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Amanda Blackburn Murder: "Listening" To The Victim's Husband

A profiler, in commenting on the analysis, wrote that the analysis was not correct due to the narcissistic psychopathy of one who uses "we" and "us" because he is delusional and thinks he and God are one. 

Was she correct?   

I contend that pronouns are instinctive in language; with no pre thought, and are 100% reliable for analysis.  They are not subjective, and cannot fail in analysis, and that his use of "we" was not a narcissistic or psychopathic retreat into being "one" with God, but was (and is) the psychological 'sharing' of guilt that mothers of little boys learn readily when they come home from school with a need to 'spread out' the guilt of what was done. 

The murder victim's husband, Davey Blackburn, is again talking about the murder and readers here know that I concluded "deception indicated" without ably identifying the source of guilt, examine both the possibility of sexual guilt and guilty knowledge of a crime in which police have cleared him.  

I often do enough analysis to show a conclusion on the blog, while doing complete analysis for district attorneys, or within trainings where other professionals weigh in.  In this case, most investigators feel very strongly that the guilt's source is, in their own private opinions (having no access to the case), related to some form of contact with a gang member in which knowledge was passed letting a gang know what day, at what address, at what time a door would be unlocked and a woman would be home alone.  Some felt that homosexuality was indicated, but this still did not remove the bizarre coincidental nature of the case:

A man who is obsessed with success as defined in numbers, complains openly about his wife, citing pregnancy as a trigger, because his wife does not satisfy him sexually, and may even be to blame for the lack of numerical 'success' in his business.  He speaks publicly, shortly before his death, waving a gun around as a prop.  

The unhappy marriage ends, with its specific trigger (the unborn child) and what does the statistical suspect do?  He immediately uses the murder as free advertising, boasting of the numbers it produced.  

Sound like a devastated husband?

Statistically when a pregnant woman is murdered, the husband/boyfriend is the likely suspect.  

Here, police found and arrested the shooters and the husband was cleared.  Please note this as revealed fact of the case.  

Recent Videos and Insight  

As difficult or distasteful as it may be to some, listening and watching the video of the murder victim, Amanda Blackburn's husband, "Davey" is enlightening.   This case has been covered extensively, with deception indicated from the victim's husband, while police have plainly stated:  he is not a suspect.    

I write about this case solely from the language and videos publicly broadcast and only express my opinion.  I have not read the case file, nor have I been given any information from police.  I do believe that clearing him is their decision, made in conjunction with their attorneys.  

What To View 

We have both his language (statement analysis in the wake of the murder) but also his appearance, which includes theatrics, props, and costumes.  

What does this say about him, his religious beliefs, and any possible reflection to his sensitivity and deception in language?

Here is an example:

At 37 minute mark, he talks about reading Amanda's journal and weeping.  The problem?

He goes from past tense, to present tense (weeping) back to present tense, making the unreliable point in the middle.  This was a few months removed from the murder of his spouse and child.  As one investigator wrote, 'I would have lost it' had it been his wife.  The subject showed no emotion, just as he showed no negative emotion shortly after the murder.  He did show positive emotion at the attention and advertising but retreated to plural, "we" when it came to anything personal.  

In the video of him addressing his father-in-law's church, we noted his assertion of 'historical greatness' and his belief that the Creator communicated to him the reason for the murder and what great things he, the husband, would accomplish.  We also saw that in this, he berated his father in law's ministry, the congregation and gave the caveat or "out", that if greatness (numerical) is not achieved, it is not his fault, but their's for 'wasting' Amanda's death. 

All this, he said, came to him while standing naked in the shower. 

One not need to be a statement analyst, nor even a psychologist to consider the elements of divinity, nakedness and water, as indicative of sexual guilt in need of cleansing. 

In statement analysis, the correlation between 'shower' or 'water' and sexual homicide is strongly indicated. Please see Amanda Knox, or other articles on such in the blog entries. 

Most times, only basic analysis is offered in the blog.  Today, I will look a little deeper into the recent entries made by the subject, as well as common assertions made by readers in that they believe that  the subject (husband of victim) is concealing homosexuality, in particular.  This is a common conclusion of readers, citing both his words as well as his dress and appearance.  

I am curious as to those many comments who believe he is homosexual and either hiding it, or 'not hiding it as much...' now, as he may have been before the murder committed by gang members.    


If you look at his appearance in the last few performances, does his appearance suggest homosexuality?  Or, is this something "PC" and not talked about unless you are homosexual? 

What causes readers to most frequently cite this?  Is is supported by the language?  Is it what he publicly referenced as the "big lie" that caused his school mates, teachers, administrators, faculty and family, to turn against him?  Was there some form of false accusation (it was a lie, according to him) that caused such tremendous uproar?

Consider that for teens, when we do something wrong, we generally do not find 'agreement' in condemnation from both peers and adults; usually, one or the other, but not both.  Kids understand and often support kids, while the parents say "this was wrong."  It is unusual that he reported the condemnation to be universal and so wide spread that it even included faculty of the school.  It was, according to his description, no small occasion of deception.  

Appearance, Bearing, Theatrics and Presentation 

I am not a body language analyst, but I recognize that although it does not come close to the accuracy of statement analysis, it has both a use and it is inescapable:  we all do it. 

The clothing, including black leather jacket, baseball cap, the tight pants, hair styling, and the ill fitting jacket,  self referencing his own tan, his own body parts, etc, all show great attention to detail; something in the past attributed to the female mind; detail orientation, in particular.  (Remember, his Bible warns women about excess in appearance, (jewelry, hair, clothing,) but it makes no such warnings to men, something generally understood as unnecessary).  

I recognized why readers comment that he is not masculine in appearance when I watched the video performances he gave. 

His appearance is designed to communicate a message and his words affirm it.  This is why readers are to listen to the words he chooses.  

  2 things of note:

While he is speaking freely, he abounds in the singular pronoun,  both "I" and "me", voiding his use of the "we" he used regarding Amanda and child's murder.  During the days he did the "media tour", he rarely used the pronoun "I", yet while 'preaching', he refers to himself far more than he does to any religious figure, including the 'jesus' he references.  At times, media, and readers, have picked up on this narcissistic indicator, such as Barak Obama giving a eulogy where one may have wondered if he remembered to even mention the dearly departed as he spoke about himself.  We also saw this in the Amanda 'funeral' or 'memorial' service where Davey was keyed upon by his mentor, with very few words dedicated to Amanda.  

I imply no insult to Christians by my lowercase 'jesus' above.  I recognize that the person described by Davey Blackburn as 'jesus' bears little resemblance to the figure known as "Jesus of Nazareth", historically, from the ancient texts.  Davey's 'jesus' is not the Jesus of John the Baptist, for example, in language.  They are very different.  By using the lower case, I seek to respect those of faith, and hope this adequately fulfills this respect.  Many have written how embarrassed they are at his antics in his performances.  

"We is me and jesus"

The now or 'new'  reasoning that "we" was "me and jesus" is something that satisfies those who believe he is mentally ill and suffers from delusion.  I disagree.  Clinical delusion is not in his language; instead, manipulation, drive and a single-mindedness of self promotion are most evident.  

Language and Purpose

Next note the number of references, in any 30 minute segment, to his personal body and appearance.  Besides many references to sexuality, he refers to his own physical attributes often, and uses language that reflects body building, body posture (besides sitting/standing) and even the use of imagery in language, as habits of speech where he employs a word that you might find more suitable for the gym or an exercise than in a church.  

The more he speaks, the more suspicion he brings upon himself, particularly of those who hold that he had, in some way, communicated to criminal element, that his home would be accessible on that particular day, specifically in the morning hours, including the delay.  

As people read his words, suspicion grows and what is not supported is;

mental illness. 

The use of "we" in his statements was not delusional as some have suggested.  This is a purpose driven, ambitious narcissist who knows precisely what he is doing, and when it came to the death of his wife, he deliberately retreated to "we", as instinct, (that is, not subconscious, but without pre thought) in areas related to her death.  

If the 'we' was "me and jesus", one cannot help but wonder what went wrong in his relationship with 'jesus' that the pronoun "we" has disappeared during the free editing process of these video-taped performances?  If the pronoun was relationship, the absence shows a change in the perception of the relationship.  

I do not hold to this.  

Pronouns are instinctive, intuitive, and 100% reliable in Statement Analysis.  Context holds the answer as we are able to see when a person seeks comfort in a crowd, where psychologically, guilt is shared by 'spreading it around' and connection and unity is made with at least one other person, if not an entire crowd.  This is lie detection 101 that kindergarten teachers know well.  

Fame has its cost

As people wonder, "Will the truth come out?" which, for most of us, is not something we are ready to even define.  What is the truth?  Did he 'hint' or 'suggest' to a gang member during a 'counseling' session that he was sick of his wife and his house would be unlocked; hence, the deceptive language?

Or, was he  sick of his wife (as he stated), and deception has been his own sexuality as he covered his own glee at the marvelous coincidence and opportunity for fame?  (I will address sexuality and language at a different time). 

Fame has its cost. 

When one becomes famous, envy quickly arises and people want what another has, and with envy, if they cannot have it, they seek to destroy he who does.  'Pay me for silence...' is a form of extortion that famous people have always dealt with.  In some cases, the extortioner has 'disappeared' or been murdered.  

This could be related to any secrets and secret relationships that he may have engaged in.  His dress, appearance, mannerisms and his overtly sexually language conspire against him.  Our words reveal us.  

When his mentor was supposed to speak about Amanda and Christ's Resurrection, instead he opted to speak about Davey's body in a distinctly romantic or sexual manner.  This showed what was on mentor's mind, as our words reveal us all.  If you, the viewer of the video, had wished to dismiss this as tangents or those with evil imaginations, the mentor made it quite difficult for you.  

Although I have not listened to any of the performances in depth, it takes but a few minutes to learn: 

1.  just how dominant the pronoun "I is within his language.  This is when he is speaking without notes in the 'free editing process.'

2.  the priority of each message is the subject, himself, and not a religious or historical figure. He is 'front and center' linguistically, just as much as he is theatrically, as the videographer focus is upon Davey, himself.

3.  how the language reveals repetition in sensuality; that is, sexual or physical references that are repeated, or that have a common thread:  even metaphors going back to his body parts.  

4.  The video taped performance is theatrical, not just in language but appearance, including the costumes. 

  What does this say about his religious belief?  

What do tight clothing, sexualized language and imagery and focus of self say about his religious belief?  Does his 'jesus' have a message, so terribly weak, that it needs the 'tools of the trade' to be effective?

"On November 10th, everything changed. It was a normal Tuesday morning. I woke up around 4:30am. Read my bible for a bit. Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout. When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone. My home had been broken into and Amanda was lying on the floor unconscious with 3 gunshot wounds – one to the head.

I don’t really know how anyone is expected to process a moment like that. I suppose I’ll attempt to explain more one day on this blog, but for now the only way I can describe it is everything seemed to be a slow-motion blur as all my worst fears became reality. I called 911 as soon as I could, and the paramedics rushed Amanda to the hospital. The next 24 hours were a waiting game to see if the swelling in her brain would subside and give us any hope of her survival. Mid-morning on November 11th the doctors informed me that there was no brain activity and she would not recover."

Consider from the analysis some more insight:   

1. "Read my Bible for a bit. Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout."
He did not say, "I read my Bible for a bit.  I went to the gym and worked out."  Instead, he gives us more detail, unnecessarily, about that dreadful day.  

a.  "Grabbed my gym clothes" begins without the pronoun "I" and we know that not only is the pronoun "I" something he uses a great deal (see above) but it is dissimilar to his statements in which he said "we" was "me and jesus" which was so often used, that it showed baseline pattern building shortly after her death.

Does 'jesus' not grab gear and work out with him any longer?  If this was a few months ago, might he have used the pronoun "we", as he now claims, to be him and 'jesus'?

Beginning this sentence without a pronoun is very important. The sentences before and after had pronouns. 

Please consider that pronoun omission by narcissistic types, is an acute distancing point; not just "distancing language."

It is not just a disruption in his pattern (contextually) and it is not just a deviation from his pattern of guilt where he used "we" so often: 

He is telling us that he has a need to psychologically distance himself from the gym, now, as he looks back.  This should lead to natural questions;

Who did you speak to at the gym?
Who did you meet with?
What took place at the gym?
Why the need to persuade us that this is 'normal' if it is normal?
Was there something about going to the gym this day, in particular, that had another motive?  

If this sounds like 'reading into the text what does not exist' please consider the following:

"grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout" as it stands with "for a work out" answering the question as to "why?", though no such question exists.  

This "for" is the reason why, yet, it is consistent with an event that has begun or an intention, rather than a commitment such as, "I went to the gym and worked out."  This would be a reliable statement. 

He is now signaling something to consider:

There may be another reason why he went to the gym, and it is something that he does not want to say and something that he psychologically does not want to be associated with. 

Because the sentences before and after use pronouns, it only heightens the sensitivity of the omitted pronoun here.  

"he headed out" which is to begin an activity which we seek conclusion upon, in the text.  
b.  He does not say "who" headed out"  He said he “headed or started”.  

Here, he literally tells us why he went to the gym, "for a workout" which then indicates that he had a need to tell us why he went to the gym.  

*This suggests that he likely had another reason for going to the gym that morning besides working out.  In fact, he does not tell us he worked out.  

2. When I returned home to shower  I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone

Here we have the hypersensitive portion of his account.  He now tells us the reason he went home.  
a.  This is unnecessary making it very important;
b.  This is to explain why when no such question is posed
c.  This is to explain why when no such question is even anticipated. 

This tells us that his return home had a purpose other than to just shower.  

*Does this now point to guilty knowledge of murder, rather than just the possible sexual event at a gym?

Answer:  not so quickly.  It is a 'cluster of blues', yes, but "shower" is closely related to some form of illicit, or inappropriate sexual activity but it is also closely related to sexual homicide. 
Amanda was murdered via gunshot, but, if reports are believed, there is an element of sexual assault involved if only by the removal of her clothes. 

This suggests either:
a.  the need to be cleansed from sexual sin at the gym, for example, 
b.  the knowledge that what was going to be done to his wife while he was at the gym, including an element of sexual assault.  

Some investigators believe both.  

"Walked in..." is to slow down the pace of the event with its requisite psychological distancing.    

3. "I called 911 as soon as I could,"  the paramedics rushed Amanda to the hospital. 

Here he tells us that something caused him to be limited or initially unable to call 911 with the words "as soon as I could" while not identifying what caused him to be delayed. 

I have found in many years of investigations references to calling 911 "immediately" or "right away", when unnecessary (in an open statement) to be linked to delay. 

"And I called 911 immediately", yet later the interview revealed the suspect tried to resuscitate his victim hoping to avoid calling police, but when he could not revive him, he was forced to call police.  While he was thinking of this delay, he said, "I called 911 immediately "

It was this word, "immediately" that I focused my questions on the time period from the "fall" he claimed the victim took, and the call to police, eventually leading to the admission of "well, yeah, of course, who wouldn't try but then I called!"

It is an unnecessary word. 

When there is an emergency, no one will think, "did you stop and smoke a cigaret or have a bite to eat, and then call 911?" but the subject, thinking of what really happened feels a need to deal with suspicion that doesn't even exist. 

This suspicion is projected by the guilty subject, in the language  and without its inclusion, I would not have known of a delay. 

Had 'Davey' not said, "as soon as I could", I would not have known that something hindered him. Here, he not only identifies a delay in time, but an event or something that hindered him.  He has the need to say that which should have been unnecessary to state.  

Now consider this:

This is his second 'delay' of time on the 'normal' every Tuesday event. 

The first?

He stayed on the phone (not unusual) outside on the driveway (unusual, unexpected) on the very day that he might have saved her life had he not stayed outside this long.  

It is very difficult to grasp the rapidity of clearing a statistical suspect (husband of pregnant woman) simply because his alibi of location checks out, when you look at these statements.  

Also by mentioning "as soon as I could", not only is it a delay of time and signals that something (event) hindered him, but it shows that while making this statement,  he is thinking of the time period between when he walked in and when he called 911, and does not wish to share this information. 

This is not a skipping over time, he is literally slowing time down with "walking" into his, not our, house. 

  Linguistically, he is actually pausing, as he recalls the date of the murder of Amanda and her unborn child.  

 4. "On November 11th the doctors informed me that there was no brain activity and she would not recover." 

The lack of Amanda's name is consistent with the distancing language he used during all the interviews he gave shortly after her murder.  He avoided using the correct social introduction (from a man who public speaks for a living) signaling that when he complained about her in his video performances, he was reporting his complaints reliably or truthfully.  (I do not claim them to be 'accurate' as Amanda was ridiculed and silenced, only that he is reliable and not attempting to deceive.  He blames her, which may not be accurate, but he is not deceptive).  

Note the doctors informed "me" here.  What did they inform "me" of?  Not that Amanda would not live, but that there was "no brain activity" and "she" would not live.  At this point, the focal point is "me", even more than the lack of brain activity, though "she" is still alive. 
The context is medical.  Where is the "we"?  Was not this supposed to be "me and jesus" here?

Psychological distancing.  Also, the "plural" he has addressed as "me and Jesus", which for some means mental illness.  I do not believe it.  I believe it is the sharing of guilt, psychologically and the new explanation is deliberate deception.  

Mental Illness and Delusional Thinking 

As to "hope of survival" he now retreats back to the same language he used after her death; confirming that it is context that controls the pronoun, not the presence of 'jesus', nor the mental illness asserted.  If he was truly delusional, as one profiler suggested, and saw himself as 'one with God', she said, like other 'psychopathic narcissists', the "we" would show up outside the context where Amanda's death and guilt are indicated.  

Think: "hope of survival" would mean, what, to Davey?

She, the one he complained about, and she, the one who wanted him home, while he wanted to be out canvasing, and she, the one who carried yet another baby who caused so much stress...would be coming home and have to be dealt with.  

It is the consistency that shows:  this is not mental illness; this is not delusional belief of being "one" with God, nor is it even narcissistic psychopathy:  it is the same thing your 7 year old does when he was naughty at school (if there is still something defined as 'naughty' or 'wrong' in schools today), he hides his guilt, psychologically, in a crowd.  

When he is not in need of psychological thinning out of the intensity of guilt, there is no use of "we"; hence, the contextual affirmation.  

Pronouns do not lie.  

Even after months, and after 'explaining' the meaning behind the plural, it is context, again, that shows where the need for plurality exists; precisely as seen months ago.  

This is a bit longer than some of you may be used to, and it has some background information that may help you as you listen to and watch the videos, see the pronoun usage for what it is, and decide for yourself if police were correct in closing the case, or if the deception is about sexuality and not murder. 

All persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.  When anyone speaks publicly, there is an assumption that the listener is free to opine on whether or not the listener believes the information given. 

The opinion here is my own.  It comes solely from the public statements within the public case. 

I expect a book and movie deal to be forthcoming and for more scrutiny to come each time statements are made. 

I have my own doubts upon this case, but do not believe that the subject's pronoun use is due to any form of mental illness or  mental disturbance, outside of what this type of pronoun use has shown readily in many years of research:

We, as humans, feel guilt and when we wish to distance ourselves from the guilt, one of the best indicators is pronouns. 

Dropped pronouns have indicated guilt. 

The word "we" has solved rape cases.  

Pronouns are not part of our internal subjective dictionaries, but are intuitive, and even pre-date our discernible speech as young children.  

Some examples for those new to analysis:  

"We drove to the woods where he raped me.  We then drove home and I called 911."

In this case, no rape took place, as the word "we" indicates unity and/or cooperation between the rapist and victim; this is something that rape victims will instinctively avoid. The "we" before the assault is acceptable, because at the time of the driving, unity would be the expected, but for the subject, this unity was not disrupted therefore, the "we" after the assault is unexpected and indicative of deception. 

See the Bill Cosby case for an example of how a victim relates to a rapist. 

Here is a similar view.  Once they beat him, the word "we" revealed that he was part of this thieving gang:  

"They broke in here and beat me, tied me up, put a towel over my head.  We went into the room and they made me open the safe..."
"We went to the store.  Got what I needed.  Paid cash and left. "

The dropped pronoun signals that the subject did, with others, go to the store, but once there, he does not want to be part of it ---"it" was theft.  


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Skeptical said...

Davy's use of the word "reality" in his statement sounds unusual. "When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone." I expect the use of "I walked into a situation or a scene I'd never wish on anyone." The word reality makes me wonder that if he did set up the murder, the reality of what he found and what had happened was more brutal than he could have possibly envisioned. Did he have to take time to go and throw up and get himself together before he could call 911?

Anonymous said...

"When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone."

...reminds me of: "I just entered the kitchen..."

DB's statement above answers some questions before they are asked. "What was your real purpose in returning to the house?" and "Did you wish for that to happen?"

Great blog, and it's interesting to return to the DB thing after studying SA for a few months!

noisome said...

He is an old-timey huckster; a classic storybook villain, the fearsome rogue of yore who'd steal your daughter, literally. You'd never see her again, and she becomes a sad folk song. In days of old, these types moved around a lot, as I gather Davey did up until relatively recently too. There is now a large segment of society that simply cannot fathom a "preacher" doing anything more untoward than perhaps having a too-nice car. So this Davey person swoops into town with all of the polish of The Music Man and puts on a full Broadway production, on and off stage. The sets change, but the scam is the same, and people are duped as usual. His remaining clout is probably 99% due being married to a respected preacher's daughter. He needed her. Or should I say he needed her father, he probably hunted far and wide for a respected preacher's daughter. And the plan went fine until he became greedy. At some point he realized that it was time, that she was no longer a necessary part of the plan. It goes beyond the "discarding phase of a narcissist", she offered no value to his ego, herself. She was merely a stepping stone to a larger greatness, a tool or vehicle at most. Certainly not someone he was ever proud of, as a person.

I think about what the protected religious class must have gotten away with in days of yore too, and shudder. It was exactly this sort of thing though, you can bet.

I'm not sure if anyone here has followed the Shaun King story, but it's similar, without the murder. This self-proclaimed "preacher" has been scamming people through social justice charities, religious crap, self-help schemes and more for a few decades now. He's also the male version of Rachel Dolezal, claiming to be mixed but is actually white. That little lie got him a free ride into a black college, after he spun getting beat up in high school into a "hate crime". His appeal is mainly secular now, he does the social justice schtick, following whichever the outrage winds are blowing. It's a big, big game. He secured several book deals and has paid online writing gigs of all sorts(most are very temporary, of course). I hate to use the word, but the word "gypsy" comes to mind. In the tragic, historical sense.

I'm on a tangent, but my point is that if you want to pull a seriously unnaccountable scam in America, stand behind Jesus to do it. Tell people you have a "church". Untouchable.

Has anyone looked into ties in the police department to his church? I'd be surprised if there were none at all. It might be the friend of a cop's wife or some other close but not immediate tie.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I recognize that this was quite a bit longer, but even the short blog entry warranted follow up; especially reading the comments.

2 news announcements will not surprise me, should either (or both) emerge:

"pastor resigns after gang member implicates him in wife's murder" will not surprise me nor will

"pastor of mega church counsels lonely young pastor who's wife murdered, for undisclosed sexual sin..."

I actually expect the latter.


Statement Analysis Blog said...


I like your description.

This is a very disturbed but also very talented young man.

He could write a book on Exploitation and I wished he had used his talents to sell cars or something. His language shows well above average intelligence, yet, even with this quick mind, he still retreats to "we" and "us" when it is Amanda's death haunting him.

Those who sell short someone like Davey Blackburn ultimately fail in the interview process.

Always respect your subject.


noisome said...

"I wished he had used his talents to sell cars or something" Funny!! But here it is in a nutshell. Why sell cars? Why bother with profit margins? Why pay taxes? Why pay for any sort of certification, education, or insurance when you can just set up a "church" and collect free cash, whilst building a small army of sychophants to shield you, should any malfeasance publically surface in the future?

These young closeted gay guys who are growing up in poverty, in appalachia or wherever The Music Man is from, they see the Ted Haggards of the world and say; "Hey! I could do that!" And if you do it right, and manage to keep the gay stuff private, you really CAN go to the stratosphere with it, especially if you're good-looking(not saying he's gay, but look at Joel Osteen and his completely vapid, multi-million dollar empire based on the appearance of success). It we were being *really* honest, we'd call these guys cult leaders, since they are a law unto themselves in all meaningful aspects. They require submission to their doctrine, no matter how vapid.

Bingo3 said...

Next week at Newspring should be an SA doozy unless they coach him up a bit. Surely the stage will seduce him and he will get high on himself similar to his behavior at FNL church. Here is Perry Noble introducing poor, widowed Davey to his congregation from the empty tomb, as he force feeds the masses with the Nothing is Wasted slogan once again. Before long they are going to be outright saying what a wonderful thing Amanda's death was! She sips Pina Colada's on the beach while the world gets restored and the best keeps coming. DB tries as hard as he can to look serious but he is loving every second of it. SMH

mom2many said...

I've tried really hard not to rush to judgment on Davey's involvement, but I knew that scale was tipping back when I watched the Worry sermon Davey preached days before the murder. That sermon included statements about knocking out your girl's teeth, and shooting away worries, of which money and children were noted. Two days later Amanda is less one tooth and shot three times.

It seemed too much of a stretch that Davey performed any of the attack directly, when such ideas were proposed. Now with the hour and a half hole in the timeline, per the blog entry, it seems more possible.

I wonder if Davey does any boxing in his workouts? Could he have knocked her unconcious in advance? Was there any bruising on his knuckles?

Highlighting his need to explain "for a workout" is illuminating. While I caught the dropped pronouns, my attention was drawn to the temporal lacuna in the period before he left, without catching the implication of explaining what should have been unnecessary. Also, knowing the police had him on tape at the gym, I assumed that meant his activities checked out. I wonder if "for a workout" might be covering up "for an alibi?"

He thinks he can cover his tracks with clever words. I hope he continues writing. In his narcissism, he underestimates the intelligence of his audience.

Les66 said...

Could he be completely innocent of the crime, but inwardly delighted to be rid of a wife he didn't love or want?

Sarah Highcove said...

Les66 it is possible but it would be a staggering coincidence.

Les66 said...

Are these three burglaries not a staggering coincidence then?

kimisan03 said...

He can't shut up. Why do they never stop talking? If he would have read an Agatha Christie novel once in his life, he wouldn't be making any more statements or blog posts and giving everyone more to work with. However, I am glad to see more posts on here! I've been consistently wondering where this case would lead.

Anonymous said...
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Hey Jude said...

Thanks for your latest blog post, Peter - I haven't had time to read it properly yet, but will chip in on it later re the gay PC question.

I am catching up with Davey's sermons, the third in one of the series now - 'It was a set up' - his Easter sermon. I'm eight minutes through and needed to take a break as his talk about illusionists is making me feel nauseous - is it just my suspicious mind, or more of his seeming to push the envelope? I think, if he did do it, he might come unstuck in dropping hints and clues - he's maybe celebrating his 'genius' at being cleared, but can't help almost sharing (not merely leaking) - maybe he didn't factor in that he wouldn't be able to resist wanting recognition for getting away with murder. Suspicious mind, or did anyone else wonder about the illusionist stuff? I know it sometimes is mentioned in relation to the resurrection - I will listen to the rest presently, to see if he is going to mention it further, and if so, how.

Sometimes, when I have listened to him, I think he couldn't have done it, in which case he's more terribly maligned by many here, myself included, than is reasonable. Then I get to thinking, no, actually, he really believes he can manipulate reality and God (whatever he understands God to be, then) - he really thinks he can and that he has and can continue to do that, which if so, makes him a very scary person, and a danger to anyone who becomes an obstruction.

I don't know. Too much coincidence, too much Davey, no sign of anger at what was done to Amanda when he should be full of fury and sorrow for the mother of his son - plus that interview, just a few days after her death, where he said Amanda would want forgiveness for her murderers, so how could he think differently, sort of thing - I find it surprising that a man would make that type of response, especially as he failed to protect her to the extent of leaving the door unlocked. No anger with himself - he's so unmanly, despite the biceps.

The 'joke' about the locks, also in the 'It was a Set Up' talk - he's probably trying to create the illusion that they routinely didn't lock the doors because their home was open house, twenty-four/seven to callers - it wasn't an oversight, or a set-up, but an act of faith - so self-sacrificing, albeit only of Amanda, who 'gave her life for the church'. But there, I do have a (somewhat) suspicious mind.

Hey Jude said...

Bobcat - I think I read quite recently on the old long thread that his grandfather is a psychiatrist specialising in bi-polar disorder, also maybe forensic psychiatry. I don't remember precisely, or who linked it - but there was a page which linked to the doctor's professional profile, and it was said to be Davey's grandfather - it's there somewhere, I think that thread.

John Mc Gowan said...

I may have missed it. Have DBs parents made any statements?

Anonymous said...

Not a peep from immediate family other than this article:

Concerned said...

Please go back and read the SA blog's analysis of Davey from the early days following the crime. Also read the comments. You will see how unlikely it is that Davey is totally innocent. Read the lists of coincidences compiled by the commenters. Pay attention to Peter's explanation of SA.

I believe that Peter's first "news announcement" is the one we're likely to see in the future, though both would not surprise me. The marriage of Alonzo Bull and Donae Mitchell has dissolved so who knows what she might tell at the trial?

Your Music Man analogy is spot-on and made me laugh! I do believe Davey sought out Amanda for her ability to slingshot his brand. His mentor, Perry Noble said at the "funeral" that it took Amanda to get him on the Davey bandwagon. They were launched in Indy based on Perry's confidence in Amanda but she wasn't enough to make Resonate successful.
Davey was a poor preacher and people who were pulled into the "church" didn't stay. (One only needs to watch the videos of Davey and Amanda to see why!) Davey's sex obsession spills out his pores and nobody wants to come to church for that. I'm convinced she had much to say about this and his porn addiction. Immediately following their honeymoon he chose to stay away from home and things only got worse.

I'm so surprised that PN and Newspring have not only kept their ties with Davey but are having him speak, though I don't think Perry Noble will react well if Davey does what he did at Amanda's dad's church service. The thing for PN is that this just gives him another story for book #4 and more drama for the brand. Their "churches" are all about keeping people's attention with the new and dramatic so ole Davey will be the flash for next week.

Yes, I too believe that Davey underestimates the intelligence of everyone. That's why he won't read Peter's analysis and shut his mouth. We can expect more, more, more because liars just have to lie!

Anonymous said...

Jude, that's a different Dr. Blackburn. The Psych MD from Louisiana is not Grandpa.

Davey's Grandpa:
1992 California - Dr. Blackburn
1995 Indiana - Rev. Blackburn

According to facebook:
Studied History/Religion at Indiana Wesleyan University
Former regional director of estate planning at American Bible Society

John Mc Gowan said...

Thank you, Bobcat!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Les66 said...
Could he be completely innocent of the crime, but inwardly delighted to be rid of a wife he didn't love or want?
April 18, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Yes, this is the argument of some, with homosexuality as the topic of deception in his language.


Anonymous said...


From a second cousin (one of the few relatives who is NOT fb friends with DB), who leaves open doubt that IMPD have the right people and thanks people for not rushing to judgment. Interesting choice of words.

Just want to say a thank you to all my FB friends. As you may or may not associate names, Amanda Blackburn was a family member. I don't post a lot on here, but I haven't heard a rush to judgement from anyone I know. Thank you for that. If you met anyone in this family, you would step back and say 'Wow'. Truly incredible family. Thankful that they have suspects in custody and hope that they have the right people. All prayers still going out for Davey and Weston.

Anonymous said...

A few more quotes from step-uncle Ken Murphy:

"Aah, share a couple of things with you about your Pastor, ahh, Davey. I’ve known, ah, Davey, you know, for, for a number of years, and, I was thinking about, you know, one of my recollections of Davey and ba.., it’s like, you know, Thanksgiving, it’s Christmas, it’s gettogethers and, one thing you need to know about our family is that we, we are a family that likes to compete and we are a family that likes to win. Aah, and Davey, ah, as long as I can remember, you know, like, like you do Thanksgiving dinner and then you go outside and you throw the football and there’s a bunch of little grandkids, and nieces and nephews, aunts and uncles, Grandma and Grandpa. Davey was always the kid that was, you know, growing up, that was like, diving, making plays, like, giving Grandma a stiff arm to score a touchdown and the family Thanksgiving… you know, family gettogether deal."

"It carried over, even, then we’d play board games and there’s about a five year run where, uh, Risk became our family board game. You guys play Risk? Anybody remember that, it’s kind of an older board game deal? And it’s kind of like, basically, it’s an empire. You get to take over the world, and armies invade other countries, and, we’re playing and all the grandkids, all the nieces and nephews are playing…Davey was at the table, and this is NOT Davey (obviously, Ken is talking about Davey), but we’re at the table and there’s one, there’s one particular family member who shall remain nameless, who was about ready to get knocked off the face of the world, in the game of Risk, and right before the last kinda dice was thrown there, he got up and he says he “accidentally” knocked the corner. All the pieces went off, and then we said, “Dude, you lost”. And he goes “We’ll never know, we will never know what woulda happened here”."

Lis said...

I agree that the use of we is not due to mental illness. If he were delusional it would come out in many ways not just in the use of the plural pronoun at those precise points where his wife is involved.

It may not be clear yet what it is exactly, but there's definitely more to the story.

Bingo3 said...

This is so excellent Peter. I have read it all and plan to study the details of your SA. There are so many interesting nuggets.

Bobcat, thanks for pointing that out about the Uncle. I remember us discussing that as we went over each crazy sermon after the next. The Uncle shed light onto DB's personality and his need to win at all cost, even it meant shoving down Grandpa to get a touchdown. Makes me think about his last sermon where he admits knocking his little bros snow cone out of his hand because the little boy lost the game and didn't deserve a snow cone. He knocked it out and said, "you don't deserve this, you are a loser." He then admitted he kept up with all of his brothers scores and stats so he could make fun of him later. Sounds like Davey has been a pill for a very long time.

Anonymous said...

If you're still reading Peter,

Is there significance of FIRE in SA?

Anonymous said...

Davey's fake description of grief 1/31/2015

"Y’all, a couple weekends ago, I, I just went by the fire and I just sat down and started reading. I was trying to just rest, ‘cause it’s been really hard for me to rest the past couple months. I’m just trying to rest and I’m just sittin by the fire, and I’m listening to some music, and I’m reading through some of Amanda’s journal entries and, it just, hit me. And they say it like hits you out of nowhere but it just enveloped me, and for the next three hours I am, weeping. And I got done and I felt like I had just run, ran a marathon. Wh, what was that and where did it come from? I just wept until I had no more strength and I’m sure you’ve been there before."

Lis said...

Q: is it expected that he should leave his son (the toddler) out of these narratives? It seems like after Amanda, his son would have been his next immediate concern- where is he? is he ok? did they harm him? It's like he doesn't exist or wasn't there?

Lis said...

Skeptical, the word reality strikes me also. Is it because he is not usually present in reality? Is he a daydreamer, fantasizing in his own mind? Was the gym world he came from or the conversation on the phone not reality? It seems like reality is a contrast; you can't spin it or wish it away, it is what it is.

I also note that it is "a" reality as though there are more than one reality.

Lis said...

Les66 said...

Could he be completely innocent of the crime, but inwardly delighted to be rid of a wife he didn't love or want?

Yeah- not so inwardly, actually.

Concerned said...

Bobcat at 7:58
What made that "grieving by the fire" so fake to me was all the tense changes. Davey just couldn't decide whether to be in the past or the present. Such storytelling!

Whatever happened to ABB?

lynda said...

noisome..In answer to your question regarding the police dept. Yes, Davey had many friends on the department and also in the local news media. He even filmed video with the police. Some local police were in his congregation as was the female newscaster that did "sympathy" only segments regarding him.
concerned @ 6:50 - Donae and Alonzo still appear married on FB. Do you have info that states otherwise?

Peter - I have not jumped on the gay bandwagon on the DL as of yet. I believe he is bisexual. I thought when Davey said "we" he was talking about he and everyone who was within hearing distance. Davey is "of the people", he is one of them, they are all in this together type deal. Davey holds himself higher of course, he's not REALLY one of "them" but he must appear to be to gain their trust. SEX sells. SEX packs the house. It's been that way since the beginning of time and will continue till we're all dead and gone. He's got his schtick and he's sticking with it. I do believe that he will never be prosecuted for this tho and he may go the way of Drew Peterson. He will get away with it until his 2nd wife dies under mysterious circumstances.
There is no excuse or plausible explanation besides corruption and having their pastors back as to why he was cleared so quickly, was allowed to leave the scene of the crime unaccompanied, why his clothes weren't confiscated immediately, why, why, why. I also have no doubt that he is guilty of at least letting the info drop into the right laps and letting them run with it. What will trip him up is only if they roll on him and they can PROVE that he told them. Now, one might think that he had to do MORE than just exchange some info and what will be, will be...because of his language THAT DAY. He started alibi building that morning when he "grabbed his gym back to go for a workout" to "I entered a reality"'s all just bullshit and his language tells us that. He had to have dropped more than just info because he knew what day it was going to happen. He knew that morning that he needed to be somewhere else and he waited in the driveway, and then waited once inside the house to call 911. Davey did not even MENTION his unborn child until the internet started pointing it out and then shazaam! Next day, he relates that they had named her and that he, himself, decided to add the middle name of Grace after Amanda was murdered. Davey did not, and does not, have any emotional investment in Amanda and his unborn child being murdered that day.
I don't think Davey's obsession with his body and looks comes from a hidden homosexuality. I think it comes from his narcissism. He loves himself, he's the greatest thing since Jesus walked the earth, as a matter of fact, he has proclaimed himself a PROPHET of the Lord as the Lord told him that "history will be changed" because of him. He is no longer just a pastor..he is a prophet, and you know what that means...WE got trouble, right here in River City, with a capital T !
I get physically sick to my stomach when I think of all the parents that actually watched his video that he put up for all to see, talking to a group of teen girls and calling them WHORES because of the way they dress. Whores. My dad would have gone and punched him right in the throat. Then when he was down, my brother would have kicked him. Where are the fathers of these girls?? The mothers?? He is a dangerous man and I think he hates women. Everytime he opened his mouth to Amanda, to younger girls that are whores in his congregation, his misogyny just screams from him.

lynda said...

"was about ready to get knocked off the face of the world, in the game of Risk, and right before the last kinda dice was thrown there, he got up and he says he “accidentally” knocked the corner. All the pieces went off, and then we said, “Dude, you lost”. And he goes “We’ll never know, we will never know what woulda happened here"

THIS is Davey...We will never know what really happened there because he tied up loose ends, severed ties, did what he needed to do so Amanda and the baby's murder did not come back on him. Davey will never be the loser, even if he has to lie, steal, cheat, kill to make sure it never happens. He's disgusting.

Lis said...

In the talk about the fireside he uses the word "just" several times. Just is used to compare things or to minimize. Now possibly he keeps emphasizing it because he is a person who is always running away from his feelings and it is highly unusual for him to "just" sit there and rest and allow himself to think and feel. But the word just could also make you wonder what else he was doing by the fireside that he is trying to exclude?

"Y’all, a couple weekends ago, I, I just went by the fire and I just sat down and started reading. I was trying to just rest, ‘cause it’s been really hard for me to rest the past couple months. I’m just trying to rest and I’m just sittin by the fire, and I’m listening to some music, and I’m reading through some of Amanda’s journal entries and, it just, hit me. And they say it like hits you out of nowhere but it just enveloped me, and for the next three hours I am, weeping. And I got done and I felt like I had just run, ran a marathon. Wh, what was that and where did it come from? I just wept until I had no more strength and I’m sure you’ve been there before."

Just is used 9 times out of 136 words.

Well, on the positive side it's good to know "it" finally hit him and he seems to have wept. It's about time.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...


Quick question: Is it significant the order that Davey relays the medical news- " brain activity and she would not recover."? I know you teach that order is important.

Certainly a doctor could have relayed the no brain activity statement first, leading up to the inevitable. However, it seems to me (and I could be wrong) that the more devastating (larger) "she would not recover" should come first in recounting the event, followed by and attributed to the "no brain activity" statement. Just recalling emergency situations I've experienced, they were defined by those devastating proclamations, rather than the causes.

Heisgay said...


You asked about "fire". Maybe he burned evidence of some kind and/or subconsciously wants to burn her journal to be rid of that reminder of her?

Anonymous said...

I have a question that ties into what Peter wrote before I begin analysis:

Do gay men notice shoes both women's and men's to an unusual degree?

One guy I was friends with and who I am sure was closeted gay used to notice my shoes instantly, if i had a new pair, I'm talking instantly, like faster than a woman would be able to this a sign of being gay?

Another guy who I am extremely suspicious he is gay was receiving tips on how to find the perfect colored pair of shoes and ended up buying a pair in a wine color that were tapered and looked like slippers (feminine looking).

This may sound ridiculous, but is this shoe thing a sign of being gay? I have never noticed a straight male with this type of shoe radar.

rjb said...

Lis @ 8:37 --

The word "just" has a tendency to be overused by Evangelicals to the point where it is a (not an entirely inside) joke. Particularly when praying. "Father God, we just come before you now and we just ask that you would just, just bless us, Father, and we just thank you for just all of the good things that you give to us, Father, and we just ask that you would just be here with us tonight and just fill us with your presence." It's the go to word when we need a second to think of what to say next, the Evangelical "um" as it were. I would have to listen to some of DB's sermons to be sure, but my impression here is that he is making this story up on the fly, not truly recounting an experience that he had, and thus falling back on what would be a common speech pattern for him.

Heisgay said...

Bobcat, I just listened to the snippet containing the fire reference: He also says "It (his fake despair) ENVELOPED him."

Fire envelopes whatever it is burning.

So we have the words



So, going on what I know of forensic profiling and some arson cases:

1) He may have burned evidence.
2) He may wish to burn her journal.
3) He may be thinking of committing another crime or may have already committed one and be thinking of using fire to "destroy" the house is was committed in.
3) He may have committed arson in the past, may have a fixation with fire. Could he have committed an act or arson in high school?

Bobcat said...

Anon @ 9:10,

In the words of Elle Woods:
"Gay men know shoes. Straight men don't"


I've transcribed most of DB's sermons since November. He doesn't say "just" very often, except for when talking about Weston or Amanda. He has stopped talking about Amanda in sermons because he can't keep his tenses straight when he does.


DB has made references to flames in the past and very recently. Both in a joking hyperbolic way, but they set off my fire-setting/cruelty to animals alarm bells. Fire-setting is a disturbing pathological sign, as is cruelty to animals. He has also admitted being cruel to his younger brother.

DB Blog June 2006:
"Allow me to chase rabbits for a second . . .with blow-torches . . ."

DB Blog April 2016:
"I’m the kind of guy that will run mach 6 until my hair is on fire and everything (and everyone) around me is burning down."

Bobcat said...


Gay men know designers. Straight men don't.

Skeptical said...


Your explanation is so on point on the use of "just" by evangelicals. It is used as a way to show humility before the Lord. It is the equivalent of tugging a forelock in days gone by. It is a way to show respect to someone in a higher position, presumably God.

Heisgay said...


You wrote:

DB has made references to flames in the past and very recently. Both in a joking hyperbolic way, but they set off my fire-setting/cruelty to animals alarm bells. Fire-setting is a disturbing pathological sign, as is cruelty to animals. He has also admitted being cruel to his younger brother.

DB Blog June 2006:
"Allow me to chase rabbits for a second . . .with blow-torches . . ."

DB Blog April 2016:
"I’m the kind of guy that will run mach 6 until my hair is on fire and everything (and everyone) around me is burning down."

April 18, 2016 at 9:50 PM

Wow. Just wow.

I believe your instincts are correct: Davey's language shows undisguised sadism with an interest in fire.
We see the sadism is his public humiliations of Amanda regarding sensitive issues also.

I think whatever DB did to get an entire community mad at him in high school could very well have involved animal torture or arson. I don't buy that it was something like he had a relationship with a male and that got the whole community mad.

Although there are many differences between the two, Davey reminds me of Ted Bundy...handsome, charming, articulate, able to feign saintliness, but something underlying in both personalities that involves a kind of "werewolf" personality that wants to break out.

It is important to look at his language as you are doing for these signs of extreme violence. He needs to be profiled because there is a possibility he was the actual murderer of Amanda. It seems impossible he could have telegraphed about knocking a partner's tooth out and then it just "coincidentally" happens days later to his wife!

Bad Juju said...

Les66 said...

Could he be completely innocent of the crime, but inwardly delighted to be rid of a wife he didn't love or want?

April 18, 2016 at 6:00 PM

Les, I'm one of the few who thinks it's possible Davey was not involved in Amanda's murder. I have thought so from the beginning, and when the suspects were charged and we learned of the crime spree ... the other rape/robbery and murder ... it made me think so even more.

I don't think it's completely outside the realm of possibility that Davey was involved, but I find most theories of his involvement to be too convoluted.

Concerned said...

You have to get lucky when you read FB posts of Donae and Alonzo; they take them down fast. Both of them posted in the last few days that they broke up. Donae took "married" off her status and said they broke up. Alonzo still has "married" on his status but posted that he hoped to marry again but not now.
Donae still had a post up today about dating but wanting to be with her child's daddy.
Alonzo has 3 children by at least 2 women so staying in it for the long hall might not be his strong suit.

Donae is 18 years old and might be easy to break by the right interviewer. Let us hope.

Concerned said...

Lynda, I just checked and Donae has her status as "married" again. Odd, huh?

Here's her last post:

"I understand that I'm only 18 but I'm not just for the whole dating thing and that's it. If I'm dating you yes, I am planning to be with you for a very long time. Yes, I would like to be married sooner than later. Like once you have children you don't really want to go through the dating shit, I don't want to be with anyone else but my child's father!"

Katprint said...

How much does Statement Analysis take into account the irrationality of the described conduct? Davey Blackburn has described going for a workout and coming home "to shower" which implies he worked up a sweat during his workout and therefore needed a shower. On November 10, 2015, the temperature varied between a low of 36° to a high of 56°. Sunrise was at 7:23 a.m. that day in Indianapolis so the temperature would have been at or near the low of 36° when Davey Blackburn claims to have been standing in the driveway talking on the cell phone. My brain simply rejects the irrational claim that someone would stand around in their driveway talking on their cell phone in near-freezing temperatures with their skin and clothing damp from sweat in near-freezing temperatures for any significant amount of time when they could just walk into their nice warm house and continue their cell phone conversation in comfort.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Donae the one who told investigators -- investigators with no warrant -- that Larry Taylor & Co. hid a gun under her bed after Amanda's murder?

Anon "I" said...

He, also, had worked at a school district, IIRC. He could have run into gang members
there in class or when he was there to hold sermons at the school. (I'm not sure if it was the same school or not).

I wonder why he doesn't say that the doctor's told "us" she was not going to make it.
I keep imagining that some family was there by that time.

The stress someone would feel if they hoped someone would be killed and then was still hanging on would be tremendous. If she makes it, she might tell who did what to her. I wonder what his reaction was when the doctor's said this? Did he sigh a huge sigh of relief or did he act shocked and cry?

Also, her family has to play nice with Davey. Even if they believe he was responsible, they really can't voice that opinion at all. Davey is the gate-keeper to Weston...

Anonymous said...

"Is it weird the first thing I did in the new house was move in my books? What does that say about me?! 😳 "

Wow Davey! It says that you are a super duper intellectual who just can't get enough book learnin', and you don't care who knows it!

What a dipshit. Does anyone recall him saying Amanda wasn't "well read"?

Anonymous said...

I posted this in another comment section but wanted to put it here, too.

The bookcase post by DB reminded me that some books were stolen by the gang thugs that were employed by DB to murder Amanda.

On what planet do gang thugs steal books? Seriously. Books?

The bookcase post also reminded me of the Instagram post (no longer accessible) by Meg, of a stack of books, wherein she asks a similar question to DB's. I have to paraphrase but it was something like "What does it say about me that I take 5 books with me for a weekend away?"

Bad Juju said...

They didn't steal books, Anon @5:04, they stole MacBooks, which are laptop computers.

Bad Juju said...

Scratch that ... there were books in the laptop bag with the MacBook (but I doubt that's why they wanted the laptop bag).

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Bad Juju?

I read a bag containing a computer and two books. Not two MacBooks. I'll have a look back.

Bad Juju said...

Yeah I was mistaken. But I doubt they were after the books. The books just happened to be in the laptop bag.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Juju,

I couldn't find the list of stolen items and I just came back to say you were probably right. Stealing books is weird though. You'd think they'd check the bag and ditch the books.

Anonymous said...

Maybe one of the books was The Screwtape Letters and, at first glance, it looked like porn.

Bobcat said...

Katprint @12:25:

"My brain simply rejects the irrational claim that someone would stand around in their driveway talking on their cell phone in near-freezing temperatures with their skin and clothing damp from sweat in near-freezing temperatures for any significant amount of time when they could just walk into their nice warm house and continue their cell phone conversation in comfort."

It's only DB the liar's word that he sat in his car talking. He could have sat in his warm house talking, watching Amanda.

Anon @4:54

"Is it weird the first thing I did in the new house was move in my books? What does that say about me?! 😳 "

Pathetic and textbook humblebrag!

"Does anyone recall him saying Amanda wasn't "well read"?"

Bingo3 said...

From Peter: Here, he literally tells us why he went to the gym, "for a workout" which then indicates that he had a need to tell us why he went to the gym.
*This suggests that he likely had another reason for going to the gym that morning besides working out. In fact, he does not tell us he worked out.

So interesting. I am an SA novice and couldn't quite pinpoint all that felt wrong about his explanation of that morning. The only thing that I knew was that if Davey called 911 "as soon as you could" meant he most likely did something else first. There were red flags in that he was vaguely telling us a few things he did before 4:30 and 6:10 and calling it normal. Very interesting that he told us what he planned to do go to the gym "for a workout" Of course you went for a workout. Peter suggests that he likely had ANOTHER reason for going for a workout since he had the need to explain Why he went. What would that be? I am curious if there were cameras all over the gym? Was he acting funny while he was there? Could we see if he actually did work out? He could not have worked out very long, maybe 30 minutes. Those videos will become very important if he is ever arrested.

Hey Jude said...

Ah, sorry, I assumed whoever posted it had checked out they had the right person - any Dr Blackburn won't do. (Where's Sus?)

Well, after several hours of listening to Davey, I found of most interest his 'Blood' sermon comments:

" I believe that blood in Scripture, and in life,communicates a sense of urgency. Like, like, if you stub your toe, up you're going to be mad about that, but if you see that it is gushing with blood, you're gonna be freaked out about it, right?

[Relates college baseball accident, when a heavy player jumped on and injured Davey's hand] what happened was I was thinking I should probably wait unti he gets up and the spikes are removed from my flesh -I ripped my hand out from under his spikes...I'm walking back to the dugout, unbeknownst to me, blood trail following me, I raised my hand to give a high five and notice that I don't have a hand anymore, it's like a knob of blood. [slight laugh] and it was at that moment I freaked out. Right - ever had that moment happen before? It doesn't, doesn't hurt right away, maybe, maybe you didn't notice, but when you saw the blood - when you saw how bad it was, when you saw the extent at which the injury was inflicted, when you see the blood, it makes you absolutely lose your mind, which it did me. I held my hand up, and I went [high pitched squeal] just like a fourteen year old girl. And then I passed out, because I'm squeamish about blood. In that moment there was a sense of urgency - all my team mates were going, 'He!s not okay - he's not okay - we've got to do something - we've got to do something. The unathletic pitcher is a little awkward as well - he begins freaking out, running circles around the field, figuring out how,he can get me to the emergency room as fast as possible. There's urgency involved in this incident because of the blood...'

That seems like Davey's way of conveying, and explaining in advance of it becoming public knowledge, why he didn't call 911 straight away; not because he didn't know the situation was urgent, but because Davey is squeamish about blood - so much so that he once passed out when he saw his own blood. Hmm.

Karl said...

I realize that clearing DB quickly may be a tactic used by police, but in case it isn't there should be an internal investigation looking into connections between DB and any officers.

Anon "I" said...

WOW!!~!! Now Davey has had spikes in his hands? What? Like nails on a cross?

Anon "I" said...

Plus, he puts down the "unathletic" pitcher....

Bingo3 said...

From Peter:
2. When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone.
Here we have the hypersensitive portion of his account. He now tells us the reason he went home.
a. This is unnecessary making it very important;
b. This is to explain why when no such question is posed
c. This is to explain why when no such question is even anticipated.
This is unnecessary!! That was my first thought when he spoke to the dry bone congregation. "God spoke to me in the shower." My first thought was why does it matter where he was? I got the most nauseated feeling when he said it. I thought is he trying to get the audience to think about him sexually. I see from SA it goes MUCH deeper than that! Then he adds it to his description of that morning. He never mentions Weston, he never mentions the last time he saw Amanda alive and what she was doing before he left the house. HOWEVER, it makes sure we know he was coming home to shower. He lives there and works from home but the reason he was coming home was to shower.

From Peter:
This tells us that his return home had a purpose other than to just shower.
This suggests either:
a. the need to be cleansed from sexual sin at the gym, for example,
b. the knowledge that what was going to be done to his wife while he was at the gym, including an element of sexual assault.
Some investigators believe both.
Very interesting. Was he involved in possibly the removal of her clothes before he called 911 to further humiliate her? Had she become aware of some sexual misconduct lately and it made him furious? We know the grill made him not talk to her for a few days. This guy angers easily and seems to hold a lot of secrets.

Bobcat said...

Anon "I" said...
"Plus, he puts down the "unathletic" pitcher...."
April 19, 2016 at 8:59 AM


DB puts people/someone down in almost every sermon.

He even insults Derek Barrett's income and wardrobe - the worship pastor that he & Weston lived with between the murder and his new house with the huge bookcase being ready.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Katprint said...
How much does Statement Analysis take into account the irrationality of the described conduct? Davey Blackburn has described going for a workout and coming home "to shower" which implies he worked up a sweat during his workout and therefore needed a shower. On November 10, 2015, the temperature varied between a low of 36° to a high of 56°. Sunrise was at 7:23 a.m. that day in Indianapolis so the temperature would have been at or near the low of 36° when Davey Blackburn claims to have been standing in the driveway talking on the cell phone. My brain simply rejects the irrational claim that someone would stand around in their driveway talking on their cell phone in near-freezing temperatures with their skin and clothing damp from sweat in near-freezing temperatures for any significant amount of time when they could just walk into their nice warm house and continue their cell phone conversation in comfort.

Remember, SA is a single discipline which can then is taken and added to forensics, collateral interviews, etc, in the final report.

In this case, we would highlight, in the conclusion, the unusual nature of one being outside, in the temps, and/or we might highlight the pattern of weekly calls to his friend and, let's assume, this is the ONLY one in which he stayed outside on the driveway, or it is unusual for the length of time on the driveway...

all this goes into a final report and evidence gathering is included.

Anonymous said...

"My home had been broken into and Amanda was lying on the floor unconscious with 3 gunshot wounds – one to the head.

Passive as hell! Note order of importance: It's important we know his home was broken into, not that his wife was unconscious. Also, he claims the home with "My home," but not his wife - she's just Amanda. Then he describes her as "laying on the floor." She wasn't taking a freaking nap.
The "one to the head" is clinical, cold and mostly likely added for dramatic effect.
He's a rubbish storyteller and even worse human being. Ugh!

Hey Jude said...

Bingo3 - On sexual misconduct - I reckon Davey could not handle whatever transpired around his internet being monitored - Amanda asserted herself, because Davey's actions were sinful, and he could not stand that she had tried to take authority in one area of his life, and that she was right, and within her right to do that (according with the way of life and beliefs it would normally be Davey who was the final authority in anything - at least if he was the type of husband who did not give her the freedom to decide. I don't know enough about them to know how that was - he says Amanda chose the house -if so, that's a pretty big decision.) As his mentor was involved in the internet monitoring, it's possible that was due to Amanda finding that necessary, if she knew that on her own, attempts to get him to stop would be ineffectual.

Amanda was truly conscientious in her faith and beliefs, whilst Davey is mostly a pretender - he made that obvious in announcing there were apps, ways round accounting for all of his internet use. Clock the look Amanda gave him at that point - he could not help let his audience know that he would not be thwarted by his wife, despite it meant he revealed his deception publicly, and to Amanda, along with his (probable) porn problem, to a young audience. I did wonder if he might have a gambling issue, but his obsession with sex, and the context of his admission, makes porn more likely - gay hook-up sites, maybe, though it has taken me a while to consider that - I'd prefer to think he confined himself to fantasy, and tried to be a half-decent husband, and a 'good' role model as a pastor, albeit according to the questionable Newspring pattern.

Whatever the issue, I think that was the end for Amanda, basically - she caused him humiliation, his weakness and her control over that area of his life (attempt at control) was revealed, and worse, she (a mere women - he's so sexist) was in the right. He said it was best to keep marriage problems private, (translated - not to discuss any disagreements, transgressions, or abuse?) yet made a (revenge?) video series about his and Amanda's marriage, with Amanda on stage as the object of his humiliation, followed by the series which culminated with 'Worship as a Weapon' and Amanda's murder. I can't begin to fathom the minds of those who watch those Love Series videos and see no problem - as in, how many people live like that, and think it's 'normal'? Scary.

Bobcat said...


Could the SA principle of the description of placement of inanimate objects (i.e. Patricia Ramsey and the note "laying" on the stairs) also apply to a dead/unconscious person?

Davey found Amanda "lying" on the floor.

Did he place/stage her there?

Anonymous said...

DB has a new blog post:

Rachael said...

From the new post:

"All of these people were GREATLY USED by God because they were willing to be GREATLY WOUNDED by God."

This sentence wouldn't trouble me if the word 'willing' wasn't included.

The implication that he allowed Amanda to die in pursuit of his own greatness jumps off the 'page' in this statement.

It's another reiteration of 'Amanda died so MY church would thrive'.

He cannot help or stop himself.

mom2many said...

Applying the principle of priority to this new blog post, Davey's first example of significant trial is Noah being ridiculed by other people. Frankly, losing all of one's neighbors, being confined to a ship with your family with an uncertain future blows away the "pain" of being ridiculed. But not for Davey.

Bobcat said...

We are ridiculing DB because we are mean shoe lint.
He was at the gym and is completely innocent.
DB is a Great Person who will be Greatly Used by God.

"Pastors" never lie. Ever.


mom2many said...

The chosen quote hearkens back to God allowing/causing/allowing/whatever Amanda's and his unborn child's murder. God does not inflict pain. This quote does not represent an orthodox Christian understanding of God. It sure feeds Davey's narrative that God desired Amanda's murder to grow his church, though.

It is our own sin and the sin of others that cause pain. God can reveal the impact of our own sin, which is painful to a tender heart. But the cause is not in the revelation; the cause is sin.

Karl said...

"give us any hope of her survival"

If "us" is DB and Jesus, why would Jesus have to hope? Wouldn't He already know what was going to happen?

Hey Jude said...

Bobcat - I wonder why are you still quite so offended by Davey's 'shoe lint' comment. I'm curious and amused by your seeming outrage, as you have mentioned it before.

C5H11ONO said...

"grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout”
This would mean that he grabbed his gym clothes, but he didn’t put them on. Does this mean he changed into other clothes? He put something on to go to the gym, but it wasn’t his gym clothes.
If he did anything it was prior to going to the gym. If there were cameras there the police should have verified this. Did he go to the gym wearing gym clothes on? When he left, did he take the clothes with him? All of them?
The possibility that he did put on the gym clothes at home exists, but that’s not what he’s telling us. So, if he did do a dirty deed, it wasn’t in his gym clothes. Does he have a locker at the gym? If he did do something illicit, it would make sense to do it prior to working out, so that his workout sweat can help mask the smell that an illicit tussle would give off. The smell wouldn’t be in his gym clothes either, and that is what he was wearing when he returned home. That is why he needed to “bathe”.
Giving a sermon utilizing a gun was his way of advertising to the right people what he has. Videotaping and posting on FB is pure genius. (Did he actually post it on FB?) If these killers or their associates were Facebook friends with him, all he needed to do is visit these people’s pages regularly and his posts would show up in their FB “news”. A gun is the perfect lure for these criminals.
He was banking on them seeing his “gun” sermon on FB to entice them to come pay his home a visit. All he had to do is leave his door unlocked each day after posting to ensure they would have easy entry. He knew they wouldn’t show up willy-nilly. He knew they would case the place before, he knew that they would know Amanda would be alone in the house.
He may have actually seen that they were there and then must have had to drive around the block until they “left”. That would explain the “normal” long phone call with his friend. He phone would still ping in the same place.
If his friend is interrogated, his friend would confirm that it was probably Davey that had a lot of things to talk about on that particular day, which would have made this conversation in particular probably different than his other regular ones, longer maybe? He manipulated his friend that day as well.
When he said “grabbed my gym clothes”, maybe he did grab his gym clothes, but maybe he also grabbed other stuff, like a gun that intruders would never find. This would ensure the beating and eventual death of his wife, because they would beat her until she told them where it was, in this case her answers would be wrong.
His sensitivity is not due to having participated in her murder, or even knowledge, but probably the shock of knowing how well his “lure” worked. If he was polygraphed by police, then if they asked him, “Did you kill your wife” “Do you know anyone that killed your wife”, or “Did you participate in your wife’s murder” he would have truthfully answered "No". I wonder if they should have asked, “Did you knowingly do anything to cause your wife’s death?” maybe the reply would have shown deception.
I suspect he was neglectful at home, never bothering to fix anything at home that could pose a danger, only because the opportunity to be rid of her without him actually killing her would be present. I wonder if Amanda complained about him being negligent, forgetful, or not getting things done. Maybe she dismissed his “messy” ways to being a "guy", when in reality it was something more sinister than that… Being messy easily translates to someone “accidentally” spilling olive oil by the basement stairs, and forgetting to clean it up – just my imagination getting the better of me here. I don't believe he killed her or took part in her murder. But I believe he set up the perfect scenario for it to happen.
--I still have much to learn with SA! 9,950 and counting!

Bobcat said...


We aren't shoe lint. We are thorns in his side. Big ones.

Perry's church flock is not allowed to question DB ... ... but we do. Question.

If we are shoe lint, why tailor blog explanations for us? i.e. We is Me and Jesus?

I'm not really offended - my attempts at humor in real life often fall flat as well!

mom2many said...

The video wasn't posted until after the murder. The sermon notes were posted in a photo on Twitter approximately a month in advance, if my memory serves.

mom2many said...

Bobcat, I appreciate your reminders that he forgives the murderers, but holds a grudge on those who want the light of truth to shine broadly on the whole situation, in the pursuit of justice for the deaths of two innocent victims.

God is Just and Merciful. You can't have one without the other.

lynda said...

Bingo...I think he was compelled to tell us that he went for a workout because he couldn't say, "I went to establish an alibi". I find another coincidence that in the time line of the perps and of Davey, they both started at 4:30 am that morning. What are the odds? If they were such a murderous bunch, why not kill the other woman's whose house they broke in? She was were her two daughters. They hang out at the house 2 doors down from Davey's drinking and eating until what time? Oh that's right...6:15 when Davey leaves and they stroll down and walk right in the front door. They were killing time in the house 2 doors down until they saw Davey leave, then they immediately head down there.

noisome said...

Wow that latest blog post. Just WOW. Only yesterday I was doubtful that he was bragging "on purpose". Now it seems like he's actually trolling. And if so... we're gonna need a bigger instrument to measure this ego.

lynda said...

From DAvey's blog..

"Here’s the encouraging thing about the Tozer quote. If you’re going through PAIN it means God has a PLAN! And GOD’S PLAN IS SO MUCH GREATER THAN OUR PAIN!!! Everyone in scripture whom God used in a significant way endured significant pain and trials"


Why is he implying that he is in pain when we know he is not, and in being in pain, he is becoming even GREATER than he thinks he already is. Gods plan for him was to bring a wonderful woman into his life so she could be MURDERED, so Davey can become the history changing, great prophet of the Lord.

Davey has been reading this blog again! He says..

"I used to step on stage with the desire to IMPRESS so that people would come back to our church. Now I just genuinely want to HELP."

Davey is adjusting his talking/sermonizing to acknowledge that he was out to IMPRESS (like Peter has said over and over, as has everyone else) but he's not like that anymore. He doesn't just want to help, he wants to JUST GENUINELY help. He "steps on stage". His church is a stage, a show, an event. It is not a pulpit, a holy place, an alter...he uses words that convey it is all SHOW. He states that he used to be so impressive with the tight clothes, sexualized sermons, beard stubble, and hip teenager look that that is the only reason people came back to the church..OUR church. They didn't come back because he was spreading the Word, they came back to see the show.

"HUMILITY – God wants to use people who are humble. He wants to use people who are completely dependent on Him. He wants to use people who really believe they are nothing outside of the power of Jesus. Pain is the only way we can truly step into humility."


The only person in this equation that was humble was Amanda. Certainly not the dressed to impressed DAvey. Amanda truly believed she was nothing without the power of Jesus. Not him. There are other ways for people to become humble and have humility...because you experience pain does not make one humble. To say that pain is the only way to truly have humility is lunancy but the sheep are going to bite, the sheep are going to hate themselves because, "Woe is me, I have never experienced such pain like Job, Moses, Joseph and DAVEY...I will never be humble or have humility.

In his list of people that have been USED by BE INFLICTED WITH PAIN by GOD...he doesn't mention his own wife. Oh yeah...Amanda had to be brutally murdered and in pain, and terrified, but it was because I'm so special, so chosen, that God did it so I could become even greater than I am now.

Keep reading Crazy're just not quite getting it yet.

Les66 said...

On his blog he says his wife was 'tragically killed'. She wasn't. She was brutally murdered.

Concerned said...

It's interesting to me that Davey passed out when he saw the blood on his "damaged by cleats" hand,
yet he was able to see everyone running around and hearing them yelling about his injury.
Any time I've been unconscious I wasn't aware of what was going on around me. Storytelling much?
Just sayin'.

Tania Cadogan said...

I used to step on stage with the desire to IMPRESS so that people would come back to our church.

There is one specific word that caught my eye, the word was back

He doesn't tell us he wanted people tocome to his church, ie new members, he wanted them to come back to his church.
This tells me his flock were leaving, either the numbers were dropping before Amanda was murdered, or, the murder of Amanda and his guilty language and behavior since, caused the members to see him as he really was and they wanted out.

I bet more than a few who saw his various videos or were present at his 'sermons' and what he said and did and then on learning of the manner of Amanda's death put two and two together like we did and concluded there was too much off a coincidence and that davey himself is involved.

I wonder if he will become more outrageous in order to boost his numbers?
People will turn up to see what shocking things he will say and do next rather than because he is a good pastor.

He is his own worst enemy.
He is fixated on church numbers.
He is fixated on him becoming pastor of a megachurch just like the ones he sees on TV, heck even his own mentor.
He wants the money, the fame, the lifestyle and he will say and do anything to get it.

I think there will come a point where it will be all or nothing.
He will forget himself and let slip his involvement, that Jesus has forgiven him, that Amanda has forgiven him, that his best shower buddy, god, has forgiven him so his flock should do so as well.

I also suspect that he will have a breakdown, believing his own hype and that if he confesses, god will protect him, the cops will not arrest him because they saw he was doing god's work.
It wasn't done by him for him, it was god telling him what to do, it was all god's fault and Amanda agreed to die so his (davey's) church could become the biggest church in the world.

He is under a lot of pressure.
He owes a lot of money for the start up which is likely due to begin payments back if not already.
He has issues regarding his sexuality, he may not want to accept he is what he is, that he has a porn addiction that warranted his internet activity being monitored by his (now dead) wife and his mentor, even to admitting there were apps to get round it.
His church numbers are dwindling.
His wife is dead and he is in someway involved either directly by having arranged it or indirectly by pretty much announcing he wouldn't mind if she was dead and he would be grateful.

Each issue on its own he could probably deal with or, at least maintain some sense of control.
If he did it in private then his (now dead) wife and mentor would say and do nothing, if he started coming out in public or it was leaked then there would be serious problems and possibly financial penalties.

He now has the fear that the thugs who killed his wife Amanda and their unborn child will spill the beans, especially if death is on the table.
They may not implicate the gang leaders, out of fear of what could happen to them behind bars, davey has no such protection.

Questions need to be asked regarding what benefit the killers would have gotten for the crime?
Was money offered?
Was sex offered?
Were drugs offered?

Davey has a lot on his plates, plates he has to keep spinning to prevent the truth of his involvement and other interesting secrets coming out.
At some point, he will miss a plate and then crash, the spinning plate hits the floor and a truth is revealed.
How long can he maintain the charade for?
How long can he keep his secrets, secret?
How long before someone decides they aren't getting what they were promised and cause several spinning plates to hit the floor?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

No, she died so that the church could live...

A psychological profile, in depth, of him, would be fascinating. Void of humility, he takes any insecurity or lack of confidence he may experience (including lack of certainty) as "humility", and has, literally, constructed a god in his own image, substituting the historical Jesus for his own version. Although this is common, even among those who profess no religion, his fascinates me because it is so purposeful and driven by greed.

What can one conclude when both audio and video show a greater emotional response of not having enough people attend a performance, than the murder of one's own wife?

Consider, WHO it was that set the actual numeric. It was as if his followers had betrayed him. Here, there was no "we" as if he and his jesus are one.

His narcissistic language does give an appearance of him being "one" with God, which is why it is easy to make that mistake in profiling, but we must define "God" or "jesus" according to Davey's language.

If you project your own definition of "God" as eternal, omniscient , etc, (historical), you will then end up concluding as some did, that he is mentally ill.

Instead, let Davey, himself, define you his own words.

Amanda gave her life so that the church could live.

This is frightening on so many levels.

This guy lives and breathes numbers. It is an obsession and addiction. It is more important than sex, as he uses sex to accomplish his goal. It will bring money.

If I knew little else beside this "Amanda died so the church (my business) could live (profit, grow)" and heard him actually give a specific number of people who tuned in online, I would have insisted that a thorough investigation learn of any gang contacts.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Tania wrote,

"I think it will come to a point of all or nothing..."

I agree.

Davey Blackburn is a walking and talking teacher for those who love to study analysis and human nature.

he is gifted, talented, intelligent, and some one with drive that could be admired, had it been used properly. Above all else, he is exploitative in personality.

He sees others as existing for his own gain.

Each of his performances is like a projected confession, or autobiography.

His immersion in the Bible did not produce humility, love for his wife, or devotion to Christ.

He invented his own 'jesus' who, like Davey, is very confused though quite complex.

His jesus, on one hand, is weak, beggarly, and in desperate need of help from davey, while on the other hand, is your best friend, your coffee mate, your personal therapist who, should your emotions be toppled off the throne, can put them right back up there.

this jesus doesn't ask for much in return, only that you 'vote for him' or play 'tag' and tell 2 others about 'him', and, most of all, his jesus is there to gather people for davey.

his jesus did not die a substitutionary death, Amanda did.

His performances reveal a confused jesus who seems like, at least sometimes, someone who could fix the woes of this world, but at other times, he is so weak that he needs davy's "muscle", his theatrics, performance, and lots and lots and lots of sex talk.

If you had a strong Statement Analysis background, and had the transcripts to, let's say, 5 messages, all on different topics, and you took every reference to jesus using ONLY davy's words, and established the profile on jesus you would come up with...


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous Les66 said...
On his blog he says his wife was 'tragically killed'. She wasn't. She was brutally murdered.

April 19, 2016 at 2:03 PM Delete

Les66, good point.

You are giving us the "expected", that is, what most or average people would say given a circumstance like this. This is to project your own thinking, including the revelation of human empathy within you, into a statement.

When you did not hear those words, you paused to consider how odd his words sound.

This is at the core of analysis. To begin to study such is to reveal your own, and my own frailties, failures, upbringing, experience, and so on.

It is to tear down our own self esteem, with truth, and find out, once at the bottom, that we are all frail, failure orientated and not in need of being told "how great we art" over and over. Just the truth, please, just the truth.

Down here (humility, even if forced upon us) we see exploiters making gain off others. It is the core of deceptive politics and politicians.

I have invested in a new type of teaching for inner city children. If I can convince parents that the reason their children have not learned much is because it is the fault of the school and not their fault for not doing homework, or leaving the TV and computer on, I can make a lot of money.

Of course, my new school books are nonsense.

I ridicule memorization. I say that being "on time, that is, punctual" is "racist." I say that emphasizing respect for the teacher distinctly "white privilege", I am appealing to parents who are in need of an excuse, while appealing to others who are in need of a cause and still appealing to even more who are in need of relevancy.

All the while, I just want the money.

I could give a rat's rear end about the kids who's learning, for the next 2-3 years, just got worse.

Readers of Statement Analysis often wonder how such folly is agreed upon by so many. Even here, in the 'davey world', readers express the opinion, "How could anyone not see what this narcissist is doing?" and "How could anyone actually sit through this stuff?"

There will always be those who exploit the weakness of others, and often times, these exploiters are gifted and talented but were not taught restraint, kindness, empathy and so on, in childhood.

Those parents who do not displease their children when young, will be displeased by their children later in life.

Davey is very talented and he preys upon those, specifically, who are in need. He uses religious language, much to the anger of those who hold these things dear, but it could just as easily be anything else he uses.

I predict, as others have, that the truth will come out. If he is not arrested, I predict that he will "step down" from ministry "for the foreseeable future" but be back quicker than anyone would have allowed. We will get a mea culpa that is overwrought with the mea, highlighting the need to persuade.

I wish, for the sake of innocent people, that he would take his talent to Hollywood, or to selling cars or something else. Leave these poor young people alone.

mom2many said...

I have been pondering the question that has been asked repeatedly, why the mentor is embracing rather than distancing his successful business from Davey. The natural conclusion is that there is not a risk. The business already has experience and mechanisms in place to manage a personality like Davey's, even to his weaknesses and sins. Noble's response to a questioner was not that Davey is a holy man, but that he knew who Davey was surrounded by. Noble is not fooled. He knows his machine. You can see how actively he is molding Davey, pulling him from the spotlight, then releasing, making sure he has the holy land experience to add credence when Davey draws other people's insights into future talks as his own. Mirroring Davey's bizarre clothing choices when visiting Indy. It is all calculated from a known formula. The SWOT analysis and marketing plan is all set, down to target marketing and financial projections.

Anonymous said...

A small point about shoes.

Anonymous said...
at April 18, 2016 at 9:10 PM

"Do gay men notice shoes both women's and men's to an unusual degree?"

Yes, and to put the issue the other way about, heterosexual men and women may also notice GLBT attire. If these heterosexual observers are homophobic and act as boundary-keepers, they may react negatively and make openly negative comments.

So, has anyone in DB's world commented on his shoes? Yes they have.

Men close to DB and about his age ridiculed his attire by focusing on his feet and saying "Davey, those are gay shoes." This was a few years before DB began video-sermonizing about marital troubles, the Song of Songs, and Worship as a Weapon.

In other words, DB, fairly or unfairly, accurately or otherwise, was subjected to heterosexual fashion policing and homophobic warnings.

mom2many said...

I forgot the most vital component, the exit strategy. You can be sure it has been calculated how long to stay on the ride, and when to get off. One doesn't grow a multi-million dollar business without taking everything into account and modeling every strategy. I believe Davey's particular problems are nothing new to Noble and his team.

Anonymous said...

PS on gay shoes - I wrote too quickly when I launched my response to Anonymous's question at April 18, 2016 at 9:10 PM "Do gay men notice shoes both women's and men's to an unusual degree?" with an assenting "Yes, and to put the issue the other way about...."

The generalization is far too broad, it's a stereotype or a meme. Some gay people, including some in the fashion industry, notice shoes, others may not. Take Alan Turing, the founder of modern computing. I doubt he noticed shoes.

Hey Jude said...

Bobcat - well, as I was amused by it, it didn't fall flat. :)

Heisgay said...

A few words: These closeted gays who trick wonen into marriage are highly manipulative and can show shocking levels of cruelty to the wife.
I do not think it is covoluted to think Davey killed her himself. He is a sociopath and can create complex, highly orchestrated situations where the blame can easily be shifted onto another.
The most likely scenario is that Davey killed her before the breakin and somehow had had another person suggest to the robbers the house would be a good target and what time the house would be "most vulnerable". there any possibility Davey actually broke into the house WITH them and the other 3 actually had no idea WHO'S house they were breaking into?
I ask because Davey is VERY similar to Ted Bundy even in terms of the "fame". Bundy for a time was widely known and respected in political circles as he was working for I believe it was a governor or senator.
Bundy loved the thrill of brazenly breaking into houses (these breakins were exactly that--brazen, unplanned, basically just busting in without seemingly caring if there were witnesses) and hitting his female victims over the head and then raping. All I can say is psychological/forensic profiles of Ted Bundy may help shed light on what happened, what Davey was thinking and what he role Davey played in his wife's death. I feel the psychopathology is similar between the 2 (Davey and Bundy) although with certain differences in who exactly is targeted etc.

noisome said...

In the opening paragraph, to what seems to now be a daily "Pitch", he references the Product -

"Home Run Life".

Which he is currently selling, s come on down. If you look on his twitter he's retweeting SEO stuff. He is a salesman, a pure salesman. And yes, obsessed with numbers as all good salesmen are. But a normal preacher/lifecoach/guru/psychic/snakehandler/whatever has the good sense to keep their "toolbox" more or less hidden. Like many have said before, he just can't help himself. He is gonna git him some internet success, Ayup, yes he is. Someone should start trolling him with fake requests for speeches, or does he call them "appearances"? I doubt a prank like that would pass though, does he get any real, organic business like this? Probably not.

When he said he wanted people to "come back" to his church he wasn't implying that people were leaving. He was implying that a good deal of people visit once(out of curiousity/boredom/loneliness), and never return. Which is pretty standard for "churches" like this. They're novelty sideshows and most people see right through it, or at least feel uncomfortable enough to not return. I'm sure the sex sex sex, look at my bulging biceps stuff is a huge turnoff to many.

Anonymous said...
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Nic said...

I’ve only been able to read about this case via Peter’s analysis today and I’ve only skimmed the first few comments because I’m pressed for time. My apologies if I’m repeating what’s already been said.

Skeptical said...
Davy's use of the word "reality" in his statement sounds unusual. "When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone.”

I agree. My impression is that Davey verbalized a change in his reality. As in fantasy became reality.

mom2many referenced a “troubles video” which I also watched after reading Peter’s analysis. When Davey asks his friend/assistant for his air gun, he says,

“…a weapon to battle worry. I thought we’d just have some fun with it. Come here Zak, come on, because some times you just need to be reminded (cocks gun) XXX come hold my microphone. You just be need to be reminded that when you get that phone call instead of worrying about it, (step over here, because I’m going to go cross-ways,) instead of worrying about it, maybe you need to worship. (fires) Boom! Instead of worrying about the medical bill, maybe you need to worship. (fires) Instead of, I miss strike there, it’s okay if your worship misses, just go again. Maybe instead of worrying so much about your kids, you need to lift it up and surrender it to Jesus and worship. (fires) Maybe, instead of worrying about the job situation, you need to worship. (fires) Maybe, instead of worrying about the project at school, you need to study and then worship. (fires) Maybe instead of worrying about what other people think about you, you need to (fires) worship. Come on! Worship is a weapon that we use to wage warfare against worry. "

The reference to “project” was unexpected. Did he make eye contact with a teenager and speak directly to them?

The details about the knocked out tooth in the sermon (not part of the link I posted/am referencing) is notable!

I really enjoyed this analysis, Peter. I’m looking forward to being able to read the rest of the commentary tonight!

Nic said...

I wish we had the ability to underline.

... instead of worrying so much about your kids, you need to lift it up and surrender it to Jesus ...

kids plural, it singular

Davey also uses the the word "maybe" in front of each hypothetical situation. He uses the word, "maybe" six times.

Doesn't the use of the word "maybe" by a deceptive person allow for "clarification" or the ability to change a statement later on? "Maybe" is noncommittal/a possibility. I find the sermon and the use of the word "maybe" apropos to:

"When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone."

My comments and analysis are my opinion based on public statements.

Nic said...

Lastly (for now! :0) ) Reference Les66's question about police involvement.

I watched an interview with a reporter from a previous newscast (reporting "live") and he said that he spoke with a LE rep and that the LE officer said that they were absolutely "100%, 150%" certain the husband wasn't involved.

I don't know if that was the reporter upping the percentage by 50% or if he was reporting verbatim what LE told him. The comment reminded me of an old analysis you did, Peter, about effort or certainly being more than 100%.

Anonymous said...

Heisgay said...

The most likely scenario is that Davey killed her before the breakin and somehow had had another person suggest to the robbers the house would be a good target and what time the house would be "most vulnerable". there any possibility Davey actually broke into the house WITH them and the other 3 actually had no idea WHO'S house they were breaking into?

April 19, 2016 at 4:25 PM


How could Davey have killed her before the break-in if she was still alive after the break-in?

And are you suggesting the police lied in the probable cause affidavit when they said it was confirmed Davey was at the gym during the robbery -- during the time the neighbor heard gunshots and the three suspects' phone records show they were at the Blackburn house?

Nic said...

Lis said:
In the talk about the fireside he uses the word "just" several times…. he is a person who is always running away from his feelings and it is highly unusual for him to "just" sit there and rest and allow himself to think and feel.

I agree about the numerous times he uses the word, “just”, while describing a calm evening by the fire. The opposite of just sitting (!) and relaxing and reading to me would be: skimming looking for something incriminating. It was Amanda’s diary, her very personal thoughts. It could be that he didn’t even know she had a diary. Or he did. I could see the task being tedious for him, having to read all her words so as not to miss anything, if he wasn't into Amanda any longer. Especially if he never really listened to her to begin with.

Crying for “three” hours. Uh-huh.

flightfulbird said...

Anonymous at 6:30pm, you are looking at a technicality when you respond to Heisgay’s post with “how could Davey have killed her before the breakin if she was still alive after the breakin?". I believe Heisgay’s post was meant to indicate what if she was “shot” before the breakin, not killed. I think it’s possible that it happened before he left for the gym, for sure. We don’t yet know if he shot her with the intent to NOT kill her but wound her severely enough that she would no doubt be dead by the time the thugs arrived. The thugs waited for him to leave for the gym, then entered the house, then left, then Davey got home and languished on the driveway for almost an hour talking to his friend - and then entered HIS house - at that point I believe he was expecting to find Amanda dead, not clinging to life.

That had to have been a real “oh shit” moment for him. At that point he had no choice but to call 911 “as soon as he could”. . . as soon as he could stage whatever he needed to stage, as soon as he could sort out what he was going to say to 911?

I have said it so many times and I will say it again, the affidavit says David Blackburn called to report his wife “injured and unconscious on the living room floor of their home”. That is a long, long way from reporting her lying in a pool of blood with gunshot wounds, with her shirt pulled up, with duct tape on the floor and Swisher Sweets on the counter and evidence of a struggle. The Engine 12 EMT’s probably thought she had fallen and hit her head. . . if only.

And these statements of his that were issued so quickly afterward were obviously not prepared on the fly, in a state of grief, by someone who was waylaid by this and had no idea it was going to happen. No, these statements were already looking toward the future, looking for the best, saying that the knew there was a reason. Look at this first statement of his and the analysis by Peter. I’m thinking I couldn’t even put together a coherent thought if I came home and found something like this - and he has this statement all ready to go?

Hey Jude said...

I don't know if Davey's language points to homosexuality - I haven't been listening with an ear to that, but will look out for it in future. I mostly notice that he is sadistic, and there is a lot of violence within his speech - he seems to revel in it.

Davey's dress and appearance - over-groomed, for a pastor - it says he has too much time on his hands, and cares too much about his image. The choice of clothing is to present himself as youthful, fashionable and attractive. As the NewSpring type MO is to be progressive, relaxed (impossible with Davey) and to appeal and relate to young people, I wouldn't find a problem with the casual dress, excepting some are so tight as to be inappropriate to the ministering role - some of the pastors and worship leaders are trying too hard, and dressing too young - Perry Noble appeared to not notice, at Resonate, that he had become a parody of himself. I wouldn't associate the choice of clothing as being either heterosexual or homosexual, nor even, necessarily, as a deliberate attempt to appear overtly sexual - more young, and fashionable, trying to be cool and down there with the kids (PN trying too desperately). Davey being so immature, may not intend to be overtly 'sexual' - he maybe just wants to show off his toned legs and biceps. That said, NewSpring uses sex as a subject to be trendy and progressive and to draw in the young people - it's all part of the marketing, so maybe Davey is just overdoing doing the same. As he's a sex-obsessed narcissist there's nothing refreshing or healthy in his approach (there may not be in NewSpring's either - I'm trying to think the best of them). I think part of the Newspring ethos for their leaders is self-discipline in achieving an enviable body - it's up there with self-discipline in reading their Bibles.

Also, Davey's generation are much more likely to be highly groomed - tanned, waxed, eyebrows plucked, whether gay or straight. It's how the young men and boys are these days, much more self-conscious, and rather feminised in the approach to their appearance, quite different to their fathers and grandfathers. I find it interesting that the DataLounge people recognised Davey as 'one of their own' - I don't say they are right or wrong, just that I don't get it, as I know heterosexual young men who dress like Davey, and hardly any who do not similarly groom and work out. I think the self-conscious grooming and 'slim fit' clothing is generational (MTV generation) and not a marker of any particular sexuality. It's interesting how the working out and biceps are meant to display masculinity, while the rest of the appearance is somewhat feminised - maybe it's an unintended consequence of all that oestrogen from contraceptive pills ending up in so many water supplies.

I don't know about PC - I liked it in the old days, not so very long ago, when gay people were identifiable by being 'camp' and going round calling people 'darling' and 'petal', before everyone got quite so uptight, serious and well manicured. That's how it was here, anyway.

Bad Juju said...

Flightfulbird, why on earth would Davey shoot her with the intent of NOT killing her if he wanted her to be dead when the thugs arrived? Why? That doesn't even make sense. This is what I'm talking about when I say many theories of his involvement are too convoluted.

Also, do you really think the words in the affidavit are the only thing he said to the 911 operator? Surely not. I've previously offered a possible scenario explaining why police didn't arrive before being requested by the EMTs, but no one wanted to consider anything other than it being totally Davey's fault.

Anonymous said...

Also, Davey's generation are much more likely to be highly groomed - tanned, waxed, eyebrows plucked, whether gay or straight. It's how the young men and boys are these days, much more self-conscious, and rather feminised in the approach to their appearance, quite different to their fathers and grandfathers. I find it interesting that the DataLounge people recognised Davey as 'one of their own' - I don't say they are right or wrong, just that I don't get it, as I know heterosexual young men who dress like Davey, and hardly any who do not similarly groom and work out.


I know plenty of well groomed straight men, but DB takes it to the gay level.

There is a difference, and DB looks gay, gay, gay, gay gay.

Heisgay said...

Anon, I meant Davey shot her before he left for the gym.

No I am notvsuggesting police lied, but who confirmed it? Who saw him at the gym in the actual gym and what exact time? I dont put much credence in what time people say they heard the 3 shots. People's 1st instinct when hearing gunshots is to look out the windows and see if they can see what is going on, then tell someone else in the house "Hey I just heard gunshots!" Most people would not upon hearing gunshots immediately run to a clock and note down the time. The time they are stating could be very inaccurate.

Heisgay said...

Davey may have been in there with them.

Heisgay said...

I havent done it yet but I would love to look at his language to see if there are words suggesting robbery/breakin/home invasion.

flightfulbird said...

I totally agree that this part of my post doesn't make sense. There has been speculation that there was more than one set of shots that morning (silencer? - we have no ballistics report to know if there were different guns used). It's all speculation at this point, but the timeline and the fact that there are too many coincidences is confusing and frustrating to most of us.

The convoluted theories floating around are just that - theories - random and bizarre - the result of throwing something to the wall to see if it sticks, brainstorming, trying to make sense of everything that happened that morning with the information we have (which actually isn't all that much). I think most can agree, though, that Amanda wasn't shot because she was "charging" at Larry Taylor and he didn't want to get scratched. . .

We have been around the block many many times about the 911 call and whatever Davey said or didn't say. You, Bad Juju, are one of the sole supporters of Davey on these boards. It is good to see the other side and I would like to revisit your scenario because I don't remember it. I don't mind writing my thoughts again as well.

Obviously the affidavit does not contain the complete transcript of the 911 call, nor all of the words that were spoken between the IMPD detectives and Davey - or everything Engine 12 said. It would be really cool to have a transcript of every word that was spoken by everyone that morning.

I am using the word "us" now because many of us feel strongly that if Davey had indicated to 911 EXACTLY what he saw - if there had been any indication whatsoever that this was an active crime scene - IMPD would've rolled along with Engine 12. As it is, Engine 12 called for IMPD when they saw the scene.

It seems almost more important to me tonight what WAS said in the affidavit, what was chosen to be revealed. In a document that could say anything about what was said in that call, why use those specific words, that one single statement. The affidavit could've just said David Blackburn called 911 at 8:22am on November 10, 2015, period.

And those don't have to be the exact words he spoke ("injured and unconscious") - the inclusion of that sentiment (for lack of a better word) in the affidavit means, to me, that he ONLY indicated that she was hurt and unconscious - no need for police, just EMTs - and the focus there should be on what he DID NOT say in that call.

flightfulbird said...

And before someone says it, no we do not know that he didn't describe any of the rest of his "findings" at the house - but don't you think the affidavit would've indicated if he had spoken of a possible crime scenario, that someone had been in the house while he was gone - something other than saying she was injured and unconscious?

flightfulbird said...

Nic at 5:48, I remember that interview - I also posted about it in an earlier SA thread so I might have bookmarked the link to it, I will look. I do not remember the exact words but if I remember the sentiment correctly, the reporter stressed that the police wanted HIM to tell the public (let the public know) that Davey was 100%. . no, 150% cleared.

Another poster wondered on the threads what "80% cleared" would look like.

The words were definitely from the police - all of them. To me, that statement was intended to be released by the police through the reporter, as opposed to the reporter taking that into his own hands. It's hyperbole, right? Over the top. Almost like the line from Hamlet “the lady doth protest too much, methinks“. Why even say "100% cleared", much less 150%? - instead of just saying/confirming that the husband has been cleared. Why the need to convince with such strong emphasis? To me, this statement was intentional and intended to show Davey that there was no reason to act any differently - that he could go forth and speak and write and say whatever he wanted, that he could let down his guard, that they weren’t looking at him.

We all know there is no way Davey could have been cleared of ANY INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER in this “event” in just the short time before they made the announcement that he was cleared. There was no time to check phone records, internet searches, social media posts / friends / connections, financial records. They couldn’t really even clear him of being the shooter because they don’t know what time Amanda was shot. All they know is that he checked into the gym at 6:21am and that they have surveillance video that shows Blackburn entering and leaving the gym. That’s it.

link here - at 2:00 into the video -

-- continued next post --

flightfulbird said...

-- continued from last post --

Anonymous at 6:30pm, Davey could be confirmed to be at the gym during the time the neighbor heard gunshots and the phone records show they were at the Blackburn house and still have been involved or masterminded this, obviously. That has absolutely nothing to do with the police lying in the affidavit. The affidavit merely says (at the bottom of page 17) that "Detective Mahon also retrieved video from the LA Fitness which confirmed David Blackburn’s location and the timing of Blackburn at LA Fitness".

The gym, the gym - came home from the gym - grabbed my gym clothes and headed for a workout - it goes on and on. EVERY SINGLE STATEMENT released about that morning - most if not all of the news broadcasts - Instagram and Facebook - web writeups - all say Davey came home from the gym to find Amanda. Davey’s whereabouts (the gym, in case it slips anyone’s mind) during the time the thugs were in HIS house (not their home) has been extremely well-documented by him from the start. Oh, it can’t be the husband - he was seen on video at the gym during the exact time the alleged shooters were there !

Bad Juju said...

Just to clarify, flightful ... I am not a "Davey supporter."

Probable cause affidavits include the minimum information necessary to charge the suspects, so, no, I do not think the affidavit would necessarily include whatever scenario Davey might have offered during the 911 call. It would not be needed because there is boatloads of actual hard evidence linking the suspects to the crime.

I will find my post about the 911 call and repost it here.

Heisgay, the police say they have video evidence that Davey was at the gym when he said he was. It is what it is. The idea that he participated in the robbery is far-fetched at best. What would be the point? Isn't the purpose of a murder-for-hire or "orchestration" to avoid getting one's hands dirty, so-to-speak? Why would he participate?

And while the three thugs are clearly not the brightest bulbs in the chandelier, if they saw Amanda dead in the house, don't you think they'd realize it was a set-up? Why would they be willing to take the fall while Davey roams free if he was right there with them? It doesn't make sense.

flightfulbird said...

Affidavits contain the minimum information needed to charge the suspects - but then that's all the more reason that there was no need for that specific choice of words of Davey's to be used in the affidavit, yes?

I am thinking that the only thing that NEEDED to be documented in that affidavit to charge *these certain suspects* was the exact time of the 911 call - not what was said. Why didn't they just document that David Blackburn called 911 at 8:22am on November 10, 2015, then. Splitting hairs, reaching on my part, maybe - but that phrase and the fact that only Engine 12 was rolled has bothered me from the first time I read the affidavit.

This might be the reason that the 911 call is not being released. What Davey did or didn't say to 911 should have no bearing whatsoever on placing these suspects there or implicating them - but things that were said or not said by Davey could implicate Davey.

I agree that there would be no need for Davey to be present for this - his hands needed to be clean. Bad Juju, maybe "defender" is a better choice of words for your stance (vs "supporter") - but it could also be viewed as looking at all sides and presenting the road less traveled on this board. I am grateful that, unlike the board that starts with W and ends with s, this board is open to the sharing of all different thoughts and impressions about this case.

Hey Jude said...

Anon @ 8.31 - why so many 'gays'? I think you made your point - I get that quite a few people might want to put in a claim on Davey - gay or straight. I think he's so screwed up and conflicted he may not even be sexually active, and he may be so hyper and angry because he is frustrated. I don't know - just because he harps on endlessly about sex doesn't mean he's getting any - he has to guard his reputation well as a pastor, even if to those outside of their mindset, he is already the abomination of desolation, or as near as.

Bobcat said...


"I havent done it yet but I would love to look at his language to see if there are words suggesting robbery/breakin/home invasion."

From the "Bring Me The Ephod" sermon 1/31/16

(1 Samuel 30)
David, for 16 months, goes in and lives in the land of Gath, and he makes friends with this guy named Akish, Makes friends with Akish, and Akish is the military leader over all of the Philistines. So, David’s like, doin’ the secret operative spy thing, kinda getting behind enemy lines, forming alliances while he’s in there, and, and Akish trusts his so much, he says “Why don’t, David, you go and settle in this land called Ziklag.” I’m telling you man, if you name your kids this, they’re gonna either be the coolest kid in school or the biggest loser. So, Ziklag is where David settles in. And he starts to win the favor of the Philistines, and especially Akish, because Akish comes to him every day and says “Hey, what are you doing with your time today?” (Describes the spy killing and pillaging like 007 and “it’s awesome”)

I would venture to say that many of us in here feel like that we’ve been robbed of something. That something has been stolen from us, in fact, Jesus in John 10 says that the thief, the enemy that we fight against, Satan, and his armies, the thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But Jesus said “But I have come that you may have life.”
I would venture to say that many of us in feel, many of us in here feel like we have been stolen from. We have been robbed from, of something. Maybe, maybe it’s actually a loss of life (showing no emotion). Or maybe you feel like you’ve been robbed of your health. Maybe it’s a career. You feel like you’ve been robbed of an opportunity. Maybe you feel like you’ve been robbed of some time…with your spouse, that your kids, with really close relationships… Maybe you feel like you’ve been robbed of your dignity. Maybe your reputation. Maybe one of your closest friends betrays you and you feel like you’ve been robbed and there’s this place that’s missing now in your heart. ‘Cause you’ve been stolen from. That’s where David finds himself.

Bobcat said...

Heisgay et al,

"I havent done it yet but I would love to look at his language to see if there are words suggesting robbery/breakin/home invasion."


I can't believe I forgot about this quote! DB is basically telling a story that describes an organized hit! From 2/21 Overcoming the Valleys Sermon:

“Hey God, what do you want to do w-, in the valley?” So, if you let Him, the first thing He wants to do to you, is he wants to make you dangerous. Oh come on, somebody. Somebody should of AMENed right there. He wants to make you dangerous, because it says “He prepares a table before me, in the presence of my enemies.”
Can I ask you a question? How dangerous is the dude that dines in the presence of his enemies? Like I picture Liam Neeson, right? Who he’s surrounded by all these, like, bad guys, who are trying to kill him, and he sits down, and he goes “Before I open up a can of whoop-butt on you, I’m gonna open up a can of Chef Boy-ar-dee right here and I’m gonna dine in the presence of my enemies.” That’s a dangerous dude!

I, I remember sitting and eating someplace one time when I was, like, ka-, I was scared where I was eating. We were in, we were in Boston, and we were in, down, like, a, a, a little part called Little Italy. And, and I was, like, I, uh, uh, noticed this conversation going on at this table over beside me and, and, only a couple people were eating, and there were these guys that like, legitimately looked like they came straight out of The Godfather movie. And so I just eavesdropped on the conversation and it made me really nervous, when I started hearing one of ‘em say, “I got it, boss. I got it taken care of. I got a guy. Don’t worry.” I was like, ahhhh, like I was intimidated in the presence of my enemies but, but what, what I believe Jesus wants to do if you let Him, in verse 4 is that He wants to make you dangerous. Because a dangerous person can sit (picks up sword) and dine in the presence of his enemies.

28:35 (Carries sword…)
This is a sword from the movie Braveheart. Come on. Who likes Braveheart? Yep. Right. And, and I really like Braveheart because I think the Braveheart has kind of come alive to me. Amanda and I used to love watching Braveheart. We watched it over and over and over and over and over. If you know the plot of Braveheart, what happens? Mel Gibson’s wife is killed. And he spends the rest of his life, up to his dying breath, fighting for retribution, and fighting to free his people from the bondage of their enemies. Hello someone! Do you know what I feel like God is doing in my life? I don’t know. I can’t speak for you and your valley but I can speak for what I believe God is trying to teach me in my valley. I believe He’s trying to teach me, “Hey Davey, until your dying breath…” Right. FREEDOM! Right. “Until your dying breath, I want to make you dangerous to your enemies.” Now listen. Remember, we don’t fight a battle of flesh and blood, so it’s not a real person that I’m fighting against. It’s a battle of the principalities of the supernatural, of the real enemy. The enemy that stole from us, but we serve a God that promises, promises to restore to us if we will fight with Him, because he has made us dangerous.
(Describes how a sword is made into a strong weapon. Classic violent Davey talk here…finally puts sword down.)

Anonymous said...

What if we are all wrong about Blackburn? And other cases (such as Madeleine McCann)?
I got to thinking about how certain I've been about some cases and how wrong I might be...I can't bear to think my words could be a source of pain to someone who might be innocent.
I feel ashamed at the thought of that. What do I "know" that makes me such an expert?
How does one continue to participate in SA without hurting potentially innocent people?

Anonymous said...

It seems as if my comments never get published, but I'll try again.

I'm certainly no DB fan....far from it. Everything about him is completely unappealing.

However, many of the comments here literally leave me scratching my head. It seems as if convoluted takes are spun out of thin air, with NOTHING as a basis. Even some of the more simple story-telling seems to be an act of very fertile imaginations.

If DB had anything to do with his wife's murder, I pray he will be found out. I'm not sure how making up wild tales helps with that,

Anonymous said...

....and I said "convoluted takes" where I meant "tales."

Bingo3 said...

From Peter:
While he is speaking freely, he abounds in the singular pronoun, both "I" and "me", voiding his use of the "we" he used regarding Amanda and child's murder. During the days he did the "media tour", he rarely used the pronoun "I", yet while 'preaching', he refers to himself far more than he does to any religious figure, including the 'jesus' he references.

This is so true! DB LOVES to talk about himself when he preaches. His tight pants, his tan, his workouts, his new car, his baseball career, and on and on. Gag me. If you want him to change tenses, bring up Amanda. It is so obvious!

Anon "I" said...

This link to DB's blog.... Wow! Wow!

“It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply.”
-AW Tozer

This quote from well-known theologian, AW Tozer, has been sinking into my heart deeply as of late. We have so many people in our church who are experiencing REAL PAIN in their lives – loss, hardship, stress, anxiety, depression. I love the series we’re going through as a church right now, Home Run Life, because it is helping us make sense of what God could be doing in us through pain.


I wonder what kind of pain is not "REAL?"

Further down it says:

So be encouraged!!! If you’re walking through a season of PAIN right now, it’s not because of PUNISHMENT for something you did wrong! God is using it to PREPARE you to step into your greatest POTENTIAL. Lean into Him during this season! Anchor yourself in the truth of Romans 8:28:

Someone is reinforcing how pain is "not because of PUNISHMENT for something you did wrong!" I think he's feel the weight of others opinions. Plus, was not locking the door something wrong or not?

Bingo3 said...

In regards to the gym and was he in fact there? Yes, it was verified he was at the gym. He was caught on camera entering and leaving. My question is what did he do and how did he act once he got there? Coming from an SA perspective and Peter analysis, there is deceptive language all over the place when discussing the gym. I am curious who he saw there, how he acted, why he brought gym clothes but didn't shower there? So he wore clothes there, changed into gym clothes once he got there but just wore his gym clothes back home since he was going home to shower? There could be something to catch it that alone. I don't bring gym clothes with me if I am not planning on showering and changing. I just wear my gym clothes there. I know that sounds silly and minute to pick apart, just trying to point out more lies/deceptive language. Why even talk about grabbing your gym clothes with the dropped pronoun? I know there are defenders of DB who think some of the guesses about what happened that before he left for the gym are crazy but coming from an SA perspective, if you follow DB language from that morning, it appears something deceptive, possibly sinister happened between getting up at 4:30 on that normal morning, reading grabbing the gym clothes and heading our FOR a workout. He arrived at gym at 6:20. None of us have any idea what it was and Why he was being deceptive but that morning his wife was murdered. I can see how many people's imagination could start going to bad places. Davey's language put us all there.

Anonymous said...

I hear you, and I agree. There's nothing about Blackburn that I find good or honest, but I don't know him, have never met him, and I think it's very easy to over-analyze everything single thing he says especially if we have already decided he's guilty. I think he IS guilty of something but I only THINK it, it's not a fact.
He's inocent until proven guilty in a court of law. - I have to remind myself so many of those we suspect are just that.
Another important aspect of the Blackburn case is that NONE of his friends, family or neighbors have said anything about him as a person that would suggest motive.
The people who really know Blackburn far better than anyone here or in the media support him and see him a lot differently than we do.
Is it possible that WE have created a different Blackburn? I think so.

Bobcat said...

Anon @9:18

DB has blogged for over 10 years and talked about himself all the way back to childhood on video. He is not an actor - he tells us about himself. He can't help telling us about himself.

"Is it possible that WE have created a different Blackburn?"

You mean the one who lies when he hides behind plurals?
You mean the one who lies in his tenses when remembering Amanda?
You mean the one who insults Amanda/friends/brother on video?

I DON'T think so.

Bingo3 said...

Exactly Bobcat! His mentor called him crazy and that something was not right with that boy. Amanda is what made him ok. His uncle told us he elbowed the elderly to win a football game. His uncle also told us he knocked over a Risk game board because he was losing. DB told us he knocked a snow cone out of his bros little boy hand because he lost his game and called him a loser. He told us he didn't talk to Amanda for days because she dented his mistress grill. He outright lied about making a low ball offer on their house while blaming Amanda for wanting the house. He was only going to buy it if he could get it for nothing. They paid close to 10,000 over the asking price. He went on to pretty much say if Amanda had not wanted the house so much, he would have a lot more guilt. He has continue to ridicule her even after her death calling her not well read and making fun of her spelling in her journals. SA has proven over and over that DB is extremely deceptive in his language.

Anon "I" said...

It may turn out that even those who knew him never really knew him.

flightfulbird said...

Bingo3 at 9:12am, I also think there was sensitive language surrounding the gym and the clothes and the shower and the timeline.

Describing it as a "normal" day is a red flag from the start in statement analysis.

Waking up at 4:30am to read his Bible for a bit and then going straight from home to the gym only fifteen minutes away - I would've crawled into my gym clothes straight out of bed and then done whatever I was going to do before leaving. No need to change at the gym, why wear street clothes for the drive there and kill the momentum in the locker room once you're there? I find it so much easier to hit the door and be able to get right to it. If he was going to the gym on the way home from Starbucks or somewhere away from home, then yeah, take gym clothes with him and change there - but from home at that time of the morning - and then the need to SAY IT.

From "Nothing is Wasted" blog post -
"It was a normal Tuesday morning. I woke up around 4:30am. Read my bible for a bit. Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout. When I returned home to shower . . . "

It goes without saying (or can easily be assumed) that if someone grabs gym clothes, they are going to a workout. Why say WHY he was going to the gym? Same with heading out for a workout - athletes don't train in street clothes so why say he grabbed his clothes before going to the gym. I agree, it seems like we are picking it apart but there is definitely some weirdness in the need to describe.

He could've expressed the same thing, the exact same order of events that morning, if he had written "I woke up at 4:30am, read my Bible for a bit and then went to the gym" - instead of "grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout".

Anyone would normally assume that if he was going to the gym, he would be in gym clothes (or be taking them with him) and that he would be going to work out. The need to describe in such terms makes it so much more sensitive. Did he grab gym clothes and head out to the gym but NOT to work out, this time? Couple that with saying he returned home TO SHOWER - again, he had made it clear that he was headed out (to the gym) FOR A WORKOUT - so nobody would expect him not to shower after training at the gym - so why say it?

And it seems like there was alot of time between waking up at 4:30am and actually making it out the door and showing up at the gym at 6:21am. The affidavit says on page 15 that Blackburn said he left his home around 6am How long does it take to read the Bible for "a bit" and then grab clothes and head out? - IF that's all that you're doing between 4:30am and 6am-6:05am (going by the LA Fitness location roughly fifteen minutes from the house).

Fm25 said...

Rereading dbs blog and a couple of things in the season of contentment entry are bothering me in addition to the ones already discussed. "What we gain in relationship with the Giver outweighs the loss of the gift" and "Davey, I can fill the sense of belonging you’re looking for! It was never meant to be filled by Amanda! It was only meant to be filled by me!” Both of these statements portray Amanda as little more than a stepping stone in dbs quest for "greatness". It seems he truly believes this.

Anonymous said...

All you have shown is that he sounds like a giant asshole.

Nic said...

Again my apologies if this has already been posted. I surfed Amanda's Twitter and Instagram accounts today to and came across something really out of the ordinary. Has anybody watched the commercial Resonate put out entitled "I Need A Solution"? If you haven't seen it, I've provided a link. What I found off about anybody watching the commercial in need of "a solution", the first subtitled out of the gate is, "have distraction-free sex", followed by "zero trips to the emergency room", and then "prevent snapchats from boys". This was the strangest commercial I've ever seen.

Nic said...

Whatever ever happened to Amanda's dog, Mel?

Bingo3 said...

Perry Noble has just written a blog about Davey. It is worth a read. He goes back into how DB was Crazy Davey but he is much lighter about it and much more complimentary of DB. He is saying the same thing but in a much less harsh way. Interesting. Here again is the explanation of how DB explained what happened to Amanda.

"On November 10, 2015, I got a text from Davey. He said Amanda had gotten a head wound and asked that I keep her in my prayers. I assumed she must have slipped in the kitchen or something along those lines and let Davey know I was praying for her. I went into a meeting, and when I stepped out, a couple staff members took me aside to tell me that a home invasion had taken place while Davey was at the gym that morning and Amanda had been killed."

Why would he tell PN that AB had a head wound? Maybe because he wanted it to line up with how he explained it to 911 operator. Any speculations?

Here is the whole blog

Is it just me or does it feel like more capitalization on Amanda's murder. I hope I am wrong.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


it is an advertisement.


Anonymous said...

Be careful when copying Perry's blog. He may send copyright lawyers.

Anonymous said...

Nic said... need of "a solution", the first subtitled out of the gate is, "have distraction-free sex", followed by "zero trips to the emergency room", and then "prevent snapchats from boys". This was the strangest commercial I've ever seen.
April 20, 2016 at 5:55 PM

Yes indeed. They are gross. And that baby having carrots stuffed down his throat is Weston. Same way he was fed greens on schedule despite gagging, with "NO Weston" when he spat it out. Fed according to some dumb schedule for disciplining baby Christians, like a goose having its liver stuffed for fois gras.

Bobcat said...

Resonate is also promoting DB's Sunday appearance. I can only find it on their facebook page.

I'm glad Perry states the obvious:

Amanda made Davey a better man.

Fm25 said...

Pn's blog entry- he says they were expecting a baby girl. Db never mentions that Amanda was pregnant or the loss of his unborn child in any of his blog entries which has always seemed odd. Does anyone remember offhand how far along ab was at time of murder. I thought 8 weeks. Dna testing wouldn't have been done until at least 10 weeks so I can't imagine sex of. Any was known prior to death. Possibly after I suppose, but pn states it as if he knew they were having girl before murder. Not sure that it means anything but just found it interesting. My guess is they are trying to write Amanda's story and adding details to make it even more marketable. Also interesting choice of words he claims in db text to him. Who would describe Amanda's condition as having suffered a head wound? Would love to hear 911 call or see text history. I'm sure both would be very recealing.

Fm25 said...

Looks like she was actually 12 weeks pregnant. So the only way they'd have know sex is if a dna test had been done both those are very costly and usually only done for woman over 35 or with history of chromosomal disorders. Also with Amanda being a devout Christian I doubt she'd have elected to have the test done. Not that it's relevant to the case, but it bothers me that pn is writing that into her story. I swear it seems all those two see is dollar signs. Pn doesn't even seem to trust db but can't help himself from trying to cash in.

Bingo3 said...

I agree Fm25, I don't think PN trusts DB either. Even in his blog, although much more positive about DB, he still calls him crazy. He seems to still be leaving language of distrust and pretty much telling us that DB wasn't even truthful in telling him what happened by calling it a head wound. Hmmmm. I will be very interested to see how Sunday plays out.

Oh please said...

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed. They are gross. And that baby having carrots stuffed down his throat is Weston. Same way he was fed greens on schedule despite gagging, with "NO Weston" when he spat it out. Fed according to some dumb schedule for disciplining baby Christians, like a goose having its liver stuffed for fois gras.

April 20, 2016 at 6:43 PM


Stuffed down his throat? That spoonful of carrots doesn't go anywhere near his throat.

Do you have kids? Because babies push food out with their tongue. It's a reflex. He's not gagging. You don't just give up when baby won't eat his veggies, you keep trying. And theres nothing wrong with calmly saying "no."

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I noted that Perry makes another comment about Davey's looks.

He went pretty far with that at the funeral, but revisits it here. This is likely in response to the first statement.

flightfulbird said...

Fm25, I was thinking the exact same things when I read that Perry Noble's post - about knowing the baby was a girl and about the "head wound".

First of all - this (copied and pasted from Perry's post) is more emotion than Davey himself has shown this whole time -

"But when I heard the news I, just like you, thought, “No, God. No. Not her. This isn’t her time, God. She’s 28-years-old and she’s got a little boy. They’re expecting a little girl, God. No.”

Davey's stance from the start has been all "the best is yet to come" - "we will figure out how to grieve. . uh. . the loss" - "all things work together for good" . . . nothing about how Amanda was taken from his and Weston's life too soon. He DID make a (now seemingly cryptic) tweet about hoping they would have 60 more years together - that was weird, too - why would he randomly say that in October or early November?

This language of Perry Noble - "I was crying, complaining, confused and shaken" - goes along with Davey's language of "and um, we don’t get it – we’re confused, and we’re, we’re distraught, and sometimes we feel lonely, and sometimes we feel like there’s no answers to it all, and um, [sigh] . . . (copied/pasted from transcript of WTHR interview part two)

Davey himself stated this about the baby in the WTHR interview part one -
"She was, she um, it was too early to know the, um, the gender, but she was sure it was a girl [laughs] – and um, (his voice goes up here) I was sure it was a girl . . . (and he tries so hard, but fails, to choke up here). . . um cos I always wanted a lil boy and I wanted a lil girl, and um [sighs] . . .

So at the time Davey notified Perry of Amanda's "accident", there's no way Perry could've thought to himself "OMG, they were expecting a baby GIRL- how awful". Nobody knew for sure. Davey said they were going to name the baby Everett and he chose the middle name Grace to "keep a little piece of Amanda in that" - but I don't even know if he and Amanda had decided on names at all or if they had, if Amanda would've chosen Everett for her daughter's name.

So, Perry Noble relating this story in this way - adding details -it just feels like it's being scripted.

And why in the world wouldn't Davey have shared with someone so close to him exactly what was going on with Amanda - why say to Perry Noble that Amanda had "a head wound" instead of saying she had been shot three times during the "home invasion" (which was actually someone strolling in through a conveniently-left-unlocked front door) ?

In my thinking, there would be no reason for him not to tell Perry Noble that she had gunshot wounds - even that one shot was to the head. That's more serious - if he had indicated that she had been shot and it was a critical situation, that would be all the more reason to pray harder for Amanda. Saying it was just a head wound brings up images of a scrape or a cut - Perry Noble even says he thought she slipped in the kitchen. Why make it sound so minimal to his mentor and trusted confidant, of all people?

Transcripts of WTHR interviews were provided by another SA poster in comments section - link to threads here -

Bobcat said...

Anon @5:55

"All you have shown is that he sounds like a giant asshole."

He showed that himself.


The last I heard, Mel the dog was with a neighbor Amanda Cummings. I don't know if that is still the case.

Amy Smith said...

Hold on to your butts. DB has made it back to the big show on the mother ship. Glamor shots and all

Nic said...

Thank you, Flightflubird and Bobcat

I need to read much more. I'm way behind.

Doggie Mel loved her mama and loved to run. I'm hoping she's in a good place.

Bad Juju said...

Bobcat, I think Anonymous at 5:55 is saying that being an asshole does not mean Davey's a murderer and that nobody has proven the latter ... not that it's someone else's fault he seems like an asshole.

Anonymous said...

But he hasn't shown he is a murderer.

Nic said...

[snip] " I remember thinking about Davey, something’s not right about that boy :-). ... Whenever they went somewhere, you’d recognize Davey, but you’d remember Amanda when they left. " [end snip]

Two things come to my mind about PN's statement. First, intuitively PN sensed something 'off' about DB but Amanda's "normalcy" and sweetness "corrected" his perception of DB.

Second, Every.Single.Picture he used Amanda as a prop. He wasn't/isn't memorable, but Amanda is. Even in death he is using her as a prop to get people to show up.

I see he's using Weston the same way, except that in addition to being viewed as a "good father", he's using Weston to play the pity/vulnerability card. Will people give (more)?

Amanda leant DB a quality he could never possess: genuine sincerity. Why include Weston in advert pictures unless he wants to project himself as something he wouldn't otherwise be on his own: a pillar of strength for his family.

Interesting that he got rid of Amanda's dog. Amanda, Davey and Weston, together, were Mel's pack. Mel might have been Amanda's first "baby" (they ran together and when they weren't running, the dog was always by her side (as per her Twitter and Instagram accounts' commentary and pictures)), but she was also the family pet. If he really loved Amanda he would have kept her dog with him and Weston. But I guess the dog was of no "value"? IMO, the recent advert/"family" pictures would have looked more authentic with Weston *and* Mel.

Fm25 said...

Db's pride and pn's greed will be there undoing. The wheels are already in motion...

snap said...

Careful, Amy- as found on Pastor UnNoble's site: "If you are a troll who wants to use this platform to introduce your theory as to why he is not innocent, I will block your butt with zero apologies. "

Seriously?: "block your butt" kinda hot. Or is that considered withholding?

Nic said...

From Amanda’s Instagram account:
That is one fine-looking piece of eye candy.

Seeing Davey in the business section reminded me of a book I read back in the 90’s by Faith Popcorn called “The Popcorn Report”. The Popcorn Report is about trends and how marketers/businesses can capitalize on trends if they know what the next trend is going to be. The thing about certain trends is they repeat, i.e., lifecycle from one demographic to another. If you understand a demographic’s behaviour/interest, you can predict a trend (need) and then market a product to meet the predicted need and capitalize on it. The Boomers are the largest demographic to influence trends. It’s no coincidence that manors/adult living centres/longterm care facilities and funeral homes are springing up like crazy. Health care, pharmaceuticals, end-of-life care and death are big business. What goes hand-in-hand with aging and death (besides fear and loneliness)? God and religion.

To me, “planting a church" is uncommon terminology. But “growing” a church and "retention", is plain as day to me. It’s all just business.

Anon "I" said...

Nic- Here in FL, I have heard of church planting for many years now. I don't know how far it goes back, but it seems like it's been at least 10 years or more. Maybe its a southern thing...?

Is any one else having problems with the "I am not a robot" system? I have to answer an extreme amount of puzzles before it will verify me....

Nic said...

Davey will fail at "selling" religion, because his looks and behaviour contradict the necessary decorum of his field.

Davey's disconnect is that on one hand he is portraying himself as the messenger of God, but on the other hand he comes off as a contrived "product" he wants people to buy into.

If the Bakkers taught the evangelical community anything, it is "walk the talk". Note, too, it was sex that brought down the "kingdom" of Bakker. :0)

Tania Cadogan said...

Did anyone else have this thought on seeing the new superdad davey?

Amanda was his beard and she is dead, therefore davey grows a real beard.

Nic said...

@Anon "I", I was verifying until another poster suggested that I simply click on the publish button. But I think you have to have an account/be verified to be able to publish without proving you are not a robot. :0)

Nic said...

Yes, tania, I commented on it above.

Interesting you called him "superdad" Apropos to what I posted above.

Fm25 said...

Local news story involving the suspects in Amanda's murder.

Fm25 said...

Local news story involving the suspects in Amanda's murder.

Concerned said...

Re: the arrest of lots of Northside Indy gang thugs

Alonzo Dugoise Bull is on FB fretting about the snitches who are talking or about to.
Look fast before he takes it down.
He lost all his money gambling and ran out of dope so he went back to Donae Mitchell. Bless her heart, she doesn't even get why.

One of these days, just the right thug or girlfriend is going to trade LE some Davey info for a lighter sentence or Witness Protection and we'll get to see his perp walk. Then Perry Noble can play the wounded party who was snookered by Davey.

Bingo3 said...

From BUll on Facebook:
Too many mfs. Somebody gone tell sum !

Bingo3 said...

To be noted, his is not about the Blackburn case but about the recent sting arrests. Just thought it was an interesting choice of words by a man that was obviously involved in this crime at least on the outside. Concerned, I wish you had not told me about his page, ha! There are some things I read that I won't soon forget. Ewww.

Concerned said...

Isn't that the truth?!
It scares me to see this underbelly of society and how ruthless they are.
Treezy and his fists full of cash...scary.
Alonzo's public "compliment" of Donae (of which she approved)....eek!

Concerned said...

You gotta hand it to Alonzo though....he's got this gravity thing whupped....those pants should be around his ankles!

Bobcat said...

Home Run Life Week 2 transcription 4/10/2016

Is it, is it really really really really difficult to work through my wife being killed? Yes. But it gets, easier, when I step over from my nearsighted vision to seeing farsighted, far away.

When I, when I step over from this perspective of, “it’s my world, my kingdom, my vision”, and I see far, it gets, it gets a little bit easier, to know that there’s a greater story in this whole thing. There’s a greater plan in this whole thing. And what I’ve decided to stop doing is I’ve decided to stop making all these plans and asking God to come on board with my plans, and I’ve decided to start going “Hey, God. What’s your plans?” I just want to get on board with your plans. And sometimes it takes falling into a really dark pit before you realize that.

We are spiritually dead, because of, walking away from God. Because of rebellion, because of us choosing to wear God’s shoes, and make the decision to be our own boss. It’s separated us from God. That’s every one of our stories. That’s my story.

Bingo3 said...

From an SA perspective is the really, really, really a red flag? Meaning just the opposite?

Bingo3 said...

Concerned, yes the fact Donae liked and commented on it made it that much more disturbing. Bull is up to all kinds of "no good" and he gets high and puts it all on FB. You have to catch it quickly because It usually disappears when he sobers up. Flashing money, guns, disgusting posts about women. He is out of money now and he needs at least $500 for weed. He says a check is coming later this week so it's all good. Where is a check coming from? Bull seems more the type to deal in cash.

Concerned said...

For someone who's been in a really dark pit, Davey sure appeared to be having lots of fun what with all the car and house buying, the songwriting, the vacations to the beach and Israel, not to mention all that fun early on when he was hitting the news shows. Where is the evidence of the dark pit of grief?
It's really, really, really, really been missing, Davey.

Concerned said...

Alonzo claims to have turned his life around with a real job yet there are so many references to quick and easy money. If he does have a legit job now, that could explain a divorce. A regular income could mess up her food stamps and other welfare programs.

Bobcat said...

I left out the context - he saw a counselor who is helping him "work through" things.

Bobcat said...

Is it, is it really really really really difficult to work through my wife being killed? Yes. But it gets, easier, when I step over from my nearsighted vision to seeing farsighted, far away.

SA notes from searches here:
When someone asks a question in an open statement, it is a very important statement, and may indicate the subject is not seeking information from an intended audience but may be wrestling within himself, for an answer.

IF the subject is speaking to himself, it is a very strong indicator that the subject is reliving the event: experiential memory is in play. It is reliable.

Re: really, really, really, really
Next, we note "need to persuade" as a signal of weakness.

"I love my wife" is strong.
"I really love my wife" makes "love" sensitive with "really" though we do not know why it is sensitive. Likely, the person did not think he could love her this much, or he came from a prior relationship of much less love.
"I really really love my wife" begins to weaken the assertion and
"I really really really love my wife" suggests that she is going to leave him.

Bobcat said...

SA notes that experiential memory is in play when DB asks the question about working through Amanda's death.

Is DB remembering the actual attack, or the walking in after the attack?

It's a conundrum.

thumbelina said...

To Concerned @8:27 -- you are SPOT ON!

flightfulbird said...

Copying/pasting because this bears repeating (again and again and again and again. . . ). I LOVE IT !

Concerned said...
For someone who's been in a really dark pit, Davey sure appeared to be having lots of fun what with all the car and house buying, the songwriting, the vacations to the beach and Israel, not to mention all that fun early on when he was hitting the news shows. Where is the evidence of the dark pit of grief?
It's really, really, really, really been missing, Davey.

April 21, 2016 at 8:27 PM

Oh please said...

I don't think anyone is arguing that Davey Blackburn shows genuine grief, are they?

Thank goodness you ladies have each other to frequently pat you on the back for how right you are all the time. Too bad there are no cheerleader emoticons here!

flightfulbird said...

DAVEY himself is arguing it - or trying to convince us of it. HE wants us to believe he's really really really really grieving. He wants us to believe it has been so very difficult to work through, that he doesn't know how to "do life" without Amanda, that they "had done long distance before and it wasn't something they couldn't work through" - where from all indications in his actions, it's out of sight, out of mind - the fly in the ointment has been removed.

His WORDS are trying to make us think his reactions are normalizing now - but his actions speak louder, as our actions always do. All of these blog posts are made with one intention and most of them are uncanny in the timing, they seem to be responses to what we've posted here and on other sites.

All we are doing is watching what he is saying and writing and then comparing it to his words and actions in the days preceding and following his wife's murder. If he stops writing and talking and doing these things, he will not be subject to scrutiny. If he continues to do what he's doing, we will continue to watch and comment.

Bingo3 said...

Oh please at 11:25, most of us absolutely think that at least in PUBLIC he has shown no signs grieving. Early on, sometimes it seemed he was trying to keep himself from smiling. He was almost giddy during his media blitz. It was disturbing. I have watched many PUBLIC heartbreaking stories on tv where there was obvious facial and verbal signs of grieving. I am seeing more grieving behavior from Prince fans than I ever saw from DB. He has just expressed over and over that the Best is Yet to Come and Nothing is Wasted. I am just curious if you have watched any of the interviews or any of his sermons? As far as privately, he may totally be different! Maybe the spotlight just makes him happy and he forgets his grief for a while. We don't know. We can only go on what we have seen. His twitter and FB posts and sermons discuss new houses, new cars, new clothes, trips, glamour shots and a seeming desire to capitalize( he even actually said that exact word to his congregation) on the event to promote himself for what looks like speaking engagements, an album and some of us think and upcoming book. For all of the above, no we don't think he is showing even near genuine grief.

Bingo3 said...

From Flightful-His WORDS are trying to make us think his reactions are normalizing now - but his actions speak louder, as our actions always do. All of these blog posts are made with one intention and most of them are uncanny in the timing, they seem to be responses to what we've posted here and on other sites.


Oh please said...

Bingo 3 ---- Uhhhh that's what I said: No one here is arguing that he DOES display genuine grief, so what's the purpose of repeating ad nauseum the stuff about vacations, house buying and other examples of what a good time he's having? It's like a broken record.

Oh please said...

Aaaaand now yet another post about how DB's blog posts prove he's reading this blog, followed by more back-patting.

Fm25 said...

Oh please, that is the point. His lack of appropriate grief, deplorable behavior, and coincidences surrounding Amanda's murder are the reason so many are convinced of his guilt. And we will continue to discuss it as new statements are made up until the point that he either gets a clue and stops trying to capitalize on Amanda's murder or is arrested. So what exactly is your point? Do you have something of value to add to the discussion. If not, then why are you here?

lynda said...

Check out what Davey just posted on Instagram regarding the problem with evil..

Suzanne said...

Bobcat said...

Is it, is it really really really really difficult to work through my wife being killed? Yes. But it gets, easier, when I step over from my nearsighted vision to seeing farsighted, far away.

When I, when I step over from this perspective of, “it’s my world, my kingdom, my vision”, and I see far, it gets, it gets a little bit easier, to know that there’s a greater story in this whole thing.

Hmmm...he says "when I step over" twice here. It makes me visualize him stepping over Amanda's body when he walked in on his "reality".

lynda said...

Alonzo has posted more in the past few days then he has in a year. He specifically states that he NEVER told on no one! How can that be? He told all about the thugs that murdered Amanda. He told them to go back and pick up that piece of crap because he was "family". The affidavit states that "Alonzo Bull called and said Taylor was family and they could not leave him." Bull called THEM. He knew Amanda had been murdered, what they were doing, he CALLED THEM. Then they all returned to Bull's house and Taylor stated he murdered her. What in the HELL is Bull doing still walking around?? They could have charges against him AND Donae for at the very least, not reporting a murder, much less not STOPPING a murder by calling police before it happened. They have tied a cell phone back to him and Donae being called and called from DURING the murder. The way the PC is written a confidential informant is telling this story and the only thing I can think of is that Bull is the CI, but to protect him LE is writing the PC up as if it is a separate individual. Doesn't anyone in their little gang find in odd that Bull has not been arrested?

lynda said...

Alonzo just posted he's trolling for somebody who wants to make some money. LE should go bust him right now because he's holding.

lynda said...

OMG...Crazy DAvey just posted a new blog. Turns out that "there couldn't have been a better time for this tragic event to occur cuz Weston is JUST FINE. He doesn't miss her, he never asks for her...I could just vomit that he writes this SHIT

Anonymous said...

Wait, it's been said here repeatedly that the nanny was back to taking care of Weston full time. Did people make just make that up?

Bingo3 said...

Lynda, first the picture of the white pants and then "What a great time for his Mom to die!! God is so good!!!" Are you kidding me??

Bobcat said...

"It takes a village to raise a world-changer. Every night as I put Weston to bed I pray that Jesus grows Weston up to be a warrior for Him"

I can't imagine putting these kind of life expectations on my child. My biggest concerns when they were tiny like Weston were "NO ONE will mess with this kid on my watch" and we read to them every day. One of our favorite series was "Help me be good" by Joy Berry. Excellent books!

As they grew, we exposed them to any opportunity they were interested in. We didn't force them to follow our dreams, we encouraged them to pursue their interests and passions.

And I didn't let anyone mess with them on my watch.

We never had to leave town and move because they were caught in a huge lie that made everyone distrust them.

My dreams for them are coming true. They have grown up without hangups because I didn't let anyone mess with them, nor did I impose my dreams onto them. One is pursuing a career in foreign relations, and the other mechanical engineering. They have respect as upstanding people.

DB should get his dreams out of the way of Weston's dreams.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


This may be a touch cynical, but my reference point is the statements of DB, himself.

I don't think he is pushing his dreams upon his child.

I think that the statements about his child are for his intended audience and Weston is a prop.

The child will have many issues growing up under a narcissistic egomaniac, alone. Sadly, he will likely reject Christianity in total.

With the constant interest in DB, I may put up an article basically "SA and Christianity" and the varying elements that seek to use and exploit an ideology for their own gain.

I have been working on it for quite some time, but then get pulled away.

It has been prompted by the ideology of Islam, particularly in Europe, but then in America beginning with Obama's second term.

The premise is fascinating regarding both:

Consider that no Deity exists whatsoever. None. Zip.

What do the ideologies offer society and what have they produced? It is interesting analysis (at least to me!) and I go into the UK comedian Pat Condel who issues videos on Islam in the UK and feminism. He literally borrows the Judeo-Christian ideology in his arguments for freedom, benefiting even with the ability to make statements, and then turns and condemns the J-C ideology he just used!

It is illogic and it is fascinating to see it presented by one with a good public speaking voice, and edgy humor and sarcasm.

It reminds me, in a way, of DB and his mentor. They often assert what they do not believe, and change, at will, anything and everything, to resemble their own selves.

It is remarkable.

Fm25 said...

I agree with Peter. Weston is no more than an afterthought. It must be so frustrating for him to have people constantly asking how Weston is doing. This may be the most disturbing blog post I have read from Davey. He repeatedly states he can't explain why Weston doesn't miss Amanda. It is unnecessary and cruel. He is sure to mention that Weston asked for him incessantly while in Jerusalem but never asks for Amanda. I am just speechless. I can only hope that this is the last straw for Amanda's family. To diminish Amanda's role as a mother to the extent that she is no longer needed after the nursing period is despicable. there couldn't have been a better time for this tragedy unless he had planned it himself. Oh wait, he probably did.

Bobcat said...


"I think that the statements about his child are for his intended audience and Weston is a prop."

Thank you.

He does read here, even though he said in a sermon on 2/14/2016:
"...these people (outer ring) have become a lint in my shoe. It doesn’t bother me. In fact, I pity them, and I’m hoping one day we can reach them. But I’m not gonna trouble myself with them, and neither should you. "
(full transcription - )

I wonder sometimes - what if DB is never charged in Amanda's death - and the cycle is allowed to continue with Weston.

I hope DB will not mess with Weston and not allow anyone else to mess with him. DB was traumatized in his youth - I see the pain in his sermons (he is not a good actor) and I hope Weston will have a safer upbringing.

It looks like Weston is set up for stability even if DB does get charged in connection with Amanda's murder. That's a positive!

Bobcat said...

"Hey friends! First, thank you for your prayers and encouragement over the past 5 months. Due to the large number of friend requests and messages that I have received, I have decided that it’s time to shut down my personal Facebook page and start a fan page so that I can keep all of you updated more easily."


I wonder what those messages said.
And we can no longer search his friend lists (if the old page goes away)

Fm25 said...

Thats funny. Had a feeling his latest blog post wasn't going to go over so well. I can imagine a lot of people who have overlooked some of his oddities were more offended by this one, particularly mothers. He really is his own worst enemy and pn is going to have his hands full. So now he's a "public figure", lol! His Facebook posts get very little response, especially compared to ambers posts about Amanda. He also seems to be escalating. It's only a matter of time before the right people pick up on this story and start probing further.

NoName said...

I know of a person who lost his wife last year (to an illness). They had an 18 month old. The dad is adamant that this baby know as much about Mom as possible. He has compiled video, photos, stories, etc. so the baby will grow up knowing of Mom.

I can't imagine what kind of a cold person could possibly be happy about that NOT happening.

I would think this would be very hurtful for Amanda's family.

Anonymous said...

"My worship leader, Derek, and his wife, Ashley, live with me now. People have their own opinions about this living situation, but frankly I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion. They don’t have to live this thing out 24/7 like I do."

frankly - is that the same as "to be honest"?

Truth lover said...

The first guy you mentioned could have been a straight foot fetishist!

lynda said...

Davey says it best, he's putting up a FAN page. He doesn't have followers of the Word, he has FANS! OF HIMSELF, not God, of ME ME ME ME ME! PN will spin this somehow (he is so creepy) and Davey will continue to have his "fans" I can't believe after this blog post that Amanda's family STILL can't see who he really is.

flightfulbird said...

How very convenient that Davey's original Facebook page has been taken down - friends lists and all. Is he hiding evidence of connections? There were several/many friends of his who were also friends of known gang members. "Treezy" was friends with Davey and also with Alonzo Bull and Donae Mitchell, who are mentioned on page 22 in the affidavit of probable cause - they are connected with the three in custody. Fortunately there are numerous screenshots floating around out there, links to his "friends" and their selfies with guns and cash and holding cigarettes between their fingers.

And he's calling the new Facebook page a "fan page" and says he is a "public figure" - whatever. It seems to mean something to him to be a public figure and have fans.Talk about fame whoring and adulation seeking, narcissism at it finest. Contrast this with someone like PRINCE who was definitely a public figure, a major star, who had fans - and this announcement of Davey's that he is starting a FAN page and then calling himself a public figure at the top of it seems sort of pitiful, actually.

Yes, Amanda's story really was his ticket to ride. Six months ago there were people even in Indianapolis who had never heard of Resonate Church or Davey Blackburn. Now people all over the world know the story of the (not so much) grieving young pastor whose wife was brutally murdered in a "home invasion", leaving him alone to shepherd his 15-month old son Weston (who is doing absolutely fine without his mom by the way, thanks for asking).

The blog post about Weston is unbelievable. It has to just grate on Davey when people ask about Weston. Every minute he has to talk about Weston means the focus is not on him. This post, too, in my opinion wasn't written to give comfort to those who are concerned about his son. Amanda just lifted right out of their lives, didn't she. As much as he tries to convince us that he really misses her - now he is trying to convince us that Weston doesn't miss her at all.

Does anyone remember the instagram of Amanda, Weston and Davey dressed up for Halloween as The Incredibles - if you look at Weston, to me he looks insecure or scared and he is looking up at Amanda, not Davey. I think there was a bond there that Davey would love to erase.

From the blog post -
"My parents tell me while I was in Israel he asked about me incessantly. He never asks for Amanda."

Why even write these two sentences, if the post was sincerely / solely meant to show that Weston is ok, that there are a ton of people stepping in to care for him, maybe thanking them for that? First, it builds him up in his own mind - he asked for ME ! ! Not only asked for me, but nonstop !

Second, it once again minimizes Amanda - something Davey was so good at doing when she was still alive on earth. It is unfortunate that he feels the need to continue it now that she is gone. WHY stress that he never asks for her? That totally could've been left unsaid.

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