Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Baby Delano Father Not Guilty

Lies, video tape, blood and internet searches in researching child abduction  were not enough to convince a jury that Willie Wilson killed his child.  

A jury Friday evening found  Willie Wilson, father  of baby, Delano Wilson, 'not guilty.'  

From the indy star:  'Since baby Delano Wilson was never found, the jurors had to decide: Could they conclude beyond a reasonable doubt that the baby is not only dead, but also was murdered?'

This was not a difficult case to solve, but without a body, it is a reminder of how cases must be proven.  Had this gone as a Bench trial, it likely would have ended differently.  

This is the frustration of dealing with a society who now treasure emotion above logic, feelings above science, and who are easy prey for exploitation by politicians. 

I respect Marion county prosecutors Denise Robinson and Teresa Hall for going through with the trial without a body.  Too many simply file away the case rather than exercising courage and going forward.  

They showed the holes in his stories (plural), the video surveillance, and his internet searching to learn more about "abducted children."

 Wilson's attorney, Ikedigbo Nnaemeka, stated in his closing argument something that is truthful:  

"They are starting off with the proposition that this boy isn't telling the truth, so therefore, he must be hiding something, and the thing he must be hiding is the worst possible thing we can think of," 

This is a reasonable conclusion:  he (this "boy") isn't telling the truth; therefore, he must be hiding something.  This sounded like a closing argument for the prosecution more than the defense.  

Prosecutors asked the common sense rhetorical: Why would Wilson invent a wild tale of abduction if not to cover up a homicide?

This is a reasonable question for reasonable juries.  People lie for reasons. Statement Analysis is linguistic evidence to guide the case, and in this trial, it appears to be appropriately presented so that a juror exercising reason would follow through basic logic.  

The emotional appeal that "maybe" the baby is still alive is very difficult for some jurors to process.  

"Why go to all the trouble to talk about an abduction that never occurred?" Robinson asked the jury. "The biggest crime required the biggest lie. Homicide is, at the end of the day, the only explanation."

From the indy star:  'On Aug. 27, 2014, Wilson, whom responding officers found lying in an alley on Indianapolis' west side after he called 911, told police that he had been walking with his son in his arms when a blue car pulled up and his attackers hopped out, pistol-whipped him and robbed him.

Prosecutors said Wilson told inconsistent stories when he reported the kidnapping. He described his attackers to a police sketch artist, prosecutors said, but the sketches ended up resembling fictional characters from the video game "Grand Theft Auto." They argued that his face didn't show signs of being pistol-whipped, and that there were no signs of a fleeing car in the alley, which was wet with rain.'

This is a good example of how memory is in play, but not experiential memory.  All lies come from somewhere.  Prosecutors identified the source.  

Prosecutors said that there could not have been a kidnapping because Wilson was caught on surveillance video, and seen by neighbors, shortly before he called 911. He had no child with him at the time he said Delano was kidnapped.

Lies, more lies, changed accounts, video tape and internet searching, but jurors failed to connect simple thoughts.  

There is still more:  

​At the home in the 500 block of Chase Street that Wilson shared with Delano's mother, Taniasha Perkins, crime lab technicians found traces of possible human blood in the bathroom sink, in the bathtub and on a light blue baby blanket, court documents said.

Investigators  found Wilson's internet search history that indicated Wilson researched child abduction statistics just before he called police and told them his son had been kidnapped.

How much more could a jury need? 

The prosecutors did a solid job in this case.  Perhaps the lesson taken away from this is Jury Selection via the use of a questionnaire to weed out those who fail to employ logic, or who are deceptive.  

Here is some basic statement analysis on Willie Wilson:

First, we note the priority of his 911 call: 

911:  What is the location of your emergency?  

 Therefore, we expect order to begin with address.  His answer: 

"I'm on Hardy Street, and by chase (?), and I was robbed and someone took my daughter, I mean my son."

Note that being robbed came before reporting his son missing. This is not expected.  When a child is kidnapped, it is likely to be the first thing out of the subject's mouth when asked what has happened. 

 Why is the robbery more important than the missing child?

We now learn this very thing:  the robbery may have been truthful, but there was no child with him.  Was it a drug robbery? 

Note the self correction of the gender of his child.  This is a strong signal that the subject is not speaking from experiential memory.  

A kidnapping means hormonal clarity and 'high alert' status.  

A missing child would not be mistaken.  

Pronouns are instinctive and when pronouns are "wrong", we are looking at deception.  

"I'm laying on the middle of the street off Oliver..."

note the need to give the location of where he is laying, which makes it unnecessary information.  Is it scripting?  His body posture's inclusion is very important to him.  Thus far, we know more about him than the child. 

Later, surveillance camera showed him before calling 911. 

There was no baby.  

911:  What's your name?

Subject:  Willie.

First name only given. 
"One was a white male who was a man the other person who was a  lady was hispanic. "

Specific description even of the shoes.   "Jordans, red black and blue..."

911:  They took your son?

Subject:   Yes, they abducted my son.

It is interesting to note that he did not enter the language of the 911 operator, but changed "took" to "abducted."

To "abduct" his son shows a deliberate action with a reason to do so.  There are two possibilities here:

1.  abduction for a reason, such as drug non-payment, illegal adoption, custody issue, etc.

2.  The subject is deceptive and has rehearsed his story. 

This is a strong signal of scripted language.  It is much easier to parrot back the words of another.  This was 'overruled' in the sense that he wishes to persuade his child was "abducted"; the proper term, rather than just "taken." 

He calls out that he was just "robbed and pistol whipped" but did not mention the baby, to the passerby.  That the child was abducted would be the expected first thing he said.

Later, to another passerby, "I was robbed and they took my two month old son" with "took" and not "abducted"

But being "robbed" came before the taking of his son.  This indicates his priority. 

Now that the video shows no child, we understand why "robbed" came first. 

Willie Wilson made an emotional appeal for information on the whereabouts of his missing child.

Wilson told police that he was accosted by a white male and hispanic woman in an alley less than a block from his home Wednesday at noon.  He repeatedly changed this story with inconsistencies that came because he was not working from memory that he personally experienced.  
Delano Wilson
Delano Wilson
Wilson said the pair intended to rob him of his cell phones and his wallet but took his baby instead.
He said ‘I don’t care.’ That’s when he hit me knocked me down. I got the baby in my arms. That’s when I knew they were gonna do more because she didn’t do nothing because the man is constantly yelling at me telling me to empty my pockets, grabbing at my pants. All I could do is give him what I had. I didn’t wanna harm the baby.”


mom2many said...

He slipped up when he said "daughter." He previously had a daughter who died from abuse. The daughter was on his mind, like here we go again with another baby. "Son" is like "daughter," both dead.

I'm disappointed, though not terribly surprised at this result. It is apparent that education is failing to create graduates capable of linear thought. This will impact cases across the country in which a child is missing, solidifying the reluctance to prosecute.

Anonymous said...

"I didn’t wanna harm the baby." This is likely truthful. Maybe he didn't want to, but he felt he needed to. Or, someone else killed his baby because he didn't want to.

In any case, I always cringe when I see prosecutors bring a case without a body. It is so very difficult to return a guilty verdict of homicide without a body. Without a body, there is no actual proof the baby is dead, and they did not have enough evidence for a circumstantial case. IMO, I really think the prosecutors should have waited. Especially since that due to double-jeopardy laws, he can lead police to the body and not be charged with murder, since he was already found guilty and justice will not be served.


Nic said...

This illustrates why, in cases like the Susan Cox case, the investigators won't prosecute without a body. I'm still sad about that case and wish prosecutors had just gone for it. They might have lost, but maybe the boys would be alive today. Contrast that case to finding Hailey Dunn's remains and still, there is no movement forward!

There appears so much contradiction in the American justice system. It's dispiriting.

Anonymous said...

CORRECTION: "... already found *NOT* guilty..."

Anonymous said...

How did the responsibility for linear thought go to the education system? Isnt it just normal thinking?

mom2many said...

The mind needs to be trained, logical pitfalls and irrational thinking needs to be exposed and corrected. The educational system is the best avenue for this training for two reasons--as students learn new material, or expand on previously taught lessons, they can be guided to eliminate weaknesses in their processing (i.e. the active thinking part of their day occurs in school), but mostly because parents were largely not taught the skills themselves and so cannot hand them on to their children.

Traditional classical education was composed of three stages: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. The grammar stage is when children are absorbing all manner of facts about the world, the logic stage corresponds to the older child's questioning expanding their ability to reason and apply logic, and the final stage, rhetoric, pushes them to apply their skills in communicating their thoughts through speech and writing. Having moved away from this traditional education to experiment with any number of theories, we've sunk to lower and lower quality of outcomes.

Anonymous said...

"I didn’t wanna harm the baby.” Is this leakage? I would think he would say "I didn't want them to harm the baby.

Anonymous said...

Curriculum then is to blame for the descent of USA? Basic understanding of right and wrong are innate. If the conscience is dead & self preservation alive society is doomed. Education does not even acknowledge conscience.


We have created a society of people who cannot use simple logic to put anything together. This is clearly a guilty man and the jury was unable to use their common sense, deduction that all of the stories he told added up to GUILTY. Similar to Casey Anthony. The jury was unable to take all the evidence presented and arrive at a very easy conclusion of guilt.

Everything needs to be spoon fed and all wrapped up in a bow and given to the jury in order to come to the conclusion of guilt.

We are in deep trouble in this country.


Hi Peter,

For cases like Baby Lisa, Hailey Dunn, Isabelle Celise (sp), will there ever be anyone charged with murder?? With Hailey, they do have some of her remains that were identified with DNA. The police indicated once they had Hailey's body, they would make an arrest. This never happened. Is it that the case was compromised as some have said? For Baby Lisa and Isabelle, they have never been found and yet for both it appears their parent was involved. But both cases have gone nowhere.

Any thoughts on these?


Ode said...

Delano isn't forgotten by the people, where
is Mother? the dad scott free again, he nearly
killed his first daughter, the mother in prison.

When are the courts going to decide it's legal
to kill your own kid, without consequences ...
ala Casey,,

No parental punishment, to alleviate the burden on the systems.
The laws of the land to be in the hands of, a even
more evil cartel, may be coming soon is Hillary
becomes the goon in charge.

I have written here that I despise Hillary Clinton.
I am not a pro-Trump supporter, not in reaction to my disdain
for her. I from jump am flat-line of him.

This a new video out today, no matter who you are voting
for = please watch it. It's real investigative reporting.

Luke, We are Change, he openly states his dislike for Hillary.
He openly states he does not support Trump.

Knowledge is Power. This video, yes, applies with Statement Analysis.
Except here we do not need proof without a doubt she said it,
she has stepped forward and " confirmed" yes I did.

' Think ' is the outcome of this video, it makes one think alright
What the hell is happening right before our very eyes?

mom2many said...

This really is a good example. I addressed the outcomes of education, creating an educated people. The comment reorients my comment to the moral descent of the country. That's not linear thinking.

This is a conflation of the intellect and the heart. I was solely addressing the training of the intellect.

I do agree with the commentary that man has an innate understanding of right and wrong. Scripture states that God has written the law on the human heart. It is interesting that when Classical education was common in our educational system, moral education was a component. Take a look at historic readers from which kids were taught.

Anonymous said...

Why would a white man go into a thug neighborhood and rob a thug with a baby, and take the baby. His story does not make any sense.

What total idiots must have been on the jury!

Anonymous said...

Our education system is not teaching kids how to think or learn. They ONLY teach for testing. They need to encourage a lifelong love of learning.

Anonymous said...

Why arent their parents teaching them right from wrong?

Anonymous said...

Ann Coulter's new article mentions Ted Kennedy and the death of a female passenger in his car back in 1969. But no mention of the death of Laura Bush's ex boyfriend caused by Laura Bush in 1963.

Anonymous said...

Willie Wilson Probable Cause -

How could the jury find him not guilty?

tania cadogan said...

You can make sure you have all the evidence to prove a crime of murder took place, even with a body being present.
You can have compelling evidence to prove the accused did the crime they are acused of.
You can have the worlds best prosecutors and the worlds worst defense team.

You can make it so that the guilt is so obvious that there can be no denial.

You can cover every angle to get justice for the victim and their family.

You cannot however convince or guard against a dumb jury who, for what ever reason, refuse to see the obvious, accept the acknowledged guilt of the defendant, decide that although they knew the defendant committed the murder, they feel the prosecution did not prove its case.

We now have a man who has had two children die in separate situations, one of whom has not been found and he remains free and judicially innocent.

How long before another child dies at his hands?
He has gotten away with murder twice, he will think himself untouchable, he will kill again.

CptKD said...

This is happening, way too much ... Way too often often!
What the heck is wrong with these 'Jurors'?

Cases 'without' bodies can be, and are, prosecuted WITH Success - All the time!
I'm just astounded, at 'all' the cases LOST on Jurors - Where they especially involve Babies & Young Children!
They seem to be stacking up & 'Kid Killing' is seeming to become an everyday thing¡!

(PS - Thanks for your response, Tania! It is much appreciated... I'm going to take your advice & follow up with fwd: to you & Peter! Thx again! xo)

CptKD said...

This is happening, way too much ... Way too often often!
What the heck is wrong with these 'Jurors'?

Cases 'without' bodies can be, and are, prosecuted WITH Success - All the time!
I'm just astounded, at 'all' the cases LOST on Jurors - Where they especially involve Babies & Young Children!
They seem to be stacking up & 'Kid Killing' is seeming to become an everyday thing¡!

(PS - Thanks for your response, Tania! It is much appreciated... I'm going to take your advice & follow up with fwd: to you & Peter! Thx again! xo)

Anonymous said...

I have searched with various terms and cannot find any posts on the Daniel Markel murder. Have you done any statement analysis on any of the POIs? There is the interview with his ex wife Wendi Adelson where I think she may be a prime example of deception and leakage that I know would be of interest.
Thank you,

huh said...

With Hailey, they do have some of her remains that were identified with DNA. The police indicated once they had Hailey's body, they would make an arrest. This never happened. Is it that the case was compromised as some have said?

compromised ????? Could you please explain what you mean by compromised ??

Anon "I" said...

On the topic of cold cases. I have been watching some recent shows and it is
remarkable who is willing to talk after many years pass. Two closely knit
people with secrets may be less inclined to protect one another as the years
go by and partnerships or marriages change or end. Their priorities get altered
and circumstances may put them in the mood to cooperate more effectively with law enforcement. Someone who was once a threat to a witness may not hold sway over
the informant any longer. There is always this kind of hope.

trustmeigetit said...

After Casey Anthony was found "not guilty" inlost total faith in jurors.

That case was beyond clear.

I do still think that had they not failed to bring the "foxfire" search history in they may have had a guilty verdict.

Sadly the system is failing these kids while thousands of innocent sit behind bars.

This needs to be fixed!!