Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Sherelle Smith Statements

Sherelle Smith is the brother of the teenager who was shot and killed by police which led to 2 nights of violence.  
“Burning down sh*t ain’t gonna help nothin’.  You’re burnin’ down sh*t we need in our community  Take that sh*t to the suburbs. Burn that sh*t down!  We need our sh*t! We need our weave! I don’t wear it, but we need it!”
In this statement, the subject calls for a cessation of violence in her own neighborhood; calling for the violence to be done in the suburbs, instead.  
When CNN aired a clip of it, they edited it to show the subject was calling for peace by removing a portion of what the subject said.  

This is a reminder of how analysis of statements can be impeded by deliberately deceptive editing.  
View it here along with the article's details.  
Police continue to be targeted for violence in our nation, and CNN, along with main stream media, continue to deceive the American public while anti-police rhetoric from the political elite increases the danger to their lives. 


Anonymous said...

She's okay with destroying property, just not in her area.

Tania Cadogan said...

Can she be charged with incitement and also hate crimes since she demands people (blacks) commit violence and burn down properties in the suburbs (whites)?

If so when can we expects arrests and charges?

Will obama come out and speak about them being like his own children?

Trigger said...

The image of this girl's brother with an assault weapon pointing at the camera tells it all.

This is a family that has a tradition of violence and crime.

What is to be accomplished by spreading the violence and crime into areas where people live together in peace?

Media attention? Rage venting? Feelings of euphoria for destroying other people's property?

She is paranoid and agitated about people and things that are not a threat to her life. I guess she feels entitled to condemn, punish, and/or destroy things that she doesn't feel connected to.

This is envy and hatred aimed at people who have done no harm to her.

Anonymous said...

Multiple generations of no accoutability.

Anonymous said...

US desperate for law & order men like V Putin and R Duterte. Not Americas Merkel. And a new Alcatraz for urban terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Tania - Obama's busy playing his 300th or whatever it is round of golf on his hundredth vacation as his job of dividing and destroying the American dream of work hard and you can achieve anything is almost complete. He promised that he would transform the country and "manage" it's decline and he was true to his word. Race relations are at the worst they've been since the 60's, he's pitted black against white, rich against poor, everyone against the cops and the violent crime rate is skyrocketing; Hillary Clinton is running around telling the police that it's their fault for all this unrest and if they would just confess then things will get better; 95 million people are out of work and dependent on the government for food/shelter. He's staying silent this time because he can't disparage the police since the body cam shows the perp pointing his gun directly at the cop so there goes his "this could be my son" comment. At least the governor and Sheriff Clark immediately called in the national guard and things quieted down unlike that disgrace in Baltimore telling the cops to give people room to destroy. Is it any wonder businesses are reluctant to invest in these communities? Unfortunately it's the decent hard working people trying their best to just make it through it each day that are hurt the most and because of the leadership from the President on down giving credibility to the Black Lives Matter movement that is instigating these riots with no outrage and even excuses from the mainstream media, nothing will change.

lynda said...

WHY are people still talking about this hate group BLM?? We have the equivalent for white people you know...it's called the KLAN.
Why are people just allowing this to go on? Are white people living in THAT much fear?
This creature needs to be arrested for inciting violence. Could you imagine a Klan member today screaming on the streets to go burn the blacks homes down? I'm going out on a limb here that she will never be a productive member of society.

Anonymous said...

Non of the loud vocal "victims" look impoverished. Those unnatural, culturally appropriated, hair doos are very expensive.

Anonymous said...

The US military and N Guard are the only qualified entities to liberate US cities. How unfortunate its come to that level of warfare. Military occupation in most dangerous cities. Philipines pres 'authorized' citizens to kill criminals!!!! Decades of unaccountability & entitlement have caused a clear & present danger to all of us. CNN boycott. Would Ted Turner have permitted its deterioration?

Anonymous said...

Read the statement by Wisconsin state senator Lena Taylor. The excuse for Milwuakee is VICTIMHOOD. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Victims of democrat city leadership for generations.

Anonymous said...

What does that even mean?

"We need our weave. I don't wear it but we need it."

She made that up didn't she? That's not an accepted ebonics phrase...it's just not.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

POLICE have arrested nine Iraqi migrants on suspicion of gang raping a 28-year-old German woman, who was subjected to a horrifying four hour assault.

The nine men, who are all seeking asylum in Austria, had travelled to Vienna for New Year’s Eve celebrations where the assault took place.

There they allegedly drugged the woman and dragged her to nearby apartment block before carrying out the brutal attack.

The arrests were made in Austria after DNA evidence and CCTV footage was used to successfully build a case against the alleged rapists.

It comes as Austria's anti-immigrant Freedom Party desperately attempts to overturn the result of June's presidential election after a re-run was ordered by a judge when evidence showed "irregularities" in the count.

Police were called on January 1 when the woman awoke to discover she had been the victim of a vile sex attack.

But the arrests were made eight months later following a "protracted and difficult" investigation.

The victim had travelled to Vienna from Lower Saxony to see a friend for New Year’s celebrations.

A police spokesperson said: "There is no doubt about the gang rape according to the biological traces.

“The investigations were difficult and protracted. On the trail of the suspects, investigators came by DNA material, interviews with witnesses and images from surveillance cameras.”

The attackers – aged between 21 and 47 – are alleged to have snatched the woman from Vienna’s central Schwedenplatz and assaulted her in an apartment where two of the suspects lived, between 2am and 6am.

Police say the woman had been drinking but believes she may have been drugged as she does not remember getting to the apartment.

The men have all denied the accusations.

On news websites in Austria some readers demanded the men be “immediately deported” if they are convicted of the rape.


trustmeigetit said...

Death penalty, just deporting them means freedom... And we all know they will do this again.

Death penalty!

Anonymous said...


New records reveal police visited Jesse Wilson's mother in the past

BUCKEYE, AZ. - Newly released information about missing Buckeye boy Jesse Wilson revealed details into a previous instance when he roamed the streets alone and information about an officer's peculiar 2011 visit to his mother's home.

Buckeye police said that an officer found the boy on April 25, approximately two houses down from his home, after receiving a call from a neighbor about the child standing alone and not letting anyone get close to him.

When the responding officer brought Jesse back to his home, he spoke to the boy’s mother, Crystal Lynette Wilson.

Records show that Crystal told police that her son suffers from learning and developmental issues and that he always leaves the house without permission. She also told officers she had several locks in place around the house to try to prevent him from leaving but that he found a way out via an upstairs window. She also said that her son takes medication and that his behavior issues were ongoing.

Another report from Avondale Police, dated May 5, 2011, stated that officers responded to Crystal's home after receiving tips alleging that she was abusing her five adopted children. When officers arrived at the home they found two of the children, boys around 4 years old, tied to their beds with some type of harness, documents said.

Crystal told officers that she restrained the boys because they would leave the home in the middle of the night and return in the early morning hours covered in mud, the police report said. The responding officer said he did not notice any marks of abuse on any of the five children and that there was food in the kitchen, so he left the home without incident.

It is unclear whether Jesse was one of the boys found tied up in the 2011 incident.

Jesse Wilson was reported missing more than one month ago. Police said the search has since turned into a recovery operation.

rob said...

Come into my neighborhood and try to burn something down. You might start a fire, but LE won't be the reason you don't leave.

Anonymous said...

This brings SA to a whole different level when analysing clips released by MSM.

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Peter

Sherelle Smith is the brother of the teenager who was shot and killed by police which led to 2 nights of violence.

Should that not read sister?

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon,
A weave is a hairpiece sewn into the wearers own natural hair to give them either longer straight hair which can be cut and styled as they want or to give them a chosen look such as dyed, wavy, curly,long.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really NEED a weave? This is sensitive to her, since she said it in the negative. Maybe she can't afford one. But I guess now she won't get the chance to have one in her neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

And referring to their possessions as SH@T repeatedly. Orating 'ghetto' style. But they do not look impoverished.

Anonymous said...

54-Year-Old Woman Robbed By THUG, Shoots Him Dead… Here’s His Family’s ABSURD Response


Anonymous said...

What is the motivation for looting during or folliwing a tragedy? Is it expression of entitlement to finally get what is considered as owed? Currently in Louisiana during a natural catastrophe and Milwuakee following the death of a criminal.

rob said...

I guessing that either a hair salon or a store that sells 'weave' got destroyed/burned. I does seem to be pretty high on her radar of what's important.

rob said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
What is the motivation for looting during or folliwing a tragedy? Is it expression of entitlement to finally get what is considered as owed? Currently in Louisiana during a natural catastrophe and Milwuakee following the death of a criminal.

August 17, 2016 at 11:29 AM

Says something about the people doing the looting/crime.
Entitled, not willing to work for anything, used to committing crimes.

Anonymous said...


JonBenét Ramsey: CBS Airs Trailer for New Series on the 1996 Killing of 6-Year-Old Girl
The six-hour series will air over three nights in September, re-examining evidence from the Dec. 25, 1996 kidnapping and homicide case. It will focus on the work of two retired criminal investigators.

Anonymous said...

There is a statement analyst on it. ^^ John Burke

Anonymous said...

Not willing to work for anything, but how is it they have so much? Are they getting it all from welfare? Sylville was on SSD. Arrested and released. Charges dismissed. How many times is enuf? If the Billion $$ prisons are full then set up military styled detention in the desert.

Trigger said...

I love Sheriff Clark! I saw him on CNN with a "journalist" who was trying to double talk him into saying something contrary or controversial that would make him look ignorant. It backfired on the journalist.

Sheriff Clark did not back down. He stood his ground in the face of that jerk who was trying to shut him down.

Sheriff Clark stands for integrity and a no nonsense approach to violent offenders who assault police officers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sheriff Clark and Jesse Lee Peterson speak the truth.

John Mc Gowan said...


911 CALL: Man accused of killing 3-year-old girl calls 911


Right of the bat he begins his alibi.


911 where is your emergency?


"Yes maam "My oldest daughter, I was taking a nap, I just woke up & I can't find her anywhere,

Note the broken sentence "my oldest daughter"..Here it's looks like he was going to report her missing, stops, and thinks, hold i best set myself an alibi first.

Full call below:



Man charged with first-degree murder in death of Bessemer City toddler

Read more here: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article95919637.html#storylink=cpy

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

Twenty years after the murder of six-year-old JonBenet Ramsey, three networks are dedicating programming to the unsolved case.

First up, CBS will air a six-part docuseries, The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey, with the network releasing a first look at the show on Wednesday.

Original investigators will team up with new experts to re-examine the evidence using today's technology and forensics. They will also rebuild the crime scene, conduct interviews and offer new theories.

Lifetime also announced Wednesday that it has started production on Who Killed JonBenet? The film will premiere later this fall.

And Investigation Discovery announced earlier this month that it will air a three-night series, JonBenet: An American Murder Mystery, beginning September 12.

JonBenet, a child beauty queen, was found beaten and strangled in the basement of her family's home in Boulder, Colorado, on December 26, 1996.

No charges were ever laid in her murder. The Case of: JonBenet Ramsey trailer shows investigators - both new and from the original case - re-examining evidence.

Investigators to be featured include retired FBI special agent Jim Clemente, forensic pathologist Dr. Werner Spitz, forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee and James Kolar, the former chief investigation for the District Attorney in Boulder.

Of particular interest in the clip is the peculiar ransom letter found inside the family's house, which claimed to have been written by a 'group of individuals that represent a small foreign faction'.

The letter asked for $118,000 for the safe return of JonBenet, which is almost the exact value of a bonus that John Ramsay had received earlier that year.

However not many people knew that the father had received the bonus.

Patsy Ramsey told police she found the note on the stairway, which led to the discovery that JonBenet was missing from her bed.

Despite the letter explicit saying not to notify authorities, and despite the couple withdrawing the ransom money, Patsy still called 911 and frantically reported her daughter had been kidnapped.

As the morning passed, the expected phone call from the kidnappers never arrived, and a few hours later, the child's body was located on the floor of the wine cellar.

It was later determined the letter had been written on paper ripped from a notebook that Patsy kept in the kitchen.

Experts had previously said the note was of similar handwriting to Patsy Ramsey but could not unequivocally say she was the one to have written it.

In the CBS trailer, Jim Fitzgerald, a forensic linguist, says: 'From a historical perspective, this is uncharacteristic of any kind of kidnapping letter I've ever seen.'

Stan Burke, a statement analyst, then adds that the note appears to be 'selling' something.

'Out of 370 words (in the letter), 76 percent is extremes,' he says.

'They are trying to sell this now. It's a sell job.'

Fitzgerald also says in the trailer that the series will hope to present a solution to one of the biggest US crime mysteries.

'This little girl's homicide to this date has not been resolved. In my opinion, I think we can change that right now,' he said.

The Case Of: JonBenet Ramsey will air in three parts. Night one premieres Sunday, September 18 (8:30-10:30 PM, ET/8:00-10:00 PM, PT), followed by Night Two on Monday, September 19 (9-11 PM, ET/PT) and concludes Sunday, September 25 (8:30-10:30 PM, ET/PT), on CBS.


Anonymous said...

Why would a parent involve their very young daughter in that most inappropriate manner?

Anonymous said...

I just saw an article on Drudge where people on facebook have plastered the cop's name and home address all over facebook and the net people advocating shooting him on sight so now he's in hiding with his family. It should be a felony to make death threats against police officers and these losers should be hunted down and thrown in jail but they're not. Instead the sister is out there spewing more lies and hatred and the media refuses to report on it. Where's our fearless leader who runs to comment on every cop-involved shooting before the facts are out? Is he out front, asking for calm? No, he's too busy on the golf course laughing it up while people's livelihoods have been destroyed, we have devastating floods in Louisiana and Mississippi. Thank God Sheriff Clarke is front and center.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Deactivate them free Oh,Momma phones. Pronto.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone read Lee Stranahan's article about the Information for Employers from the Office for Idaho Refugees? Just posted on Breitbart.

Anonymous said...

Re: Ramsey case. Just as an in item of inteterest. I asked a psychopath a few years ago what they thought of the case. I explained to them the case in pretty extensive detail. I also had them read the ransom note and explained the predominant theory that Patsy wrote it. As I listed off the reasons most people think she wrote it, listing all the details: written on her pad, intruder would have had to have snuck in hours before the Ramsey's came home and and written it, would have had to know John's exact bonus. I explained SA of the note, the various dynamics pointing to Patsy. The psychopath scoffed at all clues pointing to Patsy and away from intruder. The psychopath felt the ransom note was sarcastic, and the person who wrote it did hate John and thought it was funny people thought soneone other than Patsy wouldnt know John's bonus. I said BUT THE NOTE WAS WRITTEN IN PATSY'S HANDWRITING. The psychopath thought that was hilarious that people thought that meant Patsy had to have written it and explained they felt that would be no big deal for someone to imitate her handwriting. They said the intruder could have just practiced the handwriting while he was sitting there waiting. The psychopath, in short, seemed aggravated at the reasoning of investigators/experts who have looked at this case, and thought Patsy did not do it, an intruder did it.

Anonymous said...

The psychopath in short, felt people were making it seem way too incomprehensible that an intruder could have pulled it off when they felt it would have been easy to imitate the handwriting. They also felt the note was sarcastic and the person hated John.

Anonymous said...

I am not in agreement with the psychopath's opinions on the case. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note their view of such things: they seemed to feel people were puzzling over things that to them seemed straightforward. For example, the handwriting similarity. They felt it was straightforward: the intruder practiced the handwriting a few times while he was sitting there waiting. I asked why. They said "The person hated John and wanted to frame him." In other words, they seemed to feel everyone who is puzzling over these details doesnt get that it is straightforward, that someone hated John and that's why they did A, B, and C, including imitating the handwriting. Their attitude towards me presenting the Patsy did it reasoning was one of scoffing at that reasoning as if it were complicating things that should be taken at face value.

Anonymous said...

Its not easy producing a credible copy of someones handwriting.

Anonymous said...

I just want to make it clear that I think Patsy did it based on SA. However, it is interesting to hear the viewpoint of someone who is highly calculating and manipulative as they have more insight into a criminal mind.

The psychopath presented 2 scenarios: Either they practiced beforehand or just practiced right there in the house while waiting for hours. Again, I am just telling you what they said...they did NOT feel it was difficult, in fact scoffed at the idea that it was difficult.

The issue is whether it truly is a credible copy of the handwriting: Here is an interesting link in which a handwriting expert presents a copy of what the writer of the ransom note's "true" handwriting looks like in her opinion:


Anonymous said...

Quality forgery requires artistry. Artistry requires high intelligence. They probably had acquaintances of each.

Anonymous said...

But who is P.R. covering for?

Anonymous said...

That's an interesting observation, and you are probably correct.

The most interesting part of the handwriting analysis is that you can see in the ransom note that the writer began writing his or her "a"'s as an oval with a stem instead of as a manuscript "a" like you would see on a keyboard (the way Patsy wrote her "a's"). You can see the writer went back and put caps on the "a's" in the first part of the letter to make them look like Patsy's manuscript "a's".

That is not easily explained if Patsy herself was the writer.

The writer also did this with the "t"'s. He or she goes back and patches them up by putting the foot on the "t" like Patsy wrote hers, as the writer had initially started off by making them a vertical line with a horizontal line.

This is why people still puzzle over the case. Many oddities.

Unknown said...

I agree with the psychopath that the person who wrote the ransom note had feelings of hatred toward John Ramsey. The person also had delusions of grandeur towards the Ramseys imo, based on the fact that he/she believed that the public would buy the idea that they were important enough to have a highly powerful and secretive "faction" after them. Also, if a stranger hated John Ramsey why would he bother trying to frame Patsy Ramsey? This tells me that the writer of the ransom note was Patsy Ramsey herself. I will explain why I feel this way.

More than likely, the simplest explanation is the correct one. Patsy Ramsey turned her head to the ongoing sexual abuse of her daughter JonBenet, perhaps because she herself was a victim as a child. Things escalated that night and tragically, John Ramsey accidentally killed JonBenet in a fit of uncontrollable rage, and Patsy Ramsey stuck by her husband and tried to help him cover it up.

I believe she was the one who retrieved the blanket from the dryer, and didn't see that JonBenet's nightgown was stuck to it. Why? Simply because it would have been considered a menial task that John more than likely would have delegated to his wife, so that he could focus on setting up the more important aspects of the staged crime scene. I believe that someone as calculating and cunningly intelligent as John Ramsey would've noticed a detail like a clinging nightgown.

Also, the delusions of grandeur is probably part of the reason why Patsy Ramsey stuck by her husband. They were just too important and high profile for him to be punished like a regular Joe. Perhaps the delusions of grandeur were just a coping mechanism for not being able to face the ugly truth: she was married to a pedophile with a rage problem.

It's possible that what enraged John Ramsey was JonBenet peeing in her bed and waking up to tell them about it, or one of them checked on her and saw it for themselves. Seeing as how it was a holiday, it is possible that John Ramsey was drunk, which would have brought out his internal rage that much faster. If I'm not mistaken, JonBenet had an issue with peeing the bed, so that's why I'm throwing that idea out there.

I do NOT believe that it was an intruder; the genuine hatred in the ransom note was passive aggressive and feminine, and would've come from someone who knew how to toe the line with John Ramsey but also wanted to secretly vent their hatred. Given this idea, I believe that Patsy Ramsey loved her daughter but not enough to save her life. She made a conscious decision to stand by her husband immediately after he murdered their daughter.

I KNOW the wife of a pedophile will do those things out of unwavering loyalty. They protect their husbands and silence their children through shame, and are sometimes known to be at least somewhat delusional as a coping mechanism for not facing reality.

Anonymous said...

The entire adult like sexualized pageantry of children is bizarre. IMO very wrong.

The Sheep said...

Anon- You tell us a lot about the psychopath, but not if "they" are actually a "he"or "she". Can you tell us? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Well thought out theory. PR may"ve been abused and therefore quiet from fear. If he regularly abused JBR then perhapss her mother also. Reminds me of Amanda B. IMO that kind young lady was in a psychological prison. Divorce taboo in Christian ideology. And shes surrounded by the cult of DB. Psychologically abused, depressed & manipulated. But DB's a very popular faux leader, talented, sophisticated, rising star aspiring possible psychopath. She was surrounded by the appearance of loving people who it seems did not recognize her need of help

Anonymous said...

Becky Rose, you asked "Also, if a stranger hated John Ramsey why would he bother trying to frame Patsy Ramsey?"

I asked the psychopath that and they said "To ruin his life. They knew if she got blamed, he would get blamed too."

I can't really argue with that point, as we can see that most think Patsy wrote the note, yet most also believe John was involved, may have even murdered JonBenet, helped with the coverup, etc. and it all goes back to the note which most believe was written by Patsy.

I agree with you that if John was molesting JonBenet, very sick dynamics could emerge where Patsy was staying quiet, not defending JonBenet, in denial, etc.

I do suspect John was molesting JonBenet based on all of the visits to the doctor for urinary tract infections.

However, I do struggle with the theory that she was murdered in such a brutal way, followed by cooperation of the parents to stage a repulsive scene suggesting sexual homicide and writing a ransom note, all over bedwetting. Someone hit her incredibly hard over the head with a very heavy object. VERY hard. She had an 8 inch crack in her skull. Whoever killed her did not do so accidentally. Patsy had a full-time housekeeper, so it is not as if Patsy would be slaving all day washing sheets...far from it, she could have just delegated this task to the housekeeper. Not saying that she might not feel frustrated if JonBenet kept wetting the bed, but it is just so hard to wrap my head around Patsy brutally murdering her over bedwetting and then John happily cooperating in a disgusting coverup combined with what appears to be a calm cool collected writing of a ransom note.

I do believe one of her parents killed her, but I do not understand what happened, how it and the coverup and ransom note writing transpired. I think Patsy wrote the note in a calm cool collected frame of mind previous to the murder. That has always been my opinion, and it hasn't changed.

Anonymous said...

Sheep, The psychopath I spoke to is female.

Anonymous said...

My feelings about the case: I feel like the ransom note scrambles everything, confuses, so that it is never really clear what solution occam's razor would point to...Patsy did it or Intruder. What if the ransom note didn't exist? What if the case was looked at that way, as if there were no ransom note? Would it be easier to solve? I don't know. Maybe.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

3 American swimmers stuck in Brazil amid investigation into robbery report

Two American Olympic swimmers who were yanked off a homebound flight will not be allowed to leave Brazil until they provide testimony to investigators about a reported robbery that targeted them and a couple of their teammates, their attorney said Thursday.

Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz were taken off their flight from Brazil to the U.S. by local authorities as investigators still search for answers regarding the alleged robbery involving them, Ryan Lochte and Jimmy Feigen.

Feigen was ordered to stay in Brazil. He told USA Today that he’s cooperating with authorities. Lochte made it back to the U.S. before authorities could seize his passport.

Conger, Bentz and Feigen were expected to give statements to police on Thursday. A Brazilian official said the questioning would take place in Leblon, south of Rio.

The latest developments come amid increasing tension between Brazilian authorities and the American swimmers over the ever-changing story of the alleged robbery. Police said they have found little evidence so far to support their claims, and that the swimmers were unable to provide key details in interviews.

Lochte said he was with Conger, Bentz and Feigen when they were robbed at gunpoint in a taxi by men with a police badge as they returned to the athletes’ village from a party, several hours after the final Olympic swimming events were held. Lochte claimed he had a gun pointed at his head.

NBC reported Wednesday night that Lochte backed off some of his earlier claims about the robbery. He now says the taxi wasn't pulled over by men with a badge, but that they were robbed after stopping at a gas station, NBC reported. Lochte also said the assailant pointed a gun at him rather than putting it to his head.

But Lochte also said no one in law enforcement asked him to stay in the country for additional questioning and reportedly expressed surprise at the casual nature of authorities' questioning.

Asked by Matt Lauer if he had made the robbery story up, Lochte denied the charge.

"He stopped me quickly and strongly denied that," Lauer said. "He said, 'That's absolutely not the case. I wouldn't make up a story like this, nor would the others. As a matter of fact, we all feel it makes us look bad. We're victims in this and we're happy that we're safe.'"

Patrick Sandusky, U.S. Olympic Committee spokesperson, said Conger and Bentz were detained and "released by local authorities with the understanding that they would continue their discussions about the incident on Thursday. James Feigen is also communicating with local authorities and intends to make further statements regarding the incident on Thursday as well."

Representatives from the U.S. consulate arrived at the airport shortly after the swimmers were stopped from leaving.


John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

They should be detained until the allegations are investigated. Claiming robbery by LE is serious. Rio hosting a worldwide event plagued with problems makes them look very bad to the whole world. If his story was true then he should've stayed.

John Mc Gowan said...

From another article.


Feigen's passport was also ordered seized. He is still in Brazil, according to NBC.

"I'm just trying to give Brazil what they need or what they want and get out of here,'' Feigen told USA Today. "It's a hassle. But I'm safe, everything's fine.''

The word "trying" means "attempted," "failed," "didn't do it." Is this because they are not listening to him or is he withholding information?

Here is where he is possibly withholding information.

"I'm just trying to give Brazil what they need or what they want"

This speaks of specifics (i "want" to know this i "need" to that) In other words, if i'm not asked about xyz, i won't tell them about xyz.

"I'm just trying to give "Brazil what they need or what they want"

he doesn't say "I'm just trying to give the authorities, law enforcement, and so on, what they need or what they want" This shows distance away from them. The whole of Brazil haven't asked him.

"But I'm safe, everything's fine.''

What about his fellow athletes, are they not "safe". What is "everything" that is "fine"


John Mc Gowan said...

It look like their "Story" is starting to unravel.

For some reason i can't copy and past the article information. The explanations are in the link below.

Events not adding up:

1) The Timing

2) The Numbers involved

3) The CCTV

4) The Denial

5) The X-rays

6) The Details that changed

7) The Missing Taxi


John Mc Gowan said...

US Swimmer Fought With Security Guard on Night of Alleged Robbery: Police Source


As the police investigation continues into the alleged robbery of U.S. Olympic swimmers in Rio, a Brazilian police source told ABC News that "one of the swimmers was seen on CCTV footage breaking down the door to the bathroom at the gas station and fighting with a security guard" on the night of the incident.


Unknown said...

Anonymous 12:25

I agree that the bedwetting theory is farfetched, I put it out there because I'm trying to make sense of a tragic situation that still doesn't make sense even after all these years.

Maybe they planned to murder her, but then I think Patsy Ramsey would've gotten rid of the note book to destroy the evidence. As far as the clinging nightgown goes, I don't think Patsy Ramsey did laundry regularly, but that she was the one who pulled the blanket from the dryer or laundry basket that night.

I've sometimes wondered about their son, too. I don't think he had anything to do with JonBenet's murder, and yet he slept through her screaming, even though neighbors allegedly heard her. Maybe one of the parents slipped a sleeping pill in his drink, or maybe he really did hear poor JonBenet screaming, but was too terrified to help his sister. I have a feeling that some really horrifying things went on in that family, even after her death.

Anonymous said...

Doubt family members killed her. But covering for a wealthy, business associate more likely?

Nic said...

Anonymous @12:46 said:

My feelings about the case: I feel like the ransom note scrambles everything, confuses, so that it is never really clear what solution occam's razor would point to...Patsy did it or Intruder. What if the ransom note didn't exist? What if the case was looked at that way, as if there were no ransom note? Would it be easier to solve? I don't know. Maybe.

Yes, kind of, because it wouldn't have been so "easy" to derail the investigation.

How could they excuse JonBenet's absence at their destination?

How could they excuse going to bed with two live children and waking up with one dead?

Automatically the immediate family would be POIs, and focus would never turn outwards, unless an outsider was introduced.

Anonymous said...

why and how could a family member even intoxicated inflict injury so severe on a little girl especially their Daughter or sister? Did the perverse exhibition of JBR encourage an outsider, maybe foreign, to attempt molestation while intoxicated? She resisted screamed fought and he startled,reacted to silence her since tbe house was full of people. No way a family member did that to her. An outsider.

Nic said...

The letter also "stages" the house. It's not a sealed/protected crime scene per se because there is no "body". People were "witness" to the Ramsey's appearing to work to "save" their daughter. People are stomping through, introducing more finger prints that would have to be processed and eliminated. Lots of interference.

I read an article yesterday about the White's (Ramsey's were at their house the evening of the 25th). Priscilla White describes Patsy: "But Patsy was inconsolable. She sat on the floor, clutching a crucifix and praying to Jesus. "They have my baby," she moaned."

I saw what is supposedly a picture of PR and JBR Christmas morning and noted JBR wearing a gold cross on a long chain.

The chain looks pretty strong. Strong enough to grab her by the neck and drag her (out of John's bed)?

JohnBenet's autopsy findings were very disturbing to say the least. What happened to that little girl was literally overkill. Strangling is what killed her, so did whoever fasten the rope around her neck think she had died? Why bother if they thought she was dead? Unless there was injury from something else, like a chain? They had a dog, that was at the kennel. Was the dog yanked and pulled by it's leash? The necklace wasn't present at her autopsy, but a ring and bracelet were. The bracelet had her name and date (Dec 25/96) engraved on it. So it was new. She was wearing the cross over her pjs, so I wonder if it, too was a gift that morning. Why violate JonBenet with a broken paintbrush handle, so viciously, if whomever the Fraction was, assuming they were male, could do it personally? Apparently it had snowed and there were no footprints so was this more "staging"? I read that it was believed the duct tape was applied after she died (staging) because of the blood tinged saliva on her cheek under where the tape would have been.


Anonymous said...

JBR was a living trophey for family. Lots of attention. Maybe her brother harbored extreme jealousy.

Anonymous said...

I have been completely open to intruder did it theory. I have always argued the case from that angle, until Peter's SA comvinced me Patsy did it BUT I DO believe the note was written before the murder. Last night I watched a 25 min youtube thing on the case that was more intruder did it angle. However, they showed some beauty pageant footage that Ramseys had released to the media, and first if all: those pageants WERE very perverted with bathing suit contests?! For 4 year olds?! It hit me that I believe Patsy was molesting her as well as John was molesting her. JonBenet had just won the Little Miss Christmas contest, and Patsy was probably just done with her. She, along with John were probably afraid Jonbenet was going to start talking about what they were doing to her. Then, she wins the Christmas pageant, Patsy got her trophy, and I think sge was just done with her. I think it was premeditated, AND the ransom note perhaps contains leakage of WHY Patsy killed her ie." if you are caught talking to anyone, if you talk to a stray dog, she dies." Patsy and John were afraid JonBenet was going to "talk" and tell someone they were molesting her. That's what I think.

Anonymous said...

Staging seems probable. A vicious pedophile wrapping body? If planned wouldnt note be typed. Covering for someone sounds like. Parents just may cover for sibling. Maybe also an influential aquaintance out of fear. But the note threatened beheading. Victim young girl, a sexualized young girl. And foreigner. Sexual assault. Presently,those are radical islamic signatures.

Anonymous said...

No, I think Patsy and John were both molesting her.
Look at leakage from the note; "If you are caught speaking to anyone about your situation"
They didnt want Jonbenet speaking about HER situation of being molested.

Anonymous said...

@1028, Youre saying radical Islamists killed JonBenet?! You are trolling.

Anonymous said...

And the dog reference. All islamic indication. Business. Money. Foreign reference. Behead. Young girl (bride). Fear. Sexualized. If not involved, maybe letter writer was thinking it?

Anonymous said...

The dog reference was a line from a movie! You are just trolling (as usual),

Anonymous said...

Read the ransom note

Anonymous said...

The note is addressed to JR. Saying daughter is ok. If you want to see her again, then. But she was dead & wrapped inside his house. Some one was gonna remove her from the house but didnt or couldnt. Else abduction make no sense.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you try using something called complete sentences if you wish to be part of this discussion. I won't be responding to your little "word salad". And no, she was not "wrapped".

Anonymous said...

Some reports state covered. Some state wrapped.

Anonymous said...

In your word salad, you imply the kidnappers had her wrapped. No, that is nowhere stated in any report. She was wrapped in a blanket AFTER she was found by her father. That is a lie you are telling.

Anonymous said...

Nowhere stated? Its common knowledge her father found her covered by/wrapped in a blanket.

Anonymous said...

It might be a good idea if you don't strain yourself trying to solve this crime and leave it in the hands of those of us more experienced with SA. You may want to stick with something a little less challenging for now like nap Dad or the drunken swimmers.

Anonymous said...

You are not qualified to moderate a blog about forensics. Based on your written statements you are very immature. Gosh i hope mr hyatt doesnt consider you an experienced analyst.

Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps you're not qualified to comment on a forensics blog since you mutilate the English language and feel Jonbenet was going to kidnapped by Islamic terrorists. Go back to basics and brush up on your skills. Nap Dad thread would be a great place to practice.

Anonymous said...

Intelligent discussion always flees when you appear. You're not qualified to be here.

Anonymous said...

Learn to sling a sentence together and cut your crappy condescension cause noone's eating up your bullshit tonight.

Anonymous said...

You're a vile ignorant immature person. Gosh i hope you"re not a moderator.

Anonymous said...

Gosh I hope you don't think you can solve crime. You might want to snuggle up with a Hooked on Phonics book tonight too sweetie pie. Good luck.

Deborah said...

I'm not sure if this is about the riots or Jonbennet Ramsey case. Both are terrible occurrences.
Certainly I hope there is peace in the inner city as well as resolution to this long-standing unsolved case.