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Human Resources Protection Through Analysis

When a company hires a new employee, the company wants a distinctly religious and political free atmosphere, with the sole exception being religious companies. 

Statement Analysis training shows how to discern those who are most likely to 

*commit fraud
*make fraudulent claims of discrimination 

The implementation of the training will show employers how to avoid hiring those with an agenda other than work.  When the Dept. of Justice released the statistic that 40% of thieves in companies planned their theft in the interview process, this number did not include the many fraudulent claims of falling, discrimination, and so on.  

In the last 7 years, a powerful shift has taken place in courts where socialistic thinking, which views the successful in contempt, has led to decisions in favor of complainants, even when signed agreements existed prior to hiring.  The "victim status" mentality has swept through America and has given us an entire generation of entitled and legalized envy.  

Generally, a company does not want an employee broadcasting his or her religious or political belief as this will negatively impact customers, customer service and sales.  The material needs of the company are supposed to be paramount to all employees, but with increasing government encroachment upon business, companies must ask if the potential hire needs any "religious accommodation" before offering them a job.  

We note that the same governmental restrictions upon business have exemption from many government hirings.  

This "accommodation" question allows for the employer to make a decision, before hiring, if the applicant's accommodations gel with their company environment. 

Law suits cost company money, no matter the outcome.  

40% of EEO formal complaints on religious discrimination come from less than 1% of the population according to the  2015 statistics from EEO.  (Bloomberg News) 


It is a criminal political and religious ideology with specific designs upon sexual violence, with even religious elements of sexual violence.  

Employers must know:  It is the only religion in the world that prescribes deception.

Many public cases show the Muslim applies for the job without any outward religious costume, but shortly after being hired will begin to wear the Islamic costume or the male will grow a long beard.  

These outward signs of Islam frighten customers, particularly after another Islamic attack on non combatants in the public sector.   

People are afraid of those who hold to an ideology that is spread by coercion, and rightfully so.  How did the White House respond to San Bernadino attack where Americans were slaughtered?

The EEOC added a new page to its website: “Responsibilities 

Concerning the Employment of Individuals Who Are, or Are 

Perceived to Be, Muslim or Middle Eastern.”

This should tell you all you need to know about how your company may do in court.  

At  terribly sensitive times for Americans in the wake of Islamic slaughters, the POTUS blamed Christians and lectured them on wars from a thousand years ago; the very Muslim propaganda used to justify terror itself.    

The Muslim demands a "prayer room" but it cannot be a prayer room shared by Jews and Christians. This may provoke others, including atheists, who will sense the Islamic supremacy, as if they are too 'dirty' to enter such a room.  

The Muslim demands to be able to pray 5 times per day, not quietly to himself, but out loud, in a prayer room with no "infidels" and specific prayer rugs. 

What if your company sells alcohol?  Even those who have had pre-arranged and signed agreements, still end up threatened or sued.  MSM jumps on the headlines as socialism, itself, condemns success.  

When these demands are not met, protests and law suits result.  

Victim Status mentality is a powerful psychological influence which fills the subject with resolve and makes excuses for every failure in life.  

It has the unintended  opposite effect in hiring just as it does in social settings. 

How can HR combat this?

Since the federal guidelines restrict the private employer from asking specific questions, the trained HR professional can learn in Analytical Interviewing how to combat this loss.  As you are told to hire felons, those who dictate this mandate are exempt.  

Courts have shown that simply having Muslims signs a document stating that they do not require any religious accommodations do not suffice for some judges with agenda.  

If the applicant comes into the interview with visible signs of Islam, and is not hired, the chance of a suit for not being hired is increased.  

HR must be prepared.  

What is behind victim status mentality is to shift blame away from self.  Look for two things:

1.  External versus Internal philosophy  
2.  Shifting blame to others 

This can be accomplished by asking

"What challenges have you faced?" moving towards, "tell me about a failure..."

Follow the instinctive pronouns.  

In the Islamic belief and tradition, the person is 'superior' to others, and failures are not accepted.  Supremacist ideology, including male supremacy over females, is for those born in this, instinctive.  It will show itself. 

"I see that you wrote that you are a team player.  In your last job, tell me how you handled a failure..."

The two elements to explore:

1.  The External versus Internal philosophy is 'eastern' as opposed to 'western' belief.  "The car won't allow itself to be started" and "Allah would not let..."  

Some call this the "lotus of control" in which this mentality sees control outside of self.  

Businesses look for those who learn from their mistakes.  

We all make mistakes but it is those who learn from them that will be better suited for tackling challenges.  One cannot learn from a mistake when the mistake is not owned (accept responsibility).  

Note  "Tacquia" in the interview as possible presence and take careful notes. 

2.  In western thought, taking responsibility for a mistake is considered a strength; it is not so in Islamic thought.  It is a weakness.  What we view as security, they see as cowardice.

Just as we would not want an employee handing out religious literature for Christianity or Judaism, but want them to concentrate upon their work, we have an expectation that this is no compromise nor discrimination against them:  their labor is owed, for payment, during work hours.  Once work is over and company property is left, they are free to practice their religion.  

It is that "Tacquia" is being used, via democratic principles, against the West, and employers now fear being labeled "racist" and "Islamophobic" and having the terrorist designated "CAIR" holding press conferences, to willing main stream media outlets, or on 'speed dial' to federal law enforcement, bringing the company negative publicity. 

If the interview shows an applicant unwilling or unable to take responsibility, he or she should not be hired.  This is an important element no matter the religious or political view.  

Some companies fold, while others are fighting back. 

Best to combat the issue in the interview process, with carefully trained listening skills, and accurate note taking.  

In Statement Analysis training and implementation for companies, we use a basic pre-interview Questionnaire, and  in the interview process, a 'scoring system' of attributes the company seeks.

Companies that implement these services save money from payoffs, insurance, unemployment, lawyer fees, and save themselves both time and the stress of unjust claims against them. 

We show how to screen for not only for the ill intentions of some, and for violence propensities, but also to screen in

the best and brightest.  

For specific employment training:  Hyatt Analysis Services 


Trigger said...

Many countries in Europe are passing laws that ban full face veils because of the violence and killing by Muslims of their citizens.

It is way to put checks and balances on Muslim fanatics who want to oppress and demoralize the citizens of their cosmopolitan society.

The violence that is being perpetrated by Muslims on citizens in France and Germany has become a huge issue.

Anonymous said...

Blackburn part IV posted June 20, two months ago.

Blackburn part V up "next", 10 days and 16 posts ago.

Is Blackburn threatening a (baseless) libel/slander lawsuit?

Me2l said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me2l said...

Well, also, nothing has materialized to connect him to the murder, apparently not even the 9-1-1 call, so I'm genuinely eagerly interested in the conclusion here.

Anonymous said...

AAF employee caught falsifying Co records. Penalty was 4 wks off w/o pay. Returned to same job. Immediately resumed falsifying reports. Next. Paid Medical leave 6 months. Caught working for another employer while collecting Medical leave payments from original employer. Fired. Next. Rehired 3 months later by original employer. Next. TEN YEARS LATER. Caught in time theft scheme. Fired again. Next. Manager sued by her twice. Not rehired. Played out over 10 years for one offender. AAF employee.

trustmeigetit said...

Jonbenets brother to be on the Dr. Phil show in Seotember. I always felt like he had to know something, at the least heard something. This will be interesting..,

Anonymous said...

Mslms in workplace....Oaklahoma judge rules mslm who BEHEADED coworker in the workplace is not competent to stand trial. HE WANTS trial and execution. Said he'd do it again. Coworkers offended Islm. Who hired him? HR or some unknown stealth program for diversity forcing HR to act against the safety and best interests of the company. This is not'normal' workplace violence. This was a ticking timebomb. No one saw any warning signs?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Re: Amanda Blackburn murder

no threats of suits.

A law suit would force testimony.

I have had bronchitis all week, and still busy and am working on the final part of the Amanda Blackburn murder analysis...

I am also weeding down the massive volume of information to something a bit easier to read. I have considered the amount of material I have on this murder for possible book.


Anonymous said...

OT - never forgotten, Isabel Celis

May 2016 Video released to AZ press
Case: Missing Isabel Celis Arizona

It's interesting to hear the woman's recall of what she saw on surveillance ( her employer camera ) Isabel reported by her father missing, " the reason" she went to work to view the video, *same day, she contacting law enforcement, her memory compared to statements of " the parents" The faces each one makes while the other is talking is begrudging of each other. Do they have have this much leverage over each other? that neither one is willing to spill " the truth" that one or both are responsible for Isabels' Missing ' permanently ..

Father Sergie goes on and on he knows something was on the video tapes
as if ? who is telling him there isn't? he is scum

Video at link has woman's interview

The neighbor, her window across from Isa's Window / the Alley separating them
What awoke her " time" being critical, it was after sunrise

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) -
A woman who lives next door to the Celis family says she heard male voices and barking dogs outside her home early Saturday morning, the day 6-year-old Isabel Celis was reported missing.

Alicia Stardevant says it was around 6:30 a.m. when she was awakened by her dogs and heard the voices. A wall separates Stardevant's home from Isabel's bedroom window. Stardevant says the voices sounded like they were coming from her side of the wall, not the Celis home.

"My dogs were going crazy," Stardevant said. "Their dogs were going nuts, and I remember briefly waking up and hearing male voices outside my bedroom window. But it was light outside. I didn't really think anything of it. Then I went back to sleep. Then at eight o'clock I got a knock on the door saying she was missing."

Stardevant says she was sleepy, so she does not recall what the voices were saying. She says the men were not whispering.

"I don't think that they were police," she said. "I mean I wasn't really paying attention, you know. I was really tired, but I don't think it was."

Stardevant says since the incident, police have interviewed her several times.

The neighborhood around the home of 6-year-old Isabel Celis was opened Wednesday. The area south of Broadway and east of Craycroft had been closed to the public as Tucson police officers investigated the girl's disappearance.

Anonymous said...

Good idea on book. May just prompt "him" to reveal more.

Anonymous said...

By 'him' I was referring to Mr DB. Your book may provoke him to start & keep talking.

Me2l said...

I can't wait, because I don't understand how, if there were anything at all to connect DB to Amanda's murder, it hasn't already been done, unless LE just wants to take the easy route and be satisfied with what the current arrests and charges.

Laura said...

Anon, If Peter writes a book it will not be with the intention of getting Davey to "talk". Did you fail to notice that Davey already talks constantly?

elf said...

Has anyone been keeping up with the Aleah Beckerle case? She's a severely disabled 19 year old female, mother Cara Beckerle was her primary caregiver. Aleah is wheelchair bound and non-verbal. Reported missing July 17, 2016 from bedroom in mothers home. Her mother hasn't said much.
"The way i feel is undescribable. I can't even explain it. I don't feel normal, like you're supposed to wake up every morning when you wake up. And I'm very grateful for everyone showing up and volunteering their time, and getting out here and looking for my daughhter," said aleah's mom, Cara Beckerle.Cara says she's relying on family to get her through. "My mother with prayer. You know, sometimes she just has to hold me down and just pray over me, and I can feel God's presence and I feel my daughter--that i know she has to be alive," said Cara. "Nobody could be so sick, and take her, just because their feeling that their feeling towards, whoever. I don't understand it. I don't have answers. I can't---I don't evenknow why someone would ever do something like this to a child, period. But, a child that's special needs, that depends on you, a hundred percent, to love you, not hurt you."

a different article

For Cara some things come to mind where Aleah could be.
"I thought Henderson, Kentucky. I still feel Kentucky, but I'm not sure anymore. I thought she would be home already by now."
"I mean I love her," said Cara. "She's gonna be here, my hopes will never go. I know she's alive and she's coming home. I gotta keep that in mind."

** A woman named Deborah Wollner was arrested for beating a false confession out of an unidentified man regarding Aleah. The victim was told to tell the truth about Aleah's disappearance and agreed to lie to police in order to get the beating to stop. Deborah Wollner is either Aleah's cousin or is dating Aleah's cousin...
**Texas Equasearch was involved but called off efforts in late July.

Anonymous said...

Is it normal if someone is texting you constantly? And sending facebook messages constantly? Sometimes at the same time.

lane said...


"Please, I'm begging whoever has my angel, this is day five without her precious smile waking up to me," Cara Beckerle, Aleah's mother, posted last Friday on Facebook. Monday now marks day eight without Aleah.

"There is someone out there who knows where Aleah is," Evansville Police Department Captain Andy Chandler told Dateline. "You can't just carry a disabled 19-year-old out of her home and have no one see anything."

"We're not just looking at one path right now," Capt. Chandler said. "We've conducted numerous interviews and are focused on finding her. We welcome any information anyone might have."

Tania Cadogan said...

I have had bronchitis all week, and still busy and am working on the final part of the Amanda Blackburn murder analysis...

dropped pronouns :)

Tania Cadogan said...

Feel better Peter x

John Mc Gowan said...

Pakistani Islamic Council Says Husbands Can ‘Lightly Beat’ Wives

Anonymous said...

Seems the male Mslm mentality despite being very combative is at same time very insecure. Why else would it demand a female human to completely cover herself except for eye opening? Deep insecurity? Pathological insecurity?

Me2l said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


Getting away with it is not the same as being innocent.

Me2l said...

That's not what I said.

Anonymous said...

That's what I said. I'll say it again.

Getting away with first degree murder-for-hire is not the same as being innocent.

Me2l said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Me2l said...

One more time, that's not what I said, and since you're aiming your off-beat comments to me and my statement, I have to ask why if it's "what you said.

As usual, your SA skills are severely lacking and failing you once again. You need to hone your skills.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Long Post: Part I

The best strategy for a HR Department is to educate themselves on the practices of Islam. While many employers are aware that Islam requires 5 distinct prayer times per day, they are unaware of the ritualistic cleansing, specific conditions, and the amount of time required for each.

Five times daily (dawn, after Noonday, afternoon, sunset, and evening), a Muslim must ritualistically wash prescribed body parts in a prescribed manner with clean water. Depending upon the sect, multiple body parts require multiple washings, with the goal being that no one part in dry before the others. Should your employee be distracted and forget a spot or simply pass gas during the process, they must the washing process all over.

After the washing, they must be dressed in “clean” clothing each prayer time. Should the “clean” clothing come into contact with anything perceived as “dirty” (including passing gas-seriously), they must begin anew with the washing and another set of “clean” clothing.

The place of prayer must be ritualistically clean-meaning that it must be physically clean and it cannot be shared with those of another faith or non-Muslim. Consequently, Muslim production line employees at Tyson’s Foods are demanding a Prayer room and prayer mats onsite and threatening a religious discrimination lawsuit should Tyson’s no acquiesce.

The prayers themselves, require multiple verbal recitations (per the various sects) accompanying each of the 5 body positions. Consequently, manufacturers and food production companies are experiencing significant production line downtime, as Muslim employees leave the lines to tend to prayers. Additionally, their non-Muslim co-workers suffer productivity losses (increased production financial bonuses) or are forced to accept new break times to accommodate their Muslim counterparts (discrimination). The prayers occur 5 times in a 12-hour period, so unless the Muslim employee is using his/her designated lunch hour to perform one of them, it will likely impact co-workers and reduce productivity.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Part II

It is an HR nightmare. Questioning an applicant about their religion is illegal and would result in a pricey discrimination lawsuit. Likewise, racial profiling is equally illegal and subject to a lawsuit. Equally troubling to HR is employee relations, as Muslims get concessions not afforded to their non-Muslim counterparts (reverse religious discrimination and discriminatory employment conditions). It's a tightrope walk, as non-Muslim employees could potentially sue the company for discriminatory practices, if employers defer to Muslims.

In vetting potential applicants, perhaps HR should ask all applicants about any conditions that necessitate the employee leaving the production line/office/work space/work place for a regular and extended period of time daily, aside from scheduled breaks. As Islam both encourages and sanctions its followers lying to infidels (non-Muslims and less-devoted Muslims), even that’s no guarantee. However, with that statement written into a signed job application, the business could potentially use falsifying the statement as a basis for firing should the new hire have lied. Said employer would likely also need to submit documentation that the employees absences are also negatively impacting productivity though.

And we haven't even covered Security and workplace safety practices. ;)

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

It used to be that an employment offer was a contract between the Employer and the Employee. It was an individual's responsibility to evaluate a potential job to determine whether he/she could perform the duties as stated and if he/she agreed to work the hours/shift stated. Failure to do so resulted in termination of employment. Essentially, either the employee or the employer violated/broke the terms of their mutually agreed upon contract.

In this age of entitlement though, all bets are off.

elf said...

The town Aleah lived in and Henderson Kentucky are on the same river.

Anonymous said...

People who smoke (and yes, it isn't a religion although to some, maybe) have to wait till they're on a coffee/tea break or lunch hour, because company's are, or say they are, loosing man hours (work) if they take a break every time they need a smoke, and probably true.
Not smoking in the work place i support, and i'm a smoker. Working for 3/4 hours is a long time for someone who smokes. It takes 5minutes (in my case) to have a fag.
Some may take advantage (shirking work) of this but those people would more than likely in the past, been lazy anyway.

What if a new Mother doesn't want to take maternity leave and her baby needs breast feeding every 1-2 hours, would they allow it, i don't think so!!

This is an analogy.

If they want to prey, whenever they have to, why don't Muslim firms hire them, that way they can all "prey" together on their own time.

Waits for backlash#

Anonymous said...

Compromised authority. AAF's in workplace. Hands off HR policy. Poor performance. Its OK. Just have a competent employee do their assignments. Combative. Its Ok. Ignore it. Waste hours on cell phone. Its Ok. Pay them anyway. Been about 40 yrs of business damaging hands off condoning for one demographic. Entitlement. Privilege. Middleclass wages. Full medical benefits. No accountability. Single AAFs with numerous dependants multiple fathers. Would an AA business provide the same? No Way. Only insanity does.

ima.grandma said...

Keep the faith. Peter will produce post when possible, health issues can shut one down. Recovery takes time.

Tania Cadogan said...

agree Ima grandma.

Being unwell is a buggeration

Me2l said...

tania cadoganAugust 21, 2016 at 8:55 AM
I have had bronchitis all week, and still busy and am working on the final part of the Amanda Blackburn murder analysis...

dropped pronouns :)

Is deception indicated? If so, what is the deception?

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

Me21 @ 8:55 AM August 21, 2016

tania cadogan August 21, 2016 at 8:55 AM
I have had bronchitis all week, and still busy and am working on the final part of the Amanda Blackburn murder analysis...

dropped pronouns :)

you said: Is deception indicated? If so, what is the deception?
If I understand Peter correctly, dropped pronouns don't necessarily indicate deception. Rather, they signal sensitivity that should be explored.