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Question: Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Adult Victims of Childhood Sexual Abuse have their own language and they also have their own "behavioral analysis."

Formal Training is needed. 

This morning, an astute and talented analyst sent me this question which I hope will shed some light on this difficult and often puzzling topic. 

He sent a great question and has given me the opportunity to address issues that have arisen with the #metoo movement, which has both provided victims with access to being heard, as well as a platform for deceptive people.  

I was re-listening to Lecture 3 yesterday and heard you say that victims of sexual abuse have a need to mention things like washing, covering, doors, etc.  I can understand why those things would be in their subconscious, but WHY do they feel the need to express them in words?  I would think they would try to suppress those things.

That they would want to suppress such thoughts is a great observation on the part of the analyst.  It makes the most us.  I am grateful for this opportunity to address it. 

Other questions are topical to the recent Tom Brokaw analysis, raising questions such as:

1.  Why continue to meet with a perpetrator after an assault?
2.  Why make a big deal out of a small assault? Grope is not the same as rape.  
3.  Why wait 20 years to report it?

I first establish:  there are fraudulent claims and there are those who do so to exploit as a motive.  

This blog has examples of false claims exposed more than reliably reported assaults.  I have posted analysis by Michael Jackson as well as by victims of Bill Cosby.  Truthful people are "veracity indicated" while liars are "deception indicated" in conclusions. 

Studying both truthful and deceptive statements is vital in building your own personal data base of discernment. 

Investigators find personal and professional success in training because they are able to clear the innocent from these claims using Statement Analysis. 

Sex Crimes Units, investigators, therapists, counselors, advocates, child protective caseworkers, and other professionals need advanced training in Statement Analysis specifically focused upon the language (and behavioral analysis) of adult victims of childhood sexual abuse. 

I offer a short answer to a most complex topic. 

I. First, adult victims of childhood sexual abuse mimic deception.  The sensitivity indicators that show deception are sometimes found in the language of adult victims of childhood sexual abuse. The most pointed indicator is passivity. The analyst must be trained to spot disassociation in language.  It is a survival technique.  I address it briefly in this video lesson. 

2.  Fight or Flight 

Fight or Flight often indicates the future suffering of the victim. Those who "fight" do not always do so with fists and kicks.  

"The Negotiator"

Some victims will begin to negotiate with the perpetrator.  She will, like victims of Domestic Violence, seek to "win over" the offender, which, in their verbalized perception of reality, restores their self worth.  

Sometimes negotiations work but sometimes they backfire.  

Most negotiations that fail end up in passivity.  This is when the victim "freezes" and quietly submits.  The fight is gone out of them in the negotiation, which often indicates strong human empathy.  Why?  Because she loved her original abuser (father, uncle, etc).  She is reliving the abuse. 

The rape victim basic understanding is to cry out for help.  This is expected and is a good start to discern truth from deception.  If there is no crying out, further investigation is warranted.  We have learned that those who experienced acute sexual assault in childhood may not cry out. 

Please consider:  this most violent, unnatural and intrusive action can literally impede natural brain development. I will touch upon this more later. 

When a child is sexually abused, the suffering will be life long.  

Foolish Hollywood slogans are often championed by those who either want the spotlight or desperately want to heal, but they harm victims. 

 "Healing is our birthright" by Ashley Judd, actress,  is to set up victims for the inevitable declaration of victory, celebrated in a crowd, only to experience the inevitable collapse, alone, with the condemnation of onlookers.  It is cruel.  She was applauded for it and one can almost hear the call for politicians to "spend money", but it is a false expectation.  Healing comes, but it is a tough battle; not a "birthright" and one that is to be waged truthfully, not with celebrity trendy sloganism.

3.  Deception Detection is Mandatory. 

Adult victims of childhood sexual abuse can perseverate and falsely accuse.  This is when they truthfully report an assault, but assign it to an innocent person during a consensual sex act. This is something that advanced analysis recognizes and analyzes to separate the two acts; one from childhood and one from the current allegation. Training is mandatory for appropriate discernment.  The William Kennedy Smith rape accusation showed elements of this. 

Adults with mental retardation and/or adult autism are many times more likely to be sexually abused then the general population, but they also frequently make false accusations because of it.  Each time a volunteer driver fastens the seatbelt of such a victim, the driver is at risk.  There is no short cut:  the professional must be trained to spot it. 

Adult victims of childhood sexual abuse can have the impact mitigated, but it comes from deep work; not from slogans. 

With the adult victim of childhood sexual abuse, both statement analysis and victimology must be combined in the training.  The patterns are stark, readily discerned and highly predictable. 

The Analyst's Question

I was re-listening to Lecture 3 yesterday and heard you say that victims of sexual abuse have a need to mention things like washing, covering, doors, etc.  I can understand why those things would be in their subconscious, but WHY do they feel the need to express them in words?  I would think they would try to suppress those things.

A. The childhood sexual abuse dominates their lives. It shadows and taints everything. Everything is viewed through this lens.  Their immune systems are often depleted and the natural hormonal strength of youth keeps the issues at bay for years.  That is, until the hormonal levels (HGH) drop. 

 Suddenly, the successful adult goes to pieces.  It is a bill due that they were able to postpone for a very long time, but interest and penalties have accrued and they are often overwhelmed. 

The language reflects this.  

The predictions of stages is readily seen:

1.  The child is sexually abused and shows signs of stress and anxiety. Boys and girls often react differently.  This can be pulling out of her hair, hitting mother, self abuse, boys playing with their feces, harming pets, bed wetting, frequent Urinary Tract Infections and so on.  These are known to teachers and professionals. 

Let's focus on females for the sake of this article.  

2.  The child comes from a good home and begins to prosper at school.  She does well in class and gets good grades.  By 12, she is a lovely daughter and active in school.  

3.  At 13, the lovely daughter is now promiscuous, seeking out tobacco (seeking out ways to rebel), alcohol and drugs.  The wheels fall off.  The parents and school appear baffled.  

4.  Some spiral into addiction and some do not survive this.  They seek out abusive types and predators can "read her a mile a way" as if she carries a specific scent of weakness.  Most, however, with lots of scarring, make it to adulthood.

5.  She is now successful college graduate and a new mother. 

She staggers a bit having a child (major hormonal change) and may even become hyper vigilant over the child, without recognizing it.  This brings anxiety to the child. 

6.  She has raised her children and appears to be a success in life when suddenly, without warning, "the wheels fall off" somewhere between age 40 and 50.  

Her health is shot and her mental health is even worse.  Co-workers are shocked because she is a model of success who now thinks of nothing but ending her life. Divorce, substance abuse, etc, follow. 

Behavioral Analysis and Statement Analysis Match.  Steve Johnson's work in Handwriting Analysis has shown the match even in her handwriting. 

Why does it enter the language? 

Everyone they deal with is a potential threat in life.  Flashback is so easy.  Some wait 20 years because they do not want to "pay the bill" but as they become older, they reach a point of suffering where they have an insatiable desire to "vomit out" the information. 

It takes tremendous processing to move past this. 

Unfortunately most therapists either don’t know how to help them through (lacking training and experience) or are unwilling because they addict the person to then for income.  I've known too many of the latter.  A well trained therapist or counselor can be a life saver for the victim. 

These victims do things from the brain patterns of childhood that make no sense to us.  They repeatedly put themselves in harm's way.  They never seem to get beyond the self loathing and seek small ways to either affirm it, even in weak attempts to "win over" the abuser.

For someone whose brain has experienced trauma in childhood, the putting on of hands on her rear end is a huge trigger, psychologically as damaging as rape.  Why?  Because of the pre existing condition of weakness.  It is intrusive and it brings back to life:

someone has a right to do to me what I do not want done.  

One woman groped may turn and slap the offender and be done with it. 

A victim of childhood sexual abuse may suffer far more acutely from the single act of groping.  She may have even felt she outgrew the pain of years, yet this one action brought it all back. 

Picture someone poking you in the arm.  It bothered you but it was not very painful. 

Picture an open bleeding wound on the arm, with the flesh torn back, revealing the nerve endings.  

Not picture the same poke in the arm. 

This is the difference for adult victims of childhood sexual abuse and why a groping can have the impact of a rape upon them. 

Linguistic Human Empathy 

This is the ability of the analyst to enter, not into the subject's reality, but into the subject's verbalized perception of reality. It is crucial to discerning deception and discerning veracity.  It is not pity nor human empathy; it is linguistic empathy that comes from frequent exposure to specific statements. 

To understand the arsonist, the analyst must work through many statements. 

To understand the child molester, the analyst must enter into his verbalized perception of reality over and over. This is personally impacting and I advise analysts to take some time off, exercise, etc.  This is why law enforcement often show indicators of secondary trauma:  regular dealing with it impacts their health, mentally and physically. 

To effectively discern if an alleged victim is telling the truth, the analyst must accept and submit to the wording.  This can be challenging to our personal viewpoints and perspectives in life. 

Repeat Offense 

It is pretty rare to be raped, yet a victim gets raped twice?  What are the odds?

If she does not live in a high crime area, the odds of being raped a second time are astronomically low, yet if she was victimized in childhood, she will, without realizing it (I don't like the word "subconscious") put herself in harm's way. Discerning this pre existing condition from the language is key. 

Victimology 101

In the language it isn't so much overt, as they often don't realize it.  Some say, "I didn't say that" and I bring them back to their words (my notes) to show them, "here you said it.  Why?"  (Questions without answers given to them are vital. They need to process the trauma). 

The brain knows what it knows and it is so deeply impressed upon it, that it is like psychological scar tissue,intellectually and emotionally wearing upon them. 

Intrusive Thoughts 

Imagine walking on a beautiful path in the woods and suddenly being shocked with a terrible, disgusting and frightening thought.  

You cannot discern where it came from.  

You did not watch a horror movie or read a book about it, yet it was overwhelmingly powerful.  

Adult Victims of childhood sexual abuse  have "intrusive thoughts" that are unwanted and unexpected.  They may suddenly desire to harm a baby, for example, as the thought rushes in without topical context.  

Those who are open to talking are reducing the  risk for acting out the thought.  Eventually they even become dismissive of it, and it can even stop as the intrusive thoughts eventually cease and health returns. 

I believe the source is self loathing, self punishment as so many victims, no matter how young, blame themselves and see themselves as "dirty." Even those who experienced sexual abuse pre speech give verbal indications of self loathing and desire to be punished. 

Even forewarning the victim of "Intrusive Thoughts" helps mitigate the suffering. 

The sexual abuse of a child is an assault that we are not able, to date, measure its impact.  

When Susan Murphy Milano saw her little sister being raped by her drunken father, she voluntarily took her place to save her sister. 

Her father, a cop, shot his wife and himself in the kitchen, leaving Susan bereft of both parents she loved. She went on to a successful career and was a powerful money maker but as she got older, she was not able to keep putting off the bill. 

Eventually, she dedicated her life to helping victims, with powerful human empathy. 

The problem?

Her immune system was unable to fight wayward cells.  

She called me, ripping me for being too busy for her, and had an audition for a new pilot she wanted me in on.  

Within a few months, she was dead. 

Regrettably, childhood sexual abuse is affirmation that humans are made in the Image of God.  There's no other explanation as to why, even "gentle" (non violent, non painful) touching of a child sexually causes such acute life long damage.  

Some victims of "gentle" sexual abuse seem to suffer more than those who had pain inflicted upon them.  For these victims, there was less confusion or conflicting elements for the brain to interpret. 

Worse is the "loving touch" of the perpetrator created to protect and nurture.  This is to combine the violent intrusion into innocence that all sexual abuse brings, with the most innate betrayal possible in creation.  

The linguistic indicators are not guarantees that the subject is a victim of childhood sexual abuse. 

Many people use "doors" to describe opportunity, including, "knock on the door of opportunity" and "when one door closes, another opens..."

The analyst flags unnecessary usages of "doors", "lights" and various coverings for possible indication of trauma, including military, law enforcement, and...

childhood sexual abuse. From there, we look for signals of disassociation in the language, and we view the sentence quality of the accusation.  

The success rate for deception detection should continue at or near 100% accuracy.  

Injustice is seen in both falsely accusing someone of rape or child molestation, often done anonymously, as well as falsely accusing an adult victim of childhood sexual abuse of lying. 

The impact of error can be extreme. 

Investigators trained well beyond Reid and basic statement analysis can advance the cause of justice for all. 

The counselor well trained in statement analysis can accomplish great things in the lives of those who suffer. 

Hyatt Analysis Services training courses at home or in seminars.  It is not easy, but nothing worthwhile in life is.  Those who apply themselves with self discipline and practice gain valuable traction for their careers all while fulfilling a great desire to serve mankind. 

This emotional satisfaction is a powerful motive for law enforcement.  They love to repeat stories of verbal deescalation more than physical confrontations.  They sustain themselves, in light of all the abuse their jobs entail, with memories of "that one victim" for whom justice was obtained. 

Trained social services professionals speak in the same terms.  They sometimes are tasked with treatment of offenders, which presents an entire new reference point.  Yet they do it with truth; not with political or trendy coddling, which only puts victims at risk.  

Sex Crimes Units are often personally taxed with secondary trauma, easily dismissed, while it slowly eats away at their own immune systems.  

Underpaid and often under attack, the most difficult of jobs becomes even more challenging.  

Being able to obtain justice through discernment is endlessly rewarding. 

Thank you to the analyst who submitted the question. His scientific background is serving his study into Statement Analysis well as he does not struggle with the discipline of study.  


Rachel said...

This is very powerful information! Thank You!

Statement Analysis Blog said...

Thank you.

Brief analysis of "Stormy Daniels" and the President's doctor forthcoming...if of interest to anyone!


Anonymous said...

I hope Kanye is seeing who his true friends are and who are not. He travel outside the accepted narrative and tbe attacks were immedidiate. I hope he continues to stand and is sucessful.

Anonymous said...

Peter, You have a lot of amazing insight into this topic & you are right on about almost everything. As a survivor of CSA myself, I can see, looking back, that I had PTSD even at a very young age. One of many symptoms I had was an abnormal lack of fear response even to life-threatening situations. As far as sexual harrassment, mostly I would tokerate it thinking that is what I deserved, with a few times in which I uncharacteristically responded with anger (I threw my drink in the face of a guy who was making disgusting remarks to me). But then I would feel guilty like I am bad for doing that. Personally I did not hyperreact to people flirting or misinterpret it as "harrassment". Flashbacks only occurred with men that I had actual deep feeliings for, tragically, which would cause aversion to their touch. I never thought they were harrassing me though--I knew it was me having flashbacks that had nothing to do with them or their actions. I had sex & emotion completely separated, & the 2 could not be combined without triggering weird stuff in my brain. Recovery & insight are possible I believe, but it is a long & painful road. Thank you for your work on this topic.

LuciaD said...

Absolutely of interest!

Trigger said...

I would love to see Stormy Daniel's statements analyzed.

Her story about being threatened by a man when she was taking her little girl to day care, seems so premeditated. The fact that she has a little girl bothers me. It would be easy to believe that she would exploit her child in that manner to gain sympathy and attention.

She is a 40 year-old actress, who craves a respectable image, so she has to create a sensational story to seem vulnerable, credible, nurturing, hard working, and in need of protection for herself and her baby.

She is needy, needly, needy.

Anonymous said...

Stormy Daniels is an actress, with a respectable image? I thought she did porn. And it seems pretty obvious that Trump paid her to be quiet. I’m confused, Trigger. We may be thinking of a different owoman.

Anonymous said...

Stormy is a plain-looking, bland-looking woman with large breast implants. It shows that Trump's taste in women evidently leans towards the VERY tawdry, not even reaching the level of trailer trash chic. TRump could never get an Anna Nicole Smith, he is scraping the bottom of the barrell with horse-faced women with over sized breast implants. Although Trump's taste does very occassionally oscillate towards the "gorgeous" (Melania),...he generally likes blonds with bland-looking faces and big boobs. Trump himself is not that attractive and so basically he is just reaching out for his own level of attractiveness/ Basically, it is so disgusting to picture Trump's sex life!

Anonymous said...

It doesn’t matter what the woman looks like. If a man is cheating, he lies and manipulates. He has one face for public life, and one for a hidden life.

Anonymous said...

you mean Bill Clinton or Donald Trump? remember rape and consensual sex are not the same thing.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

For those interested, the analysis is not "did he?" because the unreliable denials are not difficult to discern, but to address more fascinating issues,, including motive, personality types, etc.

Harris Faulkner (becoming a journalist I enjoy watching), quoted an unemployment statistic to which one of the economic expert guests said, "yes, but Trump is a narcissist."

Faulkner remained a professional and went back to the topic: economy and did not refer back to the man who felt the need to counter millions of people working with the personal insult. If NPD had been the discussion, or its impact upon policy, I think she would have kept him in the news loop.

Stormy Daniels' motive and the recent statement by the former doctor's motive is worth examining in the language. It goes beyond money grabs and is useful for instruction and learning. Human nature is endlessly fascinating.

As to character, it may be that no one was worse than Gen. George Patton regarding character, morality and political "optics" (today's language).

Was there someone better to get the ugly late 1944 early 1945 destruction of the Nazi war machine completed?

I have been enjoying the history reflections by Victor Davis Hanson regarding Trump. He may be of interest here as he is not. personal fan, but an observer who can discuss multiculturalism of Ancient Rome or the French Revolution's faux moral stance and violence, as well as anyone, in applying it today's lessons.


Anonymous said...


Nope, Trump doesnt have 2 faces. He has said publically that it was "great" having a wife & a mistress (when he was married to Ivana). How is that having one public face & one private face? He told the truth. He said "It was great! He did not virtue signal. Melania has also stared that she married Donald for his money. Its not my business. Or yours.

Anonymous said...

I wasn’t saying he raped Stormy Daniels, and I do see a distinction between Trump and a rapist. I’m saying that the deception and planning and lying all speaks to his character.

Anonymous said...

Certainly he lied to Melania. A bit of planning would have to go into having an affair. Lies, and some more lies. Money changed hands, many hands, and
more lies.

Anonymous said...

ima.grandma said...
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Trigger said...

Stormy Daniels is trying to manufacture a respectable image in the media currently. She has a story to tell. She is a sex worker and porn star that is aging rapidly.

Her career in the sex industry declines as she ages. She knows that she has to become more of a manager and less of a worker to maintain her lifestyle.

I see her as someone in dire need of a boost to help her in her financial crisis. Will she disclose all of her "dates" with other famous men in a book deal or just focus on Mr. Trump?

She has an agenda.

Habundia said...

Topic: the meaning of consent/consenting

CeriB said...

About a year ago, I found out about statement analysis. I've been hooked ever since.

Back then, I was fairly close to an SJW - I really did believe in Obama and #metoo and black lives matter. I cried when Trump got into the Whitehouse. I voted for Jeremy Corbyn. I campaigned on identity politics. I did my PhD in a gender studies field. I didn't believe in monogamy, and I was for higher taxation and nationalisation of public services (railways, water, banks etc), higher welfare payments... I was in favour of abortion on demand up until the end of the first trimester, and in some cases up until birth. I said awful things as though they were a badge of honour, like calling the murder of unborn children "basic medical care." I could go on, but you get the picture.

I started to read your blog several months before I started your course. Since then, I've faced a series of "forks" in the road. On the one hand, I either have to jettison a long held belief, or on the other hand, I have to convince myself that a valid piece of analysis is somehow wrong. Each one of the beliefs I outlined above has gone through that process, and not one of them has survived intact.

I came back to re-read and comment here, because this post blew me away back in May. It is the most empathic, forthright, discerning and moral thing I have ever read about the experience and impacts of sexual abuse. You spoke directly to me. You have listened to victims and not just got inside their language, but got inside their experience. It is undeniable.


At the time of first reading of this article, I believed that straight white males (with Republican views) didn't care about the experiences of victims, and weren't capable of empathy (towards victims in particular, but in general as well). By the way, I also believed that it wasn't racist or sexist to believe such a thing - go figure.

The two things were incompatible. It felt like a traffic jam in my brain for a week. Which was true? Were you not really empathic? Discerning? Was it a trick of some sort? If so, how did you pull it off? Or, on the other hand, had I spent my whole life believing a big fat lie about white males? Maybe a whole bunch of lies? And what did your race have to do with it anyway? And didn't you do pro bono work on behalf of victims as well? How could I square that with you being a straight white male republican?

Looking back, I don't know why it was such a struggle. They were obvious lies, but they were so seductive. I wanted to hold on to my dearly held personal beliefs, in the face of the evidence. Strange that I should have wanted to hold onto it, when I knew what it was.

Almost everything I've learned in statement analysis has brought me to a similar kind of fork. It's possible that I may meet more of them. I'm still an atheist, for example - although your post on "everybody having a religion in statement analysis" was a push towards the realisation that my values aren't as rational/secular as I believed, and have their roots in the Judeo Christian tradition. Right now, I can't imagine having a religious conversion to the extent where I believe in a god of any sort - but I'm not ruling out changing my mind.

Anyway, Peter, thank you. Thank you for your courage and your commitment to the truth, and thank you for lifting the scales from my eyes. It hasn't been an easy process, but it's been a necessary one - and I hope it's not over yet.


Nadine Lumley said...

Dr pat Allen says that sexually abusing children strips their mylar or something, sex abuse hormonally turns virgin girls into nymphomaniac sluts, I sud cut and paste her good stuff here

DPA rec this eye therapy as effective recovery option



Unknown said...

"Victims of sexual abuse have a need to mention things like washing, covering, doors, etc...
WHY do they feel the need to express them in words?"
i read this part and responded before reading the rest;

i believe its because
WASHING (Hoping to wash away the guilt, the pain, the feelings of the memory;
COVERING- (some form of protection)
WINDOWS/ DOORS (thinking of escape, protection, barrier between what is on one side of the window/door to what is on the other side.
if i were in their shoes, i'd be thinking of escape, so i'd be thinking of that door/window alot, which would naturally come out during a statement. That's how i see it.