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Presidential Lies of 9/11

When 9/11 hit, had evidence existed that it was from Saudi Arabia, President George W. Bush could have gone to Congress and ask that a State of War exist between the two nations be formally declared.  

This would echo the other major  attack on American soil:  Pearl Harbor. 

Instead, Bush said, "Terrorists have hijacked a religion of peace." 

The truth could have serious consequences for the nation.  

When a man is in a place of great authority and must either tell the truth or lie, the strongest indication of what he is going to do is simply to look at what he has done in the past, with lesser challenges.  

If his lesser challenges were met with lies, it is his instinct and natural bent, therefore, to lie on the big stage.  The one may see it quite differently as one tells himself,

"I may have lied on small issues, but if ever tested on something very big, I will have to tell the truth..."

This is to lie to himself.  It is to convince one self that he is going to hit a home run against a major league pitcher, after striking out against...a high school pitcher, a little league pitcher and then finally, striking out while hitting off a T.  The three failures have convinced him that he is going to wallop MLB pitching.  

The 9/11 report has a section that is redacted and President Barak Hussein Obama is going to decide whether or not to release it.  The Saudi government has threatened financial sanctions against the US if released, and the Saudi king snubbed Obama at the airport.  

Most deception is via missing information.  

Was Bush' statement above accurate, or the position of Dhimmitude, with, perhaps, oil in mind?

What about Obama's boasting of the "first Ramadan dinner" at the White House?   

Tacquia practiced by the president of the United States?   

Consider that most deception is done by withholding or suppressing information that completes the knowledge.  

When we ask someone a question, the avoidance of the question indicates, technically, sensitivity to the question. 

This is the same with the redacted portion of the 9/11 investigation:  it is to avoid the question, "Did the Saudis attack us, as did the Japanese, via training and financing the attack?"

The withholding of the report is to avoid answering the question.  

Historically, Judeo-Christian ideology, whether held as "faith" or simply culturally, produced in mankind the high respect of laws that permitted advancement with far less impediment.  Western leaders often project this deep respect for laws onto those who do not.  The mistake at the highest level mirrors the mistake at the lowest level; the individual who is to analyze if one is truthful or not.  One person, or one nation, is analyzed for truth or deception.  

Obama boasted of the Ramadan dinner leaving out not only offensive details that the Islamic supremacists made, but also of the very purpose of the meeting.  It was not to celebrate nor honor Ramadan.  It was to fact find, and to negotiate.  He "removes" truth regularly.  

He wanted to honor Martin L. King jr?  Instead of adding a bust of him in the White House, he removed Winston Churchill.  He wanted to honor Harriet Tubman?  Instead of adding her, he subtracted first.  Leaving out, or removing, is a pattern of deception, whether it be current news, or history.  

No one likes to be held 'the fool'; that is, to be lied to.  We must be aware of our own projection; it exists.  It is in the lack of awareness that will impact our analysis, yes, but more so, our ability to learn. 

Will we learn that Saudi Arabia attacked us on 9/11, knocking out the Twin Towers, the 'two front teeth' of New York City and the symbol of Western advancement?  

Or, will Obama follow Bush and lie by omission, protecting the Islamic nation and exporter of death by not releasing the report?  

While truth is becoming scarce, there is a greater need for committed analysts in the future.  

Consider this from the Gates of Vienna.  Note the projection and the highlighting of sensitivity for readers here.  Quotes are in italics. 

"The first two international wars fought by the United States after our founding were the Barbary Wars. Through the Washington and Adams administrations the United States paid tributes to the Muslim Barbary States in the hope of keeping our passage across the Atlantic, and more specifically in the Mediterranean, safe from from attacks by Islamic ships. 

Thomas Jefferson refused to continue paying the protection money, and launched a war against Islam.

 The next President of the United States, James Madison, also engaged in war against Islam to stop the Muslim pirates from attacking American vessels, and taking into slavery American sailors.

Though John Adams was not willing to wage war against Islam, he recognized the danger presented by the followers of Muhammad. Correspondence from John Adams to Thomas Jefferson on July 16, 1814, reveals John Adams’ true feelings about Islam: Adams states that Mohammed is

a military fanatic” who “denies that laws were made for him; he arrogates everything to himself by force of arms.”
During Adams’ presidency, Jefferson was Vice President. The two men visited with the Barbary ambassador to ask under what authority the Muslims believed they had to attack and enslave non-Muslim vessels and sailors. 
The ambassador’s response was that Islam “was founded on the Laws of their Prophet, that it was written in their Qur’an, that all nations who should not have acknowledged their authority were sinners, that it was their right and duty to make war upon them wherever they could be found, and to make slaves of all they could take as Prisoners, and that every Musselman (Muslim) who should be slain in battle was sure to go to Paradise.”
The Muslim ambassador did not say that the attacks were being perpetrated by a small, radical sect, or that theirs was a religion of peace and he would try to fix the problem with the extremists that had hijacked his religion. The ambassador was honest, and openly proclaimed that the Qu’ran teaches that Muslims have a duty to wage war against those who have not accepted the authority of Islam (by paying the tribute), enslave the infidels, and if they were killed in the process they would go to heaven.
Thomas Jefferson owned a Qur’an so that he could better understand the enemy, and he came to the conclusion that the Muslims could not be negotiated with. The only answer was brute force.
After serving under Washington and Adams, and witnessing those two presidents appeasing the Muslims, Jefferson had had enough. “Too long, for the honor of nations, have those Barbarians been [permitted] to trample on the sacred faith of treaties, on the rights and laws of human nature!”


noisome said...

Islam is like the pattern on a fabric. The fabric itself, regional hegemony for resource control, is the real game. Bringing up the Barbary pirates as some sort of historical proof of the righteousness of "confronting" Islam is sadly, a thinktank trope. It popped up a few years ago on various rightwing blogs; "See, we've been fighting Islam since the founding of our country". In reality, the Barbary pirates were mostly Berbers and Islam had nothing to do with their "ideology", if you could call piratism, a human behavior that has been displayed at all corners of the earth since prehistory, an ideology. And if you look at the piratism in the same area, today, it is not influenced by "Islam", either. Piracy is piracy. Murder is murder, terror is terror. Religion is always just a tool. If the preferred hegemon of an ally was a Satanist, we'd still excuse whatever version of Satanism they employed, if they follow our own rules of full spectrum dominance and suppression required to keep the local population forever in opposition to "progress".

So of course Bush was "deceptive", as were ALL of the presidents before him who depended on and nurtured the petrodollar, and whoever is elected this year will fall in line as well. Oil is the potable water of our entire economy. The lying for it is absolutely 100% necessary, and it has nothing to do with submitting to Islam. "Islam" is as important as a houseplant, in the real tableau.

And it should be noted that the version of Islam practiced by the Saudis was made up whole-cloth as a way to suppress their own people, who were becoming too independent and free-thinking, and were engaging in practices that cemented their culture, like revering their elders, and following old pagan holidays, all very innocently, but it threatened the dominance of the King. Wahhabism is to Islam as snake-handling is to Christianity. It doesn't make sense, and only the mentally ill really get enthusiastic about it. This "faith rollout" coincided with their collusion with the British government, and is wholly interlaced with the industrial era, and then subsequently, the age of US empiric hegemony. The Saudis really aren't even Muslim.

Analysis without history and motivations of the players...I love this blog, and find it to be useful for elucidating unscripted statements, but anything out of the mouth of a US leader has been re-written 20 times already by several different barely qualified speechwriters, for folksy effect... you might as well be reading tea leaves. If we would start reading history, and not the cherry-pickings of thinktanks with ulterior motives, we wouldn't need to listen to these banal speeches to figure out the motivation. It's spelled out quite literally for us already.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Someone posted this elsewhere but when I went to it, I realized its value for analysis.

It is very sad but beyond that, I wonder what readers think of the author of the article and how the article was written.

noisome said...

HItchhiking thru Turkey during a time of human trafficking, war, arms smuggling, organ trafficking, yeah "quixotic" is an epic understatement. It's a free-for-all right now in Turkey, I really feel for the average citizen. And it can't be stated enough that this is yet another case of fallout due to the US supporting a rogue(Erdogan et al) because they are willing to do some dirty work for us in our own endless quixotic mission to engage "Russia" wherever we can; in Syria and beyond! The Turkish army is messing around Baku right now as well, with US logistical help(and probably more) engaging the Armenians who are supported by Russia. Again, all about oil/gas...

I find it interesting that the artist's journey ended with a "celebration" in Tel Aviv, the most anachronistic, bubble-society on earth! imo this is an indicator that the entire mission itself, no matter how well-meaning, was 100% tone-deaf and completely clueless, strategy-wise. Tel Aviv is an oasis, effectively floating on state oppression! I hate to say it, but I imagine that this "artist" was perhaps intellectually aware of the dangers of traipsing around the Balkans and Turkey, but was in such a sociological bubble that she felt protected by her privilege. I don't believe that she set out on her "mission" with much more than the goal of getting a good story and some good pictures out of it. That's what's become important for the upper classes of the world, appearance and careerism. In the old days, the rich realized their obligation to society at large on a more realistic level. They didn't go around doing photo-op stuff, they built civic infrastructure, started schools and shelters, etc.

The way the NYT's reports on most subjects like this, in areas where the US or western partners malfeasance and meddling have put severe strains on a region and its peoples, is to minimize minimize minimize the root causes of said discord; to blame it on religion, or on poor leadership(when that very leadership is enabled by our own forces).

noisome said...

It goes without saying that the NYT and every other big media outfit are directly controlled by "government spokespeople". For example, an article about this artist's kidnapping and murder which explained the background of Turkish politics and current state disorder, their government's complete deferrence to the US/NATO in all military matters, the current fragility of civic order, censorship of everything, killing and imprisonment of journalists(WHICH IS WHAT THIS GIRL WAS), and the resulting inherently wild west danger that seems to abound in Turkey 2016...this article would NEVER ve published. Turkey is currently our no 1 ally/cat's paw/what have you and no MSM outlet will contradict our current foreign policy objectives, especially when there's a sympathetic(PRETTY WHITE GIRL) character to be mindlessly fawned over instead, whilst demonizing the swarthy other - a cab driver, no less. The perfect villain/virgin story.

Articles like this get written because they fall withing the parameters of banality. It's all become late-Soviet. Call it self-censorship, or just plain censorship, it's pretty much full on at this point. Hey, something we have in common with Turkey!

Anonymous said...

Who benefited from 9/11? How many airplanes were there and how many buildings fell in New York? Is it possible for someone who can hardly fly a Cessna to fly a Boeing 767 that way? Do you really believe the official story? I´m surprised (and disappointed). I know who lost anyway, the American people who paid for the wars, in lives and money. The European people, who pay with the destruction of their countries by invaders. And I also know who gained.

Anonymous said...

Yes, who benefited, who made money, who knew ahead of time, who had the "Patriot" act ready, who had a drill going on, who has been caught in lies and fabrications? I do not believe the official story, not for a moment. As Americans especially we are so emotionally involved that it may be a bit harder, but the fact that we have been lied to systematically couldn't be more obvious.

Anonymous said...

The NWO gained.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
Who benefited from 9/11? How many airplanes were there and how many buildings fell in New York? Is it possible for someone who can hardly fly a Cessna to fly a Boeing 767 that way? Do you really believe the official story? I´m surprised (and disappointed). I know who lost anyway, the American people who paid for the wars, in lives and money. The European people, who pay with the destruction of their countries by invaders. And I also know who gained.
April 23, 2016 at 2:16 PM
Anonymous said...
Yes, who benefited, who made money, who knew ahead of time, who had the "Patriot" act ready, who had a drill going on, who has been caught in lies and fabrications? I do not believe the official story, not for a moment. As Americans especially we are so emotionally involved that it may be a bit harder, but the fact that we have been lied to systematically couldn't be more obvious.

And here I was thinking how Statement Analysis, carefully studied, practiced and applied could get to the truth!

"It couldn't be more obvious." I'll let someone else tackle that sentence.

I share your disappointment.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Hey whatever happened to the peace troubadour who was going to sing to ISIS to get them to drop 1400 years of ideology and weapons?

Is he out there, too, wearing a white gown, singing "imagine", while Islam is busy re-loading?

Anonymous said...

noisome according to your post why even bother to mention anything about islam? its all so obvious, and you twist history like its your play toy. right wing blogs? are you kidding me? you didn't get a private school education in history. you spew out the same stupidness that we always hear without questioning it. my kids bring this same nonsense home. all presidents are liars so why bother to listen? are you kidding me? war on islam is new? is this a joke or are you serious?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I know that I should not do this, but here goes:

Who is NWO?


Hey Jude said...

Noisome - The Pippa Bacca hitch-hiking murder is from 2008.

Buckley said...

"As a conspiracy theory, the term New World Order or NWO refers to the emergence of a totalitarian world government."

Matt Whan said...

OT -

Gay Couple Gets Hateful Response From So-Called Friends After Sending Out Wedding Invites

After Keith and Chad sent out their wedding invites, they received a lot of RSVPs...and one unsigned letter filled with hate.

What do you think, Peter? I did a 101 Analysis on it and there are several features I think you may find interesting. My conclusion was that the author is male, and that the letter is Fake.

I'm interested to see what you have to say.

Anonymous said...

Mr Hyatt, the murder of fitness instructor Missy Bevers has made a lot of news here in Texas. She was murdered in a church in the early morning hours by someone seen on camera wearing tactical gear.. I'd love to see your analysis of her husband's interviews.

Buckley said...

Buckley said...

Brandon Bevers, the husband of a North Texas fitness instructor killed Monday before a class inside a Midlothian church, spoke publicly Tuesday for the first time since his wife's death.

Bevers greeted a group of reporters that had gathered outside of the family's home Tuesday for a one-time interview, after which he asked for privacy for his family.

His wife, 45-year-old Missy Bevers, was found slain inside the Creekside Church of Christ before dawn Monday. Police later released video showing a person walking through the church before Missy Bevers arrived at about 4 a.m. The unidentified person was wearing what appears to be police-style tactical gear, police said.

The father of three said Tuesday afternoon that the last day and a half were a whirlwind that didn't seem real and that he hasn't yet been able to slow down and begin dealing with the loss of his wife and best friend.

Husband of Slain Fitness Instructor Speaks Publicly
"I haven't had a whole lot of time to get emotional about this yet. I've been dealing with the immediate needs of my children," Bevers said. "This morning I finally started thinking about the events that occurred yesterday morning and, so, I'm starting with that process today."

Bevers said before he and his wife of 20 years had children, she worked with special needs children. She stopped working to raise their daughters, now ages 15, 13 and 8, and, when they got old enough, she went back to work as a fitness instructor with Camp Gladiator.

Buckley said...

"My wife was a godly woman. She was a very passionate about changing people's lives with fitness and in changing their mental attitude toward the body and their abilities in life," Bevers said.

Bevers said he hadn't been very involved in her fitness work, but that he was very proud of the relationships she'd built and the success she had in transforming people's bodies.

"Now that I'm seeing some of her campers, I've noticed a substantial impact that she's had on so many people's lives," Bevers said. "I would catch some her campers remarks on her Facebook page about how excited they were of the results that they'd seen through her efforts and I'm proud of her. We're very proud of her. I want to reach out to the Camp Gladiator campers that she mentored and I want to talk to those folks and express my appreciation for their admiration of my wife."

Bevers was in Biloxi, Mississippi Sunday night and said he last spoke with his wife by telephone. He recalled that Missy was very tired and that he told her he loved her and they said goodnight as she fell asleep. Thanks to her, Bevers said, they expressed their love for each other every day.

"She texted me every day and said, 'I love you honey, I hope you have a good day,'" Bevers recalled. "She has made it a point, every day, when I show up to work I receive a text about the same time, 'I love you honey, I hope you have a good day.' She was an exceptional wife."

Bevers said he couldn't imagine who would want to hurt his wife and said he wasn't privy to much information that hasn't been made publicly available.

"As far as the perpetrator -- we still don't know who he is," Bevers said, when asked about the person recorded on surveillance video. "I ask everybody out there to review the video. Look at the video. The person has a very distinct walk. There's just a very distinct mannerism about this person that should be very apparent to somebody."

After watching a loop of the video, Bevers said it didn't appear to him that the person in the video was wearing "tactical gear," but rather a "shoddy" outfit made up of motorcycle boots, a generic police jacket, "flimsy sweatpants" and a helmet of some kind.

Bevers said he can't tell if the person is a man or a woman, and Tuesday afternoon Midlothian police backed away from previous assertions about the person's gender.

Buckley said...

"We are backing off our statement that the suspect on video was a man. I know we said ‘he’ over and over again yesterday, and that was a mistake. There’s a lot of speculation based on the gait and appearance that this person may be a woman. It’s a legitimate question right now," said Assistant Chief Kevin Johnson, with the Midlothian Police Department. "That does not mean I’m saying this suspect is a woman. It’s just that at this point we can’t rule it out. We don’t know yet.”

Man in Tactical Garb Sought in Fitness Instructor's Death: Midlothian PD

Police said Tuesday they believe a car seen in the distance in the video may have belonged to the person on video in the church, but that it's so far away they aren't comfortable speculating on a make or model.

"I want to definitely, publicize, that my wife -- she was a great woman, a great wife, a great mother, a great friend. She will be missed by many people," Bevers said. "But please, please be diligent as you can and review the video and report anything to the Midlothian Police Department.

Going forward Bevers said he's prepared to have deeper discussions with his children about the loss of their mother, but hopes in the meantime police are able to identify and track down her killer.

"It's very important for us to get some closure, with that," Bevers said. "I haven't had a lot of one-on-one time with my children ... Fortunately they've had a lot of friends coming by. They're in high spirits but I know this one-on-one situation is going to occur and I'm ready for it."

Meanwhile, Bevers said he'll rely on friends, family and members of the Cowboy Church where he and his wife and daughters have attended services for the last 15 years.

A private funeral service for Missy Bevers is currently being planned. Bevers said his wife will be buried close to their family home so that she can remain close to her daughters.

Midlothian police declined to release Bevers' autopsy results Tuesday citing the ongoing investigation by their department, county officials and the Texas Rangers.

NBC 5's Jeff Smith contributed to this report.

Published at 4:18 PM CDT on Apr 19, 2016

Anonymous said...


"... And I also know who gained."

Who gained?

Anonymous said...

The invasion of Eurape? More like the Great Invitation.

John Mc Gowan said...


Frantic 911 call alleges sexual assault by Morel

“Take your [clothes] off and I can please you. You have no idea what I can do,” Danelle Keim said former St. Charles Parish District Attorney Harry Morel told her just before she claims he sexually assaulted her in 2010.
Keim, formerly Danelle McGovern, made this statement to St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies when they responded to her 911 call made on April 16, 2010, which they documented in two videos that became evidence in the federal case against Morel alleging he traded leniency in cases for sex.

On Wednesday (April 20), Morel pleaded guilty to one count of obstruction of justice in connection with a near three-year investigation mainly based on Keim’s statements. U.S. Attorney Kenneth Polite said the case involved Keim, as well as more than 20 “desperate” women who he said Morel victimized but would not name.

Since Morel pleaded guilty to the felony charge in federal court, the Sheriff’s Office has released Keim’s 911 call recording and videos.

Nearly four years after Keim was found dead of a drug overdose, her recordings surfaced as key evidence against Morel.

At Wednesday’s (April 20) press conference, Polite praised Keim’s courage in aiding the FBI investigation before her death that further resulted in recorded conversations in which Morel pressed Keim to destroy a photo memory card with photographs showing both their vehicles at the St. Charles Parish Courthouse and Satellite Office at night, which resulted in the obstruction charge against Morel.

At 5:31 p.m. April 16, 2010, Keim made this 911 call to St. Charles Parish Communications after Morel came to her St. Rose residence:

Keim: “I need the cops out there.”

Dispatcher responds by getting her phone and location in St. Rose.

Keim: “I need to make a sexual harassment charge on Harry Morel"

Dispatcher: “The district attorney?”

Keim: “The district attorney. Yes.”

Dispatcher: “What’s the complaint?"

Keim: “I have all of the evidence.”

Dispatcher: “When did this happen?”

Keim: “Just now. He just left my house 10 minutes ago. He told me he was coming over here to go over my case. I got arrested for a DWI and my Breathalyzer test came out .000 so I’ve been seeing him every week to see what I can do about my charge... because if they can drop it. I called him to see if I can meet with him Monday morning to see what I can do. I didn’t know he was like that. You know… so can I … it sounded kinda weird, but he’s district attorney. I thought what kind of harm can he do, you know?"

Dispatcher: “Exactly what did he do? Briefly.”

Keim: “He grabbed me. He kissed me. He touched me in my private areas. He touched me in my ass. He wanted me to take off my clothes. He wanted me to take my pants off so he can please me.”

Dispatcher: “Okay, alright, we’re going to send somebody out there to speak with you, okay?”

According to Keim’s April 16, 2010 police statement, she further outlined incidents with Morel in which she alleged he sought her out in her DWI case.

“I got arrested about one month ago for DWI,” she states. “He saw my file and remembered me from where I work at, which is Quiznos. He called me at work the next week and didn’t want me to see a lawyer. He wanted to talk to me first.”


John Mc Gowan said...


Keim further states she visited Morel the next Monday to explain her DWI case and he told her he wanted to help her.

“He then told me that I was very attractive and he liked me a lot …that’s why he wanted to help me,” she states. “He told me about his house in Mississippi then asked me where I live and my phone number.”

When she didn’t here from Morel for about a week, she called him on April 16, 2010 at 3:43 p.m. and left him a message. Soon after, he called back and said he wanted to meet at her house to review her case although she asked if it could wait until Monday, according to her police statement. Morel told her he was on Airline Highway and could come by her home, Keim told authorities.

“I didn’t think nothing of it because it’s the DA so I said, ‘Yeah,’” she states.

Morel arrived and presses to go inside the house, which Keim reluctantly agrees to do.

“We were talking about my case and then he just asked me to take off my clothes, and I was thinking, ‘What the hell.’ Then my phone rang and I told him I had to go pick my son up. He said well just take off your pants that he could please me and that if I wouldn’t that he could please me and that I wouldn’t know that I was missing out because he can please me very well.”

Keim again told him she had to pick up son and Morel said they would talk on Monday. As she walked him out of the house, Keim told police that Morel “grabbed my private area in between my legs then ran his hands all over my ass, and was touching me very firmly. I opened my door and told him to leave. I shut my door and, before I could close it all the way, he told me to call him any time … and if his wife answers to just tell her I’m calling about my case. And that was the end. He will be expecting me to call. When I mean ‘He’ I am referring to Harry Morel.”

Two years after this alleged assault, Keim began working with the FBI investigation into Morel. Her secretly recorded conversations with Morel led to the obstruction charge that Morel pled guilty to on Wednesday.

full 911 call below:

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The self loathing masquerading as moral superiority is going to ruin lives:

Deception, posing as moral superiority is not something new, but ancient.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

I noted the order of what the man said:




best friend

When you hear a husband say "person" rather than "woman" it is a signal that the relationship may not be sexual, or could be problematic.

Buckley said...

"I want to definitely, publicize, that my wife -- she was a great woman, a great wife, a great mother, a great friend.

"My wife" even precedes "woman"; but what about the word "publicize"? It wasn't the expected.

Anonymous said...


You can label whatever "conspiracy theory" if it makes you feel better, in reality there are many conspiracy FACTS: Is your world so simple that you still believe the official story on JFK? Denial is deep, but worldwide people have caught on to 9-11. Building 7 is a little hard to explain rationally and scientifically, esp with the owner on tape saying the decision was made to "pull it".

The Arabs with the box cutters, a conspiracy theory par excellence, but you believe it? The invisible plane that crashed into the Pentagon? You believe that?

Who benefitted? The elite. The Bush family. The creators of the all ready to go so-called Patriot Act, to take away our civil liberties.
Israel benefitted due to the false allegations against the Arab fall guys.


NWO is the shadow worldwide government of elites, loyal to no country but to each other. Republicans and Democrats a farce to distract and divide, same elite families stay in power. 9-11 was not planned by Bush.

Look for video on youtube of all the elite invoking the "new world order", right from their mouths.

"Some even believe we (the Rockefeller family) are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as 'internationalists' and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure---one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it."

--David Rockefeller, Memoirs, page 405

"We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promise of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The super-national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

---David Rockefeller, at a 1991 Bilderberger meeting

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

---David Rockefeller

************All just my opinion!

Hey Jude said...

I don't know why common sense doesn't win the day in the public restroom issue - it's not as if anyone can ask for birth certificates at the door. I have freaked out on the couple of occasions I encountered a unisex restroom - the odour makes them men's facilities - women's restrooms are kept cleaner. If there was a transgender person in a women's restroom , I either wouldn't know, or wouldn't be as bothered as I am by a unisex arrangement.

The idea that anyone can force a transgender person to use the 'wrong' public restroom for them seems unlikely, anyway. Would anyone know, or feel it right to insist, say, that the young Maine transgender teen, Nicole Maines, use a men's restroom? If it wasn't deemed appropriate for her to use the boys' restroom as a young child, it's even less appropriate now, in terms of her vulnerability. No-one would think that she was male by birth, if they did not already know it - men would usher her out, saying 'wrong restroom, sweetie'. Is there even much of a real issue in terms of public restrooms? I get school facilities might pose a problem, but I think that is more due to parents sexualising the issue of someone's need to use the bathroom, rather than that a transgender child poses any threat by needing to use the facilities.

Transgender people are such a tiny percentage of any population - I'd say, for the comfort of the likely majority, should they not be encouraged to use the disabled restroom, which usually has no queue and is already unisex? If there isn't one, whatever they feel comfortable with - for the most part, they probably just want to pee, like everyone else.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

First paragraph of DB's most recent blog, posted April 22, 2016

There is no way to over-exaggerate how often I get this question. I’m sure you’ve been wondering the same. This was one of my greatest concerns after Amanda’s death. How is Weston going to grow up without his mom? Every time this thought came to my mind it was a like a dagger was being driven deeper into my stomach.

Link to blog:

Buckley said...

FACT: I quoted and linked Wikipedia and I labeled nothing myself.

That you fail to recognize that, yet presuppose what I believe about several topics, tells me all I need to know about your ability to distinguish "fact" from "theory".

JenB said...

From Davey Blackburn's blog:

On November 10th, everything changed. It was a normal Tuesday morning. I woke up around 4:30am. Read my bible for a bit. Grabbed my gym clothes and headed out for a workout. When I returned home to shower I walked into a reality I’d never wish on anyone. My home had been broken into and Amanda was lying on the floor unconscious with 3 gunshot wounds – one to the head.

I don’t really know how anyone is expected to process a moment like that. I suppose I’ll attempt to explain more one day on this blog, but for now the only way I can describe it is everything seemed to be a slow-motion blur as all my worst fears became reality. I called 911 as soon as I could, and the paramedics rushed Amanda to the hospital. The next 24 hours were a waiting game to see if the swelling in her brain would subside and give us any hope of her survival. Mid-morning on November 11th the doctors informed me that there was no brain activity and she would not recover.

Unknown said...

I would just like to add that conspiracies are most definitely real, there are many terrible cover ups through out history, and if you think the public is told everything and you know the truth, you'd be very wrong. We have all been lied to and lied to by more important people than just the Casey Anthony's and lance armstrongs. Politicians, CEOs, doctors, lawyers, priests, and princes....they all lie and their lies are much more big , dangerous and evil.

I value peters blog and his very well done array of topics used to teach his lessons. We may not always agree, but I fully respect, Peter. He is delving into 9/11 lately and that will attract lots of attention because of the heartbreak and hysteria it brought to us, America Solidified the term terrorist and got the patriot act. Their offical 9/11 story is total bull. There's alot we don't know, and a lot we do know, that they don't want us to. Regardless to what happened, there's going to be strong feelings in the comments and I'd like to please ask that just because someone thinks there is a conspiracy doesn't mean they're crazy nutjobs. Authority needs to be questioned. We deserve the truth. So thanks in advance and I hope everyone stays respectful. I'm very interested in this topic and would like to know Peters analysis further and others opinions (respectful!) as well :)

Nic said...
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Nic said...

I have an opinion about "Access to Information" as it is called here in Canada. I call it access "from" information. No doubt, ever since the Access to Information Act was enacted here in Canada, the stock in black markers has soared. /sarc

You blogged about the Wal-Mart employee and bias, Peter? This is what one ATIP officer said to me in passing: " Lawyers just want to know things so they can sue people!" So I'm left with the impression her "raison d'être" is about keeping information *from* lawyers and their clients so they are not successful in their law suits.

She is not the only one I know who thinks this way.

Buckley said...

For one, I don't believe what we've been told about United Flight 93 that "crashed" in Pennsylvania. Bob Woodward's interviews of those in power leads me to question if the military shot it down to avoid it's use as a weapon like the other planes were.

Nic said...

The next 24 hours were a waiting game to see if the swelling in her brain would subside and give us any hope of her survival.

“and give us any hope of her survival” is extra wording which makes it sensitive.

the word, "us", is communal as opposed to personal, not him personally; he speaks for many not necessarily for himself

the word, “and” bridges swelling (in her brain) and hope

the word “and” is dependent on “would subside”

the word “would”, is conditional therefore weakening “hope"

Conclusion: he doesn't personally "hope" for Amanda's survival.


Nic said...

[snip]After reports of Ms. Bacca’s death circulated, Ms. Bacca’s family and Italian and Turkish government officials immediately emphasized that the killing had been a cruel act by a possibly deranged person and could have happened almost anywhere.

Just read any newspaperpeople get killed for playing music too loudly, and women get raped in the subway; there are fiends everywhere,” Ms. Pasqualino said. “This was not a question of Turkey or of religion.”[end snip]

Nic said...

^^^ It doesn't matter if this was written in 2008 or 2018. It's the same denial, different day.

I didn't enjoy reading how Ms. Pasqualino compared playing music too loudly to women getting raped (in the subway).

What is reported in the negative is sensitive. Readers should "question" "What about about what's going on in Turkey? What is going on in Turkey? Was the reason Ms. Bacca was murdered was because she was an infidel/white whore/easy meat?"

Nic said...

The next 24 hours were a waiting game

Davy was really sitting there ticking down the hours, "hoping".

Anonymous said...

Buckley, you didn't answer my questions. :)

Corporate media coverage is like
Skim milk;
Pasteurized, &
99 % FACT-free!


Hey Jude said...

Yes, it does matter, Nic, if the truth of a matter means anything.

Nic said...

Hey Jude,

I was commenting on the reference to what was true then, is still true today. 2008, 2010, 2016, the problem has remained constant, deny, underreport, minimize, etc.

By linking to Snopes, you made me think the story was a hoax for a second. But the "lie" you linked me to, was that the blogger who reposted the story implied the event was current.

I've traveled through Turkey (back in the 90's). It's a beautiful country. Try to walk into the Blue Mosque in shorts, flip flops and a tee. You won't get far.

Per Snopes and their use of the word secular in regards to religion (my impression is homogeneous,). Secular doesn't mean Islam is not practiced. It is. Muslim women can be modern, wearing two-piece power suits and carrying a briefcase with or without a hijab, and then there are the purists who wear the niqab.

Hey Jude said...

Nic - it's more the anti-Muslim intention in the way the story was presented that struck me - 'to prove Muslims are peaceful', was not Pippa Becca's stated intention, and Muslims in general did not rape and kill her - she sadly met the wrong type of person, which could happen to a lone woman hitchhiking in any part of the world. Also, to not make clear it was an old story, to present it so that it was assumed by readers to be current, was dishonest. It was a sadly foolish and naive act of 'performance art', more is the pity - unlikely her dress became part of any post-performance exhibition, as they had planned. That people supported her, yet did not also insist she be chaperoned for her own safety - that leaves me speechless.

Shorts, flip-flops and a tee, wouldn't be acceptable dress in many churches or cathedrals either - some mosques issue women headscarves at the door - can't say I've ever been handed a mantilla, but that might happen somewhere.

For anyone's interest:ürk

The world could do with more people like him.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Prince ‘Stayed Awake For Over Six Days’ Before His Death
The claim was made by the late singer’s brother-in-law.

Prince stayed awake for ‘154 hours straight’ before his death, according to the singer’s brother-in-law.

Maurice Phillips, who is married to the late singer’s sister Tyka Nelson, made the revelation as the star’s family gathered at his home for a memorial following his private cremation.

“I was with him just last weekend,” Maurice said. “He worked 154 hours straight. He was a good brother-in-law.”

The revelation comes despite claims the 57-year-old musician was hooked on sleep-inducing painkillers.

New reports have suggested the ‘Purple Rain’ singer was taking high levels of the painkiller Percocet, which is believed to have led to him overdosing on his private jet five days before he died.

Prince was found dead at his home at Paisley Park in Chanhassen, Minnesota, on Thursday at the age of 57.

Police authorities have said his death is not attributable to suicide or obvious trauma.

“Prince’s medical history is at the top of detectives’ list when it comes to cause of his death,” a police source said.

Over the weekend, a man who claims he supplied Prince with opiate painkillers spoke about the extent of the pop star’s addiction.

Named only as Doctor D, the man said he sold drugs to him between 1984 and 2008.

He claims Prince would spend up to $40,000 (£27,700) on six month supplies of highly addictive Dilaudid pills and Fentanyl patches.

Doctor D told the Mail Online: “I first met Prince in 1984 while he was filming the movie Purple Rain and he was already majorly addicted to opiates - I didn’t hook him on drugs.

“He was already a really heavy user.

“I’d say his habit was costing him about $200-300 a day, but that didn’t matter to him as he had plenty of money - he never ran out.”

The interview paints a picture of an artist riddled with anxiety.

He added: “He needed the drugs because he was so nervous - he could be nervous in a room with just five people in it.

“He wasn’t really, a party guy, he was doing these drugs so he could feel at ease around people.

“He was scared to go out in public, he was scared to talk to people and didn’t like to go on stage. He had the worst case of stage fright I’d ever seen.

“A lot of performers rely on drugs to make them feel confident on stage, but he was by far the worse.

“I remember when he was filming Purple Rain he was buying a lot of drugs - I think it was nerve wracking for him to have to perform in front of cameras and people every day so he needed the drugs.”

Hey Jude said...

The NY Times piece on Pippa Becca - the strange soft 'killed by a driver', rather than 'murdered by a rapist'. It's easier to understand family members using 'killed' rather than 'murdered', as the trauma must be so great; in journalists it seems like polite avoidance of an ugly fact. Maybe the author was erring on the side of caution, as an official cause of death had not been made public at that time, though local authorities had said she has been raped and strangled - the soft language seems unnecessary, when it was so unlikely it would turn out that the artist had died from a fall.

'Ms. Bacca’s trip was cut short near the village of Gebze, about 40 miles southeast of Istanbul.'

'Cut short', as though she had to fly home early.

“In every country, including Turkey, we hitched rides with amazing people, from students to farmers to businessmen,” Ms. Moro said. “Some offered us lunch. Others didn’t even ask why we were dressed like that; they didn’t even care.”

Well, quite - most people are not too up on performance art, some question if it is even art - outside of its own rarified world, such a performance would have little appreciation - they'd be two eccentric or loose women, depending upon where they were. How strange, to talk of the positive, the 'success' of the performance, in the circumstances.

'The two artists planned to wrap up their journey sometime in May with a performance in a public space in Tel Aviv, where they would ceremonially wash the two wedding dresses, as they periodically did on the trip. “We were going to wash away the traces of war, to cancel them,” Ms. Moro said.'

Well, that didn't work out too well. Not even the website remains - I wonder at what point did it stop being performance art? Obvious possibilities were not factored in - they should, in advance, have decided how the performance was to be written up and presented, and who would stand in for them in the washing of the wedding dresses finale in the event of their own unavailability; they should have planned how the subsequent exhibition should look in the event of the rape and murder of one, or both of the performers - if they were serious artists, and had any knowledge of the dangers, that would have been done. Performance Art does not, sadly, entitle the artist to live through it - how crazy to think they were somehow in control of 'the performance'. Strange sense of entitlement, IMO.

The final act of “Brides on Tour” was to have been an exhibition this November at the Byblos art gallery in Verona, Italy, where the wedding dresses would be displayed with mementos and photographs from the trip.

Pippa's dress was eventually put on exhibition - but what a different exhibition it must have been to the one envisaged - mostly on the dangers of hitchhiking. I wonder if they included crime scene and post-mortem photos - if Ms Moro and supporters ever fully 'owned' the actual performance, as it played out.

Ms. Moro said she still hoped to take to the road to finish the performance. “Otherwise it would be a failure, and I don’t want the message to fail,” she said.

“I am not disowning the project,” she added firmly. “This tragedy only highlights how difficult peaceful relations are and how much work there is still to do.”

Astonishing that Ms Moro, rather than being distraught, intended to finish the performance, 'otherwise it would be a failure' - as though it were not already a failure by the murder of her fellow-artist, hardly hospitality at its best, and by her own stated terms:

“Hitchhiking is choosing to have faith in other human beings, and man, like a small god, rewards those who have faith in him.”

Hey Jude said...

I think the write-up is self-consciously blasé in its approach to an embarrassingly failed performance - almost apologetic in tone, as though it were in rather bad taste for one of them to have been murdered.

In Ms Moro's final sentence there, she is in illogical denial - the 'message' is what matters, despite that it has already been shown to be flawed in terms of their own performance. She was not willing to embrace the reality of the 'work'.

As the Bard said, 'All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances...' - really, they did not need to do that - it was bad art, so predictable in its outcome that it should not have been enabled. They must have lived with many likeminded people on Planet Naive - unkind but true.

ODE said...

The TRUTH About 9/11 Declassified Documents

Published on Apr 17, 2016 -

In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV reports on the 911 conspiracy 2016.