Monday, May 7, 2018

Fake Hate: Racist Arsonist Scam

The subject claimed that her home was vandalized by an arson-racist intruder and raised thousands at "Go Fund Me."

Statement Analysis concluded:  Deception Indicated

The priority of two statements showed "Alibi Establishment" which told the audience, "don't accuse me because I was sleeping", anticipating being accused. 

It told investigators:  the subject needs an alibi.  

The statements made are analyzed and can be viewed here. 

"Fake Hate" hurts genuine victims.  It is also shadowed by an unanswered question:

Is the deceptive subject willing to have an innocent person wrongfully incarcerated?

Or, if a person was arrested, would the deceptive subject's conscience bother her to the point where she would confess?

The answer is found in the personality traits from the statements, and the nature of deception, itself. 


Anonymous said...

did you say this was not her first time? 4 or more theft convictions sounds like a career.

STATUTE: 812.015-2 (F F)

STATUTE: 812.015-6 (F M)

STATUTE: 827.04-1 (F M)

rob said...

Anytime you hear of this, it's fake. Real people wouldn't waste their time.

tania cadogan said...

I have a past yes but who doesn't
For one, innocent people who have never committed a crime.

Guilty people tell us everyone has a past, this is akin to the famous "but everyone was doing it"
They are seeking to minimize their own guilt.
They are seeking to lose themselves in the crowd.
They are seeking to share the blame, along the lines of a big girl/boy did it and ran away.
They are seeking to excuse their actions because they had a poor childhood/they are (insert race/nationality) they have substance abuse problems, they were beaten/abused as a child, they are female, their sexual orientation,they have an addiction other any other excuse.The it wasn't my fault, i had to do it because ... (insert excuse or excuses here)
We see this in all crimes from petty shoplifting through the range to serial murders, from poor and rich, from joe public to politicians, movie stars and musicians

Very few innocent persons will say everyone has a past, it is insulting to say the least.
The vast majority don't have a past.
They live honest lives, committing no crimes caught or uncaught.
You may get a few who may agree that everyone has a past but who don't say what that past is, It could be something simple like scrumping apples or keeping a dollar they find on the sidewalk.
You may get those who come into contact with the criminal element either through work, volunteering or just living in the neighborhood and who knows who the local criminal element are who say everyone has a past, this is from exposure.
it would be interesting to know what her definition of "everyone has a past" is.

Does she define what she has done here vandalizing her house and vehicles and starting a gofundme as a crime?
If not, what does she regard this as?

Something owed to her perhaps because of her race?

tania cadogan said...

Off topic

George Zimmerman, the onetime neighborhood watch volunteer who was acquitted in the 2012 shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Central Florida, has been charged for allegedly threatening and harassing a private investigator involved in a documentary about Martin.

Zimmerman, 34, allegedly stalked investigator Dennis Warren in December 2017, according to a news release from Seminole County officials.

Warren was hired by a production company to help find people who could be interested in participating in a documentary about Martin, Fox 35 reported, citing court documents.

Martin, an unarmed black 17-year-old, was staying at the gated townhouse community in Sanford where Zimmerman lived and was serving as a neighborhood watch volunteer, when Zimmerman fatally shot him.

An investigation by the county sheriff's office earlier this year reportedly found that Warren reached out to Zimmerman in September and gave him his contact information.

Zimmerman, according to Fox 35, became upset that his family was contacted to possibly participate in the documentary. He then allegedly sent the private investigator threatening texts and emails.

One of Zimmerman's texts to Warren, which was accompanied by a news article, reportedly read: "I know how to handle people who [expletive] with me, I have since February of 2012."

"Anyone who [expletive] with my parents will be fed to an alligator," Zimmerman allegedly said.

The sheriff's office said Zimmerman's alleged stalking "can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt at trial."

He's due to appear in court May 30.

Any bets he will end up killing someone else one day?

Anonymous said...

Blogger tania cadogan said...
Off topic

Any bets he will end up killing someone else one day?

the news article and your comment seem to miss the fact that when Zimmerman shot Martin it was self defense and Martin who was bigger and heavier as well as on drugs was bashing his (Zimmerman's) head into the sidewalk. there was a witness to this who called 911.

the media continues to misinform the public on the facts of the case. Zimmerman has been abused by the media.

Anonymous said...

Wish I kept a record of the different articles I read about this case because it interesting how details of her story changed. In one she said she only had some things stolen from the property during a hurricane, and others state she said sugar was also added to her cars gas tanks previous to the graffiti incident. The arson was dropped and in another her 16 year old son woke up to dogs barking in the early morning hours, followed by her 6 year old waking up in the morning looking out of the window and seeing the damage.

I looked up her church group and thought they were suspicious of Nakea when the pastors bible study was that Christians should judge the behavior of their members, but apparently the feel goods of the mostly white group helping the black sister overcame them.

Anonymous said...

*Jump on the bandwagon*


3 black Airbnb guests questioned by police plan lawsuit

Three black people plan to sue a Southern California police department over what they say was an excessive response to a racially motivated 911 call, but police say their officers' response was polite, brief and nothing out of the ordinary.


We didn't detain anybody, we didn't put anyone in handcuffs, we didn't point any weapons at anybody," he said. "We actually allowed them pretty free movement about the scene, so it's a pretty mild response to a situation."

Fyffe-Marshall declined comment, citing legal advice.

Mike Dammann said...

Many have a past. But what usually indicates current state of mind is how far past this past was. Is the past an ongoing thing? Or is it something way back when? In this case and I have not looked it up yet, my guess would be an ongoing thing.