Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Anonymous Letter Analysis

Analysts sometimes debate the "height" of statement analysis. 

Is it the psycho-linguistic profile that matches the actual psychological evaluation, or is it in the Anonymous Author Identification process where the subject's identity emerges within the anonymous threatening letter. 

The former allows for the investigator to have a strong strategy for the interview and interrogation, knowing not only what happened and where deception exists, but knowing the background and personality type of the subject to use to obtain a confession or admission. 

Here is a letter from "Americans for a Better Way" that the terrorist designate "CAIR" is demanding investigation by the FBI. 

What can we tell from the analysis of the letter?

In assessing a threat, we look to "know" the one making the threat.  This is the best way to gauge the level of threat made in an anonymous letter. 

This anonymous letter does not pose a serious challenge to learn something about the identity of the author. 

What do you see in the language that helps reveal the author?

post your findings in the comments section. 

For formal training, at home or in a seminar, see Hyatt Analysis Services for opportunities.  


Anonymous said...

I feel it could be legit but written by immaturity mostly as a prank for headlines. Then, most people do not refer to others as dogs but muslims do. Two references to the southwest are the words sheriff and dodge. And the phrase 'shine' again instead of 'great' again is leading me to believe the writer is a young and immature teenager from the southwest.

Anonymous said...

The author over uses the word you and your.

Anonymous said...

I would venture to guess that the author is White and possibly from the South.
Perhaps a male about 50 years old? (old enough to know about Hitler, and uses red-neck lingo)

Jon said...

I couldn't help but laugh out loud about "You Muslims"! It sounds so cheesy.

Jon said...

And actually, the tone of the letter itself sounds like one big joke. Threat level feels very low.

Jean said...

Is it possible that the letter was written by someone in the group that was targeted? I wonder because of the fact that they use dogs, and dogs is a slur for Muslims and the word shine, sounds like someone isn't really familiar with Trumps slogan.

Katprint said...

I noticed that the grammar and punctuation were all correct, with the exception of the last sentence in the first paragraph being a fragment but possibly intentionally so for the purposes of emphasis similar to how some people use "ain't" for emphasis (eg "Ain't gonna happen!!!" by someone who knows perfectly well that "That isn't going to happen" is the proper grammar.) The word "sheriff" is spelled correctly. The letter reflects a good vocabulary, for example "cleanse" instead of "clean up." So, I believe it is someone with at least a high school education and probably some college.

I also noticed the odd word choice of "your fathers are dogs." That is an unusual insult for an American to use. More common would be for an American to call someone a son of a bitch. However, calling someone a dog is one of the worst, most degrading insults in the Muslim culture. Dogs are considered "unclean" aka "filthy" in middle eastern culture and are generally not kept as pets like they are in America.

The use of "day of reckoning" is not quite as odd as it is a phrase found in the Bible. However, it is almost exclusively how Muslims refer to Judgment Day. Even when the Qaran uses the word "judgment", the word order is "Day of Judgment."

I had two thoughts about the reference to "jews": 1) It wasn't capitalized, which may reflect a lack of respect for Jewish people. 2) The holocaust is a very painful subject for most Jewish people. I don't think a Jewish person would casually bring up the subject of Hitler's genocide of the Jews. I don't think this letter was written by a Jewish person.

I noticed the change between "cleanse America"/"Patriotic Americans" and lastly "God bless the USA." I don't know why the change happened. Also, "God bless the USA" is a somewhat unusual phrase. I think most Americans would say "God bless America" particularly since most of us have sung that song many times since we were little kids.

My conclusion is that this is letter was probably written by a well educated person, who was not raised in America, and who is muslim.

rjb said...

Is there significance to the fact that the word "Muslims" is always preceded by "you?" To me it suggests "you specific Muslims," like the writer has a grudge against the individual(s) that received the letter, but not necessarily Muslims as a whole.

Katrina said...

It was written by a Muslim.

"This is a great time for Patriotic Americans" is analagous to "We are a group of individuals who represent a small foreign faction".

The overly self-conscious attempt at self-reference ie "I am a Patriotic American in case you couldnt tell by the Muslim bashing and Trump loving" gives it away. It was written by a Muslim

Katrina said...

"make it shine again"
the author's first language is Arabic with English as a second language. Born overseas.

Anonymous said...

Police: Six People Shot In Northwest Baltimore; 2 Fatalities
November 30, 2016 8:41 PM

Jon said...

"To the children of Satan".

Starts off politely by addressing the recipient with "To" belying the nature of a threatening letter and follows up with the almost comical "the children of Satan" which doesn't address anyone specifically calling into question the seriousness of the threat.

The writer appears to be well educated with decent use of punctuation and immaculate spelling.

I just can't take this letter seriously, with almost child like insults such as "vile" "filthy" "whores" "dogs". But their priority here is to show that Muslims are the target but when the threat does get made, it's a rather hollow statement "Your day of reckoning has arrived". There is no threat of physical violence, or even a hint that someone is going to do anything.

Then another comical line "There's a new sheriff in town, DJT..." which seems to de-escalate the threat even further whilst giving a secondary priority that "Muslims" are targeted because of "Donald Trump". Saying he's going to "cleanse" America and make it "shine" again puts me in the mind of washing dishes or some other sanitary process but nothing life threatening.

Thinking about the overuse of "you" and "you Muslims" makes the target of these threats sound inappropriately close to the writer, almost like someone who jokingly insults a friend.

And then we have the meme that Donald Trump = Hitler often repeated by MSM without any actual evidence to the extent that it's almost a joke to everyone now - The writer appears to have an inappropriate amount of concern as to the welfare of Muslims telling them they'd be "wise to pack their bags and leave Dodge".

I started off my analysis thinking maybe it could be just a joke by smart young kids who could be white, but now I'm leaning towards the writer possibly being Muslim or close to Muslims. My observations about the writer are:

Well educated
Has issued no physical threat to Muslims
Seems inappropriately close to Muslims and cares about their well-being.

Hey Jude said...

The 'dog and 'whore' insults are those used against 'infidels', Jews, and Christians by some Muslims.

'He's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the Jews' - that threat has a favourable tone for the author. Those raised in cultures which are horrified by what Hitler did to the Jews would not be likely to entertain such a thought as a positive. A Muslim who had been taught to hate Jews might not see that most non-Muslims would find a problem in making that thought.

'You Muslims' is used four times - I wonder would that be as opposed to 'this Muslim', the author.

I also noticed the word 'cleanse' - ethnic cleansing is a theme in the Middle East.

The author wants America to be cleansed and to 'shine' again, where one would expect for the wish to be that America be made 'great' again, as that was Donald Trump's campaign slogan. The author avoids saying that America ever was great, or will be great again.

I think the author is young, and a Muslim, and maybe does not care for being a Muslim. I wonder if the letter was written out of anxiety, by a young girl who is worried by news stories about Trump supporters, and who wants her family to move.

I did also wonder if the author was a white supremacist youth, but the insults are Muslim - and the Jews/Hitler thing - so I say author is Muslim, not necessarily malicious, more anxiety related, perhaps?


I would have liked to have been able to be in or observe the gotomeeting about Madeleine - I will be travelling that day, so even if I could have, I could not. Is there a possibility it could be recorded for general viewing later, or is it only for those who are included? I am curious how a gotomeeting looks and sounds and works.

tania cadogan said...

What stuck out most were the words your fathers are dogs
As has been pointed out the more common usage is Sons of bitches

This does sound as if it was written by someone muslim intent on stirring hatred.

Islam often refers to non muslims women as whores, it is not a phrase commonly heard in general usage by non muslims.

Who benefits from this letter?

Anonymous said...

OM gosh.. What timing!!!!

Gemini said...

Is it possible it was written by a Muslim? I know it sounds strange, but if you read it as if a Muslim was saying it, it sounds the way a Muslim would speak.
"Children of Satan"- Americans don't say this about Muslims. "Vile and filthy people"- that's how Muslims describe pigs. ". "Your mothers are whores and fathers are dogs"- this is how Muslims see Americans. What American would think a Muslim woman is a whore when they are strictly covered? Calling the president elect by his title and full name? A Trump support would just say Trump. This is way too formal. The way he mentions Jews also gives it away. Last but not least... he ends the letter with God bless the USA. It's very similar to the way Muslims end their statements with "Allah is great".

Katrina said...

I think the writer has ties to Russia, something in the linguistics of "make it shine again". I think this is a Russian saying.

Anonymous said...

Also the use of the word "filthy" bc bathing ritualistically is so important to Muslims indicates writer is Muslim.


Anonymous said...

They also think dogs are filthy and avoid them like the plague.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for analyzing Maryanne and Katrina...that was a powerful analysis!


Anonymous said...

Ok tani

Hey Jude said...

Egyptian Muslim cleric calling other Muslims 'infidels, filthy, dogs, and whores'.

Buckley said...

The writer is not that educated but American English is her/his first language.

The salutation is indented poorly- it should be left justified. There are errors: "sherriff" is misspelled, one sentence starts with "And," one with "But,"; these conjunctions should connect clauses within a single sentence, not start a sentence. Some words are capitalized that shouldn't be, "jew" is not and should be.

It uses idioms that those learning English as a second language are less likely to use. "Long live..." "Get out of dodge."

I dispute use of dogs makes it seem like a Muslim. I've heard more from those who don't care for Muslims about how they don't like dogs than I have from Muslims I know. The poster above seems to know it, it's no secret, so not something a non-Muslim wouldn't know about. Talking about making America "shine" is a Reagan thing more than Trump.

The sentence length and vocabulary are on an elementary level. This person has known English for a while but didn't get a college education.

The handwriting also looks like someone who first learned English, more specifically the 26 letter alphabet we use, not Arabic or anAsisn character system.

The thing that does make me question if it's fake hate is the statement about Hiltler (who most any adult age has heard of, btw). Most anti-Muslims compare Muslims to Nazis, not to Jews. In the eyes of many westerners, the analogy used here makes Trump Hitler and Muslims sympathetic victims. That seems out of sync with the rest of it, but I guess it's possible.

Anyone think it's odd "mothers" are before "fathers"? What does that tell us?

Anonymous said...

You forgot to explain why you think the writer is christian. In your first sentence your suspect is christian but NO reasons. Your suspect is white but NO reason why you think that. Are you a college student?

Anonymous said...

Young Immigrants to the US watch hours and hours of american TV for the purpose of learning how we talk. Slang words used. Odd phrases. Real world applicable.

Buckley said...

To add, the statement about Hitler and Jews seems meant to shock more than threaten with violence, and it contradicts the rest of the letter's praise of Trump. If it were really someone who wanted to praise Hitler as great, it would talk about white pride as well as put down Muslims and Jews, imo.

Katrina said...

Buckley, I have known someone who learned Arabic and Arabic writing as their first language and their writing of English letters looked completely normal...if the individual learns English as a child or teenager, you are not going to see any difference in how the letters are written.

I have known Muslims who did not like dogs, they think they are filthy and disgusting and they do not pet them. They will exclaim "oh gross" and run from dogs. This is deeply ingrained in them to think dogs are disgusting.

I did notice sherriff is misspelled, however, that is a fairly common misspelling.

The writer is very educated in my opinion despite the misspellings.

Katrina said...

Also, the letter was written by a female in her 50's.

Katrina said...

There is reason to believe that the writer of the letter is a theater instructor in her 50's. I believe "make it shine" indicates this person instructs high school or college theater and directs musicals.

Katrina said...

The writer suffers from depression, and I think I know why.

Anonymous said...


Katrina said...

I really don't want to's something I'm picking up on from a combination of handwriting characteristics, linguistics, and intuition.

Katrina said...

"Children of Satan"

This person is used to talking to children. Again this reinforces, the writer is a teacher.

Buckley said...

I've read writing of hundreds of non-native speakers and in my job analyze text for complexity. This is written on an elementary school level. This person is not college educated but did learn English at an early age. While unsophisticated and sloppy with rules, uses verbs, contractions, articles and idioms instinctively and correctly. This person learned both cursive and print in grade school. I agree female. I agree at least 50, maybe older.

There is no physical threat to the recipients from the writer.

Katrina said...

"Americans for a Better Way"

There is something of a feminist slant to the "title" of this organization.

Buckley said...

No theater teacher has ever been that cliched and unoriginal. ;)

Anonymous said...

You analyze text for complexity? Does this have to do with creating textbooks for instruction Buckly?

Katrina said...

The writer is a highly intelligent, highly educated feminist who has suffered a loss. English is a second language she learned in childhood--her original language is Arabic. She is in her 50's and teaches theater on a high school level. She is talented at singing but suffers from depression. There is no threat to the recipient. This is more a cry for help.

Buckley said...

Not creating textbooks but 1. selecting instructional materials and 2. Analyzing student writing to gauge if they are proficient at given grade levels. Doing it myself and training teachers to do it.

Katrina said...

If you psychologically analyze the letter, it's clear the writer has done something which has made them feel filthy, guilty and they fear a "day of reckoning"...they feel the need to be cleansed of some "sin".

There is no threat to the recipients.

Anonymous said...

That's interesting sounds like rewarding work and certainly is helpful with statement analysis.

Buckley said...

She's pissed Trump won and wants to make waves. But she's as American as they come.

Anonymous said...

The writer does not capitalize Muslims or Jews. With the level of education otherwise apparent in the letter, that suggests disrespect for members of both of those religions. I would guess the writer identifies as a Christian since God is capitalized.

Buckley said...

I'm impressed she capitalized "Dodge" in "get out of Dodge." But that speaks to cultural literacy more than advanced writing ability. She may have watched "Gunsmoke" but she didn't watch it in her college dorm room.

Anonymous said...

God= Allah

Anonymous said...

Children of Satan sounds like "Children of the Corn".

Does she enjoy watching movies?

Anonymous said...

"there's a new sheriff in town"----Dukes of Hazard"???

Anonymous said...

"He's going to start with you Muslims"----It sounds the writer hates other groups of people also

Anonymous said...

I shouldnt try to analyze things on this blog. I should go back to observing. Im sorry I junked up the feed.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can I be part if the group if only as an observer of thr blog? I have problems typing but I have no problems reading thinking and undersranding but typing is difficult.

Anonymous said...

OT, but I could never find the "20/20" episode with Peter on Nathan Carman. Was it bumped 11/11 for election coverage? When did it or will it air? TIA!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I willlll! Thjjankyou for bringing me back to my youngger days. My fingers are already feeling more nimble!!!!

Anonymous said...

The writer has tics on the letter t of Donald Trumps'name. This indicates anger and since it is always found in the t in Trump it seems the anger is placed on Donald Trump. Therefore, I think the writer doesn't really like Trump,is actually against him. The slash like t crossings show hostility, again towards Trump. The writer is more oriented towards the past than the future making one think that he doesn't want the changes that Trump will bring, is afraid of the future. Also, this writer seems to see himself as a hero and definitely wants attention.

Anonymous said...

I do not think the letter was sent to try to threaten,scare, or intimidate anyone. I think it was sent from someone who does not support Trump and is trying to make him look bad. Or perhaps to make Trump supporters look bad.

I think it was written by someone younger. The (--) after town-- and the (!!) after USA!! are probably more common in younger people, who are used to typing texts and emails. The slang punctuation marks are not as common in someone older, especially when writing instead of typing.

The fact that YOU Muslims is used so often, it leads me to believe this is written by a young Muslim male, perhaps a new convert, really trying to stress the fact this letter was directed towards Muslims.

The fact that women are whores is written before men are dogs, leads me to believe this is a man who is writing it. It is easier to put down the opposite sex, rather than your own sex. The "long live" also leads me to believe it is a young person trying to sound older.

The fact that jews in not capitalized is interesting. I think it was done by accident, because the person is trying to convey sympathy for Jewish people, yet slips in showing no respect, by not capitalizing it.

Sella35 said...

Anon posting 3:43 am is from me, Sella.

Scarlett said...

This was written by a male in his early twenties, born in USA, but with parents born in a muslim country. I would guess Pakistan.

Scarlett said...

God bless the USA? Nope, he is not born in USA, I was wrong about that.
Even I, as a Norwegian, know the phrase is God bless America.

His handwriting looks American, though. Americans have a very distinct way of writing.

Hey Jude said...

I think it was most likely written by a young person because it is addressed to 'children of Satan' - possibly she has other young people in mind- also the insult to 'your mother's' and 'your fathers' is the sort of thing a kid might say - 'yo mamma' schoolyard type of thing. The insults are those she might have learned at home from family members dissing non-Muslims. Also that 'mothers' come before 'fathers' makes me think it was written by a girl.

I think disaffected young Muslim, maybe wishes she was white non-Muslim American.

Some Christians accuse Muslims of worshipping the devil - I don't know if Muslims say that of Christians - I don't think so - Jesus as revered as a prophet within Islam. I think she is levelling insults of various origin upon Muslims because she does not want to be a Muslim.

I think mid to late teen.

I don't think it's strong enough to be a genuine hate letter, or even a hate 'prank', more dislike of her own identity, and anxiety about the attitude or perceived attitude of Trump supporters towards Muslims.

Hey Jude said...

I don't know though - it's such caricature - and the bit about 'Patriotic Americans' does make me wonder if the author could be a young male white supremacist who doesn't consider non Trump supporters to be patriotic, and who maybe has issues with his mother. The author seems removed from those addressed - is that because that is so, or is it a wish by a Muslim to disassociate from Muslims? There is no 'I' or 'we' - only 'you' and 'your'.

So, I don't know, but I would like to know.

Hey Jude said...

Then again, the rhetoric is how (some) Muslims speak, which can seem ridiculous to Western ears - it's also easy to caricature, though.

Hey Jude said...

Could it be that the author is a young American Muslim who would rather just be American, and feels she either is not, or not considered by her schoolmates, to be 'patriotic' or patriotic enough on account of being Muslim? An identity crisis?

Yes, I see I am stuck on it being a girl - I hope it does not turn out to be an 'old white guy'. :) How does the letter not pose a serious challenge to learn about the author?

Buckley said...

"God bless the USA" is a country song by Lee Greenwood. It was released in 1984 and was prominent at the Republican national convention where Reagan was renominated for President.

Franc Jones said...

Someone who knows their grammar, sentence and paragraph structure yet uses such extreme cliches? Handwritten in an exercise book in this day and age? Makes me think of an older person, one not dependent on IT.and possibly little acces to things that money can buy, so a sense of powerlessness. Or a hoax.
There is no direct threat and no use of I or We. After addressing a vague group of people, identified by a notion of lineage to evil personified, the writer uses the first paragraph to make insults in a muslim like manner but directed at 'you muslims', the you serving to emphasise the distance between the writer and this group. . Final sentence of the first para. links into the second where we see that DT is brought in like a knight in shining armour to cleanse and shine. I note the careful use of capital letters for the side of good and not for the side seen as evil, interestingly Hitler is given a respectful capital letter putting him in there with the good side. But this writer doesn't like Jews either as seen in the way it was written as jews. The Hitler reference suggests to me an older person again, do younger people make such references?
I am UK so references to Dodge and sheriff and spelling of this in America is uncertain.
The more I think now the more uncertain I get so I will leave it at this!

Peter Hyatt said...

There are some solid comments here.

When we view a phrase, we consider it as "odds" or "statistics" of "most likely", "more than likely" and so on. This includes the origin of a phrase. We also look for consistency to emerge on its own.

It is very difficult and detailed work, though this sample, like "Relentlessly Gay" is not difficult.

A few comments are quite strong! Those who express good self awareness will find success over time. "Franc Jones" is an example of such: weighing the context of US v UK is smart.

I will post results of analysis after a team of professionals work through it.


Anonymous said...

"you Muslims" vs "the Jews" ... the Muslim religion is sensitive to the writer, and casts aside Jews.

President Trump, Hitler, and Patriotic Americans are all capitalized. Jews and Muslims are not. I wonder if the writer has a deep, personal hatred against Jews and Muslims, perhaps a self-loathing? Is this writer ashamed of being a Jew or a Muslim?

"Long live President Trump" ... the writer is most likely foreign. "Long live ____" is not something American-born and raised people say. Its akin to saying "Long Live the Queen" because we are taught from birth that the president is not a dictator and that his time as Commander in Chief is severely limited. Generally, life-time leaders are included in the "Long live [name]" statements.

Along with the above paragraph, Americans (including Presidential addresses) usually state, "God Bless America" instead of "God Bless the USA"

The last statement, "Americans for a better way" is very confusing to me. Is it a signature? Is it a statement that the writer is an American who is "for a better way of cleansing the US" rather than the process listed above it?


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
OT, but I could never find the "20/20" episode with Peter on Nathan Carman. Was it bumped 11/11 for election coverage? When did it or will it air? TIA!
December 1, 2016 at 1:27 AM

I think he said that he will post air date after getting pushed off for the election but I am not certain.

Anonymous said...

This appears to be written by a Muslim. The insults of "vile" "filthy people", "whores", "dogs" are all common in Muslim culture. Also the idea of cleansing by genocide being introduced, echoes radical Muslim beliefs. The writer compares Trump to Hitler, possibly indicating he does not, in fact, support Trump, as this is a common reference made by anti-Trump persons. The author is well educated in the English language, but due to the use of uncommon phrases like "make it shine", and starting sentences with "And" and "But", leads me to believe English may not be the author's first language. The threat is minimized by the inclusion of movie/television quotes such as "There's a new sheriff in town" and "get out of Dodge." No actual threat is made.

I Believe -
The writer is Muslim
The writer does not support Trump.
The writer speaks English as a second language.
The writer poses no threat to Muslims.
The writer has been in the United States for a long time.
The writer is possibly a teacher or connected to a school in some way.

Michele said...

The comment "Your mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs" brings to mind the Monty Python scene and is almost humorous.
Male, knows something about Muslim culture (which is why the dog insult works) and initially I thought young (even wrote it here), but his words are "older". "New sheriff", "get out of dodge" and "God bless the USA" are all older phrases. The first two from old westerns, the 2nd from the song, which is not heard often now a days.
American who's been overseas (that's where he learned about Muslim culture)

Katrina said...

Off topic: I woke up this morning and it hit me what I think happened in the Sherri Pappini case. I think the hubby had done much if not all of that stuff to Sherri before she disappeared, obviously over the course of time considering she was being starved? Correct? I have only been skimming comments and have not been viewing videos since the initial hubby telling kidnapper to "bring her back". The kids went to daycare during the day even though Sherri was a stay at home Mom, therefore, for all we know he could have had her locked in a room, or refrigerator locked etc during the day while kids at day care. Perhaps Sherri's family would want to see her on Christmas and her hubby needed to come up with the "kidnapping" to explain away why the hell his wife is starved, branded with hair chopped off.

Also, her making a pillow for the family for Christmas and wrapping it so early could be a result of her being locked in a room with nothing else to do. Jmo

Anonymous said...

Written by a middle school age boy?

Anonymous said...

Writer lives in AZ, and is a Hispanic male teenager.

Kimberly Smith said...

Before I read through all the comments, my assessment:

1) Writer was raised in America due to use of colloquialism 'get out of Dodge' where the proper name is even capped
2) Writer is intelligent but has no higher than a high school education; due to proper spelling and good grammar but substandard punctuation
3) Write is male; handwriting is stiff
4) Writer is muslim; 'whores, dogs', 'you muslims' protests to much/fake distancing
5) Writer is an SJW

Katrina said...

I think the note was written by a gay middle-aged male theater teacher who is still in the closet. Why? Use of cliches, enjoyment of films, "cleanse and make it shine" (gay people are compulsively clean), prepccupation with religious guilt). jmo

Katrina said...

Also "Make it shinr"....the writer wants to be a "star" like in Hollywood or American Idol. jmo

tania cadogan said...

Here goes and it is long. My apologies in advance.

To the Children of Satan,

You muslims are a vile and filthy people.

Your Mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs.

You are evil.

You worship the devil.

But, your day of reckoning has arrived.

There's a new sherriff in town -- President Donald Trump.

He's going to cleanse America and make it shine again.

And, he's going to start with you Muslims.

He's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the jews.

You Muslims would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.

This is a great time for Patriotic Americans.

Long live President Trump and God bless the U.S.A!!

Americans fora Better Way


The author knows how to use paragraphs, punctuation and spelling.
English would appear to be their first language and they also appear to have had more than a basic education in English, perhaps college educated.
If I go with the college education, then it is possible that English is their second language.
Bilingual is a possibility to be considered at this point.

Next, the letter itself

To the Children of Satan,
A Polite and full introduction, again this would indicate perhaps college education.
Note the capitalization with Children and Satan, the expected when addressing a letter.
Possible professional employee?

Children of Satan does not sound American.
Islam refers to America as the Great Satan, which would lead me to wonder if this was written by a muslim as opposed to another religion.
Christians do not generally refer to followers of other religions as Children of Satan, they use words (based on the person’s own religious faith or sect) such disbelievers, unbelievers, heathens or the more extreme blasphemers/heretics for the ultra religious extremist churches.
This sounds as though it would be something written by a muslim or someone writing how they think muslims would write, the language they would use, well known though the media.

Your Mothers are whores and your fathers are dogs
This sounds childish, playground name-calling.
Monty Python and the Holy Grail springs to mind.
Order is important and Mothers comes before Fathers.
Insulting the Mother is more important than insulting the Father to the author.
Note also the correct terms of Mother and Father rather than the more common and oft used Mom and Dad.
Is this learned language, the social class or education?
Is this their own day to day language or something copied?
Being somewhat familiar with Islamic insults, this sounds muslim.
In particular as an insult, your fathers are dogs comment is not something heard as part of the regular lexicon of American insults.
Sons of bitches or son of a bitch are common insults in America.

Here though the author does not call the fathers of those he is writing to sons of bitches..

The author called the mothers’ whores NOT dogs.
It is the fathers who are called dogs.
In America and much of the world, dogs are family pets or used to help with work, with animals and in search and rescue or detection.
Calling a woman a bitch is an insult whereas calling a man a dog is more of a compliment, e.g. “You sly old dog”
It is someone who is sly, sneaky, devious or lucky, often in relation to love.
In Islam though, dogs are considered unclean, impure although depending on sect and interpretation of the Koran, some dogs can be kept to help with farm work.
Generally though calling a man a dog is a serious insult in islam.
This would point to the author being muslim as opposed to Christian or other religion.

tania cadogan said...


You are evil.
This is short, specific and a strong statement.

You worship the devil.
Note a change in language.

The author was addressing the Children of Satan.
Now the author changes to worship the devil.
Is the change of language prompted by a change in reality?
You are the children of…
You worship..
Who is the devil if not Satan?
Why not say you worship Satan?
Satan is capitalized, devil isn't

Why not you are the Children of The Devil?

There's a new sherriff in town -- President Donald Trump.
First note we have a full and complete social introduction.
This can speak to a good relationship, real or perceived, between the author and the person introduced.
There is all the correct capitalisation of the title and name again this speaks to education and respect, possibly even social class and nationality.
The use of the Dash (--) separates a strong interruption from the rest of the sentence.
Sherriff(sic) and President Donald Trump.
Note also the spelling mistake with the word Sheriff.
It is one of those words that many, including myself have to think how to spell.
What does the author see as the role of a sheriff?
What is their expection of the new President-Elect?
The use of the phrase “There's a new sheriff in town” speaks to familiarity with the old wild west.
Does this come from history or watching movies and TV shows about the wild west.
It speaks to a new sheriff coming and and getting rid of the bad guys, the corrupt sheriff and marshals and standing up for the law abiding and good citizens of some dusty old town.

It is uniquely American and crops up everywhere

He's going to cleanse America and make it shine again.
This almost sounds as if Donald Trump is the new Messiah.
This would perhaps point the author to being a devout Christian but would they compare Trump to Jesus?

Is this perhaps a comparison to something else?
Ethnic cleansing?

Does Christianity permit or demand the cleansing of non believers?
Does Christianity permit and demand the welcoming of everyone regardless of faith and treating them the same as everyone else, preach tolerance?
Does this perhaps point to some other religious believer pretending to be a Christian?
What other religions demand the cleansing of non believers?
Atheists and agnostics?


However, there is one religion that demands the cleansing of non-believers.


Is this perhaps leakage that the author is leaking their own religious belief whilst pretending to be something else?

tania cadogan said...


make it shine again.
Donald Trump’s motto through the campaign and election was “Make America Great Again”
The quote the authors uses is not the same as the one used during his campaign.
Is this simply a misremembered error?
Given all the publicity during and since, I am not sure.
Is this then something the author wants and expects?
What is their definition of shine?
What is their definition of shine in relation to Trump cleansing America?

And, he's going to start with you Muslims.
And at the beginning of a sentence indicates missing information.
The missing information relates to cleanse, shine and you Muslims.
Does this perhaps mean the author is muslim?
Why distance them self with the phrase you Muslims.
Are there Muslims and YOU Muslims?
Does this perhaps point to sect differences?
Them and us?
What about far-right groups?
Who do they want rid of?
Pretty much everyone non white.
Does this then mean Muslims first followed by Blacks, Hispanics and so on?
This though does not fit in with the author and their perception of Trump.
Trump has spoken only about restricting those from terrorist countries which is pretty much Islam and Muslims.

No mention has been made about restricting other nationals from other countries due to terrorism.
He has spoken and campaigned about combating illegal immigration which would be those coming in from Mexico and from further countries in South America.
This does not though match what the author has said.

tania cadogan said...


He's going to do to you Muslims what Hitler did to the jews.
Note here they capitalise Hitler and uses lower case for the word jews.
The author is fully aware of how to use capitals and where to use them.
That the author uses lower case J for the words Jews speaks of contempt and demeaning.
The author thinks the word unworthy of capitalization.
Could this then point to a far-right follower rather than a Muslim?

The right –right support genocide of Jews and all that Hitler did before and during the 2nd World war.
Even today they advocate a total ban on immigration.

They are racist, xenophobic, anti-integration, certain ethnic, racial or religious groups should stay separate, and that the interests of one's own group should be prioritised.
Which when you think about it is the same as Islam only without the sexual rewards in paradise for men and paedophila.

Unless the author is a right-wing member, Christians as a whole would not be advocating that Their President and by default themselves, would be committing genocide and killing every Muslim.
It is not a concept that any right minded person would ever consider.
W are seeing genocide on an unprecedented scale in Islamic countries.
We are seeing it in Syria as daesh slaughter or enslave Christians, Yazidis and even Muslims of different sects.
We are seeing mass murder in Islamic countries where it is Muslims killing Muslim with occasional events where Christians, Jews and other faiths are either deliberately targeted or they are victims in a generalized atrocity.

Of all religions, only Islam does not preach peace, tolerance or acceptance.
Only Islam demands total submission and conversion or death.
Some may be allowed to live but as sex slaves mainly young women and girls but young boys as well, which is odd since Islam prohibits Homosexuality and demands their execution is painful ways.
This then leads me back to wondering if the author is a muslim, in that they consider and condone genocide against the Jews by Hitler and now today against ‘Muslims’

You Muslims would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.
This is unusually polite and passive.
There is no demand to leave, rather, more general advice to get out.
There is even an allowance of time to pack bags and get out rather than the expected we are coming to get you, leave NOW.
Given we already know this letter is aimed at Muslims, why the need to keep adding the word Muslims?
Is this letter a singular one off aimed at a single Muslim recipient in which case just the word You would be needed, yet the author keeps using You Muslims which would make it sensitive by repetition.

Perhaps this is aimed at a specific type or group of Muslims.
Muslims, of a different sect?
Again we have a Wild West reference.
Somewhat corny.
Is this something they have learned from watching Wild West movies?
It is also somewhat outdated in today’s language.
Western Movies aren’t generally full of corny catchphrases today, it was however prevalent in the 50’s and 60’s both in films and TV series.
Is this then an indication of age?
If so it would point to someone in their 50’s and older.
This would also fit in with the authors use of spelling and grammar, correct social introductions as well as perhaps indicating someone in a position of responsibility perhaps.
The youth of today generally use slang words, abbreviations, text speak and grammar seems to be optional along with spelling when it comes to the written word.
Their history lessons may also be a bit hit and miss especially in relation to Hitler, Jews and the Holocaust.
Something they may have briefly covered in class but not really relevant today as far as they are concerned for most.

tania cadogan said...


This is a great time for Patriotic Americans.
What is their definition of a Patriotic American?
Note they author capitalizes the phrase Patriotic Americans.
This makes it important.
Do they consider themselves to be a Patriotic American as opposed to an American.
I wonder what they considered themselves to be before Trump was elected President?
Did they do or say anything that made them feel more patriotic as opposed to simply American.
Note though the author does not call himself or herself a patriotic American.

There is no us Patriotic Americans.
The author does not say even use the pronoun us in relation to Patriotic Americans.
Is this leakage that the author does not in fact consider himself or herself to be patriotic or even American?

Long live President Trump and God bless the U.S.A!!
This is not something we often hear in relation to western politics and politicians
President Trump is President for a fixed period of time, a maximum of two terms – 8 years total.
This sounds almost as something we would hear in relation to the Middle and Far East.
Dictatorships, lifetime Presidents, beloved leaders, even in some countries with a monarchy.
We don’t say in the West long live The Queen, Long live Prime Minister whoever, Long live president whoever.
In the UK we sing God Save The Queen in our National anthem.
More often we hear God Bless, often in relation to a country or from a leader (American leaders say it a lot).
It also is a line from a patriotic song by Lee Greenwood.

Is this where it is copied from?
To make the author appear to be a Patriotic American?
Note again correct capitalization of title and name, deity and Initials of the country.
I am lazy and I often don’t bother with correct capitalization of names, countries etc if I am writing a general comment or letter.
I have to think about capitals if I am writing something more important or to someone I want to make a point to or to impress.
I can do it if I want to, I tend not to unless I am making a particular point about someone or something that annoys me.
In my case in point, I never capitalize kate and gerry mccann.
It is something trivial and not often noticed.

They do not deserve my respect and capitalization of names and tiles indicate respect.
By using lower case it is my way of making my feelings known.

Americans fora Better Way
With their writing I could not be certain there was a space between for and a.
The gap between the two words was smaller than the gaps between other words.
This sounds false, akin to the ramsey letter allegedly from a foreign faction and signed S.B.T.C

The author signs it on behalf of multiple people but has not said they are writing on behalf of multiple people, in this case Patriotic Americans.
All through this letter there are no pronouns, nothing to take ownership of their words.
They speak of a group yet are not part of that group.
There is the author and there are Patriotic Americans, they are not one and the same.
The author has told us this by their words written and omitted.

Although there is an offensive reference to the holocaust, the letter itself is polite.
This is unexpected from someone claiming to want all Muslims gone both via being deported and killed a la the holocaust..
Given the topic, I would expect strong and hateful language.
I would expect derogatory names used to describe Muslims, ragheads and the like.
They are missing and this is unexpected given the alleged nature of this letter.
It is polite, civil.
Where is the coarse and vulgar language I would expect when telling a group of people they are unwanted and hated and who are being told they face what Hitler did to the Jews?

tania cadogan said...

final cont.

This letter leads me to think college educated older person.
Late 40’s or older given the clich√© language so beloved of old western movies and tv series.
I feel the writer is a woman, the polite language, the passivity rather than the rougher language I would expect from a male.
There is a feminine element in that the author allows for the Muslims to pack their bags and get out of Dodge.
The writing is in print yet it seems that maybe printing is not their usual way of writing.
Is this an attempt to disguise their handwriting?
If so, is it because their handwriting would be easily recognized?
In a hate letter I would expect pressure, leave now, get out.
Not caring if they have to drop everything and run before they get cleansed.

Would a man be so considerate and patient?
There are no pronouns which would make the author take ownership of their words.
If they can’t take ownership I can’t say it for them.
Why would they not take ownership?
They are writing on behalf of someone else.
The someone else are not patriotic Americans since there is no pronoun to indicate unity.
If they are not Patriotic Americans, who are they?
They could be muslim.
I note they don’t said Muslims in general, it specifies you Muslims.
This smacks of a them and us.
Christians are other faiths are tolerant of the different sects and sub sects within their faith even those who are ultra conservative and those who are what the heck lets just have fun, we all worship the same god(s)
The only religion that does not tolerate non believers or even those of other sects is Islam.
We see this daily in the media as they commit atrocity after atrocity against each other even though they are all muslim.

The letter is fake.
It is not fake hate as there is not real hate aimed at anyone.

There is no active threat, it is implied.
There is no risk since the author has not indicated risk.

Who would benefit from this letter then?
Why would they seek to benefit?

Given the brouhaha about Trump apparently unexpectedly winning and him saying out loud what many Americans were thinking.
Given that Democrats, the liberals and those actively seeking to divide America have lost, someone is trying to stir drama and hatred where there is none.
They are trying to incite discord.
I wonder if before this was written, the author broadcast her intent on social media or word of mouth with friends?
I wonder if some sort of fund has been started by the alleged recipient?

Money is a great motivator.
Fame is a great motivator.
Social discord for political reasons is a great motivator.
Claiming hatred and intolerance in an attempt to get better benefits and even laws to protect themselves and their ilk is a great motivator.

LisaB said...

Anonymous said...

I don't think the writer is American. He calls Muslim men dogs, and Americans love dogs. I don't think it would occur to an American to use that phrase, as it insults our beloved pets!

Anonymous said...

Eye witnesses lying in McKnight shooting death? Witness said Grasser was standing over McKnight as he shot a 3rd time. Police said its not true. Grasser was in his own car when he shot McKnight who was just outside of Grassers passenger side door. Witness said McKnight was apologzing. Police said its not true. Protestors say McKnight was lynched. Preliminary says self defense.

C Chang said...

I will like to learn more about this case.

Anonymous said...

Gasser has prior roadrage/assault charge in 2006.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

1. “To the Children of Satan“-The phrasing is Islamic-culture based.
The US is known by Islamic nations as The Great Satan, not adherents to Islam.

2. “You muslims are a vile and filthy people.”- The phrasing “vile and filthy” is common to Islamic culture. Muslim here is intentionally lowercase, as the writer is emphasizing that he/she feels Muslims are being treated, viewed, and treated unfavorably as compared to other peoples.

3. “Your mothers are whores…”- Again, a common Islamic insult to others. Particularly offensive to Muslims, as the man’s honor is directly bound to the purity of the women of his household. It is only redeemable by the shedding of the offender’s blood (Honor killing).

4. “and your fathers are dogs.”- This insult is common in Islam, not to American culture.

5. “You are evil. You worship the devil”- IMO, the writer is anti-Christian and attempting to portray himself/herself as a right-wing Christian(fundamentalist?), using phrases he/she thinks Christians would use. However, “Children of Satan” is a stark, harsh term of judgement for one’s enemy, an insult, and common terminology in Islam. Christians identify non-believers as either unbelievers or by their respective belief system (“Muslim”, “Hindu”, “Buddhist”, “Sikh”, Agnostic, Atheist, pagan, etc.). While ‘Whores” are discussed in the Old Testament, Christians (particularly in American culture), would use the softer term “prostitute” in discussing adultery. Also, Christians would not use insult someone insinuating that of their parent (“Honor thy father and thy mother” is the 5th Commandment-the first 4 pertaining to God). The same goes for “…and your fathers are dogs.”

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

6. “But, your Day of Reckoning has arrived.”- The Day of Reckoning (or Day of Judgement) is one of Islam’s Six Articles of Faith. Again, the phrasing is Islamic culture based. Christians call the final judgement of humanity Judgement Day. Although Day of Judgement may be still be used by Catholic or Anglican sects, it is primarily a medieval term. The Bible consistently calls it “the Day of the Lord”.

7. ”There’s a new sherriff in town—President Donald Trump.”-Contempt shown for those who would enforce the law (particularly, immigration laws), as sherriff is lowercase ( see also second remark above). Sarcasm intended as sherriff is lowercase and yet the formal title is capitalized appropriately-evidencing the writer’s knowledge and command of proper nouns. As the correct titling is President-Elect Donald Trump, the insult is heightened (hazarding a guess that the writer may be angry over the election process as well).

8. ”He’s going to cleanse America and make it shine again.”- Mocking Trump supporters and those voting for Trump (insinuating “white knight” syndrome). Mocking the idea that America will be a better place because Trump is President.

“Cleanse”- invoking imagery of ethnic cleansing; Equating Trump’s campaign platform defining his immigration policy of deporting illegal immigrants, reducing the number of and vetting Muslim immigrants to ethnic cleansing. Again, implying that “muslims” are being demeaned, targeted, victimized. Also, North Americans and many Euopeans use the terms wash or clean (as in, clean up America/clean sweep/clean house politically ). “Cleanse” in response to “filthy” suggest a Muslim author/Muslim sympathizer with knowledge of Muslim culture. In Islamic culture, “cleansing” is in direct correlation to making that which is unholy, holy (i.e. ritual cleansing preceding daily prayers) “Dirty” versus “clean” are more the norm for American culture (playing dirty/getting down and dirty/dirty, rotten son of a gun, etc.). Writer is mocking the idea of America limiting Muslim immigration- as in Trump [and Patriotic Americans] think they’re going to “cleanse” America of Muslims. The writer is attempting to generate sympathy for Muslims and hatred for Trump and Trump-supporters via this “Fake Hate” letter.

“Shine”- “Shine” isn’t a common American colloquialisms. The 5 daily obligatory Islamic prayers are regulated by the movement of the sun. It is quite common to Islamic verbiage:
-“Why Muslim countries fail to shine at Olympic Games” (also
-“Muslim Stars Shine in Euro 2016”-
-Rise and Shine Muslim Women
-“Let Your Light Shine Be An Open Muslim”
“Shine for Syria”
“Indian Golfers Shine At Panasonic Open”
“D.C. Muslims Shine Light on Islamophobia”
“Young Poets Shine At I-Slam:
“Muslim Girls Rise and Shine In Academics”
“Muslim Female Athletes Shine At Asian Games”
“Our Time To Shine”
“Islam From The Start: Let Your Light Shine!”
“kind words shine the moon Islamic story”, “Muslims Shine at PP’s Convention”, “10 Muslim Footballers Who are Set To Shine In 2016/17”, “India Cannot Shine If 170 mn Muslims Remain Poor”, “Afsheen- Muslim baby girl name meaning Shine like a star”, “Muslim Women Shine at the 2011 Microcredit Summit”, etc. (via simple internet search)

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

9. ”And, he’s going to start with you muslims.”- The phrase “going to start with” is unexpected; This missive is directed specifically to “you muslims”. The writer evidences thinking of non-muslim ethnicities/gender groups. The repeated use of “you muslims” is overkill; the author is attempting to make this look and sound like hate speech, but lacks personal animosity toward “muslims” (hence the soft language).

10. “He’s going to do to you muslims what Hitler did to the jews.”- Equating Trump with Hitler. Parallel: the Jews were immigrants to Germany and Poland. Hitler used a Nationalist platform to perpetrate a national “cleansing “, with the Jews being scapegoated.) The writer is likely either Muslim or a pro-Muslim sympathizer/Social Justice Warrior/Community Activist. The writer is casting muslims as “the new jews” and Trump as Hitler. He/she holds Jews in contempt- both lack of capitalization of the word Jew and manipulating and appropriating the Holocaust for this particular personal cause. Note the lack of condemnation of Hitler for the murder of the jews. Note the lack of support or empathy for the jews.

*NOTE: Donald Trump has a well-documented history of supporting the Jewish people /the Jewish Community, making this assertion more sensitive and offensive to Muslims…that they be treated like their historically sworn enemies, the Jews.

11. “You muslims would be wise to pack your bags and get out of Dodge.”- The writer is evidencing a good command of puns, playing off the contemptuous “ the new sherriff”, with the Gunsmoke (old television western series) line “get out of Dodge”. The writer is not necessarily middle-aged or older, as the phrase is commonly used by millennials to describe escaping one’s job for vacation or escaping an impending weather-related storm.

12. “This is a great time for Patriotic Americans.”- Contempt and sarcasmt. As Tania pointed out (December 1, 2016 at 9:43 PM), the writer does not include himself as a Patriotic American. Here, the writer mentally differentiates Americans into two classes with the use of the adjective “Patriotic”. Capitalization of the word patriotic evidences contempt. By asserting this is a great time for “Patriotic Americans”, the author is conversely saying it is not a great time for other Americans. Why? Because there’s a new sherriff in town.

13. “Long live President Trump…”- Biting sarcasm, mocking Trump’s ascendency to “the throne”. European/Canadian phrasing with “Long live…”. Traditionally, in countries with reigning monarchs, the death of the former monarch was announced and the transition of power/control heralded with “Long live…”. The writer may be contemptuous of Europeans, as well as Americans.

14. ”… and God bless the U.S.A.!!.”- IMO, the writer is sarcastically referencing “God bless the U.S.A.” bumper stickers found on vehicles nationwide (as well as baseball caps)- not necessarily referencing the Lee Greenwood song by the same name.

15. “Americans for a better way”-Heavy sarcasm evidenced with “better way”, in conjunction with the references to ethnic cleansing, Hitler’s persecution of the Jews, the Holocaust, President Donald Trump (incorrect title He is President-Elect Donald Trump), specifying Patriotic Americans, etc.. Note that Patriotic Americans has become Americans

This missive is not hate mail/hate speech directed to Muslims. It is actually thinly disguised Anti-Trump rhetoric. In the guise of a message to “muslims”, it is intended to anger Muslims, escalate mistrust/suspicion/divisiveness between Muslims and non-Muslims, and provoke “Social Justice Warriors” to “come to their defense”. It’s attacking nationalists/conservatives- those who support border controls, limited immigration, vetting of immigrants, and deportation of illegal aliens. Those who value national security, personal security, Constitutional personal freedoms , a strong economy, personal responsibility, respect for authority and the legal process, and stable employment, and civic responsibility.

Foolsfeedonfolly said...

This reads more like a free-lance Op-Ed piece to me. It reads as caustic-parroting that which has been attributed to Donald Trump and Trump supporters by Liberals,the Left, and the media.

I'm guessing (literally):

-Leaning toward 20-30 yr old as the letter formation is more characteristic of immature "scrawling"
-Possibly male, as feminine writing is often embellished with "flourishes" (tends to be more stylized). Having 6 nephews, this looks really similar to the way a young 15-26 yr old male writes in my experience.
-Social Justice/Community Activist mentality (writing a pseudo-warning letter to draw attention to a cause)
-Liberal ("going to start with you muslims"-presupposes other groups are on "the new sherriff's" agenda as well)
-Possibly, English as a second language,learned early. Per the writing style: y's, k's, and t's are very carefully constructed. Most other letters are scrawled and misshapen, even within the same sentence (but not pronounced, as in attempting to disguise one's style). "To" starts off strong and large, but "Children of Satan" gets smaller as the line is written. Similarly, "mothers are whores", "fathers are dogs", "the devil" all appear slightly smaller as if the writer is not committed to the insult.

Anyone else find it odd that it's written on what appears to be spiral notebook paper?

Nic said...
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Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...

"You are a vile and filthy people"

Addressing an entire group, much like all whites, regardless of religion are classified as, "infidels".

But your day of reckoning has arrived.

What follows "but" is what is important: The day to fulfil your promise/obligation has arrived.


IMO, this letter was written by a muslim. It is properly formatted, and the grammar, spelling, and punctuation indicate that the author was educated in the American education system. IMO, it was written by a leader (to the children of satan).

Allahu Akbar ("God is the greatest") was also Libya's national anthem from 1969 to 2011 hence the possible reference to the song "God Bless the USA" (USA in error of America). Could saying "God Bless the USA" be a subliminal "Allahu Akbar" cheer?

I could be wrong, but to me this sounds like a call to arms, using a "fake hate" platform as a means to talk to their people.


Nic said...

IMO, although the author signed the letter from "Americans for a Better Way", the real threat identified is Donald Trump.

Buckley said...

There is another version sent that reads verbatim, but has a little circle over the "i" in "children" that made me think female.

Nic said...

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

IMO, this letter is rich in NTP - that an American wrote this letter.

Reference to "western" movies (makes me think of John Wayne)/pop culture influence and idolizing (entertainment which is forbidden under Sharia law), and the patriotism continually referenced throughout. All they missed was baseball and apple pie.

The deity reference bothers me. In this instance it makes me think of "oath" which is a promise to do something, which also speaks to "day of reckoning".


Buckley said...

In fact, it has multiple "I"s with circles. It seems like the same handwriting otherwise. Interesting that, as far as I can tell, the wording is exactly the same. Same indentation/spacing for header and salutation as well.

That wording doesn't change at all makes me think someone is copying it- so possible the person putting it to page isn't the same one who composed it in the first place.

Nic said...

The opening salutation "to", is written like it's a title. IMO, this is an announcement.

"Pack your bags and get out of Dodge", makes me think the reader is being directed -- to take to the streets.

"Pack your bags" is unnecessary wording. If you're leaving for good, it's assumed you will pack/take your belongings with you, making "packed" bags, sensitive.

My imagination is running with this letter!

Nic said...

Buckly said;
"God bless the USA" is a country song by Lee Greenwood. It was released in 1984 and was prominent at the Republican national convention where Reagan was renominated for President.

Thanks, Buckly. This is very interesting. It speaks to "conservatism" and the (new) political climate. Less socialism, more capitalism.

Buckley said...

It speaks to culture and religion; I don't see that it speaks to economics.

Nic said...

Tania said,

Western Movies aren’t generally full of corny catchphrases today, it was however prevalent in the 50’s and 60’s both in films and TV series.
Is this then an indication of age?
If so it would point to someone in their 50’s and older.
This would also fit in with the authors use of spelling and grammar, correct social introductions as well as perhaps indicating someone in a position of responsibility perhaps.

I agree!

Nic said...

Buckley said,
It speaks to culture and religion; I don't see that it speaks to economics.

I was referring to the song having prominent play at the national convention. Further to that, Reagan was a movie star back in the 50's and 60's and even starred in westerns.

It's an observation.

Nic said...

foolsfeedonfolly said,
“Cleanse”- invoking imagery of ethnic cleansing; Equating Trump’s campaign platform defining his immigration policy of deporting illegal immigrants, reducing the number of and vetting Muslim immigrants to ethnic cleansing.[...] Writer is mocking the idea of America limiting Muslim immigration- as in Trump [and Patriotic Americans] think they’re going to “cleanse” America of Muslims. The writer is attempting to generate sympathy for Muslims and hatred for Trump and Trump-supporters via this “Fake Hate” letter.

Well said.

Nic said...

Foolsfeedonfolly said,
Anyone else find it odd that it's written on what appears to be spiral notebook paper?

It was one of the first things I noticed. My kids are in high school and use binder paper for their three ring binders, not spiral, which makes me think it's someone older.


Nic said...

Two things: 1) the handwritten note, and 2) "shiny"

1) Speaking from a Canadian's perspective, our kids today learn to print, but they don't learn cursive. Girls usually enjoy teaching themselves, anyway, but generally speaking, boys won't make the effort. I think (<-- weakness) it is because mastering the fine dexterity skill (holding the pencil correctly and making small lines) is a lot of effort to begin with. Learning cursive, when they have access to a notepad/keyboard, in the classroom is more than required, so they have a tendency not to bother.

I believe the author is male.

2) I researched "shiny". It made me think of shiny like a new penny, and also Rihanna's "Diamond" song which is now stuck in my head. But aside from this (shining bright like a diamond, in the sky, becoming one, etc. which was popular in 2011,) it appeared in a TV series "by Joss Whedon's TV show Firefly. Ex: "Everything's shiny, Captain." Kalee to Captain Mal, explaining that ship is not about to crash. and it was apparently made popular on the Colorado College campus which I'm thinking may be relevant. This Colorado reference was first submitted in 2003 but updated later in 2011.

Fromt he online slang dictionary:

I believe the author is an educated, white collar male (takes notes in a spiral binder so attends meetings,) of Libyan descent, but who was born in the US and educated in the US. The author is muslim and speaks Arabic and English fluently, Arabic being his mother tongue. I believe the note is fake hate (in terms what he wants us to believe the target is and by whom it is made,) and I believe there is no threat being made by the author against the muslim community.

Instead this note is an announcement to his people to "wake up" and prepare to fulfill their promise to Allah. So there is a threat here, but it is against an ideology (Donald Trump, his supporters and the against the new agenda/change in political climate in which the US economy will be directed for the next four to eight years. The perceived threat is actually the uprising of the American middle class, essentially neighbours and everyday people muslims come into contact with.


Nic said...

Something else I noted, the letter was written in pencil. So could the author be an engineer, a mathematician, statistician, draftsman, digital designer, tradesman (heavy-leaded pencil).

Just some thoughts.

Peter Hyatt said...

Nic said...
Something else I noted, the letter was written in pencil. So could the author be an engineer, a mathematician, statistician, draftsman, digital designer, tradesman (heavy-leaded pencil).

Just some thoughts.


throwing this out there as "just some thoughts" is a good practice. You are not making any declarations, nor digging your heels into any position, but "just" throwing out some ideas for consideration is how success in this is found.

It is the novelty that is so destructive to this work, while revealing the personality that refuses to yield. Once in a blue moon the novelty may hit, but it is more akin to that book on the Ramsey ransom note that said, "this means that, and that means this" definitively.

Try applying THAT to other statements and see what happens!

The open-mindedness allows me to disagree with you, but more importantly, for you to disagree with you, as you continue to work through a statement.


Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nic said...

Thanks, Peter. Further to the possibility of the author's background, it's actually a red herring. Thinking more about it, whomever the author is, they were schooled during a time when there was paper and pencil in the classroom. Moreover, the most "secure platform" is ... paper! It's actually ingenious of the author to write and disseminate via paper and post, and harness the raw political climate and have news report/disseminate electronically for them. Aside from where the letter was mailed, it cannot be traced back them via electronic investigation/ISP. And who can say with certainty that the letter was indeed mailed in the city it was postmarked from.

Whoever authored this letter networks covertly using the most secure means known to man: paper. It cannot be intercepted and it cannot be traced.

It's interesting what is old is new again.