Monday, August 20, 2018

Deception Detection: Training and Benefits

Deception Detection training is not only for law enforcement, intelligence, or the military. The uses are helpful in many other fields, especially where communication is critical, including social services, human resources and others. 

But what of non-professional use?

Statement Analysis' formal training is useful for those who may not ever use it professionally.  

Here are just a few examples:

1.   Media

The level of trust of main stream media is low.  Narrative driven, the use of deception is now common.  

It is common now to hear political debate in almost every programming, including sports.  Listening to arguments through your training will give you an edge. 

The level of deception is higher, perhaps, than we've seen in 150 years.  At times it appears comic book like, yet regardless of what you think, millions of Americans are being deceived.  

These are "soft targets" for politicians who manipulate them into not only thinking they are morally superior to others, but cause divisions not seen since the War Between the States. 

2.  Consumerism:  This includes learning to spot shill reviews at Amazon, which are now regularly employed by sellers. 

The ability to discern not only deception from truth, but strength from weakness is invaluable. Culturally, as deceptive practices become more acceptable, our need for discernment rises. 

Buying a car? Learn to listen to the sales person.  Expect the "25% language" factor, up and down.

Negotiating a home purchase?

Want to ask questions about the neighborhood, crime and schools first?

Enrolling your child in sports or a camp?

The list is immense and the need for discernment tangible. 

Regarding children, your little ones will, no matter what you think, become teens.  When they do...

3.  Heath Discernment of medical and veterinary practice.  I have found veterinary practice to be one of the most deceptive of professions; particularly in nutrition and medicine.  "Studies have shown..." are the opening statements for sales techniques used by vets who are underwritten by large dog food companies.  You look at your dog's teeth and wonder how "corn" and "chicken meal by-products" can possibly be good for him.  Being able to discern strength and weakness (and follow funding) is useful for your health (yes, read through the lens of analysis the pharmaceutical warnings and studies) and the health of your pets. 

I like reading studies for myself, using analysis, and am always gratified to learn, "This one doesn't get away with it..." when deception is employed.  

4.  Investment  

To be able to read an annual report, through the lens of Statement Analysis, can help you make investment decisions. 

Last year I read of a CEO who made a large purchase of her company's stock; often a useful indicator in how the leadership thinks their company will do.  In her letter to investors, the "need to persuade" and analytical weakness suggested to the contrary.  A month later, the company announced that it did not get the satellite contract it sought. 

Companies communicate to use with words.  

We no longer live in a world where "authority" equates trust.  

5. Private Life

To know when one believes one's own words, while communicating, is a reassurance. To not be taken is also a comfort.  

Successful completion of "The Complete Statement Analysis Course", usually done in 6-12 months, will improve your discernment in life. 

You may not need formal training for your job, but self improvement and exploration is always a benefit. 

Complete Statement Analysis Course. 

This comes with 12 months of e support to make certain your work progresses properly.  

It is done entirely in your home, at your pace, and begins when you enroll, with no set start date. 

Of a matter of course, some enroll for their own personal growth only to later find it has given traction to their resume and career path.  

This week on AM Coast to Coast, Deception Detection will be featured:


Buckley said...


happyuk said...

Look forward to listening to the Coast to Coast presentation.

Interesting hoax posted to me recently, via a friend's hacked LinkedIn account apparently from a female Rabbi from Iran. A long one, so in two parts:

Part 1.

"My dear how are you doing today, hope fine?
My names is RABBI Abdullah Arsh, born and raised up into a Muslim family that cherish the principle of good moral child up bring in Islamic Republic of Iran. I decided to let you know everything about me since i have faith it was Masha Allah (Allah's will) that lead me to know you after fasting with offering prayers to him. My birthday is 18-11-1988 in ancient city of Bam in Kerman province. My father, Engineer. Abdullah Arsh of the blessed memory the Group Executive Director of Finance Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC) refinery in Iran but previously a diplomat that served at Iranian embassy in Senegal and Venezuela. Death never give me the opportunity of having to enjoy the comfort of my good home for long as i first lost my mother two days to my 14Th birthday anniversary on Saturday 16-11-2002 in a rape incident but i always believe Allah knows the best.

It was that my father concluded that Iran is no more safe for girls and he took the decision that i will continue my education in Senegal which he said is safer Muslim country with his previous experience there since many people have been raped in Iran without justice being done to the rapists, tears always slip my face each time i remember the events that took my father's life when i least expected and expose me to struggle for survival in life but for what i am and not for my beauty or family background, i have learn to accept and face challenges.

I am alive giving account of my life experiences saying Bismillahir Rahmani Raheem (In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful) who made it possible that i was in Senegal studying during the period of Earthquake that took place in my citadel of the early morning February 24, 2005 that caused the instant death of my younger sister with other relatives though my father survived with serious multiple injuries. My father sent for me through our family lawyer of which i arrived Iran from Senegal and met him receiving treatment in a hospital bed in Tehran.

My father gave me a file containing some documents and told me that our family lawyer is also with some money which he will be sending to me if i have need in my studies and other things until he recovers from his injuries without sensing that death is already at the corner. On 29Th of February which is exactly five days after the earthquake, my father gave up the ghost and after his burial according to Islamic rites, i took some money from the lawyer and traveled back to continue with my studies in Senegal. When it was time to pay school fees, i tried reaching our family lawyer whom i was told have left Iran, i had no other choice at that time than to disclose the situation to school authority which took me to the camp of United Nations High Commission for Refugees(UNHCR) in Liberty 6 Senegal from where i am writing this message and i proclaim Alhamdulillah (All Praise Be To Allah) for keeping me alive till date.

Dearest please for Allah sake i am not hear to play, i am writing to you with tears in my eyes, all i need is your help. You can clink the web below and see what i am telling you.

Please i hate betraying or cheating, i am telling you all this with all my trust and believed i am save in your hand."

happyuk said...

And part 2...

"One of the documents in the file given to me by my late father was a bond certificate of Six Million Eight Hundred Thousand British Pounds, in the account he opened in Islamic bank, of which i am the next of kin to the account.

I waited to reach 27 years because in the bond certificates was written that should accident happen to the account owner, the next of kin would inherit the money after attaining 27 years. I have communicated with the bank and they advice me searching for a sincere person to help me retrieve the money from the bank since the bank said a person with refugee status can not transact with them being a clause from United Nations, and i need that money to be able to regain my life back out of this refugee camp.

I have already developed confidence with you since i believe knowing you was through divine intervention but please promise and assure me that you will always stand by me even after receiving the money in your account, please tell me if you are willing to help me. My Persian name Vanda Farsi language of Iran. means wish or desire so i am with the wish and desire that my quiet and peaceful life will come through your help and in all i proclaim Subharmonic Allah(Glory Be To Allah) for guiding me to know someone like you as i expect to see your reply soonest. May Allah bless you.

Please as soon as the bank transfer my money to your account from there you can send me some amount to get my air ticket to meet you over your country so that we can live together.

Yours new friend Rabbi."

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,

I wonder if you've got any opinions on Elon Musk. He's much in the news lately with various statements. His company Tesla just posted its biggest quarterly loss ever. He claims:

they'll be profitable in the subsequent quarter
he has an offer to buy out the entire company at a big premium to the stock price (but he cannot provide any proof of the offer)
that the company is not in danger of bankruptcy

Nic said...

"Peter said,
I have found veterinary practice to be one of the most deceptive of professions; particularly in nutrition and medicine. "

I've learned to question everything. My vet doesn't like that I give my dog a raw beef bone once a week. I don't give her 1-inch flat bone to "chew" on. I give her a 2 to 3 inch round, 3 to 4 inch long bone. The enzymes in the bone marrow remove/burn the plaque from her teeth and gum line. After an hour or two, when the marrow is all but done and the little bit of flesh is ripped from the bone (flossing/scraping sides of molars) I take it away. My experience is that vets prefer you fill a Kong with peanut butter and cookies and whatever sort of sticky carb you can think of to emulate eating a bone - and shame you for thinking a bone is such a wonderful idea (they could break a tooth and then what$$$$!). Then they ask that you to book an appointment to have their teeth cleaned of the sticky carb build-up which most likely involves putting them out. $$$

IMO, vet dentistry is a cottage industry.

Kimberly Smith said...

Link for "Complete Statement Analysis Course" between paragraphs is not working.

Statement Analysis Blog said...


you are a good example of a civilian who embraced training and has improved discernment.

You make an excellent point.

For others, you do not need to know medical, legal, scientific nor financial jargon to analyze correctly.

This morning, Science Daily posted a study showing that whole milk with breakfast cereal helped glucose levels after lunch.

The deception is there...even before you learn who funded the study.

The repercussions can be acute for diabetics.

A few days ago, another deceptive study went main stream; also detrimental to diabetics. This study would be favored by Coca-Cola, and prepared food industry.


m said...


So sad Mollie's body has been found.

Annette said...

Oh no!

Anonymous said...

An illegal immigrant-a Mexican- has been charged in the murder of Molly Tibbets.

Perhaps the terror pushed upon the pig farmer was to initiate the serial killer themed hunt to drive the bounty up.

Hope he sues every one involved with planting red shirts near his place and putting him through he double toothpicks on thinly veiled profiling.

Tracy said...

I wondered about the red shirt found near his property also (which by the way, Molly's mother had said was NOT Molly's shirt & that her shirt was at home.) I am curious what evidence they have on the arrested Mexican. God knows they frame people--TB os a good example!

Tracy said...

Other peopke frane other people, also. Might not have been LE dropping the shirt there, but most likely waa the perp. Even the Green River Killer (low IQ) used to put other people's cigarette butts st his dump sites).

Anonymous said...

This morning, Science Daily posted a study showing that whole milk with breakfast cereal helped glucose levels after lunch.


Statement Analysis Blog said...

Versus those who put water in their cereal.

The cereal raises glucose levels; the fat in whole milk slows it. So it "helps" the way "lesser lying" helps.

Skim milk removes the healthy fats but leaves the sugars.

I don't know about you but I trust my short term elected officials with my children, my life, my health, my money... its why I am a Democratic socialist.

Science Daily should not be read without Statement Analysis.


LuciaD said...

Thanks for the laugh!