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2016: The Lies in Review : Obama Tacquia

What of the lies of Barak Obama that we have endured?  What was the most severe?

Has any politician in the history of the United States ever lied more than Barak Hussein Obama?

First, regarding readers comments:

The comments show that the most anger or emotional impact is the distrust readers exhibit towards Main Stream or Corporate Media.  The link here is worth watching the short video compilation.  

Comments show:  Americans are tired of being called "racist", "Nazi", "phobic" and "haters" simply for disagreeing with Barak Hussein Obama, and have been bullied into silence for too long.  

Universally, Americans felt free to say "Merry Christmas" in the first time in years, without calls to shout them down.  

Fascism in Analysis...

The Lies That Were

As it is now time that we look back, here is the question:

would you have voted for Barak Obama in 2008 had he been forthcoming on his plans for “hope and change”?

In 2008, most Americans did not believe Barak Obama's "redistribution of wealth" was anything  more than political jargon of which main stream media did not question how he would have the authority to take wealth from one in order to distribute it to another.  

What would have happened in 2008 if Barak Obama had been forthcoming and truthful about what was to come?  Would you still have voted for him if he had told you these things?

1.     I am going to facilitate the Islamic Republic of Iran accessing the nuclear bomb while betraying Israel and destabilizing the entire Middle East, causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Arab Christians, while refusing to call it “genocide.”  I will betray the Middle East’s lone democracy and empower ISIS.  I will kneel before Iran and pay them millions in ransom, further increasing the world’s number one exporter of terror.   I will use a Hollywood publicist to cover up lots of deception, from Benghazi to this Iran Deal, and the subsequent ransom payments.  

2.       I am going to lecture Americans for each and every Islamic attack on our nation that Islam was not involved, even when the killer confesses, and the media will follow suit.  “Islamophobia” will be my mantra as I blame “right wing” innocent people for Islamic crime.  With each attack, I will increase the migration of Islamic people to America. 

3.       I am going to attack and blame police, from the first days of my presidency, to the last,  for violence and label them as racists for arresting violent criminals with dark skin, as I decry authority and provoke anarchy, particularly among young, black males.  I will give them ready made excuses to blame others, so their lives cannot possibly improve.  I am going to blame guns instead of shooters, trucks instead of drivers, and use the Internal Revenue Service against those who disagree with me.   I am going to embrace a well funded black terrorist organization and cause racial divide that the country has not seen in 150 years.  I will have Americans, not bickering, but hating each other.  

4.      I am going to disparage Judeo Christianity while claiming Islamists were among our founding fathers and no media will  ask me to name a single one of them. I will use “tacquia” to promote Islam and Sharia, demanding tolerance for the intolerant criminal ideology.  I will ridicule two thousand years of moral standards and turn my back on the butchery of Planned Parenthood selling of baby parts, while declaring myself the moral authority of America. I will even have large corporations join me in disparaging people of faith.    I will announce to the UN that the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet Mohammad and I will support sharia blasphemy laws in Europe first and in America, second. 

Vladimir Putin celebrates 60th birthday 

5.      I will demand that men, so terribly disturbed that they believe themselves to be women, and even  dressed like women, have legal access to little girls’ bathrooms. 

I will disparage masculinity in general, as strong masculine leadership is needed in time of war. I will appeal to the moral narcissists, no matter how much harm I bring.  

   I will make sure they remain in their sexual body dysmorphic state without access to professional intervention. I will turn this mental anguish into a "civil rights movement" and laugh each inch of the way.   I will label each and every one that disagrees with me a bigot suffering from irrational fear and be so successful that Hollywood will boycott any State that tries to protect its daughters.   Abusive parents will come out of the woodwork, seeking attention by cross dressing their children in acute emotional abuse and be lauded as “heroic” in spite of pleas from pediatricians. I will take a bizarrely extreme level of the population, far less than 1/10th of 1 percent, and turn it into an entire civil rights movement with professional sports teams publicly supporting me, convincing the public that they agree with me because they are as morally superior as I am.  To do this, I must demonize anyone in the medical profession or in faith, to set up my "us versus them" exploitation.   If I had been reelected for a third time, I could have gotten my followers to turn men who believe they are Napoleon Bonaparte into an entire civil rights movement too.  

6.      I will declare myself the most successful and transparent president in history while I am going to use a false name to facilitate Hillary Clinton's private server while supporting her overthrow of a nation to make her look presidential.   I will not comment on "Clinton Cash" and make no denials in her defense and counsel her to do the same. 

7.      I will establish my “change” by bringing tens of thousands of Islamists to America to set up separate Islamic enclaves without informing the host cities. When the inevitable sexual assaults of Islam prevail, I will threaten with arrest anyone who dares criticize, thus enforcing Sharia blasphemy laws upon Americans.  I will see to it that Saudi Arabia financially supports both ISIS and Hillary Clinton, and do my best to make sure the American public does not find out. 

8.     I will decimate our armed forces, from day one, while apologizing for American victories in its history of war. I will terminate military leadership while decrying masculinity as “oppressive.”  I will awkwardly and effeminately dance with a same-sex Hollywood celebrity to help this disparagement of masculinity in public as I project my own lack of masculinity from my fatherless upbringing.   I will appoint Muslim brotherhood civilian boards in many levels of law enforcement and I will delete the lists of Islamic terrorists  while feigning to drop bombs on ISIS, of whom I will jive talk and in reality, drop off weapons, food and supplies for them.  When we are finally a world weakling, having emboldened our enemies and weakened our allies, I will feign the tough guy act with Vladimir Putin.  

9.      I will openly criticize the Constitution, abuse “Executive Orders” and will enforce a government health care upon the people, while openly lying for their own good,  with a deductible that will not only destroy the middle class, but I will add in more business regulations than businesses could ever imagine because, after all, the real Marxist envy says, “You didn’t build that.”    
I will praise despotic killers while removing the bust of Winston Churchill from the White House.  I will threaten England with the "back of the bus" comment, cleverly changing it to "queue" to bully them into remaining under un-elected self seeking elites. 

10.   I will remake the Democratic party into an exclusive elite progressive socialistic-marxist-islamic mixture of illogical self loathing and appeal to moral narcissists to join me in condemning the deplorable American public who disagree with me.  I will suspend the laws of mathematics within finance and tell the people, “don’t believe your eyes; believe me” and they will fall into line without a whimper. I will import thousands and thousands of illegals to further build my voter base, no matter what violence and debt it brings.  While Islamists blow up society, I will tell the American people that air conditioners are the real danger.  When I am done with this remodeling, I will have divided America to the point of brother against brother, neighbor against neighbor, with renewed talk of destroying the Union. 

It will no longer be a two party nation; with issues and ideals to debate.  It will be illogic versus logic, elite versus common, feelings over critical thinking.  

II will decry the lawlessness of a bakery not making a cake for SSA wedding, while praising the cities that defy federal and state laws by bringing in illegal immigrants, at the direct expense of the urban black population. I will demand the rule of law be applied while cultivating lawlessness in Baltimore, again, reaffirming my commitment of hatred against police. 

11.   I will take your young men and not send them off to war, in honor of my Nobel Peace Prize awarded to me before I did anything; instead I will teach them to run and hide for “safe spaces”, and to hold kittens rather than hold debate.  They will quickly learn to hate American, Israel, Christianity, morals, literature, education, culture, history and even their own selves, while declaring themselves morally superior for it.  Their college professors will delight in decrying the businesses that build the very ivory towers they dwell in.  My own disdain for masculine leadership will be evident at each and every turn, as I was raised without a father and have obfuscated my background significantly enough to make it into anything that will serve my purposes.  

I will fulfill the pathological desire of Muslims around the world, and turn my back upon Israel and reward the Islamic terror in their land.  I will not ask a single Islamic nation to take the palestinian terrorists but demand that Israel submit because they slander the prophet, while college kids chant BDS, BDS, though they know not why.  In my final hours, I will free criminals, and pass so many thousands of pages of regulations that it will take years to just understand them, all the while, I will have spent close to 100 million dollars in vacations, as I describe myself a champion of the poor, the downtrodden, and the needy.  


Had he been forthcoming  about his “hope and change” from the beginning, would you have voted for him? 

Politicians lie; we all know that, but readers of Statement Analysis discern between lies.  The quality, scope and impact of lies matters as it reveals the person.  "You can keep your doctor", and "I learned about the private server the same time everyone else learned..." and "We didn't pay a ransom..." all had impact upon Americans in daily life. 

What we do not know is how severe the impact has been in other nations. 

Wikileaks revealed some insight, especially into the utter lack of morals and employment of deception for the purpose of one party's agenda was something that will take time to process. 

The plan to overthrow Libya is one such example.  How many died as a result of the desire to show the world that Hillary was a strong leader?

That Saudi Arabia funded ISIS and Hillary; linking them together in Saudi's best interest?  

CAIR speed dialed the FBI and recently tweeted regret that the Russian plane was half empty when it crashed.  CAIR tells mosques to not cooperate with the FBI but when someone insults Islam, they demand immediate investigations.  

Clinton Cash left me without adequate words to describe the crimes and abuse of vulnerable nations and peoples and there was no denials issued, though the lies about Bill Clinton's "tarmac chance meeting with Loretta Lynch" were even too much for main stream media to ignore.  How could there possibly be no investigation?  Simple enough:  Bill knew that Obama's fake name was used to communicate with her.  They knew that this was a deliberately porous system.  

The tyranny was quickly absorbed into American life.  For the first time in more than 150 years, people feared speaking out.  Even simple lack of adherence to Islamic blasphemy law (criticizing Islam) could mean a loss of one's job or standing.  A system built by a pedophile murderer which became the greatest enslaver of Africans, is hailed as "American values" by the dhimmi elite.  

The envy of success was dramatic throughout the business world, with only athletes and performers exempt.  For someone who plays pretend for a living, taking a private jet to a "global warming" convention to condemn others for "fossil fuel abuse" was "fake news."  

Perhaps the most powerful and feared entity in the United States for its citizens is the Internal Revenue Service.  

Obama used it to attack his political opponents, with impunity.  How could something this devious and 'third world like' be used in America?

The George Soros funded terror racist organization, "Black Lives Matter" was founded upon a lie, and perpetuated by lies.  Yet, it had access to the White House.  

We have lived through a period of deception and propaganda of a scope and magnitude that our nation has never experienced before, including the period of 1855-1870.  

When the leftist movement that has hijacked the Democratic party lost, the lies and deception and even violence that erupted should have not surprised anyone; as goes the top, so goes the bottom.  

In the West, we once prized truth.  

When I was a sophomore in high school, I saw a top student admit cheating on a test and took a "zero" voluntarily.  He had not been caught.  I have admired him ever since. 

Those who have come out "clean" are admired, even while being disagreed with, for having the courage to tell the truth.  

This is not a prized attribute of other cultures, including Marxism and Islamism. For them, it is "weakness" and "lost opportunities."  

In the leftist marxist-islamic-socialistic mix, where the revolutionary playbook calls for deception, there is no respect of truth, only outcome.  Refusing to admit defeat, the recount actually cost Hillary more votes.  The widespread voter fraud including all the "civil rights" of refusing to require ID to cast a vote on who runs America, though you need ID to get into a movie theater.  There was no bottom as one man decided to "redistribute" wealth, literally taking people from one nation, who needed assistance, and denying them assistance, instead bringing them to an entirely new country and culture, offering them money for free.  

When Germany found that 1.2 million people came running and more than 97% do not  or will not work, how long can they afford this, especially with enforced "family reunification" rules?  (of the small percentage that does, many of these are government or government funded menial labor positions; that is, "make work" jobs).  With family reunification, this government approved number of 1.2 million from 2015 will quickly be 6 million.  6 million believers of an ideology that demands the killing of Jews.  The irony of the number is not lost on German citizens.  

Suspend the laws of math?  Or, just over rule math with emotion?

A migrant home in a small German town is costing taxpayers more than €500,000 per month to house just 21 migrants, and other facilities are facing similarly disproportionate costs.

Rather than voluntarily help Syria, a few political elites simply imported Syria into their countries, without qualification or vetting, and now demand that the host countries adopt to the culture of Islam, including rape and de facto no go zones (the new "no go zones" are areas in which females do not go unaccompanied by a male, enforcing the culture they were "fleeing" upon the host in female submission to sharia).  

Tunisia is a violent country of 10 million.  Almost half (48%) of young males (18-32) intend to migrate to Europe.  The cause of Tunisia's violence is not the Crusades from 1,000 years ago, but the criminal supremacist ideology that prescribes coercion and rape.  The elite politicians know how to fix Tunisia.  
Import it into Europe.  

Lies have become the new norm, to the point where nothing less is expected from the Washington Post, Huffington Post, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, and other corporate media outlets.  People no longer expect to hear truth.  The Huffington Post can be summed up in one short summary of a recent article on whether or not Kim Kardashian pulled off a possible insurance scam on jewelry.  This is what the author wrote and is an example of not only deception, but of using emotion to overrule logic:  

'Kim Kardashian should be believed because she is a woman.'

It may appear to you to be humor or irony; or from a satirical website; it is not.  

Here is the now "penitent" Media, now fearful of losing its front seat at the White House, yet incapable of refraining from baiting and dividing.  

The once noble Reuters:  

"Trump hires five white males for his cabinet" is a racist and sexist statement deliberately designed to provoke racism rather than reporting, "Trump hires five top executives seeking success..."

TV shows have become popular racist themes of hating whites, Christians, and Jews.  It will soon become so popular that actual college courses on "white privilege" be given to further inflame hatred between Americans.  Where Chicago, with the strictest gun laws in the nation has black on black violence, MSM will report the names of politicians who refuse to "save lives" by not passing even more gun laws. 

This is now the norm for MSM and the norm for working Americans to ignore.  Who is victimized? 

a.  readers of main stream media

Who is targeted?

b.  females and blacks
c.  male, non black moral narcissists who must be "outraged" at the selection
d.  those who care more for appearance than success.  For insight here, see:  NY POST

When we hire for arbitrary reasons, such as pigmentation, we fail to hire the best qualified and the results should be expected.  

"Fake Media" is gaining in popularity, while revenues appear to threaten MSM, such as the NY Times.   

This is why Obama has stood against free speech, and has even lobbied to "control" the "far right extremist" talk shows.  This is about as unAmerican as the koran, Stalin and Goebbels.  

It has always been in our best interest to propagate truth in the realm of freedom of speech.  Although we are not as restricted as Europe is, we have surrendered a great deal of free speech away, no matter how illogical.  It would have been in the homosexual community's best interest to publicly protest and say,

"We disagree with the Christian bakery owners belief regarding sexuality but we defend their right to have this opinion."  

They may long regret the lost opportunity for tolerance.  

We no longer have a two party nation.  

We have emotion versus logic; absurdity versus critical thinking.  

If you disagree with the elite, you are "hateful", "nazi", immoral and mentally ill.  Or worse, as our Saudi funded universities tell us, you are "right wing" as if this is a curse rather than a political position.  

Obama took Islamic terrorism and tied law enforcements' hands, while insisting that more funding be used to fight phantom right wing "terrorism", though it cannot be located.   

Personally, I wanted a strong constitutionalist for president, because I wanted freedom from governmental intrusion into our private and social lives, but I accept the election results just as I did 8 years ago.   

Lastly, for 2016, with our lies,  have betrayed Israel entirely.   

We have shown that terrorism works as Islamist terrorists have attacked Israel on the premise that it has no right to exist, even though Muslims living in Israel are far safer than Muslims living in Islamic nations.  The United States listened to the Islamic Republic of Iran chant "death to Israel; death to America" and gave her the nuclear bomb of tomorrow, and the ready untraceable cash today, to pay for terror. 

Barak Obama should have been arrested and put on trial for high treason.  

We armed Israel's sworn enemy, the world's greatest exporter of Islamic terrorism,  and now demand that Israel give up part of its country and hand it over to the Muslims.  Although Muslims are allowed to settle in Israel, the Israelis will not be allowed to settle in land that Obama has now said no longer belongs to Israel.  

Bloodshed will ensue.  

As the "hope and change" has been the demonization and supplanting of the Judeo-Christian culture, the winds of war continue to blow, as they do, years before war breaks out in full scale.  

We are likely to see this, in our life time, the coming European Civil War, as citizens of specific nations, defend their right to live, and their right to identify as citizens of a specific nation.  Their governments have made resistance to Islam very difficult, but resolve has been building.   

Ideology of coercion and tyranny versus freedom must lead to one of two choices:

either violence or submission. 

Those of you working diligently at learning how to discern deception will only prove more valuable to society as this trend continues.  

Lastly for the comments section:  

What lies did you hear  that you felt were the most serious?  

What have I missed on this list, reaching back to 2008?


Marliese said...

Wow Peter, you're as angry as I am. My New Year's resolution is to try to realize I can't change the people who have been indoctrinated by our government schools, Hollywood and the entire media along with politicians on both sides of the aisle. (I doubt I will succeed and will be even angrier next year.) I can't even pick one lie, since every one of them has helped to destroy the country my parents brought me to 60 plus years ago. Now Merkel has destroyed the country I was born in. I'm just sick over it.

rjb said...

On a personal level, Obama's handling of race relations particularly when it comes to supporting BLM at the expense of law enforcement is the most troubling to me. I have a friend of several years who is black and supports BLM unquestioningly. I cannot have a rational discussion with her regarding racial issues, nor does she understand that by supporting BLM, she is tacitly agreeing that my husband deserves to die because of the uniform he wears. My white liberal friends do not support BLM as vocally, but they have bought into the lie that anyone who opposes BLM is racist and they cannot bear to be thought of as racist. We live in a society where that one word has been given far too much power.

Peter Hyatt said...

It is very difficult for me to express in a single article, the lies of Barak Obama and his success. I look to readers to help bring clarity.

Lies have led to death. rjb and his attack on police led to police deaths.

Wikileaks revealing that he and Hillary targeted Libya may be responsible for more than 250,000 deaths; it is hard to qualify.

Washington Post may be the "first place" for the most literal fake news, with CNN and MSNBC coming very close.

Recall the CNN report where BLM sister called for protestors to stop violence...but the video showed the truth: stop the violence in black neighborhoods and take it to specific white neighborhoods.

I think the anger comes from the 8 years of insult; both inherent and direct.

The inherent is simply being a victim of lying, but the direct is the claims of you are:


It began in the 2008 election. If you disagreed with the muslim-marxist who had no resume of leadership, you were "racist."

His attack on masculinity was a powerful projection and a successful tool for deception.

And then we move to the fascist attacks against truth.

I think it is very difficult to classify.

One point that emerged that became stronger over time was identifying those who were most vulnerable to the deception:

The moral narcissist.

This explains why they attacked so powerfully and felt, issue after issue, that they were morally superior. They cared not if Obamacare led to destruction of health system, or if minimum wage led to layoffs, or if the stereotyping of sexual dysmorphia would leave sufferers with no place to go for help, since therapists would not dare treat them.

This is how, over the past 50 years, some changes in the DSM have come about---damn the statistics and damn the damage to lives; it makes them "feel" better about their own selves.


Narcissistic on steroids.


Peter Hyatt said...

The absurdity of tearing down truth leaving no standard?

in the UK

A man saw how Islamic ideology promoted killing and rape. He protested by yelling at a mosque and left a piece of bacon.

He was sentenced to a year in prison and now has been murdered in prison.

This while Islamic rapists get off with fines, suspended sentences, and so on.

This is what Sharia looks like in practice.

Rape someone and we won't deport you because it would be "too dangerous" for you to live in your rape culture, but we will keep you here, on tax payer dollars, further affirming your supremacist ideology, and anyone who dares insult your supremacist ideology, we will severely punish.

The Winds of War are blowing in Europe.

Germany hired Muslim migrants to be security guards on New Year's Eve last year, in Cologne.

This year, Merkel is taking much stronger steps against Islamic tarrusch rape game:

She is banning a peaceful march by those who disagree with her.

The brave new world...

January 20th cannot get here soon enough.


Marliese said...


Kit Perez said...

Interestingly enough, your detractor 1) misses the point of SA and 2) is too cowardly to put their name by their comment. /yawn

Peter Hyatt said...


buy her a cup of rich Seattle coffee before she goes?

It is a reward for the most lucid argument of 2016.


Anonymous said...

100,000 Soldiers and Police on New Year’s Eve Streets of ‘State of Emergency’ France

London has military police everywhere.

Brussels? They're just lifting their asses to allah so they feel ok

Anonymous said...

no we are not at war!

war has nothing to do with weapons and solders.

"We will fight terrorism with compassion" said Merkel today.

Islam is a religion of peace. This is all so unnecessary.


France’s Le Figaro reports among the near 100,000 force deployed tonight will be 52,500 police officers, 5,600 border police, 4,000 members of the specially trained riot-control Republican Security Companies, and officers of the elite SWAT-equivalent RAID force.

This force will be backed up by tens of thousands of soldiers presently deployed on Operation Sentinel, the French military mission providing security to the mainland since the November 2015 Bataclan attack which killed 130. The deployment has predominantly focused on protecting schools, synagogues, railway stations, and other public sites considered prime terror targets.

Peter Hyatt said...

Someone sent this to me for comment, but suffice it speaks to the psychology of supremacist ideology.
It is interesting reading.


Kimberly Smith said...

There IS something ALL of us can do about it: Cancel your cable tv subscription. Use only the internet to access news, sports, whatever. Mainstream media will die as a result. TV shows you like will move to the internet with ads. Sports will do the same. Level the playing field between mainstream lying media and alternative investigative journalism by canceling cable tv. To continue paying a cable subscription and the salaries of Megyn, Anderson, et al., is BEING a part of the problem. /rant

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you wrote Peter, and normally I stay off social media because I find it to be a disturbingly effective brainwashing tool and I don't like seeing the brainwashing.

I think if the devil himself wanted to mock or pervert the concept of women there could be no more perfect manifestation of it than the image of a man in a dress, wig and make-up. This is something I intuitively felt for the longest time that it is diabolical. Even the faces they make and fake way they sit which is not quite a parody of women it is something more twisted. There is a startling quality to the ugliness and creepiness of a man in a dress, heels and make-up...of course they think they look great which convinces me more that they may be possessed by an evil spirit.

They should not be allowed in women's/girl's bathrooms, as cross dressing/transsexualism is a sexual fetish and if you study the illness, going into a women's bathroom or any women's space is actually done as a perverted sexual act by them--it is not a benign act where they just want to use a bathroom they feel they belong in. Also, it has been proven that many if not all lie about having secretly felt that they were a woman trapped in a man's body since childhood as well as they lie about having dressed up as a girl in childhood...this has been proven, it is a lie they spread through the internet. In essence, it is their perverted lying excuses for their own sexual fetish that has now victimized children by having sickos say that children are "transsexual".

If you look at Bruce Jenner, and if you believe in the devil in a Christian sense, it makes sense to me that the devil is responsible for his "transformation" into a woman...the devil tries to attack people's strengths...what better target than the best male athlete in the world??? This is not to say women can't be great athletes..that's not the point...Bruce was the best male athlete in the world, and now that too has been made a mockery along with him now being a living embodiment of mockery of what it means to be a woman! Now that I also see that there is a growing "unisexual" clothing line for children as well as people saying that children are transsexual, and the fact that this is not only normalized but accepted, is disgusting...time to speak out...children are being abused, and truly, although many cringe at blaming things on the "devil" or "satan", that is who is responsible in my view because it is a diabolical phenomenon, not simply misguided. Thank you for speaking truth!

Nic said...

Peter said,
Personally, I wanted a strong constitutionalist for president, because I wanted freedom from governmental intrusion into our private and social lives, but I accept the election results just as I did 8 years ago.

Was there such a candidate?

Personally, I love that P-E Trump Tweets! There's no "reporting"/editorializing what he said. It's right there in black and white! Personally I don't understand why lefties are so offended by Trump Tweeting. Why is reading what someone said he said more "authentic" than reading what Trump actually said? It certainly up-ends their respective apple carts.

I also don't understand why the lefties are so heavily invested in the supposed Russia "hacking" narrative, instead of the contents of the LEAKED email, which nobody is denying! Email reportedly leaked by a DNC insider to Wikileaks (who have denied Russia leaked them the email five times!)

I love that Trump/Putin/Netanyahu can have a high-level and public (read transparent without fakes stream media "interpretation") conversation, (result being keeping the calm,) while BO kicks the can between greens.

My only worry for the US is that all the navy is in port leaving y'all vulnerable. Regardless, I'm hopeful for a peaceful start to the New Year.

The deck is cleared for January 20th. I cancelled my cable months ago, but basic cable still gets me a front row seat to the inauguration.

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

thank you Peter

you would have a hard time complying all of obama's lies. it would require almost every word of his to be challenged.

it is refreshing to see you have seen through all the media lies and islamic deception. I shouldn't be surprised since it is what you do and it indicates how good your analysis system is.


Hey Jude said...

'Cool clock, Ahmed' was a whopper, not to mention undermining of those dealing with Clock Boy and his 'clock'/hoax bomb. I found the way in which much of the MSM celebrated clock boy to be astounding.

Anonymous said...

GW said Saddam gots WMD's. Colin said Saddam gots chem weapons. W said, Oh Well, we cant find them he he he. Not here, not there he, he, he. Condy said we dont want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud. GW said Mission accomplished!! Thirteen years ago!! Rummy said the war will take about 6 weeks possibly maybe 6months. Thirteen years and it hasnt stopped. Rummy's shock & awe catastrophe.

blogger said...

I don't understand how people don't know that Muslims were offered a much larger, much more fertile, much better country to become "Palestine," but *turned it down* because the surrounding countries told them to, and then turned around and attacked Israel, trying to destroy it.

Israel won the land they have in wars they did not start.

Israel pays Muslims better than any surrounding country. They give social services to the very people that want to destroy them, Israel sends hundreds of tons of supplies to Muslims every week. They sound calls to prayer for Muslims. Israel treats "Palestinians" better than any Muslim country does, and yet people still say it's not enough?

Not to mention the billions in aid Israel gives to the U.S. every year. Just to be screwed over by the U.S. and the U.N. in favor of a "country" that doesn't even exist--and doesn't want to! (Palestine)

I'm so glad you had a defense of Israel in this. I'm so relieved. As Jew, it's truly distressing to see what the country and world have come to. I'm glad to see there might be some still-same people around.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure?

Israel gives billions in aid to US?

blogger said...

Yes. It's used largely for "surveillance." They do it to gain support from America's leaders and politicians, such as at UN votes and resolutions. It backfired massively under Obama. I don't understand why they continued to do it.