Friday, July 8, 2016

BLM: Lies That Kill

Black Lives Matters have been posting vile threats against police and now they got what they wanted:  dead and injured law enforcement officials. 


Lies destroy. Lies kill.  Words matter. Please click here
This is The Great Purge.   Lying destroys trust, confidence, and turns civil society into banana republics of rule by violence, as only the elite remain above justice.  

As a low level state employee, I would have been fired and prosecuted for  sending a single private email with a name of a state client in it.  End of discussion.  

Perhaps one might consider the inappropriate laughing of contempt. 

Deception, practiced from the top, is used to benefit the elite; it builds a voter base illicitly and illegally. 

It demoralizes a nation.  

That more whites are shot dead by police notwithstanding, the Black Lives Matter movement "hands up" is based upon a lie, established upon more lies, and propagated by a lying media. 

Yet, it is fueled by the White House and 

In the analysis of the Ferguson shooting, the now ex cop told the truth.  He was under attack by a violent felon. 

There was no "hands up."

This did not stop the propagandists who have, for almost 8 years now, expressed a narrative that is racist, despises America, and as Obama and Kerry stated, they must "protect Islam."  Would such a thing ever be said about Judaism?  Christianity?

When Obama speaks, follow his pronouns.  

He won't name "Islamic terror" and when he spoke of the two blacks killed, he relied heavily upon the pronoun "I", but when he spoke about the police officers now dead, he quickly changed to "we" and will politicize the murders.  

We have a generation of young people fed on lies from their schools.  Success is bad, white people are bad, and America, itself, is bad.  This is the Islamic-colonialist hatred stance of Barak Obama.  He stirs the racial hatred and has divided the country.  

His tyranny is flooding America with Islamists as he, again, bypasses the rule of law with the "refugee" resettlement turned to business so there is no cap on the numbers of Islamists brought in.  Law enforcement has been scapegoated from his first month in office, with law enforcement threatened with arrests for attempting to uphold immigration and border laws.  The latest report of his "we don't discriminate by religion" shows 2% Christian and 98% Islamist.   It's called "Tacquia" as the world's most successful criminal ideology continues to flood America, with multimillion dollar grants to major universities for "Islamic studies center" where the truth of history is sacrificed for narrative.  Lies kill.  

While the narrative of BLM continues, the powerful "victim status" mentality only succeeds when the "victim" has an "enemy", who has "victimized" them.  Entire generations of blacks have been taught to hate and blame white America, even as their school districts spend the most money, per student, and every possible financial advantage is given.  "You didn't build that" was one of the worst insults that revealed Obama's racial envy towards success where youth is taught that success only comes through exploiting others and is 'evil', unless the success is in entertainment and sports.  While Chicago drowns under bureaucratic debt from their pensions, and black unemployment soars, Obama opens the borders, driving wages down and unemployment further up, as the marxist textbook calls for anarchical revolution. He "redistributes" wealth; that is, to steal from the hard working and give to the lazy.  The racist "white privilege" is now accepted throughout society's self loathing as well as the racists.  

"Restorative justice"; that is, allowing blacks to commit crimes while going unpunished, even in schools, serves to further enslave them to government poverty:  while the only one who benefits is the politician.  The racial hatred of low expectation destroys lives, but it builds a voter base.  

The contempt is palatable. Michelle Obama has her daughters flaunt $4,000 dresses in front of impoverished girls, while her husband praises the vile, immoral lyrics of Beyonce and our military is now open to men who wear dresses, confused about who they are, while manning powerful weapons.   

What could go wrong with that?

His daughters will have walls, guns and private bathrooms, while Obama tells schools to deliberately abuse those who need help:  psychological disturbance warrants a parade, not intervention. 

Police officers are now targeted across our nation.  BLM got what it wanted. 

In Baltimore, police ranks continue to decline, while murder soars.  

When a report comes in of a violent black male with a gun, what can a white, Asian, or hispanic officer do?

Consider the plight of the black officer;  does he uphold the rule of law and be called "uncle tom" by blacks?  Even non black officers may question his loyalty.  Black police officers are also caught in an impossible and unjust position.  

Nothing justifies murder; it is "murder" that we punish in society.  Good training is necessary for restraint under adrenaline rushes.  

Hiring the best and brightest reduces unnecessary deaths by law enforcement, but law enforcement is not permitted to hire the best and brightest because of decisions made by the elite, to follow a narrative.  

Safety be damned. 

Just ask the black citizens of Baltimore.  It appears that they are dying daily, and the strict gun laws are not being honored by the killers.  In Sweden, girls are now wearing "don't touch me" rubber bracelets.  It appears that the rapists are not obeying, either.  

The elite do not send their children to your schools.  
The elite have walls to protect them. 
The elite have guns to protect them.  
The elite are now, for all to see, above the rule of law.  

How many more cops will die before America recovers herself?

Black Lives Matter was built on a lie, strengthens by lies, and is now getting precisely what all the vile comments have called for.  

Next:   the statement made by the girlfriend in the vehicle 


Jo Ann said...

The girlfriends version of when he told the police officer that he had a CC permit has changed each time I have heard her speak. In the car, he told officer before he reached for ID, with news crews, it was as he reached for ID and in another interview, she was the one that told the officer he had a CC permit.

rob said...

She only wants to speak of the CC permit and the gun. Obviously the gun was in play or she wouldn't be so centered on it. She didn't even get out of the car immediately or secure her child, she thought she was going down. NOW, she's got the BLM terrorists backing her and she knows it's just a matter of time and she is a millionaire.
If the pushback doesn't start soon, there will be no recovery.

I have been stopped for traffic violations and never mentioned that I had a gun in the car, and it didn't matter. My car wasn't searched, no reason for it to be searched.

Bingo3 said...

It is a horrible tragedy on both sides and I am sure we won't ever know the full truth. I just don't understand how she sat there and videoed the whole thing calmly while he lay there dying. Very odd behavior. I will be following Peter's analysis of her language indeed.

maudes harold said...

Bill Ayers finally succeeded in killing cops and in helping to bring down "the Establishment."

ThreadBare said...

Thanks for this, Peter. I look forward to your upcoming analysis of the girlfriend. I saw her video and heard her words yesterday. Reading your blog for over four years alerted me to flags in her words. What stood out to me the most was when she kept repeating "...don't tell me he's dead..." (paraphrased as I forget exact quote). This she kept repeating as he moaned and was clearly not dead at the time. Not once did she ask for help for him. She seemed to be more concerned about "stirring the pot."

lynda said...

Well the video served her purpose.

You can see the cop is all freaked out and he is screaming while she tapes away making excuses and storytelling. We will NEVER know what happened because she started taping AFTER he was shot. She doesn't ask for help. She asks for a ride.
He originally was shot 3 times
Then it was 3 or 4
Then it was 4
I can't even remember if she got up to 5
Way to much talk about the concealed weapon

SOmething has to happen, what? It's going to be Thunderdome in Texax and beyond.

Nic said...

TheadBare said:
Not once did she ask for help for him.

Agreed. Projecting: I wouldn't be videoing, I'd be using my phone to call 911. I'd be screaming at LE. I would be very emotional. Did they not have a kid in the backseat in a car seat? If yes, what about the kid in the car seat? IMO, her behaviour is a-typical.

Nic said...

What is striking me as odd is people videoing very dangerous and emotional events and narrating them like some PBS episode. You (generally speaking) can really see the impact of the violent pop culture on the masses in play.

Anonymous said...

A house divided against itself cannot stand.

Lis said...

Hey Jude said...

I spent a while reading Ravish's FB and watching her 'traffic' video (an earlier one, not the shooting) - on the account with the shooting video and 2,000 plus friends (she has more than one account). Well, that was interesting in a 'how do you have no filters?' sort of way. Exhausting, especially the lingo. I admit I was looking for an agenda because the video calls up a lot of questions.

I would like to know if she said anything before the recording started, which might have caused the officer to believe his life was in danger. At what point does the officer give his version of events?

I want to hear what the officer says about why he pulled the trigger. When does he get to do that? He must have made many traffic stops without pulling the trigger, or was he new to the job?

Hey Jude said...

Nic - earlier she videod a fight and posted it - she is constantly on social media - she's a very interesting character, in a 'glad I don't know her' sort of way. No filters.

Anonymous said...

I'm interested to see analysis of the girlfriends statements. I doubt she's telling the truth. If someone I loved had just been shot, I wouldn't be video-taping it. Good grief!

I believe most, if not all, of this is staged to stir up racism where there may not be any...they (the powers that be) do this to polarize people groups and cause the hatred they say they are trying to stop.


video tape said...

it might help you all to understand the woman's actions if you knew that what she was doing, was using a phone app that automatically records the video on a website, so the cops cant make it disappear or it gets lost. it is the power of protection against police brutality to use the app.

Anonymous said...


If this is true, then when did she initialize recording via the app? Is it always on? If she thought to use the app as soon as they got pulled over, then why is there no recording of the actual shooting?

If she only thought to record after he was shot, then the question still remains...who does that in the middle of something so traumatic?


Calvin said...

Peter if you're ever in Kansas, please let me know. I, and several of my co-workers, would love to sit down and drink some whiskey with you. Good points, and spot on.

Anonymous said...

"Deception, practiced from the top, is used to benefit the elite; it builds a voter base illicitly and illegally. "

Deception is the rule and is used to manipulate and control.
I no longer vote and am convinced the whole bipartisan thing is a big farce to distract and divide while the real power is behind the scenes and never changes.

I was convinced by the MSM lies after 9-11, and about other events such as Sandy Hook and the Boston marathon montage.
Deception rules, it is the daily bread of the elite, and there is no way to vote our way out of it.

LisaB said...

LisaB said...

valyriew said...

U are something else Peter.

Lisa21222 said...

Regarding Alton Sterling incident:

However, the store owner said that he had not seen anyone at all waving a gun in the store’s parking lot, and it especially wasn’t Alton.


There was "nobody" and "nobody" was NOT Alton Sterling? If it was NOBODY, there would be no reason to specify who it WASN'T, right?

Habundia said...

This store owner also said that he saw him standing outside the vehicle.....if thats the case how could he been shot inside the vehicle? Like many others i wonder what happend before she started taping.....and i sure would like to know the statement of the officer who was still pulling his gun out while she was taping and the guy was bleeding (to death) ive read somewhere that the officer was feeling sorry for what he did....but i didnt notice any sorrow during it all...why he never asked the woman to get out of the car if he was indeed worried that there was a gun in his pocket....they could have let her steoped out and make sure the gun was retrieved by them.....this whole thing just seems like a set a commercial clip for blacks killed by whites.

AnnieL. said...

I found this in a blog (don't know the author), and all can be verified:

"15 million new jobs created since 2010 when Obamacare was passed and minimum wage was raised 40% in 2007-09 including 6.75 million new jobs since 2014.

76 straight months of private sector job growth...the most in US far!!

71 straight weeks of 43 year low new unemployment claims. Lower than anytime during Reagan and population adjusted, probably the LOWEST EVER!!!

4.9% Unemployment, better than Reagan's best of 5.3%.

Plus Trump says Obama has deported more illegals than anyone in history."