Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fake Hate: Political Motive

How far will one go for political narrative?  

When one will subvert science to preserve narrative, it shows a powerful motive, but when one will subvert truth, it tells us much about the subject. 

Moral narcissism is a powerful element.  The "age of absurdity" is one in which the absurd is elevated over truth, science, and reason.  That which seems to be ridiculous actually appeals to a specific victim:  one who feels a powerful need to be "morally superior" to others.  This is why those who hold to truth are labeled "hateful", "phobic" and morally unworthy of an opinion.  

Fake Hate is a powerful element that seeks to exploit others for various means.  
Deception has various motives and "fake hate" is often followed by "Go Fund Me", but here, it is political motive.  
The parents of a 7-year-old boy say he was beaten by five students on a school bus, allegedly while they made references to Muslims and the boy’s Pakistani heritage.
Abdul Usmani’s father, Dr. Zeeshan-ul-hassan Usmani said that his wife and three sons have left the US for Pakistan after this latest incident in a long history of discrimination towards his children and family.
He described a brutal attack:  
“These are six and seven year old kids calling him names, with one kid punching him in the face, while two other kids attacked him, kicked him, and held his arms back,” Usmani said of his son.
“They keep beating him all the way from school to home on the bus,” Usmani said of the ride home from Weatherstone Elementary School in Cary, North Carolina, last Friday. Abdul, his father said, is traumatized by the attack and has a sprained arm.
Since it has taken place on a school bus, witnesses should not be difficult to find.  When the witnesses are this young, few will possess the savvy to lie about what happened.  
Lisa Luten, a spokesperson for the Wake County Public School System said that the principal of the school immediately began investigating the alleged incident after the family told them about it.
“He interviewed seven students sitting near this child, and none of the students, nor the bus driver, witnessed any type of altercation or incident,” Luten said.  Then she added another important aspect to the account:  “When they originally shared the information, they didn’t share any info about religion or race, and just that their child was bullied.”
This is where terrorist designate "CAIR" steps in with threats of law suits.  
Usmani, 38, first came to the US as a Fulbright Scholar from Pakistan and currently works as a Chief Technology Officer of a Silicon Valley data software company. He told said that his two elder sons and his family have been the targets of discrimination for years because of their religion and nationality.
Usmani said his family was harassed by a neighbor for months because of their religion, and that his other son has been called a terrorist. At one point, he claims a fellow student tried to force food in his son’s mouth after learning that he only ate halal food — meat slaughtered and prepared according to Islamic law.
Here he introduces motive:  
“Times are changing and it’s not the America we always thought of and believed in. It’s not the America that I studied in,” Usmani said. “If Trump wins, America will be great again, but a great that nobody will care about.”
Trump wants to limit Islamic immigration into the United States util vetting is done.  Obama said, "we're better than that. We do not choose by religion." 
To date, he has brought in more than 99% Islamist Syrians, and less than 1% Syrian Christian.  
Usmani said his family will stay in Pakistan until after the election to see if Donald Trump is elected to determine if his family feels safe enough to return.
“All of these events, by the neighbors and everything skyrocketed since the beginning of the presidential campaigning last year. That’s why I’m coming back from Pakistan to empty my apartment [in North Carolina] and wait and see what happens,” Usmani said.


Order & Chaos said...

OT This is a much watch for all persons

Not sure, this ? part One:

It's a can opener on the brain. The DNC, Nonprofit orgs, suits caught on film, the players named, faces shown, they openly state they've been tainting US elections for 50yrs plus.

PURE election Fraud continued, part II

Wait, why do we have elections then?
" The election process keeps them busy: arguing"

There is a reason why now, timing is everything upon these shh, no longer secret, unleashing to scramble the public's minds.

Jon The Layman said...

I'm glad that at least some hard evidence has come about that Trump supporters were targeted for violence incitement and also the fact that the claims of voting fraud now also have some basis.

You can see how far these guys, Foval particularly, has fallen off the edge when he seems quite pleased with himself with his actions - he really doesn't seem to think he's done anything wrong at all.

However, not to put a dampener on things, I'm still hoping for much more damning evidence so that even a monkey would understand the extent of the crimes and the perpetrators, but I guess we'll have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

16 states using electronic voting booths from a Soros company.

The company brags of its success in...


Now we can understand why Obama ridiculed Trump's claim about the election being rigged. His stuttering was acute, and his ridicule was 'trash talking' including his adopted accent.

Roger Clinton said...

Peter, please analyze:

1. Obama stutters over Trump while 'jive trash talking' with african accent about Trump claim that election is rigged:

2. The company that runs 16 states of voting booths is Soros connected. Their web site boasts of their success in Venezuelan election!

3. The operative has been at white house 342 times!

Did Obama have a need to make fun of election rigging because he knows???!! Is this telegraphing? If so, man it is thin!!!

Anonymous said...

I dream that bho and hildebeast go live among their highly touted ethnic group.
It would be so much easier than bringing the ethnic group here.

Droll Skeptic said...

The father's account, and description of what these other children did to his son, seems extremely implausible for 5, 6, or 7 year old children to have perpetrated.
Middle school aged kids, possibly... but, first graders?? No.

PLUS, a sustained attack on a child, by a pack of bullies on a moving school bus, couldn't possibly go unnoticed. The father claims the attack resulted in true bodily injury and lasted the entire bus ride home from school.
Is he implying that the adult bus driver was colluding with 6 year old kids, by willfully ignoring the assault, in order to allow a hate crime against Muslims to occur?

If that kid's arm is truly sprained or dislocated under that sling (and, frankly, given Dad's politicizing and storytelling, I'm not inclined to take him at his word) I'd look at Dad or the two older brothers mentioned in the article.
Small kids can suffer dislocations, sprains and spiral fractures to the bones of the arm, when a frustrated person of adult size grabs them by the wrist, and forcefully pulls them to their feet.
Apparently, the family is also preparing to flee the country due to this incident :/
Could this be "fears of Trump presidency" as claimed? Maybe.
But, assuming the child really is injured, perhaps there's been allegations of child abuse or CPS involvement with the family prior to this incident...

I think "fear of losing custody of son", would be a much likelier scenario than "fear of Donald Trump" to prompt a father to give up a good tech career in the U.S., in order to move his entire family back to a third world hell-hole, like Pakistan!
Just saying.

Peter Hyatt said...


can you picture a group of first graders all conspiring to lie about what happened, along with the bus driver?

In other news, angry Islamists in Minneapolis are protesting HBO documentary about jihad recruiting in their community.

The local Islamists demanded that they be seen in a positive, non violent way, and to enforce it, they attacked and injured police.

That'll learn 'em.


LisaB said...

LisaB said...

Anonymous said...