Wednesday, November 9, 2016

POLL: Will Barak Obama Issue Presidential Pardon of Hillary Clinton?

Pardons can take place before, during and after adjudication. People can be pardoned before being charged. The alleged crimes include the period of time as Secretary of State where hundreds of millions of dollars processed through her and/or her foundation, and the Clinton foundation donors were given huge government contracts, etc. Perjury. All crimes related to the Clinton Foundation, including insider trading, illegal acceptance, any potential tax or non-profit laws... and any crimes regarding the private server, including perjury. FBI Director Comey made a lengthy list of all the infractions where those who have committed far less have been imprisoned, before recommending no prosecution to the justice department that has been alleged to have been corrupt. A presidential pardon would be all inclusive and even preempt a trial or investigation.


Anonymous said...

Can someone be pardoned from a crime of which that have not yet been found guilty, or even charged?

Buckley said...

You mean like Ford did for Nixon?

Anonymous said...

the pardon means just that: pardon from all crimes, whether formerly charged, convicted, and so on. It can preempt a trial

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Ford pardoning Nixon is a good example.

Hillary could be facing a myriad of charges, including the massive "pay for play" selling of United States' interests, the exploitation of Haiti, part of Africa, and all the attendant crimes. This could go into the hundreds of millions.

Then there are the Wikileaks issues ranging from insider trading, inappropriate use of funds, illegal acceptance, perjury, and all things related to the Clinton Foundation.

Lastly, the scandal of the private server. James Comey outlined all the infractions that could have put her in prison but then announced that they were not recommended charges. We will likely learn, one day, why this was done. I personally hope that the young man who took a photo of a sub on his iPhone will get a pardon from President Trump.

A pardon would include any and everything, including that which is not even under indictment.

I am curious not only as to the results of the poll, but opinions about it as well.

Will Obama have to pardon her? We know that he lied to the American people about the server, as well as what we may learn in the Iran ransom scandal, including the delivery of currencies of which he was also caught lying about.

As a candidate, Donald Trump pledged that she will be investigated.

Do you think Obama will pardon her before hand?

thank you,


Silent Majority said...

Peter said:
Lastly, the scandal of the private server. James Comey outlined all the infractions that could have put her in prison but then announced that they were not recommended charges. We will likely learn, one day, why this was done. I personally hope that the young man who took a photo of a sub on his iPhone will get a pardon from President Trump.

I applied the principles I learned here to note that Comey said the issue of the private server was a closed one. HOWEVER, he did NOT say that there would not be new charges placed as a result of the content of the newly recovered emails that describe black market baby selling, irresponsible handling of Benghazi, and conspiracy to delete emails that could incriminate Hillary.

Interestingly, though I do not know how many have voted, 100% say there will be a presidential pardon.

Anonymous said...

Im thrilled about the Trump win Peter. Its disturbing to protesters burning American flags, smashing windows, destroying property and running over people with cars. It seems these "moral narcissists" who support Hillary are thugs at heart. Regarding Obama, I think he may not want to touch that hot potato of Hillary's crimes and therefore he may not pardon her, unless the Clintons also have him under their control.

Anonymous said...

sorry it should say "its disturbing to see protesters...."

Anonymous said...

Silent, Black market baby selling? Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Trump has the big broom now to clean house. From UK DailyMail.
Trump's election victory has resulted in near panic among elite and liberal circles. Some weeping neo-Cons claim this moment marks 'the end of the West'. It is more like the end of them.

lynda said...

This is so distressing.

Trump has made no bones about, or has had no trouble saying, that HRC should be in jail and that he will do so.

He has to be very careful here because well, that's what DICTATORS do! They round up all their political enemies and throw them in jail. If the Justice Dept. has said they are not bringing charges, to keep pursuing it would be out of vindictiveness and retaliation. That's what the Justice Dept. is for. Whether right or wrong, politically motivated or not, what the Justice Dept. decides should stand IMO.

Layla said...

No, it's not the same as what dictators do to their opponents. Hillary has committed horrible crimes. That is probably half the reason she was running for President was to avoid prosecution, and it worked. Hillary quoted scripture towards the end of her concession speech (although I believe she actually made up the Biblical quote bc I dont believe it says what she specifically says anywhere in the Bible)) was based on the Biblical saying that "as we sow, so shall we reap".....she distorted the quote to make herself look angelic,saying 'do not grow weary of doing good for in due time you will reap the bounty (paraphrased) I honestly think she'sscared that all her evil deeds even from way back are catching up with her.

Anonymous said...

I'm more concerned of the Admin widening the foreign entanglement wars before Janurary 2017. Best option about HRC criminal acts is to encourage a mainstream indepth 'real' journalism to dig and expose the alleged crimes. And prime time multi part episodes on TV and cable mainstream news.

lynda said...

Layla...My point was that if our Justice Dept. says NO, we as a country need to respect that. Nobody has to like it, and many don't. But to keep at it AFTER being cleared by Justice Dept. is retalitory and yes..that's exactly what dictators do.

I'm out of this thread now, completely sickened by all the politics/hatred/corruption/lies, etc. I need a break!

Anonymous said...

Can you see this comment? I explained my vote and that comment did not post...

Anonymous said...

Yes KC.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it will ever get that far. She will never be held accountable. The cover up runs too deep.

Anonymous said...

This DNC defeat may be a turning point. The Clintons are tenacious, but their post whitehouse/State activities may be over. Hopefully the current president will carefully consider his post tenure occupation. GWB quietly headed back home to TX a broken man. IMO he carries the strain for his ill judgement. If only the Clintons had returned to Arkansas. They may end up being reviled in US history if there's an in depth expose'of their dealings. I hope President Obama quietly withdraws from the limelight. That will be beneficial for his legacy.

Nic said...

I don't believe he will. That would mean he was lying about HRC to the American public about her "legitimacy" to run for POTUS. And you know what they say, when you point your finger out, there are 10 fingers pointing back at you.

I don't believe there is any love lost between the two and he and MO campaigning for HRC was about what was good for the party and saving their respective butts.

There was (now debunked) reporting about the CF transferring money to Qatar; however every single negative thing reported about HRC and the CF was debunked and we also know via Wikileaks that all of MSM was in collusion with the Clinton campaign, including Google and social media. There is no way she would leave her stash of cash vulnerable to seizure by the US government. No way.

I wouldn't be surprised if she and BC are on a plane for a "vacation" tonight.


Nic said...


The DoJ is still investigating the Clinton Foundation.

Anonymous said...

Lets not forget Assange was incorrect stating Trump would Not be Allowed to Win. So much for the omnipotent elites.

Anonymous said...

Nic. Lynda. Dont let her discourage you from commenting.

mom2many said...

I don't know. If there is a pardon, what would hold back the hands of people who have access to the information from revealing it all? Not just documents or emails about these things, but the factual evidence in retaliation? The probability of that, and the evidence incriminating people who have not yet been tied in, would sway the answer.

Anonymous said...

Comey let her off twice. If DOJ goes after the C. Foundation and CGI that would rope in everyone.

Nic said...

Something else to note. Earlier today BO spoke emphatically about a peaceful transition. President-elect Trump campaigned on investigating HRC. If BO pardons HRC, there will not be "peace". She was already given a pass, not once but twice. Neither the DoJ *nor* her voting base could save her.

Anonymous said...

Trump understands decorum. He'll be quiet until he's in the big chair with a cabinet in place.

rjb said...

Layla @ 12:41

It's a real verse.

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
--Galatians 6:9

Anonymous said...

Has miley and cher left yet?

Nic said...

The 10 fingers pointing back is in reference to 10 *other* people pointing their respective finger back at the accuser. Obviously Anonymous isn't familiar with the saying or their brain "short out".

Julian Assange may be the face of Wikileaks, but he isn't it per se. The whistleblowers providing the leaks are Wikileaks. I was surprised when I heard him say Trump would not be allowed to win, right before the election no less, when everyone would be hanging onto his every word. Who would keep Trump from winning? He's an outsider. Then I thought back to the time before everyone was tuning in -- staying up late/getting up early to hear his bombshell that never came and then it was obvious to me that [they] got to him. [They] were using him to manipulate the voters just like everything else [they] could use on-line to either influence voters against Trump or discourage them enough from showing up to vote at all.


HRC said...

the black market adoption connection was known prior to wikileaks.

Anonymous said...

Nic. Something definately changed with JA. Maybe a deal for pardon.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if any of you have seen this little gem yet.

Anonymous said...

Academic excellence should be the only criteria for college admission. Nothing else.

C5H11ONO said...

It appears to me that BO was more concerned about his "legacy" being negatively affected. His eight years of pushing his agenda has gone down the tubes. He should be angry at himself though because HE put her in as SOS. Yes, she flushed his legacy down the drain, but he has himself to blame for that. If he is as narcissistic as he portrays himself, he wont.

C5H11ONO said...

he wont pardon her. (got trigger happy here.)

Anonymous said...

Merkel warns Trump to respect the dignity of man as a condition for her cooperation with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Some interesting points of view here.

I am torn as to my own opinion, though I lean towards him having to pardon her due to their connection with the server, Iran, Benghazi and so on.

I appreciate the comments, for and against pardoning her as I am not settled with my own viewpoint.

I often vacillate until a strong statement is made about a topic. With good sample, we know what intentions are, but even here, someone may change his mind.

Looking at his own background (Amyl) is wise, as it helps you predict. The desire for legacy has been overwhelming even to the point of our Navy's humiliation by Iran.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Merkel warns Trump to respect the dignity of man as a condition for her cooperation with him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
November 9, 2016 at 2:45 PM

this isn't shocking news. she is so dangerous for germany citizens. she is part of the global elite too.

is he barred from entry into the UK with other "islamophobes"? (this is a real question so if someone knows I appreciate. it)

Anonymous said...

Lets all pray and hope the US does not experience Europe's transforming disaster.

Anonymous said...

And pray for Theresa May & Viktor Orban and Nigel Farage.

Anonymous said...

I don't think he will pardon her, because that would admit to the world that she was guilty of something. A pardon acknowledges that there is enough evidence to indict her, so much that could possibly convict her. A president cannot pardon himself, and if he basically announces that he knows she is guilty, he could face some severe backlash, as well as the entire Democratic party. They would be even less credible, and there are still elections to be won.

My 2 cents anyways...


Anonymous said...

Bill C pardoned M Rich despite backlash. BO comuted nearly 900 drug dealing felons' prison sentences. Diesnt seem to bother them.

Frannie said...

Obama will not pardon HRC. It has been well reported that the Obama's and Clintons do not like each other (remember BJC comment "...he'd be serving our coffee...".
I think Obama will enjoy seeing HRC twist in the wind wondering what will happen next. I would imaging that she is wondering what all those who "donated" to the Clinton Foundation for favors will do to call in their markers now that she lost the election.

John Mc Gowan said...


Last year Lacey Spears was found guilty of second-degree murder. She killed her son by poisoning him by injecting his hospital feeding tube with a toxic amount of salt.


Many people say Spears suffers from Munchausen by proxy in which parents purposely make their children sick in order to get attention. And since she was making money from her blog, she apparently wanted as much attention as she could get.

In the interview with Glatt, Spears complained about becoming the target for bullying among the inmates in Bedford Hill prison in Westchester County, New York.

“It’s been brutal here. Crimes involving children are considered the worst here,” she said, according to Radar Online. “I hear them talking behind my back, calling me “baby killer,” “child killer,” and “mother of the year”. But I know it’s not who I am.”

“It’s been very hard, adjusting to being here,” Spears continued. “You always have to look behind your back, and I don’t trust anyone. I don’t have any friends, but I have people to talk to.”

Spears’s sister, Rebecca, told Glatt that the inmates who work in the kitchen have started dumping salt packets on top of Spears’ food during meals.

“When she walked through the line and it would be her turn to pick up the tray [someone] would put salt packets over her meal and then hand the tray to her,” Rebecca Spears claimed.

The bullying has progressed to the point that Spears says jail officials offered her protective custody. But she decided against it since that offer would require 23-hours per day in solitary confinement. For a woman desperate for attention, that would be worse than an extra salty meal.

Although she was found guilty, Spears keeps claiming to be innocent and blames the hospital workers for her son’s death. While the hospital did everything in their power to try and save the boy’s life, Spears sees them as an easy scapegoat in the case.

YT clip @1:40

“I didn’t hurt him,” she said earlier this year on CBS News’ 48 Hours. “I never poisoned him with salt.”

Prosecutors during Spears’s trial mentioned how Garnett spent his short life in and out of hospitals, undergoing unnecessary surgeries insisted upon by his mother until she killed him in January 2014.

Anonymous said...

I would toss a "no" into the ring, but it says "no, because he wants justice."
Justice is a sensitive word in my reckoning. LOL

Anonymous said...

@351, MSBP Moms are the sickest criminals there are imo. They dont ever admit what they have done, and sadly oftentimes end up killing or seriously injuring their children whom they treat like lab rats. MSBP Moms are sadists who feel their children are less than worthless, less than an object, so in her mind, she didnt "harm" her son. In her mind, he was not a person, so there was noone to "harm". She knows exactly what she did to the son...her denial has to do with her demented view of him as rightfully being her lab rat.

Anonymous said...

BERKELEY — Hundreds of students walked out of three East Bay high school Wednesday, protesting Republican Donald Trump’s presidential election victory.

....High schoolers and college students are very disappointing generation....

Anonymous said...

These MSBP Moms I believe oftentimes were abused themselves as children, however this justifies nothing of what they do. They are the embodiment of evil. It doesnt matter if they keep her in general population of solitary, she will not be rehabilitated...the prisoners should stop
pouring salt on her changes nothing, it helps nothing. The only blessing will be when the MSBP Mom just drops dead.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for my extra, extra long spacing above. BO's legacy will depend on
the audience. He has two conflicting world-views to cater to, IMHO. HRC is
probably not thinking about anyone else but herself and maybe her immediate
family. I wondered if she would be hospitalized by morning and it would not
have surprised me in the least if she "vacationed" until the election results
were fully in and in her favor. She has plenty of people to protect her
because she probably has lots of info on all of them to entice their cooperation
or help with staging her disappearance. Black market ADOPTION may be the least
of her sins when you stand her up to the crimes being alleged. The list goes
down a rabbit hole that shocks the sensibilities of seasoned intelligence officers.
To me, that indicates it's bad. Way past bad. And, it is an octopus with 8,000 tentacles. There are so many people that stand to be implicated, it may take years, if ever, to comprehend the scope of this corruption. I don't think that a dictator would have to be seeking revenge on his enemies if she is pursued and guilty. It is the thoughtful holding up of the rule of law that is her enemy. Even if BO pardoned everything, it is realistic to consider that the alleged crimes cross national boundaries. Then, she still has God to face.

PS: Has DB found a way to make this about him yet?

Anonymous said...

Lets hope the media doesnt perpetuate fear mongering to agitate unrest among minorities before Jan 20th. The high schoolers walk out is a symptom of the fear mongering. Same with merkels admonition. Van Jones irresponsible comments should be a signal of the paranoia being fueled. Be on alert for fear mongering and paranoia fueling.

Tania Cadogan said...

I watched the election results as they came in.
Initial results favored clinton and then the tide began to turn in Trump's favor.
I was laughing watching the various tv media (i was switching between fox, bbc and sky news channels)
It became clear that Trump was going to win although it may have been close and the reporters were trying to still back clinton, to the point that no one was willing to call i think it was Pennsylvania for Trump which would have given him the win. They all hedged and said clinton could still do it.
Florida was a big wake up call and i could see them trying to work out what was going on as the polls had all given clinton a clear majority yet the results were for Trump.
Fox had Trump on 255 and clinton on 215 whilst sky and bbc had Trump on 244 and clinton on 214.
It got better and funnier when they put up the split screen to show both rallys with Trumps all happy smiley and clinton doom gloom and tears.

Then when they called it for Trump and put him on 275 clinton refused to come out to talk to her supporters instead sending out podesta who told the rapidly diminishing crowd that every vote counted and every vote would be counted and for them to go home and get some sleep and they would see what the morrow brought.
At that point i visualised clinton having a massive melt down, ranting and raging and probably having seizures, in no fit state to talk to the crowd.
Trump came out and was gracious and thanked everyone including his secret service people (a sly dig at clinton methinks)
The media were stunned.
Today sturgeon (first scottish minister) is having a hissy fit, germany called an emergency meeting of eurozone members.
A lot of leaders are now sweating and wondering if they will be next and what dirty secrets will come out if clinton decides to spill the beans.
I will not be surprised if she suddenly becomes unwell from some 'previously unknown' health issue and dies.
Dead people can't talk unless she has made plans should something 'happen' to her.

I am delighted Trump won.

Anonymous said...

Check out the vid from 2011 whitehouse correspondents dinner. BO & SNL's seth meyers ridiculing & mocking an audience member who does not flinch. DONALD TRUMP

Anonymous said...

America on Edge: MoveOn Organizes Anti-Trump Protests Around Country. The symptoms of fear & paranoia already in action.

Bobcat said...

'previously unknown' health issue...


Dec. 15: Statement from her doctors: "Secretary Clinton developed a stomach virus, leading to extreme dehydration, and subsequently fainted. Over the course of this week we evaluated her and ultimately determined she had also sustained a concussion. We recommended that the Secretary continue to rest and avoid any strenuous activity, and strongly advised her to cancel all work events for the coming week. We will continue to monitor her progress as she makes a full recovery." - Dr. Lisa Bardack, Mt. Kisco Medical Group, and Dr. Gigi El-Bayoumi, George Washington University

Dec. 31: Statement from Clinton's doctors: "In the course of a routine follow-up MRI on Sunday, the scan revealed that a right transverse sinus venous thrombosis had formed. This is a clot in the vein that is situated in the space between the brain and the skull behind the right ear. It did not result in a stroke, or neurological damage. To help dissolve this clot, her medical team began treating the Secretary with blood thinners. She will be released once the medication dose has been established. In all other aspects of her recovery, the Secretary is making excellent progress and we are confident she will make a full recovery. She is in good spirits, engaging with her doctors, her family, and her staff." - Dr. Lisa Bardack, Mt. Kisco Medical Group, and Dr. Gigi El-Bayoumi, George Washington University.

Anonymous said...

Best thing Hil should do for herself is retire. Withdraw and take up gardening and unwind from excessive stress.

Layla said...

Lmao, so surreal and funny how Trump played Rolling Stones "You Cant Always get what you want, but if you try sometimes you might find you get what you need" funny...Trump is a comedic him! And Baron and Melania looking totally unimpressed like yeah

Anonymous said...

I wonder how all these libtards bitching about Trump getting elected would feel if Hillary had aborted all of them the day before they were born. Half of our country is a bunch of assw&pes.

Anonymous said...

Half this country is comprised of intellectual and moral slobs.

Anonymous said...

How these pigs stretch the right to a 1st trinester abortion into the right to kill a viable fetus is beyond me. THEYRE A BUNCH OF PIGS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One bad thing about Breitbart: comments for one article mysteriously appear word for word in the exact same order on many other articles. Over and over. Darn shame.

Apple said...

I am not answering your poll question. It doesn't matter. We aren't going to get justice in regards to Hillary's actions through the years. But her run is over. Exposing the corruption won't stop corruption. Today is a win for our country. I'm writing this as a reminder to all of us who have been closely following this election, who have been stressing over this. Onward and forward.
We will each answer for our actions someday.

Anonymous said...

He's got such a crush..I just watched part of Putin's speech...he's like "it won't be easy but I'm ready to restore all relations with US". I think Trump will be the best President EVER!!!!

Anonymous said...

Apple said

"Exposing the corruption won't stop corruption."

I do agree, and we will all face justice or mercy someday, regardless.

But I do think that it would be encouraging to see a politician actually held accountable for their actions. If she has committed crimes, she should be brought to justice. It would also send a message to other politicians who would seek/are seeking to use their position (as a 'public servant') and power for selfish gain.

I also think it's possible BO won't pardon Hillary. He spoke out against Hillary before, so I don't think it likely they are actually allies. Untrustworthy people don't trust one another. I think there is a lot of nervous tension right now among those who've had part in the coverup. They each have to watch their backs, BO included.

Anonymous said...

Why does Putin always have a frownie face? I feel like if he smiled his face would really light up.

Anonymous said...

From UK's DailyMail.
He's not my President': Trump backlash sweeps America as disgruntled voters refuse to accept election result and protest in at least seven cities from NYC to Seattle - and Cher's among them!

The lib's just dont get it......

Anonymous said...

How can cher be in nyc and fleeing the country? Are they sure its her?

Bottle Cap said...

I think Obama would pardon HRC if she wanted him to. I don't think she will want him to for two reasons. 1. It does point to guilt and 2. She does not believe she will ever be convicted or face any penalties for her crimes.

Another thing that is in play here is she is very sick. Her eye movements, sezures, passing out, stumbling and other symptoms point to a very serious neurological disease. I don't believe she will live long. I think neither she nor Bill will be around this time next year.

trustmeigetit said...

They too are breaking the law.

They are not pursuing her for other reasons that have nothing to do with innocence.

And if hey have been threatened or bribed then that's a whole other crime in itself.

trustmeigetit said...

I am not sure if he will or will not.

But I really believed he was supporting her for his own place in congress.

He still has his own motives and with Trump as president that is over.

He no longer needs Hillary

Pardoning her at this pint would not benefit him unless there is more that ties him to clear corruption.

Then maybe.

Anonymous said...

This is not the outcome that we wanted and we worked so hard for, and I am sorry that we did not win this election,” Clinton told supporters and campaign workers in New York.

Anonymous said...

If BO is a true Muslim, he no longer has any use for HRC. She was used by him and his Middle Eastern cronies to further the spread of Islam. IMO, none of them like or respect her much. She is a Western female and an infidel. As to him pardoning her or not... IDK. He will do whatever he feels will benefit him the most.

Anonymous said...

BO can't Pardon himself, and he is culpable and an accessory on some of her crimes with the private email server.
If HC were to be prosecuted, BO might well be called upon to testify - and that will never happen.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Updates:

Husband of missing woman passes polygraph test

The Shasta County Sheriff's Major Crimes Unit continues to investigate the disappearance of Sherri Papini which occurred on Wednesday November 2nd. The Sheriff's Office has received more than 200 tips regarding the disappearance. Keith Papini, Sherri's husband, continues to cooperate in the investigation. Shasta County Sheriff's Office says Keith Papini is not a person of interest in the case.

On November 7th, Keith Papini submitted to a polygraph test. The results of the test indicate he has no involvement with the disappearance of his wife. Detectives have confirmed his whereabouts on the day in question and there is no physical evidence at this time to suggest he was involved.

If anyone has information on Sherri Papini's whereabouts or tips they can call the Shasta County Sheriff's Major Crimes Unit 530-245-6135.


Moorer, charged in Heather Elvis disappearance, to be tried in Georgetown County

Anonymous said...

The funniest parts of Hillary's tragic concession speech

After renting the Javits Center for the largest loser's convention in history, Hillary Clinton finally gave a concession speech the following day. I just wish I knew what her tears tasted like.

Last night I congratulated Donald Trump and offered to work with him on behalf of our country.

Hillary wants to work with Trump? Donald Trump wants to prosecute her! Do you think she will "work with" investigators who want to find out how she obstructed justice and destroyed government evidence? Will she "work with" Bill to find out what was offered to Loretta Lynch at that private meeting on her plane?

I feel pride and gratitude for this wonderful campaign that we built together.

Together? A funny choice of words, for a campaign built on hate and division – resentment of taxpayers, resentment of citizens against illegal immigration, labeling those concerned about Muslim refugees as Islamophobes, and so on.

Our campaign was never about one person ...

Of course it was. Hillary's slogan was "I'm with HER." It was all about electing her, and electing her just because she was a woman. If you were against her, you must be against women. Her very slogan smacked of division. I didn't see Donald Trump using the slogan "I'm with HIM."

It was about the country we love and building an America that is hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted.

Inclusive is code for altering the demographics of the country on a large scale with massive illegal immigration. Big-hearted is code for welfare for said immigrants.

Our constitutional democracy ... enshrines the rule of law.

Really? Hillary didn't show that when she repeatedly broke the law, letting her maid print out classified emails, and engaging in a cover-up afterward. She didn't have a problem with Obama repeatedly breaking the law, be it changing Obamacare without legislation or legalizing illegal aliens without an act of Congress or mass pardons of criminals from jails. By the way, I think this is the first time during the campaign that Hillary has mentioned the word "Constitution."

... we are all equal in rights and dignity; freedom of worship and expression ...

Really? Because Hillary wants to force bakers and caterers to participate in gay weddings. She wants to force girls to share bathrooms with mentally ill boys. And I don't see the dignity in a baby about to be born having his brain drilled out.

... the American dream is big enough for everyone ... [f]or people of all races, and religions, for men and women, for immigrants, for LGBT people, and people with disabilities.

For everyone? Does that include legal citizens, heterosexuals, and people without disabilities? Because Hillary never, ever seems to talk about those.

... to all the women, and especially the young women, who put their faith in this campaign and in me: I want you to know that nothing has made me prouder than to be your champion.

And Hillary's comment to the men who put their faith in her? Silence as always. You could put your private parts in a coffee grinder for all she cares.

Now, I know we have still not shattered that highest and hardest glass ceiling ...

Is Hillary talking about prison?

You know, scripture tells us, let us not grow weary of doing good, for in good season we shall reap. May God bless you and may God bless the United States of America.

Here's a riddle: how do you know if a Democrat has just lost an election? The answer: If she gives a speech mentioning God. Because you'll never hear the word come out of her lips at any other time.

Even in defeat, Hillary is as duplicitous as ever. Instead of being the first female president, she will be remembered as the first female candidate for president while under criminal investigation who lost. Thankfully, we have finally seen the last of the queen of the Sisterhood of the Presidential Pantsuit.

Silent Majority said...

Anon at 12:11 on 11-9:

Laura Silsby

LisaB said...

It is "When you point a finger, 4 are pointing back at you".
Because, obviously, when you point ONE, you have to (literally) curl the others back or you'd be gesturing with your whole hand, nut ALSO (metaphorically) that you are inviting criticism of yourself.

Anonymous said...

I'd honestly prefer NOT to have my food prepared by someone who does not want to serve me. At the least, I'd expect it to be sub-par, so I'd stop patronizing them, at worst, it would be adulterated in some way that might make me ill.

We voted for a president on Tuesday. We vote EVERY day with our dollars. If a business owner does not want to serve the gay community, and is willing to lose 10% of their potential customers who ARE gay, and another 10-20% who support their homosexual friends and family, well, as they say, "it's a free country".

There is a lot of misinformation going around about BOTH candidates and many of the issues (partial birth abortion, gay conversion therapy, etc.) that are muddying the waters.

C5H11ONO said...

It was reported that Killery cried and blamed Obama and Comey. Apparently BO for not doing enough.
Things are starting to take shape as to what has been happening behind the scenes.
We know that Comey did announce that the FBI was going to review the emails yet again for "new" evidence found in Weiner's computer. It was reported that there were 650,000 new emails. It was leaked as to what was in Weiner's computer and it "turned stomachs". Interestingly enough, after Comey’s statement that nothing changed, Palmieri, a spokesperson for HC’s campaign said that if Wikileaks publishes a bombshell email in the final two days of the election “it’s probably a fake”. In her attempts to shield HC she weakened her own statement and trust in her candidate. I think they feared that Comey’s FBI agents would leak what they actually found in her computer to Wikileaks and they were trying to beat them to the punch.
Eight days later, Comey made a brief statement that there was no "change" from his recommendation.
I think Obama did do something. I think he told him that he was wasting his time because he was going to pardon her. Either he threatened the entire existance of the FBI or an agreement was reached as to what exactly Obama would pardon should Trump win. Obama, was over confident Killery would win, struck the deal.
We also know, that Obama is not associated with the Clinton Foundation. That is only for the greedy Clintons.
Clinton is blaming everyone except herself and I am certain she gave Obama a tongue lashing that evening. Particularly if he made her portray the Benghazi consulate terrorist attack as being “rooted in an internet video, and not a failure of policy”. It is reported that she fought with him about this:
A narcissist doesn't like that, and Obama is the epitome of what this represents.
He will pardon the emails but, leave the FBI to their own devices when it comes to the Clinton Foundation. I now suspect his pardon will be specific to her emails. He doesn’t care for her. Her cares about his legacy.
We know he is furious about his legacy literally going down the toilet.
I am convinced that he had previously spoken to her about her private server. I am convinced that Killery disregarded his warnings and did whatever she wanted to do.
Now she wants him to bail her out. She may indeed be blaming him, after all he made her take the brunt of the Benghazi failure. They are two vengeful little creatures. Let these two narcissists duke it out

Nic said...

Peter Hyatt said...
Some interesting points of view here.

I am torn as to my own opinion, though I lean towards him having to pardon her due to their connection with the server, Iran, Benghazi and so on.

But then who is going to pardon BO? If what [they] say is true, what's to stop the movement from exposing BO? The whole purpose of what went down was to keep the Clinton's out of the WH. I think it's one of those shoot, shovel and shut up type of scenarios. As in, "just walk away, BO". There are enough bureaucrats entrenched in the administration to keep the Clinton's from prosecution long enough before their respective natural demise.


Lis said...

I am terrified and grief stricken for the future of my country. I hope for the best but I feel great apprehension.

Tania Cadogan said...

The husband of a Northern California mom who vanished while jogging passed a polygraph test and "has no involvement" with his wife's disappearance, the Shasta County Sheriff's Office confirmed on Wednesday.

Sherri Papini, 34, was last seen going for a jog Nov. 2 in the town of Mountain Gate in Shasta County. Her husband found her phone and investigators said they spotted her earbuds along with strands of her hair, but other clues have been few and far between.

Her husband, Keith Papini, reported her missing when he came home from work and discovered that she hadn't picked up their two children, ages 2 and 4, from daycare.

"Sheriff's Office Detectives have confirmed his whereabouts on the day in question and there is no physical evidence at this time suggesting he had any involvement," Lt. Anthony Bertain said.

Relatives said they believed somebody kidnapped the mother and took her out of town. Still, investigators say they're working to determine whether or not her disappearance was "voluntary," the Redding Record Searchlight reported.

Papini is described as being 5 feet 3 inches tall and weighing about 100 pounds. She was last seen wearing pink running clothes, deputies said.

The sheriff's office is dedicating nearly all its investigators to the case as well as some Redding police detectives, the newspaper added.

Officials announced a $50,000 reward for information leading to her whereabouts. Police say they have received more than 200 tips since Papini vanished.

Anonymous said...

This saying sums up what Comey is in for: I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was going to blame you. This article below is an interesting read.

Don’t blame Comey for Clinton’s defeat
By Marc A. Thiessen November 10 at 8:57 AM


Plus, there is an article out there saying how Trump is having and will have trouble finding experienced, seasoned leaders to work for him. Many in the establishment have spoken or signed something saying they are against Trump. So, the alternative will be to hire less experienced talent who don't have such extremely lengthy, ingrained government careers... Wasn't that the point?


I imagine at some point in history that some U.S. citizens have had to accept, as president, someone for whom they did not vote... I'm quite interested myself
in how my parents may have voted. Since its been several years since they died,
I wonder if their leanings have changed in this election?

Anonymous said...

Mexico and Canada already saying they will re negotiate trade.

Trump will have no shortage of qualified people; just not the usual trend of parasitical life long politicians.

If I wuz a criminal in politics, I owuwld not like to see Rudy Guiliani coming in.

Anonymous said...

No, I don't think he will. He resents her from what I can tell.

OT, during the election, on twitter, I noticed Patton Oswalt being really gross and abusive towards conservatives.
His tone is not of someone who recently lost his wife. Very narcissistic.
In case, you haven't followed it, he was widowed earlier his year.
Wife apparently died in her sleep.
I am reading on reddit how no cause of death has been found, but Oswalt is trying to offer reasons why she died.
From a redditor:

andiswearrrr 61 points 15 days ago
Six months later, the coroner’s office still has not declared a cause of death. “I have a feeling it might have been an overdose,” he said, citing the Xanax. “That’s what the paramedics there were saying while I was screaming and throwing up.”
This was, Mr. Oswalt said, the second worst day of his life: “The worst is when I found out Donald Trump would be the Republican Party nominee for president.”

Seems like a selfish man making everything about himself.

Alex said...

I say no. He has nothing to gain.

Habundia said...

You didnt pay attention then.....
There is much more to find about the criminal activities shes associated with.....and i dont believe those are lies. That what they sell as truth is the big lie!

Habundia said...

Just because justice depart. cleared it doesnt mean it never happend.....look at your many in there...innocent....and look at those who were cleared but after all did the crime.....justice department isnt a dictator should be serving JUSTICE....letting criminals get away for whatever reason is never justice!

Anonymous said...

But there should be a third choice. It's a bit of a false dilemma, because he could just do nothing. They may have discussed it today at their meeting and diplomatically (for lack of a better word) agreed to let it go. I can see Obama convincing Trump that it's a fast track to further alienating her voters. If he got Trump on board, neither option would be viable.

Anonymous said...

If he's going to restore rule of law then he must start with her. That'll show the country law and order applies to all. And it'll remove any concern that he's out to target the weak.


I didn't realize that a Presidential pardon could take place before the person was even charged. Since that is the case, I wouldn't put it past Obama to do so before leaving office. He will look like a hero to the left and can only increase his ability to make money on speaking tours. Also, with the newest movement on social media, Michelle Obama is being encouraged to run for President. Pardoning Clinton would keep her as a wonderful leader to the left, having a husband who was able to save poor Hilary from prosecution.

Me2l said...

Boston Lady @ 10:52....especially in light of the unusual direction this election is taking, with gathering petition signatures for the electoral college to elect Clinton when they meet on December 19 to make the election results official., with more than 500,000 signatures already has over half necessary to petition the electoral college.....members of the EC, of course, are not required to cast their votes as they have committed. They could become what is known as "faithless" electors and vote opposite or not at all.

Obama might be encouraged by that to pardon Hillary.

Stranger things have happened.

Me2l said...

I wonder.....

Since Bill apparently told Hillary that Obama could have stopped Comey at any time, and yet, he didn't, maybe there is an agenda. The emails are primarily what ruined it for Hillary. Talk of Michelle Obama eventually running for president might figure into this, making her the first woman to be elected POTUS. Obama, who has no love for Hillary, would love that scenario.

Nic said...

[...]The foreign-to-domestic laundering scheme satisfies a number of key Clinton objectives. First, it gave Secretary of State Hillary Clinton total plausible deniability about the millions in foreign cash that were being funneled into her family’s non-profit coffers. She wasn’t on the board of CGEPartnership, and wasn’t even named to the board of the Clinton Foundation until 2013, so how could she have known about this? Second, it gave Hillary’s allies the ability to claim that wealthy foreign individuals were not sending cash to the Clinton Foundation.

How? Because they were sending cash to the Canadian CGEPartnership. And while Bill Clinton’s name is obviously in the organization’s name, he never actually served on its board while Hillary was Secretary of State. Instead, Clinton retained control of the organization by placing Bruce Lindsey on CGEPartnership’s board.
Lindsey, a long-time Clinton confidant and adviser, currently serves as the chairman of the board of the Clinton Foundation. He was also the Clinton Foundation’s CEO for over a decade.

If you look holistically at the entire scheme’s setup, at the massive flow of foreign cash, at the refusal to disclose donors, at the secret (and now destroyed) private e-mail servers, at the blatantly bogus excuses, at the falsified tax returns, everything about it suddenly makes a lot more sense.

From soup to nuts, the entire operation was constructed in order to provide a facade of plausible deniability for Hillary Clinton. Conceal the cash. Hide the donors. Delete the e-mails. The circumstantial evidence is overwhelming. [...]

After this story broke in the NY Times, Carlos Slim became the major stock owner. Looking at what Donald Trump was up against, it's remarkable he won the election. jmo

[...]Even as the New York Times reports extensively and critically on the Clinton Foundation and its activities during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, as with other news outlets, multiple high-dollar donors to the foundation are associated with the paper, including the Times’ top shareholder, Carlos Slim.

Slim, a Mexican telecom tycoon whose net worth of nearly $80 billion makes him the second richest man in the world, became the top shareholder of the New York Times earlier this year after he doubled his shares to take control of 16.8 percent of the company.

Not only has Slim contributed between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 to the Clinton Foundation, but his company Telmex has contributed an additional grant between $1,000,001 and $5,000,000 through its foundation. Slim has also pledged $100 million to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, a collaboration between the Clinton Foundation and Canadian mining tycoon Frank Giustra. [...]

Anonymous said...

Every trump voter should send a thank you card to SNL's seth meyers for provoking trump to landslide victory by the insults and ridicule at the 2011 Whitehouse correspondents dinner.

Anonymous said...

Mine's in the mail. I put little hearts on it :)

Anonymous said...

Lis at 1:56 pm,
Maybe we should be terrified, but many have been terrified for the last eight years, too.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4

Is there a precedence for a presidential pardon to someone who has not been previously CONVICTED of a crime?

I see that as a difference between Nixon's situation and Hilary's present situation. Nixon was impeached -- which is a legal conviction of someone in the presidency, (Bill Clinton's flagrant violation of our Constitution, due process, and legal system notwithstanding).

I would push for an officially legal inquiry into whether or not a president has the Constitutional authority to issue a blanket pardon to someone who has not been officially charged with a crime.

The LE agencies and Justice Department serve US, the people. They arrest and indict in OUR name, in our place, for our benefit.

Speaking as a member of WEthePeople, I WANT Hilary prosecuted. I want family members to have satisfaction for the crime perpetrated against them at Benghazi. THEY are US.

To adapt a speech from Spotlight . . ." That could have been you. That could have been me. That could have been us. They got away with murder and no one did anything."

I want Hilary prosecuted. I want all the charges laid out. I want to hear the evidence and the testimony. I want the people to decide her guilt or innocence, just like any other citizen. Our Justice Department owes the bereaved families no less.

Anonymous said...

I think she will be prosecuted through the investigation of the foundation. President Trump must bide his time. Barak is looking for civil unrest to call a state of emergency and stay in the White House.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4

If the faux prez then issues a pardon for Hilary, then . . . he does. That speaks to the kind of person he is.

As a member of WEthePeople, I would push for the complete investigation of the person calling himself Obama that was due the people that never happened.

I mean, an open investigation conducted on behalf of we CITIZENS with meticulous adherence to OUR Constitution and OUR due process and the structures of a democratic republic, resulting in an indictment and prosecution appropriate to our Constitution -- if so indicated by the FACTUAL evidence and testimony reviewed by the investigation.

If we ended up convicting the fraud (yes, my informed bias is showing) of just that: true, factual proven disqualification from serving as president in real time, then his presidential pardon would be invalid. Hilary would serve her sentence. Justice would be served.

My civil rights, due process, inalienable right life, liberty and happiness through government by CONSENT (not through manipulation, lies, deceit, vote fraud, bullying, the appearance of consent but not the reality) have been viciously violated, no, rather, attacked and punished since the 2008 campaign. I WANT justice.

Anonymous said...

the tricky part is this:

Bill met with Loretta Lynch on the tarmac and I think said,

"Hey, you prosecute Hillary and your boss goes down."

We just have to wait until the Islamist in Chief is out.

Clinton News Network said...


you need to see things from a feminist point of view:

Alex said...

Anonymous said...
Anon 4

My civil rights, due process, inalienable right life, liberty and happiness through government by CONSENT (not through manipulation, lies, deceit, vote fraud, bullying, the appearance of consent but not the reality) have been viciously violated, no, rather, attacked and punished since the 2008 campaign. I WANT justice.
Allow me to add the word pursuit. The Declaration of Independence doesn't guarantee happiness, only the pursuit of happiness.


Nic said...

I read somewhere that there is an actual application that has to be filled out, first, before a pardon can be granted. Is this correct? If true, I wonder if she did or would ever apply for BO to pardon her. Talk about grovelling. (Say please!)

I really couldn't see her signing her name on an *application* for anything that would elude to her being a criminal or having guilty knowledge of criminal activity. IMO, in her case, that's what applying for a pardon would mean.