Tuesday, August 16, 2016

"I Didn't Shoot the Guy" Oscar Morel

As experienced investigators learn, the Statement Analysis 101 seminars proved to be something of great value in sparking their interest in discerning truth from deception. 

They also learn that the "magic words" teaching of a denial is...

unreliable at best, and embarrassing for them.  

Chris Christie eventually did say he did not know about Bridgegate.  Advanced Analysis shows that it took him 40 minutes of preface to do so.  It was not reliable; it was silly.   

Amanda Knox put out a book, years after the murder, issuing a denial.  The "magic words uttered" does not preclude her guilty knowledge (presence) of the crime, nor her other statements which show knowledge of sexual homicide.  Dismissing her as mentally ill only leads to her defense, as she now works as a journalist, without the seeming "mental illness" defense necessary.  Her linguistic indicators of knowledge of sexual homicide are so pronounced that they are used today to teach investigators how to recognize them.  In a sense, it is "Sexual Homicide Language 101"

Recently, an iman and his brother were both shot in New York. The denial is reminiscent of the cleverness of William Jefferson Clinton's famous finger pointing denial:

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky" showing fearlessness of consequence as he deceived not only 300 million people in the United States, but he was making a public statement that those entrusted with upholding the laws of the land would hear.  He told Lewinsky that his definition of "sexual relations" is intercourse and since they did not have intercourse, this would be a way of deceiving investigators without perjuring oneself.  

Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton's Meeting 

Today, Hillary Clinton shows greater boldness and fearlessness than her husband did years ago, where they now ridicule the FBI and lie with impunity, with Bill calling Comey "full of bull" and Hillary saying that Comey said she told the truth.  Main stream or corporate media has "come out of the closet" about their deceptive coverage and "ethics." If it serves their purpose, they will lie.  This is the pragmatic liar who often is heard saying, in defense, "I have no reason to lie."    

Americans did not believe that Lynch and Clinton just happened upon each other days before the FBI final announcement.  MSM let this slide, too, but the American people knew otherwise, reminding us of the extreme threats and warnings about the end of British civilization the morning after Brexit.  

I suggest that the extreme deception, such as practiced so commonly today in Europe and more and more in America, actually aids the cause of freedom, as MSM loses all credibility.  

From the New York Post:  Oscar Morel  

Meanwhile, sources said Monday that Oscar Morel admitted to cops that he was at the scene at the time of the slaying and that he is the person caught on video sneaking up behind the pair. But he insists he never shot anyone.
“I did not shoot the guy,’’ Morel said to cops, according to sources.
If sources are correct, please note that "I did not shoot the guy" is something one might say if one is thinking that he should not say, 
"I shot both."  


Anonymous said...


I was giving my husband a hypothetical scenario, and here is what I typed in my email to him...

"Basically, if I had a bill for $27.63..."

After re-reading the email for accuracy, I found my use of 3 to be a bit surprising. Look at all of those factors of 3!! Three really is a liar's number!

Anonymous said...

Is your "husband" really your mother?

Anonymous said...

No, why do you ask? My husband is really my husband. The point is I had to make up numbers on the spot for an example. They are a lie because I don't actually have a bill for $27.63.

Anonymous said...

OK, and you feel because there was one 3 used out of 4 numbers that has some significance?

Anonymous said...

Im curious what your hypothetical question regarding money was especially regarding a fairly small amount...

Anonymous said...

27 is a factor of 3 (9 times 3 = 27)
63 is a factor of 3 (21 times 3 = 63)
Peter has explained several times that it is just not the number 3 that isn't always reliable, factors of 3 can also be deemed unreliable, such as 3 masked men at 9:00pm, etc.

Nic said...

I won't buy print media and when I hear friends complain about the reporting, I have encouraged them to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

....War in Chicago...... Weekend toll 52 shot & 9 killed. No reprimand, threat, rebuke, chastisement, warning from WSHNGTN to the insurgents. No declaration of outrage from HR, JJ or Al.

Alexandra said...

Update Vanessa Marcotte, jogger killed in Princeton, MA: John Kelly of STALK profiling has profiled Vanessa's killer as being a serial killer fairly new to killing, he believes he has killed or raped at least one woman before Vanessa and that he is "honing his evil craft" and will definitely kill again.
This does NOT match up w the Main South serial killer, so I no longer suspect him.

However in my opinion,, it is likely her killer lives locally to where she was killed. I myself also wonder if the killer sonewhat premeditated killing someone on that day, as the exceptionally dry conditions would have lent itself to him attempting to burn evidence. I also, though, wonder why LE found a charred area, rather than a raging fire although conditions were very dry...that makes me wonder if he himself extinguished the fire before it got out of hand to avoid drawing attention with a fire. This must mean he had either a fire extinguisher or lots of water with him.

Anonymous said...


Peters quiz

SAN LEANDRO (BCN/KRON) — A 15-year-old San Leandro girl who had been missing since Aug. 6 was located Monday afternoon and is now safe with her family, police said.

However, San Leandro police Lt. Robert McManus declined to disclose details about how Deanna Benedetto was found.

“Due to her age and the ongoing investigation, I cannot disclose details of her recovery at this time,” McManus said.

Deanna’s mother discovered that Deanna was missing from their home at about 9 p.m. on Aug. 6, McManus said.

Her mother said that was abnormal behavior for Deanna and she believed Deanna left voluntarily with a friend or acquaintance, according to McManus.

Police credited KRON4 for helping authorities locate Deanna.

“It was KRON4’s news coverage that led us to Deanna Benedetto, the missing 15-year-old,” McManus said.

McManus said someone who recognized her from media coverage spotted Deanna on a BART train near Concord last Thursday night.

He said that information was relayed to San Leandro police and assisted in her recovery Monday.

Alexandra said...

Re: My post at 4;40; re: Vanessa Marcotte's killer: My mind thought about the fire-lighting and probable fire-extinguishing by the killer: I thought of a chef, who would work all the time with fire, would have extinguished fires; access to water, fire extinguisher, fire-lighting materials in restaurant---------again wondering about Main South killer who's last victim was found wearing a white chef shirt......Main South killer does mot fit John Kelly's profile.....however police interviewed employees at the restaurant near where Marcotte was killed.

I think her killer must have had his vehicle close-by while he killed her (offroad on the path big enough for a car); did he leave tiretracks or was the ground too dry? I believe he must have extinguished the fire, therefore his vehicle must have been close by offroad from which he could retrieve water to put out the fire.

Anonymous said...

It's erroneous, nevertheless.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Anon 551....Thats old news.

to whom? Not me. Does that make it redundant, then?
Geez. Good news is good news irrespective whether you know or not. Some may not have.

Nic said...

Peter makes SA look easy because he only hits the salient analysis of his point.

For example, I recently listened to Patsy Ramsey's 911 call, "analyzed it" and then used the search engine here on the blog "to check my answers".

I highly recommend everyone try this! Humble pie is very filling!

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 8:00

You're not redundant. Thank you for bumping Deanna's update to the current discussion. Not everyone will scroll back.

Anonymous said...

Peter makes SA look easy because he is an expert.

rob said...

A Hispanic man shoots 2 muslims. Muslims are currently fighting African Americans for preferred victim status. (who will win?) Hispanics are a secondary minority because many are not willing to speak out for fear of being found out illegal and facing deportation. Very little media coverage of this event. If a black had killed them, no media coverage. If a white had killed them, it would be over the top, even if it was an on-going feud in the neighborhood, it would have immediately be labeled a hate crime and those hate filled white people would be dragged thru the mud. Lorreta Lynch would already be involved. Riots, arsons and looting would be happening.
It's time for whites to speak out. In my opinion, most volunteer social work to benefit minorities of all races is preformed by white citizens. You can't even say that or you are labeled a racist. It's only the truth.
I tired of it. Time for push-back.
The media is not doing its job. They don't report, they tell you an opinion, and its theirs. Dan Rather lost his job for it. At this time, he would not. Brian Williams is back, and he is a known liar. No big deal. People will forget and accept.
I'm having a bad morning. I think I will do something else.

Anonymous said...

Rt News just posted.
A. Merkel claims refugees did not bring terrorism to Deutcshland. Refugee immigration and terrorism are not related.