Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Training and Schedule Update

Training and Scheduling Update.

For hosting a seminar for your department or business, please contact through Hyatt Analysis Services

The seminars for law enforcement and business are distinct in scope.  In business, security is covered, but employment interviewing (Analytical Interviewing) reduces exploitation, shrinkage, unemployment and fraudulent claims. 

Law Enforcement Seminars

Statement Analysis complete
Advanced includes:  
Psychological Profiling
Anonymous Author Identification
Threat Analysis 

For individual study, we offer a complete course on Statement Analysis and for those who successfully complete this course, Advanced Analysis.  

Certification in Statement Analysis comes from successful completion of the course, a minimum of 60 hours of live training, and the recommendation of 2 professional analysts.  

Once enrolled in training, the immediate application begins, but always with the support of trained professionals.  The new investigator/analyst will not submit nor follow errant analysis due to this support.  

The Advanced Course is exciting, challenging and it is lengthy.  It is designed for those with a very solid base in analysis and the advanced certification comes after successful completion of the course, a minimum of 120 hours live training, and a final submission of a thesis statement, meeting the approval of three professional analysts, including one federal, one state, and one active professional.  

Entry into the course is a perquisite for live training.  This is a closed and confidential training, with more to be scheduled.   The live training is also approved by the University of Maine's Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for professional licensing. 

The live training is exciting and it is 'addictive', in that even those with advanced training and application look forward to the indispensable input from other professionals as they continue their own growth and understanding.  We offer one free 6 hour training with enrollment in the Statement Analysis course...its its own best sales rep.  

Tuition information including payment plans are here.  Enrollment in all courses includes 12 months of support; from checking homework, test, as well as assistance in cases.  It is not uncommon for companies, departments, locales, etc, to reimburse after successful completion, including in cases where original request was denied.  

To learn analysis, the seminar is the introduction.  The training is the live application and where the 'real learning' takes place, as we go from principle to successful application.  

Fall  2016 

Crime Watch Daily has picked up:  "Katelyn Markham:  Taken Too Soon" for airing.  Click here for more information.  

October 2, 2016  NYC Filmed ABC's "20/20"  This may present a good opportunity to see Statement Analysis in a case prior to adjudication. Look for updates on air date and time. 

October 25, 2016 Live Online Training 9am to 3pm 

October 27, 2016 Live Online Training 12noon to 6pm  

October 31, 2016  FBI Behavioral Science Unit 7:30am to 5pm  

November 12, 2016    UK filming documentary on the Disappearance of Madeline McCann, also highlighting Statement Analysis.  More detail to follow.  


Bobcat said...

It is pleasing for me to observe your success!

Amyl Nitrite said...

Sorry about Off topic: This is excerpt from Comey's statement on the crooked on:
With respect to potential computer intrusion by hostile actors, we did not find direct evidence that Secretary Clinton’s personal e-mail domain, in its various configurations since 2009, was successfully hacked.
--"successfully" hacked. They know she was hacked. I'm convinced her emails will come out.

Nic said...

@ Amyl Nitrite,

It looks like the Clinton camp is trying to create a Trump narrative a la Bill Cosby. I guess they think the only way to hear about WikiLeaks #3 (Clinton camp in collusion with the CNN/NYT, etc., etc., etc.) is via them? I think everyone should turn their TV's off and unsubscribe from MSM. Then the talking heads won't have to worry about their contracts/sucking up anymore.


Cassandra said...

That's exactly what I thought the second the Clinton camp leaked the "grab em by the p*ssy" bus tapes...they were trying to paint Trump as a Bill Cosby and I knew they would continue leaking stuff until the next debate.

I did experience visceral disgust upon hearing the "grab em by the p*ssy" tape, but I have to say I hope Trump fights back HARD and crushes the Hillary machine. Why? Trump's creepy, but Trump said that sh&t trying to puff himself up after describing trying to get laid and failing, so there is the context. At least Trump bought the woman he was trying to bed furniture...shows some respect when it looks like all Bill gives his partners including Hillary is syphilis. Trump will fight back hard and I don't understand why he hasn't tweeted the woman who Bill Clinton violently raped twice in a row describing what happened. He will also highlight Hillary's defending of a child rapist, and yes she did laugh at the child who was raped, because she laughed at her evil maneuvers and how well they worked (including completely smearing a 12 year old who was beaten into a coma and also having the wrong evidence tested) in freeing her client.
The media is full of shit in saying Hillary is in the lead. HOw the hell can she be when noone shows up at her rallies and Trumps are overflowing with supporters?
Hillary's health is extremely poor...people pick up on that...otherwise why would people be thinking she is a clone or a hologram? I myself wondered if she is a hologram until I remembered how difficult it is to make a hologram that can actually move and talk etc. It's very complicated to do...however it is odd that Hillary disappears while talking like it is her image being projected onto a screen or a hologram or something.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the weirder things I've seen actually: Hillary screaming at a camera because she thinking she's at a rally but she's not?!?! Serious mental shit going on in this one.

Seems robotic or possibly body double imo.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling really sorry for the USA for the way this presidential campaign is turning out. As someone not from the USA it is hard to believe what is happening. It is painful to watch how ill qualified both main candidates are to serve as the leader of the free world. The entire presidential campaign is a string of moments of vicarious embarrassment, not only the (past and present) behavior of the candidates themselves, but also the blatant cognitive dissonance of their supporters.

Really I think that the USA is a great country with great people and your country deserves a great leader. I hope that this - well - absolute train wreck of a presidential campaign will lead to serious reconsideration of candidate selection (maybe even 'extreme vetting') and that in four years you will have a president your country and the rest of the free world deserves.

LittleFish said...

Hello all, I was poking around online and came across anonymous posts from back in early July made by someone who described himself as an FBI agent involved in the Clinton investigation. He did predict no indictment for Hillary Clinton due to outside pressure and national security interests. He claimed that they found much worse than the unauthorized email server and that it goes to the top (things for which Obama could be impeached and we could end up in war.) I'm hoping Peter and/or long-time students of SA will take a look and give an opinion on whether or not deception is indicated.

Child Advocate said...

Are you going to do an analysis of the article written by the former People reporter regarding Donald Trump? I'm no Hillary Clinton fan. I'm very curious if she's deceptive.

Child Advocate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

People on FB haveabsolutely no problem with a defense attorney taking evidene from the court and putting it in their pocket and transprting it 1200 miles to have it tested. EVEN AN ATTORNEY ON FB REFUSED TO CONDEMN IT?!?! IS THIS THE WAY THE LEGAL SYSTEM WORKS? So if I ever get raped, my rapist's attorney would have the legal right to take the rapist's underwear home from the court where they could just throw it in the washing machine?! IS THIS LEGAL????!! IS WHAT HILLARY DID TAKING RAPE EVIDENCE AGAINST HER CLIENT PUTTING IT IN HER POCKET AND TRANSPORTING IT 1200 MILES LEGAL?!?!?!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

And Nazi doctor Hillary feels a baby a few hours before birth does not have Constitutional rights!!!!! WHAT A WITCH!!!!!! What an evil witch!!!!! Fuckin Nazi doctor is what she is!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Last 8 years. Mslm attacks on home turf. Continuous destruction of countries on other side of planet. Murdered Police. Silence on widespread black violence in schools, stores, parks, vigils, parties, homes, malls, hiking trails. Silence on Chicago death toll. Trump bad,but dirty Beyonce ok. Murdered Ghadaffi. Attempted Assad overthrow. Syrian destruction. Russia now evil. Stealth Mslm relocation in US cities. Repetitive rebukes from Duterte. Navy Embarassment by Iran. Rebuked by Castro. Embarassment in UK over Brexit. Executive pardon for drug felons. First AA president but NO moral leadership for AA community. Booker T Washington was a great man of leadeship by example. Rainbow colored whitehouse. Loretta and Bill's chance passby at airport. Racial victimization hoaxes on campus.

Anonymous said...

Oh please do analysis of Jessica Leeds asap!

Anonymous said...

On the lighter side, it's Hockey Season!!!

Peter Hyatt said...

I think CNN and the NY Times are hosting auditions...

Ode said...

Speaking of Auditions and CNN in one sentence.

Published on Oct 13, 2016
Trump crowd shames mainstream media at rally in Cincinnati, OH! Full report coming soon... 2:08 mins length

The above video is " the People's verbal audience reaction" to
CNN entering the arena in Ohio.

Do you smell it ? A civil war is in the air if this continues to escalate.
The duping of a Nation, the Media and Govt's day job for the last year.
They no longer hiding. They openly mocking US on national media.

It's making an already boiling pot overflow, this is what they want.

Don't take the bait people by reactions of emotions, that you cannot
take back. This to them is business, it is to us personal.
Make it Business, do not take what they are saying doing personal.

Use logic and see/hear/feel/see this is what it is: A stage.
They think they are the master of puppets, we are smarter than
they give us credit.

How we React to their doings is the outcome, we are in control, not them.

"Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it."