Sunday, January 8, 2017

Lindsay Lohan On Refugees

One cannot appropriately do Employment Analysis without some analysis of celebrity statements.  

As unusual  as this may sound, it is true.  

In analyzing employment questionnaires, young people follow trends set for them by celebrities, including using their language.  

When a grown up is paid a lot of money to play pretend, our political elite often believe that this is an essential quality for leadership, or endorsement thereof.  As to endorsement power, they are often correct.  We should not underestimate its impact.  

Yet, we often find a price to pay for talent.  One such price may be illogic. 

Those who are made safe by walls and guns demand you have neither, while decrying your personal waste of energy as they fly in a private jet to a snow-canceled global warming symposium.  

Although her wealth will mean she will never live in an Islamic enclave and be subjected to the abuse of women, she does have a message for us: 

Lindsay Lohan says losing part of her finger in a fishing accident on a boat has given her insight into the tragedies faced by refugees with whom she has been working.
“Losing half of my finger and getting it back was one of the best things that happened to me.  If that didn’t happen to me, if I didn’t lose a part of myself essentially  and I weirdly think about this when I meditate,  I wouldn’t have stayed in Turkey. I wouldn’t have stayed there, and I wouldn’t have understood what it feels like to lose a limb.

It is interesting to note the change of language.  
First, "losing half of my finger" ( getting it back, that which was "lost" is found or recovered and not "lost") 
Then, "lose a part of myself"
Became:  "...what it feels like to lose a limb."

This is not Lohan's sole contribution to statement analysis.  From a few years back: 

Embedded confessions.

Recall actress Lindsey Lohan seated before a judge, being caught in lie after lie only to say "I don't want you to think I disrespect you" to the judge.

Painted on her fingernails were the letters "F U C * Y O U" flashing them towards the judge.  When media caught up with her outside, she called the female judge a "bitch." 

We have the rule of the negative, as well as an assertion in an open statement along with an embedded confession.  

Perhaps Lohan will be given an ambassador position in the United Nations.  


Anonymous said...

Do rational people seriously consider anything an actor celeb endorses? Celebs testify before congress. AJolie is a UN special envoy. I would disregard a news article about Lohan and Jolie. Sean Penn stated that an 'un named' NGO in Haiti following earthquake would prefer the relief work not be done unless that un named individual got the credit. Hmmm. I wonder who? Celebs are well insulated from societal problems behind their gated estates but somehow are experts on the problems. How did Leo become a climate expert? Our celeb culture is one of the worst mis allocations of wealth and influence of all time. Jay Z and Bouncey nose to nose with POTUS, why? Legitimizing crime & perversion.

Anonymous said...

The election showed quite plainly that MSM journalists are lying shills, but it should also have diminished any respect that the average Joe had for celebrities any general, but particularly any that openly endorsed HRC.

Actors in particular seem to believe that just because they play the part of someone intelligent, written by someone else of course, that that makes them intelligent also. Throw in the default liberal mind set, an unearned sense of moral superiority, entitlement due to their position in society and their ivory towers and you get your standard celebrity endorsement.

Anonymous said...

Once Elvis was asked by a reporter about his opinion on the Viet Nam war. He responded that he was just an entertainer, and preferred to keep those things to himself. Very intelligent, humble, and respectful of his fans.

Nowadays, the Hollywood elite uses their celebrity to pontificate liberal agenda and shove it down our throats. They clearly believe they are above everyone else, and that we citizens are too stupid to think for ourselves.

Hey, stick to acting....many have trouble even doing that very well.

Anonymous said...

Celebrities are so annoying. I wonder why so many are attracted to bizarre religions like Scientology? Is it just so they can seem "different" or "unique"?? What is the appeal?

Unknown said...

All Hollywood A & B-List actors are CIA assets, who itself is an assent of the Zionist Global Banking Cartel. The Banking Cartel, just representing 0.0001& of the world population, has to work by default through proxy and by deceit, and has done so for 2000+ years.

The Banking Cartel can seed any fart-idea, fake-ideology, pseudo-religion, hoax-crime, staged event through dozens of channels they control directly or indirectly.

Analyzing a scripted statement by a Lindsay Lohan (fake name) is therefore an absolutely futile exercise.

Lindsay Lohan never lost half a finger, never got it back, etc. The whole farce was scripted, staged, performed, filmed by her handlers in Langley. What for? To further confuse and traumatize any already confused and traumatized world population. Yawn.


Anonymous said...

She's such an idiot. Only the tip from the first knuckle to the fingernail was severed. Then it was reattached. She didn't lose 1/2 of her finger or have 1/2 of her finger reattached. It was just the tip. With a normal finger, from palm to tip, that is 1/3 of her finger. But, I'm guessing math was never her strong suit.


HRC said...

KC, why do you hate Lindsay Lohan? Why don't you feel the love she has? So what if she lied her cause is good! Refugees are dying every day slaughtered by white, alt-white Christian men! They want to kill her! They want to silence her! Why are you filled with such fear of love? You should be donating money to us so that we can help them, each and every one of them, especially the women and little girls! We empower them with our love. You support us and we take your dollars and we empower the girls to power through female genital mutilation. They power through to lead their men in the peace of Islam. Oh, oh, KC! How lost are you Americans!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Celebrities are so annoying. I wonder why so many are attracted to bizarre religions like Scientology? Is it just so they can seem "different" or "unique"?? What is the appeal?

January 8, 2017 at 5:14 PM Delete

I think it is just what you said. They are uniquely talented people and I think some join just to have the publicity of joining but never really believe its nonsense. So many "random" and "embarrassing celebrity moments" are planned by PR or agents working with PR company or the celebrity can afford her own team. In any case, almost any publicity will translate into dollars and cents. If the celebrity is being "discriminated" against, even more money flows!

Lohan went from a tip of her finger to her limb. This is good work. If she had done this 15 years ago, we might have seen a rash of teenaged girls hacking off their finger tips.

Anonymous said...

Another police officer killed today in Orlando. Report says suspect been arrested TWENTY TIMES!!!!!!!!

happyuk said...

"I don't want you to think I disrespect you"

Could someone explain to me what makes this statement an embedded confession?

Had she had included "that" ie

"I don't want you to think that I disrespect you"

would this have made the statement less deceptive?

Just insert a single full stop and then you have two disjoint statements which seems much closer to her original intention, given the abusive message on her fingernails.

"I don't want you to think."
"I disrespect you"

Anonymous said...

Happy UK, Its bc it is a free-edited statement...she is not simply parroting back to the judge or repeating his words back to him. The judge did not say "Lindsey, I think you disrespect me".
It's like if someone spontaneously says "I dont want you to think Im cheating on you."

Anonymous said...

I was womdering, has Peter ever written about the qualifier "absolutely"? I need to know about what it means when this qualifier is used to describe an emotion. TIA

Anonymous said...

Absolutely livid?
Absolutely relieved?
Absolutely exhausted?
Absolutely frantic?
Absolutely ecstatic?

Probably need context to know.

Anonymous said...

An emotion you feel. Too personal to get into. Ive determined it was deceptive. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Meryl and Lindsay think about the ISIS videos showing children executing victims. Are these the sweet little refugees they're fighting for and want flooding the country? The fact that we want to control who comes in and make sure they don't want to blow themselves up along with a lot of other people doesn't make us racists or zenophobes.

Meryl was moved to tears by the supposed bullying of Trump and his "fascism" and yet not one mention of the actual bullying and hate against a disabled teen in Chicago by 4 thugs or the man in Chicago who was dragged out of his car and beaten because he supposedly voted for Trump.

I'm ready to scream at these morons - JUST SHUT UP AND SING/ACT. THE MAJORITY COULD CARELESS WHAT YOU THINK. You don't have a clue about what real fascism/Nazism is. The fact that Obama has targeted more journalists and actually tried to put them in jail seems to escape their outrage.

10 days and counting

Anonymous said...

You know what I think is hilarious about Hollywood and popular culture? I've thought this before, so I'm just going to say it.

Since Hollywood is the number one cause of anorexia, insecurity, buying of clothes, makeup, botox, self-hatred etc etc by holding these actresses up as "idols" of perfection, can Hollywood at least pick some truly attractive people to plaster all over these magazines and make "stars".

Sorry, Lindsey Lohan looks like every other person walking down the street. This is the case with most "stars". I realize back in the olden days, Hollywood did have beautiful movie stars. Nowadays, sorry, no, none of them are attractive except maybe Angelina Jolie and also Kim Kardashian (and I think that is why people hate her so much). All other movie stars even Hugh Heffner's Playboy playmates are plain looking which is fine, but it is truly a shame that women across the land try to emulate these people who are not even attractive but most are anorexic or have extreme body surgeries, just because society encourages anorexia, etc. If I'm wrong please correct me, but do any of them have beautiful faces?
Then the "stars" form these patronizing campaigns like "every woman should celebrate her beauty, women of all different sizes shapes ethnicities" and it's like gimme a friggin break...these Hollywood stars talking down to people are not even attractive, they are anorexic, and have extreme body surgery, but their faces just look like the average Joe walking down the street.


Anonymous said...

Don't even get me started on the male movie "stars". Ryan Gosseling--wasn't he voted sexist man alive? He's cute--cleans up well in a suit, nothing more imo. Stars like Sly Stallone and John Travolta--wtf did they do to their faces??? And that is considered attractive? HOw could a man not let himself age gracefully? Although I despise all men, older men are far more attractive, that is if they don't get bizarre facial surgery that makes their faces look like bloated clowns!!! Brad Pitt was handsome in his day and did have a movie star quality to it seems he looks like a bum...I do not like long greasy hair on men...I don't like long hair on men at all on men. Period.


Anonymous said...

Or Mathew he's not all that, and he has never looked good again after he lost like 90 lbs to play an AIDS patient and his hand gestures are VERY feminine as are most of these movie stars once they start talking.


Anonymous said...

ACtually, I can tell you the ONLY male movie star who actually is very attractive and looks like a movie star while behaving like a dignified man is George Clooney. Very handsome man...the others don't even compare...long stringy greasy hair or very skinny .

Anonymous said...

A lot of these actors look like bums...seriously nothing wrong with washing your hair once in a while guys...with shampoo...right you wet your hair and then make suds and wash it off. Then when they turn 50 they get facial implants, injections, face lifts, seriously who are they trying to impress?! A man always looks so much better aging could they possibly think otherwise? The sexiness in a man in his eyes, in the lines of his face, instead these people make themselves look like circus clowns.


Anonymous said...

John Travolta looks nothing short of ghoulish. I wince when I look at Sly Stallone, the obscenity of what he had done to his face. Can you imagine how beautiful he would be as an aging older man if he hadn't done that to himself?


Anonymous said...

Alec Baldwin looks like bloated and unshowered. His eyes are so creepy. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Alec Baldwin looks like the creepy uncle. Charlie Sheen...seriously dude you should have hung it up after "Ferris Buller's DaY Off". Denise Richards is very beautiful, and look how that scumbag treated her!!!! HOw ya doin now Charlie?! Ya still with your "goddesses"? Oh that's have AIDS!!!! Yeah another Hollywood winner. These are people we should really teach the next generation to idolize.

Anonymous said...

Who am I to talk? I will probably die alone and half-crazy with some type of undiagnosable insanity unqualifiable in the DSM. Having wasted my youth with a wretched piece of lying scum. No fillers or botox can ever repair that. There is no way to ever gain back the lost time, the lost hopefulness--something which deteriorates with age..I don't care what they say in the latest self-help book. No jazzercise program or repeated self-affirmations can ever bring back the resilience and hopefulness we feel in our youth. One of the greatest gifts of youth I realize now, not the flawless skin, the shiny hair (I still have that anyway). What did my beauty ever get me? The emptiness of undeserved cruelty. The realization of the absolute lying nature of most humans. Time moves on. I still cry when I see the leaves of autumn knowing I could have done differently, somehow, if I had known what I still do not know.

Anonymous said...

I guess it can be done. Nature heals and grows. Flowers bloom.

It feels so false to (have to) cling to New Age sentiments. In their remarkable banality. Or listen to tired stories. It is natural to recoil/

There is no point in crying over spilled milk. Have a sense of humor and all is well.

Anonymous said...

no celeb ages with dignity?

Anonymous said...

Katherine Hepburn, Sophia Loren might be the only 2.

After reading Holly Madison's book "Down the Rabbit Hole" I don't care about Hollywood and I have no respect for Hollywood. Hugh Hefner basically is a glorified Ariel Castro who keeps women captive...Hefner emotionally and sexually abuses young women who have "achieved the Hollywood dream" while also keeping them captive in his mansion (which apparently has dog pee ALL over the rugs!). Noone in Hollywood ever helped any of these women or spoke out about Hefner's abuse of the women even though it was known. Furthermore, Holly Madison does not say this in her book, or even hint at it, but Hefner is clearly homosexual...and I think it's disgusting that his view of women had become the mainstream norm of what was attractive, normal, that the exploitation of women was normal, etc. how did I deduce that? Hefner acts very gay--there is nothing that indicates that throughout his life span that he ever had any substantial interest or attraction to a woman that was more tantalizing to him than watching "Old Hollywood movies". His view of women, to me, does not seem sexual, but rather "aesthetic" in a very degrading way much more akin to a (gay) serial killer..."rating" every woman who has EVER been on his property, requiring them to be photographed, obsessively collecting these photos to be filed away by his secretary (sounds real erotic)...his view of women is detached, obsessive compulsive, despite his harem and his publishing of "Playboy" there is nothing that indicates Hefner is attracted to women imo...Hefner has also never had any substantial relationship with a woman, despite AMPLE opportunity, and his relationships with his playmates are mostly platonic both emotionally and physically. HIs criticism of his playmates seem very gay to me, like declaring that one looks good in red lipstick and the other does not and should never wear it again. Overall, Hefner is an absolutely disgusting person who is a glorified Ariel Castro, and MANY people knew he was literally keeping these women captive throughout his decades of Hollywood glory and did NOTHING. They are all rich &ssholes who just didn't want to make any enemies that could cause them to lose out on any appearance, deal, movie, whatever that could cause them to lose money. If anyone reads "Down the Rabbit Hole" you would realize that attaining the Hollywood dream is akin to living a nightmare and how very immoral it's inhabitants are...purely focused on looks, money, fame.

Anonymous said...

Hugh Hefner also would offer his playmates I believe it was the same sedative drug Bill Cosby secretly would dose his victims with. The friendship between the two is alarming, and keep in mind Hefner is celebrated even though what he does to his playmates is illegal in terms of keeping them captive. He also manipulated the reality show "Girls Next Door" to show him in a good (fake) light as if he were a benevolent grandfather figure when that was very far from the truth. So overall, Hollywood is a disgusting place where criminal activity is celebrated imo.

And Hefner's response to Holly's book was something like "Many of his former playmates have gone on to live normal productive lives." Really? This word "normal" suggests that many of his playmates have NOT gone on to live normal lives after being held captive in his mansion. Look at what happened to Anna Nicole Smith.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow I just googled to find out more info on Hugh Hefner and apparently he is gay and watches gay porn. I am not surprised--as I said Holly does not even hint at Hefner being gay in her book, however, it was clear to me that he is homosexual after reading the book. So absolutely disgusting that someone like that would have so much control over women, have such power to exploit, harm and abuse women, and to normalize the abnormal.