Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Lies: Collateral Damage

                                         Lies destroy lives.

In Ferguson, someone lied and said, "hands up; don't shoot."  Statement analysis of the officer as well as eye witnesses showed that no such words, nor motions, existed.  It was a lie that was a convenient lie that met with the position of the political elite.  Black Lives Matters is a terrorist organization that has led to the execution murders of police.  It is based upon a lie.  

In an overwhelming traction, this lie gave fuel to the political elite's anarchist narrative against authority, with police, specifically targeted by the president of the United States shortly after taking office in 2009.  Without knowledge, the president presumed to know that a Boston police officer was in the wrong because he was in a confrontation with a black person.  It was just the beginning.  

60 plus years of single party rule has produced inner city poverty and dependence upon government.  It has assaulted human nature, targeting the drive and initiative of men to provide for their families.  It has destroyed inner city black families in city after city throughout America.  This is why the administration is at war with the family, and seeks to redefine what a family is.  

Rather than admit the fallacy, propaganda has turned to say "police are killing blacks."

The problem with this is that is not true; it is another lie.  

Statistics are still available, on a still free internet that show that children raised in complete families are more likely to complete education, work and not commit crimes, while children born to homes without a father are likely to be sentenced to a life of poor eduction, poverty, and crime.  

Politicians ceased the opportunity to grant to inner city blacks the destructive moniker of "victim status" in which, no matter how much money is infused, inner city blacks kill blacks at a rate incomparable with all other situations.  Instead of admitting the failure of the de incentive programs, the president blamed guns, the tool used in violence.  In cities with the countries strictest gun laws, the murder rates remain the highest. 

From WSJ:

"....fatal police shootings make up a much larger proportion of white and Hispanic homicide deaths than black homicide deaths. According to the Post database, in 2015 officers killed 662 whites and Hispanics, and 258 blacks. (The overwhelming majority of all those police-shooting victims were attacking the officer, often with a gun.) Using the 2014 homicide numbers as an approximation of 2015’s, those 662 white and Hispanic victims of police shootings would make up 12% of all white and Hispanic homicide deaths. That is three times the proportion of black deaths that result from police shootings. 
The lower proportion of black deaths due to police shootings can be attributed to the lamentable black-on-black homicide rate. There were 6,095 black homicide deaths in 2014—the most recent year for which such data are available—compared with 5,397 homicide deaths for whites and Hispanics combined. Almost all of those black homicide victims had black killers. 
Police officers—of all races—are also disproportionately endangered by black assailants. Over the past decade, according to FBI data, 40% of cop killers have been black. Officers are killed by blacks at a rate 2.5 times higher than the rate at which blacks are killed by police."

Poverty is blamed, but then statistics show that these schools and community receive more money per student than anywhere else in the nation.
Police are blamed, which leads to hostilities, incivility, increased crime, and ultimately...more deaths.
Guns are blamed, but then it is cited that these cities have the strictest gun laws in the nation, and that the criminals did not obey the gun registration laws.  
Drugs are blamed but then the "stand down" order is given on the border, where drugs are funneled into America daily. 
We have even seen the fallacy of blaming the naturally recurring weather patterns on the plight of inner city America. 
These deceptions are used by the political elite to appeal to the moral narcissism within voters who's emotion trumps their employment of reason.  
This is yet another form of exploitation just as he turned mental illness into a 'civil right' and has had media fall in step.   
Just as the president knew, when the Islamic killer quoted the koran accurately, pledged his allegiance to ISIS, and went into an Orlando nightclub on a murderous spree, that it had "nothing to do with Islam", so it is he knows that the police are, after almost 8 years of vile rhetoric, the target of wrath.  
He has asked that we "vote" for him, for his legacy's sake. 
A legacy of lies that has divided the nation, while arming her enemies and put us on the fast track to import an ideology that calls for our destruction.  
If you disagree with him, you are racist, suffer from mental illness (irrational fear), and are so morally reprehensible, that you are unworthy of a voice. 
If you exercise discernment, you are, in a sense, "deplorable."  

Police deserve better.  

Even "deplorable" lives matter.  


Nic said...

Peter said,
In cities with the countries strictest gun laws, the murder rates remain the highest. […]

voters who's emotion trumps their employment of reason.

My observation is whenever the murder rate/strict gun law argument is made, “moral narcissism” doubles down.

Critical thinking is at an all-time-low. IMO, a lot of [it] has to do with the post-secondary education system. Students are “made” to tow the opinion of their professors, or else they are ridiculed by professor and students alike and automatically marked “wrong”. Students are “made” to purchase their professor’s publications as the professors use their own words as the begin all/end all opinion for the course syllabus, like it actually carries weight in their community. Critical thinkers learn very early to just “go along” to get along. Students are conditioned to never challenge or think, or go against “authority”; hence they lap up what the media feed them. IMO, “higher learning” is an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

The biggest lie of our time. WMD's in Iraq. Who knows how many deaths it caused.

Anonymous said...

Is Peter going to analyze Burke Ramstes interview?

Anonymous said...

Most regular commenters never take up a challenging statement by other contributors. Even errors in the blogs article are not challenged. There is little debate & less original thinking. You want Peter to think for you.

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 7:11pm

I don't know where you get the impression I "want" Peter to think for me. I am free to read other analyst's sites and I do. The science is obviously same but it helps to reinforce the principles when I see them applied to different examples. Ultimately, I enjoy Peter's op-ed style to current events, more.

In my opinion, "challenging" typos on a personal blog is petty and ungracious, especially considering the time and effort Peter puts forth to create an opportunity for his readers to learn such a valuable skill, albeit at an introductory level, for free.

Anonymous said...

Its not a typo to say the whitehouse admitted the iran money is ransom.

valyriew said...

Seems like u only address lies u feel are important. What about the lie of Mike Browns criminal record? There are several Michael Browns in that area and a criminal record of one of them has been attributed to the Mike Brown that was killed. He didn't have a record. Yet it's been bandied about that he did.

valyriew said...

I'm wondering the same thing. I'd love to see it. There's something wrong with that guy. Watching his interview as a kid raises the hair on my neck as much as the adult interview.

Anonymous said...

Are you that shallow? Those lies have affected the ENTIRE world. No WMD's. No admission of ransom. Have you no sense of proportion?

Unknown said...

re: Burke Ramsey's interview

I believe in my heart that his inappropriate smiling is a result of severe social anxiety brought on by years of abuse at the hands of a tyrant. He comes across as someone who is suffering from more than one mental illness, in order to cope with the trauma that he's faced as a child. I've known people like him before, and it's heartbreaking to watch them suffer daily.

On a side note, I think Dr. Phil has a responsibility as a mental health professional to alert viewers to the real reason behind Burke Ramsey's abnormal body language.

The fact that he has chosen ratings and shock value over truth is troublesome, especially because of the potential damage it could do to someone as mentally fragile as Burke Ramsey.

Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...

Becky Rose,

If true, it could be that Burke Ramsey did not want any sort of diagnosis made public for the simple fact that people would project backwards and likely use any such information against him.

I only saw the last 20 minutes of the first Dr. Phil episode, but I was left with the same impression as yours. Whatever the reason for it, I will wager a bet it's a result of behaviour therapy. It can come across unnatural and awkward and for lack of a better description "inappropriate".