Monday, August 8, 2016

From Patrol to Detective

Beginning where most start, patrol, is more of a training ground than some may realize.  It is here that instincts can be developed and listening skills cultivated.  If a patrol officer considers each interaction an interview, the learning will be accelerated.  Discerning truth from deception is critical.

In our Statement Analysis course (I), we take you through all the principles of Statement Analysis, not just the elementary ones, and show how to apply them in practice.  

Inevitably, cases naturally arise and when the patrol officer knows the truth and can be guided by it, the investigatory skills emerge.  

Statement Analysis training is the core of an investigation.  

The course is completed at home, and includes chapter tests and a final.  It also includes 12 months of ongoing confidential support and an invitation to attend, at no charge, live, online training with some of our nation's best analysts.  

Tuition is $495, and monthly payments accepted.  

When promotion comes, the trained are ready and up to the task. 

Sign up through and take the step towards building a strong base, increase your knowledge, strengthen your resume and move towards the future of investigating.  

At the new website, read what others in law enforcement say about the training and read the examples of the cases solved. 


John Mc Gowan said...

Congratulations, Peter.

Your new website is clear, crisp, well formatted and precise.

Anonymous said...

Investigation, SA & due diligence vitally important to justice and law/order. But it seems the best of effort is undermined by court decisions. Governors over ruled. Attempts to protect community thwarted. A new regime for support is needed. From the top (DC) and down to city councils & mayor.

Anonymous said...

Tuition is $495, but what is the price for intuition?

Hey Jude said...

Peter, please check your 'other' Facebook messages when you have time.


The new website is well done and user friendly - good job.

blood hound said...


This might be a good one for comments that lead novices astray. Notice the father references water, and praises police detectives.

Anonymous said...

I posted about this case on the other thread. I will read daily mail article when I get home. I think police need to be looking for a serial killer, non-local, I doubt she was transported in his vehicle, I think it is one of his first kills and he tried to burn her to get rid of evidence. This is a very dangerous individual who will strike agsin if not caught.

Anonymous said...


The father's language does not concern me. His praising of searchers is much different than DeOrr's Kuntz' father's praising of searchers, because in DeOrr's case, NOTHING was found previous to DeOrr's father excessively praising the searchers (or afterwards). In this case, the murdered woman's body was found by police dogs within hours and police are quickly launching an investigation to find the killer.
The shower comment from the father does not seem important because he is talking about not having a shower the day after his daughter was killed.

I would love to hear Peter's input on the article though.

What I am wondering right now is if Vanessa was killed by the Main South "Woodsman" serial killer, who I do NOT believe has been caught and who I do not believe is Alex Scezny who was tied to one of the murders. In fact, noone has ever claimed to have caught this serial killer.

The Main South serial killer kills petite brunettes with dark eyes (and usually with darker Hispanic complexion). His last "kill" he transported out of MA to Maine and investigators believe that this was to throw off police and cause them to think that it was not the work of the Main South killer whose other kills were from MA and dumped in MA. So, the Main South killer had changed his MO to try to fool police. That is what I am wondering if Vanessa was killed by the Main South killer who was changing his M.O, and where he would find and/or dump his victims to try to fool police. I don't know if Vanessa is petite, but if she is, I would be very suspicious that she could have been killed by the Main South Woodsman (who also always dumps his victims' bodies in the woods).

Anonymous said...

The thing is they never caught the Main South killer, because one of his victims was killed WHILE Alex Scesny (who they wondered if he could be the Main South killer) was in jail for an unrelated crime.
My instinct tell me that the Main South killer may be responsible for Vanessa's death. It just sounds like him. Horrible!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about this case from every angle, I am struggling a bit with the shower comment...I'm not sure what to think...I wish others would take a look at the article.

Anonymous said...

Punta Gorda Florida. Reported today. Florida is a screwed up state.

Lisa21222 said...


In this article, Slate is implying that Hillary would make a better president than Trump because HE uses the word "I" in speaking of his campaign, while SHE says "we."

Is this an "exception" to the "blame-sharing" that we often see accompanying the use of "we" by an individual? Or is statement analysis right on the money this time too?

Lisa21222 said...

Anonymous at 8:51. I believe an earlier post said they felt no sensitivity was indicated by the shower mention as he was remarking that he had NOT showered. But isn't there also sensitivity noted when someone indicates what they did NOT do?

Anonymous said...

Lisa, yes there is still sensitivity when something is stated in the negative, but within the context, Im not sure if it is sensitive??
The more I read about the case, the more I think police need to be looking at the Main South serial killer. This woman was killed in Princeton, MA, BUT guess where she was the night before? She was with her father out to dinner at the 111 Chophouse in Worcester, MA which is literally a stone's throw from Main South, Worcester where the Main South serial killer would get his victims! What if he saw her and followed her back to Princeton, MA? Also, a national profiling team had noted that an important clue regarding this killer was that one of his last victims had left her house wearing a black shirt but was found dead wearing a white chef's shirt and therefore, they deduced that the killer has access to these shirts! Does this killer hang out in restaurants? Work in redtaurants? I wonder if I should tell police my thoughts on this, because I dont see anyone tying Vanessa's murder to the Main Sourh killer. I will put up a profile of this killer that was published online.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a profile done by a national profiling team on the Main South killer who would find his victims on Main South, Worcester. Vanessa was killed in Princeton, BUT the night before she was out to dinner at a restaurant in Worcester far from Princeton that is literally a stone's throw away from Main South which was this killer's hunting ground.

CJ said...

OT: Compiled news clips from the Vanessa Marcotte murder that captured my interest:

Vanessa Marcotte, an accounts manager at Google in New York City, had been visiting her mother in Princeton for a few days when she went jogging Sunday on Brooks Station Road around 1 p.m. When she did not return home, her family called police, who started searching for her around 4 p.m.


Betty and Roy Leroux lived next-door to Vanessa Marcotte's mother, aunt and uncle. Betty Leroux described the family as small and quiet, but said she remembers when their uncle Steve Marcotte would talk about Vanessa's visits. Vanessa was a Leominster native, and lived in New York while working for Google, but would visit Massachusett's bi-monthly, Betty Leroux said Vanessa always jogged before returning to New York City. "(Vanessa's uncle) Steve would tell me she would come on weekends. Her routine was to take a jog around the block before she went back to New York," Leroux said.


Noel Richards said he had talked to Marcotte's aunt, who was parked outside of his family's Princeton's home on Ball Hill Road, on Sunday about 3:30 or 4 p.m. She was "very alarmed," saying her niece went for a run about 1 p.m., and had not returned. "I was in shock," Richards said when he heard what had happened to Marcotte.


Her body was found at 8:20 p.m. in the woods off the road, about a half-mile from her mother’s home. A law enforcement official briefed on the case said it appeared her body had been burned, and authorities are investigating whether she was sexually assaulted.


Laura Gal (neighbor):”I thought, well, that’s awful, but I also thought it was just a little strange that they would have such an aggressive search after somebody had been missing for, you know, less than 24 hours, so I thought, maybe that had something to do with it getting dark, but it just seemed odd.”


Marcott’s family is asking for privacy tonight, her godfather telling us [press] that her death is, quote, “an unexpected disaster.”

Anonymous said...

CJ, Thanks for compiling this. It is interesting that that was her routine was to jog before returning to NY and that she visited bi-monthly. This makes me think a local could be responsible.
However, I have a feeling it could be the Main South serial killer. What are the odds that she would be at a restaurant probably about a quarter of a mile from the serial killer's hunting ground (Main South) the night before she was murdered.
As an aside, this serial killer has been believed to have been inactive for some time, bc he was getting scared of getting caught. His last victim was dumped in Maine rather than MA to try to lead investigators to believe he was no longer living in the area of MainSouth, Worcester, MA.
What are your thoughts on the case?

CJ said...

Anon @ 3:18


Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early denied suggestions of a serial killer. In a press conference, Early stated there was nothing to hint that there is currently a serial killer at work. He said that there was nothing to connect Marcotte’s death to the unsolved murder of Vetrano, 30, from last week in Howard Beach, according to NY Daily News.

“We have a horrible set of facts, a horrible set of circumstances,” said Early. “We don’t know if this was a random act. We are asking residents of Princeton and surrounding areas to use an abundance of caution. … You can’t be too careful right now.”

The neighbor's remark brings up a good point: why did PD in mount a wide-scale search for an adult who had only been missing a few hours?

"Bucolic" Leominster has lower rates of murder, and higher than average rates of rape and sexual assaults per capita than the rest of the state.

The local PD is playing this one close to the vest. They have not revealed the manner of Vanessa's death, nor publicly cleared anyone known to the victim or residing in physical proximity to the crime scene.

As to my opinion about the case, I think the father sounds genuinely anguished. There isn't much else to analyze at this point. The "unexpected disaster" remark from the godfather gives me pause as it seems an odd choice of phrase (is there a disaster that one expects?) but it doesn't necessarily feel deceptive to me.

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for your opinion and information on the case. I agree that the uncle's statement is odd with the use of the word "unexpected" yet it is just not enough to go on. I very much doubt that Vanessa's killer was known to her.

Regarding Joe Early's statement:

"Worcester County District Attorney Joseph Early denied suggestions of a serial killer. In a press conference, Early stated there was nothing to hint that there is currently a serial killer at work. He said that there was nothing to connect Marcotte’s death to the unsolved murder of Vetrano, 30, from last week in Howard Beach, according to NY Daily News."

First, I agree Vanessa's case is not connected to Vetrano's case.

BUT here is the problem: They never caught the Main South killer. In fact, I think they got lazy because A) he stopped killing for several years and B) he was exclusively killing prostitutes.

However, WPD, along with STALK Profiling INC. did not do a good job profiling him. First thing they left out: There is almost a 100% chance that the Main South killer is Hispanic due to the fact that serial killers almost ALWAYS kill within their own ethnicity. This rules out Alex Scezny, a "person of interest" and all they have in their attempts to solve the case, who is white, and who was incarcerated during the time of one of the Main South killers murders. This fact that the Main South killer is statistically almost definitely Hispanic was NEVER publicized when asking for the public's help.
One thing they do know, or should know, about the Main South killer is that he is VERY specific in finding petite Brunette Hispanic victims with dark eyes. Which means, he looks carefully, he cruises, he stalks these victims. He is patient. The Main South killer has been inactive for several yrs, because he got scared of being caught, and I have been wondering when he would strike again. In my opinion, he now has struck again.

Vanessa was eating dinner the night before she was killed at the 111 Chophouse which is literally a stone's throw from Main South where the killer always hunted for his victims. She is not Hispanic (I don't think) but she meets the killer's other physical requirements (he is unlikely to change those requirements but he is likely to kill a non-prostitute if it means people will not suspect him as the killer): he is looking to throw off investigators. This killer is perfectly capable of having followed Vanessa to Princeton and to have waited patiently to attack her. Her body was found in woods not far from a road in a rural area, nude, not buried: again, this is exactly what the Main South killer typically does.
I feel this killer was profiled wrong. He was profiled as having a learning disability which is based on NOTHING. He was profiled as being blue-collar worker: based on nothing. I do think he is likely employed because he maintains a vehicle and he killed Vanessa on a Sunday--if he stalked her on a Saturday--again that would fall in the weekend time off from employment of even a white collar job.
I do think the Main South killer is Hispanic.

I think this killer is actually of high intelligence and is actually taunting the Worcester Police Department. If it was him who killed Vanessa, he would have seen her at the 111 Chophouse which is VERY close to Main South, yet he ends up killing this girl in Princeton and the girl is NOT a prostitute which is what they are expecting is that if he strikes again it would be a prostitute. It's almost like he is taunting them with that ONE clue that Vanessa had dinner the night before she was killed VERY close to his hunting grounds but was killed far from that location.
I feel like he went inactive for several years and is now saying through his actions "You can't catch me, you can't stop me".

Anonymous said...

I bet the reason that they are keeping things close to the vest is because they DO suspect it could be the Main South Killer. It is really not complicated math to figure it out. They do not want to alarm the public, but why would Joe Early have said that the residents of Princeton should be "scared to death" if he didn't suspect a serial killer? (Even though I doubt the killer will strike again in that specific area.) If he thought it was a killer known to the victim he would not have said that.

Unfortunately, they never caught this killer. They were hoping Alex Scezny was responsible but they knew he couldn't be because he was incarcerated during one of the killer's murders, so how could he have been the killer? Maybe Alex Scezny even knows the killer, maybe they were connected in some way, but unfortunately I don't see how he could be the killer if he was in jail during on of the attacks.

Therefore, I DO suspect the Main South Killer killed Vanessa Marcotte. It is way too coincidental she was at that restaurant so close to the killer's hunting grounds the night before she was killed. I hope that the WPD are interviewing anyone who was at or near the restaurant that night to see if they saw anyone suspicious, even though, I bet the killer did not enter the restaurant but waited in his car. I just have a feeling, because typically he was probably looking for his victims while in his vehicle looking for prostitutes. Plus, he wouldn't have wanted to be seen.

Anonymous said...

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