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Aly Yoemen's Boyfriend Michael Lizarraga: "Wall of Truth"?

Alcyia Yeoman was reported missing and her body has now been found. Here is a short interview with a man reported to have been a boyfriend.
He said that he has the "truth" on his "side."
Those of de facto (not judicial) innocence will issue a reliable denial and if needed, will show the protection of the "wall of truth"; an impenetrable psychological barrier that often leads to few words, as the subject has no need to persuade anyone of anything.
At the time of this interview, her status was "missing."
Q: How long have you known Aly?
Lizarraga: For a little over a year. She came over here with my nephew and were barbecuing, swimming, listening to music and that's how I originally met her. We kept in touch maybe two to three times a month-- just Snapchat, a little talk. So I really didn't know her that well, we weren’t the best of friends. I've been around her twice, but she was a good friend. And she was always positive, so I appreciated that.
Here, the interviewer did a good job with some general questions. The answer, "for a little over a year" was an acceptable answer as it answers "how long?" as a question. I do note that he does not use the pronoun "I" but I don't assign heavy meaning, initially, to this because of the question itself. A casual answer "for a little over a year" suffices for a casual question.
There are two points, however, that should be considered:
1. Context: she is missing. This is not a casual question due to the context of her status.
2. The length of his answer.
Had the answer "for a little over a year" been left alone, the missing pronoun's classification would be low, but its sensitivity increases due to the volume of information the boy - friend felt necessary to include. We then move to the analysis of his response:
He went into unnecessary detail about the circumstances of meeting her, by introducing another person into his answer: his nephew.
Next, we note that he "originally met" her, which indicates he is thinking of another time when he met her. This opens a new line of questioning about possible breaks in the friendship, or other meetings which did not lead to friendship. It may or may not be significant but in his mind, it was enough for him to add in an unnecessary word and to revisit meeting her.
At that point, he uses the word "we" to show us that from his perception, unity existed, regarding "keeping in touch."

So I really didn't know her that well, we weren’t the best of friends.
He next wants the interviewer to know, while she is missing, that he did not "really" know her that well. One might wonder why he felt the need to subtly distance himself from her while her status is as a victim and "unknown." Generally, human empathy becomes very strong for missing persons, which leads even strangers to feel a certain emotional connection. (This is where we see people become obsessed with a case, moving from curious to concerned to obsessed, while most remain curious and concerned).
Then, he elevates the distance, in the negative, to tell us what they were not: "not best of friends."
He does not say "we were not best friends" but the slightly different, "best of friends" which is, sometimes, used by passive-aggressive understatement.
He is polite and note that he uses "well" appropriately. Passive-aggressive often reveals intellect. This is something an interviewer/investigator should always be aware of.
If this distancing was not enough, he now seeks to minimize their relationship; specifically regarding his contact with her:
I've been around her twice, but she was a good friend. And she was always positive, so I appreciated that.
He further distances himself by reporting that he had only been "around her" (not with her, nor together) by specific number.

He then refutes this with the word "but" (minimizing via comparison) and establishes "good" between them. The need for this is concerning.

He was only asked how long he knew her and we often find that when someone is in jeopardy, people tend to exaggerate the connection, not the distancing, between them, especially when it hits the news.

"I knew a guy who once had a cousin who met him at a ball game..." seeking to make a connection; not remove or minimize it.

This is additional and unnecessary information and is important.

Lastly, please note that he has a need to assert "good" in the status of friendship while referencing her in the past tense.

Investigators should be very concerned that he believes or knows that she will not be found alive.

Q: What happened the night Aly disappeared?
A good question.
Lizarraga: She was coming in to town and she mentioned she wanted to talk about this new guy that she kind of had a crush on and asking for my opinion. I told her I'm going to Taste of India if you want to go for a bite.
He was asked what happened, which is the best question to ask. The interviewer did not introduce new language here.
Where a person begins the answer to "what happened?" is always important.
Should we find guilt within the subject's words, we may conclude that Aly's disappearance began when she introduced a new boyfriend to the subject.
Please note: "mentioned" is casual, while this topic is important. It is where he chose to begin his answer, and it is a priority. The word "mention" is not consistent with:
a. the topic
b. the context
c. the response from him

He did not "say" or invite her, he "told" her; which is stronger, more authoritative. This is not two way communication.
What produced this?
The introduction of another guy.
This is likely not lost on the interviewer:
Q: Was it a date?
Lizarraga: No. Not at all. I mean a lot of people make up their own stories, ‘Oh they went on a date or dinner date.’ Nothing like that. Totally just friends, having a bite to eat and that was it.
Although it is not a technical aspect of Statement Analysis, we do by nature count the number of words after the word "no" which are needed to buttress or strengthen the denial.
Next note the use of others' "stories" is denied without any pronouns.
His denial, with him psychologically absent via the missing pronouns, is made sensitive by "totally", and then he tells us:

There is missing information.
"that was it" is to stop the flow of information.
Question: What topic produced his need to stop the flow of information?
Answer: That this was a "date"

Q: Aly went to your house after the restaurant?
Best to avoid "yes or no" questions, yet even here, when asked, we look for him to give either a "yes" or "no" answer. Instead:
Lizarraga: She asked me, ‘What you do after this?’ and I said, ‘I'm going to go back to my house and just hang out. She said, ‘Do you mind if I come too I got a bottle of wine?’ And I said, yeah that's fine. My son was there, my nephew was there, who used to talk to her.
His nephew gets a second mentioning. Note that he tells us what made this "fine" for the missing victim: the presence of his son and his nephew. We should be concerned about the need to alibi with this.
Q: But Aly was 20 years old, why did you let her drink?
This is not a good question and it puts him on the defensive.
Lizarraga: I didn’t know that at the time. I thought honestly that she was of age and she walked in with a bottle of wine, so I didn't say ‘Hey hold on, let me see your I.D.
The poorly placed and worded question has not put him on the defensive, and his answer shows sensitivity and tension. Here we must consider the interviewer's influence.
Q: What happened before she left?
This is a much better question, though "what happened there?" would be better. The interviewer reveals that the interviewer knows there is missing information here. We must not tip our hand in interviewing.
The question is plain: what happened before she left:
Lizarraga: Usually with my friends, I like to create memories. 
The first thing we note is the word "usually." This is our "normal" factor in which even children recognize that by telling us what usually or normally happened, the subject is revealing that something most unusual happened.
"Once upon a time, it was a day like every other day" and the 7 year olds will perk up and know: something unlike every other day is about to happen.
It is the language of narrative building, what police often instinctively call "story telling."
This is where he chose to begin: the need to normalize, or justify something tells us something not normal took place.

So I told Aly, 
He is issuing an element of control here. If this was not, in his mind, a "date", his language is inconsistent (incongruence)
‘You've got to create this memory, Write on the cork'. 

I used to call her Asian Aly all the time, so she put ‘Asian Aly.’ 
He only saw her "twice" and only spoke irregularly. (see above)
Here, he goes back in time and then has the need to explain why he had her do something. Please keep in mind, this produced authoritative language in him, but not in her.

‘Positivity.’ I think she said ‘Keep grinding,’ ‘Motivation,’ or something like that. So I said, ‘Right on’ and boom I put it up there with the corks and when she left she was like just happy. Happy about life.
Without a lengthy explanation, we have sexual language entering and deliberately withholding information and sensitivity about her emotional status.
Deception indicated regarding her being not only "happy" but within his need to go well beyond this moment in time to portray her as happy in "life."
That he uses the word "life" in a missing person case is very concerning.
Q: If Aly was drinking, why did you let her drive?
Better to ask, "How did she get home?"
We do not want subjects to be defensive in the interview. This is reserved for the interrogation phase, which is much stronger.
In Analytical Interviewing, we do 20% of the talking, while the subject does 80%. This is reversed in the short interrogation phase once we know the subject is deceptive.
He portrayed a tension by his authoritative language and concealed information. Now consider what may have caused this tension:
Lizarraga: She wanted to leave. 
This is very straight forward language.

I kept saying, ‘Sleep on the couch. Pass out. At least a couple hours, and then go home.' 

Note the imperfect past tense.
If this was a dispute, would she not firmly tell him "no"?
Yet, note the communicative language in the recall:

She said no. 
Here he is concerned enough to explain why he walked her out. This means he anticipates someone asking, "Why did you walk out?"
So I walked her out, and made her promise me like three times-- Text me when you get home, and she was like, ‘I will.’ And I said, pinky promise and then she drove off.
Note the use of the word "like" is to avoid exactness.
Note the inclusion of "three", which is most always misunderstood by the public. Other than when asked, "how many drinks did you have?", when someone has a need to invent a number in a fabrication, they often gravitate to three. Two may sound too insignificant and four may sound like too much. It is possible that someone told someone 3 times, or that 3 men assaulted. It is only something to explore. We do not conclude deception based upon a number. I have seen this used in absurdity and in false narrative building by the untrained.
That he uses "three" is noted, but it is combined with "like" which then moves to inexact. After giving her quotes as well, he now uses "like" in the quotes. This is a signal of deception at this point of the statement. It is a combination of several points.
Note the inclusion of "pinky promise" and the amount of words attended to this single issue. The expression "pinky promise" is something not only juvenile but "best friends" might use. It also, linguistically, puts a physical connection between him and her. The sense that readers will likely get is "need to persuade" noted. This is accurate.
He needs to persuade how good things were. This suggests the opposite.

Q: Some believe you had something to do with her disappearance.
This is good for it allows him to say, "I didn't cause her disappearance" and "I am telling the truth" and be done. This would be the "Wall of Truth" that, thus far, we have seen no evidence of.
Lizarraga: People are always going to point the finger, and I'll accept that. I understand it. People want to point fingers and go, ‘Hey blame him.’ But if you don't know, you don't know. So for people to sit here and point the finger at me and cast their stones, I tell them all, 'Cast their stones and you can believe whatever you want.'
1. He does not deny involvement in her disappearance. His is unwilling or incapable of saying so at this most critical point in the interview.
2. He accepts what the de facto innocent do not accept: finger pointing.
3. He seeks to refute blame upon him, ("but") while immediately disconnecting himself from what would be false blame.
4. Michael Lizarraga now expresses emotional concern.
It is not for the missing friend, but for himself. Note "cast stones" is to address him as the recipient, while thus far he has not shown any linguistic concern for the victim. His repetition of it increases the sensitivity.
5. Allowance for guilt: 'Cast their stones and you can believe whatever you want.'
There is no "Wall of Truth" within this subject. This is why he allows blame to be put upon him. He does not allow it for the sake of pleading with help nor does he dismiss it. He allows it. He allows people to believe he is involved, which could reduce search efforts (in his verbalized perception of reality, except he does not express concern for search efforts).

Q: What happened when authorities issued a search warrant at your home?
Lizarraga: They took all my computers. My daughter's tablet, my son's laptop - any kind of cameras. 
This is a good answer. Yet, he has a need to continue. This is what deceptive people often do. They feel the burden of the interview upon them, to not only divert attention, but to go beyond the answer:

It wasn't a surprise, but you know it did bother me the way that my son had to go through this, being handcuffed and they had guns pointed at them. I mean that hurt me the most.

This is the second mention of his son.
Note no concern for the victim.
Note no linguistic concern for his son: it hurt him the most.
Interesting to note that this is a signal of narcissistic behavior.

Q: Do you believe you are a person of interest in Aly’s disappearance?
Here is another place for him to say, "I didn't cause Aly's disappearance."
It is a "yes or no" question. Note what he says after the word "no" as important. "No" warrants no explanation but for him, it does:
Lizarraga: No, I don't. I don't believe that at all. If they ever thought that I wouldn't be here, and all the evidence-- I have the truth on my side. So, all the evidence that they took—computers, my carpets, my rugs-- they're just doing their job.
What hurt him the most was what his son went through, yet, "they're just doing their job" is a point of ingratiation. This is an important theme in analysis and the short explanation is seen when a missing child is not found and a deceptive parent praises search efforts for not finding his or her child.
He has the truth on his side but has not told us what the truth is.
Q: Have you spoken with Aly’s family?
Lizarraga: I've talked to Aly’s father and uncle. There are some family members, some friends, that have message me, called me and have said some awful things.
"awful" is what the victim experienced. This is a concern for him only but it is another place for him to say, "I told them that I did not cause Aly's disappearance."
Direct lying causes internal stress. 90% of deception is via missing information. See recent article on why someone like Richard Blumenthal is both rare and dangerous.
Q: Do you believe Aly’s father looks at you as a suspect?
Lizarraga: I think at first he probably did. But after meeting with him, and the way that we parted ways, walking away from each other, I don't feel that one bit.

This is a linguistic signal of one who is manipulative. He knows the family's disposition, yet before they walked away from each other, he saw them as "unified" via the pronoun "we." Then, after this, they are "each other" and they are walking away. This is confidence in one's own deceptive and manipulative countenance. This is why Human Resources function best when using Statement Analysis and formal training.
He now gives us insight into who did this. He is not saying she ran away or is in the "unknown" status. He says that someone is "behind this"; let's listen to his linguistic disposition towards the
In my opinion, I feel like whoever's behind this has got to be watching and seeing what this family's going through. Seeing the finger pointing at me and obviously they don't have a conscience. And obviously, they have no heart to allow this to keep going on to the family in so much pain. When I met Daniel, that's what bothered me the most what I seen his eyes and I seen the way that he looked. He's hurt. And I'm a father. Every time I put myself in his shoes, it hurts.
This is an accomplished manipulator. Here he gives us much information for the psycho-linguistic profile that analysts can work through. Suffice for now:
"at me" addresses himself, not the victim.
Here is the key:
"I'm a father" puts himself, psychologically, into this linguistic disposition towards someone who is cognizant of the family's suffering. He used the father's name.
He is describing what the person who caused this (he knows it was caused) and he puts himself into the description. You may argue that he is simply being manipulative, of which he is, but we note the linguistic tools of manipulation which are employed. He, himself, is the tool used, and it is not just once, but repeatedly. Here, as the cause of the father's pain, we expect distancing language, but instead we have heavy personal pronoun inclusion.
yes, this is another signal of narcissism: the pain of the father bothers our subject, (focus on self), true enough, but someone doesn't "have a heart."
Now go back and see what caused the original stress between the victim and the subject:
She "mentioned" a "guy" she was interested in.
She wanted to leave but he "kept" telling her not to.

Q: What do you think happened to Aly?
He already revealed that she is not missing but someone caused this. We look for a friend to get specific now. The more specific, the more it can be solved.
Will he bring the investigation into optimistic focus or will he go in another linguistic direction?
Lizarraga: I got a million things going on in my brain. 

Not only does he go to a plurality of issues, but a "million", making it even more unlikely to be solved in his verbalized perception.
Don't miss that this is in his brain. The focus goes back to him. He does not say "I don't know" or offer something helpful. Instead, he turns his focus on his many concerns. A "million" things going on in the brain, even with exaggeration, is stressful.
Please note that exaggeration can sometimes point to the opposite, as it does in anonymous author identification.
The narcissistic personality traits continue to be noted.

Who did she meet up with? Who was she texting? Did she stop? Something was wrong her truck? I don't know.
We do not "like" questions in an answer to a question, (though in SA, they reveal much, which is why a different meaning is assigned to the word "like" here.)
Who did she meet up with?
Who was she texting?
Did she stop?
One should consider these questions with the statement about her "mentioning" that she had a new love interest.
"Did she stop?" is very concerning in this context.
"Something was wrong with her truck?"
To this he says "I don't know."
"I don't know" should have come first in the answer.
Q: Do you think you will one day be arrested in connection to his crime?

Lizarraga: No. I don't believe that at all. 
Here, given the defensive posture the interviewer put him in, should cause us to lessen the sensitivity of the answer as he now has a need for emphasis. Keep the principle in mind, but apply it appropriately in context of the focus of guilt upon him.
Yet, he now goes well beyond to reveal his thoughts. He has a need to explain why he won't be arrested.
It is not because he did not do it:
I will never be placed under arrest because, like I said, I have truth on my side. 
He does not say "I told the truth" in regard to a denial. He uses the self reference and avoids in several places telling us that he did not do it.

In the free editing process where one is choosing his own words, we have a reliability factor with the psychological wall of truth.

When someone issues a reliable denial, such as,
"I did not shoot him" followed by "I told the truth", while addressing the denial, it is more than 99% likely to be true.

If he cannot tell us he did not do it, we will not say it for him.

See analysis on McCann for an amplified understanding of why this is critical. McCann defenders say the very words McCanns did not say, and this is typical of those who do not discern deception but are obsessed with a case. It is to disregard logic and make an emotional stance while decrying objective truth.

Many deceptive people use "truth" in a statement but will not connect their denial with it. "I have the truth on my side", or "the truth will come out" and so on. "The truth is my friend" Olympian Marion Jones said before being caught lying about performance enhancing drugs. (see analysis and video)
I just hope and I pray that Aly comes home soon and this nightmare ends.
This is the first time he mentions Aly's status (not her plight). He does not express specific concern for what she is experiencing, here, or anywhere else in the interview.

This is a linguistic indicator of having processed death.

When someone is missing and those closest to the victim do not express concern for what the victim is currently experiencing, we must explore for one who has processed (accepted) the death of the victim.
Q: Do you think Aly is still alive?
Lizarraga: I believe that she's alive. I just sit here and I think, and I pray. And I feel like I talk to her sometimes. Just like, ‘Be brave be strong. Whatever you’re in.’ I hope she gets that window of opportunity to escape.

The communication that took place between them is of paramount importance to this case. He likely perseverates on those words that began when she told him she had a new love interest.

Analysis Conclusion:

Michael Lizarraga is withholding information about the disappearance of Aly Yoeman.

For hosting a police or business seminar, or for taking our Complete Statement Analysis Course, please go to and see the training opportunities.

Our home course is done via manual and recorded lectures, with all work submitted via email.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much forlooking into this case.I appreciate it greatly.

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...
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Henrietta said...

I dont understand why someone who is telling the truth wouldn't have a reason to persuade?
I can think of several times when I have told the truth, and felt a strong need to persuade.

Isn't that normal? You are telling the truth, hence you do all you can to get the truth out.

Did you kill your son?
Did you hit your wife?
Did you steal the money?

How can anyone just say no, and let that be?

Anonymous said...


It's interesting that he didn't get concerned or hurt when his daughter had to go through all that...

" It wasn't a surprise, but you know it did bother me the way that my son had to go through this, being handcuffed and they had guns pointed at them. I mean that hurt me the most."

Does this reflect his feelings towards women in general?


Michele said...

KC - That was something that I wondered about as well.

Anonymous said...


Also, "Something was wrong with her truck" is a statement, not a question. Look at the questions offered immediately before it (who, who, did...) Investigators should consider if he tampered with her truck, and there are these possibilities...

1. If she was drunk enough, she might not have noticed.
2. She may have noticed him tampering with her truck, but was too drunk to stop him or worry about another way home and just tried to leave.
3. He stashed her truck after tampering with it to stage an accident.

"Who did she meet up with? Who was she texting? Did she stop? Something was wrong her truck? I don't know."


Statement Analysis Blog said...

KC, I have stopped including leakage in analysis unless it is really obvious. In a report, it will be there, but here on the blog, it leads to some serious error.

You correctly identify that investigators should seek to learn why "truck" entered his language.

Leakage may be the number one error that analysts fall into due to the objectivity in deception detection does not carry over to the "whys" of language. When objective conclusions are made of leakage where no such conclusion is in the statement, they do not move on to profiling nor anonymous author id.

I hint at it in the article where I mention "suffice for now" and the amount of explanation needed elsewhere.

The errors regarding the "whys" of language shows up regularly in comments here at the blog.

thank you,


Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Peter.

I have the truth on my side. So, all the evidence that they took—computers, my carpets, my rugs-- they're just doing their job.

The word evidence caught my eye.
Why would he refer to the computers etc as evidence?

If he was innocent then surely the word evidence would not be used since the word would imply that there was something perhaps on them that could be implicating to him.
Would not an innocent person just refer to computers, carpets etc as simply that?
"They took computers, my carpets, my rugs -- they're just doing their job.

There is no evidence to an innocewnt person since they did nothing.
There is evidence to a guilty person since they did the crime.

I also noted the dropped pronoun in relation to computers whilst the pronoun my was present in relation to carpets and rugs.
He does not take ownership of the computers, he takes ownership of the carpets and rugs.

Could this mean they will find something on the computers, perhaps related to the crime since he refers to them as evidence?
Is there perhaps stuff on the computer not related to Aly's disappearance but related to perhaps other crime(s)?

He takes ownership of the carpets and rugs (both plural) why?
Is this because he knows nothing will be found as the crime happened elsewhere?
Is this because evidence will be found and he knows the game is up yet persists with the public denial?

Who did she meet up with? Who was she texting? Did she stop? Something was wrong her truck? I don't know.

This caught my eye as well
"Did she stop?"
What does this relate to since it shows up between texting and something being wrong with her truck?
Is it related to texting is this perhaps a motive?
Who did she stop texting?
Why did she stop texting?

Is it related to the truck?
She stopped because something was wrong with the truck?i
If so what was wrong that she got so far and then stopped?
Was it a genuine fault or sabotage?
Was the truck tested for blood and body fluids?
Where was the truck found in relation to him?

‘Keep grinding,’ and then further on he said She said no.
He introduces sexual language and then makes the strong statement She wanted to leave..
If they were friends and she had been underage drinking, why would she want to leave?
She could have slept on the sofa and then driven home later.
Given his introduction of ‘Keep grinding,’ Did he want sex and she said no?
Was there a sexual assault?
She gets sexually assaulted and wants to leave immediately?

I kept saying, ‘Sleep on the couch. Pass out. At least a couple hours, and then go home.'
Interesting use of the words pass out
Sleep on the couch becomes pass out
Pass out would imply she was very drunk or perhaps drugged.
Too drunk to consent maybe?
Date rape?
How much had she drunk?

She said no. is in response to the question Q: If Aly was drinking, why did you let her drive? and following his answer she wanted to leave which followed the question Q: If Aly was drinking, why did you let her drive?

Is his answer She said no. perhaps another indicator of sexual language?
Would the expected be that she said she wanted to go home in relation to why she wanted to leave?

He tells us he kept saying which would imply multiple requests to stay/sleep on the couch/pass out. yet we only have one response from her which was she said no

Would there be any evidence on the couch since he introduced it?

Since she was found in water, any fluids would have been washed away, perhaps there would be physical evidence?

I will never be placed under arrest because, like I said, I have truth on my side.
What will he do if he is arrested or thinks he is about to?

Lilstr said...

Thank you Peter, I found this entry very interesting!

I just hope and I pray that Aly comes home soon and this nightmare ends.

I found the wording at the end interesting:

that Aly comes home
instead of
that Aly returns home...

in light of perceived jealousy and authoritative language used.

Also, in I kept saying, 'Sleep on the couch. Pass out. At least a couple hours, and then go home.'

the phrase Pass out seems to me ill-chosen at best: it suggest someone extremely drunk (not fit to drive), or worse, a potential leakage.

Katprint said...

34 minute interview of Michael Lazarraga. That guy talks nonstop!

Trudy said...

Thank you for this analysis.

What do you make of "I used to call her Asian Aly all the time"? Shouldn't that be in the present tense? Eg."I call her Asian Aly all the time"

Anonymous said...

"United Airlines forced me to pee in a cup, and then shames me...
I wasn't sure I wanted to share this story... but UnitedAirlines refuses to take my call, now I can't sleep and just keep thinking about how wrong this situation was. I really don't want to be known as the 'girl who peed in a cup' but if telling my story shakes #United a little more than so be it!! Anyone who knows me, knows my overactive bladder, here's another story to add to the books.
"On the same day United Airlines drags a passenger off an overbooked flight, they forced me to pee in a cup… and then shamed me.
While allowing other passengers to get up and use the restroom on a seemingly uneventful flight, United Airlines crew wouldn’t allow me to get up and use the restroom until the pilot turned off the seat belt sign. After explaining that I have an overactive bladder and would either need to use the restroom or pee in a cup, I was handed a cup by flight attendants. Bad enough? No, crew then escorted me to the restroom (now it’s safe to get out of my seat), shaming me down the aisle while other passengers overlooked. The flight attendants treated me like I had committed a crime, stating they would be filing a report, calling in the hazmat team to clean the entire row (let me mention there was no mess involved) and told me I would need to talk with the pilot after the flight! I guess they would have preferred me to pee in the seat? After all they were the ones that gave me the cups knowing what I was planning to do with it. You would think peeing in a cup on an airplane in front my family and strangers, would be the worst part of this story. But the way I was treated by the flight attendants afterwards was worse. They were absolutely horrible to use the rest of the flight! And to top it all off, once on our final descent… a gentlemen got up from first class (yes the seat belt sign was on, and the plane was flipping tilted) walked right by a smiling flight attendant and entered the bathroom. What!?!?! Was I on candid camera? Where are the cameras right now!!!
There is absolutely no customer service on United Airlines, on or off of planes. Once we landed and got settled, I understandably submitted a complaint. After several weeks of no response, I called to talk with customer service, seeking at the very least an apology. After multiple attempts of resolving the issue, all I have been given is the run around. You can’t even call and speak with a customer service representative unless they “accept your call.” The employees that field the calls work for the reservations department… I asked to speak with customer service several times and was told repetitively this was not an option. They said they had not received my complaint (sounds like a great reason to have a human being take complaints, rather than relying solely on electronic submissions). So here I am, writing my complaint once again… this time being sure to submit it to United Airlines as well as other media sources, just to be sure it goes through.
As an emergency room nurse, I completely understand having a bad day on the job and having to deal with undesirable bodily fluids. What I don’t understand is ZERO customer service, if I treated a patient this poorly I would surely have consequences…
Rest assured, I will no longer be flying united, I will be cancelling our credit card, and I am hoping this goes viral. Because, quite frankly this was the worst flight I have ever been on and there are plenty others to choose from, others that treat people with human freaking decency."

Anonymous said...

It kinda sounds like he competed with the nephew for the girls attention. ..Used to talk to nephew stands out.

Why would the police arrest his son? Something must tie into his house via texts or phone calls.

Bottle Cap said...

OT: More fake hate

A racist note that threatened a college student and sparked campus-wide protests has been deemed a hoax.

Samantha Wells, one of a few dozen black students at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, found an anonymous, typed note on her windshield on April 29.

It read: 'I am so glad that you are leaving soon. One less n***** that this school has to deal with. You have spoken up too much. You will change nothing. Shut up or I will shut you up.'

Anonymous said...

hope she gets that window of opportunity to escape...... that sticks in my head the most out of what he said

Anonymous said...

Off Topic: I never realized what a beautiful song this is I just listened to it like 100 times in a row

John Mc Gowan said...
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John Mc Gowan said...

Crime Watch Daily:

This is taken from the second Vt down.

Q: "Did you have anything to do with the disappearance of ALy"?

A: "I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Aly."

"Yes" or "No" questions should always be avoided.
Open ended questions using the subjects own language are far better.

Note he parrots back her words almost verbatim.

Parroting language is low stress. It is easy to answer using the words of someone else.

We see this at times in denials when someone is deceptive.
This is not to say that is isn't true it means it is unreliable because it is parroted back.
If he had said " I did not" (changing the word "nothing" to did not/didn't) have anything to do with the disappearance Aly and said it in the Free editing process it would strengthen the denial considerably. If followed up by "i told the truth", it is 99.9% plus reliable.

Watch more:

John Mc Gowan said...

Some quotes fro her Ex Boyfriend, Leo Almonte

It's unknown if these are responces to question?

In an interview, Aly Yeoman’s ex-boyfriend, Leo Almonte, described Yeoman as “free-spirited,” telling the station she “just does what she wants to do.” But would someone abandon their job, home, and car just because they “wanted to?”

She pours out her feelings on me like what’s in her mind…her stresses and stuff like that. And maybe she just wanted, maybe she went over there to walk and clear her head and from there … I don’t know what happened. That’s what we’re trying to find out,” her ex said.

“Everybody just loves her, and I don’t see anybody harming her.,” he said.


There are no credible leads of suspicious circumstances or foul play in Yeoman's disappearance. However, investigators continue to interview family, friends and others in the region as they ramp up the search.

"My fear is that obviously she’s dead, and my second fear is that maybe someone is keeping her prisoner in the house or something like that," Yoeman's ex-boyfriend Leo Almonte said.

John Mc Gowan said...

^^^Before she was found dead

trustmeigetit said...


I am just getting around to watching the Casey Anthony shows that we're on recently.

Her dad just said that before Calyee went missing she was sleeping "10, 12, 13 hours at a time" and that she has bags under her eyes.

This too would have been information the jury should have heard.

So frustrating this woman is walking around and as she recently said, sleeping fine.

TiffGGGG said...

Re John's post:

"My fear is that obviously she’s dead, and my second fear is that maybe someone is keeping her prisoner in the house or something like that," Yoeman's ex-boyfriend Leo Almonte said.

THE house. Who's house, I wonder, is he referring? Michael's? Has Leo been in that house before?

I would be interested to know if Leo and Michael are friends.

I also agree with Tania's points regarding his possession of the rug but not his computer. Something sensitive (violent porn?) is on his computer.

Thank you, Peter for doing this analysis. When I first listened to Michael's interview, I grew more and more alarmed; though I usually can't explain why. What had really gotten to me at first was "I have Truth on my side." Oh boy. But he can't say he didn't do it...

Anonymous said...

Called her that "All the time." Yet only met her a couple times.

Tania Cadogan said...

off topic

KATE and Gerry McCann have posted a heartbreaking Facebook message to missing daughter Madeleine on her 14th birthday today.

They wrote alongside a touching photo of her as a three-year-old: “Happy 14th Birthday, Madeleine! We love you and we’re waiting for you and we’re never going to give up.”

Kate will mark the occasion privately at home by laying presents in Madeleine’s bedroom, which she hopes her daughter will one day be back to open.

She has described how she carefully chose gifts to reflect Madeleine’s age as a young teenager.

Kate, 49, said in TV interview last week: “I do all the present buying.

“I think about what age she is and buy something that, whenever we find her, will still be appropriate so there’s a lot of thought goes into it.”

Ex-GP and now medical worker Kate, 49, and heart doctor husband Gerry, 48, will also pray for their daughter’s safe return during a low key family “celebration.”

Gifts and cards will be placed in Maddie’s pretty pink bedroom with starred ceiling which has become a shrine to her and remains unchanged since she vanished during a family holiday in Portugal in May 2007.

They will be among presents stacked up from ten years of birthdays and Christmases – occasions which Kate describes as difficult times because “that’s when you really feel her absence.”

Kate and Gerry hold on to a glimmer of hope that Madeleine could still be alive.

They will pray for her on her birthday, and their 12-year-old twins Sean and Amelie will blow out candles on their big sister’s cake.

A family pal said: “They’re having a get together with a few friends and family to remember Madeleine on her birthday.

“There will be prayers and quiet reflection but also a cake and presents to mark her 14th birthday.

“It’s a poignant time for the family coming so soon after the tenth anniversary but they remain hopeful and vow to never to give up the search.”

Madeleine’s birthday comes just nine days after a moving church service to mark the tenth anniversary of her disappearance.

The couple felt “uplifted and comforted” as they gathered with family, friends and locals to remember their daughter in their home village of Rothley, Leics.

Kate still spends precious moments each day in Madeleine’s bedroom which she reveals has “shocking pink walls and stars on the ceiling” and where her dolls and teddies are on display, along with a growing number of presents.

The mum said she could never ignore Madeleine’s birthday and the family “still celebrates her being part of our lives”.

She told BBC’s Panorama: “I couldn’t not, she’s still our daughter, she’ll always be our daughter.

"She should be here and we should be celebrating with her.”

She also told how in her mind’s eye how she jumps from seeing her eldest child as she was when she was kidnapped to envisaging her as she would be now.

Police released a photograph of what Madeleine might look like at the age of nine

Kate told how Maddie is still a strong presence in their home, where the huge front gates are still adorned with green and yellow floral ribbons symbolising hope and solidarity.

She said: “Everything’s the same and there are photographs all around the house. Whether it be a birthday, family occasion or even an achievement that is when you really feel her absence.”

The anguished mum described last Wednesday’s decade anniversary as “a horrible marker of stolen time because we should have been a family of five for all that time.”

Madeleine’s great uncle Brian said the couple had been “uplifted and comforted” by the simple evening church service.

Tania Cadogan said...


The Rev Rob Galdstone, vicar of the Anglican Church of St Mary and St John Church, told worshippers: “There is no evidence Madeleine has died. We encourage Kate and Gerry in faith, hope, strength, perseverance and courage.”

He told how Maddie had been due to attend De Lisle College in neighbouring Loughborough and the school was still holding a place for her.

He said: “She would be in Year 10 and they welcome her return home.”

Kate and Gerry are said to be buoyed up by Scotland Yard’s “real progress” in trying to find their daughter’s kidnappers.

The Met Police revealed they are still pursuing “critical” leads.

Madeleine was snatched after she was left sleeping with her twin siblings at the family's holiday flat in the Algarve’s Praia da Luz.

At the time her parents were dining with pals at a nearby resort tapas restaurant.

Detectives believe she was stolen by child traffickers or sex fiends, or during a burglary gone wrong.

Kate said of the £12million Met probe: “It might not be as quick as we want but there’s real progress being made and I think we need to take heart from that.”

They just can't help themselves.

“Happy 14th Birthday, Madeleine! We love you and we’re waiting for you and we’re never going to give up.”

No mention then of looking for her or searching for her?
Just waiting around to see if she decides to show up.


Hey Jude said...

The nephew was a former boyfriend to Aly. I listened to the interview, and how much respect Lizaragga claims to have for Aly's father, and him speaking with him 'father to father', which is so ingratiating and disingenous, when he had encouraged The man's daughter back to his house to drink alcohol, and then, so he says, letting her drive home herself, asking her to 'pinky promise' call him to let him know she was safe - though he'd only 'been around her' two times - what is that, he makes himself sound like a dog. Clearly he was quite often in contact to 'always' have called her 'Asian Aly' - or maybe he obsessed about her to his nephew, and that was when he always called her that. Did he use the former boyfriend nephew at home to lure her to his house?

Anonymous said...

Very well said

Ashley said...

One of my friends was in health class with her at yuba and Aly liked to talk about her two boyfriends that she had not just one...

Michelle said...

Hmmm good point!

Maudes Harold said...

In listening to the entire interview on youtube, at the part where Lizarraga is describing Aly leaving he attributes her saying she just wanted to go home, wash her face and sleep in her own bed.

What does it mean when someone introduces washing/water in a statement, yet attributes it to someone else?

MissElaineous said...

This is such an interesting topic! I just watched the interview and I'm curious about only one thing; what impact, if any, does being an ESL speaker have on analysis?

BallBounces said...

"Whatever you’re in."


John Mc Gowan said...

Maudes Harold said..

"What does it mean when someone introduces washing/water in a statement, yet attributes it to someone else"?


Great question!


"and sleep in her own bed".

this suggests there was some sort of conversation of where she was going to sleep that night. Why does he feel the need to say this?, it is important to him. Why would she say she wanted to sleep in her own bed?

Now recall what he said earlier.
"I kept saying, ‘Sleep on the couch. Pass out. At least a couple hours, and then go home."
Was he pestering her to stay? Did he also say that she could sleep in his or another bed in his house? This would then answer the question of why she wanted to "sleep in her own bed"

To "sleep in her own bed" she would have to go home. So to tell us "She just wanted to go home" is important to him.

John Mc Gowan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey Jude said...

I wonder if he hid her keys so she couldn't go home - he maybe wanted her to 'pass out' on the couch.

Tania Cadogan said...

It bugs me that he uses the phrase "pass out".
I have never heard anyone at any party i have been at where someone is drunk and they are told to pass out on the couch (or anywhere else for that matter) they use the words sleep or crash and the location such as spare bed/bed/sofa or at the really good ones (when i was younger) the floor with a cushion.

Pass out would imply extreme drunkeness in which case why would she want to drive home and why would he let her or...
When you are drugged (sedated) you pass out.
With his insisting and worrisome language, was she drugged by him, perhaps something like rohypnol (date rape drug)?
It doesn't stay in the system long.
Another kind of drug such as weed perhaps?

Did they do drugs tests on her body i wonder?

John Mc Gowan said...


There was no answer at the door of Mike Lizarraga Friday, the man who's been at the center of suspicion in the disappearance of Aly Yeoman.
"I had nothing to do with the disappearance of Aly," Lizarraga told Crime Watch Daily.

The 37-year-old spoke with Crime Watch Daily this week, just before Aly's body was discovered Tuesday in the Feather River near where her pickup truck was found.

But now Yeoman's uncle has called him out in a lengthy Facebook post, publicly asking questions about his relationship with Aly.

"So many other burning questions too," wrote Aly's uncle in a post on the Justice for Aly Yeoman Facebook page. "Like, why would a 37 year old Michael Lizarraga share selfies last year in a hot tub with three girls nearly half his age?"

"Inappropriate? Not legally," the post continued. "Poor taste for a father of two young girls? You be the judge."

After seeing Lizarraga in his Yuba City driveway, FOX40 hoped to get his reaction to the post, but he ran inside and would not come to the door.

Lizarraga was the last person known to be with Aly on the night of March 30 before she disappeared for five weeks. The two ate together a few minutes away from his home at Taste of India and then hung out at his house and drank.

Yeoman's uncle used the Find Aly Yeoman Facebook page turned Justice for Aly Yeoman to also target the restaurant, suggesting the investigation into her disappearance was hampered by delayed release to deputies of surveillance video from the dinner Aly shared with Lizarraga.

Part of his post attacks the owner.

"Was he covering up something for Lizarraga or himself? Was he worried about bad press?" the post reads. "Here's some advice restaurant owner, the best press you can get is where you fully cooperate with the father and family of a missing girl."

Managers of Taste of India did not want to be interviewed, but did tell FOX40 that the characterization of what happened with the surveillance video is not true.

They maintain that Aly's father, David Yeoman, was able to see the video soon after he asked, as were deputies from Sutter County. They say the only delay came once they got a request to make investigators a DVD copy of what their surveillance system had recorded and that a deputy had to return to pick that up.

Anonymous said...

Tania Cadogan said...

Hi Anon. That is a fake news site, always good for a smile though

World News Daily Report

Straddling the line of fake news and the occasional seed of truth is World News Daily Report. By cobbling together misattributed stolen photographs (and often using extant, long-circulating rumors), World News Daily Report has published several viral claims often preying upon readers’ religious beliefs, including hoaxes about a newly-discovered eyewitness account of Jesus’ miracles, an ancient rumor about chariot wheels found at the bottom of the Red Sea, and a very old yarn about the discovery of giant skeletons reworked as the tale of a coverup perpetrated by the Smithsonian Institution. However, World News Daily Report frequently branches out to science-based fakery, including japes about the destruction of the world’s oldest tree and another about the discovery of a Megalodon shark in Pakistan.

Habundia said...

Unknown said...


horse chestnut said...

GRIDLEY (CBS13) – “I have no idea what happened to her. A million things [are] going through my mind every day and every night,” said Michael Lazarraga, the last person known to have seen Alycia Yeoman.

The 20-year-old went missing over a month ago.

“I think about where she possibly stopped I don’t know who she met up with I don’t know who she was texting other people I don’t know,” said Lizaragga.

He said he and Yeoman went to dinner to talk on Thursday, March 30.

“She wanted to talk about something she didn’t tell me over the phone really much it was about a guy she was talking to,” he explained.

Lizarraga says they came back to his house here on Romero Street in Yuba City.

He says Yeoman drank some wine then left because she was scheduled to work in the morning.

“She was just getting ready to go to Cabo. She was excited when she left she was smiling she was happy,” Lizaragga said.

That was the last time he had any contact with Alycia Yeoman.

Her truck was found four days later down a levee along the feather river in Live Oak stuck in a muddy orchard. A set of footprints could be seen walking away. Her cell phone was found not far from her truck by a jogger, but leads seemed to turn cold from there.

Investigators searched Lizarraga’s home and questioned Aly’s friends and family. They did not find anything incriminating.

Then surveillance video from a nearby farm surfaced of Yeoman’s truck driving up Cooley Road in Live Oak and onto the levee.

That video gave Lizarraga pause.

“In my opinion, I don’t think that was her. I don’t think it was her. I wouldn’t even drive on the levee at night,” he said

Lizarraga is speaking out now because he doesn’t want Yeoman’s case to be forgotten.

“The light on Aly’s story is dimming to me and the curtain is closing and we can’t have that,” he said.

John Mc Gowan said...

" “I have no idea what happened to her."

Yet he gives an "idea" as we see. Albeit in the negative.

Deception indication

We all have an "idea" about everything. We may not be right, but we have an "idea". Mark McClish uses the analogy as follows. People have been to the moon and back, i have an idea, it's possible wrong, but i have an idea

Everyone has an idea about everything, right or wrong. It is also used as a conversation stopper. Always ask when someone says they have "no idea" for an example, even if they have to pull one from nowhere, as we know, "words don't come from a vacuum". They may reveal more than expected.

"“I think about where she possibly stopped I don’t know who she met up with I don’t know who she was texting other people I don’t know, said Lizaragga.

Here we have the rule of the negative. Always listen to what someone tells you in the negative. It can be more important than what is told in the positive. If this is said in the "free editing process", choosing his own words and not in reply to a question, or entering another's language, we are are confronted with sensitivity. One can only tell us what happened and not what didn't happen.

"I didn't see anyone run across my garden" when not asked did you see....

"“She wanted to talk about something she didn’t tell me over the phone really much it was about a guy she was talking to,” he explained.

she didn't tell me
really much
a guy"

He knows a lot more than he is telling.

Anonymous said...

One set of footprints exiting her abandoned truck stuck in the mud.

Anonymous said...

Why does anyone have to stand accused? Did she not leave alone?
The autopsy isn't finished and yet others are accusing!

John Mc Gowan said...

"Sensitivity" is just that, sensitive. The reason why, is to be explored.

We have "i don't know" 3 times in one sentence. The sensitivity is heightened considerably, why?

"Texting" enters his language, why. "Phone" is introduced also.

We need to know if he is replying to questions.

Anonymous said...

"The light on Aly’s story is dimming to me"

Is he saying he wants to stay in the spotlight?


Anonymous said...

there is a certain point in which the effort to dissect and analyze every aspect of the subjects statement becomes counter productive. Its simple enough that he claimed to have a minimal relationship with her, which established he certainly wouldnt have been emotionally involved enough with her as an acquaintance to have hurt her, then in contradiction of this effort to mold perception, he consistently slips into statements revealing that they were VERY close, (pet names pinky swear etc...) His entire statement is thus self-contradictory and reveals he is reponsible.

b said...


'The story that came out tonight is false,' McMaster (from daily mail)

Can this be interpreted as the story coming out of the white house is false?

Anonymous said...

I've watched a new upcoming video about a man mentioned in a link on this very blog. A bit tin-foilish, but they, too, use "walls" in their analogy as does another person "watching" someone who lost someone due to the same indifference.

It will matter if he gets a lawyer when he's tired of the bs.

Anonymous said...

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Anonymous said...
there is a certain point in which the effort to dissect and analyze every aspect of the subjects statement becomes counter productive. Its simple enough that he claimed to have a minimal relationship with her, which established he certainly wouldnt have been emotionally involved enough with her as an acquaintance to have hurt her, then in contradiction of this effort to mold perception, he consistently slips into statements revealing that they were VERY close, (pet names pinky swear etc...) His entire statement is thus self-contradictory and reveals he is reponsible.

this is ignorance and arrogance combined.

Ignorance of how the brain signals the tongue, the speed of transmission, the need to persuade, the addition effort, the desire to deflect, and so on;

and arrogance to anonymously lecture others on what is "counter productive."

It is a combination for today's kids, but not for those who seek truth.
Beyond narrative blindness, it doesn't get any worse than this.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

McMaster's full statement indicates Reliable Denial.

Chalk up another one to Wash Post fake news.

By the way, Joe Biden outed Navy Seals and MSM yawned.

To other anonymous, Michael Z is free to sue me in civil court.

It would allow me not only time for explanation, but to ask questions.

don't hold your breath.

To dismissive anonymous, each word matters and will later on be used in interview and polygraph. Nice try?


John Mc Gowan said...


1987 transcript details 911 call on 'legs sticking out of a garbage bag': Podcast

State Police have released the 1987 transcript of a call to authorities in New Mexico detailing the location of a dead body on Interstate 95.

A recent episode of lohud's Crime Scene podcast examined a case in which less than nothing is known, not even the victim's gender.

Now, in response to a Freedom of Information request, New York State Police have released the transcript of a 911 call made to Santa Fe, New Mexico police detailing the location of the body, later found in New Rochelle.

The full transcript is below. Listen to the podcast update right here or at Apple Podcasts.

Tania Cadogan said...

Off topic

By Leora Arnowitz
Published May 16, 2017
Fox News

Suddenly, Bill Cosby has a lot to say.

In his first interview in over two years, the disgraced 79-year-old comedian said he does not want to take the stand in his upcoming sexual assault trial, and suggested some of the accusations against him are motivated by racism. He also expressed concern that participating in the more than 30-minute interview with Sirius XM’s Michael Smerconish could cause "trouble" for him.

The unedited chat aired during “The Michael Smerconish Program” on the POTUS (Politics Of The United States) channel on Tuesday morning. During the in-depth talk with Smerconish, Cosby said he would not discuss the sexual assault allegations against him.

“That’s not something that, uh, any smart person would want to do.”

He said he did not anticipate he would take the stand at his trial, which is set to begin this summer.

“No, I do not,” he answered when asked by Smerconish if he thought he would take the stand.

When asked why, he replied, “Once again, I go back to lawyers… when you have to deal with examination, cross examination, et cetera, et cetera… There’s more than two sides to every story – sometimes four or five… But I just don’t want to sit there and have to figure out what I believe is the truthful answer as to whether or not I am opening a can of something that my lawyers are scrambling [to shut].”

He noted he has been absent from public life since dozens of women accused him of sexual abuse.

“I have not performed in over two years. I have not spoken at a graduation in two years or even to speak to an incoming high school freshman… class to give them some idea of what they are going to face and what they ought to do.”

Part of the interview included clips of Cosby being interviewed by his daughters Esna and Erinn.

Cosby said at one point, responding to a suggestion by one of his daughters, that the more than 50 women accusing him of drugging them, sexually assaulting them or both could be motivated, in part, by racism.

“Could be. Could be,” he said at the suggestion.

“I can’t say anything, but there are certain things that I look at and I apply to the situation. There are so many tentacles. So many different – ‘nefarious’ is a great word. And I just truly believe that some of it may very well be that,” the once-celebrated comedian stated during the interview.

He acknowledged, when prompted by Smerconish, that his accusers span all races.

“It’s not all, not every. But I do think that there is some [racism],” he said. “When you look at the power structure and when you look at individuals there are some people who can very well be motivated by whether or not they are going to work or whether or not they might be able to, um, get back at someone. So if it’s in terms of whatever their choice is, I think you can also examine individuals and situations and they will come out differently.”

Cosby also discussed his health, which has been declining, calling himself “unsighted.”

“My health is good. I am well. The glaucoma has been known to me for decades – many, many decades – and it is now that I, after my exams, have been registered – I am registered in Massachusetts as legally unsighted. And trust me, I have some bumps on my forehead and eyebrows that prove that, that, um, there are certain things that I have walked into.”

Cosby mused about the timing of the accusations calling it “impressive” the way all the sexual assault accusers spoke out. He suggested that was because previous accusers saw results when they came forward. Some of Cosby’s accusers have claimed he paid them in various ways over the years.

“I think that the numbers came because the numbers prior to the numbers did work. So, the piling on, so to speak is a way — and certainly an impressive, impressive way to get public opinion to come to the other side,” Cosby told Smerconish.

Tania Cadogan said...


Smerconish explained how the interview came about ahead of the airing.

“I was contacted recently by a public relations person who works for Cosby… and I said ‘I’m interested in… the audio. I am interested in this case, but I am not interested in playing it unless I can talk to the man.’ So Bill Cosby was made available to me yesterday [Monday].”

Cosby noted that he was speaking to Smerconish after a “different” Mother’s Day at the Cosby home. He revealed he ordered a meal for his wife, Camille, and paired it with a note to surprise her at their home.

“Then, she came down and she read the note and she smiled and everything there was just perfectly done, and it’s exactly what she hasn’t had in a long time, and it was done the way she loves it. And so we ate that together.”

He said the conversation then alluded to the ongoing scandal surrounding their family and things were “removed from my plate until I apologized.”

Cosby said he was doing the interview because he feels he still has a lot to offer as a performer, and he hopes that if the pending trial goes in his favor he can “be remembered as being the guy that they give back all the things that they rescinded.”

The star explained he opted to the interview because he “decided it was time to do something so the people who still have faith in me, and are still wondering what I sound like" could hear from him.

Cosby has had nearly all of his honorary college degrees revoked and his standup shows were canceled nationwide. Many networks also stopped airing reruns of “The Cosby Show” after women began sharing eerily similar stories of being abused by the star.

“I want people to understand that my work as an artist, a performer, I owe a great deal to people who saw things in me. And in many ways… I returned the favors.”

He implied that his accusers were people he was trying to “guide.”

“… Gloria Steinem had a very interesting quote. She said, ‘The truth shall set you free, but first it might piss you off.’ And I’ve said a lot of things to people, trying to give them the truth, trying to motivate them… to guide them into strength… and I’ve taken some hits from people who are supposed to be watching out for people like this. And I do feel like right now, as I speak to you, I want to get back to the laughter and enjoyment of things that I’ve written and things that I’ve performed on stage.”

Cosby said he is confused by the fact that a resurfaced 2005 deposition spurred the current trial he is facing.

“I have an emotion about what the judge did, and I’m still very much confused about how that came about and caused whatever is happening today.”

At the end of his chat, he thanked Smerconish for letting him speak out.

He concluded, “I just hope I’m not in trouble now, man.”

John Mc Gowan said...

Hi, Tania

Here is the full audio interview.

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Cosby speaks

Michael Smerconish's full interview with Bill Cosby on SiriusXM Channel 124.


Tania Cadogan said...


I find it interesting that he uses the word unsighted in relation to his blindness.
I am registered in Massachusetts as legally unsighted.

Is there such a legal term as unsighted?
On various forms in Mass. in questions relating to vision does it offer the option unsighted rather than blind or alongside blind?

I have never heard anyone who is blind/registered blind as referring to themselves as unsighted, they come out with it and say they are blind.
It is short, to the point and makes it clear what their disability is.
It is easily understood.
I do hear the phrase partially sighted where they have some vision even if it is minimal or wibbly wobbly.
My Uncle is classed as partially sighted since he has retinal scarring in the centre of his left eye which has left him with peripheral vision (think tunnel vision only he sees the outside not the inside) a semi detached mebrane in his right eye that floats over his retina every so often and also diabetic retinopathy in both eyes.

Is bill being creative?
He doesn't want to lie outright as the courts would frown upon it and it would count against him in court if it is shown he isn't blind and if he lies about that what else is he lying about?

Lying is stressful and he doesn't want to feel stressed but he is playing on his age and infirmities to perhaps be judged more leniently?

Is unsighted the new politically correct word?

What is his definition of unsighted?
What is Mass. definition of unsighted?

When was he declared unsighted?
Who declared him as unsighted?
At whose behest was his vision tested?
Who chose the opthalmologist who examined him?
What wording was used in the medical reports?
What is the severity of his unsightedness
Is there any treatment for it?
If yes, what is the treatment?
Does it only seem to affect him in certain lighting situations?
When are those situations?
How does it affect his day to day life?

lynda said...


Peter, in regards to your above remarks about McMaster

Since you deemed it reliable denial, and in lieu that McMaster came out later today and changed his story to now say that yes..trump did talk but blah, blah, do you think McMaster's first statement of it didn't happen, was because he was not aware it HAD happened? So to McMaster, that was the truth as he knew it at the time.

I know I didn't express that eloquently but hoping you get my gist.

Bottle Cap said...

Here's the statement of the professional crisis PR consultant Brad Bauman hired by the DNC to speak for the Seth Rich family.

Quote starts here:

"This is the statement from the Rich family re: today's little fake news story.

As we've seen through the past year of unsubstantiated claims, we see no facts, we have seen no evidence, we have been approached with no emails and only learned about this when contacted by the press. Even if tomorrow, an email was found, it is not a high enough bar of evidence to prove any interactions as emails can be altered and we've seen that those interested in pushing conspiracies will stop at nothing to do so. We are a family who is committed to facts, not fake evidence that surfaces every few months to fill the void and distract law enforcement and the general public from finding Seth's murderers. The services of the private investigator who spoke to press was offered to the Rich family and paid for by a third party, and contractually was barred from speaking to press or anyone outside of law enforcement or the family unless explicitly authorized by the family."

So, order speaks to priority. Bauman's order is:
1. Representing the Rich family
2. Disparage the "little" news story
3. Past year of unsubstantiated claims (doesn't say who made them or what)
4. "see" no evidence, no emails
5. Emails can be altered

- The DNC has claimed the emails were hacked by the Russians, so the DNC admits the emails are real.
- It would be very difficult to alter 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments
- Bauman does not say Seth Rich didn't leak the emails to Wikileaks, so we cannot say it for him.

Bottle Cap said...

For those interested in an analysis of the DNC's claims, this fascinating article shows, "Metadata suggests it took only 30 minutes to go from a DNC tech/data strategy consultant creating documents to Guccifer2.0 tainting them - all occurring on a date that Guccifer2.0 claimed to be after he was locked out of the DNC Network - occurring on the same day that Guccifer2.0 emerged.

Data found deeper in files now also demonstrates there was a misdirection effort, that, in its larger scope - seems to have been intended to discredit leaks by having leaks blamed on Russian hackers"

Unknown said...

I saw a photo of the "Single" footprints leading from Aly's Truck. I know it was muddy but they looked very deep. Was the killer carrying her out of the car? Did the killer drive her in a drugged state to the point where the truck stopped, molest her - Kill her then carry her from the car and eventually dumping her into the river a short distance away? Or the same scenario but she was already dead. Those huge -deep foot prints couldn't have been made by such a slight girl, and surely she would have lost a shoe or trainer etc?? By the looks of the foot prints it would have been a struggle to walk.

Unknown said...

Just to add...I'm sure the foot prints started from the passenger door??

Anonymous said...

'Did something happen to her truck?"
"I don't know"
Well there's a lie right there. We all seen her truck was stuck in the mud in a orchard. So yeah, obviously something was wrong with her truck it didn't make it pass the mud. Is anyone thinking it's werid she went with him to drive his daughter home? That's probably when her cell phone maybe pinged by Walmart? Then in the video of her truck on the levee. You can tell in the politeness​ of his tone and demeaner if he was the one driving her truck he would have used the signal on top of the levee. Also how deep was the footprints in the mud? Maybe he carried her from the truck if she was passed out to the river? Then he walked home and dropped her phone on the way back or maybe that light in the truck on the servallance was the time the phone was ditched? .. are the authorities checking his phone records now? He is "active" on Facebook 247

Anonymous said...

Starting to smell a group stalking campaign for a fake charity to happen in the area where the girl went missing.

How about: she was drinking, took a wrong turn, got stuck, dropped her phone and without the phone she had no survival skills from that point on.

Now they are tagging cars in gang-like fashion demanding JUSTICE for someone they have no clue as to how they died. Because someone did an interview with a doesn't mean that person is a murderer.

Seems like there'd be a less damaging way to produce literature or movies, or even fake studies for that matter.

Anonymous said...

He is lying( he is a poor liar) and he killed her , I could tell within the first minute.
Being able to spot lying is an innate skill.

Landscape Photos - Before & After said...

Yes, the toxicology report takes several weeks and LE (law enforcement) said they are doing that on the local web news reports.

"Passed out". I think she had more to drink (or drugs either by him or she took on her own, maybe both) than he implied. He might have played that down in the interview for fear of getting in trouble with LE given her age. Usually though, the last person to see someone who later died where foul play is involved is the guilty one. I feel it's very unlikely she was harmed by a stranger on the way home. The footprints leading from her truck were too big to have been hers. Foul play is involved, no doubt.

Anonymous said...

No anon @6:53. It requires SA. Perceiving the obvious has nothing to do with it.

Anonymous said...

@ 6:37 AM
Yes, You don't or can't see the whole picture.
SA is just is just one part of of the puzzle.
What is given a name /label here "SA", is part of a humans innate survival toolbox, some are born better at it than others.

Anonymous said...

the truth will come out. just give it some time. he can only squirm so long

Anonymous said...

John mcgowan, WOW! Great find!

lilarose4truth said...

Wow good catch..

lilarose4truth said...

Ok, tragic story. You had to pee in a cup. You're traumatized. But what in the world does that have to do with Aly Yeoman and the analysis of this man's interview? Do you have ADD?

Anonymous said...

"Pestering" her to stay is a good thing. People ask why he let her leave... Forcing her to stay would have been kidnapping!

Anonymous said...

Keep Grinding = Keep your head down and keep working hard. I don't believe she was introducing any sexual content if that is what she wrote.

Michael Lizarraga is hiding information. I think that something accidental happened, or he lost control and committed a crime against Aly. Either way he panicked and he covered it up, with the help of his worker and worker's gf. He is very confident that no one will ever know.

I'm sad that Aly's family still doesn't have answers. Not knowing is terrible.

Jayjay said...

I don't think these kind of allegations should be said, especially if u only ""heard"" this is how rumors are started and spread! She is unfortunately not here to defend herself from those kind of assumptions !!!!! I hate how people always talk """"after the fact""" why didn't they go up to her face when she was alive and asked her """hey, do u have two boyfriends""???

Jayjay said...

I agree. The truth always comes out, sooner than later ,,, Wether it was any of the Lizarraga men, her Ex Leo or any other person, the truth will come out!!!!!

Jayjay said...

I agree. I think he OVER talks, I smell guilty all over it.