Thursday, June 9, 2016

Human Resources and Trends in Exploitation


Tell us about yourself...

This is common in job applications, although Human Resources, as an entity itself (not HR professionals) is, forever, looking for novelties to sell. Therefore, using scare tactics, they are able to get HR professionals together, once or twice a year, and give them the "latest" questions to ask, with the presupposition that human nature, itself, has changed.  

This means that each year, or every other years, new "trends" are "the last word in employment interviewing" and at any given time, the HR professional will be told:

"We never ask that question!"


Who is "we" and how long is "never"?

The skilled HR professional, from years of interviewing experience, now is faced with a new challenge where:

he or she does not want to be left behind.  

True enough, ever encroaching government regulations upon businesses means that in Human Resources there is a need for updating what is the latest "taboo" topic that the federal government has burdened the businesses of America (where all the revenue comes from) with restrictions that they, themselves are exempt from. 

This includes avoiding asking about criminal convictions, and other things that a good, responsible HR professional, charged with hiring the best, brightest, and...safest, seeks to fulfill.  

No one wants to be the one who hired the thief, or the violent, or the...

The Dept. of Justice reported back in 2001 that among those caught stealing from their company, 40% of them admitted planning to steal before they were hired, during the application process.

This statistic, as frightening as it sounds, is outdated.  Cultural shift now means that we must include fraudulent claims of disability, harassment, hostile work environment, and a myriad of 'discrimination' suits, along with the cultural blaming of successful businesses and the penchant of courts to grant big settlements to these deceptive 'victims.' 

Political correctness denigrates success, unless it is in athletics or entertainment.  

Add in the 'special snowflakes' graduating from colleges where they have been taught to blame others and that their feelings trump the material interests of the business, and their fellow man, and the recipe is:

Lots of payoffs and prohibitive insurance costs.  

These is where we catch them:  before they are hired. 

We both train Human Resources professionals in Statement Analysis and Analytical Interviewing and sub contract with businesses to teach them to catch the the exploiter before he or she is hired, and once a claim is made, we work with the company to get to the truth.  

Good companies do not abuse employees and if one is abused, they want to do what is right, but for those who seek to exploit, that is, to gain money their own hands did not earn, they give themselves away in the interview process, often before an interview is even scheduled.  

To book a training seminar, or for how we can help your company reduce costs (including unemployment costs), go to Hyatt Analysis

Over and over, we show that people who inappropriate motives will reveal themselves and everything you need to know, but are either afraid to ask or not permitted to ask, you will learn.  

Once the professional is trained in Advanced Analysis, and moves into psychological profiling, "leakage" becomes front and center, as this is not a criminal investigation, but an internal interview and/or latter investigation. 

Every company should do its own internal investigation, including its written report. Truth and documentation win.  

Before you send your HR professional to the latest HR convention of newly imposed restrictions and redefined words, consider that there is no more powerful weapon than discerning truth from deception, and those with proper motive from those who's self driven purposes and dulled consciences lead to theft in ever increasing sophisticated ways.  

From "fake hate" to fake falls to those who seek employment for nefarious purposes, legally sound and non-intrusive methods will bring discernment.  

12 months of support for each enrollment.  

This would have been easy to spot before hiring.  Imagine going back to the person responsible for this hire?

Walt Disney World employee defrauds company of $112,000

Walt Disney World cashier is being accused of stealing over $100,000 from the company over a period of 2 years.
Katie Miller, 29, worked as a cashier at Columbia Harbor House at the Magic Kingdom. Court records show that between May 2013 and March 2015, she inputted fraudulent refund transactions totaling $112,000.
Other employees noticed the transactions and the company notified law enforcement. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office arrested her on Tuesday, June 7. Miller is charged with second-degree grand theft and first-degree scheme to defraud and is being held at the Orange County Jail.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather read an article about all the ways HR exploits (and enables exploitation of) employees, starting with the phrase "Human Resources". How come the people attracted to that profession are a bunch of goons, similar to some of the weirdos that go into low-level mental health? SHEESH what a bunch of goofballs!! First there was "Who Moved My Cheese?" and then there was something about geese flying in a V, and how we need to be more like geese (they distributed geese pins to all of us to wear). Now, lately, it's something new called "Murmuration" where they make us watch videos of birds swarming in a cloud with the unspoken message that we all need to be more like that.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like a company issue. I work for a small medical facility and our HR dept has one lady and I like and admire her. She has a big and difficult job that I could not do.