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Hailey Dunn Murder: Sensory Descriptive Language Part One

From the very first moments Billie Jean Dunn spoke on the Nancy Grace Show, we knew two issues of priority:

1.  Hailey Dunn, 13, was dead. 
2.  Hailey Dunn's mother, Billie Jean Dunn, needed an alibi.  

In spite of this, she continued to return to the show even as she was caught lying. 

This short sample is from the Hailey Dunn murder case: 

She revealed herself to be complicit in the murder of her daughter, but also that she was in the lead of falsely reporting "what happened" to her daughter. 

Her story came from memory; not experiential memory, but memory of another case of a missing girl, lifted by Dunn, to cover her and her boyfriend, Shawn Adkins' involvement. 

Drugs, child pornography, bestiality and "slasher" videos were their hobbies, and Hailey was caught up in the perversion. 

Although her statements are analyzed in many places (use search), here is an example for study.  

The exchange began because HLN had learned that while Hailey was reported "missing", the mother and boyfriend threw a New Year's Eve party.  This bothered Grace, a mother herself, who could not grasp how one claiming to be innocent could be hosting a party.  Yet it was the information that followed the exchange that is most valuable for learning what happened to Hailey, and when it happened.  

If you research the appearances of the mother on the show, you will see the mother reveals the parameter in which the body would be found.  

We are going to see insight into Hailey's death, via the lens of analysis.  

It is important, first, to set the stage (context) of this powerful admission of Hailey's corpse, first, as it tells us what state the mother was in by the time we reach this sensory descriptive language which shows personal experiential memory. 

Therefore, Part One is the setting of being challenged about lying.  This shows "behavioral analysis" similar to the celebratory behavior of Casey Anthony after killing her daughter, Caylee.  She went out partying, free of her burden. 

Just 72 hours after reporting her daughter "missing", Billie Jean Dunn and Shawn Adkins hosted a celebratory New Year's Eve party.  

Part Two:  Personal Sensory Descriptive Language 

To Billie Dunn:  Did you have a New Year's Eve party? 

 Do we need to define what "New Year's Eve party means?"   

The sarcasm came from one frustrated at being held in contempt by a liar.  

BILLIE DUNN: Well, we did not. I know it wasn`t on my mind at

 all that it was even New Year`s Eve. had an uncle and aunt, and

 they brought their grandbaby from out of town. They came up.

 They stayed at my house Friday during the day. They spent the 

night at my brother`s. They were back over here Saturday. I think 

they went home on Sunday. We had family over here. I`ve had a lot 

of family here. But that weekend, an aunt, an uncle and their

 grandbaby and my two brothers came over.

'Did you have a party?' is a yes or no question.  This is a simple 


The very first thing we note is that this "yes or no" question was 

sensitive to the mother who now needs to pause to think how 

to answer.  She begins with "well", a pause that should be 

unnecessary so shortly after New Year's.  

Since she is the mother and the host of a party, we expect her to 

say "no" and leave it at that.  But should she feel the need to 

explain her actions (increased sensitivity), we expect her to begin

with the pronoun "I", psychologically, placing herself in the answer 


She did not.  This is a signal of not wishing to be 'alone' in an 

answer; something school children do when lying. 

"Well, we did not."  This avoids being 'alone' in her answer.  Here 

she should have stopped going any further, but deceptive people 

have  a "need to persuade" that is, within analysis, a signal of 

"weakness."  This is called "inappropriate weakness" in an 


This is insight into her personality and comfort level

with deception; it is her norm or 'baseline' pattern when answering 

questions. She yields much information.  The more she speaks, 

the weaker the denial becomes.  Because she is not telling the truth

she feels a deep need to convince the interviewer:

I know it wasn`t on my mind at all that it was even New Year`s Eve

First note that she tells us what she "knows."  A person can only tell

us what they know, so this is unnecessary emphasis.  (-)

Next, she tells us it "wasn't" on her mind.  This is call the 'rule of 

the negative'; that is an elevation of importance.  Here is why:

A truthful person will tell us what happened, what she said, what 

she saw, and so on.  

There is an infinite number of things that did not happen; were not'

said, were not thought, and so on.  This is to 'hide' within that 

which is immeasurable; as if, psychologically, the guilt is spread 

out in a crowd.  

She did not say "I did not know it was New Year's" but uses several

points to weaken any such assertion:

"I know" is unnecessary and this theme of additional unnecessary 

words continues:  

"at all" and "even" all come together to reveal the deception.  It is

as if to say "I am really really really really sad!" where the listener

starts to wonder if the person is sad at all.  

 For  the listener, it is absurd.  This is a signal into a life long 

habitual or pathological liar:  the self confidence is so high that she 

has lost  self awareness.  This is similar to showing up at a "search" 

so  inappropriately attired that she had to be "coached" on how to 

play  the part of the grieving hurting mother.  The habitual liar, over 

time, due to successfully deceiving others, grows over-confident 

and fails  to consider how she appears to others.  The 'lost and

bewildered mother goes out dancing, as Billie Dunn and Casey 

Anthony did.  Only a lawyer would call this "ugly grieving."  

The answer angered Nancy Grace. 

GRACE: And when they were there that night...

BILLIE DUNN: There was definitely no...

Here, more "reinforcements" are called in, further weakening the

denial of the New Year's Eve party she and Adkins hosted.  

Nancy Grace does not let her get away with it.  This is what it 

means when a liar fills an investigator with resolve.  Lying 

presupposes that the investigator/interviewer is smart enough 

to catch her.

GRACE: ... New Year`s Eve night. What were you guys doing in 

the home that night?

BILLIE DUNN: We were visiting. We were talking about Hailey. 

We were pretty upset.

 She starts with "we" and not with "I";  which is appropriate for 

"visiting" but keep in mind that this is the biological mother of a 

"missing" 13 year old girl.  We hold to the expectation that her

maternal instincts will be engaged. 

Note the order:
1.  We were visiting
2.  We were talking about Hailey
3.  We were "pretty" upset.  This reduces how "upset" one is.  

Please note that "visiting" came first in her order.  This was not lost 

on Nancy Grace.  She also said that "we were pretty upset" which 

expresses the emotions of others ,instead of "i was upset".  Please 

note that she did not say she was upset, but only that they were 

"pretty" upset, qualifying being upset. 
72 hours after her daughter is reported missing they visited, talked

 and were only "pretty" upset.  Most people would be more than 

just "pretty" upset.  Nancy Grace will not let this lie go.  It is too

important.  The mother of a missing youngster is partying.  This is

similar to the celebrating that Casey Anthony did once she was 

free from the burden of Caylee.  

GRACE: Did you have out food for them? Was anybody having 


Since she began with "we were visiting" as her priority, Nancy

 Grace seeks to define what a New Year's Eve party looked like.  

BILLIE DUNN: I know that there was a lot of food out, and I think

 Shawn had some drinks. Nobody else. Nobody was worried about

 having a New Year`s Eve party.

Passivity in speech conceals identity and/or responsibility.  Due to 

the use of her passive voice, it is likely that the subject, herself, 

put "a lot of food out" 

Note, again, the use of "I know", as above.  

Here is how she lies:  She "knows" there was "a lot of food out". 

Next, she "thinks" Shawn had "some drinks" but will not commit to

 it. She saw the food, and "knows" it was a "lot" for her uncle, aunt

 and their baby, her and Shawn.  

"nobody else" is a broken sentence.  She did not say that "nobody 

else was drinking."  Clint reported a

 large volume of empties.  It gets worse for her:

"Nobody was worried about having a New Year's Eve party." 

I believe her.  Nobody worried about having a party because they

did not miss the party.  Again we have the negative and she enters

the thoughts of the others there. 

 She was not asked if people or even "nobody" was worried about 

the party.  
Nancy Grace was on the trail of the liar:   

GRACE: Did you have the TV on?

Remember:  she didn't "even" know it was New Years.  


Here she is caught and has lost her bearing.  

GRACE: Were you watching the ball drop?

A yes or no question

BILLIE DUNN: We were just watching news.

The word "just" is a 'dependent' word in analysis.  It means that

the subject is comparing two or more ideas.  She avoided 

answering the question about the ball dropping, which only

happens on New Year's Eve.  

The mother of a missing girl is lying, again, on national television.

The word "just" means 'only', so Grace pounces.  Remember, she

was a former prosecutor:  

GRACE: Are you sure?

This is actually insulting, rather than just a straight question.  

She was giving Billie Dunn an opportunity to look a bit less 

foolish and just come clean.  


GRACE: So you`re telling me that you have people over, you had food out, alcohol was being served, but it was not a party.

BILLIE DUNN: There was no party, and we weren`t serving 

alcohol. I think Shawn had a beer.

GRACE: So it was just him.

BILLIE DUNN: Nobody was trying to have a party. that was -- 

right. That was on nobody`s mind.

This is how she lies and the pattern is repeated enough to

"we weren't serving alcohol" denies the act of "serving" and

 not that they were drinking. 
Note the change about Shawn having some drinks to "a" beer. 

 It is difficult to keep track of lies because they do not originate

 from memory. 

GRACE: OK. I think I have Billie Dunn back. Billie, can you hear 



GRACE: OK, Billie, I want very much to believe you, and I was

 very impressed that you volunteered to take that polygraph. 

Nobody made you do it. And they couldn`t make you do it. But you

 did it all on your own.

The over confidence of a pathological liar will lead them to take a 

polygraph.  Billie Jean's confidence, however, needed a 'boost.'  

She went to take the first polygraph under the influence of drugs. 

Her excuse was comedic:  no one told her she couldn't. 

She took the second polygraph and failed as did her boyfriend.  


GRACE: You made the boyfriend leave. You haven`t been talking

 to him. But many people believe that you appear nervous, and it`s 

been interpreted that you are concerned the boyfriend had 

something to do with Hailey`s disappearance. Is that true?

BILLIE DUNN: That bothers me a lot.

She avoided the question but Grace will not let it go.  Avoidance of 

the question = sensitivity.  The truth is that she did not actually 

break up with the boyfriend but first met him at a motel and later 

hid him in her home, lying to police.  

GRACE: Is that a yes?

BILLIE DUNN: I don`t know what to believe at this point -- yes.

GRACE: Well, I don`t know what to believe, either, because I`m 

getting all these different stories about you having a New Year`s 

Eve party, and you`re high when you go take the polygraph. Let me 

ask you this. Let`s get back to the facts. When was the last time you 

absolutely are positive you saw Hailey?

Here is a critical question of which the answer should appear on 

the prosecutor's desk.  

BILLIE DUNN: I saw her Sunday night.

The structure of this sentence suggests reliability.  This is critical. 

Next:  Part Two:  The mother reveals the location of Hailey's 

corpse prior to Adkins' dumping the body.  


Nic said...

I had an uncle and aunt, and

they brought their grandbaby from out of town. They came up.

They stayed at my house Friday during the day. They spent the

night at my brother`s. They were back over here Saturday. I think

they went home on Sunday. We had family over here. I`ve had a lot

of family here. But that weekend, an aunt, an uncle and their

grandbaby and my two brothers came over.


There are really strange pronouns being used to describe family and no proper social introduction. An aunt and an uncle (not my) with their "grandbaby". The pronoun "my" is used to describe her brothers and her house. No one is named and there is much distancing (concealment).

So how did she want everyone to interpret this scenario? Her aunt and uncle, who are only ever "an", are old (grand baby,) and they are too old and responsible to party?

According to BJD, everyone crashed at BJD's that night -- she does not report that [they] went back to sleep at her brother's on NYE (Sat night). Even her brothers. If they wouldn't crash at their own place why not? Too much to drink?


Horse Chestnut said...

Fake hate or real?

Charlotte from denmark said...

I do not know who Nancy Grace is (I am not from USA), but wow, she is really good. I would not have caught the lies she did.

When reading back, it is eassier to spot them, but during a conversation it must be hard.

Come to think of the time in the sitcom Everybody loves Raymond, when Raymond asks his mother, Marie:

Did you say to Robert that you like Amy more than Debra?

And her answer: I am not saying that I don't like Debra.

He catches this: I know you're not saying it now. But did you say it--ever?

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Hi Charlotte,

it is nice to 'see' you again!

Nancy Grace did catch the lie of the New Year's eve party but it was because she was told the facts ahead of time....the trash cans filled with empties, the late night partying etc.

If you do a search on this story and target the posts that include Nancy Grace and Hailey Dunn, you'll see something that will probably make you laugh a bit!

Even better, a google of her video will help!

The original statements where the mother revealed death and alibi, Nancy missed. Almost everything else, she missed.

Part Two up shortly...

its tough reading.


GeekRad said...

I was disheartened to hear that Hailey's remains had been released. It signals to me that the case is closed. If not officially, for all practical purposes.

GeekRad said...

Well apparently the case is not closed. Local news report:
COLORADO CITY, Texas (KTAB/KRBC) - The Texas Rangers confirm they are still considering Shawn Adkins a suspect in the murder and disappearance of Colorado City teen Hailey Dunn.

Adkins was in a relationship with Hailey's mother Billie Dunn when the teen disappeared six years ago.

The Texas Rangers also told KTAB and KRBC the Hailey Dunn case is still active and investigators continue to receive tips to this day.

Hailey disappeared without a trace after leaving home to spend the night with a friend.

Over three years later, investigators found the body of 13-year-old Hailey Dunn at a lake in Scurry County, and her murder remains unsolved to this day.

Hailey was last seen alive on December 27, 2010. Her mother reported her missing the next day after she failed to come home from a friend's house she said she was staying at the night before.

The friend told detectives Hailey had never arrived as planned.

Colorado City community members banded together and combed the town for months before giving up hope that they would ever see Hailey alive her again.

Her body was finally found by someone rock hunting at Lake JB Thomas in March of 2013, but her killer is still at large.

No arrests have been made in connection to Hailey's death. Adkins remains the only publicly identified suspect.

Adkins spoke out to KTAB and KRBC in 2011 before Hailey's body was found, saying "I had nothing to do with Hailey's disappearance, I love Hailey with all my heart and she means a lot to me."

Investigators with the Texas Department of Public Safety told KTAB and KRBC they were still considering Adkins a suspect in 2015, though they are investigating other leads as well as tips of all kinds continue to come in from individuals claiming to know what really happened to Hailey.

Hailey's case remains the Texas Rangers Unsolved Homicides website over one year after it was first featured.

BigCountryHomepage will continue to follow any developments that may come to light as investigators work to bring justice to Hailey Dunn.

Anonymous said...

Peter, did you talk about this years ago?' Muslim hired for holocaust museum:

Anonymous said...

"I saw her Sunday night" isn't the same as "I last saw her Sunday night". It's the most reliable answer to a question she wasn't asked! She didn't answer Grace's question and left open the possibility (likelihood?) that Sunday night wasn't the last time she saw her.

LM Cerullo said...

A lot of deception, missing information. Sounds like a typical incident with youth, alcohol and a misunderstanding turned racial by opportunists. His sisters FB post pretty much lays out the issues, attitudes, and agenda.