Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Kathy Marah Tu Statement of Attack

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What can we tell from her statement?

In just simple, "101" deception detection, consider that an assault is a very personal, intrusive action of which truthful language will reflect.  Passive voice tells us the subject is concealing something. 
We also note that police are often good at labeling something "story telling" without always being able to explain why. 

It is the Narrative Voice that we note of. 

Narrative Voice is story telling, including the logical placement of emotions.  In actual attacks, the emotions come after the assault not during.  

We may also consider that there are many indicators of deception that can be noted.  How many can you find? 

Note such things as "story" and "I am sorry" in her language.  

Note the gratuitous use of politically correct language as she seeks support from the powerful victim status mentality:  "my fellow" and lists "Asian Americans, LGBT community, People of Color..."

Her use of passivity is fascinating about being handcuffed with the usual "police jargon."

Being handcuffed is a traumatic event as it leaves one utterly vulnerable, restricting the natural inclination of self defense (this is even more acute if handcuffed behind the back). 

Police departments have denied any involvement with her.  

"I was stop in my tracked by a white male, who yelled at me to 'Go back to Asia.' I pretended to not hear any thing and continue on walking since I didn't want to create conflict. Shortly after that moment, I was stopped by that same man who told me 'Don't you know it's disrespectful to walk away from someone when they are talking to you?"

Note the indicators of deception above, including the confused communicative language.  
Advanced analysis will search for both content and projection, as well as a psychological profile of Kathy Marah Tu.  

In her post, Tu wrote that the man grabbed her wrist and threatened to fight her, so she punched him in the throat.  Note the "super hero" status she obtains for herself.  

"His friends who were watching the entire situation go down saw that I was going to the win fight and came over to his rescue and accused me of assaulting him and called the police," she wrote.
She said police handcuffed her, checked her criminal history and let her go with a warning.
In its tweet Thursday, UMPD said they did not respond to the incident and asked Tu to contact police. "UMPD was not involved but want to talk to the female who posted this on social media," the 2:45 p.m. tweet said.

Tu's Facebook post had more than 17,000 shares and 30,000 reactions as of Thursday evening.

Fake Hate  


Michele said...

Did anyone watch Ashley Banfield last night? She played parts of an interview with Todd Kohlhepp's Mom. Her statements were fascinating and scary. I'm going to look for a transcript of them.

Hey Jude said...

The part which jumped out at me was when she said she would give him one minute to let go of her wrist. A whole minute, and like she is setting 'the rules' in a hostile encounter with a physically stronger person - a minute would be a very long time to be willing to allow a stranger to hang onto her wrist in the alleged circumstance.

Also she describes the exchange as 'conversation' - that is a too friendly term for a prolonged and unwelcome interaction with a stranger.

Buckley said...


I was in a workshop for educators today on determining text complexity and creating text dependent questions for students. We read this short story called "Attention Johnny America please read" which details a story of this man who gets beaten by a superhero, whose wife leaves him... I saw all these signs of deception from the narrator and when it was time to discuss in groups I half-yelled "He's a liar!" The group looked at me like I was crazy :/

MARY ANN said...


I saw the 48 hours interview with Todd Kohlhepp's mom and to say she's in denial is an understatement. She said he wasn't a monster since he killed out of "anger" because his victims supposedly taunted and made fun of him almost excusing it.

When she tried to make him out the hero for not killing that poor woman and kept her chained up and prisoner for 2 months, saying he "made her comfortable" I'd like to know what her definition of comfortable is. It definitely isn't watching your boyfriend murdered in front of you and then chained up like a dog not knowing when you're next and god knows what he did to her. I don't believe her when she says that he didn't rape or molest her because he would have told her if he did and that goes for her saying that there aren't any other victims because he would have told her that as well.

After watching the interview, she definitely enabled him to continue to victimize and although she's not responsible for what he did she didn't do anything to stop him. He started his psychopathic behavior early and she seemed to have made continual excuses/denials for it. After he went to jail as a teenager for raping his neighbor that should have been a major red flag that something was drastically wrong with him but instead she continued to excuse and deny saying that she was trying to give him chance to integrate into society.

This monster is the ultimate psychopath - if he wants something that other people have, he takes it and has left 7 families totally devastated and children without fathers, wives with out husbands, a husband without his wife and son - infuriating.

I hope they throw the book at him.

Anonymous said...

"saw that I was going to the win fight"

This is a very odd statement to make when claiming assault and harassment...


Jon The Layman said...

"Oh wow, she's so beautiful. She couldn't possibly lie, women don't lie and they literally don't fart either".

Some times I wonder if this is the mentality of the mindless majority these days who place "listen and believe" mantra over honest enquiry.

Zsuzsanna said...

”Here is my final statement to you sir. I am sorry [...] "

And we are to believe she was the victim of assault? Calling him "sir" and apologizing?

Zsuzsanna said...


Zsuzsanna said...

The thing about holding her wrist for "literally" 1 minute jumped out at me, too.

Zsuzsanna said...

@ Michele and Mary Ann

From what I read, he started getting in trouble with the law at age 9. The mother had obviously failed to raise a decent human being from the start, which would explain her statements now. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Allen said...

I'll just spit it out. DB was a cow tipper, always after midnight, noone ever saw him do it, blamed our friend Steve, to the point he became known as "cow-tipping Steve". Steve took the heat for him, he had no choice. Old man Johnson had a heart attack right out there in the fields when he saw 3 of his cows tipped over for the 3rd time. Poor Steve couldnt go anywhere after the Old man's heart attack without hearing shouts of "Hey you flippin' cow-tipper". The ridicule ate away at him. Can you imagine? Tossed and turned at night hearing echoes of "cow-tipper! Flippin cow-tipper!" Started drinking. First beer, then whiskey. Last I heard Steve was in bad shape. Real bad. Anyway, that is the secret lie. Not a secret anymore.

Tiffany2009 said...

Thank you Allen. Please know youve done the right thing sharing. My thoughts are with Steve...it sounds like he has shouldered an enormous burden all these years.

Anonymous said...

I just read something on fb that I think was an odd piece of info for someone to share publically and then when I reread it, I started thinking the person may be fabricating it. Regardless I dont understand why someone would have publically shared the info.

Trigger said...

"here is my final statement to you, sir"

If I had been assaulted by a hater, I would not call my attacker "sir"

Wally said...

At what age did DB first tip over a cow?

Allen said...

Wally I dont know. But I know he always targeted spotted cows. Does that mean anything Wally?

Wally said...

Allen, yes, yes it does. Please let me process this information.

Hey Jude said...

Since earlier, I also wondered:

'A white male' what? - because at the start of her account she doesn't actually say that a man stopped her.

Next he becomes 'that same man', yet initially he was not defined as a man.
Next, 'all of a sudden, I felt someone grab me by the wrist'
'It was the same guy'
Then he is 'this guy'
next he is 'the man that assaulted me' - they are all the same 'white male', who was not identified as an individual man, or as someone, or as a guy, at the start. That makes me wonder - Is her complaint against the 'white male' in general.

'I honestly did not know what to say' - attention to what is stated in the negative - she had plenty to say/write, if not honestly.

'I didn't want to create conflict.' - again, attention to what is stated in the negative. She has written/created a story in which there is much conflict.

She claims he said she only got into her college due to affirmative action - it is likely a sore point for her, that some people might think that as she finds it necessary to write of her hard work and college offers.

Why would she call it a conversation, and tell him which university she attended, if she did not want that conversation?

'He actually dared to punch me (more than once). Things got serious really quick cause kathy doesn't mess round with that stuff.'

Things would already have been serious by that point - she only says things got serious after she says he punched her more than once. What is more than once - twice, not twice, five times? She would know if it was twice or more than twice. It's interesting she is now 'kathy', yet without a capital K, rather than 'I'. Is she stressed by lying at that point?

She is strangely boastful about her self defence skills, that she was going to win the fight, and that the man needed rescuing by his friends. It is strange for a woman to have, or to say that she had a fight with an unknown man in the street.

'At first I was really upset but now I am really grateful he did that to me. it has given me an opportunity to speak up.'

One does not need to be assaulted in order to 'speak up' on the subjects of racism or discrimination.

'You have relit a burning passion in my soul' - an already burning passion does not need to be relit. Might that mean she has made up similar stories in the past?

Most of it is in past tense, yet towards the end she goes in and out of the present tense.

I think she has likely cobbled together snippets of hostile conversation she has either been part of, overheard in the past, or engaged in online. The story-telling is her agenda, addressing her grievances, issues and complaints against white men who hold such attitudes, but basically her story is as 'unimaginable', as first she says. I find her tone to be arrogant, superior, and aggressive.

She tells her readers that she has self-defence skills, yet allows herself to be manhandled and punched 'more than once' before she gets round to using them - so effectively that the imaginary despised privileged white male needs rescuing by his friends, the inference being that as they watched and did not intervene on her behalf, they were all as bad as him.

I think she enjoyed writing her story - she describes the insults as 'conversation' - one has to engage and be interested in order for there to be conversation - conversation is friendly, whereas an argument, disagreement, or heated exchange would be more fitting to what she describes.

Nic said...


I'm reading a recent headline that HRC's popular vote leads expands to over 1 million.

So I googled the population of the USA. As of 2014 it was 318.9 million. I realize that is consensus data, not eligible voter data, but the number does put things into perspective.

What I'm surprised most about this story topic is that the vocal demonstrators think that a "first past the post" electoral system result actually applies to the US election. I wish MSM would stop the "popular vote" narrative. It doesn't apply! Oh, wait a minute, that is the point. Same 'ol, same 'ol.


Hey Jude said...

She is not that bright, to also make up that the police were called and attended, and that she was handcuffed. If none of that is true, there should be consequences. To claim to have been handcuffed etc, if it did not happen, which appears to be the case, was also to seek to cast the police in a negative light. Then to add all those hashtags as a rallying cry - twitter hashtags are like a form of tribal warfare in themselves. She stopped short of #policebrutality - maybe she hoped someone else would claim that on her behalf.

What could they do though if she didn't file a false report, but rather 'only' posted one online?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see 60 min with Donald Trump and hear that he said he is not accepting any salary for being President? I think that is really admirable and I loved Melania's dress. I think she will be the best First Lady ever! :)

New here said...

Hehe...oh, nothing like that...it was written on my forehead! I already washed it off and I forget what it said. Thanks!

BallBounces said...

This narrative is so obviously false if Statement Analysis did not exist it would have to be invented just to deal with it!

Anonymous said...

Story sounds alittle flirtatious. She states a specific location and witnesses. She may have had an argument with someone she's familiar with. Shes lashing out. Trying to shame. Need to impress about academics. Need to persuade that she's not just good enough, but better. She isnt afraid. She may've baited the familiar male for an intended altercation to make up a story thats has a few elements of fact. She was looking for Headline trouble. She didnt call the cops they did. The first to complain is often believed. Thats why she posted online. She planned an altercation that didnt go quite as planned and shes trying to save face by posting online.

Two years in jail.

Anonymous said...


Can statement analysis be used on Twitter statements? I'm curious if your principles have to be adapted at all to compensate for short-handed or fragmented sentences.

Thank you,

Anonymous said...

OK, this thing keeps popping up in my fb newsfeed, as people tell this person how wonderful they are, and although this person is claiming they have done something kind, I would not publicize if a student confided in me. Having done SA on it, I think the individual who posted this is making it up. Please tell me if this is fabricated. Because I am very curious. I think it has indicators of fabrication. Any thoughts?

"As a teacher I get to experience many emotions when dealing with my cherubs. Many highs with lots of laughter...but today one of my little loves told me the most horrific story about their home. I sat, listened, and the child ended with "You will help me right?" All I could do was say "Yes Little One...I will try." So let's all send out a hopeful cheer that tonight this little person will be safe and ok."

Hey Jude said...

Even if you made that up, don't be with people who would write on your skin when you are asleep.


I think that would be an inappropriate way for a teacher to speak of her/his pupils. 'Cherubs, little loves, Little One, little person' - he/she probably hates kids. What is 'try?' - if the child needs help, and the teacher has tried, she/he might as well have gone on and said how she tried and that she or he had called child services. Getting people to 'send out a hopeful cheer' on Facebook is not trying for anything except attention. It sounds like a load of rubbish, to me. Teachers don't speak in such sentimental terms about their charges - none I know, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jude, Great points--I agree!

I noticed what Peter often points out...the first thing a person says is often the most important part of the statement, what the statement is about, and this individual says "As a teacher I get to experience many emotions when dealing with my cherubs."

The post is about the teacher, not the student.

I also noticed as you did the many changes in noun (interesting how you feel the terms may be an overcompensation for actually hating kids)..."cherubs, little loves, Little One, little person", and in fact this may be the strongest indicator of fabrication imo. That and the temporal lacunae where the teacher begins sitting and listening after the "little love" had already told the "horrific story"...I think it is an example of temporal lacunae, but I'm not sure if it is within this specific architecture of the language.

Thanks for feedback, it kept popping up in my feed and was giving me a bad feeling like the teacher was lying for attention.

Buckley said...

Is the person who posted this male or female...I can't tell from your description as you call him/her "person", "individual", and "they".

Just curious

Anonymous said...

The person who posted it is female...I was trying to be gender-neutral in description to fully conceal her identity...kinda silly I guess...

Anonymous said...

IMO it reeks of a manipulation tactic regularly used by narcissists.

She (or he) wants her audience to think she's concerned about a student and asking for prayers. She could do that in 1 or 2 sentences.

Her real intent is to covertly incite admiration and get attention. I've seen and heard this kind of thing more than I care to by all the pathological narcissists I've had (and still have) the misfortune of dealing with in my life.

There are too many clichéd terms of endearment: "my cherubs", "one of my little loves", "Little One", "hopeful cheer". Overkill. They use cliches because they have no empathy or love of their own to express.

And "the highs with lows of laughter"? This is to convey that her classroom is a PERFECT place and good times are had by all. I keep picturing Snow White playing with her animal friends.

"I sat, listened,..." is extra info. It's to drive home how she truly cares about their wellbeing and takes time to talk to them about their problems. This makes her seem loving, selfless, concerned, and nurturing. I bet she's quite the opposite in the privacy of her own home and mind.

And whatever this alleged "horrible" event was...well she's such a wonderful teacher that the student has trusted HER with the secret and enlisted her to solve the problem. This is probably a lie, or severe exaggeration.

I think she needs attention and to be perceived as the perfect person, teacher, mother (to-be?), etc to gain admiration (and/or convince a doubter).

And if you're asking for analysis then you must have sensed something off about her before she posted this. Keep your eyes open and keep your distance.

Anonymous said...

Me again. BTW...narcissists have no boundaries. So even if the student really did confide in her, she would not care about privacy (aside from her own). Everything is about the narcissist and little things like ethics, morals, and individual rights and freedoms get in the way of their goal - to win. They are relentless and unyielding.

They WILL do what they want. PERIOD. And if you even accidentally remind them of the billions of other deserving people in the world, you will become their enemy and they will seek revenge, and not just once.

40 hours a week. 52 weeks a year. For over 9 years. I know what I'm talking about.

Anonymous said...

Anon you wrote:

"Her real intent is to covertly incite admiration and get attention. I've seen and heard this kind of thing more than I care to by all the pathological narcissists I've had (and still have) the misfortune of dealing with in my life.

There are too many clichéd terms of endearment: "my cherubs", "one of my little loves", "Little One", "hopeful cheer". Overkill. They use cliches because they have no empathy or love of their own to express.

And "the highs with lows of laughter"? This is to convey that her classroom is a PERFECT place and good times are had by all. I keep picturing Snow White playing with her animal friends."

This is quite fascinating to me how you broke this post down and explained it. I am sorry that you are dealing with many narcissists in your life. It's interesting to hear you point out some things I found strange about the post and attribute it to narcissism. This woman comes off as being "perfect" like as how you describe 'all is perfect in her life, Snow White with animals frolicking, and I did think it was weird, her personna in the past has almost evoked a negative feeling from me, but I told myself maybe that it was just not nice to feel that way. With this fb post that I posted here though (which by the way received MASSIVE amounts of admiration and praise on FB) I kept having the physical sensation everytime it would pop up and I would read it of wanting to protect my stomach?!?! Again though, I always just figure maybe my life is just messed up and other people could possibly be perfect, but I felt skeptical of her facebook post for several reasons.

I am sorry that you are dealing with narcissists...their ability to manipulate is disturbing...and as you pointed out, they have some very devious covert tactics they use that can sometimes be hard to spot and identify. I find that oftentimes with some narcissists I get the feeling of prickly energy coming off of them and I get a "flight" reaction of wanting to physically get away from them although they pose no immediate physical threat. I used to discount these physical "warnings" from my own body, but I find that for whatever reason, I think we can all sense in this way and get these physical sensations to warn us of malevolent people who may not be physically harmful but could be very harmful emotionally. It is amazing how many people seem to not "get it" and shower these people with praise and worship. I don't get it...I get strong physical feelings of prickly energy or even sharp energy coming off of these people. But I think I may be overly sensitive.

Thank you for your interesting and helpful post.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Hadsell sentenced to 20 years on ammo possession charge

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Wesley Hadsell was sentenced Tuesday to 20 years in prison for being a felon in possession of ammunition.

Investigators found ammunition in Hadsell’s hotel room in 2015 while they were searching for his then missing adopted daughter, Anjelica “AJ” Hadsell.

AJ Hadsell went missing in March 2015, and was later found dead on an abandoned property some 50 miles from her home.

Wesley Hadsell was arrested during the search. He became a person of interest in the case, but never became a suspect.

Read More:


Anonymous said...

Cow tipping is a myth FYI!

Anonymous said...

Please, have a look at critique. It's clearly amateur but I think I'm on the right track. PLEASE let me know if I'm all wrong so I can take it down if necessary.

Behold, my analysis of the swastika graffiti in Wellsville, New York:


Anonymous said...

Corection - Please have a look AND critique...