Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Success It's Own Reward

When an investigator of an allegation, be it criminal or civil, faces the task at hand, it is done so with the hope of success.

Success will be the discovery of truth whether it imprisons, frees, fines, vindicates or any other consequence; it is the discovery of truth, itself, which is the emotional satisfaction to the investigator. 

An "A to Z" success is one in which an allegation is made, statements are written, analyzed, truth discerned, and a confession (or admission) is obtained. 

This is the ultimate conclusion for the studious investigator.  

The Advanced Course offered has as a prerequisite, a solid background in analysis by formal training.  Analysts who, for example, have successfully completed the SCAN course, along with subsequent practice and implementation, come into advanced work with a solid background; a sturdy foundation of which to build and enter into entirely new realms of analysis.  

One such success is the psychological profile that emerges from a statement that is so clear that it allows the investigator to know the strategy and even detailed tactics of which to employ in the interview, to bring the case to competition.  

When such an analyst has obtain a confession, the opportunity for growth has just arrived: he or she may now see the "unity" between investigator and subject, who has "made friends" and "fulfilled the pronoun 'we'" by telling the truth and can have the subject review the analysis, point by point. 

This is done, not with the psychological profile, but the actual event analysis, point by point.  The analyst does not show the subject the work, instead, with work in hand, reviews the events, allowing, in particular, the subject to address the missing information.

Remember:  most deception is via missing information, leaving behind, even in deceptive statements, a large volume of truth and reliable information.  

Recall the CNN analyst who made everyone laugh when he said, "I can tell when Casey Anthony is lying; her lips are moving!"

It is the polar opposite of sound work. 

Recently, another "A to Z" success was reported, along with further confirmation of a detailed psychological profile submitted where intimates of the subject reported the accuracy, particularly of the personality traits, history and the event. 

In another, Human Resources dodged a 'ticking time bomb' of an anti-social charmer who's demeanor, personality and good looks belied the lies that he was hiding beneath the surface.  

To sign up for training, as a department or individual study, see Hyatt Analysis and see how far you can go in your career. 

The Advanced Course is open to those who have completed the Statement Analysis course, or an equivalent, and can show proficiency in basic analysis.

Successful completion leads to certification only after a final thesis statement is submitted, and given favorable review by three professional analysts.  

By the time the analyst reaches this level, his work is likely known for its accuracy.  


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Interesting victim statement.

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Maria Sharapova denies reports she was warned five times over meldonium
• ‘It’s wrong to say I was warned five times,’ says Sharapova
• Russian also says she refused to fake an injury to keep news quiet



Maria Sharapova suspended 2 years over positive doping test


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Missing 9-year-old Diane Alvares OT Update:

Man who lived with person of interest in missing girl case talks with WESH 2 News

UPDATED 11:36 PM EDT Jun 07, 2016

ORLANDO, Fla. —New details were released on the local ties in the search for a missing Southwest Florida girl. WESH 2's Summer Knowles spoke to the man who came face-to-face with her suspected abductor.

"He said he came from Ohio," said the Orlando man, who does not wish to be identified by WESH 2 News.

The man said he let Jorge Guerrero live in his home for three days. Guerrero was arrested and faces child pornography charges and is also a person of interest in the disappearance of 9-year-old Diane Alvares, who disappeared from her home in Fort Myers May 29.

According to federal court documents, Guerrero lived with Diane's family for several months, but recently moved out. He told Lee County detectives he was living with two roommates in Orlando. But the man, who does not wish to be identified, said he already had a roommate and that Guerrero was just someone who seemed down on his luck who they were trying to help.

"I found the guy Tuesday night around 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. He said he didn't have any ID and I asked if he had money and, if he had money, I told him, I can rent a hotel for you. He said, 'That's OK,' but when I see the guy so wet, I take him to my house and give him some clothes," the man said.

The man said Guerrero gave him a fake name and told him he was going to try to catch a ride to Miami. When that did not happen, he said, Guerrero ended up back at his house. He eventually had to kick him out.

After that, he saw an Amber Alert on Facebook with Guerrero's picture on it and realized the Amber Alert he had seen earlier on his phone may have involved Guerrero. He said he immediately called his roommate.

"He said, 'What are you going to do?' I said, 'Call the number,' and I called the number and gave all of the information," the man said.

WESH 2 News asked the man: "So you got the alert on your phone, but it wasn't until you saw it on Facebook (that you called the authorities)?"

"Exactly," the man said. "When I see the photo, I'm in shock. Yeah, it makes me angry. For me, my daughter is my life."


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Ex-Stanford Student Brock Turner Blames 'Party Culture' for Sexual Assault


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It should be "Success Its Own Reward", not "It's" with an apostrophe, which means "it is".

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Hi Peter.

I notice that a lot of people (myself included) are leaving a lot of off topic threads and requests for analysis.

I'd personally love for there to be a forum format to be able to navigate topics more easily.



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Sorry, I reread that and it comes across a bit abrupt. I'm sure you're very busy with everything, and it's just a friendly suggestion!

Keep up the good work!



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Anon 3:56:

You're right, and I have a further tweek. The title should be:

Success Is Its Own Reward

Not that it matters in an informal blog - I hadn't noticed it 'till I read your post.

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That victim statement was amazing; she nailed it. I am passing it along to the teenage boys in my life. She erased any possible confusion- alcohol and guns do not hurt and people in and of themselves; people hurt people. If your inner jerk manifests strongly when you drink, then chose not to drink.
The defendent's father statement was so awful. Oh and it was all the lawyers fault too.

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Grammar Police = Me2l

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Anon @ 4:48


I'm chuckling and moving on. Thanks for the giggle!

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thanks for your amazing hard work Peter!