Friday, August 2, 2019

Language 19 Year Old Suicide

Reported: A 19-year-old Cambridge University student  distressed over her failed research project,  jumped to her death from a small airplane during a biology internship in Madagascar.

Two other passengers were aboard the aircraft and tried in vain to prevent her intentional fall.

The pilot desperately clung to the victim's leg, but the student managed to free herself, the report said.

If accurate, this description indicates the person was determined to end her life. 

In analysis, we view the "Linguistic Disposition" under the same principle of "expected versus unexpected", which is not based upon what we may, personally, expect, but upon a massive data base of statements to draw from. 

For example, when a child goes missing, there is an expectation that the parents will show the missing child as priority, within the language. 

In a recent analysis, Michael Barrymore was indicated for deception in the rape and murder of Stuart Lubbock, a guest in his home of which Barrymore staged a scene to "discover" the body. 

From following our presupposition of believing Barrymore that the victim died by way of an unfortunate accident, the expectation was that Barrymore would speak of the deceased in an empathetic reverential manner. 

Instead, even with years to consider, Barrymore indicated a distinct lack of human empathy with a negative linguistic disposition towards the victim.  

Guilt is powerful. 

In innocence, we expected Barrymore to show pity for a life cut short and for the family the victim left behind. 


In this suicide tragedy, the parents issued a statement that fulfills the "expected" response-- 

It is a joint statement from her 63 year old parents indicating not only the linguistic disposition, but the expected highlighting of her character: 

 “We are heartbroken at the loss of our wonderful, beautiful daughter, who lit up every room she walked in to, and made people smile just by being there.

“She was always so kind and supportive to her family and friends, which resulted in her having a very special connection with a wide network of people from all walks of her life, who we know will miss her dearly.”


Autumn said...

What a tragedy. My condolences to the parents and family and friends of Alana Cutland.



Amanda Knox – who secretly married before starting a crowdfunding campaign for her wedding – wrote on twitter:

”To those hating on us all day, you've been duped by the outrage machine. You gave ad $ to tabloids that profit by making you angry about things that don't matter. Our wedding will be crazy & fun & barebones if it needs to be, but in the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter.

Is she calling herself an outrage machine? After all, she’s the duper here. It reminds me of the picture of her pointing a machine gun at the camera (taken shortly before she went to Italy). She captioned it “The Nazi”. Is she also hinting at profiting from people who she duped into thinking she was wrongfully convicted ("make you angry about things that don’t matter" (don't matter -> never materialized/never happened))? Is that her “grand scheme” and does the wedding-scheme pale in comparison?

Habundia said...

I can't imagine their loss. What a misery,
What do you say after such a loss? Words are powerful, yet meaning less after such tragedy. All strength is wished upon the family, those who witnessed it and everyone who knew her a d is affected by it!

'Things that don't matter'?
So the murder on her room mate doesn't matter? People shouldnt be mattered by injustice? Is that what she says?

"In the grand scheme of things" (sounds like a kind of embed admission of a 'grand scheme' (accusation of murder = just 'things?)
When I think of a grand scheme I would think of those people who send thousands of dollars to their so called 'love of their lives', who get dubbed for trusting a stranger and believe their words because they say so.

Alice said...

“bare bones”

Nadine Lumley said...



Candy said...

Peter & Co. what do you make of this duping delight/laughter? Was he involved in El Paso shootin

Candy said...

He says “um” like a thousand times. He shows duper’s delight, laughing about death & carnage.

Autumn said...

Candy, that's very disturbing. It would be interesting to have the opinion of a body language expert. He seems to be rubbing his hands with glee while having the biggest grin on his face. I think he's trying hard to look "presidential" and emotional but realizes he's being very fake. He then tries to pull himself together, having trouble holding back his smirk. Does he think it's all a big joke and does he have disdain for his audience (who are "stupid" enough to believe him)? He doesn't mention the victims and their family at all. Did you know that as a teenager O'Rourke wrote a short story about a narrator who had an insuppressible desire to kill and is ecstatic when he deliberately hits and kills two children in his car? The story can be found online and is very graphic. So maybe innocent people being mowed down is O’Rourke’s ultimate fantasy?

Candy said...

Autumn I agree with everything you wrote. That is so disturbing about the short story—I would like to read it.
That is true how he does not mention the victims or their families. Watch what he says about the first responders.

Imo he had foreknowledge of the event.
He seems to be FAKING the entire speech.
His smile seems delighted and his rubbing hands is like OK let’s pull it together.
Did you notice he grinned after he said “El Paso is strong” (like he actually thinks they are weak—he is delighting in what happened & the devastation it caused.

At one point, his hands and arms and hands do a circular rolling motion away from his chest like he is trying so hard to elicit emotion from his heart, like he’s trying to “pull” it out of his chest area.

Do you know that the shooter had written “I can’t bring myself to kill my fellow Americans.”
It sounds like someone was pressurng him online to kill his fellow Americans & then he traveled 9 hours to a specific spot to kill his fellow Americans. Who chose that spot (Walmart El Paso)?!? Do you know Beto O’Rourke used to represent El Paso in Congress??

Unknown said...

The amount of autistic people nowadays,espergers in particular makes emapthy and feelings hard to pronounce in talking. So if ma kid went missing I would probably be saying. Whatever nonce has her is Guna get ducks up. Big time. And I don't cry much. But I would never hurt or dissapead ma kid. Whatever the mum does to break up relationship.

C5H11ONO said...

“Barebones” huh? She must be consumed by thoughts of death...still. Let her continue to smolder in her disgusting misery.

Sassy said...

Hey Jude are you in the mood for a puzzle?

Here’s the first word clue: Maid

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

I was hoping someone could help me out with the following TV interview and give me your thoughts, since breaking it down my opinion has significantly changed. Thankyou in advance for your time and expertise. A Truth Seeker


I think that he acted, ummm, out of, ummm, you know, not, not, not on purposely but he did obviously choke her, and she's a tiny woman, and justva little squeeze would have been enough and that that's it. And then by that time it was too late so then you know he obviously didn't get out, he didn't plan it.


No, no. He has hit her before and she said "you said you'll never do that again." She said to him "I'm going to destroy you Boris, I'm going to leave you with nothing."

It was wrong for him to do it for money.


Kill her for money.


Well she's going to take off, she left him in a big hole financially and that house is in her name.

He should atleast get 20, and then that's without parole. Why should he get out in 10 years, you know, he's taken a life, 50 years short of what she could have lived to.

"... he's taken a life ..."

Anonymous said...

In the video, O'Rourke is laughing, not just a micro expression of duper's delight.

Maybe it is another false flag, could be.

Anonymous said...

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