Monday, August 22, 2016

Sally Kohn: Moral Narcissism and Political Correctness

In deception, we seek to learn its roots, as well its appeal to the masses. 

Understanding human nature is the single greatest key to success in Statement Analysis. 

Understanding, in some degree, human nature, in life, will prove greatly beneficial in everything from parenting to teaching. 

Why are some people so readily deceived while others can see through the lies of propaganda or political correctness?

"Political Correctness" is deception based within politics, used by a very small number of individuals, at the expense of truth, for one cause:  to further their own political ambitions.  

Why are intelligent people taken in by the political elite?

Why did so many Germans fall under the spell of the National Socialists?   Even after their intentions became more fully known, many still did not object.

Recently Sally Kohn, an activist took to attacking Donald Trump's position on vetting Islam in immigration.  

She referenced Islamic teaching and how "moderate Muslims" embrace Sharia, therefore, since moderates embrace Sharia, Sharia must be acceptable and we must support them.  

Sally Kohn is a lesbian.  

She embraces, verbally, a  position that would lead to her own silencing.  Under Sharia, Sally Kohn would not only be silenced, but put to death.  In reply to her statement, she was asked 

"Why not try your position in an country run by Sharia?"

She is asserting that which would condemn her.  

Upon seeing the folly of such a position, one then asks, "Is she mentally ill?"

It is, in a very real environment, the ultimate of self-loathing:  suicide. 

Why are politicians successful at deceiving the public so readily?

Is it that we are just so low in intelligence that deception flies past us?

Yet, I know intelligent people who literally embrace destructive positions openly, and defend these same positions passionately.  

How can this be?

A 22 year old Navy personnel was assigned to a nuclear submarine so he took 'selfies' of himself on this magnificent and impressive display of American technology.  Years have passed since that time.  

Since the camera on the phone was not a secure device, he is going to spend one year of his life in prison.  Investigators found no ties to terrorist, nor even to any enemies of ours. 

Hillary Clinton defied laws and reason to set up private servers for her convenience which led to unknown volume of information ending up in the hands of our enemies; the same enemies who made sizable donations to her foundation.  She lied to federal investigators, Congress, and to the American public.  

She will face no repercussions.  

She may be elected to the nation's highest office. 

Political Correctness and Deception 

If one were to say "I will not vote for Barak Obama because he is black" or "I will not vote for Hillary Clinton because she is female", the same will be  condemned as "racist" and "sexist", and viewed upon with moral pungency and disgust for voting along racial and gender lines.  

Another says "I will vote for Obama because he is black" and still another says, "I am voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a female" are considered progressive in thought, broadly praised for voting along racial and gender lines.  

What is it that caused politicians to take someone who is in desperate need of mental health assistance, suffering "body dysmorphia", that is, thinking one to be something one is not, and turn them into "civil rights" that became immediately successful in not only voting, but in further dividing America?

The answer is moral narcissism.  

It is a form of exploitation of a need that one has to be seen as morally superior to others.  The need within the person is so powerful to be seen as morally superior over others, that they will embrace not only illogical and harmful beliefs, but suicidal beliefs. 

It is a powerful tool used by short term politicians to exploit the emotions of the population.  If 51% of the population is taken, the deception is successful.   This need, within all humans, to be 'morally right' is indicative, by itself, of concern about consequences.  

The moral narcissism shows itself in language.  It is a form of supremacy thinking in which my opinion is thus demonstrated:

I believe "A" and if you disagree with me, you are so morally bankrupt that your opinion is of no value, and/or you are suffering from a mental condition that leaves you irrationally fearful, also unworthy of an opinion. 

These two elements serve one purpose:  ceasing dialog. 

Instead of me stating, "I believe in A, let me hear what B has to offer..." or

"I believe in A and disagree with your belief in B, but I will defend your right to B", the manipulation and deception seeks to silence disagreement. 

In Germany, Angela Merkel has stated her belief that anyone who believes in "nationalism", that is, being proud and loving your own country, must, by necessity, have "violent hatred" towards those of other countries and has irrational fear. By "violent hatred", she means that the hatred they must by necessity hold, must also, by necessity, lead to violence, even though it has not led to violence.  

She does not say that these who hold to nationalism have a right to be heard, but says that their belief equates "violence"; therefore, must be silenced by force.  This includes fines, arrests, jail terms and now, the actual outlawing of a competing political party which has won seats in Germany. 

This is the same as the National Socialists of the 1930's which brought the world into war.  

First they debated, then they silenced,  and then they finally outlawed disagreement.  

At one point, disagreeing with the Nazi on science (Jewish blood is the same as German blood), the scientist or teacher would be socially ostracized by his peers. 
Soon, this escalated to being terminated from his job. 
Shortly after this, the escalation increased to fines and even imprisonment. 

Finally, it led to the death camps.  

Merkel is doing the very same thing and is doing it with other world leaders, as well as assisted by Facebook, Google, and through the money of Soros.  

In the United States, scientists who do not believe the earth is getting warmer have gone from being marginalized to being threatened.  

They advance their own political power at the expense of the very lies they took oaths to serve. 

It is like listening to Michelle Obama travel to the poorest countries in Africa, with her daughters wearing $6,000 dresses, complaining about slaves building the White House.  A simple vacation that cost taxpayers, against their will, millions of dollars, to flaunt her affluence before Africans, is left uncriticized for to point such out, would be "racist."

In the UK, a citizen can be imprisoned for quoting Sir Winston Churchill.  

In Sweden, feminists defend rapists.  

Across the world "globalists" tear down borders and disarm the public while living behind armed borders, and the public sees nothing wrong.  In fact, they "feel" so "good" about this "universal love of mankind" that they vote and re-vote in the same liars. 

Moral Narcissism holds a great appeal to humans.  It allows someone to "feel good" about oneself.  Socialism leads to poverty, but every step along the way, the appeal is to "feel" good; over "doing good."

In the old "fishing pole versus free fish" the proverb was:

"Give a man a fish and feed him for a day.  Teach a man how to fish and feed him for a lifetime."

The former gives instant emotional gratification.  The latter requires not only patience, but effort and initiative.  It also puts the responsibility upon the person, himself, to exercise initiative and feed himself and his family.  The contrary has proven to lead to an addiction to poverty, broken families, and ultimately, crime.  

Giving food to a country fed people in the short term, but in the long term, farmers could not compete and stopped working their lands and the result is...Venezuela.  


Germany released a figure in which is said that out of the 1.1 million migrants ("refugees") they took in, only 54 are working full time. 

Before this figure had time to be digested, they followed up with the figure.

50 of the 54 are government jobs.  

What is the solution to so many people coming to a land, refusing to abide by its laws and living off the wealth of others?

Answer:  bring in more.  

This is "moral narcissism" as young people hold up signs saying "Welcome refugees" while the young men, who are not refugees, sing songs about taking away the land from the welcoming committee.  

If the irony is pointed out, the person is a "racist."
If the person points out, logically, that this is not related to any particular race, he is "Islamophobic", that is, with irrational fear to the ideology that calls for his death. 


We do not know how many protestors in America are paid shills, but we know that some are and some journalists have followed the money.   

When a city is under single party control for almost 100 years and has more money funneled into it than most every other city in the country, what is the response?

To continue to vote in those who appeal to the moral narcissism within the population, rather than someone who says "I think the system you've had for 100 years is not working.  Perhaps it is time for a new one?"


Headlines in America, as they are around the world, are now known for head scratching more than anything else. It is so common to now see "shocking" (illogical) headlines, that it has lost its shock impact upon us.

It also has a 'boomerang' impact upon voters.  

We were told that should Great Britain no longer be under European, unelected control, the armageddon that would come upon them would be utterly destructive.  Barak Obama went and lectured Brits that he would put them to the 'back of the bus' in trade.  We now learn that George Soros' money was behind the scare tactics, threats and dire predictions. 

We see the result. 

As the political elite working with the main stream press seek to squelch free speech by going even further than simple name calling and labeling, the intended result may not be what they realized. 

No one likes being lied to.

It presupposes insult to its intended audience.  

When "feelings" trump logic, and Greece is told that it cannot continue in debt forever, with demands of short term sacrifice and discipline, this hurt the 'feelings' of many and politicians were more than willing to simply accept another bail out after another bail out, with no change in cronyism, entitlements, government hinderance of business and so on. 

It obtained successful elections for those who promise free everything and in wealth, it postpones the inevitable, and leaves the mess for the next generation.  

When John Kerry said that air conditioning posed a greater risk than ISIS or Islamic terrorism, the headlines appeared shocking, but celebrities continue to support this ideology.  Kerry was petitioned to remove the air conditioning in his office and home, to lead the way by example.  

Other politicians were asked if they were against citizens having guns in their home.  

Those who agreed were asked to put up a sign on their own front law declaring the home to be "gun free zone" for all to see that they believe what they say publicly. 

None would.  

Be able to identify the emotional narcissism form of deception which appeals to human nature to think oneself greater than another.  

It is, perhaps, the single greatest tool of exploitation today to the point where mentally ill persons become 'civil right champions' with an entire section of the population willing to, without critical thought, join in.  

The political elite impose "morals" upon the population.  

They see injustice and then use injustice to correct it, while your mother's words of yesteryear are remembered:  

"two wrongs don't make a right."

As inner city Detroit is all but destroyed, the statistics that show the relation between broken homes and crime, illiteracy and drug abuse, and 50 years of single party rule and lots of money thrown into it, 

human nature remains the same.  

Blame someone else.

Blaming others in deception "feels" good and appeals to many, but it does harm to those most in need.   


Anonymous said...

Have we considered that European and US troubles may be at the hand of the Christian God of the bible? That He's operating in our midst. Apostasy. Boasting of our Post Christian era. We cannot claim Him and not claim at the same time. Reference applicable today: Ezekiel 7:24.

Anonymous said...

Great timing Peter. Just yesterday my wife and I were wondering why people fall for every public service commercial that comes out of the television.

Anonymous said...

I dont think homosexuality is a choice.

Anonymous said...

Cher lgbt fundraiser for Hill = $1.5M Cher? 70 years old. Is cher a L?

Anonymous said...

She could try reporting 'Live from Molenbeek' and interview moderates in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Dont be too harsh on Ms Kohn. She could be cast in the lead role after your Blackburn book is made for TV.

Anonymous said...

How can George Soros be the bad guy media says? His dad Tivadar Soros wrote a great book MASQUERADE. How he outsmarted the nazis. He kept his family safe and many others.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Pam Gellar can explain how 13 year old George Soros was a nazi collaborator. Family on the run and in hiding during occupation.

Imagrandma said...

Maaybe youz can telll us why you are sharinggg your narzissistik stream off conziousness thoughtzz

Imagrandma said...

Sorrry I mizzed my 6 o'''''clock pill and am going offf my rocker again z!

Anonymous said...

Thumbs seem ok

Anonymous said...

Oh, it just seem like Huma gettin bad rap from folks. So what if she say womens should dress modistly. She right.

Imagrandma said...

I agree with you, I try to keep covered up, especially when I"m out gardening and I notice the mailman trying to sneak a peak. I don't think for one minute my husband would appreciate that and so I make sure to cover up!

Anonymous said...

It be confusing, this blog is sometime. I means look at photoe of forIndy preecher Davy on this article. But nothin bout davy in article. It be confusing.

Hey Jude said...

In the UK, in May, a government review was commissioned into how sharia law is applied in England and Wales.


I'm with those who worry there is a parallel legal system in operation, and that women are inevitably discriminated against within it. It is unacceptable that the influence of sharia can effectively nullify the law of the land, as the women do not necessarily feel able to go against a sharia ruling; some of the devout do not want to assert their rights in law, others may not even be aware of them - either way, it is as if some live in a country of which they are not true citizens.

I think there should not be sharia courts, rather one law for all; that said, it might then be unreasonable/untenable to believe that other religious courts should be able to continue to exist without at least similar scrutiny, as these also can deal with family matters - ie Jewish and Ecclesiastical/ Church courts - the possibility of any alternative form of law taking precedence over the law of the land should be similarly examined for negative impact upon women.

It's probably all too complicated to properly review, so following a half-hearted attempt described as 'thorough', everything will carry on just as before, with a couple of government recommendations made and duly noted,

A fear must be one of a creeping sharia which, in the hands of extremists, might want to move outside of the sharia-lite of family matters - divorce, custody, inheritance. There must be serious concerns as to what is happening for a government review to be undertaken,

One has to wonder how 'independent' any government review actually is.


One also has to wonder why the people of Germany are being advised to stockpile food and water - that sounds worrying. Maybe they let in more jihadist extremists than they anticipated.

Anonymous said...

Jude. Hope world isnt heading into Culture War/Civil War.

Anonymous said...

You Muslims womens need to burn your burka. Keep yor burkinis and hijabs but burn dem burkas. Liberate from oppressive men.

Anonymous said...
North Carolin USA. 29 year old Deaf Mute. Shot. Killed by police. Worst trained police in the world? Shoot to kill for ANY perceived threat to self no matter how slight. President Obama was right.

Anonymous said...

I. Write things like Im writing a telegraph. All the time. It is annoying.

Me2l said...

Why are some people so readily deceived while others can see through the lies of propaganda or political correctness?

Never more true than in this current US presidential election.....both major parties.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

It seems the 50 yr ruling party takes its plays from the Roman Rule playbook:

1. Rule poorly and live lavishly (exclusive, expensive parties; expensive clothing; exotic trips with the full entourage; armed security for their personal villas & family members; elite and expensive schooling for themselves and their offspring, etc.)

2. Incite and inflame class envy among the lesser classes

3. Blame society's ills on the most promising political rival

4. Win the "plebian" (peasant, working man) vote by promising bread and circuses- whatever appeals most to the lesser educated (not as able to apply logic and reasoning), the emotionally manipulated, the envious/greedy, the lazy man unwilling to put in the time and effort to achieve, or the entitled

Essentially, appeal to the base human nature.

It's a sad commentary on both humanity and society; why "successful" civilizations bottom out at around 200-250 years. History repeats itself...same game, different players.

Anonymous said...

Wars. Regime change. Destabilization. Mission accomplished.