Friday, December 6, 2019

Divinity in Analysis: Nancy Pelosi--Acute Guilt or Righteous Indignation?


Autumn said...

Great video, Peter. I enjoyed listening to your explanation. What an unbelievably absurd and unprofessional rant that was. I think she’s out of control. Very interesting the part about “house”. Maybe she was “messed with” in childhood, one way or the other. There may also be more recent problems at her “house”. There are reports that her son Paul Pelosi Jr. is tied to sketchy Ukraine deals/companies similarly to Hunter Biden. Nancy Pelosi herself is said to appear in a promotional video for one of these companies ("don't you accuse me"). Also, her son's ex-girlfriend recently filed a lawsuit against him for defrauding, stealing, harassment, etc. The ex-girlfriend furthermore claims he forced her to have an abortion.

Interestingly, Nancy Pelosi went on to say:

“Let me just say this. I think the president is a coward when it comes to helping ah, our, our kids who are afraid of gun violence. I think he is cruel when he doesn’t deal with the, helping our dreamers, that, of which we are very proud. I think he is in denial about the constit.., about the eh, climate crisis. However, (…).”

The following video provides some info on Paul Pelosi Jr's situation:

Autumn said...

When Pelosi says "ah, our, our kids who are afraid of gun violence" she makes a strange gesture. She holds up her right hand as if to demonstrate the result of violence. And indeed there seem to be a few small bruises on her hand (or are they age spots?). Or does she hold up her hand for a reason that I am missing?

See at the 0:31 mark in this video:

frommindtomatter said...

Thanks for taking the time to do the video Peter, it was excellent. Information is power and what you showed there definitely empowered me. The linking of the Hina clause with “I swear to god” was brilliant, seeing examples like that really help me improve my SA as they open up my mind to new ways of thinking and analysing language.

Most people will be able to relate to the following example. You decide to buy a car and spend some time reviewing which model you want and eventually decide on one. As you are going about your daily business you are amazed at how many of this model of car you are suddenly seeing. You weren’t noticing them before, but now they are everywhere. This happens because of all the thinking about, looking at pictures etc… of the car you have been doing. All the thinking/activity has told your mind that this model of car is important to you. Now your subconscious mind is keeping an eye out for this model of car and making you consciously aware of it every time it sees one. It wasn’t important before so you didn’t see them, but now you are seeing them all the time.

This is why for me videos like the one you made Peter are so important, because they train the mind to become aware of and make important the information contained in them. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge.

Something I found interesting in Pelosi`s statement was her reference to the “not anybody in the world”. I have noticed lately this idea of encompassing everything by those who have a need to convince with language such as “forever”, at all etc… Here Pelosi wants include anybody in the “world” (speaking to the totality of the planet).

“We don’t hate anybody. Not anybody in the world”.

Said in the negative and seeking to cover every living person on the planet. I think most people would admit to of having hated someone at some point in their lifetime and would be able to supply reason for it. So why should we believe people who make such outlandish and ridiculous statements. Another example would be if someone was asked if they were at a particular location during a particular timeframe, say a lunch break. If they answer they have “never ever” been there they are seeking to stretch out perhaps a one hour period to infinity instead of making the simple statement of “no I wasn’t there”. The amount of sensitivity showed coming from these types of statements goes off the charts.


Concarned said...

Autumn, Ms. Pelosi holds up her hand to show a ring she wears that is made from a bullet used by a school shooter to kill a child. She is passionate about gun control.

Autumn said...

Concarned, that explains it. Thanks!

Cassandra said...

You're looking good Peter and I always enjoy your videos.

Invoking divinity is very fascinating within her statement and the light you have shed on it is enlightening.

Nancy Pelosi is a very troubled woman, riddled with anorexia and bulimia. (This is something I can intuitively pick up on through a 6th sense). In my mind I have experienced flashes of her being attacked (by a parent?) and fighting back with so much rage and anger. Now however she has gradually become very possessed by this my opinion her severe anorexia and bulimia are the result of sexual abuse.

Anonymous said...

Wow her crazy out of sink hand gestures, shakiness, weird voice... she acts like someone withdrawing from mental meds

Concerned said...

Cassie, read about her and you will find your assumptions are way off. She has lead an exemplary life unlike so many current politicians in power.

CAssie said...

Concerned, My assumptions are not way off. One only needs to use their eyes to see she is very anorexic (and I assure you she is bulimic as well.

Her manner of speaking/gesturing reveals severe mental instability.

Watch the video of her to which Peter is referring in his video. I would not hire her to work at McDonald's...nevermind manage McDonald's. She is a very troubled and discombobulated woman. She is mentally "not there".

Please do not further criticize any impressions I have. I have a sixth sense which is both a curse and a does not deserve to be criticized by the likes of you.

Sidenote: Interestingly, "I swear to God" carried great weight in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, as people feared going to hell were they to lie and then swear to God it was true. Anne Boleyn "swore to God" in her trial for infidelity before her beheading, and she is telling the truth about not having cheated on the king...the phrase carred enormous gravity in those times due to people genuinely fearing that a false utterance of the phrase would send them to hell. This fear is absent in modern times. "I swear to God" is usually an indicator of fabrication, or as Peter eloquently pointed out, an indicator of fabrication in surrounding statements.

Anonymous said...

Here is the video with Pelosi.

This is someone who acts like they are coming down off of speed or some other medication.

My immpressions are that Nancy harms herself...over and over again...pinging and purging...she probably cuts herself too.

Cassie said...

Oh wow you figured it out! I was looking at it for like 15 min and could not get it! Thank you!

Cassandra said...

Oh cool! Thank you for letting me know about the website--it is very frustrating when I can't figure one out and desperately want to solve it :)

Trigger said...

Great post Peter!

Nancy Pelosi wants her listeners to believe that she is morally and ethically incapable of feeling hate for Donald Trump when she smugly and self righteously responded to the reporter without saying she does not hate Donald Trump.

She had the perfect opportunity to say, “I do not hate Donald Trump.” She could not say it.

Anje said...


Cassie said...

Very good, blogger!!!

Another question: Is this a genuine threat? Did he write this to himself. This was posted by a guy on youtube who interviews prostitutes in Detroit—many people dont like him.

Here is a very short video of him showing and reading the threatening note:

cassie said...

Here is the video—I am perplexed by the note

Anje said...

Oh! My comment worked!
In that case, when you consider Pelosi’s (awful) plastic surgery, poorly fitting dentures, and medications anonymously delivered to the chamber floor, I can see where she has distorted views of herself, and at least doesn’t like one of those views she has. However, due to her personality (disorder, most likely), I think she desperately clings to the distortion that she’s far better than most Americans, not only intellectually but morally. (Remember, Ocasio-Cortez said that facts don’t matter as long as you feel morally superior, which allows them to lie freely).
I appreciate learning why her statement was so unbelievable!
Second, I enjoyed this video. Hearing examples of evoking divinity, I was finally able to hear it in action, and realized I am naive, and my ex was lying to me. I’m hopeful I can eventually use this successfully in my quest for recovery. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Here is another one
Pause video around 21 to read it.
This guy is a douchebag is he writing the mean notes to himself?

anon said...

Did he write the note to himself?

Observer said...

Dont expect them to solve the mean letter question, Cassie.
This crew has become very slow in recent months. One of them complains constantly about an autoimmune disorder. The others seem involved with substances that seem to slow their minds.
It is refreshing when Peter gets back at the helm, looking younger than ever I might add, eyes wide & sparkling with passion for one of his great loves, statement analysis.
Peter has put up with this eccentric crew for a long time, nurturing the intellects of some very bizarre and eccentric followers. Why? Because they used to help him, they used to be bright, sharp even, he saw promise in them. Now I think he has given up on them & I can’t say I blame him.

Anje said...

If it were the same person, I’d think they’d use the same method of writing, like computer vs handwriting. That’s the first thing I think. The second video is from someone calling themself Wayne, like they know each other. That person sounds sketchy to me, like he’s jealous, but also like he’s been accused of doing unsavory things with the prostitutes. The emotions of the words sound real to me, like it’s an authentic letter (not necessarily a reliable one) . ?? (I’m new at this, sorry).

The first one, it seems fake, no one on the streets actually SAYS “bust a cap in your ass.” It’s so...cheesy and it’s like a line from a movie, something a more privileged person would imagine is tough, rather than something a rough-liver would say as a threat. It’s more like a card someone would say “I’m getting death threats!” To gullible people who are already afraid of Detroit and think this guy is a hero for going there and talking to prostitutes. I think it’s fake. That’s just my opinion, though, and I’m new to SA, so I can’t list reasons beyond this for why I think it’s fake.

noname said...

This crew has already proven they cant tell truth from fiction.

They cannot tell fake confessions from real.


Cassie said...

Blogger, I agree...the “cap in the ass” one was fake.

Did you know that about 7 prostitutes have been killed shortly after being interviewed by Tom and Tom has not gone to Detroit for several ever since he fled Detroit after a cop approached him while he was interviewing a prostitute. He has it on film—him fleeing Detroit like a coward after a cop just asked him a simple question.

Cassie said...

Watch the Penny interview...she was one of the ones who was killed—listen to Tom ask her exactly where she sleeps (“in case someone wants to say hello to her”)

Cassie said...

Penny video: Please watch...listen to his questions carefully

Anje said...

I just saw someone I know in one of his videos, this is awful. (I’m Blogger)
I knew there was a serial killer in Detroit preying on prostitutes. I wonder about this man. He lied on the video of Penny. He told her he was just recording Detroit; later he said he was getting onto the highway when he saw her.
My first reaction to his tape was to sob from terror. There is something wrong with this man. He asked Penny three times where she slept, he asked her what her highs were like, where she worked. Some of the questions were inappropriate. Then, at the end, he specifically asked if she had a boyfriend.
What kind of question is that? It tells someone if the person is vulnerable or not. My friend had a boyfriend at the time of the video, and she is still alive. I’ll watch the rest and see, does he ask this question of all of them, or was it a fluke that the two videos I watched, he asked? If he asks in every video, what’s the status of the women who did not have boyfriends?

Anje said...

That’s suspicious! I’ll see if I can find that, too. I agree that something is wrong, here.

Anonymous said...

Anje, Great observations. He was probing to see how vulnerable she was, even with the boyfriend question. I noticed he also disarmed her by mentioning the other 2 prostitutes he knew in the area, and then asked her where she slept (under which bridge). And no, I don't believe he doesn't ask all those girls that question about boyfriends.
I have been watching his videos for a while and have come to realize he is a possible serial killer.
Not only that, I realized about a month ago that he takes tons of videos of himself and Daisy walking through wooded areas, state parks, etc. He also drives 200 miles to Detroit. He drives all over the place in his white van, and something in my brain told me to search his videos to see if he had traveled to anywhere in Indiana, and he has, and they were rural areas (Amish). The reason I searched for Indiana is because I started wondering if he could possibly be the Delphi killer. I have been trying to help a certain profiler with the Delphi case. I have also found video where Tom shows his face as well as I saw the video where he gets arrested for something a few years ago. Who does he look like to you??? I will link the videos.

Anonymous said...

Here is the timeline of prostitutes killed in Detroit who were also interviewed by Tom (compiled by a youtuber named Coreen)--I forwarded the timeline to the profiler.

1999 (approximately): Nicole begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2016, November 13: Nicole is interviewed by TR.
2016, December: Nicole's body is found along railroad tracks

1996 (approximately): Penny begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2016, August 28: Penny is interviewed by TR.
2017, April 28: Penny is pronounced dead after being in a coma due to being beat.

2002 (approximately): Angel begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2017, July: Angel is interviewed by TR twice.
2017, July: Angel's body is found with a needle in her arm, despite not using heroin.

1998 (approximately): Kelley begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2018, August 02: Kelley is interviewed by TR.
2018, September 20: Kelley is pronounced dead / cause of death undisclosed.

2012 (approximately): Monica begins working the streets to support her drug habit.
2019, May 07: Monica is interviewed by TR.
2019, May 31: Monica's body is found at an intersection.

Anonymous said...


Here is the video where he is talking to Becky, a cop asks him a simple question and he flees from Detroit and has not gone back since it happened. It begins at 4hrs 29 min

Here is the video where he talks about how he called the police to ask them if anyone reported him for anything because he was so paranoid. The cops told him that they had received calls and then Tom did legal research to find out if they can arrest without proof

Paully2019 said...

Excellent video Peter.Amusing how the question of hate referred to Trump but she used the word "anybody".
It's like asking the question, When did you last use ice(meth)?
Then get the answer, " I haven't used anything in over a year."
Anything is much the same as using, anybody when the question does not ask of it.

Katinjax said...

Anonymous who is posting all the health issues - STOP - this is not the place for this. contact a real medical website with your issues!!

Deejay said...

Yes, years ago, the comments were more intelligent. Maybe this is the change: I learned a lot from Peter's analysis posts. especially 911 calls. (Baby Ayla, Hailey Dunn, etc) I checked in a couple times a week. When it became unrelentingly political, I commented that I wasn't into right wing politics and Peter said 'Why are you here?" I left. not in anger, but the blog's politics (which became a huge part) are not for me. :(

Deejay said...

This is funny- I reread my post above (once I hit send) and cringed at how often I used the word politics, My eighth grade English teacher would disapprove- But Statement Analysis wins - I left over politics...

Anje said...

He has the same jacket, too. His voice sounds like the recording they released.
I watched several of his videos, and it’s clear the man thinks he’s much more important and special than he is. He calls himself “chosen won” like “chosen one,” who, for Christians, is Jesus. Who “chose” him? What is he “chosen” for? Who and what “won,” what was or is the prize?
He thinks he should be allowed to park in a busy thoroughfare. He thinks he should be allowed to pay heroin-addicted prostitutes for “interviews”, (some, at least, he pays off-screen, so what else is he doing?), yet thinks he should be above suspicion for solicitation. He claims the police in Detroit, of all places, will plant heroin in his van, yet he’s an upper middle class white man—and he says it on tape, while later claiming at least two of those officers are subscribers to his channel (huge eye roll here).
—IF he were a target of police, they wouldn’t have to plant anything. They’d just pick him up for solicitation. And IF he were the target of police, he wouldn’t post a video of himself disparaging thus-far neutral police, knowing they’d see the video. He’d have gotten a ticket for blocking a thoroughfare, and anyone he was speaking to would be harassed. They’d find every reason to make his life hell.—
He tries to act tough, but seriously, “hood” means “neighborhood“ and we all live in one. That word isn’t offensive. For comparison, “ghetto” is offensive if someone uses it to describe another person’s neighborhood to their face. It’s commentary on life quality, housing quality, and presumed values. When someone uses “ghetto,” it’s a judgement where they’ve decided they’re at least better than whoever it is who lives in the “ghetto.” (Not counting self-identified ghetto dwellers). Hood? No. Then, “stroll,” really? lol A prostitute would call where they work a “stroll,” depending on their age, but now it’s about “dates” and motels. No one else uses the word (that I’m aware). He uses these words to seem like he’s got some special knowledge or experience he doesn’t have, for people who also don’t have that experience. He asks for donations, allegedly for these women, but who oversees that money? Does it really go to them? Does ALL of it go to them? Who pays for his gas? West Branch to Detroit is about 2 1/2-3 hours away (Saginaw is 1 1/2 hours and Bay City is 2). How does he pay for motels, and in my experience Red Roof Inn/Motel 6 is where drug addicts and prostitutes work in that part of MI. Why is he staying there, when airport ones are the same cost and safer? Better yet, why not just drive home? What about his dog, how is she living, eating, playing, etc? Her quality of life can’t be that great, and she seems more like a prop.
All that to say, he tries to represent himself as someone he isn’t, and it’s obvious to anyone who’s lived rough or has family in this lifestyle that that’s what he’s doing.
Then, the women he targets for interviews are all heroin addicts (except my friend). Heroin addicts are liars and thieves, but they’re usually too busy nodding off or actually sleeping to be dangerous. They’re perfect victims, they can be caught off-guard and they can be easily overpowered. Even when they’ve got knives, they tend to lose due to slow reflexes. He looks for women (why not trans women?), and he looks specifically for women who sleep alone and do not have boyfriends. He finds out about their families, and if they’re estranged. He creates a sick dependency with these women, and that’s clearly evidenced by the Becky incident in the last live stream.

Anje said...

My guess is that this man is at least a narcissist. He’s got no emotions (clearly seen in the video where Amanda tells him about her bf dying), he tries to project a perfect heroic image of himself while also claiming persecution (everything is everyone else’s fault! He does nothing wrong!), he feeds off making these women dependent on him for money/food/clothes, even fame.
This is also seen by his videos of the Amish, who are against images being taken of themselves. He does it anyway, because he can. It’s especially telling that MI is full of Mennonite communities that don’t mind videos or pictures, where they also use buggies and limited electricity, dress similarly and stay basically in their own communities. Why not go there?
The more I see, the more he seems like a person to avoid.

Anonymous said...

Anje, he also wears the same jeans as Bridge Guy and always has on a hat on like Bridge Guy.He is the height they estimate Bridge Guy to be. IMO his face looks like Bridge Guy as well. He is left-handed (I don't know if Bridge Guy is).

The thing about him supposedly being scared that cops will plant heroin in his van is ridiculous, but I think he was saying that to "explain" to his live viewers why he was fleeing the cop. So none of his audience suspects he may have actual reason to be scared of the cops finding out he has (possibly) committed crimes.

That is a really interesting observation about him filming the Amish even though they don't like to be filmed! It's a violation towards them and a type of voyeurism IMO. It is alarming to me that he has frequented rural parts of Indiana because of the Delphi case. I don't know how he pays for anything (the gas, the hotels, food, etc). I think it is suspicious he stays overnight in Detroit in a hotel for a few nights after he does his interviews.

I agree that Daisy is a prop and I also wonder if he has used her to seem more approachable to teens as well as the prostitutes? I am also worried about the Lyric and Elizabeth case and whether he may have involvement--in that case 2 girls were killed just as in the Delphi casse, and personally, I believe it was the same killer.

Did you know that he claims to have been a former private investigator? I am concerned he may have approached Abby and Libby/Lyric and Elizabeth with some type of ruse, saying he is a private investigator and was looking for someone or asking them if he can ask them a few questions because he is a private investigator trying to solve a case???

Did you hear this recording that he filmed live of him going psycho on Daisy and it
sounds like he is also ranting at an imaginary woman??? Will post.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link: It is the main video atop the youtube page--its Tom going psycho.
you will see it. It also contains other videos that reveal Tom's true colors.

Anonymous said...

Here is the exact link to the "Tom Going Psycho" video

Who is yelling at in the video? I can't figure it out!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me if you can figure out who he is yelling at

Anonymous said...

Chosen Won just put up tons of new interviews with the prostitutes

Anonymous said...

Why does Maddie's face look blue???

Anje said...

The Wendy on that list is alive. I know her, and saw her this past July. I’m goin to figure out this video, wth!

Anonymous said...


There is no Wendy on the fact Tom just put up an interview with her yesterday

Anonymous said...

I went onto one of Tom's live chats a few weeks ago and wrote "Tom I think you should address what these stupid people are accusing you of. Did you harm any of he girls?"

And he responded "Harm any of the girls? Why would I do that?"

Anje said...

I mean in the description, it says she died in May 2015 and her body was found in a ditch, but she’s alive. The blonde one.

Anje said...

It sounds like he’s yelling at himself and alternately at a b*tch and “people” who live there. About himself he’s telling about bills and raising money.

Anje said...


Anonymous said...

Anje, The scary part is he claims to live alone. It might be crazy but I wonder if he could have an Ariel Castro type situation in his house. Because to me it sounds like he is yelling at a female who may be somewhere in his house.

Also, did you know his wife left him like 12 years ago because he SHOT HER?

He also has talked about how he was or is a porn addict and his wife had accused him of sleeping with prositutes.

Do you think he could be Bridge Guy? I really do think he is likely Bridge Guy.

Anonymous said...

Anje what do you think of his response to my question on his live chat about whether he has harmed any of the girls.

He responded "Harm any of the girls? Why would I do that?"

This is when he was already aware some people thought he might be a serial killer.

Anonymous said...

He did not issue any type of denial.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with her eyes? She and Adam Schiff have some crazy looking eyes.

happyuk said...

Pure, unadulterated virtue signalling

Anonymous said...

She is referencing her bracelet which she has mentioned in a previous rant as being made by a gun control advocate out of bullets.

Anonymous said...

Exemplary life? Please do tell. She became wealthy as a politician through shady political dealings and just ran a scam on the country with this impeachment bs. I certainly wouldn't put her up as a model of character.

Anonymous said...

Please help find Kyron

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) announced on Sept. 24

“The actions of the Trump presidency have revealed the dishonorable fact of the president’s betrayal of his oath of office, betrayal of our national security and betrayal of the integrity of our elections,” Pelosi said in a brief statement before a backdrop of American flags, repeatedly invoking the nation’s founders. “Therefore, today, I am announcing the House of Representatives is moving forward with an official impeachment inquiry.”

Supreme Court: Lady Hale's statement on 'unlawful' Parliament suspension
• 24 September 2019

This Court has already concluded that the Prime Minister's advice to Her Majesty was unlawful, void and of no effect. This means that the Order in Council to which it led was also unlawful, void and of no effect and should be quashed. This means that when the Royal Commissioners walked into the House of Lords it was as if they walked in with a blank sheet of paper. The prorogation was also void and of no effect. Parliament has not been prorogued. This is the unanimous judgment of all 11 Justices.

I think Pelosi was copying Lady Hale