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Complete Statement Analysis Course

We get quite a few email requests for training information of which it is best for those interested to do some research first. We look for self motivated effort regarding those who are likely to do best in training.  

The training is not easy, yet it is thorough.  The expectation is excellence to the point of being able to move on to advanced work. 

Some recent submissions have been most encouraging where we find for example in homework and tests:

a. answering the question
b. explaining the principle employed
c. adding one's own examples

This puts the student analyst in the role of teacher, thus deepening his or her own understanding, and preparing them for--

Report writing 
Verbal explanations
preparation for District Attorney prosecution 
Defense attorneys 
Clarity for business and hiring 
Deeper understanding within social sciences 

Statement Analysis training teaches how to discern deception from truth. 

Learning is to be confrontational. It is to make us uncomfortable so as to move forward to new areas. 

It is for discernment minded critical thinkers.  

Seminars for law enforcement, social services and businesses are both general and specialized.  Sex Crimes Units are urged for deeper training, while Employment Analysis, an advanced form of Statement Analysis, is critical for good hiring. 

The training will allow for legally sound interviewing for religious and non profit organizations as well as screening volunteers.  

The basis for all advanced work is the grasping of the Complete Statement Analysis Course.

This is done in your home, at your pace, which, if one slows down, the absorption is deeper leading to greater effectiveness in analysis. It comes with 12 months of e support in which work is monitored; issues addressed and recommendations for improvement made.

Whether law enforcement, intelligence, business, psychology or communication, the greater the degree one is capable of lie detection, the better prepared and better protected. 

The course is in English; those who are bilingual or multilingual are at a distinct advantage. 

If you wish to enroll, or to book a seminar, please email 


Habundia said...

Oscar said...

Peter & Co., I thought you (vous) might find this video amusing

Joe said...

OT Brandon Grossheim is accused of involvement in five suicides. Grossman wrote a memorial tribute on the facebook of one of the deceased. (Josh Thomas)

“I love you, bud,” he wrote. “I know I told you that a lot, and it made me happy to know that you knew I meant it. We’ve been through a lot, together, and we grew very close. It really upsets me to lose you. I was so glad to be working with you, because it’d give us more time to hang out. I’ll miss you more than you'll ever know. I hope that you are in a better place, now, and that you've found a peace of mind. Again, I love you.”

NB "'d give us more time to HANG out." Josh Thomas was found hanged.

Turtlebabble said...

I thought this may be of interest to readers. There is a podcast investigating the case of missing Australian boy William Tyrrell. New episodes are being released weekly.

Anonymous said...


Records released in case of Ghislaine Maxwell, accused by Virginia Roberts (Guiffre) of being Epstein's procuress of young girls.

Roberts implicated Dershowitz in her testimony.

Habundia said...

Autumn said...

OT: Brandon Grossheim

- Tribute starts with “I love you, bud”. BG then puts emphasis on this by saying “I know I told you that a lot” and “you knew I meant it” and “Again, I love you”. Is this a need to persuade? It makes me wonder if BG really loved JT.
- “together” and “very close”: BG puts emphasis on being very close to JT -> was he literally very close to JT on the night he died?
- "it made me happy" -> unexpected reference to positive feeling (given the context) as soon as in the second sentence
- "It really upsets me to lose you" -> “really” is to convince -> “upset” seems to weak a word for losing a dear friend to suicide (“devastated” or “shocked” would be more appropriate). Also: this sentence starts with “It” -> all other sentences in this tribute with "I" or "We” (active voice) -> why not this one? less commitment?
- "I was so glad to be working with you, because it’d give us more time to hang out" -> again: reference to positive feeling in the context of suicide ( “happy” + “so glad”) -> also: “working with you” -> does BF mean that he “counselled” / “helped” JT with his depression? If so, did the “help” he so gladly gave consist of “hang” out?
- "I know" / "made me happy to know that you knew" / "more than you'll ever know" -> a lot of emphasis on “knowing” -> what does BG know that we don’t?
- “a lot”, “a lot”, “more”, “more than you’ll ever know” -> why these repeated references to quantity?
- Grossheim mainly focusses on himself and his own feelings (“I love” / ”I know” / ”I told” / ”it made me happy” / “I was so glad” / “it really upsets me”, etc.) and no word on what made JT so special and the despair JT must have felt
- also: no sign that BG was surprised by JT’s suicide
- “you’ve found a peace of mind” -> why did he add “a”? Isn’t this expression usually used without an article?
- Unusual use of commas (before “together” and “now”)


On the birthday of another victim (Jake Allen Hughes) BG wrote:

God, I miss you. I promise that I will do my best to make my life as good as both of us deserved combined, and I promise you that you'd have enjoyed/maybe will enjoy watching every minute of it. I love you buddy, and miss you a lot.”

Similarities between this tribute and the tribute to JT:
- BG focusses on himself and his life instead of on the recipient
- Use of positive words/feelings: “best”, “good”, “enjoyed / (…) enjoy”.
- Emphasis on BG and AH together: make my life as good as both of us deserved combined (why "deserved"?)
- Why does BG feel the need to promise JAH anything? Does he owe JAH something (his life?)?
- Out of all the things BG could have said, why does he focus on “enjoy watching”? The addition of “every minute of it” i.m.o. suggests a specific, shorter event. Did BG enjoy watching JAH die?

Anonymous said...

Epstein has either committed suicide or been "suicided".

Anonymous said...

...Or perhaps Epstein has been spirited away and is not dead at all.

One thing is for sure, some powerful of members of the elite are now off the hook.

The fact that he was not on suicide watch, tells a lot.

John Mc Gowan said...


Ingratiating Factor

In Statement Analysis, we recognize the "Ingratiating Factor" in language.

This is where a subject "ingratiates" himself into the audience (recipient) often using flattery in an attempt to be "on the side of police" or the "authorities." The flattery or ingratiating words indicates the opposite.

For example, when DeOrr Kunz' toddler son went missing, he extensively praised law enforcement and authorities for not finding his son. He linguistically "ingratiated" himself into the "good guys" (officials) which highlighted his need to be seen as a "good guy." He was deceptive about what happened to his son and he exposed his own need to be seen in a positive light. This is the "Ingratiating Factor" in analysis.

This is also seen where a killer may not only praise law enforcement but put himself into the investigation as "helpful" including "searching" for the missing person he had killed. This is why "memorials for the missing victim" are video taped. The killer has a psychological need to be seen in a positive light. This need, itself, is where we focus our attention.

When an innocent parent's child is not recovered, the parent is not pleased with law enforcement, but impatient and upset.

Appropriate vs Inappropriate

Ingratiation is noted as "Inappropriate" (the above examples) or as "Appropriate" under a specific condition: the subject is already on the same "team" as the "good guys."


1) Is there an exception to this when in a foreign land?

2) Could it be that, by not praising authorities the person(s) needing help may fear that if they publicly attack them (SAR, Police, etc..) they may not get the best services available?

Nora Quoirin: Missing girl's parents thank jungle search teams

The parents of missing teenager Nora Quoirin have thanked search teams scouring the Malaysian jungle for her.

Meabh and Sebastien Quoirin said "terima kasih" - "thank you" in Malay - to those searching for Nora, last seen at the Dusan holiday resort on Sunday.

A team of 250 is looking for the 15-year-old, who has special needs.

Ms Quoirin thanked search teams for their work "especially at a special festival time", referring to the Islamic festival of Hari Raya Haji.

"We want to say thank you to each and every one of you," she said.

"We know you're searching night and day for Nora."

She added: "To be with us here, it means the world to us. We are so grateful for everything that you are doing for us, everyone who is helping here and not from here.

"We are extremely impressed by the effort, your expertise, your dedication and we hope you find Nora."


John Mc Gowan said...


The Quoirins, an Irish-French family who have lived in London for 20 years, arrived in the Dusun forest eco-resort in southern Negeri Sembilan state a week ago.

Nora, who has an Irish passport, was last seen on Sunday.

Nora's father raised the alarm the following morning when the teenager was missing from her bedroom with the window open.

The teenager's family said she was born with holoprosencephaly, a disorder which affects brain development, and that she "struggles with co-ordination".

Her family have said Nora is "not independent and does not go anywhere alone".

Over the past few days a recording of Nora's mother saying "Nora darling, Nora I love you, mum is here" has been played out on loudspeakers into the jungle.

Her aunt Éadaoin Agnew said Nora had spent a lot of time in hospital "all her life", and needed operations after she was born, to help her breathing.

"Nora's very shy and can be quite anxious," Ms Agnew said, adding: "She was just extremely excited to spend time with her family in Malaysia."

Includes VT

John Mc Gowan said...

Re my OT

BREAKING: The parents of Nora Quoirin have appeared on camera once again.

2 clips

Autumn said...

OT: Nóra Quoirin

The following statement was published on twitter by the Lucie Blackman Trust (


9th August 2019

The family of Nóra Quoirin, 15, whose mother Meabh is from Belfast and whose father Sebastien is French, have today released the following statement.

“Nóra is a very special person. She is fun, funny, and extremely loving. With her family, she is very affectionate – family is her whole world and she loves to play games, like Cat Bingo, with us. She likes to tell us silly jokes and wear clever, colourful t-shirts. She is not like other teenagers. She is not independent and does not go anywhere alone.

Nóra was born with Holoprosencephaly; this means that she has a smaller brain. All her life she has spent a lot of time in hospital. When she was born, she needed operations to help her breathing. She has specialists that monitor her growth, her physical abilities and her strength, and especially her mental capacity. Nóra has always needed dedicated specialist educational provision, and now attends a school for children and young people with learning and communication difficulties.

Nóra and her famiy are bi-lingual and bi-cultural. Nóra is very proud that she can speak French as well as English. But her verbal communication is limited. Nóra can read like a young child, but she cannot write more than a few words. She has a good memory but she cannot understand anything conceptual. She is unable to do maths and so things like money are impossible to manage. She cannot make or receive phonecalls independently.

She can wash and dress herself, though she cannot manage buttons, and struggles to wash her hair. At school, she is learning to ride a bicycle properly. Nóra likes to walk with her family, but her balance is limited and she struggles with co-ordination. She has been to Asia, and many European countries before, and has never wandered off or got lost.

Nóra is very sensitive. Outside the family, Nóra is very shy and can be quite anxious. Every night, her special time is for cuddles and a night-time story with her Mum. And she was extremely excited about the family holiday in Malaysia.

That is the end of the statement. The family would again like to take this opportunity to express their sincere thanks to the Royal Malaysian Police, and all those searching for Nóra. Some of these people have been working all day, every day and the family cannot express their gratitude enough.

Autumn said...

'White-skinned, female body' is found near waterfall by police hunting for British teenager Nora Quoirin in Malaysian jungle, a mile from the eco-resort where she was staying

Autumn said...

OT: Nóra Quoirin

The above statement by Nóra’s family made me think of the following (from Peter’s interview on the McCann case, see youtube):

“Statement Analysis deals with what one tells us. It also deals with what one doesn’t tell us. When parents of missing children have no involvement or no guilty knowledge of what happened to the child, their focus is on what the child is experiencing now. Does she have her favorite blanky, does she have her teddy bear. Is someone looking at her warm smile. Are they kissing her. Is she scared at night. They are consumed by these thoughts”.

At the time of the Quoirin family statement Nóra was still missing. Yet the statement doesn’t address what she might be going through “now”. At all. Instead, the statement merely describes Nóra (“a very special person”) with a focus on all her developmental disabilities. The latter feels like subtle victim blaming to me. Of course: the police and volunteers had to know that Nóra couldn’t take care of herself in the jungle. However, was it really necessary for the public to know that she couldn’t manage buttons, was unable to do maths and it was impossible for her to manage money? And that she ”struggles” to wash her hair and she once “needed” operations to “help” her “breathing” as a baby, etcetera?

The word ”struggle” is used a second time in the following sentence: “Nóra likes to walk with her family, but her balance is limited and she struggles with co-ordination.” Did Nóra lose her balance during a walk with her family (did she “struggle” for her life and “need help breathing”?)? The next sentence is also interesting: “She has been to Asia, and many European countries before, and has never wandered off or got lost.” See also: “She is not independent and does not go anywhere alone.

"Every night, her special time is for cuddles and a night-time story with her Mum" -> is this a variation of the "I'm a great mother"-statement? In any case, literally speaking “every night” isn’t true since her mum could no longer cuddle her or read her a story when she was missing (or did her parents know she was no longer alive at the time of their statement?). In a sense Nóra’s disappearance is a “night-time story”: she went missing during the night.

Autumn said...

OT: Nóra Quoirin

UPDATE: At a press conference, Malaysian police said Nóra Quoirin died two to three days ago and that the cause of death was internal bleeding in her intestine which could have been caused by lack of food.

According to the autopsy, she probably died from starvation and stress. So I guess she actually DID leave the resort on her own and wander around in the vicinity for more than a week while a significant search and rescue operation (more than 350 officers + volunteers, helicopters and drones) was going on? How sad.

John Mc Gowan said...

what really niggles me in this case (OT: Nóra Quoirin) is that when her father discovered she was missing he said there has been a "crime". They were insistent in peddling the notion of an abduction.

Why did her father say there has been a crime?
How did they know she had been abducted.? Even though LE said there was no evidence of such "crime"
Why didn't they say she is missing? (mccanns come to mind) as most would do, and then as the case evolves then that could be a possibility.
In the first few days their praise for authorities was of the charts, even though they never found her.
They never showed concern for Nora's well being (cold, water food etc..) but rather just talked about her disabilities.

Strange, very strange

John Mc Gowan said...


The Owner of a Siler City Chicken Shack Says He was Threatened by "White Nationalists." But Some News Outlets Are Focusing On a Recent Felony Charge.

Copy of letter in link (some redaction)

On August 7 in Siler City, the new soul food restaurant A&I’s Chicken Shack posted on its Facebook page that it had received a threatening racist letter, barely three weeks after opening its doors.

In a story that has taken several twists and turns, from questions over the post's authenticity to the deactivation of the restaurant's social media accounts, some news outlets, in a hunt for fresh angles, have brought the owner's minor—and irrelevant—criminal record into the narrative.

Signed "White Nationalists," the letter demanded A&I’s leave town—“or we will help you [leave town]”—and also showed ardent support toward the president, stating, “We are doing all we can to Make America Great Again” and “When we re-elect our president it will be an all out war against [racial epithet] people like you.”

Owner Andre Chaney, an African American, initially received an outpouring of support from community members: Some offered encouragement via online comments, while others flooded into A&I’s for a meal, causing such a surge in business that the restaurant ran out of food on Saturday night and had to close until today to restock, Chaney told the INDY on Tuesday.

But, according to Chaney, with the support came accusations that the letter was a publicity stunt. He insists that it’s not a hoax.

“So many people think, ‘It’s not real, it’s made-up, they just want more business,'” Chaney says. “But that’s actually not what we want."

John Mc Gowan said...


The Chatham County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI are investigating the incident. Sheriff Mike Roberson told ABC11 that authorities will be “looking at everything that we can to solve this crime," crediting the letter to larger scale racial issues that have “become more and more prominent."

Chaney speaks favorably about the officers in Chatham County, but he says he has taken issue with some media outlets' coverage.

“Somebody like the news media can give us a voice,” Chaney says. “But instead, they want to take that voice and smear it. They always want to paint everything in a bad light when something happens to someone of African-American descent.”

Chaney says that during one recent interview, a Spectrum News reporter asked him about his criminal record (the story that appears on the Spectrum News website does not include that line of questioning). By Tuesday, CBS reported that Chaney currently faces felony charges for failing to return a rental car. Chaney told the INDY that a year ago, he failed to return an Enterprise rental in Durham within the thirty-day allotment, but he says he extended the rental and eventually returned the car. (Enterprise claims otherwise). Chaney said that the Chatham County police investigation of the racist letter subsequently uncovered the warrant for Chaney’s arrest.

“Even the deputy said, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this—usually something like that goes to court,’” Chaney says, referring to the warrant for his arrest that was issued over a rental car dispute in lieu of a court summons. Because of the warrant, however, the deputy officer took him in. Chaney says he spent about thirty minutes at the Chatham County Sheriff’s Department before he was released and allowed to returned to the restaurant.

Chaney describes A&I’s as a “small mom-and-pop restaurant.” Even before the letter incident, he says, they’ve had “the best customer support any business can get” and were already planning on hiring more servers to accommodate the growing number of patrons.

“When we posted the letter on Facebook, we were just trying to say to the person: We’re not going anywhere, we’re staying right here in Siler City, you’re not gonna run us off,” he said.

John Mc Gowan said...


Chaney says he's received calls from a handful of Trump supporters telling him that the letter is “making Trump look bad” and reassuring him that this isn’t what most Trump supporters are like. One man, Chaney says, called to profess that he and his family of Trump supporters had the right to come to A&I’s and eat the food, just like everybody else.

By Monday afternoon, Chaney said the restaurant’s Facebook and Instagram accounts were deactivated. It was unclear whether the accounts were deactivated by Facebook as a result of its algorithm detecting sensitive content, or whether this was a hack or something else.

“We have no idea what happened,” Chaney says. “Some people are gonna think that we took it down. I don’t want to say somebody hacked it, but that could be a possibility.”

He says he sent multiple messages to Facebook and Instagram without any response, and that he’s paid Facebook to advertise daily specials on the restaurant’s business pages. Everything is gone.

“Every time I try to go on Facebook, it tells me it’s disabled," he says. “Every time I try to put in my password, it tells me no such account exists.”

Chaney’s only wish now is that everything would just return to normal.

“We don’t care what political parties you’re with,” Chaney says. “All people are welcome in our restaurant. It doesn’t matter if you're white or black, Republican or Democrat.”

Autumn said...

OT: Nóra Quoirin

Maybe the parents feel guilty/responsible because they didn't prevent Nóra from leaving the house and going into the jungle and therefore prefer to believe a crime happened. On twitter someone suggested Nóra may have been sleeping alone in the downstairs bedroom while the rest of the family slept on the vide upstairs. I think it's a possibility. The vide is accessible via a steep and open spiral staircase that might have been difficult to manage for Nóra. Also: the last paragraph of the family statement refers to "night" and "night-time" and Nóra being "outside the family", "quite anxious" and "extremely exited". The family had been traveling for hours and hours and was probably very tired. Maybe they didn't want to deal with an "extremely exited" Nóra at that moment and decided to let her sleep alone downstairs (maybe that's why the parents refused Nóra's siblings to be interviewed by police?). The statement also mentions that Nóra couldn't manage buttons. So how could she open a large window in a strange house? Or did her parents leave the window open that night for fresh air? Another question is: how could a girl with limited balance and co-ordination reach a spot near a waterfall that was difficult to access for even police and search and rescue people?


OT: Siler City Chicken Shack

Maybe after three weeks Chaney realized that opening the restaurant had been a mistake because the business would never be viable. He may have sent the letter to himself because he was afraid to tell his business partner and/or family & friends that he had second thoughts. The letter could be an excuse ("help you") to leave/stop the business. Some parts of the letter sound more like good advice than a threat ("best bet", "help you"). The overarching idea is: YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT. The writer says: "I have been making". "Make" is mentioned a lot in the letter. What has the writer been making? Food? Would a white letter writer repeatedly mention he is white? Or does this emphasis on "white" mean the writer is not white?

You will never make it here in Siler City a […] has no place in our town I have been making sure you don’t get the business you need to stay here your best bet is to pack up your […] boy and get out of Siler City us White folks will not let a […] boy come into our town and succeed. […] like your destroy the foundations of this country that is why we are doing all we can to Make America Great again and when we re-elect our president it will be an all-out war against […] like you. YOU WILL NOT MAKE IT HERE leave town or we will help you


I also found the following interesting:

“So many people think, ‘It’s not real, it’s made-up, they just want more business,'” Chaney says. “But that’s actually not what we want."

He doesn't deny that it's not real and made-up. He merely denies that they want more business. He also calls the letter writer a "person". That is quite a friendly description for someone who declares all-out war on you (-> by the way: why only if Trump is re-elected?).

John Mc Gowan said...

“So many people think, ‘It’s not real, it’s made-up, they just want more business,'” Chaney says. “But that’s actually not what we want."

So what is it that they want?

The word "but" and what follows it is often more important to what proceeded it. Given it's said in the negative and using the comparative word "actually" suggest to me it's exactly what they want.

Autumn said...

From an article in The Telegraph:

In a statement released to The Daily Telegraph, a Buckingham Palace spokesman said: “The Duke of York has been appalled by the recent reports of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged crimes. His Royal Highness deplores the exploitation of any human being and the suggestion he would condone, participate in or encourage any such behaviour is abhorrent.”

Sob123 said...

Found ye talking about Nora Quoirin here.
The parents were on Irish TV recently, hope ye can see this.

Sob123 said...

Oh and also Nora Quoirin’s mother has her own company, Seems to me like all that talk of her daughters disabilities shows she might have been to much of an inconvenience for her. What bothers me the most of not showing a single concern for what she might be going through if there had been such a “crime” committed. The father in his interview mentions time, and stress and the famous “as YOU can imagine “ line. I don’t believe that they show signs of deception just based on maybe feeling guilty about letting Nora sleep downstairs. In fact it would be much safe for her with disabilities to sleep downstairs. And why if your child is missing and you really think she was abducted would you start your first public statement with “thank you”