Thursday, October 27, 2016

Deception and Absurdity

If someone told you, just eight years ago, that a grown man wearing a dress and high heels, is now headed into the bathroom where your young daughter is, you'd likely rush in to save her from any possible consequences.  

If I then told you that in a few years,  this same disturbed man who believes he is a woman, will not only not have professional intervention, but actually politicians, main stream media, the United Nations, our enemies' military, academia, and so many others,  will be celebrating and throwing parades in his honor, defending his "right" to be believe he is a woman and to be in a bathroom with your little girl,  you'd likely have laughed at me, or dismissed me as either mentally disturbed, or a conspiracy nut.  

The change in society has been extreme in both scope and speed.  

If I then told you that any disagreement with this position, including insisting that the disturbed man needs professional intervention, would have you labeled mentally ill, with irrational fear, and moral depravity so extreme as to render you as unworthy of an opinion, in fact, one who is to be "deplored" rather than embraced, you'd believe I was quoting from a science fiction novel that is too far from reality to hold your interest.

A 65 year old grandfather is a celebrated "Woman of the Year", without regard to truth, science, or the inherent insult that all you need to be a woman is an emotion and a surgical knife.  Would it matter how emotionally abusive it is to his grandchildren who are now told, "Don't call me Grandpa no more.  Call me Hot College Coed Grandma

Everyone is deceived at various points in life.  Trauma can be the result dependent upon both the setting of the deception and the impact.  Yet this is not a clever deception, nor is it trauma inducing.  It isn't even subtle, which removes any possibility of comedic value.  

It is absurd.  

A great question to ask regarding such absurdity is:
Prosecutor of cops; both black and white

Who would possibly be taken in such deceptions?

Readers at the Statement Analysis blog come to see truth discerned from deception, or...

deception discerned from truth, and are not likely to be those taken in by absurd deception, but they should consider the vast number of those deceived.  

Specifically, what of this 'wholesale' deception where millions of people are all deceived at the same time as we see in our nation and in the western world?  What allows so many to be deceived?

When far left socialist government in Germany, in the 1930's, said that Jewish blood was different from German blood, microscope be damned (or broken), how was it that so many people came to believe such obvious absurdity?

When an absurdity is mandated under threat, the absurdity is only heightened. 

I. The Type of Deception

II.  The Deceived.

I.  The "type" of deception is "Absurdity."  

Since deception is too vast for any single article, we view only the deception of  absurdity commonly called, "Political Correctness" here, and this to but a few of the most pressing and illogical deceptions today: 

1.  War on Cops 
2.  Islamophobia
3.  Gender and Mental Health

1.  War On Cops

In 2015, cops killed twice as many whites as they did blacks.

To quote such is "hate speech" for the deceived.  

"Black Lives Matter" was based upon a lie; a fabrication of reality.  "Hands Up; Don't Shoot" did not happen, but was quickly seized upon by opportunists, either in business or politics, who could gain from the lie.  The lie was sold, and appealed to a very specific target audience, successfully.

Besides those who stand to gain on the lie (a small minority) those who fell for the lie were those who had a need to fall for the lie.

The truth?  We look at the statistics and they tell us:  

Black males kill black males.

In NYC, blacks committed 75 percent of all shootings, 70 percent of all robberies, and 66 percent of all violent crime though they consist of 23 percent of the city's population.  Even when black cops confront criminals, the lies continue.  Politicians lie and a large segment of the population falls right in line.  

The lie of "police kills black males" has led to endangering young black children, as well as black citizens, as police arrests are way down due to "The Ferguson Effect", where officers now recognize that their own lives are on the line; not just from the criminal element, but from the criminal politician.  

This is the "de policing" that politicians created that has increased the death toll among black citizens.  

If you were a white police officer confronting a dangerous armed black criminal, would you feel tempted to drive away?

Self preservation is a powerful element.  

Deception has empowered a "victim status mentality" to a people of whom funding after funding is given, with generational failure to produce results.  

Yet politicians will not ever admit the problem is human nature, and not money, so inner city schools will continue the money pit pattern: 

Every two years a new curriculum is used with special "this is how you teach black children!" as if pigmentation will impact phonics.  This is a racist betrayal of dark skinned children and if you disagree, you are the racist. 

Police are not killing black men; black males are killing black males and criminals are becoming emboldened, while a population grows in anger as "victim status" keeps them from exercising drive and initiative.  

The "Victim Status mentality" is very powerful.  It is a ready made excuse for failure and its impact is well known:  there is no advancement.  "You didn't built that"; the envious, racist claim that tears down all drive, initiative, and success, only fueled the anger and frustration. 

Black Lives Matter led directly to the assault, hatred and murder of police today.  Again, this is at the expense of black families in Chicago who are counting on police to protect them.  When BLM takes children and turns them against police, they are turning them against authority.  This includes those kids who now despise police, and think it is appropriate to defy them. 

When such a kid pulls out an unknown item from his pocket, while a police officer gives a command, the BLM propagandists are responsible for the consequences. 

2.  Islamophobia: Irrational Fear of Islam

A man is a pedophile, murderer and a thief.  He gains a following of murderous thieves who he must inspire to greater plunder.  

Let's start a religion based on emulating him.  What could possibly go wrong with that?

The belief system told followers that 'god' had deemed them superior to others, ordered them to take what belongs to others, and, specifically, "rape" as a reward, both on earth and in the afterlife.  If the conquest meets no resistance and the men submit to slavery and yield their wives, declare "peace"; hence, "the religion of peace" via submission.  

"Islamic attacks have nothing to do with Islam" (last 3 presidents of the United States)

"Just a few long wolf psychos"  Barak Hussein Obama  

The facts?  

Since 9/11, there have been 29,547 recorded Islamic attacks, in obedience to the Koran and hadith.  Due to the lack of freedom in Islamic lands, this number is likely woefully understated.  

In Germany, the minority who cheered on the Islamic invasion, clapping and holding signs saying, "Welcome!  Our land is your land!" had to be told that the migrants they were applauding were singing a song about how their god had taken your land away from you and given it to them... 

yet, they kept on singing.  

After the Cologne sexual assault epidemic, where thousands of sexual assaults took place in a concerted manner, feminists  carried signs showing they preferred rape to "racism."  They protested against those who protested against sexual assault.  

An ideology that tells its adherents to demand I submit, or enslave me or kill me, rape my wife and daughters, and take what is mine is something I am acutely afraid of.  

When college kids are the result of funding from Saudi Arabia we see that homosexuals will protest in favor of Islam, which, when enacted, will kill them. 

Hillary opens a home server which allows foreign nations who have donated millions to her, to readily access national information while accepting millions and millions of dollars from Islamic nations that execute homosexuals, refuse basic human rights to women, practice female genital mutilation and promote this supremacist enslaving ideology.  

3.  Gender Absurdity 

Just what our nation needed:  another divisive issue to continue to tear us apart.  Politicians found .001 of the population suffering from acute mental health issues and demanded that everyone fall in line behind them.

They were successful.

As if coddled college kids needed any less motivation, the males are now told that to "man up" is "sexist" and that while Russian troops train like men, endure hardship and work hard to pass requirements, we have "trans-gender" troops in therapy support groups, with standards, routinely ignored or lessened to "accommodate" "diversity" including obvious sufferers of disorders.  

How successful is the lie that a man is only a man if he "feels" he is a man, and a woman is defined as such if the person "feels" like a woman?

*Consider the boycott of Target has cost them millions in losses
*Consider major sports teams and celebrities deliberately boycotting North Carolina for punishing them for daring to not believe. 
*Consider how children are labeled "hateful" and "phobic" if they dare to not believe the lie in the public schools.  

II.  Who is it that is so easily deceived by absurdity?  

What would cause feminists to carry signs saying they prefer "rapists to racists"?

What would cause people to vote for politicians who promise them everything and all for free, suspending simple mathematics?

Politicians benefit from the deception of political correctness.  They can laugh and ridicule the gender dysmorphia suffers in private, while rush to gain votes from a specific type of victim of deception.  

Remove the borders from a nation allows for the politician to gain the votes of those who illegally enter the country and without a single dollar contributed, yet take  money from the labor of working citizens.  With open borders comes in those who drain the economy, criminals and even those who's ideology and religion calls for conquest, without vetting.  

'We don't build walls!' 
'Guns kill!'
"More money for public schools will raise grades"

said by those who live behind walls, have armed protection and send their children to private schools.  Who, then, are those of whom they so readily deceive?

Cities like Baltimore and Chicago have extreme unemployment rates yet vote for politicians who promise them more free money, free doctors, free phones, free any and everything, while illegals can now take jobs away from them.

Police are labeled as killers of black males by politicians even though black males are the killers of black males.  The politician knows the statistics but ignores them; instead opting to fuel the lie, and watch the ignorant protest violently, and where the protests are too tepid, use money for professional protestors to stir the attention that allows them to garner votes.  

  This leads the deceived into mass anger,  leading to protests, violence and eventually death of police officers.   The politician remains unrepentant.

Police officers would be alive today if the political elite had not stirred the violence for the past 8 years.  

Amazon removes the costume of the "sexy burqa" so as not to offend 'religious people' but not the "sexy nun" costume.

A rock star cancels a concert where a state says men cannot use women's bathrooms to protest while campaigning for a woman president who claims she is for woman's rights, while accepting millions of dollars from nations that deny woman even the most basic of human rights.  

                    Who could possibly be this deceived?

After we slice away those who profit from the deception and turn to the vast audience, we find that the lies of absurdity are specifically designed to appeal to a specific element within personalities. 

The deception of absurdity appeals to those who are "moral narcissists."

It is moral narcissism within the average person that the politician now exploits with deception that has no sophisticated element:  

it is absurd.  

If you raise the minimum wage, you'll feel a lot better about yourself.  

The community will rally around the restaurant that now goes to $15 per hour; a number mandated by government. 

This good will shows itself in support, but will, soon enough, return to equilibrium and, as goes the math, the local renter who rented out at $800 per month to the one making $10 per hour, now raises his rent because, after all, the tenant is now at a 50% increase, so even a 20% increase seems "fair."

Before long, the layoffs begin, which then moves the unemployed to the government welfare, which, of course, is also single party run.  

Long term inflation, loss of jobs and more people dependent upon government works well for the politician, but for the moral narcissist, 

for a few minutes, they get to feel really good about their moral 'superiority'.  

It feels good, but it does not accomplish good. 

It feels even better when the moral narcissist gets to compare himself or herself to others and claim:

"you don't care about the poor!"

Even as they enslave people to welfare generationally they feel good about how much 'better' they are than others.  

If you don't hold to their position, you are "deplorable."  That is, to be despised.  

They are empowered because the political elite and media work hand in hand.  

A professor of African Studies in Italy said that it was not refugees nor even migrants pouring into her country; it is middle class males who paid up to $10,000 for passage.  The human traffickers, she said, tell them, "everything in Europe is free."  

She said, "you know what?  It is true."  Eventually, money and houses run scarce, and when this happens, the politician who exploited the moral narcissism is long gone, living safely behind a wall; the wall denied to those exploited.  Eventually, all the "make work, fake jobs" created by government spending reach a tipping point and, for example, Greece is bailed out, promising to behave better, but immediately elects politicians who promise more and more free stuff, lower retirement ages, and on and on it goes.  

The governments have "Messianic Complex" where they can "save the world" because they have "unlimited wealth and resource" and in order to get taxes raised, they must turn the sentiment of the masses against "the rich."  Hence, the hatred of the successful.  

Venezuela beckons.  

The Moral Narcissist is the one who has an acute need of being seen as "morally superior" to others.  

This is where they are specifically exploited.  

Others, including in media, are funded, so their motive is financial gain, including safety for their careers.  It is such a powerful drive that it impacts peer relations; no one wants to be 'left out' and considered "less" than moral.  

In the United States, the college professors decry business as evil, with success being denigrated, all from a beautiful campus built by business funding and actual construction companies.  The hypocrisy isn't even discussed.  A single student who makes a statement that is perceived as "pro business" is ostracized and denigrated to the point of despair.  

The Moral Narcissist does not care for the black citizens in Chicago who cannot venture outside their homes at night. 

 The Moral Narcissist cares only that he or she "feels" good about herself and that mankind is so wonderful inside that people will stop killing each other if we just give them money.  

They also think that people are so wonderful that they are not really killing each other; the guns are.  Just take away their guns and peace will return.

Yet, in the cities where the strictest gun laws are in effect, and the most money per student is spent, is the locales of the greatest violence.  

The elite  are incapable of admitting their lies. 

As long as the moral narcissists will allow, expect the absurdity to continue.  

Terrorist designate CAIR will watch someone quote the koran accurately and inflict "terror in the hearts" of the unbeliever, and will see the death toll and demand law enforcement investigate a muslim who had her feelings hurt because her Islamic garment frightens the public. 

Who are the deceived when it comes to absurdity?

                 The moral narcissists who crave to be superior.  

Why do they believe the lies?

because they want to believe the lies.  Their "feelings" are more important than truth and more important on how lies destroy lives.  

It matters little that John Kerry says air conditioners are more dangerous than ISIS, or Leo DiCaprio went from making monkey faces in front of his mirror to millionaire flies in a private jet at a save-the-earth-fuel is killing us conference.  
Homosexual activists  protesting anti-sharia protestors.  
Human Rights "advocates" supporting more Planned Parenthood centers in black neighborhoods. 
Welcome mats rolled out to those who intend on conquest. 

 It is absurdity in action. 

What matters most, however,  is how they feel about themselves, not about others who are nothing more than a basket of deplorables.  

They will support laws that feel good, but do not enact good for mankind as they embrace deception.  

It is absurdity in action, and it leads to their own destruction.  Hence, it is "self loathing" in action, as they do not consider the consequences of the destruction of the rule of law, or the ridicule of truth.  

I'm privileged to work with analysts and investigators who seek truth. 

 Truth is non-partisan and exposing deception is the priority.  Even those who once fell for "political correctness", as they study deception, come to recognize that which is presented as deception, and is supported by deception, can only be defended by silencing opposition, which represents reason, logic, and truth.  

Next up:  Narcissism and statement analysis


tania cadogan said...

Well said Peter.

Anonymous said...

Peter, is there any chance the media is bluffing about Hillary being headed for a "commanding victory" over Trump? God I hope so!

Peter Hyatt said...

Thanks, Hobs...

I am in training today, so it will be the pleasure of another to begin the lengthy task of deletions and spam folder know, from the huff post, "where is your analysis on Trump?" baiting. Then, they work harder because of the fewer "passive aggressive" comments that embrace deception, but feel conflicted about it, so they praise-criticize-praise but fail to conceal their contempt.

Not only is strategy to stir up violence on site and commit voter fraud, but the same in blog posting.

Analysts just want the truth in their work, and readers here, in the far majority, want the same.

We have always loved good strong debate because the end was in sight: truth.

But when a man says he is a woman but we check under the hood and learn he is a man, there is no debate on it permitted.

Debate on treatment? Yes.

But this is not a "safe place" for liars, whether in religious circles like Noble and Blackburn, or in scientific, political or social issues. They have main stream media. They have most all academia. They have hollywood. They have the United Nations. They have the political elite.

When they claim to be a "marginalized population", having all before them, behind them and within them, they lie.

I hold Barak Obama directly responsible for criminally inciting violence against police.

Should trump win, Obama and Hillary will have need to seek asylum in a foreign country, as the rule of law will prevail and a prosecutor that does not work for Obama employed to fully investigate the felonious records of both.


Peter Hyatt said...

Anonymous said...
Peter, is there any chance the media is bluffing about Hillary being headed for a "commanding victory" over Trump? God I hope so!

October 27, 2016 at 10:02 AM Delete

Not bluffing; lying.

When a handful of people attend hillary, with a hundred media applauding, and 10,000 attend trump (he was not my candidate though I identify as a deplorable) there is something very wrong.

some of the media lies have been exposed and if we follow the soros funding, we should be afraid of electronic voting.

Heather and I stayed up late and listened to Nigel and Brexit, including the concession.

This was due to media deception.

We now have on record, confirmation of "Clinton Cash" crimes. She belongs in prison.

We are in need of men to be men and "man up" without the need to run for cover, but look at what Saudi funding of our colleges has done: not only are males emasculated, but they hate our Middle East ally, Israel, but do not know why.
surprise, surprise,


Nic said...

Peter said,
Leo DiCaprio went from making monkey faces in front of his mirror to millionaire flies in a private jet at a save-the-earth-fuel is killing us conference.

Further to this hypocrisy, Leonardo DeCaprio/his foundation is caught up in a major embezzlement scandal. Moreover, he was suppose to have hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, but had a last minute change of plans/production schedule conflict. The truth was her PR team was already dealing with reports about the Clinton Foundation and didn't want to add fuel to the fire by associating with DeCaprio's investigation.

Peter Hyatt said...

Saudia Arabia arrests woman...

For driving.

Peter Hyatt said...

It gives new meaning to "woman driver" with the donations to Clinton.

Nic said...

From a "Compressive List of LGBTQ+ Vocabulary Definitions

Gender Binary – (noun) the idea that there are only two genders – male/female or man/woman and that a person must be strictly gendered as either/or.

Emphasis mine.

My favourite is when someone has the audacity to toss "myth" behind gender binary.

Regardless of the century, in the past or in the future, regardless of surgery or law, outside of a rare chromosome condition, i.e., Turner Syndrome, if a human were to be exhumed it would be either XX or XY.

Anonymous said...

A group people in the UK got together to turn the tables on BLM and formed "White Lives Matter" (WLM). You guessed it, they were ridiculed and called "racist's".

Case rested!

Anonymous said...

Well said Peter. I feelTrump is our only chance at ending all this corruption and greed.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I agree. Trump has thousands at his rallies. Hillary has a mere handful at hers. It doesnt make numerical sense that she is headed for a landslide victory. It makes Trump's statement that the election is being rigged seem accurate!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

How does a Christian reconcile the belief that he can determine the truth with the Bible. which states that, "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then I shall know even as I am known." (1 Corinthians 13:12) I have always felt that this verse indicates that I should be very careful about believing that I know the absolute truth. It is only upon reaching Heaven that all things are made clear.

Atheists can believe that they are able to determine the absolute truth; hence they can be very strident about their knowledge as absolute.

Anonymous said...

That verse is talking about determining mystical truths and an intimate understanding of God, life's meaning, etc. which is promised after this life is over.
The meaning of that verse does not imply that we cannot determine truth on earth.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I regret voting for O. Has everyone seen the news report & video from Temple University? A vicious mob of black teens rampaging and assaulting white students. Has O denounced? Has Loretta denounced? Has H denounced? Has Al denounced? Thats the new democratic party cesspool in action.

Anonymous said...

As Christians we are to try to bring about God's Kingdom here on earth, the upside -down Kingdom which is so very difficult to understand. We have to apply the understanding of God to our daily actions and thoughts. I can determine some truth here on earth, but I need to be humble about it and accept that there are things which are unknown to me. Yes, I can know that the car is blue. I may be able to determine that someone is deceptive. But to pass judgment on them is not my place.

I also see many Christians who are trying to claim "victim status." That is a turn-off to many who have no faith but might seek it.

Anonymous said...

You wrote

"I may be able to determine that someone is deceptive. But to pass judgement on them is not my place."


So what if some guy is beating one of his kids and you ask him "Why does you child always have bruises?" And the man says "Oh he's just clumsy." Yet you've seen the guy beating his kid. Are you trying to say I don't have the right to judge him? Of course as a Christian I have to judge him and try to right the situation. Are you saying in that hypothetical situation I should just say "oh I can't judge him"...I will just passively sit back and allow evil to take place". No I would be obligated to judge his actions as wrong, and in fact very wrong, and to acknowledge that the man is doing great evil.
I really hope you are not that ignorant that you believe what you wrote at 12:25. That is complete liberal nonsense and it is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Professor writes letter to Cal State after they objected to “All Lives Matter” speech – and it’s spot on

Dr. Mike Adams, a professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, was invited to speak at California State University – Bakersfield, but the Black Student Union wasn’t happy with the title of his speech.
They believed “All Lives Matter” might offend the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.
Apparently, Dr. Adams didn’t care much for their attempt to restrain his speech. Here’s his open letter to the CSU-Bakersfield Black Student Union… and it deserves to go viral.

MARY ANN said...

Anonymous said...
Anonymous said...

Professor writes letter to Cal State after they objected to “All Lives Matter” speech – and it’s spot on

Dr. Mike Adams, a professor at University of North Carolina Wilmington, was invited to speak at California State University – Bakersfield, but the Black Student Union wasn’t happy with the title of his speech.
They believed “All Lives Matter” might offend the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.
Apparently, Dr. Adams didn’t care much for their attempt to restrain his speech. Here’s his open letter to the CSU-Bakersfield Black Student Union… and it deserves to go viral

Thank God there are still some people out there standing up to these people. I just saw a headline on Drudge where the media is complaining and demanding that Trump tell his supporters to stop trashing them because they're scared of violence against them because people boo them and some give them the finger. Really? These are the same people who refuse to air the undercover tapes of the DNC cohorts organizing and perpetrating violence at Trump rallies by paying union thugs, homeless people and paid cohorts to cause violence and attack people. I still remember the picture or the poor woman with broken eggs all over her head in San Jose locked out of the hotel by cowardly security guards while she surrounded by a bunch of thugs taunting her.

With all the WikiLeaks showing that the mainstream media is basically an arm of the Democratic Party and in their own e-mails they talk about how 20-30 media people were part of DNC strategy meetings I don't believe a thing they say anymore and have pretty much quit watching/listening to them. They're a bunch of liars who sold their souls long ago and they have no credibility anymore. When HRC isn't even campaigning and Tim Kaine got 30 people to come out and Trump has thousands and they won't cover that - they're proven whose side they're on and it's not ours so I would advise quit believing what they say. As Peter said above they are outright lying trying to get this horrible woman elected and god help us all if they succeed. Our country as we know it will be over and personal rights/religious freedom will be but a memory.

Anonymous said...

OK, so can someone answer the direct question "Are the media saying Hillary is in the lead when she actually is not?"

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Do you think Trump can win then?

Anonymous said...

A liberal just told me and another woman that he refuses to speak to us bc we are defending Trump's "toxic spew" bc I pointed out the author of "Thank You Donald Trump" had not done his job as a writer bc he failed to provide ONE example of what he was talking about while generalizing that EVERYONE around him is full of seething hatred which he described as a "sickness".

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 1:14

Thank you for sharing! I've literally shared the article with everyone I know!

Anonymous said...

Well written article. Did student group respond to it?

Anonymous said...

"Note that in my opening I did not address you by your preferred name “African American Student Union.” This is not Africa and you are not Africans. This is America and you need to act like Americans. You should know that Americans don’t tell other Americans what words to use in order to keep from offending people. You choose your words and I will choose mine.
If you don’t like the words I choose then do the right thing and respond with better speech, not with censorship. Free speech is the ultimate pro-choice position. And I am always in favor of choice as long as it doesn’t harm an innocent human being."

In a nutshell!

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 11:38,

My take away is that the author associates any Trump supporter (many around him evidently) as "hateful, intolerant, and malicious" and "sick".

The guy I listen to in the morning has taken to calling Trump "creepy". This from the guy that has a male sidekick because of his own "creepy" and misogynistic comments he has directed towards the women he "went through" before the station finally gave up and got him a male sidekick. This is the guy that went on and on about how Trump yells and is "unhinged" until I wrote him and called him out on his own "unhinged" on-air behaviour, down to the pounding on the desk he evidently didn't think was audible.

My sister-in-law is married to an American and lives in the US. She linked me (and others) to the first SNL skit with Alec Baldwin. I responded "to all" and linked them to the voice message (and transcript) Baldwin left for his daughter when she wouldn't takes his calls and remarked," I guess it only matters if you're running for POTUS". Can you guess how many responded when I pointed out the irony? None. H'wood, the most vile, dishonest and exploitive industry on the planet stands in judgement of Trump and they celebrate Baldwin. Stars ridicule Trump for saying (paraphrasing) he wouldn't accept the results if he lost. Yet they are on record as "will be moving to Canada" if Trump he wins! They don't see the irony.


Anonymous said...

Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia was a long-time personal friend of President Bush. They were pictured holding hands to emphasize their close relationship. President Bush invited him to spend time at Bush's home in Texas.

Will this blog condemn President Bush for supporting a leader of a country which engages in such crimes against women?

If the truth is non-partisan you must criticize President Bush for this action.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Peter, Right now on fb there is a very unattractive grown man dressed in a "Lolita" dress in "The People Of New York" page and the caption is "Im living my dream!". and it is being praised as beautiful and wonderful. I wonder...would people who are saying how awesome it is want that pervert around their kids? Would they be thrilled if their son grew up into that? It is absolutely disgusting and I dont know why ANYONE would think it is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Also, Im concerned for the delusional mental illnesses of many of the commenters under the "Im a Woman Living My Dream" post on fb where it is really a perverted man...these commenters are saying with complete conviction "having a uterus, monthly period, breasts, a certain skeletal frame, ability to bear children does NOT make you a woman!" I thought maybe I was a little whacky till I see that people have no problem deconstructing meaning ie. A woman is not x, y, or z intrinsic to womanhood YET A PERSON WHO IS NOT A WOMAN CAN VEHEMENTLY CLAIM TO BE A WOMAN EVEN THOUGH "WOMAN" has been deconstructed so that it no longer is anything. It's like saying "a carrot is not orange, it is not a vegetable, it is not edible....I am a carrot!!!" Is there something in the water that makes people very stupid and irritating?

Anonymous said...

I am actually feeling philosophical right now: Is this present day thinking, disguised as positivity and "acceptance" really a form of nihilism?!?!
If you deconstruct something so that it no longer IS anything and then claim to be that thing, arent you claiming to be "nothing"??? Isnt nihilism a belief in nothingness or a belief that nothing has any meaning??? I didnt take Philosophy so I dont know the answer.

Anonymous said...

We're living in an Apostate world. Dark. Without understanding. Reaping what has been being sown. Only remedy is acknowledging God.

Anonymous said...

Nihilism = life has no meaning ... it begs the question, "how do you know that life has no meaning?"

Those who say there is no truth, or no meaning, are making a truth claim, a statement (life has no meaning). For anyone to make that statement, they have to claim to know absolutely. Logically, elevates the person to the highest level, rather than being a posture of humility. (I hope my train of thought makes sense)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 8:56 said,
We're living in an Apostate world. Dark. Without understanding. Reaping what has been being sown. Only remedy is acknowledging God.

You are right. A wicked leader is God's judgment on a wicked nation. The people ultimately get what they want.
Trump will not save America...only widespread repentance toward God will.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's just's done under the guise of humility and acceptance...deconstructing reality...yet yes I agree with you it is imposing another reality (no reality or non-reality). I actually think there is something frightening about it (although hidden behind a kind of "oh Im so benign, I just accept everyone and everything). It's extreme skepticism and destructive urges masquerading as gentle non-judgemental acceptance imho. smh

Anonymous said...

Its imposing lawlessness. The destruction of a proper order and imposition of disorder.

Anonymous said...

No, it's a deconstructing of is a form of hopelessness...Czeslaw Milosz wrote a poem that I think addresses this....

Anonymous said...

“Hope is with you when you believe
The earth is not a dream but living flesh,
That sight, touch, and hearing do not lie,
That all things you have ever seen here
Are like a garden looked at from a gate.

You cannot enter. But you’re sure it’s there.
Could we but look more clearly and wisely
We might discover somewhere in the garden
A strange new flower and an unnamed star.

Some people say we should not trust our eyes,
That there is nothing, just a seeming,
These are the ones who have no hope.
They think that the moment we turn away,
The world, behind our backs, ceases to exist,
As if snatched up by the hands of thieves.”

~ Czeslaw Milosz, “The World”

Anonymous said...

HE DID IT AGAIN !!!!!! 98 prison sentences comuted Thursday. 42 were life sentences.

Anonymous said...


Do you think bruce jenner is not troubled?

Anonymous said...

Anon at 9:19

Exactly, it's spoken under the "guise" of humility, but it's not's pride. To deconstruct and deny reality and the moral compass that God has placed within each of our hearts is to fly in the face of God. That is surely a frightening position to be in.

Jon The Layman said...

Lol, is there not a better example of the article's main point re moral narcissism than Tiffany's response?

Here's my take on the transgender issue. I don't agree with their "lifestyle", but it doesn't mean I think that they shouldn't get the same opportunity in life as anyone else. What I think irks me the most however is this need by "progressives" (spits) to lift transgender-ism as something to aspire to and which its most disgustingly, this type of ideology that's being forced onto kids. Let them grow up ffs to let them figure out if they truly want that!

Anyway, it is my understanding that medical science is NOT advanced enough to actually change a man to a woman and vice-versa. The sex organs, like the ovaries for instance don't suddenly appear in the man-woman transition.

The "sex-change" procedure simply renders the person physically scarred and mutilated by the procedure which leaves the recipient unfulfilled because what they got wasn't what they wanted - I've seen several people cite this unfulfillment as a reason for the startlingly high suicide rate amongst transgenders AFTER the sex-change procedure. More studies need to be carried out to investigate this, but there is a strong suggestion that mental illness could be a contributing factor inherent within people with gender identity issues.

So in short, I don't necessarily have anything against transgender people as long as they contribute in a meaningful way to society like everyone else and are law abiding citizens.

Anonymous said...

Most people do instinctively realize its not normal. Thats the basis of the contention, to accept it or not accept, based on innate understanding. Its being imposed onto everyone to accept as normal. It is the destruction of proper natural order.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Can one be humble and wrong at the same time?

Yes, I think so. I don't think humility means one will always be right. But the trend we're seeing in our culture isn't toward humility in any sense. It is the same as in Romans chapter 1, which says that unrighteousness men (and women) "suppress the truth in unrighteousness", even though God has clearly shown them what is known of Him.

There is only One who is perfectly humble and perfectly right.


Thinking Out Loud said...
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Peter Hyatt said...

Anonymous said...
Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia was a long-time personal friend of President Bush. They were pictured holding hands to emphasize their close relationship. President Bush invited him to spend time at Bush's home in Texas.

Will this blog condemn President Bush for supporting a leader of a country which engages in such crimes against women?

If the truth is non-partisan you must criticize President Bush for this action.

Read the article again. If necessary, read slowly. Note "president", if need be.

If this doesn't help, search on blog itself.

If this doesn't help, look for the phrase, "terrorists hijacked a religion of peace" quote.

If this doesn't help, just return to huffpost where absurdity is the norm.


Anonymous said...

OMG...whats the use of police protecting community from drug predators if the POTUS lets them out of prison? Colin F posted vid today of small store being looted during the day. Look at the 'inconspicuous' getaway car. This crap has got to stop.

Nic said...

Regarding the breaking news about the FBI's new investigation into Hillary Clinton ...

... and the Clinton Foundation transferring 1.8 billion dollars to Qatar (a nation who does not have an extradition treaty with the US) within the last few days, what are people's thoughts about this?

Does this sound like someone getting ready to go on the lamb? It does to me.

That, *and*/or get ready for another market crash of epic proportion.


Anonymous said...

Trey Gowdy for Attry General.

Nic said...


My hope is that the American public "go dark" on the media who betrayed them.


Anonymous said...

Me too, Nic.

Anonymous said...

What makes me SICKER than anything are these Hillary fans who think Obama and Hillary care so much about Muslims after Obama sat on his hands while ASSAD barrel bombed women and children and then "crossed the red line" and Obama sat back and watched ISIS form in the perfect environment he's created. And Trump not liking ISIS is "racist" even though ISIS kills mostly Muslims. Oh yes Hilkary you care so much about Muslims...your manipulative commercial about Col Khan convinces me! Male HRC fans are the worst and throw instant bitch fits if you say Hillary and Obama are the ones who dont care about Muslims.

Anonymous said...

I shared this article on FB. The moral narcissists raged so much I had to take it down.

Anonymous said...

The more that comes out about these crooks and their media cohorts (a list of 66 reporters that "would get the Clinton message out" comes to mind) there'd better be some repercussions. I knew a woman who lived in Arkansas while he was attorney general/governor and this sh*t was happening back then (everyone knew you had to pay to play with the governor) but nothing happened because the system was so corrupt - and don't get me started on how they sold out to the Chinese when they were in the white house the first time around. The arrogance is breath-taking. One of their minions was on one of the news shows saying "hell ya we coordinated (which is totally illegal) with certain people - so what, I'd do it again." Hopefully this is the beginning of the end and it Carlos Danger results in their fall - that would be sweet. Proves the old adage "lie down with dogs, you gut up with fleas"

Lemon said...

Full disclosure: I'm not really a lemon.

Anonymous said...

Alex said...

I agree.


Johnia McCadogowan said...

Lemon said...
Full disclosure: I'm not really a lemon.

Yes, dear, we've known for a while now.

Anon "I" said...

Lemon said...
Full disclosure: I'm not really a lemon.

(Gasp!) What shall we ever tell your grandparents and Uncle Orange?!?

Me2l said...

LemonOctober 29, 2016 at 10:27 PM
Full disclosure: I'm not really a lemon.

Yes. Deception indicated. Statement analysis revealed that long ago.

Sensitivity surrounding "lemon." Grapefruit, perhaps?

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