Saturday, April 8, 2017

Susan Rice Statements Analysis

The President of the United States tweeted that Barak Obama wire-tapped him.  This told us much more than most realize, including:

a.  to say such he must have evidence or reason due to the bold claim; 
b. he avoided media
c. he held Barak Obama, personally responsible and why he would make this leap is important information for the reader/analyst.  

The race to MSM ridicule ensued, especially since "wire tapping" is an old term.  

Eventually, as is the course of life, evidence began its emergence and a single name arose to the public's attention:  Susan Rice. 

She denied knowing anything about any intelligence gathering that included Donald Trump, Trump tower, or his associates.  

Is she telling the truth? 

Beginning with the tweet, Trump runs a business and has done something we all do;  He projected himself into his tweet:  Leaders such as those who have extreme high level successful  show narcissistic traits that emerge, not as "narcissistic personality disorder", which is from childhood, but narcissist traits that come from the success pattern, itself. It is important to understand the difference, especially when investigating and formulating questions.  Those 'drunk on their own success' will sound narcissistic, but different than those who's narcissistic personality trait, formed in childhood, exists regardless of success or failure.  In fact, the latter will not verbally acknowledge or own failure, even in a mea culpa.  

All negotiators will show signals of deception, via withholding information (as well as sensitive praise) which is similar to business, or even medical professionals who cannot reveal all that it upon their minds.  We understand many professionals cannot speak all their minds.  We judge deception via its "quality", including necessity. 

"Mr. President, are you planning to launch missiles at a Syrian airport at 9pm tonight?" would be an obvious appropriate use of withholding information.  

In Trump's verbalized perception of reality in business, as a strong leader, everything happens with his knowledge.  (for an example of this, see the analysis of Chris Christie'd denial of Bridgegate). 

Donald Trump is not a politician and he does not guard his words with careful parsing.  This is shocking to the public in general as it is unusual.  He is "the devil you know" in this sense as he allows us insight into his thought patterns.   His heaviest use of qualifiers comes in, as many call, "schmoozing", with "very very" used repeatedly in praise of others.  MSM wanted him to condemn Vladimir Putin, of whom he must enter into negotiations with.  This would sabotage negotiations and likely endanger lives.  When a politician is willing to pick a fight with another politician to gain electoral points knowing it may cost lives, we are given insight into how deep ambition may run, and how dangerous it may be.  

There is a difference between a fabricator of reality and a polite 'lie' telling your aged grandmother that her blue hair looks nice. 

 He is going to show deception regarding negotiations. 

 His language reveals motive, just as our language reveals our priorities and our motives. 

His motive is not money, nor power, but his language reveals one driven by success.  He takes responsibility for all while pushing subordinates in order to obtain the best, which can lead to conflict. This is not a moral judgement, but an observation.  

He recognizes that in the last 8 years, everything that went on went in the Obama administration flowed from Obama.  Obama controlled everything, from the IRS to the intelligence administrations to the now "resistance movement" existing, still, in high levels of government.  Love him or hate him, he controlled everything, including the news, the IRS, the media and his subordinates and brought "change" to the way the United States conducts itself.  

Donald Trump's tweet avoided all layers of means and went to the source.  Trump recognized the control Obama exerted and is telling us something about himself at the same time: 

Expect the exact same from Trump (projection) and where there is something outside his control, his Obama tweet reveals he will not target the means, but the source.  This is how he perceives power and responsibility.  Expect angry responses from Trump should one 'break rank' and act independently.  It is his trait and his predecessor's trait:  control.  

I have said before that there may have been only a few people who were not surprised when Trump beat Clinton in the election.  Barak Obama may have been one of them.  Go back to his statements made in the late Fall of 2016, and note the dramatic shift in language.  Gone were all the political and ideological arguments wrapped in insults; in came a new (for America) level of personal ridicule and a dismissiveness that would have likely had more effect had he not overused it.  By telling the public that it would be a "joke" to elect Trump would have been effectively dismissing Trump as not worthy of discussion.  By telling the American people day and night that Trump was a "joke", he revealed that he knew Trump was not a joke.  The MSM followed suit, as did Hollywood.   (the others that may not have been surprised were those who took note of the attendance in rallies).  Towards the days before the election, there were only a few statements mixing ideology and insult, with most being exclusively personal insult.  This was to reveal his fear of losing his legacy, in particular, the Iranian nuclear power deal and the government health care.  

Susan Rice was one of the closest advisors and confidants of Barak Obama.   Her statements on Benghazi were deceptive (as seen in analysis and later confirmed in the news).  Regarding the Syrian gas casualties of this week, two months ago she made an interesting statement.  Her boss had drawn a line and used threats should gas be used.  

“We were able to find a solution that didn’t necessitate the use of force that actually removed the chemical weapons that were known from Syria, in a way that the use of force would never have accomplished.  We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.”
The boast was that the threat of military force was not needed.  John Kerry later said that "all" gas was removed from Syria.  It is interesting to view these quotes in light of the recent employment of gas. 
Susan Rice and Wiretapping Trump

Today, Susan Rice may be in need of a very good criminal defense attorney.  

Two weeks ago, on PBS, she was told that intelligence now shows that there was surveillance of Trump, Trump tower and his associates who were part of the transition team.  

In her first appearance, here is what she said regarding the allegation:
"I know nothing about this.  I was surprised to see reports from Chariman Nunez and the news on that account today. "
She did not say she did not use surveillance but that she knows "nothing" about "this" (note closeness).  She did not say, "I did not" but uses "knowledge" associated with "nothing."  
She went further to include emotion into her answer:  "I was surprised."
She knows (present tense) nothing but was "surprised" to "see reports" indicating a need to add (unnecessarily, that is, she was not asked, "What did you feel when you...?") increasing the pressure on the denial.  

From MSM:  'Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice on Tuesday strongly rejected allegations that she improperly requested the "unmasking" of the identities of Trump associates whose communications were picked up in surveillance conducted by US intelligence.'
"The allegation is that somehow Obama administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes," Rice told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell. "That's absolutely false."

First, note that she raised the allegation itself, something already asked in the questioning.  This is a form of both repetition (sensitivity) and pause for an answer.  

It is not "false" but "absolutely" false. 
Yet, she also heavily qualified this by assigning a motive to it (political).  This is now a dramatic change from "knowing" of "nothing." 

The Bloomberg report landed amid President Donald Trump's continued accusations that former President Barack Obama—Rice's boss at the time—ordered illegal wiretapping of Trump and his associates during the 2016 election. Bloomberg noted that there is "no evidence to support that claim" and that Rice's alleged "unmasking requests were likely within the law."
Here is now the departure from having no "knowledge" to qualifying it as being not within the law, but "likely" within the law.  
On MSNBC, Rice was said to be under attack for being both a "woman" and a "black woman."  

Statement Analysis:  the Lens for Reading News 
When you see the identity politics enter a defense, it is a diversion and an attack of motive, rather than truth.  The more MSM deception, the greater the ability to discern truth. 
Lois Lerner, head of the IRS, pled the fifth amendment against self-incrimination.  
Susan Rice as asked if she "unmasked" Trump or the Trump transition team.  She answered this "yes or no" question by demanding "open and honest testimony on the Russian connection to the election."  This avoids answering the question and seeks to show that, somehow, Russia was able to "steal" the election away from Hillary Clinton.  To date, we do not know how this was done, and MSM is not addressing:  "Why would Russia prefer Trump to Clinton?" since the uranium deal and the millions of dollars Russia gave to Bill Clinton and to the Clinton Foundation.  
How did Russia interfere?  By wikileaks emails?
Recall the original statement about the emails is that they were fraudulent;  this was not only deceptive, but later recanted.  Did Russia "interfere" by giving factual information?  Is this similar to Barak Obama's use of tax payer dollars of paying for ads in Israel against Benjamin Netanyahu? 
Since Russia appears to be opposing Trump in Syria, will MSM continue its narrative?
Rice on The Surveillance 

Susan Rice said, 
 "We'd only do it to protect the American people, to do our jobs in the national security realm That's the only reason."

Note the distance from "I" as well as the reason why, without being asked, such would take place.  Take this along with the verb tense. 
Lastly, note the single word "only", as unnecessary.  
This sentence is from political   "Mother Jones"; of which you should note the classification of the denial:  'When asked whether she leaked information from the intelligence reports to the public, Rice categorically denied the charge.'
Let's listen to the 'categorical denial.'
"There's no equivalence between so-called unmasking and leaking. The effort to ask for the identity of the American citizen is necessary to understand the importance of an intelligence report in some instances."
"I leaked nothing to nobody—and never would," said Rice.
If you view (or listen) to Susan Rice' statements, this is a departure from her baseline patterns. 

Consider that Rice is a Harvard graduate and knows what a double negative is.  
Note that she first made a division between "unmasking" and "leaking" in her response. 
Then note the statement "I leaked nothing to nobody" which first asserts, in the positive, "I leaked."
"Nothing" can not exist. 
"Nobody" cannot receive "nothing."
"Leaked" is not "unmasked." Since everyone has their own personal subjective dictionary, Rice is not likely to pass a polygraph should the word "unmasked" be used rather than "leaked." 
Susan Rice was front and center in the Benghazi scandal, lying to the American people about a "video", and she was not alone.  Analysis (and history) showed that she was lying. 

Here is one more recent statement by Rice for analysis denying the accusation. 
"I didn't unmask or leak information about Donald Trump nor his team" would be a strong denial.  This is what we look for and it would be:
a.  simple
b.  short
c.  statistically reliable 
Here is what she said on MSNBC: 

"There were occasions when I would receive a report in which, uh, a US person was referred to.  Um, uh, name not provided just US person.  And sometimes in that context in order to understand the importance of the report, and access its significance it was necessary to find out, or to request the information as to who that US official was. 

a.  note the future conditional tense. 
b.  note the disruption in the flow of transmission
c.  note the Hina Clause where she needs to explain, without being asked, why she did this 
d.  note that "sometimes" this was not the need.  We all leak out information as soon as we speak. 
e.  note the passivity used to conceal not only identity, but responsibility.  

f.  See the awkwardness where one drops pronouns or articles.  This is to highlight the disruption of intellectual language flow from a very intelligent subject.  

Question:  Did you seek the names of people involved, to unmask, in the Trump campaign?

Let me be clear.  Absolutely not for any political purposes to spy upon them and expose anything. 
a.  "let me be clear" is a strong signal that what follows is very sensitive to her. 
b.  Not only do we have the decisive 'reason why' explanation, but she includes the words "spy" and "expose" where she began with a pronoun nor an article. 
Remember:  this is a Harvard graduate who knows the English language well.  This 'stumbling' and the use of double negatives indicate a disruption in the speed of transmission of her words.  She is a strong intellect who's flow causes internal stress. 
Two weeks ago she knew nothing about any kind of unmasking.  Now we have heavy qualifiers and explanations of not only what she knew, but what she did.  

Analysis Conclusion:

Susan Rice is deceptive about her role in "wire-tapping" the Trump transition team. 

If polygraphed using her own words, she is not likely to pass.  
If formally investigated, it is very likely that Susan Rice will be amenable to a negotiating to the point of self-preservation.  
The threat of prison terms can undo the most loyal of soldiers who, once holding a high level of importance, face the new reality of being inconsequential or a "pawn" under sacrifice for another's successful avoidance of consequence.  Being inconsequential is most unbearable. Often, to ensure silence, there must be a 'carrot at the end of the stick', or a reward, upon release. Some powerful persons have had success in this, but it is risky.  
This is something every investigator should seek to learn prior to the interview:  

Does the language show a distinct lack of willingness to take responsibility?

Does the language show a distinct trend to blaming others?

The difference between the two may be the difference between obtaining an agreement, or having to go full press court.  The difference can come down to personalty trait. 

The narcissist (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) sees himself as not to blame, ever. 
The successful narcissistic type, shows narcissism due to success, but it is not engrained in the personality; it is often dependent upon success, and even where failure is eventually accepted, some time may elapse.  

The difference between the two should not be blurred by investigators/analysts. 

For training, contact Hyatt Analysis Services.  
Tuition payments available to law enforcement.  


General P. Malaise said...

Rice is a pro at lying ...glad she isn't in Canada (her husband was a big shot at CBC in Canada)

I don't think Assad used chemical weapons. There are many credible sources that indicate that it was a staged event.

Also it seems obama has outmaneuvered Trump and installed his cronies in positions of power inside the Trump administration. These same people were pushing Trump to respond with military force against Assad. These people are McMaster, Dina Powell, Gary Cohn. They got into the white house through Ivanka and her husband Jarrett.

General P. Malaise said...

Ivanka Trump is friends with Chelsea Clinton and Huma Abedin (this is horrific if you know her background) and her lawyer is a clinton / obama democrat. Ivanka seems to have big pull with her father and Steve Bannon will probably be pushed out by her. Don't remember Ivanka and her liberal politics were what the American people voted for. She is also very pro-choice.

Disgusted said...

Wow, those kids must be great actors, convulsing and actually dying and then testing positive for resin in their autopsies. (Have you seen the footage of the kids convulsing and the pictures of the dead kids--was that all staged by the illuminati or some such idiotic notion?) And I'm sure the Syrian and Turkish doctors were all actors too--lying about their patients all having sarin poisoning. So not cute how out of touch with reality you are General Malaise and your total intellectual slopfest.

Disgusted said...

So sickening how liberals bend reality to fit their narcissistic fantasies of make-believe--that human suffering doesn't exist--it is all "staged". Very sloppy. That's the sign of a liar--someone who would lie about a tragic event in Syria--I've seen the liberals are really latching onto the "false flag" bull regarding Syria. Because nothing bad happens to people (certainly not kids and babies in Syria) since liberals can actually rewrite reality to fit their disgusting self-serving distortions.

Pathetic and Offensive.

General P. Malaise said...

yes I have seen the videos. do you know that the White Helmets have been shown to make fake videos of by many different organizations and some were arrested in Egypt a few months ago making fake videos for Syria. This is the same group that provided those videos you speak of.

get educated there is lots of different reports from different groups showing it to be staged by the terrorists in Syria.

General P. Malaise said...

Obviously Mr. Disgusted doesn't get out much and trusts the mainstream media for his news, I don't expect to change his mind or even open it. but others can follow the links and come to their own conclusions. and the links I provided are just a few that show the deeper narrative of what is happening internationally.

right the one doctor in Syria (and no I am not going to take the word of Turkey on this either even if he/she is a doctor, incidentally mr disgusted where is that doctor you didn't provide a link) ...drops treating patients to do video calls for news outlets. stop and think about that for a second.

Anonymous said...

Yo! Disgusted. No one said it didnt happen. The issue is WHO did it. Please follow the words & stop maligning and twisting what others have said.

Disgusted said...

That is so asinine, world investigators found sarin in the soil previously when 100's of people were gassed by Assad. There is video of kids and adults convulsing last Tues after the attack...there are also pictures of kids dead in a convulsed posture.

There was a doctor documenting for about 10 minutes the facts of what was going on (sarin poisoning) in order to try to get some kind of international response. For you to twist that into oh what an irresponsible doctor is absurd. Watch the video--they show the "pinpoint pupil" that the doctor said all the patients had. The doctor looks pretty tired and desperate, doesn't look like a paid actor who just rolled out of bed to go on the set.

Here is your doctor video, might want to put down the tinfoil hat for a few minutes and watch it so you can get educated:

Disgusted said...

And you are lucky I even responded to you, because I posted on facebook that I was happy we finally stood up against Assad and I had 2 people who commented "False Flag" and they received no response from me, because I couldn't even stomach responding to that kind of delusional, self-centered thinking (both are intelligent allegedly, one is extremely liberal and generally full of crap). But although I usually respond to everyone on facebook, I could not even stomach responding to such idiocy, so count yourself lucky, and get educated.

Disgusted said...

That is ridiculous for you to think the rebels have sarin but not Assad. You understand nothing of war apparently, because if you did then you would realize that the rebels would be running the country if they in fact had sarin. HOw would they have gotten it in their hands, yet Assad would not have access to it?! Are they more powerful and well-connected than Assad? Why would US intelligence have seen that the planes took off from Assad's airbase if the rebels did it? You and the other tinfoil hat people cannot answer any of these questions, that goes without saying.

General P. Malaise said...

disgusted stop using emotion as an argument. you show no depth of historic knowledge. I doubt you could even accept that things other than your point of view are possible.

Turkey and the US (obama) have been implicated in smuggling the weapons to the rebels. Do you remember Benghazi? That is where the US ambassador was killed.

Kerry asked the rebels for videos so that the US would have cause to enter Syria. Presently the US is illegally involved in Syria. Illegal by UN and international rules.

This is directed more as an educational piece for the others that visit not you in particular mr disgusted as I don't expect you to get beyond emotion on this topic.

the bigger question people need to ask is WHO BENEFITS? Assad does not benefit from gassing anyone. the rebels do! they induced the airstrike against Assad and now the Assad forces do not have an air base available to them.

obama had previously unilaterally broken a truce in Syria and attacked Assad forces while the rebels (who are largely non-syrians) mounted an attack immediately afterward. it was one of many such collusions between the rebels and the US.

Turkey has been shown shipping weapons to the rebels in their own military trucks. Turkish reported were killed after exposing this. Another German group of reporters also videoed the Turkish military shipping weapons to the rebels.

Anonymous said...

Disgusted, is that similar to many of the ultra right wing delusionals claiming the tragedy of Sandy Hook was, in fact, a hoax?

As you say, who would lie about something so hideous?

Anonymous said...

Sept 9, 2013 6:59am

Trump tweets against attacking Syria saying it'll only bring trouble for USA. Last May he tweeted Hillary's reckless and dangerous in foreign interventions.

Looks like the Trump we voted for isnt the Trump that campaigned. Just 3 months & right back to regime change based on lies.

General P. Malaise said...

Trump is being pushed into the wrong direction. One can see that his people who are being attacked in the mainstream media vs those that are not.

I was a fan of the Conservative Treehouse blog. than I posted some links regarding the Syria story and was blocked and pervious comment removed and no reason given. Sundance the person who runs CTH started of a piece saying it doesn't matter who gassed who. REALLY since when has truth not mattered?

anyhow one of the links I posted on CTH was from Lee Stranahan (not the particular video below but this one shows where the obama/clinton/soros/goldman sachs cabal are moving into the white house administration through Ivanka and Jared Kushner)

truth matters

Anonymous said...

Hillary called for airstrikes on Syria just before Trumps attack. The same day!!!!

Disgusted said...

Malaise wrote

the bigger question people need to ask is WHO BENEFITS? Assad does not benefit from gassing anyone. the rebels do! they induced the airstrike against Assad and now the Assad forces do not have an air base available to them. "

Assad thought he would benefit plenty from gassing his people. That action was designed to retake rebel-held territory. Stop doing the liberal thing where you whitewash people, facts etc. Assad has gassed his people many times! And gotten away with it without so much as a scratch! Oh that's right, he did suffer one severe consequence....Obama said to Assad "Could you please resign? Pretty please?" LMFAO!!!!! Assad has bombed, starved, and gassed his own people MANY TIMES! Why do liberals paint him as a benign individual who "had nothing to gain by gassing"??? It's like saying years into Hitlers concentration camps "What does Hitler gain from putting 87 more people into a train to go to concentration camps? I bet he was just taking them to McDonalds." Why do liberals choose to distort the blatantly obvious so they can create a different situation that is somehow more benign???
I think you're just trying to provoke a response bc you say Assad has no airbases even though he has many more airbases. Why would you say that? In fact, Assad resumed bombing that town, and he also has other airbases. Apparently you lied about Assad not having airbases. Why would you do that???

General P. Malaise said...

who is cutting heads off people in Syria? men and children ? well disgusted answer that. your lack of understanding is great.

...and stop twisting my words to suit your narrative. you are wrong.

Reader said...

Two body language readings of Susan Rice
both uploaded in the last week

Anonymous said...

The Lying Press and dead children – some victims are more ‘usable’ than others!

This is a headline from KTI. knights templar international.

Its very very sad. The photos of the Stockholm rampage victims. Why didnt media use these photos? Read the article for yourselves.

General P. Malaise said...

are you a millennial mr. disgusted?

Anonymous said...

Did you hear pro abortion hillary mock trump for caring about the Syrian baby deaths but him refusing syrians entry into US? Isnt he being manipulated?

General P. Malaise said...


thanks for posting those you tubes

Anonymous said...

Malaise said

who is cutting heads off people in Syria? men and children ? well disgusted answer that. your lack of understanding is great.

...and stop twisting my words to suit your narrative. you are wrong."

What you wrote is a non-sequitur! How does that fact of ISIS being in Syria (which only formed due to the chaos created by Assad) cancel out the fact that Assad is a war criminal who has bombed, gassed and starved hundreds of thousands of victims?

Like most liberals, your arguments are nothing more than non-sequiturs, such as when someone says "3rd trimester abortions are murder" and a liberal responds by saying "are you going to pay for that kid, house and feed him/her?" Or "are you aware conservatives cut funding for environmental programs?"
It is hard for a sane mind to even comprehend the intellectual trainwreck of liberal "logic". How an intelligent person could engage in the brutalization of linear thinking and truth is beyond me. Liberalism is clearly a mental disorder.

General P. Malaise said...

can Disgusted even read? I wrote Assad lost an airbase. one ...ONE an airbase is one not all. it is ONE

Anonymous said...

What the hell was Brian Williams thinking?
By Yaron Steinbuch

April 7, 2017 | 10:37am

The legacy of Shock & Awe....Williams cites the beauty of the missle lauch.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John Mc Gowan said...

Interesting choice of phrase, knowing it looks like Russia are standing shoulder to shoulder with Syria.

Allies Of Syria’s Assad Say U.S. Attack Crosses ‘Red Lines’

Anonymous said...

Sorry for going OT, but two things.

1 animal bus. It's well known that the FBI considers people who harm animals to be dangerous people.
There is a story of sage, a house cat in Utah, who was let outside.
sage return week later with the most horrific injuries possible.
this happened in march.
The cat's owner, china rose, seems very superficial and seems to be ENJOYING the worldwide attention her dead, tortured pet has garnered. And there's now a lot of money and donations being sent.
Some of her words on her FB page really set off my hinky meter.
She is using phrases that make it sound like she HOPED the story would grow and that the story has gone farther than she and her husband oculd have "Dreamed of".
Reward for Information About Utah Cat’s Torture Rises to Over $56,000
Really weird. facebook = china.rose.1690


Next up, The White Helmets in Syria.
Look on you for white helmet fraud or staged.
These are the creatures that were on the scene by chance and reporting on the syria chemical attacks.
As gen Malaise already stated, they are fakers.
And murderers. There are pics all over twitter that match up the faces of many white helmet members with out and out scum: isis, al queda, etc.

Anonymous said...

@at 6:36 pm,

The cat had been missing for days.
Looking at the husband's FB. Bad vibes off of it. Seems shallow, lots of selfies like his wife, grabbing his privates in pic.
I know it's awful, but he and his friends/enemies should be scrutinized.
Bad hombre vibe. Trash.
Even posted a photo with his mother and smiling that he was "fresh out of jail". Who does that ? - alex.gee.3517

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update 7:18. Oh, brother.

Anonymous said...

Acting on an anonymous phone call, the police raid a house to arrest a suspected murderer. They don't know what he looks like but they know his name is John and that he is inside the house. The police bust in on a carpenter, a truck driver, a mechanic and a fireman all playing poker. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, they immediately arrest the fireman. How do they know they've got their man?

Anonymous said...

Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders than the arguments of its opposers. – William Penn

Anonymous said...

I think she's right about coffee. I aced every test from K-12 and never was late for classtime even once because me & dad & sometimes mom had 4 cups of coffee in the morning. I walked to the school house & I walked home too. Everyday. It was only 3 miles but it took me around 6-1/2 minutes each way. Once and only once did they try and get me to drink that astronaut stuff called Tang. It was a free sample in the mailbox , but I wouldnt.

Anonymous said...

@1:13 Regarding Sandy Hook: How come noone who ever floats these conspiracy theories EVER explains, if the event has been faked, what happens to the people who are supposedly dead if they are really still alive??? Like where do they go? The Sandy Hook shooter who also died--where did he go? Does the government give these people new secret identities and send them to live on the other side of the globe???

Anonymous said...

1:25 AM
Different poster here.
All I know is that I never witnessed people who were visibly smiling and cheery and giggly AFTER they lost their kids. A very off, unauthentic feeling. And the perfect kill ratio ?
By some skinny kid who apparently had bad asperger's ? Sensory problems do not lend credence to being able to shoot so effectively. But you can't share any of these things offline or people think you are nuts.

happyuk said...

Great article. The beauty of statement analysis is that it can be applied to all strata - from dunderheads to the bright and highly capable, from the trailer parks to Fifth Avenue... no one is exempt from the unsparing rod of statement analysis!

Anonymous said...

3:47 am, Yeah Ive heard there are a lot of convincing reasons people doubt Sandy Hook really happened, but the shooter having a perfect kill ratio can be explained by the fact that was his and his mither's hobby (target shooting) along with 24/7 video game playing by the shooter.
Smiling and giggling is very strange, but what is so much more strange is how the government could possibly have relocated 20 kids and a shooter without anyone knowing and with all 20 kids parents saying "sure, you can take my kid and relocate him/her without his parents so you can make a false flag event". I don't ever look into these conspiracy theories bc they all fail to explain the most befuddling thing of all...if it was a false flag where did 20 kids go if they are still alive? Smiling and giggling is difficult to explain but not impossible (maybe the parent was given sedatives to calm down, was in shock, was in denial?)...21 people vanishing into thin air in order to create a false flag event is IMPOSSIBLE to explain.

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! I see the liberals are focusing on what is important morally in the Syrian crisis, and that is that Tomahawk missiles are offensive to Native Americans! (No native Americans were complaining about it either!)

Anonymous said...

@12:53 PM
3:47 am, Yeah Ive heard there are a lot of convincing reasons people doubt Sandy Hook really happened, but the shooter having a perfect kill ratio can be explained by the fact that was his and his mither's hobby (target shooting) along with 24/7 video game playing by the shooter.

Not the same thing at all. Not real world, live moving target experience.
And gun ranges mentioned as being shooting ranges the Lanzas went to, turned out to not have any records of them there.

Plus the video games found in the Lanza house only show a couple shooting games. More were fantasy, skill games.

"Wooster Mountain is a state facility, open to the public, and the man who has run it for the past 19 years is Dean Price. He’s sitting at a table in the cottage that serves as his office, talking to another reporter wanting to know if the killer of the children, Adam Lanza, or his mother Nancy — who reportedly owned the gun he used — ever took target practice here.

“The guys from the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) were here late last night,” Price said, “wanting to see the signup sheets for the past two months. Two agents. I gave them all of 2012. The lists were thoroughly scrutinized. That name (Lanza) doesn’t show up.”

Price paused and said, “(Adam Lanza) either practiced in the woods of Newtown, or went someplace else.” [source ny daily news]

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

The father of Casey Anthony opened up about claims made by his controversial daughter in a new special.

George Anthony appeared on the Investigation Discovery two-episode premiere of 'Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery,' and addressed his daughter's shocking defense in her murder trial.

Casey's lawyer Jose Baez said in his opening statement that George sexually molested his daughter and helped her hide the body of fer dead daughter Caylee after she drowned in a pool.

A disgusted George denied both of those allegations, and said of Casey: 'My daughter could come right in front of me right now and say, "Dad this is what really happened," and I wouldn't believe her.'

He also broke down as he read the suicide note he wrote three weeks after Caylee's body was discovered near his home in Orlando, Florida.

In the special George is asked explicitly by the production team if he ever molested Casey.

'Definitely not. Definitely not would I do anything like that to my daughter,' said George.

He then grew enraged and began to clench his fist as he said: 'I sat in that courtroom that day, and to hear that opening statement from that attorney [Baez], you don't know how much I wanted to get up and just, do something to him.'

In his opening statement in the case, Baez immediately went after George, saying that he began sexually abusing his daughter when she was just eight-years-old.

'She could have her father's penis in her mouth and go to school and play with the other kids like nothing was wrong,' claimed Baez.

He went on to claim that George was the one who found Caylee dead in a pool after the toddler drowned, and that he ran to Casey holding the body and screamed: 'Look what you've done. Your mother will never forgive you. You'll go to jail for the rest of your life.'

Baez then continued his attack on George when he was the first witness called to the stand after opening remarks, a last second move by the prosecution after learning that the defense would be making the defendant's father a target.

He did not ask George about the molestation or the discovery of Caylee's body, but rather made him recount a suicide attempt he made in early 2009.

George spoke about that difficult time during the special while fighting back tears.

'I could not function after Caylee was found. I could not function,' said George.

'I drove as far as Daytona Beach, Florida to the most rattiest hotel. I took about 70 pills, I drank as much beer as I could, because I ... I didn't know what anymore to do.'

He then read parts of the lengthy note aloud, saying: 'I want to hold her again, I miss her, I will always love us... I love you, Cynthia Marie - Caylee, here I come.'

George's wife Cindy meanwhile spoke about what an amazing daughter Casey had been in her younger years, and the joy Caylee had brought to her life.

'Casey was just a very spirited child. She had a lot of energy, she was just the light of our lives,' said Cindy.

'She made people smile. Casey was very popular. She had tons of friends and lots of little boyfriends.'

She went on to speak about their bond, revealing: 'Casey and I were inseparable. I mean we shopped together, we did crafts together, we went on walks. We were very close.'

Things got even more exciting revealed Cindy when she learned that a baby was on the way.

'I remember one day she came up to my office, and she had just come from the doctor, and she said that she was pregnant and she was worried that I would be upset with her,' said Cindy.

'And I just hugged her and said,"I'm gonna be a grandma. That's awesome." And I hugged her and said, "You're gonna be a wonderful mom."'

The day the baby arrived was the happiest of Cindy's life.

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'I was the first one to hold her and I felt kind of guilty doing that, but oh my gosh I just melted when she handed me Caylee,' said Cindy.

'Caylee reminded me a lot of Casey and I think that's where my attachment to her was, it was just like reliving having Casey again.'

The final two parts of the special air this week, and Casey will not be sitting down for an interview, she will be making appearances in some never-before-seen video footage.

One of those videos aired on the first part of the series, and showed the incarcerated mother as she went through an extreme range of emotions in a matter of just two minutes while refusing to answer one simple question.

The prison video was captured on August 14, 2008, when George and Cindy paid a visit to their daughter Casey at the Orange County Jail.

Casey, who was 22 at the time, had been incarcerated for a month at that time on charges of child neglect, lying to investigators and interfering with a criminal investigation.

She faced the child neglect charge because she did not report her daughter missing despite the fact that she had not seen the girl for 30 days, while the other two were handed down after she lied to investigators by claiming to work at Universal Orlando Resort despite having been fired two years prior.

In the days prior to her meeting with her parents, Casey had twice refused to see them but on this day agreed, five days after what would have been Caylee's third birthday.

'Hey gorgeous, how you doing,' asks George at the beginning of the visit, immediately causing Casey's face to crumble while she starts to sob.

'I look like hell,' she says to her father in the video while laughing through her tears.

'Well you know I want to be able to reach out and hug you, give you the bid Papa Joe hug,' says George.

George then hints at what many perceived to be the conflicted feelings that Casey's parents were harboring about their daughter's innocence by saying: 'I want to take all your pain away. So you know, you can tell me anything.'

The camera shows Casey at that moment looking like a completely different person as she nods her head like a school girl and flashes a serene smile while saying in a voice that sounds an octave higher than how she normally speaks: 'I know that, dad.'

An incredulous and grief-stricken Cindy then reaches over and pulls the phone away from her husband, briefly becoming overwhelmed with emotion as she says to her daughter: 'Hi sweetie.'

Casey's face immediately darkens and her eyes appear to lose focus as she stares emotionless while her mother sobs.

'We're not doing well Casey. Someone just said that... Caylee was dead this morning,' says Cindy, while wiping her nose and hiding her face while she cries.

Casey responds by sneering and saying in a sarcastic tone: 'Surprise, surprise.'

LC said...

LC said...
tHE "NEVER BEFORE SEEN" jail video of Casey was shown on the Nancy Grace show not long after it actually happened.
Even Nancy Grace's current website quotes the video as "never before seen".
In the whirlwind of publicity covering this case, has the media overlooked or forgotten that the video was previously shown?

April 9, 2017 at 12:16 PM

LC said...

LC said...
Most interesting thing about the video is the interaction between Casey and each of her parents.
Tania, do you know of a reason why the Child Neglect charge was not carried over for her trial, particularly since it stemmed from not reporting Caylee missing? I often wonder why there was not more focus on the whereabouts of Caylee during the many times Casey reported to friends that Cindy had her, to Cindy that Zanaida had her - when everyone involved were told that Caylee was being cared for by someone else. Caylee was Not being cared for by Anyone on many occasions for more than 2 years. Casey's pattern of neglect, which ultimately led to Caylee's death, should have been proven and led to a conviction on that charge.

April 9, 2017 at 12:31 PM

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A resident found the cellphone belonging to Alycia "Aly" Yeoman, of Gridley, Monday evening in a Live Oak orchard near Pennington Road, officers said.

The discovery came shortly after Yeoman's truck was spotted and reported to police. Farm workers noticed the truck in the orchard for several days, but finally called law enforcement on Monday, according to the police department.

Yeoman was last seen at 11 p.m. Thursday as she left a home in the 1800 block of Romero Street in Yuba City. She drove off alone in her 1998 Toyota Tacoma, and no one has heard from Yeoman since.

Yeoman works at both Starbucks and McDonald's in Gridley and never showed up for her early morning shift at McDonald's on Friday, according to a co-worker.

The 20-year-old is described as 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs about 115 pounds and has brownish-blond hair. She also has braces, a nose ring and a small mole near her left eye, Gridley police posted on Facebook.

Investigators determined that Yeoman's truck went down a levee and got stuck in the mud off Pennington Road. One pair of footprints was discovered going away from the truck, according to the Sutter County Sheriff's Office.

Investigators spent Monday night and all day Tuesday searching the area for any more evidence -- but didn't find anything.

Friends also showed up, hoping to help, but they were unable to join in on the law enforcement search.

"She was always smiling. She had a really pretty smile. So wherever you’d see her, she’d be smiling really big and you’d recognize it," friend Haley Broadnax said. "I'm scared for her. I can’t imagine being in that position."

There are no credible leads of suspicious circumstances or foul play in Yeoman's disappearance. However, investigators continue to interview family, friends and others in the region as they ramp up the search.

"My fear is that obviously she’s dead, and my second fear is that maybe someone is keeping her prisoner in the house or something like that," Yoeman's ex-boyfriend Leo Almonte said.


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