Friday, October 7, 2016

The "Knowledge" of Advanced Analysis

      "How is it that you know more than we do on this case?" 

In Advanced Statement Analysis, the analyst/investigator has gone long past "deception indicated" and has moved into:

1.  Content Analysis
2.  Linguistic Psychological Profiling 

What may he now know?

Let's compare this to "brainstorming" with multiple investigators who have all come to the table with various contributions from their investigation into the case.  They seek to have everything, from the interviewers to the scientists to the blood-spatter experts, to the lab results, to the...

all to come together for a cohesive opinion.  

This is to be compared to what the analyst/investigator may know about the case only from the words.  

A.  The subject is deceitful.  He will not pass a polygraph regarding the allegation.  
B.   Where the subject is deceitful.  Within the statement the analyst/investigator may now know precisely where, in the statement's timeline, deception is found.  

Not only is he filled with resolve and confidence before the interview, greatly increasing his chance of a confession, he knows where to aim his questions, and what specific language to employ.  Subjects are most likely to confess when they know the investigator knows the truth, and when they are put in a position of 'psychological familiarity of comfort' by using the very words the subject has used. 

Not only does this avoid misinterpretation of wording (and is legally sound), but it has a disarming effect as the words used are the same words the subject has used since childhood.  Confession/Admission is now much more likely. 

C.  The analyst/investigator now knows content.  This is the lengthy bridge that is crossed between Statement Analysis training and Advanced Analysis.  Upon this bridge is the useful information where the analyst/investigator:

is able to see what happened.  

He is now able to look at the reliable sentences within a deceptive statement and put many pieces of the puzzle together.  

This often brings to light the forensics of the case (the physical events that took place) allowing for motive to suggest itself.  

D.  Profile

The analyst/investigator now 'knows':

*The subject is deceptive
*The subject did it
*Many details on how he did it
*Motive on why he did it 

But now, the portrait comes together within the profile.  The profile of the subject reveals four distinct elements:

I.  His Priorities 
II. His Background 
III. His Experiences
IV.  His Personality Type 

The analyst/investigator now knows the subject.  He knows him; not just how he thinks, but why he thinks and says the things he does. 

Thus comes a startling conclusion:

Often times, the analyst knows more about the case than the actual investigators.  

This has happened time and time again, including in cold case investigations, and when it happens, 

the investigators enthusiastically enter Statement Analysis training and become addicted to learning. 

The shock can be overwhelming.  

In live cases, the investigators often go out on the new trail and verify the findings of analysis. 

Here are some actual unnamed cases for examples that were confirmed by investigators who were either given analysis, or who worked with analysts.   

"This subjects' motive is greed.  I don't know how greed plays into it, but it is greed."  

It was later learned that the subject sought to become a joint owner of property, and was refused and turned deadly violent.  Without a living victim to assert this;  without analysis, it may not have ever been known as the subject had been long cleared of the crime.  

"He has a history of violence against pets", something that may not have been known, is suddenly sought and found by collateral interviews armed with specific questions such as,

"Did he grow up with pets?" which surprised the collateral contact at first, but then prompted concern and recall of abuse.  This, too, was verified through yet another collateral contact.  

"He has a history of abusing women.  It matters not if it is on record.  Find collaterals and ask" only to find women who verified this claim with strong voice.  

"He has a trauma history of sexual abuse in childhood" which was not only unknown, but the lack of this left a vacuum in understanding.  

"He is a sexual predator.  This is not his first victim.  You will find other victims of the same approximate age and sophistication."

Years ago, a state investigator said, "you know more about the case than we the investigators do..." 

This is commonly asserted today, especially when the subject's background experiences are combined with his personality traits, stitched together for the overall strategy of the interview. 

"Do not directly confront him, or the interview ends!" or

"Let him dominate and humiliate you in the interview.  He will give it all away."


"You must bring him to confrontation.  Without it, he will not yield. His military background, low in the pecking order in high school, and his poor impulse control and ego will come together and give you everything you need to know about what happened..."

'The subject is male, early 40's, white, advanced college education, well above average in intelligence, with experience in engineering. His narcissistic style of lying is a contempt he can barely control.  Everything about him is control.  Ego.  His kids will tell you he barely ever disciplined them, but they lived in fear just the same and if he did hit them, it was memorable, but look for older kids to talk about control with a look or words.  He has zero tolerance for those less intelligent than himself and as a supervisor, he's likely lied or falsified records just to get rid of subordinates he didn't want.  He is a 'pragmatic liar' to get what he wants.  He has a closet addiction to opiates and he takes them not just because he is physically dependent, he has major depression and passive/aggressive rage.   If a female investigator is used, he will feel so insulted that his contempt will cause him to ignore her and underestimate her.  Therefore, she must be sharp and ready to pounce when he is deceptive.  He will be overconfident. Let him boast...'

Here is a common one: 

"Search his computer." which is often met with, 

"Come on!  Where do you see that in his language?"  which, once explained is often followed by, "how do I possibly get a search warrant for this?"  

We study the language of addiction, the language of adult sufferers of childhood sexual abuse, PTSD, and we also study the language of sexual perversion.  

When we see the language of pornography and an increase in emotion over physical domination, it is a very bad combination.  The urging to "search his computer" regarding pornography, child pornography and bestiality comes from the subject's language.  He 'tells' us to search his computer.  

When an investigator is shocked that the analysis has produced a more complete picture of what has happened than the on-the-ground investigators, he is hooked.

When an investigator becomes an analyst studying advanced techniques,  he becomes an extremely valuable asset to his department and to society as a whole.  He now goes into an interview empowered by knowledge, and all of his earlier training and experiences, including body language analysis, kicks in to one synthesizing event where he is best situated to get the subject to confess.  

The analysis frequently reveals more about a case than the actual investigators, dependent upon sample size.  

Investigators trained in advanced techniques, routinely say this, particularly when they are asked to assist their fellow investigators.  

When investigators receive and prosper under training, it is a powerful force for successful prosecution as it puts assistant district attorneys in a position of confidence.  


Anonymous said...


17 year old high school student allegedly beaten nearly to death by BLM for supporting police.

Anonymous said...

I said, they said, I sang the blues...

The lyrics of “The Fixer Blues”:

“Seems I said some things about an old, old, old friend that got some people talking. Well, I know broken hearts, a thing or two about divorce, I’ve been there before once, OK twice. And I have not seen my friend in over 10 years and I swear I have never, ever, ever, ever, ever met his wife…Fixer, I hope you understand to scandalize was never my plan. So the moral of this story is divorce is a bitch and nobody wins. Let’s not do unto others and please forgive us our sins, life is too hard anyway. So when you chatting with Andy, you better watch what you say.”

Amyl Nitrite said...

"He has a history of violence against pets", something that may not have been known, is suddenly sought and found by collateral interviews armed with specific questions such as,
--I remember when Anthony's dad spoke about the pet cemetery in their back yard and immediately thought, "Oh my god! She used to kill the pets!" I wonder if analysts noted it too.

Anonymous said...


After five years, Erica Parsons remains had been located. Sandy Parsons, Erica's adoptive father, who is serving 8 years in prison for collecting benefits while she was missing, lead police to her remains.

This is beyond sad, but not unexpected.
I hope these two scumbags rot in jail for all of the pain and suffering they caused this little angel.

trustmeigetit said...


2 commercials circulating for a Netflix documentary for Amanda Knox...

Her opening statements to me were very odd... curious others thoughsta

"If I'm innocent, it means that everyone is vulnerable"

"If I'm guilty. It means I am THE ultimate figure to fear"

First she says "I'm in innocent". I would never say that if I spent years in a jail and was truly innocent. I could not bring myself to say that ever.

The 2nd one she strongly emphasized "the" before "the ultimate figure"

Anyone have any thoughts???

In know the risk is low at this point but still

John mcgowan said...


Dr Phil

‘Suspect’ In Brittanee Drexel Disappearance Denies Allegations of Kidnapping and Murder : ‘I Was In School’
October 7, 2016

In April 2009, 17-year-old Brittanee Drexel vanished into thin-air in Myrtle Beach, SC. The Rochester, NY teen had gone there for spring break without her parents’ permission. Surveillance video from a hotel lobby the night of her disappearance was one of the last clues left behind.


Ode said...

If Statement Analysis was applied, this now woman wouldn't have been Hillary's victim.

If every one of authority on this 12 yr old girls case, wasn't on the take,...

I have not heard by any one verbally, they are voting for Clinton.

Her our next president, isn't fathomable using logic
This what scares many. Logic isn't a factor in voting, emotions are.

I despise Hillary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Ode, me, too, but Donald even more.

Anonymous said...

For anyone not sure what "passive-aggressive" is, here's a 30-second ad for Fed-Ex.

Anonymous said...

It takes armed National Guardsmen to close St Augustine Florida's Bridge of Lions to traffic? A SA policeman and a sign arent enough? Maybe a tank could help redirect traffic.

Lis said...

Question re: the Benjamin Taylor case.

"The baby's mom called 911 Monday, saying she'd just woken up and found Taylor, her boyfriend, in the basement with her little girl and that there were significant amounts of blood on and around the baby."

Is it expected that the mother would begin with alibi building because of the horrific nature of what happened?

Can we all go home now? said...

Hot off the Press: Donald Trump pregnant with Hillary Clinton's love child. Says his expanding waistline makes him feel like a blimp in all the right places. Melania leaving him for Paul Ryan. Bill Clinton is at home playing with balloons.

Nic said...

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Please read important article by Jesse Lee Peterson called Birth of a Hate Movement.

Anonymous said...

Did everyone read Pam Gellers tweet today saying that Jennifer Flowers was told by Bill Clinton that his wife,Hillary, has had oral sex w/women more than he has? How can the alledged statement be verified? If it cannot be then why was it tweeted?

Anonymous said...

That's one of the most horrible images Ive ever had in my head 9:28. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Gellar tweeted that today.

Anonymous said...

Im sure she is a lesbian...but between that image and trying to unhear Donald Trump's pervy old man tic-tac p@ssy grab comment...

Anonymous said...

I was sympathetic for HRC during Bills term. Believing they were genuine. Was/is it all an act? At least with trump what you see is what you get.

Anonymous said...

Is/was it an act? Hillary is bonded to Bill the same way she is bonded to her political ambitions--with hatred. Does she look like she loves what she does? No. But she clings to it with hateful talons. Hillary doesnt love anything or anyone. She married Bill because of his money and ambition. If he lost it all and started working at McDonald's she would have stayed with him to deliver venomous hatred to him every day. It was never based on love. If her sexual preference is for women all the more reason to stay with him and be miserable. She's a very miserable person and it started long before she met Bill.

Anonymous said...

I will be voting for Trump...Trump's remarks were idiotic and predatorial...Hillary and Bill however have between the two of them raped, killed, had people's pets killed and had people's children threatened. Hillary is more sinister than Trump.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know the truth about them. Maybe it was misplaced sympathy. If they're really just a political team more than husband/wife weren't we all duped. If they're more like business partners then she wasnt defending her husband but was defending their business.

Anonymous said...

Bill does the sincerity thing very well. So believable. Is he acting? I cannot tell.

Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton loves politics...he is quite sincere in that. I believe he also does love talking to people, etc. Hillary is a very, bitter unhappy person...Hillary is not capable of loving another person and neither is Bill. Most deeply ambitious people are not capable of loving another person. Bill as he ages becomes softer and more playful (we all saw him playing with balloons)...Bill probably is capable of loving someone at this point. Hillary has a complicated weave of psychiatric problems and is not capable of love. The energy between the two of them that I can pick up on is dark, twisted, something ties them together, some type of sickness, very dark...Hillary will never let him go though she hates may be part of the reason she is running for keep him tethered to her...she knows he loves politics and schmoozing with world leaders.

White House Sick said...

The link above is to IMDB, the documentary
is appropriately named Outrage

This documentary has a cast of persons
we the people voted into office, Congress

My recall is the Clinton's are not a focus.
They would derail the material at hand of this film.

With the present day agenda by politicians using
gay people as their bread and butter, this film rears itself again.

It's disgusting the " underbelly" of twisted doings these
" people" of stature ( in their worlds) do to impressionable persons.
Young persons of misfortune are their easy picks.

This documentary isn't the political gay agenda of present.
It is the outing of double lives lived hypocritically.
Men who use their power for fueling their undaunted abuse
onto their victims. Lives Ruined. These " Men" who paraded themselves
as Married, they to public shame the gay lifestyle.
These men voting against Aids research, they against all proposed laws
within the gay community. They then to leave the office and seek out
another kid to abuse.

These politicians Gay closeted or my felt is most are psychopaths who enjoy control
and domination over young men, they not gay, they are monsters. All while living covert as the opposite. Hillary Much ? Bill has shown us who he is.

If you have a Son that is of age, this is a good watch, for parents.
Young men are victimized as much as young women. We need to remember this.
Young men more so remain silent, they duped by a man they thought was
A MENTOR. \\ full - it's nine vids, the documentary broken down for
viewing in full.

YT Link;

Anonymous said...

You wrote

You wrote "These politicians Gay closeted or my felt is most are psychopaths who enjoy control
and domination over young men, they not gay, they are monsters. All while living covert as the opposite. Hillary Much ? Bill has shown us who he is."

No, they are gay. Just like the molester priests. Many gay men seem to be sociopathic (not all but many) or they seem to be predatorial to different degrees (not all).

As far as AIDS research, these closeted politicians you say vote against it. Other gays are AIDS research crusaders, seemingly not realizing the irony that if it werent for gay behavior, there would be no AIDS. They want to live an unhealthy deviant lifestyle and want to make sure they dont get disease from it. They dont care about the fact that if it werent for gay men there would be no AIDS and no African women and babies dying from it. They are all living a lie imo.

Anonymous said...

The main point is the claim that HRC is gay not Bill.

CptKD said...

Thank you, Nic!
And a Happy one, to you!
From a 'Canadian' - Celebrating & Giving 'Thanks'! <3 xo

Peter Hyatt said...

We were given signs into all of this many years ago.

He referred to his mother, while publicly thanking her as "woman", but when thanking Hillary, he referred to her as "person."


Anonymous said...

What were the signs?

trustmeigetit said...

I have thought this since a friend attended the same college Hillary had.


This friend was gay and that was part of her interest in that college.

She told us about things such as naked parties where all the girls would party naked. It was clearly not a place a straight woman would want to be.

She told me many stories like this. She loved it there because of these types of activities.

She said she's pretty sure most everyone there is gay or bi.

trustmeigetit said...

And despite all his rudeness, he still has created an empire.

And while I don't like what he did, like everyone is posting, "50 Shades of Grey" was a top selling book and had high numbers at the theater.

The man was a nut job and was controlling and abusive.

Yet I know countless women that claimed it was a turn on.

So Trump talks crap with he guys and then acts professional once he is in front of the woman... yeah, not seeing the issue

Again, it made me cringe. More so for his wife.

But if he does nothing but talk... then I still have confidence he will turn this country around.

And get Hillary a nice jail cell.

trustmeigetit said...

She was defending her money machine.

She went to a college a friend attended. All women and naked parties and group showers are the norm there.

As a straight woman I would never go there. I have no interest in hanging or with naked women.

That's what sold me after someone I know who is gay, choose to go there and told me stories about events..