Friday, July 20, 2018

Statement Analysis Training

For inquiries, here is a summation of what is offered at Hyatt Analysis Services

1.  Complete Statement Analysis Course.  Tuition 950.   This is in both e version and print, and 12 months of e support. This is done entirely in your home, at your own pace.  It allows for lectures to be listened to repeatedly.  

Expectations:  100% accuracy in detecting deception. 
                           90% accuracy in content analysis. 

This also begins the work of profiling. 

The psycho-linguistic profile is to identify enough elements of a subject that it is accurate enough to identify the author of an anonymous threatening letter.  With a 70% accuracy rate (7 out of 10 accurate descriptions of the author), most clients are readily able to identify the author.  The Compete Statement Analysis Course sets the foundation and introduces the psycho-linguistic profiling elements and Threat Level Assessment. 

Currently enrolled include U.S. Canada, Germany, France, England, Ireland, Scotland, Switzerland, Sweden, Holland, Netherlands, South Africa, Israel, Russia, Australia, Quatar, Tasmania...etc. 

There are those who are civilians, love to discern truth from deception and enroll to success in lie detection. For some it builds their skill set and resume, giving tractions for their careers. 

For an example of what Statement Analysis can do, and if it is worth your investment view a sample at Youtube HERE

2.  Ongoing Live Monthly Training with guidance.  This is once per month, 6 hours on line, $50 per month.  (25% discount for annual subscription).  This is only for those who are enrolled or have completed the Complete Course, and it is by approval only with limited enrollment; attendance is not guaranteed. Law Enforcement and Military intelligence warrant strict confidentiality. Currently, analysts from the United States, Canada, and western Europe meet as teams working on live cases.  

Attendees include several full time instructors, investigators, analysts, federal, state, local and international, present and former intelligence officers, private, as well as other professionals, including social sciences (therapists, social workers), business (Human Resources, insurance, fraud, negotiations, sales), and more.  It is a most supportive and exciting team setting. These are held the last full week of each month.  

For those with professional licenses and training renewal,  Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) are granted through the University of Maine.

Certification:  Successful completion of the course (1), a minimum of 60 hours live training and approval from 3 professionals observing their work over a semester (3 mos.) of time. 

By this time, the analyst/investigator is routinely at 100% accuracy in detecting deception. 

 The certification's value is in the work we produce.  

These analysts often attend in person seminars, as they are forging ahead while also maintaining their level of excellence. 

The certification is the prerequisite for:

3.  Advanced Statement Analysis and Psycho-linguistic Profiling.  Tuition 1200.  24 months e support.  This is a lengthy course that an analyst now goes into new, deeper methodology.  It is lengthy, challenging and is continually sharpening the skill of the certified analyst. Recognition of contamination, working with contaminated statements and the ability to discern the author of an anonymous threatening letter is covered. 

Please note there is no enrollment in this course without the above prerequisite met.  The work would be confusing without the Complete Course and application of its principles. 


Seminars for law enforcement and private business are needs based. 

Specialized training is for Sex Crimes Units, social service professionals (psychologists, therapists, child protective investigators), HIDTA, military intelligence, Internal Affairs, etc.  

Joint Seminars for Statement Analysis, Advanced Analysis and Handwriting Analysis is with Steve Johnson (Det, retired) who is now a full time instructor.  Steve can be reached at for further information. 

Having seen undisciplined and unprincipled handwriting analysis for years, Steve's work is both methodical and consistent with Statement Analysis.  For example, in a sexual assault case, Statement Analysis profile was done separately from the Handwriting Analysis. Both profiles were submitted to the detective. They matched the psychological evaluation from the case file.  Steve is a gifted instructor, easy to follow, and with his years of law enforcement experience, a valued colleague and friend. This is a small sample of Steve's accuracy.  


Limited private consultation and analysis is available for the following:

1.  Employment Analysis 

We can identify those who will bring harm to your company or department, before they are granted an interview.  Employment Analysis is psycho-linguistic profiling in a specific context. 

In recent years, this analysis has identified those with criminal backgrounds concealed from businesses, has discerned those who have made fraudulent claims against a business, as well as identified the "best and brightest" for hire. 

Companies save money on fraud, insurance and also on Unemployment and turnover.  When an employee makes an allegation, the analysis is able to identify if the employee is truthful or deceptive, and the course of strategy to counter fraudulent claims, internal theft, or extortion attempts. 

Anonymous Threatening Letters

We have several professional certified analysts who work together in consultation to identify the author of an anonymous threatening letters.  In two recent cases, the authors have been identified and their identities confirmed.  One included a business in which the employee had threatened his own company where the description of the author's sex, race, age, experiences, and his motive was enough to identity and address. 

In another, the author's actual identity was fully given.  

These are best done with a minimum of 3 analysts working together.  This may also include contracting for handwriting analysis.  

Private Analysis 

Private analysis is available for companies, business owners, litigation attorneys and private citizens on a limited basis only.  This is confidential work that also involves several professionals. This is often highly specialized, including financial fraud, exploitation and litigation preparation.  If you have an issue regarding written documents, it is best to have your attorney contact our office.  

TV Radio Appearances

Time is limited, so if you wish an appearance, there must be a statement for analysis first.  Contact:

Analysts comment upon cases with statements that have been analyzed to conclusion. When an audience expects accuracy in deception detection, speculation can be difficult to separate from the analysis. If interested, please send a background of the case along with statements to the email above. 

Pro Bono

There are limited analysts who are able to volunteer their time. The cases under consideration are generally from those most vulnerable, including Domestic Violence victims, sexual assault victims and missing persons who cannot afford appropriate intervention. 

This is by approval only. 


ima.grandma said...

Now, how interesting is this?
Does the truth hurt or are we just bad at numbers?
A new Census Bureau report, “Manning up and womaning down: How husbands and wives report their earnings when she earns more,” says both men and women lie about how much women get paid.
The research compared census data to tax forms for straight couples.

The report found that in marriages where the wife earned more, both the husband and the wife tended to exaggerate his earnings and dock her income.
Take a husband in Fargo, N.D., who lives in a household where the wife earns more. If he reported annual earnings of $30,000, he would tell the Census Bureau he earned more -- an average $30,870 during that same year. That’s $870 more than his earnings as reported by his employer(s).
Let us say, for example, that the same man’s wife earns $40,000. On average, her reported earnings would be equivalent to $39,400, around $600 less than she actually earned – U.S. Census Bureau
According to the report, men inflate their pay by an average of 2.9 percent when their wife makes more. At the same time, women deflate theirs by about 1.5 percent when their husbands make less.

The study said the wife earns more than the husband in about 23 percent of couples.

Statement Analysis Blog said...

The "Gender Revolution" is not the first time we have stood up to go to war with nature, in history.

It will end as it must, and always has.

Unfortunately, young people are assaulted, year after year, and this enters into the training where they come in conflict.

The basic training (as found in some short courses) will not, immediately and of itself, bring conflict. But anyone interested in moving from the basic into the nature of crime, deletion, and in profiling, will.

The issue is not pressing in law enforcement as much as it is in the private sector. Law enforcement, in just a few years experience, has a natural return to grasping human nature rather than fighting against it. (For many, parenthood sobers them up too).

It is almost exclusively an issue for the young.


ima.grandma said...

With so much emphasis on the young, our future; how will the older, our present; chase the past into history? No one can run from gender.

Churrisima said...

Peter, will you be analyzing any of President Trump's press conferences since the Helsinki Summit? It seems like with both body language and his language, this would be a treasure trove for analysis.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


If you have specific statements, post them.

If it’s topical, only short answers here.

Stormy Daniels relationship? He’s deceptive.
Collusion w Russia? He’s falsely accused. No Collusion.
Racism? He’s not a racist.
Hitter? He’s not Hitler?

He is coarse, crude and says what everyone says in private.

Obama was gifted orator and deceiver.

Trump narcissistic, perhaps due to success, (acquired, developed?) but perhaps not disorder.

At times he’s thin skinned self praising and at times he’s turned down opportunities to receive acclaim of the world to do what’s right.

I did not think he would get gov’t out of the way of American economy yielding success as much as he has.

He negotiates everything.

We’ve had 8 years of tribal identity politics, turning everyone into victims of each other. He’s focusing on economy and safety.

When Americans are busy at work, they care less about differences, including race and sex.

The more politicians stay out of our social lives, the better we are.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

For those interested in how narrative drives people to indefensible areas, see comments at the end here.

Try to identify what the poster is doing regarding the conclusion of the analysis

Mizzmarple said...

Fantastic analysis, straight and to the point, Peter.

I agree.

Thank you !

Habundia said...
I wanted to ask if someone is willing to help me identify a couple of sentences from this vid for transcription.
The first sentence would be from 12.37 till 12.43.
Second from 12.50 till 12.55
Third from 14.35 till 14.41
Forth from 15.27 till 15.30
Fifth from 15.41 till 15.44
Sixth from 15.51 till 15.55

If you are able to tell me the exact sentence is said, that would be awsome.
Thanks in advance for helping out!

Skeptical said...

Off topic: The 50th anniversary of the moon landing is coming up. I hope you will be doing further analysis of the remaining astronauts. Your analysis of the Apollo astronauts Aldrin, Armstrong and Collins was eye-opening. I would like to hear more.

Turtlebabble said...

Re-Darlie Routier 911 call Comment.

The poster seems to be personally affronted by the analysis.

I think the poster is trying to create doubt regarding the conclusion of the analysis.
They are concerned with “100% accurate”. This is repeated as a question at the very start and the end and is sensitive in some way.

The poster begins by ridiculing via sarcasm and comparison to something which is not comparable. A biological test to analysis of words, as if the accuracy of one thing can somehow predict the accuracy of the other. This seems like a tangent. This need to ridicule reveals a weakness.

They focus on one point of the analysis only, disregarding the many and overwhelming indicators that were addressed and claims there is "hardly enough evidence" to reach the conclusion.

I wonder if they recognise something of themselves in the principles of the analysis, possibly surrounding putting themselves first before their children. This may also be related to a “struggle” with mental illness and drug/alcohol use.

Anonymous said...

Peter, I don't think the poster has any training in detecting deception. Do you agree?

ima.grandma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.