Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Perry Noble Mea Culpa

Perry Noble posted a public statement on Facebook.  This presupposes that readers will have an opinion on it, just as all public statements do.  

Do you believe him?

Do you doubt his words?

Why was Perry Noble fired from his church where he gained great wealth and numerical success?  Here, he and his counselor "both" felt that it would be "beneficial" to "share these things", with himself being the primary beneficiary, and his audience being secondary.  

What is his motive for writing?  

Is it, as stated, to benefit him and to keep others from making the same mistakes, should they find themselves in a position of wealth and power?

Or, as some say, it is a form of petitioning for his job back?  

First of all, I want to thank each one of you who have sent a letter or card, left a comment on a social media channel or seen me in public and stopped to offer some encouragement - to say I have appreciated your kind words would be a dramatic understatement. 

Where one begins an open statement is a priority, and sometimes even the reason for writing.  He begins with thanking "each one of you" who:
a.  sent a letter or card
b.  left a comment on social media
c.  saw him in public 

To these each, for him to say he appreciates their kind words would be a "dramatic understatement."  To say he appreciates that which he "thanked" would be not only "understatement" but it would be "dramatic."

We note the use of the words:


"drama "

as part of his priority.  

To "understate" something is to report less than what is accurate.  

We note the inclusion of "drama" within reporting less, with "drama" having emotional impact of story telling.  It is an interesting choice of words to open his statement with, and we consider their employment as we progress through the statement.  

Several people have asked how I am doing and have asked for an update. 

Of the above category, there was in the inclusion lastly listed those who saw him in public.  Now we have only "several" people asking for an update.  Were these who saw him in public?  Or, were there this number (several) who asked him in private?

With a reported weekly attendance of 32,000, only "several" people inquired how he was doing? 

As we consider "understatement", it is interesting to note one of both fame and fortune to only have "several" people ask him for an update on how he is doing.  

Did he answer them?
Did he tell them "wait until I post it publicly"?  

They "asked" for an update, but he does not report giving an update.  

I spent last week with my counselor and was able to make major progress towards healing. 

We note here, "last week" specifically, the distance reported between himself and his counselor.  He did not say "My counselor and I..." but used the word "with" to separate himself from his counselor.  That the counselor is unnamed in an incomplete social introduction is interesting. Though some wish for confidentiality (which is appropriate)   a counselor to a wealthy and famous client benefits from publicity.  

As we consider "understatement" and "dramatic", we now note the progress towards healing was "major" in his description.  

What the subject relates is "towards" healing.  He did not report receiving healing but uses the directional "towards", that is, to point in a specific direction forward.  We will keep the forward direction in mind, along with the other words he introduced.  

In meeting with him,

Here we have unnecessary repetition for the meeting, but he also doubles down on the distance:  "with" him.  

What has caused distance between the subject and the counselor?

We seek an answer in the language and continue to listen.  

 he helped me to dive in and discover the areas where I clearly dropped the ball. 

After we discussed this he and I both felt it 

Here we have insight into the distancing language of the subject in relation to the counselor:  the word "both" is an unnecessary emphasis that follows the element of time and unity. 

1.  After
2.  "we" expresses unity 

This is then followed by the unnecessary emphasis with "both."
Instead of writing, "After we discussed this we felt..." or even "after we discussed this he and I felt..."

We have the pronoun "we" changing to "he and I", with the additional 'calling in the troops' (weakness) with the unnecessary word "both."

This followed the repetition of the psychological distancing language of "with" he used. 

This is to strongly suggest:  the counselor likely did not want him making this public post. 

Few counselors would.  

Yet in dealing with a wealthy client, the counselor will have little influence over one who is used to getting his way.  "With the rich and mighty, always a little patience."  

The counselor may recognize how quickly he will no longer be the counselor should he press the issue.  

In dealing with an alcoholic, for example, counselors know how deeply deceptive they are, including denial so as to facilitate the very return that some suspect this post is about.  Slowing down the dramatic claims of "healing" are vital. I don't know of a counselor who, if not seeking publicity, would advise a new client to go public.  He was fired from his job three months ago and his claim to his reason for being fired is coming up in the statement.  

The language suggests that the distance was caused by disagreement, and the specific need for emphasizing unity at the cost of the intuitive pronoun tells us of the lack of unity.  

would be beneficial to share these things as it helps in my healing process - but also so that some of you will not make the same mistakes that I did. 

The claim made, without the unity of the counselor, is that by telling people on Facebook the things that caused his termination of gainful employment would benefit the subject, himself.  This may be seen as narcissistic, but there is more:

The word "but" refutes or minimizes this claim.  

He lists himself first, yet refutes this with the word "but" signaling that the information which follows the word "but" is to be elevated above that which preceded it.  

What is his own healing compared to?

That others in like minded situations (like a wealthy CEO of a popular company) might not make the same mistakes and get fired like he did. 

He now is going to reveal the "mistakes" he made which led him to being terminated from his position of both authority and wealth.  

He begins with the word "Honestly", which is a habit of deceptive people who now "really" want to be believed.  It signals that not all of his statements, in particular, those that do not begin with "honestly", may not be truthful. 

Honestly, the list is probably a lot longer than just four things; 

This statement is likely to be truthful, particularly in context of comparison with other claims. 

Here, he gives his four reasons for being fired, while telling us that there are a lot more reasons than just these four.  

This statement should be believed.  


Note that he does not use "but", which is stronger than "however." This word is used as a word signaling less comparison (not minimization nor rebuttal) but coincidental.  

these are the areas where I have clearly identified making 

Please note the absence of the counselor in "clear" identification of "EXTREMELY" (recall the word "drama") unwise decisions (recall the word "understatement") at this point. 

EXTREMELY unwise decisions

The capitalization is his.  

Note as "Pastor P", he does not call these "sins", that is, "transgressions" but "unwise" decisions.  The decisions he made were "EXTREMELY" unwise (his emphasis) but not necessarily sins. 

The reader/analyst should consider the opening use of the word "understatement" by the subject.  

1 - I chose isolation over community

Order reveals priority.  

As we seek to learn why a millionaire was fired from his job, we view his priority and description.  "Isolation" is the number one, worst thing he has done, which he now states to reveal to help you avoid making the same mistake.  Consider the word "understatement" as now thematic.  It was chosen deliberately. These are not the four EXTREMELY unwise decisions that he and his counselor came up with, but he takes strong ownership of them himself.  

Question:  Why was he terminated from his position?
Answer:  he chose isolation over community. 

The word "isolation" should be carefully considered.  

I was a hypocrite - I preached, "you can't do life alone" and then went out and lived the opposite. 

He no longer considers himself a "hypocrite."  This is in the past tense verb.  

He would not have been fired had he not made the "extremely unwise decision" to be more isolated than community orientated.  

One must now consider that, in context, the religious leader is avoiding using the word "sin", even though he invokes the word "Scripture", with no commandment that says

"Thou shalt not choose isolation."

Therefore, the reader/analyst should consider what sins, crimes or "extremely unwise decisions" were involved while the subject was alone.  

Yes, the Scriptures do say we should seek solitude from time to time. 
However, solitude is refreshing, isolation is destructive. 
Isolation is where self pity dominated my thinking, thus justifying my abuse of alcohol. 

Now the entrance of "abuse of alcohol" enters while he is "isolated" and feeling pity for himself. 

This does not tell us what "sin" was committed, while abusing alcohol, alone, that would lead him to be terminated from employment.  

This may shed light as to why his counselor, did not want this public posting, at least initially:  not only is the impact to strengthen the deceptive denial for the subject himself, but it is also a minimization of substance abuse impact where others involved in alcohol abuse may be encouraged to do the same. 

In this sense, it is self, first, which leans towards self-promotion and seeking back his employment.  

If his board were to be interviewed as to why they terminated his employment, would any say,

"Because he had too many beers sitting alone, feeling sorry for himself?"

It is not likely.  

Yet, this is his response, and it is the first response indicating his priority in setting forth his reasons for being terminated.  This would not be helpful to recovering alcoholics, but could impact them negatively, should they take seriously his 'advice' in helping others 'avoid' his mistakes.  

It may be that his counselor objected, not only for the sake of the subject himself, but ethically, for others.  In fact, as he uses the words "self pity", we should now note the inclusion of the word "pity" as part of his statement. 

We now look to see if "pity" is repeated, either by word or theme, leading to the question:  

Is the subject seeking to manipulate his audience emotionally? 

Isolation is where self-doubt dominated my emotions, causing me to believe I just could not carry the weight anymore, and alcohol was necessary for me to make it through another day. 

Here we find:

a.  the avoidance of "sin" in any form
b.  a call for his audience to pity him.   They should pity him because, in spite of his great numerical and financial success, he had "self doubt" and if this is not enough reason to pity him, he gives the detail:

"I just could not carry the weight anymore..."

This invokes empathy from the reader, while avoiding the confession of sin or transgression.  Keep in mind the religious context and invocation of Scripture.  

He continues the theme of "isolation" and now introduces something new found within isolation:  

Isolation is where self-hatred dominated my mentality - I hated myself, literally HATED myself for doing what I was doing, but believed the lie that this was just the way things were and there was no way it could ever get better. 

Here is where the missing information begins to take form.  

What he was "doing" was something he used "isolation" to do, and it was something that caused him to "hate" himself for "what I was doing."

One should consider the homo-erotic language he employed at the "memorial" service of Amanda Blackburn. There, he spoke less of Amanda and more of Davey Blackburn's physical attractiveness.  View the specific language he chose to employ at the public setting:   

" Davey’s the kind of guy that I didn’t like when I was in school ‘cuz he’s beautiful. He’s a beautiful man, and if you’re a man you know exactly what I’m talking about. Like he walks in the room and he’s an athlete, and he’s chiseled, and he’s got that smile, and that little dimple thing and, he’s beautiful. 

The board of directors may have dealt with SSA pornography or activity on his part, which he may now blame alcohol on.  

As one considers the context:  Amanda Blackburn brutally murdered and now being memorialized by a "Christian pastor", the expectation would remain:

a.  Speaking of the resurrection of Christ
b.  Remembering the Godly love Amanda Blackburn had for Christ

as principle themes. 

The resurrection of Christ was not mentioned, and Amanda Blackburn was only given a passing introduction, but no follow through.  

Instead, he used specific homosexual attraction in language instead of either of the two expected themes.  

Therefore:  It is a dominant trait within him, one in which, even in the most extreme settings as a murder, he was incapable of controlling.  

This desire would need confidentiality to be indulged in.  It would need:   

I chose isolation - 

He gives it the privacy he wants it to have, and has alcohol as a ready made excuse for that which provoked self loathing.  

all the while knowing that a strong community of people who really loved me would rally around me and walk with me through the valley I was in. 
Hebrews 10:24-25 were memory verses I knew, but not life verses I applied--and the results were devastating. 

2 - I chose alcohol over Lucretia and Charisse
This one hurts so bad! 

Yet, it is number 2 on the list, but still we note the names given include his wife.  

Lucretia and I, like so many couples, have faced challenges in our marriage for many years. After a season of walking through these challenges I became discouraged and, instead of asking for help, began to overmedicate on alcohol. 

Note that this unnamed sin is known by her and there was, in the least, a "season" where he "walked through these challenges" that led him to:

"overmedicate" on alcohol. 

That is to say that alcohol is "medicine"  and that he only used too much medicine.  

This, too, shows the minimization (understatement) as well as his flair for the dramatic.  

At first it was once or twice a week; however, over time it literally became something I "had to have" every evening. 
I was sick - deceived by sin, alcohol and myself. 

In just 3 months, his declaration of healing.  This is not supported by a wide body of research into alcoholic treatment.

The shifting of blame, the minimization and the short period of time should all be considered together.  

Note order:  "sin, alcohol and myself" with "myself" listed last as who or what is deceiving him.  

I justified this by saying I needed it to take the edge off, to help me relax, to help me deal with the pressure at home. Honestly, I knew the entire time I was using it as an excuse to zone out at home, thus causing me to neglect my role as a husband and a father. 

Alcohol, not sin, caused him to neglect his role as "husband" (see above) and "father." 
Note past tense continues.    It is now a distant memory: 

As I look back on making this foolish exchange, waves of self condemnation crash into my soul. 

The seeking of pity from his intended audience:  "waves of self condemnation"

This is strong language for one who only 

I know I've been forgiven for the sin, but I must now deal with the consequences. 
Lucretia and I both love each other and are really trying to make our marriage work. Your continued prayers are so appreciated. 

Note the unnecessary emphasis of "both" used again.  

But, before I move on let me beg married couples...please don't to cease fighting for your marriage by investing your time and attention into other things. Maybe it's not alcohol, maybe it's a hobby, or porn, or friendships...or even your kids. Take it from me - the temporary feeling of relief is not worth the long term pain of the consequences. 

He could produce any list of things that take attention:  he chose to include "porn" in his language.  Note he uses the shorter, familiar term, "porn", and not the more formal and distant "pornography."  

3 - I chose control over relationships
I was "successful" at work, I wasn't successful at home, so I chose to put more and more time into a place where I felt like I was in control rather than addressing the out of control area of my life. 

He was fired for working too hard; being too dedicated...

When my family and I would go on vacation, I would "control" my schedule and not actually enjoy the vacation with them because I had to make sure I got up early, got in a workout, had a quiet time and answered emails. Doing so allowed me to feel "in control" of the day - and now, looking back, I realize how out of control I really was. Because of this type of behavior I missed spending time with my girls, choosing instead to answer emails, none of which I can recall. What I pretended was important was only an illusion. 
For those who struggle with control - it's my prayer you will understand (as I am understanding) that control is the biggest illusion in the universe. We do not control when we were born, who our parents are, where we were born, the weather, the stock market, the maniac drivers out on the road or the day we step into eternity. 
It's in this season I am really beginning to understand and embrace what Jesus said in Matthew 5:3 (MSG) - "You're blessed when you're at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and His rule." 

Former members report a history of changing Scripture, including the Ten Commandments.  If the subject holds to Divine origin of Scripture, it is akin to making himself equal to Divinity. 

4 - I chose silence over crying out for help
I was hurting, deeply hurting. 

The use of drama and manipulation may be precisely why his counselor objected to this posting.  
His former followers would have to be 'heartless' to not want the subject to "cry out for help" and they would not be fulfilling their Christian duties if they did not seek to help someone "hurting, deeply hurting..."

This may also be intended to provoke a split between the board and the congregation.  He may push the board to reveal more information about the termination which could lead to a lawsuit, further ripping the church apart. 

In doing so I allowed sinful thoughts to exponentially multiply in my mind, thus impacting my mind in ways that were both destructive and harmful. I believed the deceptive lies the enemy would whisper to me such as, "no one will understand," or, "you are the only one who has this issue," or, "if you tell people what's really going on they will abandon you." 
If you are in a bad place, I mean you are living through hell on earth - my prayer for you is you would make the immediate decision to tell someone ASAP. Because, you are not the only one, people will not abandon you, and, believe it or not, more people will understand than you could ever imagine. 
However, I chose to remain silent which propelled me with light speed towards the coping mechanism of alcohol abuse. 
Asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it's a sign of strength. I was weak--I did not ask for help, and the end result was a train wreck. What happened to me doesn't have to happen to you - you can ask for help today. 
Once more, thanks to everyone who has offered prayers, support and encouragement as I've journeyed through this. 

What's next? I'm not quite sure - 

Note that "sure" is qualified by "quite", indicating he is "sure" of what is next, but only not "quite", that is, in specific detail.  It would be interesting to compare this sentence with what Scripture says about "tomorrow."  

I'm praying about this as well as seeking the counsel of others whom I deeply love, respect and know love me. I will keep you guys posted. 

He is with a counselor, of whom the language indicates did not agree with this post.  

He now reveals that he is seeking the counsel of "others"; and he identifies these favorably:  "I deeply love, respect and "know me."

Rather than objectivity, he only seeks those who "know me" and of whom he is favorably disposed:  "I deeply love, respect..."

This is a public message meant to be read by them.  

And for those who are at NewSpring - I want to say, once more, I am so sorry I let you down. Being the pastor of NewSpring Church was one of the greatest privileges of my life. The things we got to see Jesus do over the past 16 years were simply miraculous. 

In Scripture, a "miracle" is a suspension of the laws of nature, itself.  "We" got to see things that were both "simple" and "miraculous" (a contradiction in terms) took place during the "past 16 years"; that is:

miracles happened when he was there, as to say,

"don't you want to see miracles return?"  

He puts himself into the orchestration of suspensions of the last nature.  

It was an honor to stand beside you as we got to see Jesus to way more than we ever asked for or imagined - Godspeed to you as you continue to do whatever it takes to reach people far from God. 
Pastor P

While he was present, "Jesus" did "way more" than "we" asked or even "imagined."

Is "Jesus" no longer doing those things?   

As to "whatever it takes", this is the pragmatic view towards money making and numerical success practiced, sold, merchandized and marketed, including the change of Scripture, and powerful, ego-driven manipulations.  

This is the mentor behind murder victim Amanda Blackburn's husband, Davey Blackburn, and his insatiable drive for numerical success. 

"Whatever it takes" is to not be bound to Scriptural or Ecclesiastical norms or settings.  

Analysis Conclusion:

Perry Noble is not truthful about why he was terminated from Newspring.  

He uses drama to influence and minimization, which in his language is "understatement" to avoid any direct confession of his own faults; even as he shifts responsibility.  Had he simply been "overmedicating" with alcohol, he would have been given time off and sent to rehabilitation services; the finest money can purchase, to rebuild both physical and mental health. 

Perry Noble gives indication of possible same sex attraction in his "challenges" while "isolated", though this may be known to his wife.  

He likely posted this against the initial objection of his counselor, and as to his motive:

He is seeking his employment status to be returned to him by persuading his followers, rather than the board, to pity and accept him, even though his posting may bring harm to the church, and even to recovering alcoholics.  As this pressure continues, the board may be forced to publicly defend their decision, which could provoke the narcissistic reaction of a law suit against them, further damaging the church. 

Noble seeks to rush through a process of confronting alcohol abuse and uses it as a means of blame shifting, from himself, as a cover for other issues the board is likely aware of.  

The narcissistic drive that former members have oft cited, continues.  It does not appear that the counselor is making any progress or has any tangible influence over him.  Personality disorders are managed, with consequences mitigated, more than "healed."  

He wants the reader to believe that years and years of patterned inappropriate behavior are gone in 3 months.  This should be understood in light of the word "miracle" used above, in the context of "drama" and "understatement" as well.  

The subject uses language that strongly suggests life long deception and manipulation and knows exactly how to sound penitent in order to manipulate.  As he reveals the hole in his marriage, it is likely that his wife is not deceived.  

It is not likely that many counselors, both faith based and secular, would agree with his public statement.  

The language reveals a very troubled man; one who has little connection to self honesty and reality.  

It is difficult and unfair to blame the counselor of a wealthy, "controlling" man because counsel is dismissed and can be simply replaced with another who "knows me" and can, therefore, be manipulated.  

Noble is self driven and his blind ambition could end up bringing more turmoil, division and ultimate loss to others.  This is what the narcissist does:  he does not 'let it go' for the good of others.  He must be "front and center" and is the proverbial drowning swimmer who grabs the lifeguard rescuer, and drowns both himself and the lifeguard.  

His motive for posting  is his return to fame and fortune and he uses "drama", "understatement" and deception to do so.   A man of immense wealth, he could retire quietly and spend time with his family, or he could obtain honest work where he would willfully exercise self discipline and seek to rebuild his life. 

His posting shows no entertainment of such.  

This is the man emulated by murder victim Amanda Blackburn's husband. 

"Whatever it takes" is a frightening pragmatic worldview where the ends justify the means.  


Bingo3 said...

"This does not tell us what "sin" was committed, while abusing alcohol, alone, that would lead him to be terminated from employment."

So, PN slowly starting drinking too much because he isolated himself and became overwhelmed with all the good he was trying to do!? PN would not be fired just for some drinking. They would send him to rehab and pull in a temporary. They did not. They fired him. Done and done! PN is minimizing his "trangressions" and put it all under the umbrealla of too much drinking.

Still reading

Peter Hyatt said...

This is the man that murder victim Amanda Blackburn's husband emulated.

"Whatever it takes..."

Bingo3 said...

The disturbed Davey Blackburn coming to Newspring and meeting PN was the perfect storm for destruction. It led to the demise of a true Christian lady. "Whatever it Takes" is a scary slogan for a church. So is "Nothing is Wasted." I hope Perry Noble can go quietly into the sunset (he won't) and Davey Blackburn can be knocked out of the spotlight sooner rather than later (fingers still crossed).

Anonymous said...

Bingo3 said...

In my above statement I am not in any way saying PN had any connection to the murder of AB. I think DB saw the fame and fortune that megachurch preaching could bring and took the "Whatever It Takes" and "Nothing is Wasted" to a whole new level. DB seems to have already been a super competitive, win at all costs kind of person before he discovered Newspring. He wanted what PN had and wasn't gonna stop til he got it.

Anonymous said...


Is he referring to alcohol or gay porn/actions/thoughts?

"At first it was once or twice a week; however, over time it literally became something I "had to have" every evening.
I was sick - deceived by sin, alcohol and myself."

I would expect an alcoholic to say, "I had to have a drink..."


Anonymous said...

He claims he was deceived by sin (1), alcohol (2) and "myself (3)"

I am wondering if he got drunk and masturbated to gay porn, sporadically at first and then increasing to a nightly routine, and his wife eventually catching him.


John mcgowan said...

OT Update:

Mark Redwine and Elaine Redwine lawsuits dismissed in Dylan Redwine disappearance

Anonymous said...

If his board were to be interviewed as to why they terminated his employment, would any say,

"Because he had too many beers sitting alone, feeling sorry for himself?"

It is not likely.

-I like this part of your article best.
-it is sad to see the manipulation and deception of the false pastor -Jesus said it would be so, but that His sheep would know His voice. How many people will fall for his cry for pity? -he really wants them to forget about his "unwise decisions" and exonerate him.
-I dislike hearing Christians say "hell on earth", as if we can experience hell here - we know it is real and we have many descriptors of it in Scripture - this life on earth may be difficult, but it is not hell and we should never minimize what Jesus has used the strongest language to describe
-he is clearly trying to get people to "identify" with him...he doesn't want to be "isolated" anymore, but wants to lump himself in with a crowd of people, so that his sin does not seem so bad. What he fails to acknowledge is that a pastor is held to a higher account, and he has made his sin look/seem normal and ordinary

Peter, I appreciate reading your analyses. I am not in an investigative career, but I would love to take an SA course sometime for personal interests' sake.

Nic said...

If you are in a bad place, I mean you are living through hell on earth - my prayer for you is you would make the immediate decision to tell someone ASAP. Because, you are not the only one, people will not abandon you, and, believe it or not, more people will understand than you could ever imagine.

IMO, this strikes me as a subliminal message to his former followers. i.e., PN is in a bad place, he is in hell on earth (unemployed, no audience). He is asking for help “tell someone ASAP” — he wants them to respond/comment on his post, write to him, send cards, email, etc., immediately (capped ASAP). Does he believe a barrage of “messages” would be interpreted by his up-line as a demand that PN be reinstated??

I'm praying about this as well as seeking the counsel of others whom I deeply love, respect and know love me. I will keep you guys posted.

Note dropped pronoun at “know”. IMO, he’s fishing for feedback/people to write how much they are praying for him, etc.

Peter said,
...As to "whatever it takes", this is the pragmatic view towards money making and numerical success practiced

Yes, the “Hail Mary” will l be in the number of responses he receives to his broadcast. An analogy being "new" Coke v Coke "classic". Coke reversed their position when they read/heard consumers' response to the change.


Nic said...

Peter said,
He was fired for working too hard; being too dedicated…

Peter, is what happen to PN what DB was afraid of? Last I looked, PN’s wife was completely absent on his FB page, yet there is a single picture of him and his daughter making me think, visitation. I think PN’s marriage blew up/his wife left him for, among other things, because he was working too hard, and as a result he lost “his” church.

IMO, PN’s wife got out and PN is the loser. If he gets enough "solicited" responses could he fake that he still has a marriage? Could he do it H'wood style? i.e., Put her on the "payroll"?


Nic said...

With a reported weekly attendance of 32,000, only "several" people inquired how he was doing?

As in his audience is squirrel-like, easily distracted by whomever is in front of them? Kind of like when the Catholic church rotates their priests according to their vocation, i.e., engineering, lawyer, based on an area’s need at that moment? The congregation still shows up regardless who is giving Mass.

If true, what a reality check that must have been for PN.

tania cadogan said...

Pastor P

He signs off as Pastor P when he is no longer a pastor.
He does not even use his name, perry rather the abbreviation/initial P.

This makes me think of distancing.
He is no longer a pastor, no longer pastor perry noble so he cannot use said title.
He gets round this by reverting to his initial.

He still regards himself as a pastor, a pastor to the church he founded and will still lay claim to such.
I wonder if he was advised by his counselor to drop all pretension to being a pastor, possibly also by the church with perhaps legal threats being hinted at.

He cannot let go, Pastor means fame, money, the lifestyle, everything he had and then lost.
By signing off the way he did, he is hanging on to the hope he will get his job back, everything he worked for will be given back.

I will not be surprised if he starts another church and then to try and grab the congregation from his old church.

If that fails, he has nothing to lose and more information will come out as he seeks to prolong his 15 mins of fame.
Heck i will not be surprised if he starts talking to LE if a reward is in the offing.

He is going to need the money when his wife decides she cannot live a lie and wants a divorce.

Concerned said...

Nic at 11:10
I also believe Perry is welcoming a drumbeat of NewSpring members
demanding that he assume his position as pastor now that he totally
gets how he erred. In addition to alcohol, he is hooked on the adulation
of his followers and three months without that must have been painful.

I believe his wife must have reached the absolute bitter end with him
and threatened to go public. That's what brought on the mea culpa.
She will move on with her life as a physician and he wishes to step back into
his life of fame and fortune.

However, the stories of people who participated in what the alcohol use
excused.....sexual escapades, I believe.....will come out. There will probably
be lawsuits (if they have not already been settled) and Perry will have more
'splainin' to do.

Nic said...

Anonymous said,
I was sick - deceived by sin, alcohol and myself."

I would expect an alcoholic to say, "I had to have a drink..."

"I" was sick - physical or mental/passive, weakened state, faultless
Deceived by sin (temptation?) It's sin's fault.
Deceived by alcohol. Alcohol removes inhibition, so it's the alcohol's fault.


rob said...

Noble is living a double life. He is trying to blame all the problems on alcohol, that may be a symptom, but not the problem. PN told Davy how to solve his problem, so he could excel in the ministry same as he did, and that was to get a wife. Same as him. Why is the wife necessary, it's a cover for the real problem. Maybe Davy's wife was ready to expose the problem. It sure wouldn't be fun to be pregnant with your second child and make a horrible discovery about your minister husband.
Perry and Davy are dramatic and like to use a lot of adjectives in their speech. they also dress in ways I would say are not common in the ministry. I'm not saying they are flaming, but....
Noble has always tried to adjust the ministry to fit a different way of life and this is the bible belt, I was always surprised that he had so many followers.
I am local to this church and have many friends who attend or formerly attended. One of my close friends, who in the beginning asked the leadership why was he removed, why not just some rehab and time off, then bring him back? She was told that would not be possible, but the church was not just the pastor, but the entire congregation. She has said that the man filling in there tells them at every service, we are not here to worship the pastor.

As for myself, I expect to see Noble come back with a new church, possibly geared toward homosexuals and try to lure many of the former members in. He will probably even contort some scripture to back it up.
He doesn't really need more money, but he seems to like the adoration.
this is all my opinion only.

Nic said...

tania said,
This makes me think of distancing.
He is no longer a pastor, no longer pastor perry noble so he cannot use said title.
He gets round this by reverting to his initial.

This is so deep, tania! Great catch.

Bobcat said...


"Could he do it H'wood style? i.e., Put her on the "payroll"?"

See Daystar: Marcus and Joni Lamb.

Lisa21222 said...

Perry's made some unfortunate choices and decisions that have caused us much concern.

"Over the course of several months, our executive pastors met with and discussed at length with Perry these concerns regarding his personal behavior and spiritual walk. Perry's posture toward his marriage, increased reliance on alcohol, and other behaviors were of continual concern. Due to this, the executive pastors confronted Perry and went through the steps of dealing with sin in the church as outlined in Matthew 18. Because Perry chose not to properly address these issues and did not take the necessary steps toward correcting them, he is no longer qualified as outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and the church bylaws to continue at NewSpring Church.

Anonymous said...

Coca Cola Company needed to change their formula by replacing the cane sugar with less expensive corn syrup. There was a SLIGHT taste difference that they feared consumers would notice. It is rumored that "New Coke" was introduced as an interim step. People (as they were expected to do) preferred the old Coke, and bought all they could find, until it had been purged from the marketplace. Then Coke backpedaled on the "New Coke" formula, releasing the "original formula" Coke, except that the cane sugar had now been replaced with HFCS.

Truth be told, the ORIGINAL Coke contained traces of cocaine, and no caffeine, so the "Original Recipe" they "reintroduced" was neither the original recipe, NOR the version available prior to the introduction of "New Coke".

Anon "I" said...

If this was alcohol and a porn addiction, they could have covered it up. "They" meaning the church board. Who, publicly, would know what was on the computers he used (unless some innocent discovered it at work)? He could quietly get help. Lucretia (and someone who might have found something) might have covered it up if only to protect her child and church members. His naive flock of sheep love him no matter what... but, fact is, they don't really know "what" the things being kept from them are. It could be beyond what they might presume.

The church board said something like there were other issues and the alcohol reason would be used since they didn't want to embarrass him or his family. This other issue is likely so provocative, that they had no choice but to fire him for it. Maybe there is a possible witness or witness' who wouldn't necessarily have any motive to keep his secrets (because he's a pastor, a father). Maybe its someone who they can't count on controlling and keeping silent. The board (and a possible church worker?) and Lucretia might keep it silent, but if its gone beyond them, it could likely surface. The church board has to be on record as responding to it correctly. What would push them to such an extreme measure as firing their founding pastor? Public records? Actions beyond the computer? Coming out? Whatever it is, the church board wants none of it.

IMHO only.

Anonymous said...

"Maybe it's not alcohol, maybe it's a hobby, or porn, or friendships...or even your kids. Take it from me - the temporary feeling of relief is not worth the long term pain of the consequences."

Interesting that this is in the same paragraph. Is he or was he addicted to porn, along with booze.

Bobcat said...

In his original "notice", PN wrote:

"Let me be very clear, neither Lucretia nor I have committed any sort of sexual sin. I have not stolen money. I have not been looking at porn. And there is absolutely no domestic abuse. This is the story, period. I simply need to address an issue that has gotten out of hand in my life."

What is mentioned above is money. In reading piblic article comments after PN was fired in June, there was an explanation by someone "in the know" who said that Perry "gave" money that was not "his to give".

Another commenter said that in churches such as Newspring, money would be the only thing that would get you kicked out. Everything else could be swept under the rug.

Anonymous said...

OT (Peter)

The mom claims she left her keys in the ignition while unloading groceries from the car, and her child was abducted in broad daylight. At first I wondered how she was unloading groceries without using the key to unlock the trunk, but then thought she probably had a button to unlock the trunk and doors OF THE CAR... but how was she taking them into the house if her keys were still in the car? Surely she hasn't got a button to unlock the door of the house.

Anonymous said...

Bobcat said...

In his original "notice", PN wrote:
"Let me be very clear, neither Lucretia nor I have committed any sort of sexual sin. I have not stolen money. I have not been looking at porn. And there is absolutely no domestic abuse. This is the story, period. I simply need to address an issue that has gotten out of hand in my life."


"have not been looking" is present tense or recent past tense. It is not the same as "I did not look at porn."
Also, he needs to define "sexual sin" - this could simply be that since he didn't have actual physical sexual contact with a man, in his opinion, he is not sinning.

Also, in my opinion, "looking" at porn and "watching porn" are 2 different things. I look at art because it is a still shot and the encounter is usually brief. Watching television is a more involved, time consuming process. Maybe he did not "look at pron" as to say, he did not look at printed pornographic images. It is possible he still watched pornographic movies.


Anon "I" said...

Interesting points, KC and Anon.

Perry's denial list from above quote:

Sexual sin
Stolen money
Domestic abuse

Nic said...

Anonymous said,
Truth be told, the ORIGINAL Coke contained traces of cocaine, and no caffeine, so the "Original Recipe" they "reintroduced" was neither the original recipe, NOR the version available prior to the introduction of "New Coke".

I am aware of the original "recipe". It's why housewives had a Coke mid afternoon before the starting their final "shift". :0) Now it's espresso. ha~ha!!

I wasn't aware of the cane sugar/corn syrup switcheroo, though. I do remember there being a huge deal about it. It was the best analogy I could come up with for NP when he implores his up-line to reinstate him. "But they really want me! They really miss *me*!" !!

Nic said...


One word for that: Sordid.

Nic said...

Lisa and Rob,

Thank you for your insight. 1 Timothy 3 pretty much sums it up, doesn't it. I wondered how it was Perry Noble ended up globetrotting with Davey Blackburn and company (pool side, muscles, etc.). It was a personal choice!

Live and learn.

Anonymous said...

Peter, do oxymorons reveal conflict and unintentional information when one is making a statement or seeking to persuade?
"Dramatic understatement"

Also, "every one of you" reads like there actually could be exactly one supporter -- who might be him or his mother.

No doubt several people have asked for an update -- we've all asked for updates!
To conflate that with widespread support is ludicrous.

Anonymous said...

Original Coke lovers, it's only USA that gets the HFCS crap foisted on us!
Many stores now carry glass bottles of the quality, cane sugar stuff sold in Mexico.

Super Bowl Sunday, I'd stopped at a store, and called to see if my friends needed anything else for the game munchies.

Outside on my phone I happily said, "J just scored me an entire case of real Coke, the good stuff from Mexico!"

Suddenly, some man was looming over my shoulder, right in my space. I turned to see a uniformed sheriff's deputy who asked, "Should I be hearing this?!"

When the confusion and my startled panic settled down we were both laughing.
He even declined my insistent offer to come look at the bottles of bubbly liquid with Spanish language labels in my car. :^D

Nic said...

KC said,
Also, in my opinion, "looking" at porn and "watching porn" are 2 different things. . I look at art because it is a still shot and the encounter is usually brief. Watching television is a more involved, time consuming process. Maybe he did not "look at pron" as to say, he did not look at printed pornographic images. It is possible he still watched pornographic movies.

KC great catch. PN is definitely wanting us to "interpret" otherwise.

tania cadogan said...

"Let me be very clear, neither Lucretia nor I have committed any sort of sexual sin. I have not stolen money. I have not been looking at porn. And there is absolutely no domestic abuse.


"Let me be very clear, neither Lucretia nor I have committed any sort of sexual sin.
Order is important, he places sexual sin first and in placing sexual sin first he places his wife Lucretia first before himself.

He is the one who was fired from his own church.
He is the one admitting he has issues.
Why does he place his wife first and foremost in relation to sexual sin?
What is his definition of sexual sin?
Is SSA (Implied by language and behavior) not considered a sexual sin by him?
His wife is heterosexual and he perhaps has SSA, by lumping himself in with his wife who is innocent he masks his real preference and thus can claim no sexual sin.
Learning what his definition of sexual sin is important as knowing this would then reveal a lot of what else was/is going on, especially his relationship to davey.

I have not stolen money. I have not been looking at porn.
Looking at porn is not the same as watching porn.
Porn is separate from sexual sin in noble's personal dictionary.
If looking at porn is not a sexual sin, what is?
He tells us what he has not done which leaves rather a lot of what he has done.

And there is absolutely no domestic abuse.
AND at the beginning of a sentence indicates missing information.
Domestic abuse is also not considered to be a sexual sin by noble.
Note also his change of language from I have not... to absolutely no.
The qualifier word absolutely weakens his denial in relation to domestic abuse.
I would ask for his definition of domestic abuse.
Note also he changes from past tense have to present tense is which would lead me to wonder if domestic abuse has previously happened but not currently, especially given he has lost his job,is having treatment for his various addictions and if he tried it his wife would divorce him and take a hefty chunk of his money.
Unless he started up another new church, he is going to be limited in what work he could do, especially when dirty little secrets start coming out.

Davey probably has a lot to hold over noble in order to maintain the charade of being a christian pastor and grieving husband of a murdered wife.
The clout noble had made davey feel safe and secure.
Noble probably has a lot to hold over davey, especially relating to his sexuality and Amanda's murder.
I wonder if noble will apply pressure to davey to seek financial repayment perhaps, or maybe a role in davey's church since he no longer has his own.

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

It is going to get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Why are all these guys porn freaks? Can't they get laid? Wtf?!

My read on Perry is that he is not gay. He is straight and super pervy. He's into weird shit. HIs wife probably finds him disgusting because of that freaky grin.
His words betray he was not severely alcoholic...he was drinking some to loosen his inhibitions and have computer sex...corresponding, sending pics aka. Anthony Weiner.

Any other questions?

Anonymous said...

Oh and his words betray he was having cam sex through the computer.

He's not gay. He likes women. He's a perv like Anthony Weiner.

lynda said...

"At first it was once or twice a week; however, over time it literally became something I "had to have" every evening.
I was sick - deceived by sin, alcohol and myself."

He separates "sin" and alcohol" as he was committing an unnamed sin, he started drinking. So what was the sin since he just told us it wasn't alcohol. The alcohol made it easier for him to commit the sin.


"Once more, thanks to everyone who has offered prayers, support and encouragement as I've journeyed through this."

"Journeyed" past tense. He's done. He's come out the other more counseling for him! He should have said "As I continue to take this journey" something like that to allow people to know that he is still working on himself, he's continuing to go forward..


"Maybe it's not alcohol, maybe it's a hobby, or porn, or friendships...or even your kids. Take it from me - the temporary feeling of relief is not worth the long term pain of the consequences."

What I find interesting is that PORN is in between hobby and friendship. It's like the old school question.."Pick which on doesn't belong". I mean, the next word you say after hobby is porn? Then he speaks of "temporary feeling of relief" which sexual gratification IS fleeting. It's ends when it's over.

I agree, the money issue could be a huge one that is NOT forgiven. If he was embezzling OR funneling it to specific causes or groups that were not approved by the church..that would be a big NO NO and get you fired, and NOT hired again.

Great Post Peter!

Anonymous said...

Perry's word reveal that first thing in the morning he would retreat into a darkened room and have cam sex with his computer. That was the "one" thing he needed in the morning. When Lucretia would knock on the door to ask him what he was doing, he would become volatile and physically hit her at one point. Perry throws a lot of temper tantrums around the house and is a generally volatile person. Mental problem? Perhaps? Maybe a little bi-polar, but mostly just an abuser-jerko type. Perry drinks and he drinks too much but it won't be hard for him to overcome it, he is not that addicted. Perry appears gayish but he is just one of those pseudo-intellectual types who look kind of gayish and don't mind complimenting other men but he is actually just a perv. He's just a perv. He likes women, and his wife probably thought he was "quirky"...little did she realize this guy's a volcano waiting to erupt!

Anonymous said...

Sensitivity when he says he felt embarrassed to have his shirt off after seeing Davey's handsome goes back to his pervy web cam activities...he's self-conscious of how he looks....he probably has a concave chest.

Anonymous said...

Perry said

"As I look back on making this foolish exchange, waves of self condemnation crash into my soul."

"making foolish exchange"------leakage he was exchanging pics/video like Anthony Wiener

"waves...crashed into my soul"

Computers have "energy waves". They can also "crash"-------more indicators he is a computer perv

Anonymous said...

"propelled me with light speed"-------another computer based "image"---emails etc exchanged at the speed of light

Noone is "propped at the speed of light towards alcohol abuse"....I think his claim of alcoholism is a smokescreen for his computer sex addiction....


Anonymous said...

If you change one letter in the word "Perry" it turns into the word "Pervy".


Remnant Quilter Kimberly said...

"...investing your time and attention into other things. Maybe it's not alcohol, maybe it's a hobby, or porn, or friendships...or even your kids. Take it from me - the temporary feeling of relief is not worth the long term pain of the consequences."

Over-indulging in only two of these five have long-term painful consequences, imo -- alcohol and porn.

And only one usually carries a zero tolerance policy in most American churches - porn.

Just my 2 cents.

Hey Jude said...

Unless it has recently been added, Resonate is not listed as a satellite Church of Newspring - other church plants are acknowledged on Newspring's website.

I am wondering if the $100,000 start-up fund was ever authorised by the board at Newspring. Perry says he did not steal money - did he mishandle it, though, by supporting a cause or cause/s which had not received approval by the board? Could it be that an irregularity in the finances contributed to Perry's removal? If the Resonate start-up was not officially backed by Newspring, it could be that Perry was desperate for Davey to move on, but the board was not agreeable to investing in Davey as a church planter.

It seems Davey and Amanda had not been planning to leave Newspring any time soon, as they had improvements made to their home just before they moved to Indy. Davey speaks often of the calling they felt to plant a church in Indianapolis - but had they, really, or were they sent away with $100,000 and a year's salary by Perry, because a thwarted Davey, passed over for promotion, was too much of a loose cannon, even by Perry's relaxed standards?

Anonymous said...

I don't really think so Hey Jude...the more I think about the issue, the more I think Perry may be very unhinged. It's weird but I am getting an image of a rodeo, cowboy hats....what the hell am I picking up on?!?! It's something about Perry!

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out what I am channeling...maybe I am picking up on gay in that movie where the straight guy gets AIDS at a rodeo...or Brokeback's like I"m picking up on imagery that he is straight but he goes to rodeos and he likes cowboys or he is a cowboy?

Anonymous said...

Alright...I think I figured out what I was picking up on regarding Perry. I don't get a gay vibe. I get like a head injury vibe and maybe that's why I was thinking of a rodeo...did he fall off a horse and get a head injury?

Anonymous said...

I read through a bunch of the FB comments on his post and many called him Pastor this name is not new. Sad that he still claims to be their pastor...a pastor. Sad that so many of his faithful followers forget the part about him not taking the steps to obey the elders from the beginning. His followers are so busy worshipping him, they've forgotten that he disqualified himself from leading and teaching them.

Sirensong said...

Maybe PN gave CD money after Amanda's murder? Unauthorized by the board? He got kicked out at an unusual time, not long after the murder. CD has been running Resonate like there is no budget. Would CD use life ins money to support Resonate and all the pricey music, stage, lights and employees?

Anonymous said...

Remnant Quilter Kimberley:

Very insightful comment... on his list of vices, the other three are hobbies, friendships and kids?

You're right, the alcohol and porn stick out like a sore thumb.


Anonymous said...

Perry is definitely gay - look at him.

The Internet has provided such access to all things gay for these closet cases.

Anonymous said...

Perry's Facebook page is shrouded in catchy phrases, particularly, "the best is yet to come" and "whatever it takes" - watch his video, if you can stomach it.
I think a joint venture between Noble and Blackburn is likely. I just wish they wouldn't call it a church.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Sorry I don't get a gay vibe from him. HIs manner of talking, facial expressions, hand gestures seem quite heterosexual to me. He seems very masculine. Just because you don't like how he looks doesn't mean he's gay. I have excellent gaydar and I can tell he's straight. Just because he said Davey had a beautiful chest doesn't mean he's gay...don't you think he'd try to hide it a little more if he actually was gay. SMH

Anonymous said...

"I think a joint venture between Noble and Blackburn is likely. I just wish they wouldn't call it a church.

I have suspected that for some time. But, does Perry draw the line at working with crazies, or is it OK if they are pretty enough?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he likes them crazy. He looks like an absolute nutcase himself.

Nic said...

Hey Jude said...
Unless it has recently been added, Resonate is not listed as a satellite Church of Newspring - other church plants are acknowledged on Newspring's website.

You read my mind. I was wondering if Resonate was part of Newspring, but I was wondering about it in the same vein as Perry Noble -- if DB had also been "fired" (for poor performance). The way DB is living his life on a speaking circuit, doesn't strike me as a manner in keeping with his 'title'. That also answers why he is not concentrating on germinating his church. He no longer reports to anyone who would tell him to get back to "work" or how to work. The "revival" is just him jet setting around the U.S.

DB was given a $100,000 start-up loan which he would have had to pay back. I wonder if DB ever paid it back in full? Maybe via Amanda's life insurance payout? Either way, it is interesting that Newspring is not associating themselves with Resonate/DB. I wonder if he walked away or if they did.

Lisa21222 said...


You can get coca cola with sugar in it around major Jewish holidays, as HFCS is not included in kosher products. Stock up at Christmastime, since Hanukkah is the week between Christmas and New Years this year.

rob said...

I think the real reasons for perry leaving are starting to leak out to the congregation. Many are no longer waa waa'ing to get him back. If the current leadership was thinking people might start leaving in large groups, it might be beneficial to leak it, so they know why he's out and is not coming back.
One thing though, they ain't talking to outsiders. If you ask how it's going there not, they all give the standard answer.
It doesn't take but one to talk, and it will eventually be out.

Lis said...

This is a fantastic analysis, drawing out the meaning behind the word choices and omissions. The depth of the manipulation PN employs shows just how he was able to reach the level of business success that he did.

I noticed that apparently, even in the midst of his isolation and alcohol addiction, he was getting up early and working out. Working out and having an impressive physique seems to be really important to a the pastor guys using the same paradigm as PN & Blackburn. (There seems to be a whole bunch of these guys cut out of the same cloth.) I'm starting to wonder if there's a gay dimension to it? Not that there's anything wrong with that, lol. But when combined with deception, there is.

2 - I chose alcohol over Lucretia and Charisse
This one hurts so bad!

I notice he doesn't say WHO it hurt so bad.

There is a subtle thread of victim blaming through the whole thing. The fact that isolation is pointed to as the main problem will leave the church members castigating themselves for not "being there" for him in a better way. It wasn't PN's actions that were to blame, it was because no one was there for him to help him in his hour of need. If he comes back to work, he will have primed his audience to be more subservient and loyal to him than ever.

I believe he was honest about there being a lot more than 4 things. He chose the 4 with the best potential for manipulation to communicate.

Nic said...

Lis said,
I'm starting to wonder if there's a gay dimension to it? .

One of my bosses was gay and I can tell you what he shared with me.

He didn't work out, but he was always very well dressed and imo, overly sensitive about his weight. He was also afraid of being alone, (he was in his 60's when I worked for him,) which left him vulnerable to being taken advantage of. I talked to him about all of this because he was paying for all of his much younger boyfriend's post-secondary education, and based on his boyfriend's treatment of my boss it was obvious he was using my boss for money. What my boss told me was gay men love hard bodies, and youth rules. If a young man is with an older partner it's usually because he is bankrolling the younger one's lifestyle/education, etc. I know that sounds broad brush but that is what he told me and he lived the lifestyle.

My boss paid for everything for his boyfriend because he was afraid of being alone. His boyfriend paid him back by fooling around on him all the time. His boyfriend didn't practice "safe sex" evidently because he contracted aids and infected my boss who died because of it.

Anonymous said...


Would your bosses younger boyfriend be referred to as a golddigger? That term has popped up a few times in the Blackburn threads by angry Anons.

Nic said...

I think anyone who hooks up with someone because of money can be classified as a "golddigger". In reference to whom are they calling a golddigger?

Bobcat said...

It was a rant after an anon pointed out a possible "boyfriend" (who is married) of DB.

DB also used the word golddigger in a recent sermon.

It's not a word I hear often, but it popped up a few times recently 'around' DB.

Anonymous said...

No, it wasnt directed at DB. Whatever...WHO REALLY CARES

Anonymous said...

I dont even have a problem w golddiggers. Anyone who read my posts and has any reading comprehension level would know EXACTLY what I have a problem with. Whatever...who really cares...not me I'll tell you that!

Anonymous said...

What was the sermon context around the word gold digger?

Trudy said...

Perry Noble - Four areas where I was wrong: An honest confession.

Lucky he tacked "an honest confession" at the end. I might not have believed him, otherwise.

Anon "I" said...

Info on his counselor.

Lis said...

Nic, that's really sad about your boss.

Anonymous said...

In tribute to PN, four mistakes made by historical figures:

Ted Bundy flirted too much

Jeffrey Dahmer ate poorly

Adolph Hitler wasn't a people person

John Wilkes Booth held a grudge, and didn't respect the theater arts.


I remember when Amanda Blackburn was doing the Q & A with Davey, porn was brought up. Davey was monitored on his oomputer and a weekly report was sent to Perry Noble. This struck me as very odd. Who has to be monitored by their pseudo boss for porn access?? Was Perry submitting to the board with his computer activities? Was he told to stop? Unless he was inflicting his sexual actions on someone else, who may have complained to their board, I don't see why the board would care.

In his statement below, he is talking about spending time answering emails while on vacation. Notice he frames in the negative "none of which I can recall". One thing I remember from Statement analysis is that which is reported in the negative is sensitive. I think he is very aware of what was in the emails. This is very sensitive.

" Because of this type of behavior I missed spending time with my girls, choosing instead to answer emails, none of which I can recall."

Nic said...

Boston Lady,

All the times I read PN's statement about emails, my thoughts were he must have really not enjoyed family time if he was putting work email ahead of his wife and daughter. But the way you framed them (forbidden "fruit"?) sheds a whole different light on the matter. I agree with your assessment that the subject/content of them is very sensitive. Great catch.

Bobcat said...

"None of which I can recall"

IF Perry was receiving "reports" of what sites DB was visiting...

and actually enjoyed the same type of sites...

I look at more as "sharing" than "reporting".

There's no real accountability if they are all pervs that actually enjoy what is in the report.

Me2l said...

Similar concept to addiction treatment re the AA sponsor, for instance.

Anonymous said...

I think it's pretty plain and simple... when you help a man kill his wife, there's gotta be a lot of guilt that goes a long with that. He helped Davey and now he lives with the guilt that he tries to drink away every day. Simple.

Bobcat said...


Are you all talk or do you have knowledge that Indy LE should know?

Bobcat said...

To say 2016 was a year of change for me would be quite the understatement. However, as my great friends at Elevation Church have declared through song…Nothing Is Wasted.
Here are some lessons I learned…and my hope is you will learn them as well, but through reading them here and not experiencing them personally.
#1 - There Are Consequences For Sin.
Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. Galatians 6:7
I had a secret.
I knew it was wrong.
At first I thought I could control it; however, it wound up controlling me.

Jesus Christ paid for my sin; however, there are still consequences involved.
My prayer is if there is anyone reading this who may be wrestling with sin - get help ASAP, the longer you wait, the deeper the roots of sin get down inside of you, and the longer it takes to work through the consequences involved.
#2 - Jesus Paid For My Sin.
Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, Romans 8:1
There are no words to describe the level of guilt and shame I have experienced. There are nights when I can literally feel regret in every fiber of my being.
However, in this season I have realized “Amazing Grace” is way more than a great song, but rather something that is more real to me than ever before.
Jesus Christ knew every stupid, foolish, sinful thing I would ever do—and He saved me, called me and blessed me anyway.
If you are someone who has wrestled with your past - I can promise you the grace of God covers all sin and allows us to live in freedom from what we’ve done - but also from having to repeat the same cycle over and over.
As John Newton, the author of "Amazing Grace" once said:
“Although my memory's fading, I remember two things very clearly: I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.”
#3 - Asking For Help Is A Sign Of Strength, Not Weakness
And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds,not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching. Hebrews 10:24-25
I lied to myself.
I told myself people would not understand.
I told myself I was the only one who had ever gone through this.
I told myself to stay silent, and that by doing so everything would somehow get magically better (as I typed that sentence I realize how ridiculous it sounds…but…that’s what deception does, takes something ridiculous and convinces us that it is reality.)
I was in trouble - and I needed help.
If you are in the middle of a storm, the greatest thing you could do is ask for help. And, when you do - be 100% honest, don’t say you have a little issue when it’s something that may be dominating my life.
In my experience, I can only receive help to the level I am willing to confess to.
#4 - Going Through A Fire Reveals Who Your True Friends Are.
One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. Proverbs 18:24

Bobcat said...

Part 2

There are people who I thought were mere acquaintances who have been way more supportive than I could have ever imagined. Their consistency in calling, texting and inviting me to be a part of their lives has been one of the most incredible things I’ve ever experienced.
On the other hand there are those I thought would always stand with me who have gone silent, and in some cases, a tad hostile. I’m not angry with them. I understand they experienced a level of hurt in this as well. They thought I was someone, and when the curtain was pulled back and my struggle was revealed they could not handle it.
I get it.
However, getting mad at them does me absolutely no good. And James, the half brother of Jesus said in James 1:20, "because human anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires." (BTW...allowing anger to consume us is the greatest way to ensure Jesus and His love is not consuming us!)
However, this has taught me how essential community is for hope, health and healing. Who we choose to surround ourselves with will ultimately determine our success in life.
#5 - The Best Really Is Yet To Come
For though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again… Proverbs 24:16
I alluded to this earlier, but God was NOT surprised by this, He knew it was going to happen, and yet He allowed me to start NewSpring Church and experience 16 of the best years of my life there.
I fell—hard—and when I did I had a choice, I could cry and complain - however, doing so would not have changed my situation at all!
As I look in the Scripture people fell and got back up...
Peter denied Christ to a teenage girl, but less than three months later preached the Gospel to thousands of people all over the world.
Jonah ran from God, yet got a second chance and preached to the city of Nineveh, witnessing one of the most powerful revivals recorded in Scripture.
David committed adultery and murder, and yet was described as a man after God’s own heart.
The more I stare into the passages of Scripture the more clear it is to me the ONLY hero in the Bible is Jesus, everyone else was as jacked up as we are—and yet He still used them to do great things, and if He did it then He can do it again.
Unfortunately, I will not be returning to NewSpring as the senior pastor. And while that is not what I wanted and breaks my heart, I believe everything is in the Lord’s hands - and He has a greater purpose for me than I could ever imagine.
I decided to NOT play the victim card very early in all of this because…while people will feel sorry for a victim they will never follow one. Do I wish things would have turned out differently with the church? Yep - but…at the end of the day I chose to pour the drinks, I chose to hide my sin—and had I made different choices I would not be in this position.
However, today I’ve been sober for over 110 days. I’ve launched a consulting business that has taken off. In 2017 I will begin preaching again in churches that would actually want to have me. And I’m healthier emotionally, physically and spiritually than I’ve ever been.
If you feel like all hell has broken loose in your life and there is no hope for the future—you are wrong. No matter how bad your situation may be, Jesus really can take your mess and turn it into a miracle. It will take time, things won’t get better overnight - but it’s my prayer you will allow Christ to put hope in your heart so you can step into the healing He has for your life.

Bobcat said...

Your Life Is Not Over
You did “it” (you can define “it” as THAT thing you did that seems to haunt you, you know, the thing you know you should not have done but did anyway!)
As much as you wish you could there is simply no way to go back and change “it.”
Sometimes you cry about “it,” and at other times “it” causes a deep sense of dread you simply can’t seem to shake.
Sometimes well meaning (but not so smart people) say things like, “get over ‘it’” - and you really wish it were that easy.
So, how do you deal with “it?”
I could list several Bible verses at this point; however, odds are many already know the verses I would quote. Heck, I know quite a few verses and my “it” seems to knock the “it” out of me a whole lot.
How do I deal with “it?”
For me - I have discovered I must continually and completely hand “it” over to Jesus.
If the enemy reminds me of my sin ten times a day - then ten times I must say, “Jesus, I completely place this in your hands.”
Some may argue if you completely put it in Jesus’ hands then you should only have to do it once; however, someone like that has obviously never dealt with pain so deep it literally causes you to physically hurt on the inside.
Trust me as someone who is in this fight - the ONLY thing I’ve found that helps me past the point of unbearable pain is saying, “Jesus, I completely place this in Your hands.”
I’m not saying that over time the pain will go away - but what I am saying is over time the enemy will bring it to mind less because…after all…the last thing he wants to do is cause you to talk with Jesus MORE throughout the day.
You CAN get past this - it will take time, it will take effort…but your future is not fatal and your life is not over.

Bobcat said...

Do YOU Believe God’s Promises For YOU?
In one of my Bibles I have a quote written down (not really sure who said it) that says, “If you are making your plans with God then make them big.”
I’ve always taken that quote to heart - along with verses like Ephesians 3:20 which tell us He is able to do immeasurably more than all we could ask or imagine, or Isaiah 55 which tells us His ways are higher and His plans are greater, or Jeremiah 29:11 which promises us His plans for us are to prosper us and not to hard us.
However, what I have discovered in my own life is I have no problem believing God’s promises are true…for other people, I just have a hard time believing them for my own life.
Maybe it’s because I know how messed up I really am…
Maybe it’s because I pretty much know my faults and flaws better than anyone…
Maybe it’s because I allow the voice of the accuser speak louder than the voice of my Savior…
Whatever the reason, I’m just confessing I’ve always had a hard time believing God’s promises were true for me…
And I will bet there are many of you reading who have struggled with the exact same thing. You think God wants to bless some people, but surely not you; after all, you did (fill in the blank).
Just recently in my own life I’ve been experiencing sort of a personal revival. Jesus is speaking so clearly to me - and for the first time in 45 years I am beginning to see God’s promises are true for me.
I’m not writing this so you will be excited for me - but rather to encourage you, to tell you that God’s promises are true for you too.
“But Perry,” you say, “I believe God has forgotten about me - maybe He had great plans for my life at one point, but not now - I don’t even think I matter to Him.”
If that statement is true I would simply want to ask you this - why are you sitting where you are right now, reading this article about God having great plans for your life?
Some may call it coincidence; however, I think it’s providence! God reigns, He is completely Sovereign, and I don’t believe you are reading this so you can continue in your disbelief, but rather to encourage you to stop looking down on yourself or around for the approval of others - and look UP to see YOUR HELP coming from the Lord (Psalm 121:1-2).
God has GREAT plans for your life! He’s NOT done with you! He can do way more with you and through you than you could ever imagine!
If you are having problems believing this truth for you - then I want to invite you to pray one of the most powerful prayers ever recorded in Scripture. The one where a man whose son was sick said to Jesus, “if you can help us, please help us.”
Jesus replied in Mark 9:23 - “‘If you can’?” said Jesus. “Everything is possible for one who believes.”
And the man replies back to Jesus one of the most powerful and life altering prayers in the Scriptures - "Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!”
Maybe that needs to be your prayer in this season…”I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” I know it has been mine for quite some time. AND…in praying that prayer I’ve discovered Jesus is both faithful to walk with me through my doubt (instead of lecturing me) as well as reminding me of His goodness, of His grace, and that He has a hope and a future planned for me…
Our Father is way to awesome, Sovereign over all for us to dream small dreams. So…if you are making your plans with God, make them big - all the while understanding that He is STILL able to do immeasurably more than all you could ask or imagine.

Mike said...

I suggested months ago that Davey was perhaps gay...NOW we are being made aware that PN was attracted to Davey, perhaps the alcohol was the way PN was dealing with his sexual attraction to men...the Mrs. Nobel would know.

Mike said...

Yawn....Get over YOURSELF Perry, that's a good place to start...

Bobcat said...

"Let me be very clear, neither Lucretia nor I have committed any sort of sexual sin. I have not stolen money. I have not been looking at porn. And there is absolutely no domestic abuse. This is the story, period. I simply need to address an issue that has gotten out of hand in my life."

Anonymous said...

Guest Preaching at Elevation

"In July of 2016 I thought I would never preach again!
I allowed myself to be deceived by the enemy and depended on alcohol more than Jesus!
However...during this entire time Steven Furtick hasn't been someone who "had my back" but rather has stood by my side and been a source of encouragement, friendship and has been willing to tell me what I needed to hear.
Last night he allowed me the honor of returning to preaching on the stage at Elevation - and what I thought was dead came to life again. In life the "who" that stands with you really does matter - and I am more thankful for Steven and Holly than they could ever imagine...and I'm looking so forward to being there again today.
Jesus brings dead things back to life - if you are doubting or disbelieving I understand - I've been there; however, if you are bit dead then God is not done - His plans for you are still greater than you could have ever imagined!"