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Barak Obama Tacquia

Barak Obama and Joe Biden met Monday with the heads of the FBI, Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center, the White House said. Below is a transcript of Obama's statement following that meeting. 

The FBI and DHS had a lengthy file on the shooter and his father and his travel to the Middle East, prior threats, connection to ISIS, and his 911 call in which he pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State.  

The knowledge of his connection to "radical" mosques and "radical" Imans, including one of whom he said homosexuals needed to be put to death, was known prior to the address. 

The motive was confessed to by the killer.  


I just had the opportunity to get the latest briefing from FBI Director Comey as well as Deputy Attorney General Yates and the rest of my national security team about the tragedy that took place in Orlando. They're going to be doing a more extensive briefing around noon -- a little bit after noon over at FBI headquarters, so I will allow them to go into all the details, but I hought it was important for you to hear directly from me.

Note where he chose to begin this statement on the Islamic terror:  his "opportunity" to get "the latest briefing."

It is here where the information is disclosed and how long the killer had been known with Islamic terrorism.  

Note the word "tragedy" is used, rather than Islamic terrorism or "attack."

Note he begins with the pronoun "I": we shall see if this continues. He uses the pronoun "I" while "allowing" others to give details, his thought that the nation hear from him.  What will "he" tell the nation that is important?

First of all, our hearts go out to the families of those who have been killed. 

Note the immediate switch to plural.  He does not personally given an affectional response, but in the plural.   This change from "I" to "our" is significant.  

NOTE:  To have "victim status" accepted the politician must create the villan. When this is deceptive the innocent accused eventually fights back.  This anger is natural and expected.  This is where Obama has divided the United States and ripped open healed wounds and inflicted new ones upon the citizens.  

Our prayers go to those who have been wounded. 

This is a devastating attack on all Americans. 

With the singular "I", it was a tragedy.  
Once the plural enters, it is now, with "all Americans", a "devastating attack", not a "tragedy." 

It is one that is particularly painful for the people of Orlando, but I think we all recognize that this could have happened anywhere in this country, and we feel enormous solidarity and grief on behalf of the families that have been affected.

The plural continues.  We next look for him to speak for himself, as an increase in importance.  

The fact that it took place at a club frequented by the LGBT community, I think, is also relevant. We're still looking at all the motivations of the killer, but it's a reminder that regardless of race, religion, faith, or sexual orientation, we're all Americans, and we need to be looking after each other and protecting each other at all times in the face of this kind of terrible act.

Note that during a terrorism attack, he repeats that we are all "Americans" making this a very sensitive point to him.  That "Americans" were attacked is not necessary to say, therefore:

2 levels of sensitivity are evident:

repetition and unnecessary speech.  Therefore, this is something that should be considered very important to him. Orlando is in America.  

Note that "motivations" is plural and that they are "still looking" (plural). 

The Islamic terrorist confessed in his 911 call to the motive.  The Koran teaches death to infidels and death to homosexuals.  Regularly, homosexuals are harassed, fined, imprisoned and murdered in Islamic nations.  

Yet, his focus is on "Americans."  He has the need to report that homosexuals are "Americans."  One may wonder why he has this need.  

Homosexuals have taken upon themselves a "victim status", offered by politicians.  

Since the president of the United States has the motive confessed, his offering of "motives", plural, and the refusal to speak it, should be considered something associated with homosexuals being "Americans"; that is, a politicizing and polarizing impact, as to separate homosexuals from Americans.  The reader should be on alert to politicizing the Islamic terror attack.  This is a form of manipulation that moves the emotions of those who he has classified with "victim status" while avoiding Islamic terror.  

Note "we need to be protecting each other" in a situation where one legally armed person could have saved many lives.  

With respect to the killer, there's been a lot of reporting that has been done. 

With the killing, reporting is done.  This, too, is an unnecessary statement which means it is very important to him:  not the killing, but the reporting.  What is it about the reporting that concerns him?

It's important to emphasize that we're still at the preliminary stages of the investigation, and there's a lot more that we have to learn.

The file on the killer is lengthy.  His father's ties to Islamic terror, his own ties to Islamic terrorism, his co-worker's concerns about his Islamic terrorism and his own statements that said he was doing this to prove "Allahu Akbar" (that allah is greater) which is the common vein through Islamic terrorism.   He also told police he did this in solidarity with the Boston Marathon Islamic terror.  

Regarding the "reporting" that has been going on:  

The one thing that we can say is that this is being treated as a terrorist investigation. 

"The one thing that we can say" shows he is still speaking in the plural, and not the personal address, and that he wishes to compare what "we can say" with what has been "reported" in the news:  that the gunmen did an "Allahu Akbar" in a bar.  

Please note that this is being "treated as" and not that it is an Islamic terrorism attack.  

It appears that the shooter was inspired by various extremist information that was disseminated over the internet

His political speech moves from the homosexual community (telling the general public that they are "Americans" unnecessarily) to "not knowing" the motive to now the internet. 

At this time, it was known which mosques he was taught at, and which imans he and his family were associated with.  

The "internet" is now introduced in a politicized speech.  One should consider if Obama has an idea, including an "executive order" to quell free speech on the internet, particularly sharia compliant executive order, keeping Americans from criticizing Islam. 

He has separated homosexuals from Americans, and his information from that which was reported, and now he gives us a point of blame:  the internet.  

Does he believe his own words?

All those materials are currently being searched, exploited, so we will have a better sense of the pathway that the killer took in making a decision to launch this attack.

Note the immediate distancing language to his own statement. 
Note that the Koran and the life of Mohammad both state to kill infidels and homosexuals.  

As Director Comey, I think, will indicate, 

Note the return of the strong pronoun "I", but only in what he thinks someone else will say

at this stage, we see no clear evidence that he was directed externally. 

The killer told police he was acting for ISIS and the lengthy file on him showed how devout he was.  Here, he qualifies his answer with "no clear" evidence; that is not only qualified, but he reports what they did not see (negative) heightening the importance.  

This negative statement, by itself, suggests that the reader should consider:

Not only was the killer externally directed by ISIS, but the president of the United States has a personal need  to conceal this from the American public.  

It does appear that at the last minute, he announced allegiance to ISIL, but there's no evidence so far that he was, in fact, directed by ISIL.

Consider this sentence carefully.  
At "the last moment", the reference to the 911 call, he pledged his allegiance to ISIS.  The file he had showed how deeply connected he was to ISIS.  

Note the word "but" with the need to qualify with "so far", which then, when countered with the allegation, "but you knew", it allows the subject to say "not yet." 

Note the use of "ISIL" as a direct and continuing insult to the nation of Israel.  

It is in this additional language, such as "so far" and other small, seemingly insignificant words, that we find much information.  This clever use of language continues:  

And there also, at this stage, there's no direct evidence that he was part of a larger plot.

This also suggests, on its form, that the subject knows that the killer was part of a larger part.  

 In that sense, it is -- it appears to be similar to what we saw in San Bernardino, but we don't yet know. 

Embedded Confession

He connects it to San Bernardino, yet without any killing there of known homosexuals.  This is an admission that it was not "homophobia" but Islamic terror, even while not intending such.  

This has been his narrative of Islamic terrorism:  call it "hate", or "work place violence" but not Islamic terror, even as it is carried out in direct obedience to the koran and the life of mohammad.  

And this is part of what is going to be important in terms of the investigation.

This, too, is unnecessary to say:  any investigation will include collaterals.  Therefore, the reader should consider that the subject knows that this does not fit his "lone wolf" or "a few psychopaths" political narrative.  

As far as we can tell right now, this is certainly an example of the kind of home-grown extremism that all of us have been so concerned about for a very long time.

Note the avoidance of the word "Islam" here.  

It also appears that he was able to obtain these weapons legally, because he did not have a criminal record that, in some ways, would prohibit him from purchasing these weapons. 

We noted the distancing language from the internet, now we see a focus, not on the killing, nor the killer, but his "weapons" which is very close to the subject, with "these."

Therefore, as he continues his plural politicizing, the reader should continue his third political topic:  guns.  

It appears that one of those weapons he was able to just carry out of the store, an assault rifle, a handgun, a Glock, which had a lot of clips in it. He was apparently required to wait for three days under Florida law.

external information:

Obama has made rules and regulations limiting what federal law enforcement can do with Islamic terrorism.  Due to Muslims being "offended" (CAIR told its members in mosques to not cooperate with the FBI, and to tell TSA to "mind your own damned business" when asked the purpose of arriving from Islamic countries) the terrorism manuals were neutered.  This impacted everything from how information can be obtained, to what can be shared, and even changed the FBI's attempt to educate young Muslim males against "extremism", changing "Islam" to not only "extremism" but removing the beards (required) from the cartoon faces, and blaming "right wing" "extremism" for 'concerns.' 

Note that although he has not used the word "Islam" in any form, he gives specific terms regarding weaponry.  

But it does indicate the degree to which it was not difficult for him to obtain these kinds of weapons.

Please note the upcoming "reports" about just how much access this Islamic terrorists had to weapons and how "Americans", fearful of being labeled "Islamophobic" remained silenced and intimidated by political correctness.  

Here, the subject must protect himself, moving from "still" needing to find the motivation to another admission:  

Director Comey will discuss the fact that there had been some investigation of him in the past that was triggered, but as Director Comey, I think, will indicate, the FBI followed the procedures that they were supposed to and did a proper job.

Please note:  The FBI are not to be blamed.  The Islamic integration by the White House has been wide spread and the agents who love this country will lose their jobs if they follow the pre-Obama directives in intelligence gathering, in attempts to save American lives.  

They, the rank and file, or agents in the field,  are not to be blamed.  

Why the need to shift over to Director Comey?

Please note that a former police officer warned his superiors at the security company that the killer had rage against "blacks, women, lesbians, homosexuals" and was a "radicalized terrorist."

In 2013, the FBI closed its investigation into the killer, much to the satisfaction of CAIR, claiming he was "a victim of Islamophobia" by his co workers. This, in spite of his father's history and his own association with terror.  

At the end of the day, this is something that we are going to have to grapple with, 

When one speaks, one gives away information.  "Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks" and here we find reluctance leaking from the subject.  

Next, external information:  The subject, as commander in chief, has been accused, particularly by the supported Iraqi troops, of deliberately dropping food and supplies to ISIS, when it was intended for them.  Iraqi generals have claimed "Obama is fighting for ISIS" and the military strikes have been very weak; including one in which a missile hit deliberately avoided ISIS headquarters in Syria.  He has decried religious discrimination while importing Syrian "refugees" at the rate of 99% Muslim, 1% Christian, and has refused to call on Islamic countries to take a single "refugee", and most importantly, has facilitated the genocide by abdicating responsible military action.  The Syrian "refugees" that have gone to Europe and America (the ones he calls "widows and orphans) have been almost 90% male, and could have been kept safe in Syrian territory.  The hirjah is to overtake a land by mass Islamic migration. 

The specific avoidance of targeting ISIS in meaningful ways 
may have been on the subject's mind as he specified what he has done in Syria and Iraq.  The Islamic State of Iran has taken strong control of many of the lands there:  

making sure that even as we go after ISIL and other extremist organizations overseas, 
note the soft language of "go after" rather than "destroy" 

even as we hit their leadership, 

This is particular language as well as soft language and may be in response to the intelligence report that showed the deliberate avoidance of ISIS headquarters 

even as we go after their infrastructure, even as we take, you know, key personnel off the field, even as we disrupt external plots, 

Note the soft passivity continues.  There is no "destruction" of ISIS, only "go after" and "disrupt", with the awareness of self and intended audience increased with "you know" at this point.  It is a very sensitive point for him. 

Does he go back to the internet?

that one of the biggest challenges we are going to have is this kind of propaganda and perversions of Islam that you see generated on the internet.

The word "Islam" enters his language, but not "islamic terrorism" or "Islamic terror."

Note he claims the obedience to the koran is "perversions" of Islam.  Note that "perversions" is plural.  

Islam requires "submission" by coercion where one can have "peace" either by conversion or dhimmitude (slavery), and if not, only by death.  The death is to be be-heading or amputations and stoning.  As to the literal interpretation:  1400 years of violence. 

As to today, Ramadan is 1 week old and there have been more than 500 deaths.  It is, for the world, the most dangerous month, year after year, decade by decade, century by century.  

And the capacity for that to seep into the minds of troubled individuals or weak individuals, and seeing them motivated then to take actions against people here in the United States and elsewhere in the world that are tragic.

Note the increase in restrictions of military chaplains at the same time the employment of imans to teach Islam in prisons, by the obama administration. 

And so, countering this extremist ideology is increasingly going to be just as important as making sure that we are disrupting more extensive plots engineered from the outside. We are also going to have to make sure that we think about the risks we are willing to take by being so lax in how we make very powerful firearms available to people in this country.

Note his return to weaponry while avoiding "Islamic terror." 

Next, he introduces the word "debate" while talking about the Islamic Terror killing on US Soil:  

And this is something that obviously I have talked about for a very long time. You know, my concern is that we start getting into a debate, as has happened in the past, which is an either/or debate, and the suggestion is either we think about something as terrorism and we ignore the problems with easy access to firearms or it's all about firearms and we ignore the role, the very real role, that organizations like ISIL have in generating extremist views inside this country.
It's not an either/or. It's a both/and. 

Note the need to go back to firearms.

When the United States went to war against the National Socialists of Germany, we knew that only a small portion of the population was doing the killing.  

We studied Mein Kampf to understand the ideology that they worked under. 

Here we have a far greater enemy and the commander in chief is doing everything he can to conceal the ideology that leads to death. "My Muslim faith" as well as the Marxist viewpoints of anarchy and division, combines with the Islamic teaching of tacquia, that is, to deceive, to propagate the cause of Islam, in one speech. 

We have to go after these terrorist organizations and hit them hard. We have to counter extremism, but we also have to make sure that it's not easy for somebody who decides they want to harm people in this country to be able to obtain weapons to get at them.

This comes at the end of his administration telling us what we "have to" do in the future; the very thing he did not do, but aided Islamic "extremists" in obtaining nuclear weapons, as well as allowing Iran to humiliate the US Navy.  

And you know, my hope is that over the next days and weeks that we are being sober about how we approach this problem, that we let the facts get determined by our investigators, but we also do some reflection in terms of how we can best tackle what is going to be a very challenging problem, not just here in this country, but around the world.
Again, my final point is just to extend our deepest sympathies to the families of those who were affected and to send our prayers to those who are surviving and are in hospitals right now, their family members hoping that they get better very soon.
But in the meantime, you can anticipate some time around noon that Director Comey and Deputy Attorney General Yates will provide you with a more full briefing about this. OK?
QUESTION: (inaudible)

OBAMA: Well, I think we don't yet know the motivations, 

Deception interrupts the thought process of experiential knowledge causing internal stress.  Note the change from "I" to "we" and the additional word "yet" added to what we do "not" know.  

The motive was known, verified and confessed to by the killer.  Only the president of the united states knows better than the killer, himself, and the ideology he professed, and the koran, which prescribed this killing.  

Deception Indicated

Here he returns to "the JV team":  

but here is what we do know, is organizations like ISIL or organizes like Al Qaida or those who have perverted Islam and created these radical, nihilistic, vicious organizations, one of the groups that they target are gays and lesbians because they believe that they do not abide by their attitudes towards sexuality. Now, we also know these are organizations that think it's fine to take captive women and enslave them and rape them.

Please note that Mohammad himself told his followers that they were to rape the women captives.  Mohammad is held to be the "perfect man" to all Muslims, hence the name, "Mohammad", in various spellings, is the most popular name in Islamic lands, including London, where the Rotherham rapes are well known, and the terrorist mayor has just been elected. 

This practice of rape of the "infidel" women is what has led to Sweden now being "the rape capital of the West" with more than 1 in every 4 Swedish women having been raped.  The trauma of such invasive violence cannot be understated, as well as the fact that so many men, culturally, are able to be sexually aroused in violence.  

So, you know, there clearly are connections between the attitudes of an organization like this and their attitudes towards tolerance and pluralism and a belief that all people are treated equally regardless of sexual orientation. 

He returns to the victim status ploy which is so appealing that it has led to main stream media echoing the ACLU's claim that Christians were the cause of the Orlando Islamic terror massacre.  

Each time Islamic terrorism takes place, Obama has attempted to indict Christianity.  This is no different: 

That is something threatening to them. Women being empowered is threatening to them.
So yes, I'm sure they're going to -- we will find that there are connections regardless of the particular motivations of this killer, there are connections between this vicious, bankrupt ideology and general attitudes towards gays and lesbians, and unfortunately that is -- that's something that the LGBT community is subject to, not just by ISIL, but by a lot of groups that purport to speak on behalf of God around the world.

Christian ideology and Judaism limit human sexual activity to legal marriage between and man and a woman and warn of consequences after death. This is both precept and precedent. 

Islam teaches death to homosexuals and video tapes the killings on a regular basis. The Judeo Christian says "thou shalt not" while Islam beheads.   It is interesting to note that San Francisco refused to run ads about Islamic hatred of homosexuals, and that women's rights groups in Europe expressed support for Muslim men after New Year's Eve continent wide sexual assault of thousands of women; most known for in Cologne.  

Number of homosexuals killed by Islam is unknown but considerable. Number of homosexuals killed by all other religions:  0

This is another example of his hatred of Judeo-Christian ideology and his use of tacquia.  

This has emboldened the verbal attacks on people of faith, which continues the deception used by Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR.  

I urge readers to study Islam; both from the Koran and what you can glean from history.  

Those of you here due to the love of truth, learn its ideology and consider how such ideology works itself out psychologically.  Learn why it is history's most successful criminal ideology. 

Learn what happened to nations that are now Islamic, but were not just a generation  prior.  

Read:  Bay Ye'Or 

As to instability:  


As to Germany:http://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/260511/death-europe-daniel-greenfield is a powerful and upsetting article.

Consider how borderless countries and socialism cannot survive or how immigration impacts unemployment in Chicago, Baltimore and other predominantly black cities, and how they have been betrayed by propaganda lies.  

Consider how, psychologically,  supremacist ideology mixes with low IQ, and poor impulse control:

http://10news.dk/?p=526   This is of particular interest, along with some related articles found here.  It is 'must read' for truth seekers. 

This article along with others written by the psychologist who worked with Muslim youth are vital reading.  I do not agree with all there, but the facts present themselves.  

This preoccupation with "feelings" is a form of national and cultural suicide.

For those who know little about the ideology, www.thereligionofpeace.com has short primers which are useful, along with www.jihadwatch.org and Robert Spencer's books. 


Ode said...

Please PH do not stop posting as you have today.

This link has more, ON topic with PH's post. Also a video of Mateen Sr, he a candidate, running for election " President" his home country. There is no way that Obama (security of US) has zero knowledge of Mateen Sr, due to these series of videos, POLITICS matter (sarcasm).


The video alone, YT the written description / Date
Published on May 24, 2015


Durand Jirga Show - Seddique Mateen candidacy announcement for President of Afghanistan & end of intelligent agreement_B (5.23.2015 Part 3 of 3)

Statement Analysis Blog said...


CAIR instructs Muslims to oppose FBI


They are not afraid.

This empowers them and furthers the cause of Islam.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


Anonymous said...

Great article Peter,

Why isnt the liberal press releasing the info that the shooter was gay and frequented the nightclub and used a gay dating app? You know why I think? Because then it would be glaringly clear that it was Islamic terror, with the gay shooter himself enjoying the nightclub, but shooting it up based on his Islamic beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy,
bho has commandoneered Fox for the noon hour today and all his above dissected phrases are being used, reused,
and then he went right into full denouncement of all his detractors.
I cringe at his immaturity, his lack of presidential capability, his misleading of so many who look to him to lead, to be the big man his current job requires.
Yee gods!
No wonder he won't leave Washington, he's never stopped being a community organizer and he won't give up the big stage.
How better to continue to bring down our government.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

In 2013, the FBI closed its investigation concluding that he, the killer, who had told co workers he hated blacks, Jews, homosexuals, etc, was a victim of Islamophobia.

Probation also cleared him as low risk.

his wife will now say anything. As to his homosexuality, there goes the "homophobic" excuse as motive.

HIs motive was his religious, political and social views. He beat his wife because Islam calls for it. He was a devout Muslim. That he hated us all is part of his ideology.

John Mc Gowan said...

She knew! Orlando terrorist's wife 'told the FBI she tried to talk him out of the attack', visited Pulse and other targets with him AND was there when he bought his arsenal of ammunition - but never called 911

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3641206/She-knew-Orlando-terrorist-s-wife-told-FBI-tried-talk-attack-cooperating-authorities.html#ixzz4BZdwYQ3D

Anonymous said...

There is an excellent AMA here from a gay blogger in Turkey. He explains many things for Westerners. Here are a couple of insightful examples:


This is actually the best question that you can ask regarding the hypocrisy of Islam and it's the reason I stepped out of the religion. The problem starts with the ways people practice Islam. So, let's say the Quran is all about peace, yeah yeah. But here is the trick: Muslims don't have to live by the rules of Quran fully. The life and actions of the prophet is equivalent to Quran itself in this religion. So let's say Quran said "don't kill". But history shows that Mohammad killed a lot of people he thought was a danger to Islam. The action of Mohammad overwrites the rule in Quran. This means that every Muslim is free to go to heaven even though being to have killed some Christians just because they are Christians, just like Mohammad. And when a Christian asks "But aren't you all about peace?", Muslims show you the Quran and they say "Yes! Of course!", and then they will outcast the Muslim who did the killing, but they actually won't. Because they know that he acted just like Mohammad, and they keep this fact to themselves, but they say you the opposite (that they don't approve of this behavior). This is how a Muslim gets away every time he commits a crime. He acts just like Mohammad, and the community has a piece of paper filled with myths that even they themselves don't care about. They use Quran as just a free ticket to commit crime.

Now carefully read this riddle: Quran says "don't drink", and ISIS wants to kill the Muslim who drinks. But Quran also says "don't kill". But there is also a verse in Quran that says "in a given situation, act based on your prophet's words and actions as he is the chosen of God". So they look at Mohammad's live to see what he said or did, and according to Islamic history books, Mohammad said "kill who he endangers the Islam".

But here is the problem: Mohammad's life is not entirely in Quran, there are just pieces of how he became the prophet. And when ISIS wants to look at Mohammad's life to see what he would have done in this situation, they look at history books. But who wrote those books? :) Some Islamic leaders. And who were those Islamic leaders? And how do we know those history books weren't manipulated? Are they pure? Are they true? How can you stop ISIS from manipulating some of those books? You CAN'T.

Let me give you a formula. If a Muslim family immigrates to Britain, there is something wrong in that family. The Muslim father is taking his daughter to a country where his religion declared the land of the Satan. He wants his daughter who is not allowed to work or get educated to get married as soon as possible, but he is taking her to a country with an incredible amount of liberated women. What's up with that?

Why aren't there in Iran, Dubai, or some developed Arab country where the father can get any job and raise his family in a totally Islam-compatible environment? So they are most likely there, in Britain, with an unspoken plan to create a Muslim community, that will eventually try to shape your society into their own life-style. This is a classic case happening in Turkey, and not hard to recognize at all.

lynda said...

Anon..That was good info on that blog, interesting. Particularly the last part.

Nic said...
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Nic said...

Peter said:
his wife will now say anything. As to his homosexuality, there goes the "homophobic" excuse as motive.

Yes, and the "investigators" will embrace her statement like a chalice.

Re motive: People will not see the forest for the trees, Peter. They'll twist his frequenting Pulse/being there into some sort of emotional turmoil/psychotic episode.

Lemon said...

The President of the United States, leader of the free (sic) world:

"It appears that one of those weapons he was able to just carry out of the store, an assault rifle, a handgun, a Glock, which had a lot of clips in it. He was apparently required to wait for three days under Florida law."

I just. can't. even. with him. For the love of everything; neither handguns, nor "a Glock" have "a lot of clips" in them. A 'clip' does not go in a gun. A MAGAZINE goes "in" a gun. One, not "a lot".

PS If Michael "Professor Ammo" Moore could pass this on to Barack, I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

Lemon said...

Bonus points to TheReligionofPeace.com for "Ramadan Bombathon 2016"


{prepares to answer doorbell}

Anonymous said...

You don't understand how politics work.

trustmeigetit said...

I know nothing about guns but that's funny the president did take a minute to understand before he spoke.

trustmeigetit said...

They are told to emulate That self proclaimed prophet.

This "prophet was a "child molestor and Murderer" just to name to facts....

I think that alone says it all

Muslims worship a child molestor and killer.

Tell me again how this is a religion of peace?

Apple said...

Yes yes and yes.