Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Pragmatic View of Deception

How not to rape 101 for Migrants
Often, someone learns the danger of dealing with a liar when the results have already brought great harm.  The seared conscience allowing the liar to place self above others, including justice, is more dangerous than most know.

When Richard Blumenthal spoke about being a young man in Viet Nam, in spite of never having stepped foot in the country, voters elected him just the same, not considering how one who fabricates reality had decades of impact upon the criminal justice system. If Blumenthal prosecuted a case that could further his career or narrative, the fabrication of reality tells us that it is what he would do in such a situation. How many false prosecutions built up his career?  We will never know. 

Question:  "Why should we believe you?"

Here, the strongest answer is something like this:

"Because I told the truth." in various forms as we look for the close psychological ("I") and the affirmation of "truth" within the reply.   This supersedes even possible errors, for errors do not intend deception.  

Answer:  "Because I have no reason to lie.

This is the "Pragmatic View" point of deception and within the context of Human Resources, give the employee a reason to lie and he just might. The Pragmatic View (PV) often comes from the opportunist.  If a lie will further his cause, the lie is considered.  This is the liar who has found, experientially, that lies can serve him well. 

There is a difference between simply refusing to answer, or avoiding a question and one who is willing to lie outright.  Though the outright fabricator of reality will, most often, lie via omission, by fabricating reality there is no measurable restriction that can be placed upon him.  He learned his craft in childhood, which is accomplished mostly by neglect, or doing nothing about the child who lies, for every child lies.  

In this stunning case, 6 children, aged 5-12 at a swimming pool, were sexually molested by a 30 year old Muslim migrant in Germany.   

The prosecutor, sworn to protect society, has a narrative or ideology that says no singular culture is better than another, unless the culture is made up of all cultures.  Like a chef who dumps everything he has into a soup while refusing to discriminate among ingredients, the poisonous effect may have long term consequences. 

The prosecutor placed his career and political narrative above the victims.  

What did the prosecutor do?

He officially dropped the case and said that the children sexually excited the perpetrator.  

August 6, 2016
The children (five girls, one boy) had testified that they had been pinched on the bottom and grasped on the thigh by the 30-year-old. Further, the accused had pulled down one girl’s bikini top so far that her breast was visible, and tried to grab the eleven-year-old in the crotch. It is also said that a companion of the accused was standing on the edge of the pool and had a clearly visible erection.
State’s attorney: The children stimulated the Afghan’s action by fooling around. Legal proceeding canceled.

Mother Horrified At Prosecutor’s Decision

After indecent touching of children in the Offenburg Hallenbad: Investigation canceled.
The Offenburg prosecutor’s office has stopped the procedure against a 30-year-old refugee, who sexually touched several children in the Offenburg pool in April. The mother who reported the incident is “disappointed beyond measure” at the lax application of justice and sees an “open door for further offenses.”
“I screamed four times,” says Maike Sicre, after she had read the written communiqué of the Offenburg prosecutor. The mother of two daughters was informed that the proceedings against a 30-year-old Afghan citizen on suspicion of sexual abuse of six children aged 5 to 12 years was being halted. Sicre had made the complaint and is now outraged at this legal decision. “It is the absolutely wrong approach, to hush up or whitewash such things,” she says. It does not matter to her where the man comes from, she just wants some justice. And now she questions how the accused will act in the future, after the state’s attorney has said not one word of reproach about the incident. The verdict is not a deterrent. On the contrary, the door is open to further misdeeds, Sicre fears.
“Facts distorted”
What really upsets the mother is that she sees the state’s attorney’s argument twisting the facts. There it is claimed that the children stimulated the man to touch them by fooling around. “No way!” says Sicre. Her daughters were shocked when she read them the prosecutor’s letter. “Mama, that makes us look like the guilty ones.”

The prosecutor may now appear to be a 'champion of multiculturalism' or 'anti-racist', 'civil rights leader' or whatever term the narrative may bestow, but now consider what actions may come from the perpetrator, his friend, and all who read and hear of his action, who's culture and religion are founded by a violent pedophile. For regular readers and professionals who have studied sexual crimes, Mohammad's teaching on hygiene and water are congruent with sexual abuse.  

How many victims will result from the emboldening of sexual assault of children? 

Consider the long term impact of liars.  

Rather than an internal moral compass, with negative internal consequences for lying, the Pragmatic Viewpoint is dangerous as it presupposes intellectual engagement and consideration of possible outcomes.  This means:

the stronger the intellect, the greater success in deception.  

The greater success in deception, the greater the cost to society, including companies that hire such. 


Nic said...

Like a chef who dumps everything he has into a soup while refusing to discriminate among ingredients, the poisonous effect may have long term consequence

Awesome analogy, Peter.

Both of my sisters-in-law visited Europe this spring. One visited Germany and the other visited the UK. I asked my sister-in-law who visited the UK what her friends thought about the Brexit voted. She said they were upset and then mentioned a documentary they were also upset about. It is called Manchester: A City United, which is about, "How Manchester helped shape the modern age. Communism, free trade, the co-operative movement, the campaign for female suffrage, European vegetarianism and trade unionism all originated or - crucially - were developed in the northern UK city." Do you know what their complaint was? It was "too white" and misrepresented the true diversity of the area.

Hey Jude said...

The parents should appeal the decision if they can. It's disgraceful - there are a lot of incidents reported involving sexual assaults by migrants in public swimming pools, so common, those notices as to what is inappropriate are considered necessary and 'helpful'. The perpetrators are taking advantage of the naive perception that they are ignorant - this case is like giving a green light to abusers.

It is stunning - the guy could have got out of the pool rather than allow himself to be 'excited' by the children's presence. The children have been blamed for swimming in the presence of a paedophile, who is excused on the grounds that they were there. That is insane - it turns 'justice' on its head. It's like saying 'our culture must ignore "cultural" differences or misunderstandings' - as though these are genuine differences and misunderstandings rather than crimes knowingly committed, sometimes out of contempt for the 'kafir'. Every case should be prosecuted and promoted in the media - ignorance or victims-blaming could not then be used as a defence.