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Leanna Walker Homicide: Sky McDonaugh

April 18th, 17 year old Leanna Walker disappeared when she went with Sky Walker.  Several weeks later, her remains were found.  

The article is here.  

You'll notice that we do not have a quote of "I didn't hurt her" as reported in the headlines.  If he said this, off video, we must note that "I didn't hurt her" is minimization;  she was found dead.  This is a form of minimization frequently found in death by child abuse, or close relationship homicide.  

The article has some quotes; none offer a Reliable Denial:

PALMYRA TOWNSHIP, PIKE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) - A man who is considered a "person of interest" in the disappearance of a Pike County teenager says he had nothing to do with her death.
Sky McDonough of Milford made his first court appearance Tuesday since the death of his girlfriend earlier this year.
State police say 17-year-old Leanna Walker left her home in Dingman Township with McDonough on April 18th.
She was found dead several weeks later.

While McDonough has not been charged with her death at this time, court documents indicate investigators are suspicious of him.
As he was led into a magistrate's office near Hawley Tuesday, Sky McDonough admitted he was with Leanna Walker when she disappeared in April but he says he never hurt her.

Within the article, I have added analysis and commentary in bold type.  

"She ran away with me," McDonough said.

Please note that he did not say that "we" ran away, but that "she ran away with me", as he was walking by, making it a freely offered statement.  
Please note:
1.  He does not use Leanna's name
2.  The word "with" between "she" and "me" indicates distancing language.  This is Statement Analysis 101, and we look at the distancing language to determine the cause of distancing.  Sometimes it is geographical, while other times it is emotional (missing/longing).  The context of the statement is critical.  

Here, we see the distance between them while he recounts what happened that led to her death.  Regardless of guilt or innocence, this is the context for the statement.  

Distancing language within innocence in death is not expected.  It is only after significant time has passed that distancing language will enter in.  

Here, we have the subject giving us the context of the distancing language, in the short statement itself.  The context is the running away. 

The use of distancing language is also affirmed with the pronoun "she" rather than Leanna's name.  

This, along with the word "with" between people,  suggests that Leanna, 17, had to be talked into running off with him.  

"She" and "me" could not be further apart in the sentence than this.  

Pronouns are instinctive and require no pause in the editing process.  

Next, we see the pronoun "we" enter his statement:  

When asked what happened after that, McDonough said, "We went to the llama farm and then afterwards I went to get a check and I got caught by police. I don't know what happened to her."

This is an important sentence.

1.  Going to the llama farm produced the pronoun "we" in his language.  This may have been something agreeable to Leanna.  

2.  "and then afterwards" uses three words which jump over time, making the 'temporal lacunae', that is, the 'black empty space' highly sensitive.  A single skip (TL) is something we focus our analysis and interview on, but here the subject must use more effort to give additional wording. 

3.  The additional wording (increase of effort = importance) also has another element to be viewed:  it is unnecessary.  

"and then" or "afterwards" would have sufficed.  In the extremely short period of time (less than a millisecond) in which the brain processes which of his 20,000 strong vocabulary to use, effort produced an "unnecessary" word.

In Statement Analysis, an unnecessary word is one in which the sentence still 'works' should it be removed.  Its inclusion is to give us additional information.  Where the 'black hole' or 'empty' space is, the additional information is missing.  

Yet, its need for emphasis tells us that there is a strong emotional need for him to skip over this period of time, which may take "withholding information" to a level of "suppressing information" which, by itself, is indicative of what strategy should be used in the interview process. 

In other words, it will take an effort for him to not reveal that which is concealed here.  

The interviewer must not interrupt him and let him "hold court" as one of "high regard and importance" and let him "regale the subordinate investigators" with his knowledge. 

It should produce an admission (not confession) and this admission is very likely to contain elements of minimization, some deception, as well as shifting blame (very subtly) to the victim, herself.  

The skipping over time, is in a real sense, repeated and it is repeated unnecessarily, making this time period to indicate:

The suppression of critical information is at this point in time.  

4.  "to get a check" does not tell us what he did, but what he went to do.  This is more important than meets the eye.

The subject feels the need to explain why he separated from Leanna, in a context where no one asked him why.  No one asked him, 

"Why did you go to the...?"

nor even

"Why didn't you two go together?

The subject, himself, has a need to not only be 'away' and separate from Leanna, but more importantly for us, he has a need to explain to us, the audience, his need to be physically separate from Leanna.  

This, too, is 'unnecessary' information, making it very important to us.  

When asked if he hurt Leanna Walker, McDonough simply replied, "no."

I do not fault the journalist for asking a 'yes or no' question, which is reduced internal conflict to lie to, as the opportunity was brief.

As he left court, McDonough was as talkative as he was going in, speculating on who may be responsible.

"She was hanging out with bad boys, heroin," McDonough said.

This is tangent, and given the hint that it was likely McDonough himself who talked Leanna into running away with him, tells us that "bad boys"  is not something he would abide or allow to happen.  

Note the inclusion of "heroin" is indication of not only drugs, but of his personality.  

He may actually blame the victim for the murder. 

"She had some other guys she was with," McDonough told Eyewitness News.
Note the avoidance of her name is continual.  This is a psychological distancing from her, rather than the mournful, sad, introspective closeness and almost romanticized viewpoint most all of us take of lost loved ones.  We 'deify' our lost loved ones, almost immediately, recalling all the good.  

Here, his tangent not only shows the need to move the attention away from himself, but he blames her for whom she may have been with.  

This is a red flag for possible guilty knowledge of what happened to her. 

The interview should be lengthy, comfortable, and one in which the subject (Sky McDonough) does 80% of the talking.  

The interrogation, after a well conducted analytical interview, reverses these numbers and sometimes is not even necessary due to admission.  

Confession and admission are judicially the same.  By focusing on confessions (moral acceptance of responsibility) the interviewer/investigator often projects his own disgust and belief system into the interview and can hinder the admission.  

An admission is simply acknowledging what he did to her.   It may be that he did not "hurt" her; he killed her.  

When asked if those guys could be responsible for Walker's death, McDonough said, "I believe so."

This weak assertion of only "believing" so is also a very small, but significant insight into his personality.  

"I believe so" instead of "maybe", "could have been" and so on, includes the pronoun "I", making it a 'strong' weak assertion; that is, one in which the subject is not afraid to offer himself, psychologically, behind his 'opinion', while avoiding a direct lie.  

This is, again, to put himself 'front and center' as one who likely convinced Leanna to run away with him initially, and who may pride himself at such control over others. 

It is something important to consider for the interview. 

For training in Statement Analysis, go to Hyatt Analysis Services.  

We offer seminars, correspondence training, live, on going interactive training of confidential cases, as well as certification.  


John Mc Gowan said...

My apologies for an immediate OT.

If someone is asked a question and responds with a question, it is flagged for possible sensitivity, and to be explored.

What if the subject answers with a rhetorical question to the question asked?
Does it hold the same sensitivity?

Anonymous said...

Hi John, Your question is a little vague, however, if the question you asked the subject was a sincere question that you wanted an answer to, and the subject responded with a rhetorical question, then yes, that is very sensitive (particularly if there were no other statements made by the subject following their stating the rhetorical that were reliable statements). Answering a question with a rhetorical question would be done to A) confuse the questioner bc they are not getting a direct answer B) attempt to make the questioner feel their question is absurd and C) not answer the question.
It woukd be interesting to know if the subject stated any additional information attempting to actually answer the question you posed, but if they did not followup with reliable statements attempting to answer your question, then yes, there is a high possibility of deception.

lynda said...


I LOATHE people that do that!

Good, short lesson on this one Peter. Ugh..I hope he doesn't get away with it but it seems more and more, they are. Science and forensics have grown by leaps and bounds so why does it appear that people are getting away with murder right and left? Frustrating and sickening.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they aren't guilty?

Lis said...

One reason, a lot of district attorneys do not want to prosecute cases that will take too much effort or in which they have to go up against a high powered attorney.

Lis said...

Good lesson.
It doesn't help that he's got the expression of Ted Bundy on his face.

Anonymous said...

Rhonda said...

Lis, With all due respect,Ted Bundy's expression actually makes that kid's expression look like a gentle puppy dog.

Anonymous said...

John McGowan can you help me you seem like the wisest one it sensitive if someone spontaneously (not parroting and not having been questioned) says "I DONT know why (name of person) is blah blah blah". TIA

Anonymous said...

Also, is using "this" instead of "that" in a denial sensitive?

Anonymous said...

I, also,often wonder why?
Heroine epidemic reported in macomb county michigan. How is it that state after state while admitting this epidemic NEVER ask the most important question. WHERE IS THE DRUG COMMING FROM? How do teenagers in US end up with it in their bodies when its sourced on the other side of the world. Treatnent is always mentioned. Arrests. Court. Rehab. Fines. But never by whom and how its supplied.

jua said...

rthisnn you dor answrig my questim

jua said...

ot tiik alll the srtejrh I hes to rype thwwt queriion

JOA said...

I am helping JOA type now. She says to say she is sorry for the misspellings but that her medication was causing blurred vision and she is struggling with hand damage. She wants to say "thank you" to all of you and she misses you all very much and she will be back after inpatient surgery on Monday. I just asked her "JOA is all you have to say?" and she said "yes", so signing off now just wanted to help JOA.

JOA said...

Oh, one last thing she wants me to say before she is wheeled into the pre-surgery observation room, she is comfortable with her name which is an anachronym being pronounced as an actual name JOA pronounced "JOE-AH".

Lis said...

He's young

elf said...

I'd not heard of this case until today, so sad. To give myself son background on it I've read a couple of old articles written and one thing stands out to me. The articles said that McDonough last post on his Facebook was a picture of himself and Ms. Walker (he is hugging her from behind in a almost possessive sexual manner). What strikes me about iit is that he posted it and that's usually the type of photo a girl would post on her on page. She's the one taking the picture (in a mirror) so one would assume it was on her phone. I found no mention of the picture also being on her Facebook. I think he posted it to buy himself some time and to persuade / manipulate the facts.

Lis said...

THE father of disgraced pastor Michael Guglielmucci has revealed his son has been addicted to pornography since the age of 12.

Danny Guglielmucci – whose high-profile preacher son last week week admitted his two-year battle with cancer was fake – said the "severe addiction to pornography" was part of a bizarre double life his son had been leading.

Mr Guglielmucci, who established Edge Church International, an Assemblies of God church in Adelaide, said Melbourne-based Michael had made a full confession to his family about his past, including revelations about the 16-year porn obsession and the lies over his supposed battle with terminal illness.

In an exclusive interview with Adelaide's Sunday Mail this week, Mr Guglielmucci also revealed:

HIS son has been suffering "mystery illnesses" since the age of 12.

DOCTORS gave his parents the option of admitting him to a psychiatric ward for assessment as a child over the ongoing "illnesses", but they refused.

THE family's "absolute shock" at discovering Michael was not terminally ill.

Mr Guglielmucci said he and wife Sharonne – who founded Edge Church International with him – were struggling to comprehend what their son had done.

They are expected to address the church's Adelaide congregation today to explain his actions.

"When (Michael) rang me last Tuesday, I was on my way to New Zealand," Mr Guglielmucci said.

"He said, 'Dad you've got to come and see me'.

"I said to my wife, 'Maybe the doctors have told him he's only got a few weeks to live'.

"So we cancelled everything and jumped on the plane and went to see him in Melbourne, and that's when he told us the story.

"We were just in absolute shock and we still are. We haven't had time to get our head around it. He said, 'I don't have cancer. I've had two lives that I've lived'.

"His wife (Amanda), who has been with him for seven years, found out the day before we did and she's had no idea.

"Michael has had a severe addiction to pornography. The addiction to pornography started when he was 12.

"It's horrendous because we don't have that sort of stuff around. He was raised in a Christian home; we've never brought that stuff into our home."

Michael Guglielmucci was one of Australia's highest-profile Christian preachers, inspiring hundreds of thousands around the world as he performed his hit song Healer with an oxygen tube in his nose.

He was a pastor with Planetshakers, a Christian youth movement that began in Adelaide and has grown into an international ministry.

But that all came crashing down this week when his deception became public.

Mr Guglielmucci said his son finally confessed after the guilt of his lies and addiction became overwhelming.

"He lived the two lives and he would get sick as a result of the guilt," he said.

"He was feeling like he was letting God down, letting his family down, his church, his friends.

"He's been living this for so long, feeling like he's had these two lives and now he's the one that's come out in the open. He confessed it, he didn't get caught.

"To deal with the guilt he would pour himself into doing good work. He's touched the lives of young people all over the world. Now they are all affected by this.

"He hasn't done this for any reasons that have been portrayed that he's a fraud.

"It was either keep pretending or come out with the truth and tell everything. He's come out with everything but now we've got the consequences of it all.

"We have to accept it. We're hoping to share with our congregation how it all started and how it got where it is.

"We understand people's anger, we understand their questioning.

"There's so many questions.

Lis said...


"An addiction like this is not going to be fixed overnight. You can't have a 16-year problem and fix it in a week."

Mr Guglielmucci said his son was undergoing psychiatric assessment with Adelaide doctors.

"They have said to me that he is very ill. They are assessing where reality stopped and fantasy kicked in and what's caused all this," he said.

"The doctor believes that at times Michael was totally convinced that he had this sickness."

Mr Guglielmucci said his son had a long history of "mystery illnesses", starting in childhood.

"When he was about 12 he did vomit all the time, he'd get really really sick," he said.

"He was in the Adelaide Children's Hospital for seven weeks at one stage; he didn't eat and we thought we were going to lose him.

"They took out his appendix, thinking that it might be that, but they realised that it wasn't.

"They gave us the option of putting him in a psychiatric ward to see if there was something psychological but we felt uncomfortable with that at the time.

"We signed him out from hospital and then he would go a few months and then he would get sick again.

"We'd always take him to hospital; we'd always do the proper thing but they couldn't get to the bottom of it until now."

Mr Guglielmucci said he and his wife were in "absolute shock" to discover their son was not terminally ill.

"We have watched our son go through what we thought was cancer," he said.

"My wife and I, over the past two years, have watched him vomit in buckets, having nosebleeds, and even his hair fell out in clumps at one stage.

"Every time we saw him, we saw symptoms. He stayed with us for a while where we had to put a special air-conditioner in one of the rooms because he would heat up so much in the middle of winter.

"He had this cold air-conditioner blowing on him to try to keep the heat down. As a professional minister I've stood in front of my congregation and cried and said to pray for my son.

"I've travelled the world asking people to pray for him. Can you imagine what a horrible thing it would be if I was playing a game?

"To be honest, I ask myself as a father, 'What did I miss, what did I not do? What could I have done better?' "

Mr Guglielmucci said Michael's wife was "getting really good counselling".

"She's not made any decision at this point," he said.

"It's happened so quickly. There's so many questions."

Lis said...

Oops, sorry, trying to fit my post in, I forgot to explain-

OT, this is a news article about a pastor in Australia who pretended to be a cancer patient and turned out to be a fraud. The article is an interview with the pastor's father. I'm not as good at this as some of you are, but I found his statements to be odd, a few I bolded that were particularly odd. Any thoughts, anyone?

Nic said...

Lis, I think you've done well to highlight sensitive statements. i.e., what is stated in the negative is sensitive. The father injecting himself into the story as a he himself a "hypothetical" fraud, i.e., "if I was playing a game". It would be interesting to hear the whole unedited interview to find out why the father would even shine a fraudulent light, albeit a "hypothetical one" upon himself. Maybe it's about his need to persuade his congregation that he was not part of "the game".

"To be honest" indicates that he is not always honest, and then he asks himself a question "as a father".

"To be honest, I ask myself as a father," This gives me pause. I'm using Peter's search engine to find whether this has ever been addressed. I recall the post about asking the interviewer a question, but I don't recall anything specific in SA about when someone asks themselves a question, as a different "person" within the context of being "honest". Is it because he is only being honest within the context of being the preacher-son's father and what he missed as a father - but he is not honest about what he "saw" as a preacher? I think you're right to highlight this.

This is what stood out to me:

"He's been living this for so long, feeling like he's had these two lives and now he's the one that's come out in the open. He confessed it, he didn't get caught.

"he didn't get caught".

What is said in the negative is sensitive. It would be interesting to hear the whole, unedited interview to find out if "confess" is being parroted.

When someone confesses (admits) something it is usually because they have been confronted. I say "usually". If the preacher-son's conscience got the better of him, I wonder what it was, specifically, that finally brought his need to confess to a head.

I find the word "confess" really interesting considering that the story is about a preacher's son. I also find it interesting that the preacher is talking about his son's "double" life while he, himself, talks about a double life (preacher v. father). The "honest" voice in reference to "father".


Nic said...

"I've travelled the world asking people to pray for him. Can you imagine what a horrible thing it would be if I was playing a game?

"To be honest, I ask myself as a father, 'What did I miss, what did I not do? What could I have done better?’ "

This is really interesting in that two rhetorical questions are being posed back-to-back. It would be interesting to know if this article is presented in order, i.e., the statements are made as stated, and whether or not the father was responding to specific questions or if in fact these are rhetorical questions made from free editing.


Here is a link to a post Peter did on rhetorical questions in SA:

When someone asks a question in an open statement, it is a very important statement, and may indicate the subject is not seeking information from an intended audience but may be wrestling within himself, for an answer.

In analytical interviewing, we do not answer the question, but let the pause tell us if the subject is asking us a question, or:

if he is asking himself a question.

IF the subject is speaking to himself, it is a very strong indicator that the subject is reliving the event: experiential memory is in play. It is reliable.

John Mc Gowan said...

Anon at 4:01 PM

Thank you


Thanks for the link, Nic, re rhetorical questions :)

Nic said...

Lis, I linked your article. Are you aware it is from 2008? I't's still a good read, especially going into the archives about "rhetorical questions" in SA.

Nic said...

You're welcome, John. :0)

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:


Evil stranger could have taken Karen Ristevski, says husband

THE family of missing Melbourne woman Karen Ristevski believe she may have fallen victim to a random stranger abduction.

It is understood that husband Borce has told family members that the 47-year-old could have been snatched by an evil predator.

It can also be revealed that Mrs Ristevski was discussing borrowing money from her father to pay an outstanding debt in the days before she vanished on June 29.

The new theory comes amid fears from Karen’s aunt that her niece has been murdered and “discarded like a piece of rubbish”.

Patricia Gray said the search for Ms Ristevski had been turned into a “circus” due to the statements of other family members, including Borce’s brother Vasko and stepson Anthony Rickard, according to reports.

“Someone has done something to her... we need to find out where Karen has been discarded like a piece of rubbish,” Ms Gray said.

In other developments, a shovel found at the $1.1 million Avondale Heights Ristevski family home has undergone forensic testing.

And detectives searching for the missing mum in Melbourne’s northwest have examined CCTV cameras from the Toolern Vale General Store and taken footage from 60 cameras at two BP service stations at Calder Park.

Toolern Vale General Store manager Tania Zeine said detectives were tight lipped when they asked to view the CCTV footage.

“About a week ago we had two police officers come in here asking to look at our security cameras, but they didn’t tell us what it was for,” Ms Zeine said.

“My mother said they were here for about half an hour going through the footage and then they left.”

Police have also combed the same road where murdered Irish woman Jill Meagher was found. Residents of Black Hill Rd, where Ms Meagher’s body was found buried in a shallow grave in September 2012, say police on trail bikes were spotted scouring the 10km road linking Diggers Rest to Gisborne South.

“They were riding very slowly on the side of the road and they kept stopping like they were searching for something,” one resident said.

Police have checked dams in the Diggers Rest, Toolern Vale and Gisborne areas and have appealed to residents to check their properties.

As exclusively revealed on Saturday, mobile phone data shows Mrs Ristevski’s phone was detected near Gisborne, 40km northwest of their home, hours after her husband Borce claimed she stormed off after a row over money.

Mr Ristevski’s phone was detected near Diggers Rest, about 20km from their house.

Mr Ristevski, 52, told police he was driving his wife’s 2004 Mercedes-Benz to a garage to fix a faulty fuel gauge before the fault corrected itself and he returned home.

Mobile phone data indicated that Mr Ristevski’s phone was switched off for 2½ hours on the day she vanished.

Mr Ristevski is understood to have told police to direct all further inquiries over his wife’s disappearance to his solicitors, Stary Norton Halphen.

Bizarre family ‘circus belittles the hunt’ for Karen Ristevski

Nic said...

Mr Ristevski is understood to have told police to direct all further inquiries over his wife’s disappearance to his solicitors, Stary Norton Halphen.

I guess that defines "fully cooperating".

Anonymous said...

OT - Brittanee Drexel:

Lis said...

Hi Nic, thanks so much for looking at the interview. I didn't notice the part where he says "he confessed, he didn't get caught"- seems kind of odd to point that out unless he was asked directly?

I did realize it was an older article (arg, I meant to put that on my post) but it really intrigued me.

I looked up another article about the guy and it said his wife had been fooled as well. I found that so surprising because my husband has cancer and I can't imagine going through this with him and never meeting his doctor or going to his appts with him, having been through the real thing it's hard to imagine someone being able to fake it to a spouse!

Lis said...

omg, anonymous, about Brittanee Drexel. That's horrible.

Lis said...

Another article about Brittanee Drexel offers a few statements by the suspect's mother:

Taylor’s mother, Joan Taylor, 44, of McClellanville, told The Post and Courier on Thursday that she’s talking out about the accusations because she believes the government is unjustly trying to “pin something else on him” based on a bogus jailhouse confession.

She was stunned during the bond hearing when she heard the FBI agent’s testimony that implicated both her son and husband in Drexel’s abduction, rape and murder. “I wanted to just scream and yell.” She called the inmate’s story and the fact that the government is running with it “craziness.” The crimes her husband and son have been implicated in are “not in our nature,” she said.

Neither her son nor her husband responded to requests for them to comment on the allegations, but Joan Taylor said her husband, a former merchant seaman who now works as a tow truck driver and mechanic, is “fed up with it and he thinks it’s crazy.”

It is a horrifying story, pretty far out, hopefully they are going by more evidence than jail house snitches, they can be pretty unreliable.

Nic said...

Lis said:
I looked up another article about the guy and it said his wife had been fooled as well. I found that so surprising because my husband has cancer and I can't imagine going through this with him and never meeting his doctor or going to his appts with him, having been through the real thing it's hard to imagine someone being able to fake it to a spouse!

Blessings to you and your husband, Lis.

Personally, I was surprised to see in the news video I watched how "robust" the preacher's son was when on oxygen, two years "in" to an aggressive cancer diagnosis. I know everyone is different, but steroids only help so much.

Note, too, the preacher's son's wife wasn't directly quoted in the article or seen in any video, (that I could find). She was only referenced in passing. I think, in the end, his support was limited to his mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

"...I got caught by police."

Is there any known statistical significance of a suspect using the word "caught", as compared to stopped, arrested, brought in, questioned, etc.?

Anonymous said...

"he confessed, he didn't get caught"

There it is again. I'm curious if being "caught" is statistically tied to guilt, in the same vein as "sorry".

Anonymous said...

It's interesting how lately you seem to be faltering somewhat on disguising your authentic writing style...of course I don't care anymore about SA...just an off-handed observation.

John Mc Gowan said...


Again. Some just don't learn.

Nonverbal Communication Analysis No. 3673: Anthony Weiner, Huma Abedin separate after Sexting Scandal

Anonymous said...


Nate Parker on rape controversy: 'I never thought about consent as a definition'
Parker, who was acquitted of the charge of raping an unconscious woman while in college, said his definition of consent has changed in an interview with Ebony

Anonymous said...

It's funny his name is "Weiner". Ha ha I just can't help but laugh every time there are more stories about him sending pics of himself to women. If I was born with the name Weiner, I would change my name! Who in the world would want to go through life with the name Weiner?? And then to have all kinds of awful publicity about texting pics of your W____ to women?!?!

Anonymous said...

Peter, it is hilarious to see Hillary Clinton evading questions about her health problems. She has issued a couple non-denial denials. It would be fun to get your take.

Here's from her recent speech: "His latest paranoid fever dream is about my health. All I can say is, Donald, dream on."

And here's a video where Jimmy Kimmel asks Hillary point blank: "Are you in good health?" she's all jokey jokey and appears to "debunk" the health concerns, but she actually avoids answering the question.

If she can't say she's in good health, we can't say it for her.

Bobcat said...

Part of a sermon describing a "kinda" inconclusive death. Jake Baird

"I can, relate, maybe more than, than some, to what your Pastor Davey is walking through, because five years ago I ran into a, similar, situation. I was married at that time, and, uh, it will actually be five years, two days from now, January 12th. And, uh, my youngest son Judah had just been born, at that time he was eight weeks old, and, in the middle of the night, I woke up and found his mother was unconscious. She wasn’t breathing. I tried to do everything that I could to bring her back but, we rushed her to the hospital and just a few short hours later she passed away. Suddenly, tragically, just like that. And the doctors ran a bunch of tests on her, and everything came back, kinda inconclusive, and they just said “Jake, we don’t, really know what happened. We just, it looks like her heart just stopped.” She had, uh, uh, maybe an electrolyte imbalance, and her heart just stopped. (Unintelligible) just like that. So, wh, what do you do, with that? What do you do with that? And I remember, in those moments, being surrounded by a great community and great church. You gotta have the right people in your life, you’re going to get through that. But I remember, some of the most intimate times of my life were those, those evenings when I would just kinda rock Judah, my youngest and, and, just sing worship songs to the Lord, just be thankful, for what was happen (unintelligible). Thankful for what I couldn’t see yet. Trusting that we would come out the other end OK. And I’m telling you church, that if you can be thankful. If you can be thankful, you’ll find a place where you can stand in the security of God, the presence of God, and no matter what you walk through, he’ll come through for you on the other end. There is hope."

A slightly different third party description here:

Anonymous said...

I get suspicious of poisoning hearing of that type of death.

Bobcat said...

Wouldn't testing show poisoning? Suffocation? According to friend reports, he woke up (alibi) to discover her not breathing; then attempted resuscitation. Homicidal smothering is extremely difficult to detect.

Anonymous said...

Depends. Autopsy? So much rotten how to's online. Job Applicant was pot user, but didnt stop using prior to interview. Tried outsmart drugtest. Used some drink to mask thc. But Dr took hair sample instead of urine. No job. Relative of coworker died unexpectedly. Family suspectd his girlfriend of poisoning. Not pursued. City in Illinois.

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's like the blind leading the blind here as usual. Back to my Netflix.

Anonymous said...

Netflix. Laziness.

Anonymous said...

Call it what you will. I can only carry the load here for so long. I got through an entire episode of "Gilmore Girls" without an anxiety attack, and I can hardly wait to find out next what happens with Rory and Jake.

Anonymous said...

Never heard of them.

Anonymous said...

Well then obviously you've never watched "Gilmore Girls". That's your problem, not mine.

Anonymous said...

Discerning bigotry against intelligence. Oh well.

Anonymous said...

Save all those big words for someone who understands them. My mind is on vacation...I'm resting up before I begin my new life.

Nic said...

Bobcat, the thing about Amanda Blackburn's death is that if she suspected a break-in, she approached danger in her underwear. She left her vulnerable/defenseless baby and phone (means to call for help,) and a dog who could act as defence upstairs and approached danger in her underwear. IMO, that means there was an element of trust in play.

There was no reported struggle upstairs. Weston was in his crib, according to LE, Mel was behind closed doors in a bedroom and her phone was in the bedroom.

DB describes the wallet on the floor by Amanda, but the wallet is documented on the counter in the kitchen by the crime scene videographer.

IMO, I find it strange that her phone was separate from her purse/wallet in the first place. Projecting, I usually keep my stuff together, even plugging my phone in while it is still in my purse so I don't forget it. I realize everyone's habits are different, I just find it strange that her purse (just the wallet?) would be on a completely different floor of the house from her phone. But that's a moot point.


Nic said...

And thinking about it more, my husband keeps his keys, wallet and phone together. My kids keep their phones and wallets/backpacks together. It just sticks in my craw that the "bundle" was broken. To me it sounds/looks like staging.


Anonymous said...

AB was a christian and wouldnt approach others undressed, so, IMO she thought it was DB in the house. And intruders didt expect her to be there.

Nic said...

IMO she thought it was DB in the house. And intruders didt expect her to be there.

Why would she "think" it was DB in the house? Spouses know when their significant other is either in the house or not.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Quotes selected by produces or Dr Phil.

Exclusive Interview With JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother: Secret Interrogation Tapes Revealed

A DR. PHIL Exclusive: Highly Anticipated Interview with
JonBenét Ramsey’s Brother, Burke, Kicks Off
Season 15 of TV’s #1 Daytime Talk Show

Hidden for years, secret interrogation tapes with Burke will be revealed for the first time.

I remember my mom searching my room that night saying, ‘Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?’”
– Burke Ramsey

Consideration should be noted of chosen quotes.

Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?’”

If i was in her shoes i wouldn't say ""Where’s my baby?’” I would say "where's Jon benet," it's his sister after all.

(Hollywood, CA – August 30, 2016) — Television’s #1-rated daytime talk show, DR. PHIL, returns for its 15th hit season with the exclusive interview revealing shocking, never-before-heard details about one of America’s most notorious cold cases.

In December 1996, 6-year-old child pageant star, JonBenét Ramsey, was found dead in the basement of her family’s Colorado home. In his first-ever media interview, JonBenét’s 29-year-old brother, Burke, reveals what he knows about his sister’s mysterious murder in a ripped-from-the-headlines exclusive interview with Dr. Phil. Additionally, never-seen-before interrogation interviews conducted with Burke at ages 9 and 12 will be seen publicly for the first time.

The three-part season premiere begins Monday, September 12th and continues Tuesday, September 13th and Monday, September 19th (check local listings).

Select quotes from the episodes:

“Has it ever occurred to you that your parents actually thought you did this and didn’t ask you because they didn’t want to know?” – Dr. Phil to Burke Ramsey

I remember the viewing. The casket was small. Her eyes were closed.” – Burke Ramsey on JonBenet’s funeral

Question avoided, (sensitive) though being selected quotes context should taken into account.

What did you think when your dad told you that she’s gone to heaven?” – Dr. Phil to Burke Ramsey

This is my final interview. I have no reason for speaking to the media again.” – John Ramsey

I want to honor her memory by doing this interview. I don’t want anyone to forget.” – Burke Ramsey

I know people think I did it; that my parents did it. I know that we were suspects.” – Burke Ramsey

Nic said...

John said:
Consideration should be noted of chosen quotes.

‘Where’s my baby? Where’s my baby?’”

If i was in her shoes i wouldn't say ""Where’s my baby?’” I would say "where's Jon benet," it's his sister after all.

This is interesting, because I linked to an article wherein the neighbour who was in the house that morning said she was clutching a cross saying (paraphrasing) "they have my baby".

When I'm talking to one of my kids, I'll say, "Where's your brother/sister?" "Call your brother/sister for dinner." etc.

Mind you, I only have two kids. :0)

Nic said...

I also say, "Where's XXX?"

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the ramseys family dynamic is unlike most others and functions much dufferently than what is considered normal. Seems a contradiction of christian character to be religious yet exploit a very young daughter on display as an adult. A psychological study of parents in that bizarre world would be interesting. How can it be rationalized as nirmal?

Anonymous said...

$43,000 bounty on police protecting drug syndicate. Where? US? Heck no. PHILIPPINES.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Do anyone care what the celebritys says about anything? I dont. Do you? Spike lee or Foot ball man or worse of all Beonsay.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:47, I wonder if there are any colleges in your area that offer remedial spelling classes, as it seems you are in dire need of that kind of help.

smh said...

Nic, you don't know that Amanda was upstairs and went downstairs "and approached danger in her underwear." This is not the first time you've stated that as fact without knowing if it's true. She might have been downstairs when the suspects entered the house. Please stop with the storytelling and stick with the facts.

Also, why would she leave her phone downstairs if she was hanging out upstairs? There's no indication they had a landline, so why wouldn't she have her cell phone upstairs, just like people with cordless landline phones carry their handset with them?

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. The unemployable knt pikker.

Anonymous said...

And she never comments on the many errors in the article of topic. Just some of the commenters. Very revealing. A biased gnat picking les miserable'

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Hopefully this is the beginning of the end and her family (if found dead) can begin the grieving process, have their daughter back and bury her with the dignity she deserves. Arrests will follow.

Cadaver dogs, dive teams search farms in Crystal Rogers case

NELSON COUNTY, Ky. —A big search is happening now in the case of missing Bardstown mother Crystal Rogers.

Investigators with the Nelson County Sheriff's Office, Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and the Louisville Metro Police Dive Team are involved in the search.

The Nelson County Sheriff's Office said it is executing search warrants on two separate pieces of property: a farm belonging to the mother of the suspect in the case and the farm adjacent to it.

Nelson County Detective Jonathan Snow said this is the third time they have searched the farm.

He said they received the search warrant last week and expect the search to last the rest of Tuesday and at least most of the day Wednesday.

Snow said this search is differently focused, and the area being searched is nearly 300 acres.

Rogers disappeared more than a year ago. The sheriff believes she is no longer alive.

Her boyfriend, Brooks Houck, has been named a suspect but has not been charged.

Earlier this month, warrants were served on the homes of Houck's brother, Nick Houck, a former Bardstown police officer and their grandmother.

Rogers' parents said this search "feels different."

Nic said...

smh said:
Nic, you don't know that Amanda was upstairs and went downstairs "and approached danger in her underwear." This is not the first time you've stated that as fact without knowing if it's true. She might have been downstairs when the suspects entered the house. Please stop with the storytelling and stick with the facts.

And you know to be factually otherwise? Pot you're black. I'm stating my opinion based on the crime scene reported by LE.

Also, why would she leave her phone downstairs if she was hanging out upstairs? There's no indication they had a landline, so why wouldn't she have her cell phone upstairs, just like people with cordless landline phones carry their handset with them?

Her phone wasn't downstairs. LE found it upstairs in the master bedroom; how they knew someone attempted a suspected withdraw on her bank acc't.

Verifiable facts, if you bother to look it up.

Nic said...

*suspicious withdraw

Anonymous said...

Im a real man...I cant take a joke and I love to pick on people and tear them down...especially when theyre already going through a hard time! doesnt that make me awesome! And then I can go gossip to my ridiculously pompous friends who also love shitting all over people! Yay me!!!!

smh said...

Yes I know her phone was upstairs. You said it was "strange her phone was separate from her purse/wallet." It is not strange.

And I'm not the one one stating possible scenarios as fact. You are.

But nice try.

Anonymous said...

That's what always made me the man I am is kicking people when they're down cause it's so easy to do! And then I can run and get high fives from my creepy-ass friends!

Anonymous said...

If women here was told ware hijabe they have better attitude then. Need to be quieter.

Anonymous said...

673 YTD. total of prisoner sentence comutations Pres O. He said entire communities ravaged by incarcerated mostly blk fathers. CATCH & RELEASE. Cops risk their lives to prevent these Non Violent offenders from really ravaging communities and Pres with a PEN signs the release. That is a get out of jail free card he's handing out but the danger to everyone else is no game. Is this concern an over reaction?

Anonymous said...

What kind of non violent criminals is O letting out for free?

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of non violent criminals making space for the violent ones.

Sick of you more than ever said...

When does your new hobby start anon? Soon I hope.

Anonymous said...

Ur nastiness should be quickly deleted from this Christian mans blog.

Lizyanbudy said...

Quoted by Burke Ramsey:
"I remember my mom searching my room that NIGHT saying "where's my baby, where's my baby"?
The parents reported they discovered the randsom note and discovered Jonbenet missing in the morning. Maybe a little slip up?

Anonymous said...

Lately I come here every day to view the "back-and-forth" between some of the anonymous posters. It seems like one or two of them are much more serious (worth reading their comments) than some of the others, ha ha!

Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...

smh said:
Also, why would she leave her phone downstairs if she was hanging out upstairs? There's no indication they had a landline, so why wouldn't she have her cell phone upstairs, just like people with cordless landline phones carry their handset with them?
Yes I know her phone was upstairs. You said it was "strange her phone was separate from her purse/wallet." It is not strange.
And I'm not the one one stating possible scenarios as fact. You are.



Anonymous said...

...but I thoroughly enjoy ALL the anonymous comments! I love the creativity and fun!

Anonymous said...

Wouldnt a normal person blame themself for leaving house unlocked? Wouldnt that weigh heavily and permanently? Especially if the entry and assault was not pre planned. Wouldnt guilt tear up a normal person?

Anonymous said...

8;06, That was actually funny...too bad it doesnt make up for all of your horrible qualites.

smh said...

Nic, you seem to be confused. What I said about the phone is not a scenario. You said it was strange she didn't keep her phone with her purse and wallet, and I was explaining to you that it is not strange. What's strange is that you don't understand that other people don't keep their phone glued to their purse and keys like you apparently do.

The only thing I said that was anywhere close to presenting a scenario was when I suggested it's possible she was downstairs when the suspects entered the house.

Try to keep up, hun. And I'm not a troll. Stop with the childish name-calling.

Anonymous said...

Davey likes to keep his keys and phone in his inner crotch pocket.

Anonymous said...

A female narcisst bully blogger? Poorly behaved. Definately not a respectful muslim woman.

smh said...

Nic, you said yourself it's a FACT Amanda's phone was upstairs. That's not some "scenario" I came up with. Look up the word "scenario" if necessary.

Anonymous said...

Argumentative. Arrogant. Immature. Petty.

Anonymous said...

Unable or unwilling to follow and contribute value to dialog.

Anonymous said...

Say something nice to me or I'll never talk to you again after what you said to me on here earllier.

Anonymous said...

Burke looks just like his mom.

Polo said...

Folks here are already picking up on the interesting statements of Burke Ramsey. He says he is doing the interview because, "I don't want people to forget." Forget what? Your sister? Her life? Her death? That is a sentence open for interpretation. Also, forgive me, but looking at the photos of him and Dr. Phil, Burke has the look of a criminal who thinks he is smarter than anyone. Again, forgive me for the judgement.

Anonymous said...

Pressing questions about jealousy should be attempted. I dont believe either parent abused her. How hard it must have been for parents to cover for him all those years if he did it.

Anonymous said...

I be wonderin if pretend black girl Beonsay be makin vid of all the pour black folk mudered by black people in chickahgo? I hasnt seen it yet. That how I nose she a pretend black girl. Just dont care about pour black folk gettin shot every day. Only cares about makin mony about some cops shootin sometimes but nuthin bout 100s and 100s and 100s of black victims of black crimes. Fake blackgirl.

Anonymous said...

He has "the look." Great analysis.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen presidential pardons from Bush and Reagan?

Eliza said...


JonBenet Ramsey's brother Burke will be interviewed (or has been?) by Dr Phil. I would love to see some analysis on what he says after 20 years.

Here's the link:

and a quote that makes me wonder:

"I remember my mom searching my room that night saying, 'Where's my baby? Where's my baby?'" he tells the daytime talk show host in the three-part season premiere.

I thought the parents said they hadn't woken Burke up... Also, it was technically morning when they found out JonBenet had been "kidnapped". Does anyone else find the quote strange?

Me2l said...

Not if she thought he had left, and he had left earlier for the gym. She may have thought it was DB returning.

Realistically, why would she think it was anyone else? After all, she wasn't anticipating a home invasion.

Me2l said...

My reply is to this:

"NicAugust 30, 2016 at 9:23 AM
IMO she thought it was DB in the house. And intruders didt expect her to be there.

Why would she "think" it was DB in the house? Spouses know when their significant other is either in the house or not."

Hey Jude said...

Spouses don't necessarily know when their significant other is either in the house or not - so that would more accurately be some spouses know and some don't always know - if one works from home and is in and out a lot, as Davey would be, Amanda might not always know if he were in or out, unless he always let her know when he came in.

Anonymous said...

I imagine that Davey always made his presence known when he was on his home stage.

The amount of hubris he brings makes a commotion wherever he goes.

Unless Davey was intentionally sneaking in silence, Amanda must have known whenever he was home.

Anonymous said...

Sitting in the driveway in the car on his cell phone for almost an hour before going into the house that morning means Amanda actually didn't know whether or not he was home.

lynda said...

I hope Brooks Houke's days of freedom are numbered. It burns me that this guy is out roaming around.

It never ceases to amaze me that people take their cell phones with them when they commit murder..or dump a body. Why do they not leave them at home? Turned on at home? So LE can never say, he turned his phone off for 2 hours on the day she went missing which is basically saying..YOUR GUILTY otherwise, why turn off your phone?

Hey Jude said...

Amanda might have been using the headphones which were found near her on the floor and so not heard anyone enter the house - though as there was no device with them or on her, that seems unlikely. If the scene was staged to make it appear Amanda was taken by surprise as she was listening to something, then someone overlooked to put her phone or iPod with the headphones.
Maybe they were left there by an intruder - or just hadn't been put away.

It's interesting Davey said he went back to the house and lay down where Amanda died to listen to worship music (spend time 'with the Lord') on his headphones. I wonder was that as a means to 'explain' why they had been found there without a device, as on the day Amanda was attacked, he'd been on the couch, spending some time 'with the Lord' before he went to the gym, so maybe left his headphones on the floor there, or wants investigators to think that. Amanda's home is orderly and tidy, and a toddler might do himself a mischief with headphones, or break them, so it's probably unlikely they would just have been left on the floor.

Curious as to what he said about the headphones to investigators - whether they belonged to him or Amanda or to an intruder - and if they were DNA tested - whether he and Amanda ever shared headphones, and if it turned out they were his, and if that did not fit what he might have told investigators. It's interesting he told the headphone story, and that headphones were found on the floor, yet did not recount anything to do with the set which was found in the floor, who had been using or presumably using them that morning, which I'd think would have come to mind, and been part of his sermon material during that talk. Maybe not - all too painful - except Davey isn't much in pain - in his more recent words, he was 'a little bit hurt' by Amanda's murder.

Amanda might not have heard if she had been wearing headphones - but as there was no device, she likely would have soon become aware of anyone entering the house.

Hey Jude said...

Well, she might have just disconnected the device while she went downstairs, but left the earphones in if she was intending to go back upstairs.

Anonymous said...

Does blackburn value anyone as much as he values himself? Did he really day ' a little hurt'?

Tania Cadogan said...

lynda said...

I hope Brooks Houke's days of freedom are numbered. It burns me that this guy is out roaming around.

It never ceases to amaze me that people take their cell phones with them when they commit murder..or dump a body. Why do they not leave them at home? Turned on at home? So LE can never say, he turned his phone off for 2 hours on the day she went missing which is basically saying..YOUR GUILTY otherwise, why turn off your phone?

As i often say, Police look for what is there that shouldn't be, they also look for what should be there and isn't.

Hey Jude said...

Davey said he was able to continue in ministry 'even when I was a little bit hurt' - because he had life insurance on Amanda, I think
that is what he means, anyway, even if it doesn't make much logical sense.

It is here, from around 27 minutes in, you can forward to listen to that bit. I have only listened to a couple of minutes so far, looking forward to hearing it all later. It is an interview of Davey by Levi Lusko, the link and time point was posted in the last Blackburn thread by Bobcat, but that thread is so junked up by now - maybe not many still reading there.

Anonymous said...

Someone who was close to her should have a PI on him 24/7. See what his life is really like. Do any of them have doubts about his possible involvement?

Bobcat said...


I've been keep things updated here:

Davey's description of Larry Taylor is interesting. In July, he clearly identifies Larry as the trigger man. In August, he backs off and says "allegedly".

"...Larry Taylor" - who’s the guy that actually pulled the trigger on Amanda..."

"God has now put me 2 arms lengths away, relationally, with the man who allegedly killed Amanda."

Bobcat said...

Evolving story updated:

Anonymous said...

Got an ETA for A.Blackburn article?

Anonymous said...

Jenny said...

Leanna Walkers remains were found at the llama farm.

Someone posted above how the suspects in Amanda Blackburns case didn't expect her to be home? What makes you think that? I thought the whole point of them going the was to kill her, jmo

Anonymous said...

It isnt yet public knowledge what they knew at the time of invading her home. Just speculation until trial begins.

Anonymous said...

I love being a woman! A woman who doesn't wear a hijabe and can do and say as she pleases and as LOUDLY as she likes. And there's not a damn thing you can do about it.