Saturday, January 7, 2017

Islamic Terror Florida & Analysis

An Islamic terrorist opened fire at an airport luggage section, killing 5, and wounding 7. 

The media reports were difficult to follow, at a time where media does not "propagandize the truth" but is often deceptive and in collusion with the political elite.   

The American public has taken note. 

Yet, as various releases became known, we are left with this:

A 26 year old man opened fire, killing 5 and wounding 7, of whom previously entered an office of the FBI to report that ISIS was forcing him to kill.  He was referred for psychiatric care. 

What was missed in this dismissal of such a threat?

1.  He articulated "ISIS", the "Islamic State" along with a treat.  This is to identify himself with an ideology that both teaches (precept) and practices (precedent) violence against non-Muslims.  

2.  He may have claimed to have heard voices, but this does not negate what he told them.  I question the mental health of anyone who adheres to such an ideology but in analysis, we view religion for what it is:  an ideology. 

Islam, as an ideology, is well suited for human nature.  Contrary to this, Christianity's ideology is, in its majority, contrary to human nature.  It defies human nature in many of its mandates.  

Islam, like any supremacist ideology, is  appealing to offer to someone their own superiority over others, as life itself is very difficult,  and this provides a well rehearsed excuse for failure.  Coupled with schizophrenia (or schizophrenic-like characteristics) and the danger increases many fold. 

Picture being imprisoned for a violent robbery only to be taught that it was not your fault, and that you are impoverished because you have been victimized.  This, alone, is acutely dangerous.  Add to it "you are supreme" and finally, your "god" will be pleased with your violence, thus, you no longer need to control your impulses, but can yield to them.  

Combine this with mental illness and you have an immediate danger to society.  

3.  His words revealed Islamic ideology, but we also learned that he was in the Middle East. 

4.  He was not only in the Middle East, but he was in the Middle East as a soldier handling weapons.  

4.  We then learned (or it has been reported) that he has posted online at Islamic and jihadist websites and forums.  

When officials declined to release his name for several hours (it appears that a politician may have done this on his own accord), the public, long used to the concealment or obfuscation of Islamic terror began to question. 

Similar to the analysis of the Orlando Islamic terrorist who targeted homosexuals, we do not know under what, if any, restraint the agents who responded and ultimately decided that Esteban Santiago did not pose a threat.  

The political pressure upon governmental agencies has been immense, particularly law enforcement, who have, themselves, been demonized for the last 8 years, for political capital.  

The media reported him, in some places, not as "hispanic" but "white hispanic"; a new designation, and have, in most part, downplayed his motive. 

He reportedly said, 

"I am not Jewish" while reloading.  

If mentally ill, he was able to navigate the airports, travel, baggage, rules for carrying a weapon, load, aim and fire his weapon.  He was also mentally fit enough to sit down upon order, and save his own life after taking the lives of 5 others.  


Anonymous said...

Point #1 is confusing. He went to the FBI. Doesnt seem like the place a radical would willing visit. In this case other unknowns are operating. Reminiscent of shady LHO b4 dallas.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

As strange as it sounds, what we press upon officials is to BELIEVE what you are told.

This is not as unusual as people think. People regularly confess.

When they confess, they sometimes reference "I told you so's" in their confession. They say "I told them I would do this but they did not believe me..."

It is almost impossible for a human to remain silent with his plans. He needs to tell someone.

If I do an interview with a violent felon in jail, I begin by asking, "Are you going to kill me?" I listen very carefully to the answer.


lynda said...

That pic on your blog doesn't even look like him, is it the same person?

Idk what to think of this guy. Having 2 nephews that served, BOTH with PTSD, my initial feeling is that the war screwed him up and he suffers from PTSD along with a possible mental illness. I see firsthand how little our government cares for our veterans and their mental health. It's deplorable. 22 vets a day commit suicide.

One of my nephews was in "training" one day. He was sent to clear a house. On approaching the house, there was an old woman and a toddler off towards the side, sitting under a tree busy with something. Several people were on the porch, and more inside. He "killed" everyone inside and on the porch. He flunked the exercise. Not because he "killed" everyone in the house, but because he DID NOT "kill" the old woman and toddler under the tree. War strips you of your humanity and more and more, our vets are NOT getting it back.

I was talking to my nephew one evening. We were outside on my side screened porch, it was winter,snow on the ground and I was asking questions about his PTSD. Matter of factly he said, "Aunt Lynda, I know we are on your porch, I know it's cold and snowy out, but when I look behind you, I SEE the desert. I FEEL the heat. He was hallucinating but appearing "normal." They are very good at appearing normal.

I don't know why I mention this..probably because my empathy usually sides with the vet and when I first heard of the shooting, I thought he was suffering from PTSD. Which I still believe he is. But combine that with a mental illness and it's not surprising that this happened. Even with the things he said, I'm still not sure whether this is a case of mental illness with delusions/hallucinations and PTSD or a flat out "terrorist" attack.

With due respect to you Peter as I do value your work and expertise, I have to gather more info to make that final decision.

How much does a true mental illness influence SA?

Anonymous said...

Living in an area targeted by a giants dropping bombs on your house probably is traumatic. Theres a many giants dropping bombs on the people in Syria. The giants crippled Iraq by dropping bombs on top of them. Maybe the giants like dropping bombs on little people. They do it alot. The giant was stunned that lil'Libyans fought back. How dare they! Why arent the lil' people happy when the giants drop bombs on them?

Anonymous said...

Lynda, The degree of premeditation done by the Fl airport shooter, in my opinion, shows that mental illness/PTSD does not explain his horrific actions. First of all, did the Fl. shooter even see any combat during his one year in the army? How come in many cases of PTSD (like the guy in "The Deerhunter") they only hurt themselves?
Mental illness and PTSD is very real, but I believe mental illness/PTSD does not cause someone to commit atrocities.
Did the Florida shooter even see any combat?

Anonymous said...

My uncle at age 18 yrs old survived The Battle of the Bulge, and fought another major battle in which his comrades were killed--he the sole survivor...the Nazis thinking he was dead stole his boots and his feet froze in the snow. Finally, after 9 mos of battle he was able to go home, having sustained an injury (also had some shrapnel in his head). He lamented the fact the he miraculously avoided being injured for 9 mos (when the average survival rate was 2 weeks! in WW2--unfortunately he saw FAR more battle than most and was given many awards) Also, as an interesting sidenote, when Marlene Dietrich came to entertain the troops, her piano player got the chicken pox and she was going to cancel her performance but my uncle saved the day--he knew all her songs and was a skilled piano player who could played by ear, so he played piano with Dietrich performing for the troops. He also stayedfriends with her for life. Anyway, he was the most gentle, kindest person ever...never judged anyone, made you feel totally accepted. When he died, I was given his jourmal from WW2, and the things he saw at Battle of the Bulge were horrific. Yet he remained an extremely kind gemtle person.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

If by mental illness it is meant that he is incapable of knowing what he has done, it is difficult to argue when:

He has been a follower of Islam reportedly since age 17 (he is 26) when he started on Jihad websites;

He was able to find his way to the airport, the plane, and the proper section; no small feat.

He was able to properly pack his weapon in his baggage.

He was able to load his weapon, and fire with skill.

We are now learning that this was premeditated, further telling us of his cognitive abilities.

As to Statement Analysis, some research on the blog may help understand but for now:

I once interviewed a victim of an assault who had Allah and Buddha talking to him. He used fantastical language between sentences of coherency. His developmental disabilities were such that if you were to see him, you would know he was disabled.

Yet, his coherent sentences matched the forensics of the case and received a measure of justice.

I was his "voice" and was able to show, conclusively, how his intent to communicate allowed for analysis, and how the statements showed no deception, only later to be verified by the external evidence.

PTSD, and all the ill effects of combat combined with lethal ideology is frightening.

He should not have been dismissed. Even extreme schizophrenics have "intention" to communicate. If they intend to deceive while communicating, it will be picked up.

The mental illness did not cause him to do crazy "nice" things, like irrationally give away his money. Instead his "crazy" thing was to kill, and do so while obeying the ideology and making sure he was not confused with a Jew.


Anonymous said...

Something must be seriously wrong if its true about record number of troop suicides.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how mental dementia can exist while also able to precisely plan. A 4000 mile trip takes pre planning.

Anonymous said...

As is commonly reported after the atrocity: the assailant was known to LE. And in this case it wasnt a rookie cop on patrol, but the US FBI and US military. Is someone asleep on the job?

Anonymous said...

Fort Lauderdale shooter was “Aashiq Hammad” on MySpace, recorded Islamic music

MSM did not report on Aashiq Hammad and now we know why law enforcement kept him silent until the governor grabbed the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

The brother of a man accused of killing five people at a Florida airport questioned Saturday why his brother was allowed to keep his gun after U.S. authorities knew he’d become increasingly paranoid and was hearing voices.

Esteban Santiago, 26, had trouble controlling his anger after serving in Iraq and told his brother that he felt he was being chased and controlled by the CIA through secret online messages. When he told agents at an FBI field office his paranoid thoughts in November, he was evaluated for four days, then released without any follow-up medication or therapy.

“The FBI failed there,” Bryan Santiago told The Associated Press. “We’re not talking about someone who emerged from anonymity to do something like this.”

Anonymous said...

Looking at the picture of the shooter at the top of the page, mother's intuition tells me he did not receive guidance or moral teaching from his parents growing up. The look in his eyes is like he wanted to belong to something and to receive guidance/instruction--it seems he chose ISIS--where did the void come from--did his parents not give him guidance--teach him right from wrong?


Anonymous said...

It just amazes me that if he was being tormented by voices/delusions/secret messages he could function so efficiently and precisely. I dont believe he was hearing voices or thought he was receiving secret messages.

Anonymous said...

He probably WAS receiving messages from ISIS on his computer.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like he was trying to turn himself into the FBI, and the FBI was too stupid to realize that.

Anonymous said...

What I mean is that if he was plotting an attack for ISIS, it is not a paranoid delusion if he was worried the CIA might have been tracking him or trying to communicate with him. There is nothing paranoid or bizarre about that thought within the context.

Anonymous said...

Whats it take to get fired from the fbi?

LC said...

As a soldier in the Middle East, it was reported that Esteban Santiago cleared roads from land mines with his troops. During his time there, 2 soldiers were killed at duty.
Along with his reporting to the FBI of his mental concerns, He Also had Previous run-ins with the Law - Domestic Violence among them.
Yet, he was Still allowed to own, carry & legally Transport a Weapon.
I would hope that the families of those killed or wounded in this Ft. Lauderdale incident will file lawsuits against the FBI and the other agency for their Negligence.
I support the 2nd Amendment of the US Constitution, BUT there needs to be restrictions included for psychological default And pharmaceutical use. If one's background check includes evaluations for mental stability or prescription drug use, their gun ownership should be limited.
In a court of Law, Insanity is only measured by understanding the consequences between Right and Wrong AT THE TIME of the action. Many behaviors and traits of a mentally unstable person do not prevent them from being Sane.
A mind warped toward Evil actions is still a Choice.
This young man Chose to follow ISIS communications & also Chose to Report the affiliation with authorities. He Did carefully plan, carry out And surrender following his evil deed.

Anonymous said...

I beiieve the third photo is of a different man by the same name.

Anonymous said...

Yur rite. It isnt the same person. OMG.

Anonymous said...

Evil people often pretend to be crazy. Why not? It works...oh poor little Estaban, he cant help his actions...he's just crazy.

Why didnt his Mom and Dad teach him right from wrong? Where was Dad? Out smoking crack?

Anonymous said...

What does it take to get fired from the fbi?

Anonymous said...

Apparently nothing gets someone fired from FBI.

But I'll tell ya, something aint adding up about this story.

I just did some research and found that Estaban himself is a Dad.

However, Estaban apparently received awards for his performance in Iraq, yet was dismissed for "unsatisfactory performance". (That doesnt make sense.)

Estaban told the FBI that the CIA was controlling his mind and making him watch ISIS videos and that he was being forced to fight for ISIS.

I just feel like there is missing piece of the puzzle somewhere.

Is it possible the CIA was doing some kind of weird brainwashing experiment on him?

Anonymous said...

I mean, if the CIA was experimenting on how to brainwash people, that could have been there first step was mind-messing with him by giving him awards for good perfomance and then dismissing him for unsatisfactory performance.

Anonymous said...

You maybe right. Theres more background we havent been told. Why did he select Ft L?

Anonymous said...

He looks like a regular normal and pleasant person. He doesn't have that vacant or empty soulessness look. I dont get it. If he is mentally ill and expressed that to Feds what happened. They saw no warnings or red flags? For real? He was a ticking time bomb and he went off.

Anonymous said...

@7;56, I dont know. Good question. Didnt he fly from Alaska to Florida? That definitely seems odd.
Something seems strange by virtue of the fact that 1) he claimed the CIA was forcing him to watch ISIS videos/fight for ISIS and the fact 2) he tried to turn himself in.

From what I know of schizophrenia, paranoid delusions, while often bizarre, are built on coherent logic and expected societal norms regarding police, CIA, FBI, etc. For example, a schizophrenic might think the CIA are tracking them because they are a bad person/have done something bad that the CIA would not like. The delusion is something they imagine but it contains coherent logic. It is not a typical schizophrenic delusion to think the CIA is forcing him to fight for ISIS as it is does not follow coherent logic. Schizophrenic paranoid delusions do not typically involve believing the CIA is trying to get them to fight for the enemy. Rather, there are delusions of importance ie. the schizophrenic is a very bad person and the CIA is tracking them. Estaban's delusion about the CIA is not within the realm of scizophrenic thinking in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I just saw an interview with a witness who said there were 3 other shooters who kept shooting after Estaban stopped shooting?!?!

Anonymous said...

Where did you see the interview?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me where I can see iterview Anon @ 8:32

Anonymous said...

At 8:46
Cant you tell when someone is joking? There is no interview.

Anonymous said...

Sorry lol...Im just seeing your request.

Here is the link. If you scroll down the video is towards the end of the article.

Anonymous said...

OMG can you believe this?
Despite the fact that Santiago himself, his girlfriend, and even co-workers warned authorities of his experiences the F.B.I. failed to detain him before his travels to Florida.

“Records show Santiago had three driver’s licenses from Alaska, New York and Puerto Rico,” along with his military I.D., which were all on his person during Friday’s shooting, as reported by a local ABC news affiliate.
Thank you for the link Ann C. Wow! This is incredible. THEY LET HIM GO!! Just walk away. Just like in Germany.

New England Water Blog said...

Maybe its fake news and a drill disguised as a real event?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the CIA was experimenting with mind control techniques. Like trying to figure out how ISIS brainwashes people. Maybe the CIA brainwashed Estaban and wanted to see if it would work? So they could better understand how ISIS recruits and brainwashes?

I also read that the former U.S. press secretary just happened to be at the FL airport and was live-tweeting the attack.

New England Water Blog said...

Why, to enact more laws, more repression and more gun control. And it comes at a cost that will make millionaires out of many who get the right contracts to now secure the baggage area. Fake like Sandy Hook was a fake event that used a drill to stage murders that never happened. Fake like the Boston Marathon firecracker and fake injuries and deaths.

Anonymous said...

If its all fake then the world is really a safe place afterall.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where the concept of staged shootings came from and when?

Nic said...

Peter said,
The media reported him, in some places, not as "hispanic" but "white hispanic"; a new designation, and have, in most part, downplayed his motive.

Is this like classifying a first generation Muslim American?

IMO, that would be like me saying I am Chinese because I was born in China.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe any of that stuff was staged ie. Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, and I don't know why anyone would think that, as it is completely ludicrous.

I do think that this Estaban story is very odd. No, I don't believe it was a staged shooting, however it is possible the CIA did some kind of strange brainwashing/mind-messing/coercive technique to Estaban. And of course, no psychiatrist will believe a patient who says that the CIA is doing anything to them--they will automatically be considered crazy.

Anonymous said...

I agree. If he had just gone to the ER then the Drs probably would have held him if determined he was a threat himself or others. Why did he choose the fbi office. Who would even know where it was. Why not choose a hospitals ER? Something here stinks really bad.

Anonymous said...

I thought that exact same thing. He sought out the FBI to tell them because he evidently felt the urgent (?) need to tell someone in a high position of authority. Normally paranoid schizophrenics will hide their delusions from others, and even if committed or brought to the ER, etc they will still attempt to hide the nature of the delusions, perhaps they may admit to hearing voices but will normally hide the persecutory delusion they are having for a variety of reasons but mostly because they are quite aware that other people will doubt what they are experiencing while feeling very confident that their delusions are the truth. It is unusual for a paranoid schizophrenic who hasn't completely deteriorated (for example been ill for decades) to share their persecutory delusions, nevermind go to an FBI office to explain the situation. Many paranoid schizophrenics feel that the CIA is tracking them and normally they would also think that the FBI would be on the CIA's's interesting to note that Esteban went to this other agency (the FBI) clearly thinking perhaps they had the authority or power to help him with what he claims was being done to him by the CIA.

It would be great if we had some statements from Estaban...specifically what he told the FBI.

Anonymous said...

Also, visual hallucinations are very rare in is worth noting Esteban told his brother he was "seeing things"; according to his brother he "lost his mind" over the course of a month...which, again, is unusual to have such a rapid deterioration.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy, i dont think hillery was at the party. Why not? Hope she didnt get sick agin. Maybe she juss bizzy bizzy thinkin hard about maybe applyin for NYC mayor job.

John Mc Gowan said...

Hailey Dunn Case in National Spotlight Once Again

Dunn is back in the Big Country recording a nationally syndicated show called "Crime Watch Daily."

Clip duration: 2:27

Misha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Misha said...

John McGowan Just checked your clue^^^ Here is what I read.

"A Big Country murder will be in the national spotlight once again. Hailey Dunn went missing six years ago and her mother Billie Dunn has remained vigilant in finding her killer.

Dunn is back in the Big Country recording a nationally syndicated show called "Crime Watch Daily."

"I think Hailey's killer is going to see her face again six years later," stated Billie Dunn, "and know that we're not stopping."

Her lawyer John Young was approached about doing the show and Dunn says she jumped right on board."

"Hopefully we can get some answers on why there's not been an arrest and why I don't have Hailey."

There still has only been one suspect named in the case, Shawn Adkins. He is the ex boyfriend of Hailey's mother.

"There are some conflicts in the evidence that has been gathered," added John Young. "There is some evidence that seem to point certainly circumstantially if not directly at some individual."

Hailey's remains still sit in a crime lab waiting for the day a murder charge is announced."

I know Peter's SA showed she was involved and so I am gobsmacked at the nerve of her to front this show as an innocent victim.

John Mc Gowan said...

I wonder if they (crime watch daily) contact Peter, again, as they did in the Katelyn Markham case. I do hope so.

Anonymous said...

Exclusive: Government Will Not Request Prison Sentence for ‘Child Migrant’ Who Raped 5 Year-Old Boy
child migrant. Breitbart 1-8-2017

Anonymous said...

Does anyone think it's weird Estaban told FBI that he had no intentions of harming anyone and was distressed about thinking the CIA was controlling his mind to watch ISIS videos? Then after he shot the people he immediately laid down face first and spread-eagled? How strange that he acted as a cold-blooded killer, then once out of bullets, immediately goes into harmless, surrender mode? Could that type of "switch" have been programmed into him by a hypnotist...could a hypnotist have told him "once you are out of bullets, drop the gun and lay down face down and spread-eagled"?

Anonymous said...

Just saying too that his actions of dropping gun and laying down face first and spread-eagled ENSURED he would be captured alive.

Anonymous said...

We really dont know what transpired between him and Feds. Is their story is true? Think of the confusion young troops would face realizing their govt is arming a group we're all told is terrorist group. Then they realize their actually fighting along side that group for the same goal. That group then is witnessed comitting horrible acts.

Anonymous said...


Yeah I thought of that too (your point you made @1:39)...I dont know...something is really is also odd how the only thing he packed was the gun...I cant help but think that kind of single-mindedness could point to him having been hypnotized.

Also, his Mom in Puerto Rico has said that Estaban was really effected by seeing a bomb go off near two of his friends in Iraq, and while Im sure he was really effected, sometimes reasons other people offer for why someone does something are not accurate and can unintentionally become a smokescreen blocking out the true reason for someone's actions.


Unknown said...

The second set of pictures is of a man who has the same name but was not involved in the crime. The second set of pictures is of a 39-year-old New Yorker, who also happens to be named Estaban Santiago.
Apparently someone started a hoax which claimed CNN doctored a photo of the culprit.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen that new movie Snowed In? By Oliver Stone and his best yet. I just cant believe a young American has been stuck in Russian for years. He apparently got trapped in a snow storm originating in North America that tracked north as he was visiting Russia. He's been Snowed In and stuck there but treated ok from what the movie shows. Some are asking Pres Obama to help him before leaving office. I dont think he's gonna help since it was embarassing when the young man got Snowed In but maybe the next president will send in the plows and shovels and Russia and US be friends again.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Sounds great. I love political thrillers and ITS ON NETFIX!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm getting concerned about Leo DuCaprioh. He knows that he really isnt howard hughes, right? And that he wasnt really on that big boat when the iceberg crashed into it. Maybe he's been traumatized from fighting that great big grizzly bear. It clobbered him and he barely survived. He looks like he's recovered but maybe just on the outside. That clobberin may be why he now thinks he's a climate scientist. U hope he be ok.

lynda said...


Thank you for providing more information in regards to SA and mental illness. As I said, I have a heart for vets and PTSD (which I believe is vastly underreported and dismissed by our government)and I know that it can color my initial opinions when something like this occurs.

A video has just been released of Santiago in the airport pulling out his gun and shooting. It seems obvious it was not a flashback. It's sickening. It was a single-minded, murderous attack from what I saw.

Anonymous said...

Billie Dunn loves the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

Iran is to receive a huge shipment of natural uranium from Russia to compensate it for exporting tons of reactor coolant, diplomats say, in a move approved by the outgoing U.S. administration and other governments seeking to keep Tehran committed to a landmark nuclear pact.

Two senior diplomats said the transfer recently agreed by the U.S. and five other world powers that negotiated the nuclear deal with Iran foresees delivery of 116 metric tons (nearly 130 tons) of natural uranium. U.N. Security Council approval is needed but a formality, considering five of those powers are permanent Security Council members, they said.

Anonymous said...

Even their wording makes me nuts. "the outgoing US administration" instead of Obama. holy crap.


Can't wait to see the show with Hailey's face (Billie loves that way of framing Hailey) ! Maybe this will push to get this case out in the open and arrests will be made. I'm shocked that John Young is still a practicing lawyer. This guy has been in trouble with the law multiple times. The latest being the mismanagement of one of his clients estates. Young had to give back money that he took ...

All the while, Hailey's remains stay in the crime lab until someone is charged with her murder. 6 years.

C5H11ONO said...

This must be the same uranium Hillary sold to the Canadians, which in turn sold to the Russians. I guess they couldnt outright sell it to Iran so the stupid Americans would never know if she and Obamination did it thru the Canadians. She also got sudekicks to the foundation.