nuclear Islamic Iran.

I hope you live in a safe neighborhood.

rob said...

Surely, surely, surely, people will get tired of what is going on. And violent muslims and even 'black lives matter' home grown terrorists will have to face a pushback from the victims.

Seems a little of this has started in Europe, but it will take much more. And sadly, they don't have guns to defend their families. On Obama's list to things to do before leaving office, I'm sure taking or limiting our weapons is high on his list. If Hillary gets elected, she will surely continue his fight.

Anonymous said...

If our govt leadership at all levels would do its law enforcement job which is protection of law abiding & punishment of law breaking then we would be in better shape. Romans 13:4, beareth the sword NOT in vain. All being made a mockery.