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Deception Detection: Training Opportunities

Training to detect deception, analyze content, and to bring forth a psychological profile is to know what happened and to know your suspect.  This means:

His background
His experiences in life
His priority in making the statement and...

His personality traits which can not only guide the interview strategy, but even help predict responses to specific questions.  

This training is detailed and it requires commitment to excellence. 

We offer training seminars, lectures, but also offer  a most unique at-home instruction that includes 12 months of support.  The course not only teaches principle, but the psychology behind principle.  This form of narrative learning ensures success as the new analyst must not only memorize principle, but understand it. Combined with the ongoing support, the student is going to know how to discern deception.  

The Complete Statement Analysis Course includes MP3s of the lectures, allowing for repeated listening, as well as homework and tests.  

Those who enroll in this course are eligible for live, monthly team training, which allows the analyst to work with other experienced analysts in a confidential setting. 

Our Advanced Course is only sold to those who have successfully finished the Complete Statement Analysis Course.  

Enrollment and more information please go to: 

Hyatt Analysis Services:  Training 

12 months of e support means personal attention to your work.  With this support, you will not submit errant analysis.  


We frequently get requests to enroll in the Advanced Statement Analysis Course, including from those with professional training in statement analysis.  

After consultation with several professionals, this course is only offered to those who have successfully completed our initial course.  

Complete Statement Analysis is a full course that not only gives a broad scope of the principles, but helps the analyst/investigator to understand.  Those who have had formal training, including those who teach deception detection have affirmed the recommendation to make the Complete Statement Analysis course a prerequisite for the Advanced.  

Those who have received professional training but still enrolled in the Complete Course have also recommended that the Advanced Course not be sold without completing the first course:  the material will not be understood and with advanced techniques, including profiling, it is too easy to make mistakes. 

The value of Certification 

Certification is only worth what our work exhibits it to be. 

The certification process includes not only successful completion of the course, but a minimum of 60 hours live training, and recommendations from 3 professionals.  

Statement Analyst I:  By the time one reaches this level, he or she is an expert at detecting deception.  

Peter Hyatt 


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Boyfriend of missing UMKC student using social media to #BringToniHome

The boyfriend of missing UMKC student Toni Anderson is taking to social media to help find his girlfriend.

"It was love at first sight you know, and we've just been attached ever since," said Pete Sanchez.

Sanchez and Toni Anderson have been dating for two years. Anderson is the 20-year-old UMKC student who vanished early Sunday morning ( after she was pulled over near a QuikTrip in North Kansas City.

"I don't think I can cry anymore. It just doesn't feel real," said Sanchez. "I don't sleep. I'm brain storming what I can do to better the situation."

Sanchez says he's keeping busy - posting to facebook and twitter.

"We're mostly aiming for people with platforms of massive followings."

He's using #BringToniHome to spread her story. He's trying to raise money for a reward. And he's pushing back against rumors.

"I know some media outlets are trying to make her out like an exotic dancer,"

Sanchez says others are questioning whether her working as a server at an adult night club played a role in her disappearance.

"Bottom line. It's a person. It's someone's daughter. It's my girlfriend...I just want to find out what happened. I want a conclusion to everything."

C5H11ONO said...

"Bottom line. It's a person. It's someone's daughter. It's my girlfriend...I just want to find out what happened. I want a conclusion to everything."
--Gee willackers! It's a body too! Was he handling her when she seized to be a person, a daughter and a girlfriend?

elf said...

I don't think the bf has anything to do with her disappearance. If a customer with nefarious intentions overheard her talking about going tto get gas after work... Kansas city is a dangerous place.

happyuk said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

It is to early to point fingers. Not enough statements, etc. His language describing her however, is very odd to say the least.

To reduce her to "it(s)" is avoiding using her name. (Distancing language)

The question is, why?

Anonymous said...

**OT - UPDATE on DeOrr Kunz Jr. case... **

New statements released by Great Grandpa (GGP)
*NOTE: This is transcribed from an audio recording from a user on Facebook.*

Caroline Gear:
Uh, let me ask… I do have a question because one of them said that you went into your camper, to lay down, to take a nap?


Did you go into your camper to lie down or did you stay by the fire pit the whole…like while they were down fishing and stuff.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… I don’t know that for sure! I know I went in the trailer and took a…tried to take a nap…but they had left………… I think they…. (garbled) ____go down fishing. I did go in the trailer to try to take a nap!

You did go into the trailer? Okay.

Let me ask you a question. If that baby’s dead and you think it was an accident, why do you think they’re so scared ….of what…

I have NO idea!!

If it was an accident, which is going to be a slap on the wrist compared to concealing a death…

Yeah… I don’t know.

Why do you think they’d be so scared?

I do not know that. You’d know more about that kind of stuff than me.

No, because I don’t know them that well. You know them better than I do.

I don’t know why.

You know your granddaughter.

Uh, a little bit…


I know her...


but I don’t know her.

Yeah… I get that.

It’s like anybody.

Well let me,…just hypothetically, if YOU had had an accident, or caused an accident, that caused the baby to be dead, would YOU cover it up….or would you say, “Oh, my God, he fell in the fire, and I didn’t know what to do!” I mean, would YOU come forward or would you try to conceal it? You personally. If…

No, I wouldn’t try to conceal it, okay?

Okay. I’m just trying to figure out why it would be so important for them to hide it or to cover it up?

I…. if they’re doing that, I don’t know what the reason is.

Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough.


Nic said...

Re the inauguration and Schumer's speech. Is it me, or did anyone else pick up on a subliminal message? i.e., "one week"?

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...


Shannon Matthews 999 call transcript

1:20PM GMT 05 Mar 2008

A recording of the 999 emergency call made by mother of missing nine-year-old Shannon Matthews has been released by West Yorkshire police.

OPERATOR: Police, emergency.

MRS MATTHEWS: Hiya, I want to report my daughter as missing,please

OPERATOR: Right. How old is she?




OPERATOR: When did you last see her?

MRS MATTHEWS: She went to school this morning".

OPERATOR: Right. Have there been any arguments, or anything......

MRS MATTHEWS: No, none at all.

OPERATOR: No. Have you been in touch with any of her friends or anybody like that?

MRS MATTHEWS: I've been everywhere I can think of friends-wise and family and everything.

OPERATOR: And nobody at all has any information about where she can be? Does she go to school and come back on her own normally then?


OPERATOR: Right. So. You expected her home what, at 4 o'clock?

MRS MATTHEWS: About half-past-three at the latest...(inaudible)....

OPERATOR: Does she have a mobile phone or anything like that?

MRS MATTHEWS: No. It's at home.

OPERATOR: So there's no way to ring to find out....


OPERATOR: But you've rung round her friends and you've been in touch with all her relatives and there's nowhere else that you've got left to look?


OPERATOR: Have you been in touch with the school. Can they confirm whether they've been....

MRS MATTHEWS: She left school at the normal time at ten-past-three.

OPERATOR: Right. What do they call her?

MRS MATTHEWS: Shannon Matthews

OPERATOR: Has she been missing before.

MRS MATTHEWS: No. It's the first time.

How the Shannon Matthews kidnap plot fell apart

Karen Matthews and Michael Donovan wanted to claim the £50,000 reward – but their story fell apart when police broke down Donovan's door

Anonymous said...

While watching Katie Couric's live report of the inauguration, Katie let a guest called Muslimgirl speak, and she said something along the lines of, "why make America #1 again, they've always been #1. Isn't that part of the problem?" They let this Muslimgirl continue to comment throughout the report.


Does Katie Couric hate America?

Anonymous said...

yes, she does. so does msm collectively hate America.

CAIR is going nuts that President said "Islamic" and they are angry that a RABBI was there!

i would not watch msm but you tube without commentary!!! it was great!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I did not know that obama was funding abortions in africa, did anyone else?

President Donald J. Trump will sign an executive order stopping this barbaric practice and hopefully will defund Planned Parenthood butchers in america too. even people who believe abortion don t want PP butchers crazy nazis selling body parts for sports cars. Imagine being an actual abortionist and killing babies from 9 -5 and then giving birth to one? Holy shit.

Anonymous said...

When Islam overruns and conquers a formerly non-Muslim polity, one of the first tasks it sets itself is to erase all evidence of the jahiliyyah, the “time of ignorance” that preceded that region’s submission to Allah. This is why they blow up beautiful buildings and churches and monuments. It is why they are going to blow up the Eiffel Tower.

Sweden is considering having its military invade Malmo; its own city.

happyuk said...

Nic, I remember that case well. This seems almost like a textbook case of blatant omission of information and false statements. That said, this person seems nowhere near as sociopathic as the McCanns...

1. Reporting a missing child by starting with a greeting and ending with a thank-you:

"OPERATOR: Police, emergency.
MRS MATTHEWS: Hiya, I want to report my daughter as missing,please"

2. Strong, reliable statements

"OPERATOR: Right. How old is she?

"OPERATOR: And nobody at all has any information about where she can be? Does she go to school and come back on her own normally then?

Here she reveals that no one else knows where the girl is, except herself.

"OPERATOR: So there's no way to ring to find out....

Knowledge that ringing Shannon on her mobile would be fruitless.

3. Weak statements

The operator is asking for a TIME, she answers with what she DID that morning:

"OPERATOR: When did you last see her?
MRS MATTHEWS: She went to school this morning"

Again the operator seeks a simple answer (yes/no), and the responder again answers with what she DID ("been everywhere").

"OPERATOR: Have you been in touch with any of her friends or anybody like that?
MRS MATTHEWS: I've been everywhere I can think of friends-wise and family and everything."

These answers suggests she is giving much more importance to LOCATIONS rather than TIMES. Time is sensitive to her.

"OPERATOR: Does she have a mobile phone or anything like that?
MRS MATTHEWS: No. It's at home."

This suggests that the girl does own a mobile phone, but longer with Shannon but in her own house.

"OPERATOR: Have you been in touch with the school. Can they confirm whether they've been....
MRS MATTHEWS: She left school at the normal time at ten-past-three."

Again she does not answer the operator's question, but instead displays knowledge of her whereabouts at the time and location at where she was supposed to have gone missing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:32, Margaret Sanger would have loved that since her goal was to exterminate the "Negro" race.

Is it even possible for Trump to sign an executive order stopping abortion/organ sales? Does he have that authority?
I dont think that PP and organ dealers will ever be stopped--what they did is illegal, yet do you see any arrests being made? PP and organ dealers are above the law. Our country should BE ASHAMED OF ITSELF--these people kill 18-24 weekers--SO SICK IN AND OF ITSELF AND THEN SELL THEIR PARTS. Our country deserves nothing--no wealth, happiness, blessings, prosperity, nothing. Some POS from one of those organ companies is on tape saying that sometimes the fetuses hearts are still beating after they have been removed for dissection and sale.
It is utterly sickening. Trump hasnt spoken out about it. Who knows if he'll do anything? Or is PP too powerful? Who knows--PP could be controlled by powerful evil forces (the devil himself?). And therefore that could be why they are "above the law".

C5H11ONO said...

This is an anonymous letter sent to Dr. King. They attributed it to the FBI sending it. Is there a psychological profile that emerges from what was written?

Anonymous said...

Recent news reported that congress is planning to defund PP. Read it somewhere early this week.

Anonymous said...

@9:20, I hope they do defund PP...even 1st trimester abortions, I know someone who had severe PTSD 12 yrs after she had one...PP says that abortion causes no emotional damage, but tell that to someone I know who had one...and then didnt get out of bed fot a year from depression and then 12 yrs later told me they have horribble nightmares every night for 12 yrs related to the abortion...horribke dreams I wouldnt want to have ONE TIME, and I also do have PTSD with nightmares from issues Ive had in my own life, but the content is nowhere near as disturbing as what she described. I asked "what percentage of your dreams are nightmares?" She said "90%...I have nightmares every night". FOR 12 YEARS!!! I had deep compassion for this person, who, ironically, even with all of that, still was staunchly pro-choice. But seriously, that person might just as well have been in a war! They sacrificed their peace of mind permanently. It is a horrible thing. There is no way her situation with long-lasting PTSD is unique. For THAT reason alone, I have talked people out of having abortions...I did not pressure them out of doing it...I just said "this is what can happen mentally, so I cant in good conscience tell you to go ahead with it." Ive been thanked later by a few people for recommending against doing it. Maybe PP should warn people of the possible mental effects. Better yet just shut them down so they cant continue on with the madness.

John Mc Gowan said...

President Trump uses 1201 words in his inaugural speech.

He use the pronoun "we" 43 times and "we've" twice, sharing responsibility and uniting.

When the pronoun "I" appears in a sentence, paragraph and so on it is very important to the author, talker.
In his speech. The pronoun ""I" appears just 3 times. This tells us that it is very important to him, given the majority of pronouns are in the plural.

His first use comes when he says: "Today I take an oath of allegiance to all Americans. This is not as important as to what follow, that is, he has to use the pronoun "i" here.
Then we have: "I will fight for you with every bone in my body and I will never ever let you down."
This is a very strong statement, he believes in what he is saying. Whether he follows through (and i think he will, to the best of his ability) is another story.

Please note , too, that the possessive pronoun "My" is used once, and look where it appears, making this part of his statement very personal.
The up and coming years are going to be very interesting indeed.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Here is a great article and should echo what "uninalienable rights" means:

The question is: Who would you trust to censor your speech and thoughts?

Another way is: Who or What is your final arbitrator on right from wrong?


Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic BBM

After two months, detectives have few details on who kidnapped Sherri Papini while she was jogging in her quiet town in Northern California.

Part of the reason for this lag is because there have been three high profile cases since November 2 around Redding distracting from the Papini case.

On December 21, the Shasta County Sheriff's office was busy searching for the man who walked into a gas station and set clerk David Wicks on fire. Mr Wicks burned to death and the horrific crime garnered national attention.

Juan Manuel Venegas was arrested for his murder yesterday.

The department also took on an investigation where Redding police shot and killed a man on November 16.

They are also chasing down Justin Ryan Mulliken in connection with a January 9 shooting.

However, Sheriff Tom Bosenko told the Record Searchlight that Mrs Papini's case is still a 'top priority.'

He told the paper: 'We are waiting on some of the results on the evidence being processed by the California Department of Justice.'

Mrs Papini and her husband Keith have stayed away from the public eye but were spotted out earlier in January.

Sheriff Bosenko said: 'I can’t speak to more recently, but even initially we had asked Mr Papini to refrain from media interaction and especially after she was found, with some of the information he was releasing.'

On January 10, Mrs Papini was spotted out Severe bruising on her face appeared to have healed but there was no glimpse of her long blonde hair which her husband said had been chopped off by her captors.

Keith Papini kept his gaze to the ground as he followed his wife outside, carrying their young daughter in one arm.

The family moved out of the house in December as police hunted Sherri's captors.

Keith said it had been too difficult for her to remain there after her ordeal.

He was initially cleared as a suspect in her disappearance after passing a polygraph test but police have since refused to rule him out again.

Saturday's outing was the first time Sherri has been seen publicly since she was found bound, beaten and gagged on the side of the road by a passing motorist on November 24.

She emerged only to fill up a small red tray with water before returning to the house, The New York Post reported.

Sherri went missing on November 2 when she was abducted during a routine run in the area and held hostage by two armed Hispanic women.

Her husband reported her disappearance when she failed to pick their children up from school. Her cell phone and ear buds were later found on the running track she used.

Tania Cadogan said...


She was tortured and starved by her captors, whose faces she never saw, before being dumped by the side of the road on Thanksgiving.

The sheriff's office was forced to deny claims they thought her story was a hoax in December after a rogue officer suggested worries it may have been invented.

No definitive motive for the mother's kidnapping has been given or suggested.

While she was still missing, a 'negotiator' working on behalf of a mysterious donor made several offers to those keeping her captive.

At one stage the reward for her return was as much as $100,000 but the ransom was pulled before she was released.

Keith Papini pleaded for privacy after his wife's return and slammed 'disgusting' skeptics who labeled her disappearance a hoax.

He described the black and yellow bruises across her body when she was first brought to hospital and how she had shrunk to 87lbs.

'Her now emaciated body of 87 pounds was covered in multi colored bruises, severe burns, red rashes, and chain markings.

'Her signature long, blonde hair had been chopped off.

'She has been branded and I could feel the rise of her scabs under my fingers. She was thrown from a vehicle with a chain around her waist, attached to her wrists and a bag over her head.

'The same bag she used to flag someone down once she was able to free one of her hands,' he said.

John Mc Gowan said...


Police deny Melbourne mall rampage was act of terrorism after witness claims driver yelled 'Allahu Akbar!'
A witness told journalists: "He was watching the people (and saying), 'Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar' and hitting the (car with his hand)"

Police have dismissed claims from a witness of the Melbourne mall driving rampage that the driver repeatedly screamed "Allahu Akbar!" during the incident.

The witness interview at the scene was broadcast on Australian television news and has circulated on social media after being posted by a journalist for Melbourne's Herald Sun newspaper.

The reporter later deleted the video tweet at the request of Victoria Police, although Channel Seven News broadcast the witness interview.

The issue has fuelled claims on social media authorities and parts of the media were involved in a terrorism cover up.

The Arabic phrase means "God is great" and is often linked with terror attacks.

Far right wing Senator and One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson today claimed the rampage was a terrorist attack.

"I have just been told there is a terrorist attack that has just happened in Melbourne," she said.

Herald Sun crime reporter Andrea Hamblin posted the video of the witness describing the scene and comments allegedly made by Dimitrious Gargasoulas.

"The witness, Stefano, describes the driver screaming at people on the street," Hamblin wrote on Twitter.

In the clip, Stefano says: "He was watching the people (and saying), 'Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!' and hitting the (car with his hand)."

However, Hamblin later deleted the tweet.

"Police have asked me (to) take down this video of man speaking to journos at the scene.

"They're concerned it makes people believe it was a terror event."

She later added about the witnesses.

"Varying accounts of what driver said were reported," she wrote.

"This was one. Also reported others. Police want to hear from anyone who saw the man."

Victoria Police later tweeted confirming it was "aware of this video".

"However statements from dozens of other witnesses are not consistent with this report," the account said.

"VicPol reiterates that there is no evidence to support that this incident is terrorist related"

Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton had earlier said at a news conference the driver had no links to terrorism.

He was, however, was well-known to police and had an extensive history of family violence, drugs and mental health issues.

"He has come to our attention on many occasions in the past,” Mr Ashton said.

“That is mainly linked to drug issues and mental health problems.

“He also came into our attention in recent days in relation to assaults and was charged by us last weekend.”

Four people have been confirmed dead while another four were listed as critical among up to 25 people who were injured in the rampage.

Clinton News Network said...

left tweets calling for assassination of President Trump.

Account status: fine!

right tweets disagreeing with left.

Account status: deleted.

Lock her up.


Clinton News Network said...

World to End by 2016 due to global warming : Al Gore

Global Warming Part 2 movie 2017

Cancelled due to snow storm.

Lock her up,


Clinton News Network said...

Donald Trump says "America First"

MSM reports that "America First" really means, "I am Hitler and will explode an atomic bomb on black transgendered college snowflakes.


Anonymous said...

Madonna's English accent completely disappeared during her speech!

Ashley Judd: I have to say the comical value of her speech was priceless.

I wonder what Peter thinks of those 2 speeches.

Re: Madonna, wouldnt a regular citizen have been arrested for saying what she said about White House to a crowd?

Anonymous said...

Madonna Is Being Investigated By The CIA After White House ‘Threat’

Anonymous said...

The actor girl Judd is mad cause the womens get paid less? How did the Mrs O become a role model? Girl soccer players get paid less and they mad at Trump? I read that poem and no 'MEN'tion of the abused Opressed muslim womens. They is really the victims. Not dum dum actoresses and singeresses.

Anonymous said...

Well, thats good, but I dont understand why Madonna wasnt arrested?

Im curious how the 19 yr old girl's poem was attained by them to use it? Very strange. And of course, now she has to take the blame instead of Judd for the disgusting nature of the poem and the disgusting Ivanka comments! I dont believe the 19 year old wrote it....there are dead give-aways in the poem it was written by a much older women...maybe 40 yrs old. The poem says 'half her life shes been not smiling at men so the men dont think she wants to be intimate with them"....what the hell?! Why would a 19 yr old say that?! That would make her 9 1/2 yrs old when she started "hiding her smile from men so they dont take advantage of her"....very scary if true, and obviously LE should be made aware of whatever sexual predators who live in her area.
I dont believe a 19 year old wrote the poem.

Anonymous said...

Later on tonight when I have time, I will look carefully at the written version of the poem (which I have not done yet).

Suffice to say, I don't believe the poem was written by a 19 yr old girl. I thought about the poem, and it has unusual/disturbing perspectives on several things, one of the more disturbing I've mentioned in my post at 1:39.

The other things off the top of my head which seem disturbing:

1) the poem is strangely focused on menstruation, referring to it as "nasty" and "embarrassing" (which is not typically how it is viewed by most women).

2) the comments about Ivanka were incredibly disturbing...I have seen others referring to the comments as a "verbal rape" (as a woman myself, I put myself in Ivanka's shoes, and I can't imagine how another woman could have written those words about her, because that is exactly what it would feel like would be a "verbal rape" as well as severely humiliating)

3) the poem begins by calling women "vulgar" (which, again, as a woman, this felt like a very degrading word to have myself described as-since I am a woman)...I recoiled when I heard this term

4)At the end of the poem, the writer says that the purpose of women's private parts is to give birth to another generation of "filthy....women". Again, as a women, this felt very degrading to hear women described as "filthy"!!!!!

I WILL be looking very carefully at this poem. The poem has some of the same elements of the Trump dossier. One youtube commenter had written that "it sounded like Carrie's mother in the movie "Carrie" ", and I agree! In terms of viewing natural occurrences (menstruation etc. as "vulgar, embarrassing, nasty)...particularly the last part of the poem where it states that a woman's private parts are for giving birth to a new generation of "filthy women". All these statements could have come out of Carrie's mother mouth, as some of them actually did!!!!

So, again, I don't think a 19 year old girl wrote the poem. I feel the writer is middle-aged (40????), and I am not convinced the writer is female. We are seeing the same perverse hyper-religious attitude (masquerading as a liberating voice), where at this point it is like Carrie's mother from the movie "Carrie" could have written the poem. More concerning is some of the language used to describe women ie. ("filthy, vulgar", etc) which really seems like it could come out of the mouth of a sexual predator. The comments made about Ivanka indicate the writer felt comfortable emotionally humiliating Ivanka and yes I feel that "emotional rape" describes it.

I will just be looking at the written version of the poem out of curiosity, as I am convinced the 19 year old woman did NOT write the poem.

Anonymous said...

Wow the written version is more degrading to womenthan the spoken version!

Calling them "crusty". It's disgusting.
How interesting the writer is such a huge soccer fan?!

Water reference in 2nd line of poem. What does this mean?

4th line : "back to broken back"...

."Brokeback Mountain"????

Poem prioritizes gay rights: talks about gay-conversion therapy as a "gas chamber"
"Rainbow flags turn to suicide"
"The gay taken out of America"

This poem is so degrading to women and their anatomy, with heavy emphasis on gay rights... I would think it would have been written by a homosexual male.

I am interested in others opinions.

Anonymous said...

Despicable. And no references to the muslim female who's really is oppressed.

Anonymous said...

Very true. Good point.

I am absolutely astounded by the extent of the degrading language in the written version (as well as spoken versiion). The words that are used to describe women could come from the mouth of the most degrading of rapists. Supposedly Judd was communicating for months by text with the writer before she heard the poem. What is really going on?
I cant get the written transcript up.

The phrase "praying to my feet"? This is an antiquated expression.

Anonymous said...

I found on youtube some spoken word performances by the author of the "I am a Nasty Woman poem".

Here is one: Very odd. Very heavy religious emphasis, emphasis on sin.
This is a spoken word poem about her mother.

I kinda wonder if the mother is the one who wrote some of these poems.

Anonymous said...

And NO reference to the most destructive influence to women in the whole world. Pornography.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the title is reference to Trump saying that to Hill.

Anonymous said...

I think Ashley Judd and women marchers need to get over themselves. Trump calling Killary a "nasty woman" is not sexist. Also, the vast majority of men are respectful in public. Yes, if you smile at them, they may try to talk to you/give you their card etc. The majority of men dont take a smile as an indicator you are saying yes to sex?!?! Usually the rapist types dont care if you smile or not. I have many issues with men but I do not think the majority are rapists.

These people owe Ivanka an apology. Absolute smut. I love how these suposed pro-women marchers are the first ones to attack women.
Also pro-life marchers were attacked, spit on, cigarette holes burned in their signs. Right. Pro-choice as long as you make their choice.
The marchers are an embarrassment to all women.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I missed it but did the marchers voice support for the European women being attacked and raped daily?

Anonymous said...

No, they did not. I guess that wasnt as important as raging about the tax on feminine hygiene products. Absolute disgrace.

Bottle Cap said...

Here's a great example of the moral narcissist. "Crazy old lady harasses Trump supporter on a plane and gets kicked off"

Anonymous said...

The poem girl works at dunkin donuts. I'm concerned she may be the type to tamper with customers food.

Anonymous said...

@ Bottlecap, Hahaha! That's funny! "Finger on the nuclear on the nuclear button"..."He's in my space!" And then is it just me or does her husband look 40 years younger than her lmao!? wtf!

Anonymous said...


Lol...yeah I wouldn't be surprised...I watched some of her spoken word stuff...she is very angry, and it seems like she may have a mother like the mother in "Carrie"....for sure, I could at least see her spitting in customer's food...or worse...

Anonymous said...

Wow that singer at the inauguration dance "I did it My WAy" sounds like lounge singer closing down a Chinese restaurant at 3 in the morning...very bad singer!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The "women" were outraged at the inappropriate and crude Trump remark. To show outrage, they used inappropriate and crude statements and poems.

Yet, this pales compared to the embracement of Islam by the women those cheerfully singing as they march to the gallows.

I do hope to publish some analysis on "grab them by the ...." which is relevant to the work of an analyst.


Anonymous said...

I agree with the article...I agree these liberal feminists are stupid people. The fact that one of their spokeswomen, Madonna, made statements (in regards to what she would do to get Hillary elected) a 100 times more demeaning to women than Trump's comments, speaks volumes. Madonna's thinking is right in line with the Islamic terrorists, including regarding women as potential sex slaves and also expressing a desire to "blow up the whitehouse".
I also feel these liberal feminists objectify themselves and women...personally I find their "pussycat hats" demeaning. And yes, where is the outrage regarding sharia law, female genital mutilation, horrible treatment of women in Islam?
Interestingly, I noticed when reading the original version of the poem read by Ashley Judd and written by teenager Nina Donovan, that it included a reference to domestic violence (bruises) and Judd chose to leave that section out although it would have been entirely appropriate to include in a women's rights speech! I hate the fact that I think this, but it may be because domestic violence is also an issue in lesbian relationships and there were quite a few lesbians there who possibly are perpetrators. As well, it is a huge issue in Islam and is condoned by the Koran.
The automatic acceptance that abortion is great ignores the fact it is used world-wide to terminate female fetuses.
I found Judd's degradation of Ivanka Trump to be horrendous.
I think, yes, look at the individuals who funded the march, and that was the ideology being expressed.

Anonymous said...

Good comment 4:13

Anonymous said...


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

Colorado City Teen Will Be Laid to Rest Years After Murder

COLORADO CITY & ABILENE, TX - A Colorado City teen will be laid to rest years after her disappearance and murder.

The remains of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn were released to her mother Billie Dunn Monday afternoon, according to local attorney Jon Young.

Billie Dunn plans to hold a funeral for Hailey, but she says, "Hailey's funeral will be a private, family gathering. We know how blessed we are to have all of you and hope you will each understand we need to lay Hailey to rest in private. This day will bring tears of many emotions, but most of all it gives Hailey her final peace and brings us one step closer to bringing Hailey justice. Thank you again for your love and dedication to our precious daughter."

Hailey disappeared without a trace over six years ago after leaving home to spend the night with a friend.

Over three years later, investigators found her remains at lake in Scurry County, and her murder remains unsolved to this day.

Hailey was last seen alive on December 27, 2010. Billie Dunn reported her missing the next day after she failed to come home from a friend's house she said she was staying at the night before.

The friend told detectives Hailey had never arrived as planned.

Colorado City community members banded together and combed the town for months before giving up hope that they would ever see Hailey alive her again.

Her remains finally found by someone rock hunting at Lake JB Thomas in March of 2013, but her killer is still at large.

No arrests have been made in connection to Hailey's death. Her mother's ex-boyfriend, Shawn Adkins, remains the only publicly identified suspect.

Adkins spoke out to in 2011 before Hailey's body was found, saying "I had nothing to do with Hailey's disappearance, I love Hailey with all my heart and she means a lot to me."

Investigators with the Texas Department of Public Safety told they were still considering Adkins a suspect in 2015, though they are investigating other leads as well as tips of all kinds continue to come in from individuals claiming to know what really happened to Hailey.

Hailey's case remained on the Texas Rangers Unsolved Homicides website over one year after it was first featured.

Hope for Hailey Dunn
15 hrs ·
Dear Hope for Hailey Family,
Part of Hailey's journey is finally coming to an end. After 6 years of praying to have her home, it's finally happening! By the grace of God, the hard work and kindness of Scurry County and a special group of precious people, it is a blessed day that we are able to say, Hailey is coming home!
We want to thank each and everyone of you that has been on this painful path with our family to bring Hailey home since she was found March 16, 2013.
I will never forget the outpouring of love our family received at Hailey's Memorial in May of 2013. I am so grateful to each of you that were able to come and mourn for her with us and for those of you that were with us I spirit as well.
Hailey's funeral will be a private, family gathering. We know how blessed we are to have all of you and hope you will each understand we need to lay Hailey to rest in private.
This day will bring tears of many emotions, but most of all it gives Hailey her final peace and brings us one step closer to bringing Hailey justice.
Thank you again for your love and dedication to our precious daughter Hailey.
Billie and family

PS, Thank you everyone! Hailey's justice is coming & this sweet angel finally gets a proper burial.

Please if you see any postings asking for "donations" it is not from us. This is my child, my privilege to pay for Hailey ♡. I have already taken care of all costs for my baby girl. Thank you again!

cereusle said...

O/T: I don't believe the husband's story

Anonymous said...

"Virtuous Pedophile" was on Dr Phil...former foster child accusing him of rape....The pedo says she is having a "false memory"....his wife defends him, and condescends to the former foster child....while also telling Dr Phil that she asks her pedo husband which little girls he thinks are "cute". Very scary.
Using SA, I think the pedo is lying and that the foster daughter is telling the truth. It's interesting...I believe he mentions "locked door" in one of his lies. So scary that both he and his wife are not in jail.

John Mc Gowan said...

OT Update:

New Sherri Papini Case Details Are Coming To Light

All new details have surfaced regarding the kidnapping of Sherri Papini.

Now that two months have gone by since the California mom was kidnapped while jogging along the street in Redding, the police have still not been able to crack the case.

However, a new report has come to light explaining why there has been such a delay in the investigation, according to Yahoo.

The Shasta County Sheriff's Department has not been able to devote as many resources and manpower as they would like to for the investigation because there has been a larger-than-usual amount of high profile cases recently.

Despite the fact the police have had their attention drawn away from the Sherri Papini abduction, Shasta County Sheriff Tom Bosenko recently said that the investigation remains "a top priority."

“It’s still an active investigation,” Bosenko said. “We are waiting on some of the results on the evidence being processed by the California Department of Justice.”

Earlier this month, Sherri Papini was photographed for the first time in public since the abduction. She was spotted out with her family, but Papini and her husband, Keith, have been actively avoided any media interaction.

"I can’t speak to more recently, but even initially we had asked Mr. Papini to refrain from media interaction and especially after she was found, with some of the information he was releasing," Bosenko reportedly said.

Sherri Papini was abducted on November 2. She claims that she was kidnapped by two Hispanic women, who covered their faces and mostly spoke Spanish to her.

Shockingly, Papini's captors released her on Thanksgiving morning. She was first discovered by a motorist on Interstate 5 in Woodland, which is more than 150 miles away from her home in Redding, California.

Arguably one of the most horrifying facts is that there have been several other abductions that were eerily similar to Sherri Papini's case since November.

What are your thoughts about these new developments in the Sherri Papini investigation?

MORE Sherri Papini: Eerily Similar Sherri Papini Case Emerges, And The Details Will Make You Want Your Nightlight | Sherri Papini Pictured For First Time Since Her Reported Kidnapping | Three More Women Disappear In The Same Area As Missing Jogger Sherri Papini | Internet Conspiracy Theorists Have Weighed In What They Think Really Happened To Sherri Papini | Sherri Papini's Family And Friends Are Speaking Out, And They 'Want Answers' | Missing California Mom Was Found Chained On The Side Of The Road

Anonymous said...

John, I definitely think Keith was involved in Sherri's kidnapping. Maybe with the other abducted women, it may be a different perpetrator. Have the other women been released??
Still concerning that the jogger killer(s) who struck in NJ and MA has not been caught. Could CA cases be connected?


Hailey Dunn's story was featured on Crime Wire Daily and they did not portray Billie Jean in a positive light. In fact, Clint came right out and answered "yes" when asked if he thought Hailey's mother was involved in her death. Clint answered the questions very straight forward and calm. He was not tripping over his words and the answers he gave lined up with the same answers he gave 6 years ago when Hailey went missing. Billie was more emotional. John Young, her attorney, was also featured in this updated. He had on more orange makeup than Donald Trump ever thought of! And, he had big white spots where they missed. So odd. Billie has said she is instrumental in bring Hailey's remains home. She has asked Scurry county to give them to her so Hailey could have a burial. Interesting though is that John Young said he made a call to the D.A. and investigator in Scurry county and that's when they let Billie have Hailey's remains. It wasn't mentioned that Clint wanted them.

The feature on Crime Wire was nothing new if you have been following the case. They seemed to take the info from the warrants and affidavits which is really why Billie was not looked at in a good light. Billie is now pointing the finger at Shawn. She said she was finally convinced when the FBI told her he was a suspect. Before that, she didn't believe it. Clint talked about how Billie obstructed the investigation many times and he cannot understand how she could do that to Hailey. And he brought up the New Year's party. That was another incident that he could not understand. He voiced he didn't understand how a mother could have a NY's party with booze and watch the ball drop when her daughter was missing.

Maybe law enforcement and the D.A. are closer to bringing this to trial. Hailey deserves justice. She was a beautiful young lady with so much in front of her.


Thank John for posting the article about Hailey Dunn !

John Mc Gowan said...


"Hailey Dunn's story was featured on Crime Wire Daily and they did not portray Billie Jean in a positive light."


is there a link to watch this.


John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

I've found it, Boston. Thank you for the heads up!

A mother checks on her teenager before she leaves for work.

Anonymous said...

Liberals are very fake people. I don't think they realize how stupid they are. Madonna's disgusting remarks about women. People comparing Trump to insulting to people who actually were ruled over by Hitler and suffered under his regime. Are our children being forced to be in the Aryan Youth, are we afraid to talk to our own neighbors or our own children for fear of being reported for being anti-Trump? Is Trump killing 8 million Jews? How stupid are liberals?!?!? Very self-righteous people who seem intellectually challenged, honestly, there is something missing upstairs in these folks' brains imho.

Anonymous said...

I hope all liberals are gay or trans so they don't reproduce. These liberals lack some kind of brain circuitry necessary to process information.

Nic said...

Anonymous @ 1:11 (and everyone else who will enjoy a chuckle,) you will enjoy this one:

"Having A Vag1na Is Not Enough" - One Woman's View Of The Million-Pussy-March"


Ignore the commentary, some of it makes DT's comments from 10 years ago pale in comparison. Otherwise a good read.

Nic said...

Thank you for the updates John and Boston Lady.

Justice for Hailey. Hopefully some day.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Liberals drag themselves into the mud and make fools of themselves. Madonna is their spokesperson? Madonna degrades all women while making a mockery of those captured into sexual slavery. Liberals find that wonderful! Heartwarming even.
Liberals are all the same. Intellectually dishonest, spiritually crippled, morally damaged....unimaginative conformists who embrace evil under the guise of "liberation", "enlightenment."
Perfect example: They are pissed that Trump told blacks in Chicago to stop killing each other bc that isnt "politically correct".

Anonymous said...

Trump is being shamed by liberals for trying to protect the country and for trying to protect the unborn. Total disrespect for an individual showing leadership skills.

Anonymous said...

10::04, I think you ranted on the other I recall you did not capotalize the "g" in "godless". So, youre a liberal atheist...the smuggest of the have determined subtle things like faith are beneath your lofty intellect.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

I recognize that rational thinking people have been the target for vicious name calling and labeling for 8 years now, but please temper responses.

I re tweeted a great tweet this morning about this very thing.

I hope to post Employment analysis and moral narcissism shortly, so it will explain why some are so easily deceived and why we are not exempt from its temptation, either.

This is not a blog for the illogical, irrational elitist deception or propaganda. It is for truth. Those who are enslaved to emotion and exploited by political elite do not debate; they insult and claim "hate" at a disagreement. They have 95% media, 99% Hollywood, colleges and so on.

Here, their comments meet the Spam filter and their IP is learned and they will eventually give up posting.

We embrace healthy scrutiny of our science but "phobia" and "immoral" are for those who disengage reason; not us.


peace said...

please repeat after me

"he will not divide us, he will not divide us"

for 5 straight days and watch the results! IT is magical:

Anonymous said...

Peace, That is funny!!!

Regarding liberals, I just dont get their rabid anger, nor how they project their own Orwellian language onto the right. Liberals have perfected the art of messing with language...."abortion" is a termination or "specimen"....referring to the immorality of something is "virtue-signalling" (!)...being a "woman" is being a "cis-gender female"!?
Any attempts to criticize any aspect of their actions= you must be homophobic, transphobic, xenophobic, racist, woman-hating, Hitler-loving....
I dont think Donald Trump is perfect, but the guy who interviewed him last night had this patronizing tone like he cant believe Donald's stupidity when Donald says he will not allow people in from countries w very high levels of terrorism, asking him "dont you think that could cause more anger"? Its mind-boggling! After 911 and Boston Marathon bombing and many other attacks, liberals still dont get that terrorists are as angry as they can get?! That they cause the max amount of damage and suffering possible, yet liberals still think a hug might help! (?)

Peace said...

the women march on washington was not only way cruder than Trump's comment but it was led by a ISIS know, the group that stones women in step by step fashion including:

burying them up to their chest

covering them with a garment

showing what size rocks to choose

If she claims rape, she is stoned as an adulteress.

That makes for good women rights movement to show their "shock" over Trump.

We need Shia Le Poof like we need AIDS.

Anonymous said...

The older I get the more I believe in demonic possession/influence. A). Ive seen it before and B) it's in the Bible repeatedly.

The people chanting "He will not divide us" over and over: This is what I think--they cant be referring to "he wont "divide" us from those who believe differently (those on the right), bc they dont wish to be united w those on the right. Theyre not talking about being divided from each other--they feel unified with each other. What I think the chant "He will not divide us" means is "He will not call the demons out of us--he will not "divide" us.
Liberal ideology is, at heart, sociopathic--it is demonically influenced--great evil is embraced as "a right" and a liberating force. The "feminists" mock women and they are vulgar.

Bottle Cap said...

Thanks for the video link, Peace!

There was an interesting comment there that may help to answer anon 1:43's question:

Begin quote: "They are hateful because Marxism by its very nature is an adversarial ideology. It is about the oppressor and the oppressed. You must love one and hate the other--rich against poor, white against black, minority against majority, men against women, young against old--ad nauseum! They see themselves as the good guys and all others are the bad guys--Liberals against Conservatives, Democrats against Republicans, cowboys against indians, etc., and everything is either black or white with no shades of grey if you are their opposition.

If you do not think and act as they do, you are the enemy worthy of hate. If you remove this self-righteous and adversarial political dynamic, they will have nothing to build upon--it is their entire platform. That is why they appeal to emotions and feelings rather than logic and reason, because they cannot stand up to a solid agruement or debate. When they are confronted with facts and verifiable data, they become frustrated and offended and resort to violence, abuse, slander and malicious accusations.

They are never satisfied with any outcome, constantly make unreasonable and continuous demands and scream abuse and bloody murder like the petulant and dangerous children that they are when they don't get what they want.

Their driving motivation is that they are the kind, compassionate and loving ones who trump hate and who exercise righteous and holy indignation when someone they perceive is being oppressed. They are going to right all the wrongs in the world and crush all the unholy oppressors (which is you, Trump, Trump supporters, Conservatives, Republicans, Capitalists, Tea Partiers, regular Americans, white people and especially white men, etc., and the list goes on and on.

There will always be the proliteriate victims to champion and the evil, selfish bourgeoisie oppressor to hate and start the revolution against; thus it is a self-sustaining belief system. It is neverending. So that is why they MUST hate you for all intents and purposes. It keeps their system going.

Marxism and its proponents have killed God--so they have set themselves up in place of Him! They are no longer mere mortals like you and me, but are on a fantastic ego trip harshly judging others who are not in line with their magical thinking and see others as bad, immoral and to the extreme perhaps not even worthy of living.

Marxism is a narcissist's paradise. The worst political genocide, with one of the highest death tolls in the world, was in this past century and done by revolutionary Marxists. That is why they are so dangerous to everyone. Because when these people come to power, they will even "eat their own" supporters when they have subdued and wiped out all opposition. The communists call them "useful idiots". There always has to be an oppressor, an enemy, a patsy or a scapegoat! If there isn't one handy, they will readily manufacture one! Recall the frequent and periodic Stalinist and Maoist purges of these Communist countries!

Our modern Liberal Left (not classical liberals), MSM, universities, third wave feminism, BLM, the gay rights movement, Progressives, globalists, Hollywood and yes, even the Democratic Party are steeped in Marxist ideology. That is why they are hateful and that is why they hate you! It is all about winning at any cost. And this is why they will lie, cheat, steal, frame, accuse, slander, smear, murder, commit treason, break the law, collaborate with enemies, spy, attack, project onto others what they would do, distort and even commit mass genocide to further their cause.

So even the tiniest dissent or disagreement is a threat to their enormous egos and their totalitarian utopian paradise worldview! That is why they are hateful and that is why they hate you!" End quote of Randy Douglas

Anonymous said...

Interesting 9:46!

Yes, liberals have a false sense of superiority very in line with narcissism. I notice this every time I see the pro-choice argument that abortion is OK, because "every child born should be a child who is wanted." Really?! How do they know that they were "wanted"? How do they know their mother wasn't like "shit I wish I wasn't pregnant". This is a narcissistic belief most people grow out of past the age of 3 that they are "special". In liberals you see this arrested psychological development in their belief that they are "wanted", and therefore deserve to live, and others, who they assume are not "wanted" should just be aborted and not be allowed to live. Nevermind, the way they justify aborting retarded or Down Syndrome babies. I have known mildly retarded people who I have regularly had far more pleasant and interesting conversations with than any of the liberal people I have known. Who are liberals to feel they are so innately superior to others? When they quite literally are NOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

6:51, That's a poor argument for God being neither liberal nor conservative. Democrats have been insulting Barron Trump for allegedly having autism...I thought they were the ones so sensitive to disabilities!

Please do not use Ann Coulter as an example of a "Christian"...Ann Coulter does not behave as a Christian...she's an absolute scumbag. I can't bear listening to her speak but was able to get through a few sentences of her talking about her book "Demonic", and if anything, it proves she is demonic. Ann Coulter is a nasty person who I don't consider a conservative...although Ann Coulter wrote a book called "Demonic", she does not understand what demons actually are and totally misuses the term.

The conservative party is by far more Christian than the liberal party, and this is utterly self-evident...particularly since Democrats celebrate human sacrifice. This is utterly diabolical.

The only thing I find troublesome going on in Trump's Presidency is that it is not Christian to turn away desperate women and children refugees. It's just not. We see this illustrated in the story of Jesus' birth, and how they had to travel to Bethlehem to escape violence and were finally offered shelter in a barn so that the Savior could be born. I do not blame Trump, however, for blocking people from entering the United States from countries with very high levels of terrorism--he has no choice--he needs to protect the country. If I had been President during the Boston bombing, you're damn right I would have blocked off people entering the US from countries with high terrorism levels at that point. But, as far as blocking desperate women and child refugees, and that includes from, that is not Christian...Jesus' actions show us this throughout the Bible.